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Disk wont read after windows starts

Q: Disk wont read after windows starts

my disk driver is LITE-ON DVDRW SOHW-1633S if there is a disk in the drive when windows starts immediately, the drive will read it. 2-3minutes after windows boots up, the disk drive will not detect anything that is in the drive. is there some update that i missed that can help me fix this problem, or is it just windows being a nuisance? thanks.

Preferred Solution: Disk wont read after windows starts

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Disk wont read after windows starts

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hey, my computer generally reads disks, music cd's, dvd's, and games (new like sims 3, and old like theme hospital and shogun total war)

ive just got anno 2070 and put in the disk, but its not recognizing it at all, when i first put the disk in, it whirs, as it knows there is a disk there, and a disk icon appears next to the cursor, but then nothing, no disk appears in My computer, and when i click on the drive it asks me to insert a disk, i have tested the disk on a different computer running vista, anno 2070 runs perfectly, and also says it does run on windows 7, i have also tested other disks since putting the game into the windows 7 computer, which work fine, and checked whether the disk can be read in a virtual machine (windows xp in this case), which it cant as i expected, i have run the Microsoft disk checker and all it said was that the disk was unreadable, but the vista computer proves it is readable.

any tips on what to do next? i really want to get playing this

A:dvd drive wont read specific disk, will read on other vista computer

I would think that your optical drive and that particular brand DVD media don't go together well. ( I have an Imation DVD+R DL that my Samsung drive only reads at times but not most of the time. On four other drives - a Sony, a Liteon, an Asus and a Plextor - the media is recognised and accessible without any problems. The Samsung drive is clean, has the latest firmware, can read and write other DVD media. So where am I? )

You may just try cleaning the lense with a Lense Cleaner CD. If it does not help, try burning anno 2070 to another known-to-be-good brand media at a lower speed.

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error = STOP: c0000218 \systemroot\system32\config\software

When I start windows I get this blue screen every single time. I am unable to start windows in any form (safemode etc.). I have the windows re-installation startup disk but for some reason my disk drive is unable to read it. I have used this startup disk with this computer recently to bring my computer back to factory settings in the summer, so I know the cd and my cd drive were working at most 2 months ago.

I'm stuck because I dont know any way to fix this error with out my disk drive working.

A:Blue screen of death + windows wont read startup disk

Can someone please help me, im having a lot of trouble with this

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I had to reformat my hdrive a little while ago and I backed up all my music + pics to a dvd. However I just tried to read the disk; in my explorer window the status(?) bar recognizes that theres XMB left of YGB but when I open it, its not showing anything :S I've also tried it on my gfs laptop and hers just recognizes it as a balnk dvd. I'd really love to know if there's anything I can do to sort it, it's got 5 years worth of family pics on it and its now the only place I have them :/

Thanks guys

A:Disk drive wont read this one disk.

try right clicking the drive with the disc inside and clicking "explore".If not, the disc may be corrupt. In future you should really use a slave hard drive like i do. When you then format the hard drive, it will still have all the files you aquire on your slave drive.

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i got a new disk drive IHAS1234-14 E and it starts to spin up then stops and wont do anything. Its visable and every time i click on it it asks me to insert a disk even do theres one in it

A:DVD disk drive wont read disk

how many dvd/cd did you try? did you check if dvd/cd are working on other laptop/desktop?

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I have here a Compacq presario PC SR5707c 32-bit operating sys. with windows vista home premium. I recently came over to a family members to visit and the computer was messing up so i downloaded AVG an ran a scann and AVG found virus. I got ride of them so i thought but before i knew it the pictures were gone and some of the files, luckly i found them hidden and copied them on my usb but my question is..... I have tried doing a factory reset TWICE! And everythigs working correctly...i set up free nortan, a admin account and guest for her so she has more protection i even setup windows defender correctly but i cant get her DVD/CD Rom to work it wont read CDs or DVDs. I ran a hardwear diagnostics test and its the drivers so please help! i been updating the windows . i tried to uninstall the drivers for the DVD/CD but its still there what do i do? i need help please.. She doesnt have the recovery disk she lost them. so i cant reboot it i need sum advice im leaving back home out of state and i dont want to leave her computer like this im also sorry for not zip tying this what evr that means im new

the driver is C:\windows\system32\drivers\Cdrom.sys???????? is this a trojan???

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.4
Scan saved at 1:36:26 AM, on 11/29/2011
Platform: Windows Vista SP1 (WinNT 6.00.1905)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v8.00 (8.00.6001.19019)
Boot mode: Normal
Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Norton Internet Security\Engine\\ccSvcHst.exe
C:\Windows\s... Read more

A:Help DVD/CR ROM wont read disk

i hope i did this right

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hello all;
my dvd rom will spin stop spin stop at 20 second intervals.
i had a command line for windows xp that i got off a blog that would clear the referencing log or cache log or something of that nature. and it worked. if anyone knows the command could you tell me?
thanks george!

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yesterday my f: drive was fine, it would read disks and everything was great, but today i put a disk in and it wouldnt run, it said the device wasnt ready!!!! i tried a couple of disks so i know its not that. can somebody heLP!??

A:my F: drive wont read my disk

Does it do it to every disk make sure your using proper disk instead of copied as some times a cd rom wont always read a copied disk /try in and let us know/ if yuo are using a genuine disk then ensure a couple of things right click on my computer and then go to properties in the device manager check that the cd rom is loaded and it doesnt have any explanation marks , if all is ok in the device manager then i would say that the cd rom is defect and needs exchanging.
Also if you are using a DVD rom as your F: then some times the DVD rom cant read CDs try others get back to us and let us know


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Well i wanna reinstall windows with a Xp Professional disk and when i put it in then restart. its ment to say press any key to "enter" and its not doing that. its going blank then just loading up as normal, any ideas on how to fix this?

The computer is Compaq aswell.


A:Xp Professional Disk - Cd Rom Wont Read It

Have you set BIOS to Boot from CDROM?

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Hi i ned help with this DvD/CD rom drive i have no idea why it wont read disk. I have factory reset it to original state twice. I just got rid of viruses through AVG before i reset it. If anyone can help me i would greatly appricate it . i will reply with any info you may need i posted another post with my comp files and sofwear info.

A:DVD/CD Rom drivers wont read disk.

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I'm having the same problem as =http://forums.techguy.org/windows-nt-2000-xp/608570-problem-loading-up-windows.html?highlight=system32%5Cconfig%5Csoftware that guy, and I'm running XP Home edition.

Basically, I can't startup my computer because it comes up with the whole screen giving the options of safe mode, safe mode with networking etc., yet none let me start the computer-the last known good config and start windows normally options lead to a BSOD followed by a restart, and the safe modes give a long list of these-

with different names attached to the end (can post if necessary). All of the websites I've found say to insert the Windows XP disk, 2000, 98 or 95 disk and let it setup or something.

I tried the 'Reinstallation CD Microsoft windows XP Home Edition' CD, which apparently the computer didn't recognise. I tried putting the cd in, turning the computer off then on again. CLosing the disk drive with the cd in it on the loading screen. Putting the cd in then pressing F12 on startup to get to the boot menu then selecting option 4 (The CD option). None worked. I tried the same with a Windows 95 disk and still nothing came up. Am i doing something wrong or has my computer had it?

All advice appreciated

A:Startup error, wont read xp disk

If you have a Full Operating System on CD then you can try this:

1. Configure the computer to start from the CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive. For information about how to do this, see your computer documentation, or contact your computer manufacturer.
2. Insert the Windows XP CD-ROM into your CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive, and then restart your computer.
3. When you receive the "Press any key to boot from CD" message, press a key to start your computer from the Windows XP CD-ROM.
4. When you receive the "Welcome to Setup" message, press R to start the Recovery Console.
5. If you have a dual-boot or multiple-boot computer, select the installation that you have to use from the Recovery Console.
6. When you are prompted, type the administrator password, and then press ENTER (if none was set, leave it blank and press ENTER).
7. At the command prompt, type bootcfg /list, and then press ENTER. The entries in your current Boot.ini file appear on the screen.
8. At the command prompt, type bootcfg /rebuild, and then press ENTER. This command scans the hard disks of the computer for Windows XP, Microsoft Windows 2000, or Microsoft Windows NT installations, and then displays the results. Follow the instructions that appear on the screen to add the Windows installations to the Boot.ini file. For example, follow these steps to add a Windows XP installation to the Boot.ini file:

a. When you receive a message that is similar to the following message:
Total Identified Windows Install... Read more

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Its making a sound and the little disc symbol is appearing every so often but but it seems to just die. Nothing comes up on the screen apart from the disc symbol, but nothing comes of that.

Its works with the older version of the game that i already had installed on the PC since before this ever happened.

Please help!


A:My disk drive just wont read my game.

i get this quite often try giving the cd a good wipe down and if you have a laser cleaning kit try using that


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my Disk RW drive wont read or write. i cant do anything with it. when i insert a cd it says "no dvd or cd inserted" or it cant detect it

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Hello all,

I have a question for you.

last week I had some problems with my system where most of all the programs stopped working. The computer will start fine and I can surf the web and get my emails, but thats about all. I got out my gateway restore disk and started to restore my system as new again.

Heres the problem. I reboot the computer with disk in drive and tap R as explained and the screen just stays black, then the computer starts to Beep every time I hit the R key. I then tried doing it again, this time tapping the F11 key and system starts to Beep again, with the black screen.

I called gateway and they sent me out another restore disk thinking maybe the one I received was bad. The new restore CD did the same thing. Last week I did have a problem with installing programs where I would get this error message ( C:\windows\system32\autoc.nt. This system file is not suitable for running MS-DOS and microsoft Windows applications ) I fixed that problem right away by replacing the Autoexec.nt, command.com and config.nt files back into the system32 folder, must have been done by SP2.

I went into my Bios and made sure the system was booting from CD-ROM yet it still wont read the recovery disk. NOTE: CD-Rom does work with any other program CD I have, Just not the recovery disks.
If anyone has an answer or can narrow down my problem please respond.

Thank You.

A:System Wont Read Recovery Disk

Well, let me start by asking this, did the computer, when you got it, come with Windows XP SP1 than you upgraded to SP2 and/or have you updated the bios or any system preferences?

It seems to me that maybe the recovery CD is out of date. Have you tried re-intalling the programs that don't work and making sure there isn't a third-party application corrupting your files?

If you have a Windows XP install CD, try repairing the Windows install with that instead of the Gateway CD.

As for the beeping keyboard strikes, that's probably just a keyboard error that you either press the keys too late or too early, or something else. Try the other things and if that's not the case and you need to get to the CD, we'll work with the keyboard thing.

And also, do you run the CD at startup or while Windows is running? I've never owned a Gateway and only worked on a few, so I'm unsure of when you actually use the restore disc.

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I was wondering why my computer wont run my warcraft tft game. It worked perfectly fine on teusday and now it wont work. On teusday all i did was delete quicktime media player and when i tried to paly wc today it didint work. I tried reinstalling the quicktime and it still doesnt work. I also tried using the system restore but my computer still wont read my disks. this is what it says when i try to run my game: "Frozen Throne was unable to detect a disc in your CD-ROM drive. Please make sure your Frozen Throne is in your CD-ROM drive, then click 'Retry'." Yes i made sure my disk was in tehre too and it is. Any one know whats wrong?

A:my comp wont read my warcraft disk please help!

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Hello guys so this has been a lasting problem that I have never got round to fixing because of moving house but needs fixed ASAP this is how the problem all started I wiped my computer with I did this a few times everything went fine but this time after wiping when I put my windows 7 disk in it wouldn?t read the disk this is a real shop bought copy of windows so my only way around this was to install a copy of Linux Zorin I then went onto the windows website burnt an iso of windows 7 to disk everything installed as should then when I try to put my drivers disk in it wont Boot/Load I really need help getting back onto windows I have had enough of this OS please help

I posted a thread here when the problem happened to give you better incite to what is going on here sorry for posting another thread the other one seemed a bit old, Thanks in advance for any help

Need help fixing my computer after using DBAN

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Ok I thought it was a broken floppy drive and apparently I was wrong
I used my floppy drive with a couple disk and it kept saying "Please insert disk"
so I figured maybe my floppy drive was broken so I went an bought a new one and now I see it does pretty much the same thing only this time I see a error that says
"A: is not accessible
No ID address mark was found on floppy disk"
on ever disk I've used
so I'm baffled what could it be
looking for help

A:Floppy Drive wont read a dam disk

Does the drive have a question mark against it in Device Manager? Does the BIOS recognise it? Floppy disks do degrade and are notoriously unreliable, so check one of yours in a known good floppy drive. You have opened up the Write Protect tab, I assume.

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hi i have a samsung dvd drive( http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16827151133) and it used to work perfectly until a few weeks ago when i put in a cd and the green light goes on, but then the light goes away and it doesnt read anything, after that i go to My Computer and click on my drive and it says PLEASE INSERT A DISK even though there is a disk already in it. PLEASE HELP ME

A:Dvd Drive Light Goes On But Wont Read Any Disk!!!

Go to Device Manager, find the drive. right click-> uninstall and reboot.

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I have an HP laptop with windows xp.

If I put a blank disk or a burned disk into the cd drive it spins for a few seconds and then nothing. If i go to my computer and look at the cd rom drive it will tell me what kind of disk is in there either cdr or cdrw but when i click on it it says E:/ is not accessible incorrect function. I have tried to update the drivers but everything i find is for vista. The crazy thing is that it will read any other type of disk just fine. A disk bought from the store both audio and dvd. I hope someone can help. Thanks


A:DVD/CD rom drvie wont read blank or burned disk

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Well I have a DVD-r that I burned some backup files to along time ago and whenever I put it into my computer it doesnt read any of the files on the disk. I still have a dual layer DVD burner and all the same software and hardware that i did before but for some reason the disk doesnt work in my computer anymore. It does however work on my other computers.

A:Solved: DVD Burner wont read files from disk.

I dont know what the problem may be. But try taking the disc to any of the other computers taht work and if they have burners or something, maybe burn them again and make sure it works?

Thats all I can think of....sorry if I was no help at all. LOL

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I just repaired my computer that was shocked and fried in an electric storm 2 months ago, And now its been 3 days and whenever I start it up it goes to the windows logo and shows it loading but right before it goes into the account select screen it just stops loading! I've tried everything, safe mode, start it last time it worked, start it normally, and I even repaired all my files.

Any ideas?

A:Windows starts up but wont finish..

Well the obvious answer is that the computer is not "repaired".

What fried and what did you do about it ?

Can you get to safe mode ?

Do you have an XP disk to run chkdsk, fixboot & fixmbr ?

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I'm getting that message from an external DVD burner (pacific digital). The disks giving the error work in my internal cd reader drive. This is a new error. I've been able to use this burner for 5 months with no problem. I've tried reverting my system to before the error started but no good. I tried using a different USB port - no joy.

I plugged the device into my boss's laptop and it worked. On my laptop, I tried going into device manager and deleting the port and rebooting. No good. The device shows up as Toshiba CD/DVDW SD-r5372 USB, not sure why - I've been unable to find a download to update the driver.

A:DVD USB RW error: Disk is not formatted - windows cannot read from this disk

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Basically my keyboard works when it starts. I can press F8 or Esc to go into the windows startup menu. However when (even in safe mode) it starts up it asks for Ctrl+Alt+Del. Here my keyboard is non responsive. I've had this issue before and used to solve it with windows restore settings to a previous date through safe mode, however this time i can't get into safe mode because clever windows felt like making it so secure.
Also the option of going back to previously good settings after pressing F8 desnt help. I've tried all sorts of boot disks made on my other computer but nothing seems to get it to that BIOS screen. As i said the buttons work before windows starts up just i cant do anything useful with them. Oh and i dont have an XP Pro CD either... would that help? how do i restore mysetings to a previous date?

A:Keyboard Wont Work When Windows Starts Up!?

Hi andrew99 and welcome to TSF !

Is this a laptop or a desktop ?

If it's a desktop, is that keyboard PS/2, usb or wireless ? What's its brand and model ? Try with another PS/2 keyboard and report if you have the same problems.

If it's a laptop, what model is it ?

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ive had my laptop for a year now and its been running perfectly fine up until now. When i start my computer up, it shows the screen that has the HP logo and then stays their. I have to turn my computer on and off a few times for it too actually get past that screen and boot windows. Do any of you have some suggestions on how i can fix this?

computer specs -

HP Laptop
Intel Core Duo processor running at 2 GHz
Windows XP service pack 2

if you need any more specs ill be happy to provide

thanks in advance

A:Computer starts up, windows xp wont boot

Welcome to TSG....

Do you have the recovery software for your computer?

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hi, window will not boot goes to blue screen that says process 1 initizaltion failed and starts dumping, then reboots to reapir, wont repair, tried booting to reapir disc and used bitdefender rescue which showed no virus, then tried booting to my winodws 7 upgrade disc, it says loading files then goes to a windows screen and nothing, tried recovery and it only shows one date may 6th, recovered to that date and does the same boots then goes to blue screen, in advanced i went to promt screen and tried chkdsk c:/f/r and it said failed to transfer logged messages to the event log with status 50, so now dont know what to do if i need a new hard drive or what bios looks the same as always please help mike

A:windows 7 wont boot, wont go to safe mode or start on windows 7 disk

Have you followed these steps - Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Boot

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im having a problem with the cd-rom or with 1 game, whenever i put the game into the cd- drive ( starwars battlefront 2) i get that error

windows cant read from the disk. the disk may be damaged, or it uses an format that isnt compatible with windows ( i translated it from norwegian, so it may not be correctly written)

and it only happens with that game..

help me, thanks

A:windows cant read from the disk. the disk may be damaged...

Have you examined the cd for scratches? Is the game compatible with your system specs?

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I inserted my external SD card and nothing happens, not even a pop up window saying its been inserted. I also installed the newest windows 10 driver. The SD card dosent even show up on the disk manager under the DVD/CD rom tab (where it should be).

Can anyone help please??

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Ok.. So i know i should not have tried it but i did.

Basically i was trying to install a version of windows xp on a vista computer. I first partitioned my drive using the computer management tool on vista and loaded up the xp cd to install on that partition. After installing it tried to reboot and now my computer wont boot up at all i get a "disk reads error" press ctrl alt delete.

I have tried recovering it from the recovery cd, but i cant seem to get it working, i really dont want to reset it to the original condition because i have things on there that i would really like to keep.

Anyway.. if you could help me it would GREATLY be appreciated.

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TLDR: I get the "A disk read error occurred" error but the system disk is readable and checks OK in the recovery USB.

So, I have two hard drives--a terabyte drive with some data on it and a smaller drive with the win7 installation on it--and a USB drive. I made the USB drive into a recovery USB using the instructions here Installing Windows 7 System Recovery into USB Flash Drive | Raymond.CC Blog with the addendum found in the comments. I made a system image of the smaller drive via the control panel and then put the image in the terabyte drive. I then replaced my smaller hard drive with a new drive of a comparable size.

In order to restore the drive, I booted into the recovery USB, formatted the new hard drive with ntfs, made it active, and ran
wbadmin start recovery -version:xxx -items:C: -itemtype:Volume -backupTarget:C: -recoveryTarget:

where C was the terabyte drive and D is the new drive. I may have the drives mixed up here, but I assure you I had them correct when I actually ran the command

After a reset, I got some generic error so I went back into the bios, and set the new drive to be at the top of all boot lists, and then rebooted. It was at this time I got the above error. I feared that my drive was actually DOA, so I booted back into the recovery. I did a D:;dir and saw that all of my old files did indeed exist, so I figure it was a boot issue. I ran the boot repair utility in the recovery menu and it said there were no errors and I should... Read more

A:A disk read error has occurred but disk can be read

If you have the Repair CD on USB flash, then boot into it and select Recover Using an Image, browse to the WindowsImageBackup file on 1tb, reimage it to the new HD.

Or if you have WD or Seagate on either end, use their excellent free Acronis cloning app on the Downloads webpage for your model. Then just clone the old HD over to the new one without the 1tb plugged in.

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I newly installed windows 7 to my computer which had xp before. My problem is that my external hdd is recognized by windows 7 (also by vista in my notebook) but can not be read by both (ntfs par.). The funny thing is my old xp installation and my second linux system in the same computer have no problem reading it at all, also any other xp computer can read it. Any ideas ???

ps: I can not access the file system. window, says I need to format it, but normally any ntfs under xp should be also readable under 7.

A:Windows 7 wont read ext. hdd but xp can ?

Hello kamillokum, Welcome!
Could you please post a screenshot of your Disk Management?


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Recently upgraded to windows 10, big mistake.  Wouldn't read my usb ports, so after googling I unistalled the usb ports, and it claims after restarting your computer it should bring them back well it didn't and now I am without a mouse or keyboard.  I am not sure how to get them back without either working and everything I have read doesn't help, can someone give advice to a not so techy computer person, a quick and easy way to retrieve these back.  I cannot system restore, says no restore point.  I have restarted several times.  Any help would be appreciated.

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i installed premiere pro 2 on my friends computer, and when he plugs his camera in through firewire windows doesnt read that it's plugged in making it impossible to capture footage. The driver for the firewire is installed so that isnt the problem, im wondering what it could be.. anyone have any ideas?

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Hi everyone

I'm a bit of a novice but I decided to upgrade my computer and would love some advice please. I am currently running windows Vista 32 with an Hd and decided to upgrade to a SSD with windows 7 professional 64GB using a clean install.

I have watched a few videos which suggest you just plug in your new Ssd, unplug the HD and boot windows from cd/DVD and install onto SSD. I tried this several times and every time it did not recognize the boot disk. If I plug my original HD in and reboot using the disk- it is able to recognize it and initiates the installation procedure. I am hoping to replace this HD so not sure how to get this to work.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

A:New Ssd and windows 7. Won't read disk!?

Quote: Originally Posted by Jmanifol

boot windows from cd/DVD and install onto SSD. I tried this several times and every time it did not recognize the boot disk


Can you clarify that the DVD boots up and attempts the installation? What make of SSD is it?


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I am having trouble installing Sims 2 Deluxe. My driver does not read the disk at all, instead I get a message saying,

Windows Cannot Read From This Disk, The Disk might be corrupted, or it could be using a format that is not compatiable with windows.

I am 100% sure that the disk is not corrupt, as I have installed it on 2 other computers. Also, the bonus dvd disk that comes with the deluxe pack works fine.

My Dvd/Cd Drive is: LITE-ON-DVD+RWSOHW-8225

My computer specs are: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Version 2002
64 Processor
512MB of RAM

Any Help will be highly appreciated.
PS. I am not very computer illiterate.

A:Windows cannot read from this disk ?

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I am sorry if this subject has been posted before. No matter what disk i put into either the CD RW or CD ROM drive I get this error message "Windows can not read from this disk. The disk might be corrupted, or it could be using a format that is not compatible with windows" this started all of a sudden. I have taken out the drives and installed different ones and I get the same message. I have also taken the drives that get that error message and mount them in a different PC and they work just fine. I have seen this posted at other sites but I don't seem to find a fix. By the way disks work fine in other PC's


A:Windows can't read disk

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I desided to reformate my computer, farly new computer and windows 7. so im using the 3 recovery disc that I burned when I first got the computer. so now i deside to reformate, started reinstalling...it went through disc1, when it asked for recovery disc 2 (at around 50% of installing) I put it in and it just spits it back out and doesnt want to read it, now im stuck the computer wont even boot up fully (wont boot to desktop, however I can access the bois but i have no idea what to do with it without computer assistance, im not that good with it but i can follow directions )what can I do to fix this?

I think either when I copied the disc it didnt get copied right (disc2)because disc1 worked fine) or something is just wrong with the disc 2 dvd (has no scratches on it though) but im stuck how can i get it to work or even get windows to start back up to the desktop?

A:windows 7 recovery disc wont read

Put the disc in another computer and open it (don't run)and see if the disc is blank or if it contains files.

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I have done a clean re-install of XP,installed service packs,drivers,other software etc.
When I insert my Soundblaster Extigy soundcard installation disc into the cd/dvd drive,it won't read it.
The disc works fine on other PCs.
My CD/DVD drive plays other discs ok.
I have downloaded a copy of the installation disc and mounted it virtually and this doesn't work either.
Any suggestions please?

I have - Athlon XP 2.8,512MB,160GB,SP2

When I put the disc in,it spins for a while,timer on cursor etc.
Then screen goes black(as it should before programme starts),then nothing,stays black.
Have to shut down PC with the off button.

When I try the virtual disc,I get - "The file format is invalid or unsupported."
With the disc,I sometimes get the "Windows has encountered a problem...." message,but not always.

At first,the CD/DVD drive did not not even recognize a disc was in it,but does now,just won't play it.

A:windows wont read installation disc

It is totally unnecessary to use an optical drive to install drivers.

Drivers can be downloaded and then installed from the desktop.

You might try that.


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I have a 500GB external hard drive (USB powered) which just stays plugged into my computer at all times which I use for storing music, video, photos etc. When I started up my PC just now, it came up with an error message saying "You need to format the disk in Drive E: before you can use it", and it keeps bringing up this message whenever I unplug it and plug it back in again, or try to access it; but it was working fine just a few hours ago, and the drive hasn't been moved, bumped, unplugged or anything like that between when it was working, and now - so I see no reason for it to have stopped working. Obviously I don't want to format it as that would mean losing everything on it - including many files backed up from my old PC which I hadn't transferred to this new(er) one yet.

I get the same error message plugging it into my desktop PC running windows XP.

Any suggestions will be much appreciated!

A:Windows 7 wont read my drive, wants to format it

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Any help much appreciated as this is driving me crazy.

Basically as the title says my PC wont recognise either Windows 7 disc, 32 or 64 bit.

I'm currently running Windows 7 but trying to reformat. Its worked before with the same PC and disc.
It wont boot when I choose to boot from disk on BIOS and it wont recognise the disc when I put it in. (when Windows is loaded up).

Now here's the kicker.

The DVD drive is fine as my PC is accepting other DVD's I have (I even tried 4 to make sure) and the same Windows 7 disc works fine in my laptop.

So the problem isn't the DVD or the DVD drive. What have I done?

As I said there any help much appreciated.

A:PC wont read my Windows 7 installation disc

Try using a USB Pen Drive.
For UEFI & x64:
UEFI Bootable USB Flash Drive - Create in Windows

For x32:
Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool

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Hi there

I am really stumped! I created a backup of some photos onto CD ROM using a program called Picasa2 (produced by Google). The job appeared to complete properly but when I try and access the CD from Explorer or My Computer it reports that "Windows cannot read from this disk. The disk might be corrupted, or it could be using a format that is not compatible with Windows."

I am running Windows XP and have tried the disk in another computer CD drive (and that computer is running XP too!) and this disk reads just fine.

Does anyone have any ideas what could be causing my CD drive to be reporting this error? Or how I go about trouble shooting the drive?

Thanks for any help.

A:Windows cannot read from this disk ... error

The disk may be corrupt, and the other cd drive you tryed it on may be able to read corrupt cds better. Or..your cd drive may be dirty and need cleaning. Try reburning the cd and see if that helps. Also..did any errors come up when you burnt the cd w/ Picasa? Good luck..just keep in mine some times cds are just bad.

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Hi guys,

I have an MSI-16G5 from the beginning i ha Win7 but eventually i upgraded it to win10.
My laptop was running smoothly with win10 for about a year.
One day before work i used it and it was perfectly fine, but when i came home and started it it says something like "Disk read error press ctrl+alt+del to solve the problem" but all it does is to restart and get back to the same thing.

Now, i have read about this a bit and i knoow that this can be solved by format the hard drive, unfortunately i cannot even get in to BIOS, also know that its possible to make a pen-drive bootable and then re-install Win.
But i want to know, is there any other way that is in particular easy?
What do i need to do to so i wont loose everything on my hard drive?

Thanks in advance

A nervous dude

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Hello everyone
this might belong to virus section aswell, but here i go:
I have asus k55v with preinstalled Windows 7 HP. I have made the mistake of not installing any anti-virus, because i knew i would eventually reinstall the system and upgrade it to windows 7 Ultimate, (yeah i really dont like the preinstalled programs from manufacturer)
last week the computer was getting slower: starting up was taking way too long, cca 10 minutes just to launch windows explorer/Chrome. However, yesterday the starting time exceeded 30 mins, and after i restarted my pc again, couldnt run any program at all.
I switched to safe-mode and moved my data to external harddrive. only the safe-mode WITHOUT network drivers worked (otherwise, there was exactly the same problem)
then, i wanted to reinstall the windows.
Here comes the fun part, the windows couldnt read the installation disk at all. I tried to read other DvD/CD (music CD) in safe mode, and there was no problem reading it. however, when i inserted any copy of windows nothing happened (even in safe mode).
in booting setings i selected DVD as my booting priority, and still, nothing happened, the system booted from 2nd option, like the dvd wasnt there.
I own several original copies (with watermarks etc) of windows, what i have tried:
windows 7 Ultimate 32
windows 7 Ultimate 64 two different DvDs
windows Vista Ultimate 32
windows Vista Ultimate 64
is it some sort of bug? or is my BIOS infected? because i hav... Read more

A:Windows installation disk cant be read

Hello, and Welcome
At boot tap the Esc key. This should bring up a boot menu. Select the Optical Drive and see if it boots the Install DVD. You also should look in the BIOS for something called legacy mode and enable it. If the computer BIOS is set UEFI then the Windows 7 DVD will not boot.  If it can read a CD and not a DVD, it's possible the laser for DVD is not functioning.
If that does not work, you can try the following.
You will need access to another computer that can read the Download amd install Imgburn being careful of any optional software it asks you to install. Write an iso image using a max of 4X speed if possible.
After creating the bootable iso file, download Rufus. Say not when it asks you if you want to check for updates. This will create a bootable USB key. Select MBR as the partition scheme and iso image in the dropdown box. Click the folder icon and browse to the iso file you created and press start. This will wipe any data off the USB flash drive. Make sure USB is the first boot device in BIOS. Attach the USB key and boot.

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I have one particular user at my workplace who recently had problems with her computer.

Each time she turned on her computer, an error message appears saying that "A disk read error has occured, Press Ctrl-Alt-Delete to restart". Her computer is an HP Compaq DC7800 desktop computer and she is running Windows XP Professional.

In order to get rid of that particular problem, she has to restart her computer around 7 or 8 times - just to get that particular problem removed. Based on my further research, I believe that her particular hard drive is about to fail and/or have so many bad sectors on it. I've tried doing a fdisk /mbr command to fix the problem (using a Windows 98SE CD - to be honest), but that didn't make the cut.

Anyways, what type of advice you could give to me if I want to recover data from the old drive into getting data into the new drive?

A:disk read error in Windows XP

sorry if I mistakenly post this in the Windows Server 2003/2008/etc. forum, but if there are any moderators who come to see this thread, please move this into the "Windows XP Support" Forum.

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Hi, I installed windows 7 recently and had no problems, then I started adding external hard drives, only to find windows 7 would hold with a flashing curser, when i disconected the hard drives wand rebooted win7 it would start normaly, so for a couple of weeks if I needed to reboot I would disconect the hdd`s, but for the last week new errors are occurring, if my comp reboots itself I get an error message saying disk read error press alt delete etc to restart, then I sometimes get another error message saying boot image corrupt, if i restart again it sometimes go`s into win 7 repair after the attempted repair i get a message saying win7 has a problem communicating with a device like a hdd, it also says status: OxcOOOOOe9 info: an unexpected I/O error has occurred.
could this mean the Hdd drive is on its way out, any help guys, I am pannicking a little, I have some very important docs on the hard drive. thanks

A:windows 7 disk read error

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When installing new software I thought it froze so I ended the process. When I tried to open the installer again it gave an error about the registry. When I rebooted windows gave an error and turned off. Please help me get it turned on and fixed!

A:Windows wont start. Messed up registry? Please read!

If it helps, it was saying that it couldnt find autochk.exe. I saw something about a boot-disk that can fix this error but idk. Please help if you know anything.

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Hi all.
I usually am pretty ok with computers and dont ask for help, however my current problem has left me somewhat baffled.

I ordered an install of a new motherboard not long ago, and had 2 hdd's at the time.
One with a regular connection, one with SATA connection.
I wasnt the one doing the installation of the new motherboard, but sent the computer to a shop.
Once I got it back, it was updated with a new version of windows xp pro and had no problems whatsoever.
Soon after, I decided to reinstall windows to an older version, since I never liked windows xp SP2, It isnt really required.
I booted up my computer with a windows installation cd in my cd rom, and everything was ok untill I got to choosing on which drive I want to install the windows on: Only one was present, and it was the regular connection one.
I didnt think much of it at that moment and installed the windows on that hdd.
Once it came up after installing, the computer simply wasnt reading my second hdd.
I figured that it could be because I installed an older version of windows and something might have gone wrong with it being able to read SATA connections, but it seemed strange since the BIOS wasnt able to read that hdd aswell.
Well, I ignored the problem for a while thinking that maybe if i can update my BIOS to read SATA or something of the sort it could be ok, but i then bought a DVD burner with SATA connections and it could read the burner with no problem, that immediately eliminated my susp... Read more

A:Hard drive wont read after windows reinstall

"since I never liked windows xp SP2, It isnt really required"...

What ever gave you that idea? What planet are you on? XP, SP2 is required for all the critical Microsoft hardware/software updates...

Get your head out of the sand and put XP, SP2 back on your system. You'll be surprized at how much better your system will run.

Really, anyone that says they don't need XP, SP2 is saying that they are running an illegal copy of XP

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