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Heat Pipes

Q: Heat Pipes

How effective are heat pipes, could they be used to cool a P4. If the copper pipes were brought outside the case and placed in a sutible cooling medium e.g an ice bath and the section of the pipe that was in the case was insulated to keep the case temp down, would this make a suitable silent cooling system.

Preferred Solution: Heat Pipes

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

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You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Heat Pipes

Heat pipes are now used in heat sinks very effectively these days. I was a little sceptical to the efficacy of heat pipes till I realised that most laptops use this tech to keep the CPU cool, and comparison tests have shown that its much more efficient thatn without it.

How it works:
Basically, it just provides a heat conducting rod with low thermal resistance. Therefore, its efficacy is reduced the longer it is. Its like stretching a metal rod over a fire, a short one you'd burn your hand pretty fast, a long one you might not feel anything at all for a long time.

Also, I doubt you'd want to insulate the section of the pipe in the case, you'd more probably insulate the whole thing. At least you'd insulate the bit outside the case, so that the cold temps from your ice bath will reach the PC. But you want it to reach the CPU, so you'd insulate the whole bit. And you'd need a really thick heatpipe....

I won't suggest you do that.

A better solution? Water cooling, and run your radiator through that ice bath of yours

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 Hi, There seems to be 2 types of fan modules installed on the T460s (besides the one that is for the model with dGPU). One of them is with one heatpipe, the other one is with two heatpipes. Two Heat PipesSingle Heat PipeCan someone tell me what is the difference between two and which one is more efficient? Lenovo Staff maybe? Also what is the reason for that some i7 are with 2 Heat Pipes and others are with 1. There is also difference between the fan modules. The single heatpipe fan is with 4 wires, while the other one is with 5 wires.  P.S.> And NO it is not the i7 vs i5 CPU, because I have i7 and I am with single Heat Pipe.   

T460s - Core i7-6600U, 12GB RAM, 512GB SATA 6G SSD, FHD, EM7455 WWANT440s - Core i7-4600U, 12GB RAM, Crucial MX200 500GB SSD, FHD, WWAN

Go to Solution.

A:T460s - Different FANs and Heat Pipes

The only one I have seen has 2 pipes.  Was one of them made earlier than the other?  (On the model sticker, there is a manufacture date after the serial YY/MM.)  The parts list only shows one manufacturer.  As far as 4 wires vs. 5 wires, I would expect it wouldn't matter.  Normally, only 3 wires are used - power, ground and tach pulse.  I would expect it wouldn't matter.  I looked at eBay for T460s fans for sale thinking I could see a picture.  They had 2 for sale - one with 1 pipe and 4 wier; the other with 2 pipes and 5 wires.

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ok, so it's an msi m/b


I'm only overclocking the cpu, using an Noctua NH-U12P

Will the m/b heatsinks cope with the cpu at around 3GHz?

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I have a new gateway notebook with an 1.6ghz AMD Turion 64 X2 TL-50 cpu... ive recently checked (10 mins ago) my temps inside this thing and my cpu core temp is running at 160F. an insanely high temp. is there a way to improve cooling in this thing without underclocking (im a overclocker not an underclocker) ive never seen it this hot until now...any help would be great i curently have the computer sitting on a honeywell fan to keep it cool... and im down to 110F yay! but this is no solution

A:HEAT HEAT HEAT Gateway heat woes

Yes, that converts to a bit over 71 degrees Centigrade... and is getting to the edge of its range... You will have earlier failure.
That model simply does not have the cooling system you need with three of four fans to move the air out.
If you have dogs or cats, clean the guts of the case with Dust Off every week... to remove the dust and hair.
But there isn't much help for you. Lower priced laptops never make good gaming machines.

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Recently I was getting artifacts in games and noticed that the card was running hot so I got an Artic Cooler on it which is fine (much cooler now).

However in games I get the checkboard pattern over the game. The framerate is perfectly fine. Setting games to use 16 bit color / z-buffer reduces the problem slightly. I installed ATITool to see if underclocking would help then I noticed in the window "Active Pipelines: 8". Its a 9800SE, it should have four pipelines and every time I have used ATITool before it has reported four.

I have never done the soft or hard mod to this card.

I've tried a complete format and reinstall with various old and new drivers and the problem I still there. As I said the framerate etc. is fine. From what I have read about the softmod, the checkboard effect is often because the card can't handle the mod and do eight pipelines, so (hopefully) if I can set it back to four it will work fine.

Any idea why it would set itself to eight even though I have never modded it?
Is there any way to set it back to four? Maybe a bios flash that restricts it to four?

Thanks for reading.

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I have a HIS x1800gto that i know is unlockable with the right bios, ive acquired a bios that will do it its just that i am having incredible difficulty doing so.

My comp at first didnt have a floppy drive so i went with boot cds. The bootable cds wouldnt work for reasons unknown, i created like 5 of them, none would really get working so i jsut caved in and attatched a floppy drive.

created a bootdisk with atiflash, didnt work, reasons unknown, maybe because its a HIS ICEQ3 x1800gto and not a native (made by ati) card, so i used flashrom240, 237 and 16p. none worked. the same problems would come up-

device 0 not found
ati adapter not found
error 0FL01 when i tried to force flash.

obviously the card is there and is working fine. before this a while back and as recently as a few hours ago i attempted atiwinflash. ive heard horror stories about this program but it never really did or work for me till about 40 minutes ago. what i did was i just flashed it again with a fresh HIS x1800gto bios in an attempt to get flashrom to recognize my card. no dice.

now im at a loss since i know the card is there, its operating normally, its not overclocked, temps are prolly at 40c i would wager, so everything should be a go. anybody else have this card or been thru this?

thanks for any help my dudes.

A:Trouble flashing HIS x1800gto into having 16 pipes

Flashing those cards isn't guaranteed to work. If it was, they would be sold with all 16 pipelines already enabled. Maybe MOST of them can unlock, but maybe yours just can't. Obviously, if they could ALL be flashed to 16 pipelines, they would be sold as having 16 pipelines because the company could sell them as a more powerful model and get more money from them. Those ones are cards that were made to run on 16 pipelines, but were unable to according to some test (however inaccurate that test may have been). This means that some WILL run at 16 pipes but some won't. I guess you just got unlucky

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I need help unlocking unlocking pipes and shadders for my 7800GT , like it says in the title.

Thanks for all the help I know I will receive!!

(450/1.08 OC'd @ 500/1.18)

A:Unlocking pipes and shadders for my 7800GT


:bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

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Hello, I just bought a hyper 212x a little bit ago and i smell something's that smells like its coming from the heat sink. I checked the the copper pipes sticking out of the heat sink and there was one that looked like it shouldn't be like it and was very small.

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Good evening. i am learning how to work with threads and process in WinAPI. During this, i faced with interesting question. When i created
named channel i used pipes. I used #define BASE_PATH_PIPE "\\\\.\\pipe\\PipeName". So can you please answer me. In wich folder pipes storaging in my computer. I used search on my hard disk and did not find it. Where i can find this storage with pipes.
Thank you

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Aluminium Heat Sink V Copper Heat Sinks for CUP. If you change from a Aluminium Heat Sink to a copper heat sink for yoru CPU in your tower computer (not the slimeline one) the fat boy model.  How much MORE % better does copper work better than aluminium?? 

A:Aluminium Heat Sink V Copper Heat Sinks for CUP.

A little. Copper has roughly twice the thermal conductivity of aluminum: http://www.engineeringtoolbox.com/thermal-conductivity-metals-d_858.html Also use a high silver content thermal compound applied very thin but fully covering the processor core In practice you will see a very small difference in the operating temperature of the computer. Unless you are running hot it is probably not worth the trouble. Aluminum is generally good enough. Airflow is also at least as important as the metal used in the heatsink. 

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after you come from the cliffs and your heading into the pipes, right after the loading screen for the next stage my game keeps freezing my guy so he cant move but i can still move around, its really strange. My friend (who was the one playing at the time) said the same exact thing happened to his game in the exact same spot and it was fine before steam came out but since steam was released there was some update where now at that point it freezes on a bunch of systems...whats the deal? is this fixable?

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It's been awhile since I installed my last CPU -

I just bought a P4. The instructions for mounting
the heat sink (& fan) do not refer to using any
type of (I can't think of the word) that white
compound I used last time to give good thermal
conductivity from the cpu to the heat sink.

Is that stuff not used any more?

If it is, what do I call it and where would I get some?


A:Use "heat transfer" compound between P4 & heat sink?

If you got a retail version cpu, that comes with the heatsink/fan, it likely has a "thermal pad" built in, so it wouldn't need thermal interface material. So if you got a little square of something on the bottom of the heatsink, that's all you need, but if not, just a bare heatsink, put some thermal material on it. IIRC, my retail p4 had a little square that looked like a piece of aluminum stuck on the heatsink, which is a thermal pad.

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I have read many places that MS SQL Server using Named Pipes is using port 139 and port 445. But I don't know when port 139 is used instead of port 445 and vice versa?

Are port 139 and port 445 actually duplicates?

I have limited knowledge in NT Networking.

A:Named Pipes, Port 139 and Port 445

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Q: Heat

My computer gets pretty hot so I was wondering if putting it on top of the desk would help. (it also gets pretty dusty sitting under there)


You will need to fill in your specs. If it's a notebook, vacuum vents to make sure not clogged with dust. Also can purchase cooling pad for notebook to sit on.

If it's a desktop, vacuum as well and you can install additional fans, check to see if you have a prog. to monitor temp, or it you need to have fans run full all the time.

Also, do you have the processor or video overclocked?

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Q: Heat

Inspiron N5010 Win 8.1 Pro

I was downloading some Linux distros and now the laptop seems running hotter.

I don't think it is related but I wanted to supply all I could think of.

I read it was suggested to run w/o the battery which we have on order as this one is n/g.
I also blew it all out without taking it apart as I don't know how.

W/o the battery and after blowing it out it seems a bit cooler and the fan is not so noisy but still seems high.

Do you have any ideas for a non tech?

Thank you


What do you call high and is it an AMD or Intel CPU

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I was just wondering how long you can leave a computer on before it overheats or something.My comp is new and has three fans.

A:CPU heat

IT dpends, as long there is good ventilation and you have not overclocked your cpu it can run for weeks or months. Mine runs non stop and i turn it of only one day in a month and it is not a server. It is just a desktop PC acting as a server.

Just make sure there is good ventilation and good cooling for your hard disk.As hard disk tend to heat up fast.It is advisable to purchase hard disk cooler fans.

With your three fans it should be good enough to cool your system.

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Hi i have just finished making my own self build pc and it is up and running and currently using win xp although i want to put win 7 on the system the xp is just to get it up and running for the moment everything seems to be ok with the system except that when i am using it to try diff asspects the cpu temp goes up to high 70's even over into the 80's ay ideas as to what may be wrong

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel Pentium II processor, x86 Family 6 Model 37 Stepping 5
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 3574 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 210, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 476929 MB, Free - 386561 MB;
Motherboard: ASUSTeK Computer INC., P7P55D-E LX, Rev 1.xx, MT700CK43001850
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

Q: Heat

i only have one fan in my computer and all these other sites are saying they have like a million fans in their comps. i have two hardrives and one of them is at 48 C and the other is at 56 C and the processor is at 39 C is this normal. and also i was thinking if i can open side panel and point a room fan into it maybe that will cool it down

Q: heat

what is an acceptable temp for a vid card? mines 127f for the chip set and 98f for the ram.


What video car is it? Are you overclocking it? Whats your motherboard/case temp and CPU temp? All that plays a part.

127 is 52 celsius and thats a little warm but not too bad.

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I have a really annoying problem. My computer is giving off WAY too much heat. Example, the temperature is always between 56*C and 62*C Here's another little piece of info, it could be 74*F in my house, enter my room, the temp is 78*F or higher. Sometimes it reaches 86*F, but in the rest of the house it will be really comfortable. My computer is giving all this heat off. I have replaced the psu, it helped a little. I have the max. amount of fans inside the case. The only thing left I can think of is to replace the CPU fan. What do you guys think? What is really good CPU fan (Athlon XP 2400+), but not too expensive. I don't want to pay over $25.00

A:Too much heat.

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hi all
i've just baught my computer yesterday

it spontaneously restarted while i was playing rome game and once while using winword (twice in one day)
amd 64 bit 3g
abit motheroard
1 g ram

is it because of heat?
is heat produced a problem with this processor?

plz help quickly

thanks in advance Nawar rom Egypt

A:Is it because of heat

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

Please take a look at this thread HERE. It may be of assistance.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:

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what should the core temperature be for my asus version of the gforce 6800 GT?

the ambient temp of my case is from 40 to 50 C. the core IDLES at 60 degrees. I'm trying to determine whether or not my arctic silver compound has a bubble in it. is 60 C good or bad? does anybody have a reccomendation for a 3rd party cooler? mine is SO LOUD

A:GPU heat

60oc for a graphics card is fairly normal..........for a quiet solution look at Zalman products

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Q: heat

I have a old system> LGA775 Pentiun D processor. The temp reading is 60 in the bios reading and all fans are running and case is clean. Any ideas how to bring the temp down?


I'd say take off the heatsink, clean it up and get all the caked on dust/dirt off, then get some thermal paste and apply that to the CPU and reseat the heatsink.... easiest way

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Hi I have recently built a custom pc with an AMD Athlon 64 x2 5200+
The cpu temp in the bios is around 52c and when a stress test is used it just goes up to 75c. I have taken the heatsink off and added new better thermal paste but it didnt change. I used speedfan and that said it was the same temperature. Could this meen that it is a temerature sensor problem or will I have to buy a better heatsink and fan?

It is starting to anoy me aswell because sometimes the computer turns off after 5 Mins of usage and other times it doesnt turn off at all.

A:CPU Over Heat

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I have just replace my PSU and added a case fan to my PC after a lot of reboot prob's.

I replaced a 300w 15amp cheap brand with a 550w 20amp tri fan slightly dearer brand PSU. I also added a case fan to the back of my pc, as I didnt have any previously, which is blowing out.

Now...the problem

My CPU seems to be running hotter than before.

I am confused. I am no techie so plain english would be great.

As for the PSU...I bought what I could afford.

Do you have any suggestions?

Please see below for details of system and temps

System Information
Time of this report: 2/17/2007, 11:26:04
Machine name: MINE
Operating System: Windows XP Home Edition (5.1, Build 2600) Service Pack 2 (2600.xpsp_sp2_gdr.050301-1519)
Language: English (Regional Setting: English)
System Manufacturer: GBT___
System Model: AWRDACPI
BIOS: Award Modular BIOS v6.00PG
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.00GHz
Memory: 768MB RAM
Page File: 318MB used, 1175MB available
Windows Dir: C:\WINDOWS
DirectX Version: DirectX 9.0c (4.09.0000.0904)
DX Setup Parameters: Not found
DxDiag Version: 5.03.2600.2180 32bit Unicode


CPU 58c
SYS 44c
AUX 25c
HD0 41c
HD1 45c

When I play a very small game the CPU temp can rise to 80c. I also have the side off the case for greater airflow

Please help


A:Not sure about heat....HELP!!!!

Buy some arctic silver 5, remove CPU heatsink, then clean the CPU and heatsink with rubbing alcohol.

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Pretty simple. My GPU is running much hotter than the rest of the system. It's around 54C idle and will either into the high 50s or low 60s when gaming. I've got the fan speed at 100% right now, on auto it was up in the high 60s idle.

Relevant specs:
EVGA GeForce 8800 GTX
ASUS M2N SLI-Deluxe Mobo
Antec 900 Case.

My core temp and case temp are both 40C.

A:GPU Heat

That is perfectly normal for a 8800 GTX. Video cards are the hottest part of a modern system. 75 C is a good turning point, if it gets any hotter, it might do good to up the card's fan's speed or add a case fan. Yet, cards operate pretty much perfectly fine even if they run at 80-90 C.

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Q: Heat?

Is it normal that my CPU temperature is 20 degrees above my MB temperature?


Yes. Are you having any particular problem.

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I recently bought a new motherboard, CPU and some additional RAM because my PC was getting a bit outdated. Bought the ASUS P5N32-E SLI Plus MB and Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 @ 3GHz. I had managed to install everything correctly without any problems, and PC booted fine. However, I noticed a major flaw that CPU temp was avereging 63C idle and 95C during full load... ****.

Heard that you can OC the CPU to 3.6GHz easily with the stock cooler, but my CPU is heating up pretty bad even underclocked at 2.66GHz. The inside should be pretty well ventilated imo, but still... CPU fan is rotating at 2300RPM mostly.

Any help would be appreciated.

A:CPU Heat...

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Q: Heat

Hello, ive just bought a new motherboard and cpu. The CPU is a phenom 2 740be x3. I have not overclocked it so far and im currently using a phenom 1 stock heatsink with it ( http://techreport.com/r.x/2009_4_14...le_the_Phenom_II_X4_940/01-amdstock02-600.jpg)
. I also used arctic silver 5 thermal paste.
The cpu temp is currently at 37-40 C on idle, And on load it goees up to 69 C.
Think its the sock cooler or too much thermal paste maybe?
Does anyone have an idea?

Q: Heat

Found this program, Speed Fan, on my PC, that someone must have downloaded, and opened it to see what it is. I found these temperature readings at a CPU usage of 5.7 to 8.3% (idle); Ambient 102 F, Remote 1 135 F Remote 2 250 F HDO 97 F and Core 108 F. I then found this panel

Chip Sensor Sample Bus Address
LPC47M192 Fan 1 0 RPM ISA $800
LPC47M192 Fan 2 3614 RPM ISA $800

Does this mean I have a fan that is not working? Are these temperatures high? I don't know what Remote 1 or 2 are or HDO for that matter! When online gaming with this machine I have problems with lag. Could overheating be part of the cause?

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my case temp is 90f to 105f and i'm wondering why/or is that ok.my cpu temp is 112f to 115f, never really change's. i have a salman awesome blossom heatsink and fan, very good. i have 1 80mm fan as a intake, 1 120mm on the window directly across from my cpu (exhaust). 1 pci exhaust right under my gainward 5900xt pulling all of the heat right my gpu. and 1 zues system exhaust 5.25 bay, very good.

A:too much heat

Both of your temperatures are completely optimal and normal. You have absolutely nothing to worry about.

Now, me on the other hand, I'm running at 45C/113F with a Thermalright SP94. That is cause for worry. But all of my case fans are turned down low (I can sleep in the same room as my machine without any trouble), it's summer, and I'm running SETI. It's not the temperature in terms of the CPU that I was worried about, but rather in terms of the heatsink...it was $50...I expected better than 45C

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Q: heat

how hot does a hardrive normaly run?


a good range is between 25 and 35 degrees celsius. cooler operating temps (usually associated with an hdd fan) generally increase the operational lifetime of the drive.

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hi every one ,
my laptop insprion 5558 fan doesn't work until the processor temperature is very high (100 C)
and also take a lot of time to work at its highest  
i tried some solutions but it doesn't work :
1- i opened the laptop and cleaned the fan 
2- tried to use speed fan program but it seem that my laptop is not supported by them
3- tried to manually change the settings in bios but i can't find any thing there that could help me

please if you have any solution tell me 

A:my lab over heat

Hi Yasser EL-Nagar,
Please try and update the BIOS of the system from support .dell.com .Also run dell diagnostic from F12 menu try and update the chipset drivers.That should help fixing the issue.

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So I noticed my drives we throwing off a lot of heat, especially with the recent hot weather around here... so I installed SpeedFan and checked it out, and yup, they were pretty warm! Couple 5" fans helped that out significantly.

But what's getting me are the two temps that are reading 125C(!!) Of course, SpeedFan being the kind of broad-spectrum generic tool that it is, it doesn't tell me exactly WHAT is reading at 125C, it only lists the Chip as "LM75" and the Bus as "VIA SMBus". There are three other temps listed as being read on Winbond W83627THF Chip, ISA Bus; they're all well within safe levels.

Anyone have any idea what these readings might be referring to on an Asus A8V-Deluxe board with a Radeon 9800 Pro All-in-Wonder card? Could those be the VPU temps?

A:Hot hot heat!

Check your temps in the bios OR use the latest asus probe for your temps. For the hd, use either hd tune or hd tach; both will read hd temps.

Speedfan is a fine app however any temp it displays needs to be verified before you believe the displayed temp.

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Q: Heat

is 52C to hot for a fx5900xt running oc?


not to my knowledge, but you should really post that question in the hardware board.

if it runs stably with no artifacts (stuff like garbage in textures and models being drawn wrongly) or crashing then you should be ok. Just be warned, O/cing can reduce the life of a component!

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What are the low & high temps that an AMD FX 4100 CPU should run between? And please list in Fahrenheit; I don't get why everyone always talks in Celsius, we get a finer resolution of ambient temperatures when using Fahrenheit.

A:CPU heat

Generally, every desktop CPU that exceeds 158 degrees Fahrenheit while stressed is considered unsafe and in need of fan and heatsink dedusting.

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I have HP dv6 notebook with Vista. Every time i start playing after 10 minutes my cooling fan goes to max speed and air flowing out from the computer is hot. I just did system recovery 2 days ago to factory setting's and before that there was no problem, the fan was on normal speed all the time. And now after recovery it heats up? I upgraded all drivers, cleaned my laptop from dust and even got extra cooling platform under my PC whit fan that doesn't seems to help. What's with the hp and heating up? And what can i do more to get rid of the heating up problem? Is there a more cooling devises that helps to cool my PC beside cooling platforms?

A:HP-box of heat

Hi erjako, this may not be anything wrong with it. Check on the power saving \ performance options to see if the setting is on highest sufficient. Another is that the fan may went out which making all the noise and not cooling. Post back.

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I'm in the process of speccing out my new computer. And I was considering using a solid state disc. But I've never used one in anything but a laptop before.

Now I know my first sata drive overheated after about 2 hours of use. Are solid state drives similar? Are they better with heat?

A:How are SSD's with heat?

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hi my pc fan revs up when playing games e.g. BF2 WoW my fan i directly over my prossesor but dont know why is speeds up when playing anyone know why or how to fix this? btw ive cleaned all my fans with tinned air and someone recently checked my prossesor as sin removed it then put back in could this be the problem did he not replace something with the prossesor? i dunno im a noob with PCs lol any help much appreciated thanks

A:Pc Over Heat?

Install Speedfan and report CPU temp at idle and at load.

Report system specs.

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HI guys...i'm looking for a command to find out my PC heat via DOS .
Can someone help me ?
thank you .

A:Fin out my PC heat via DOS

Are you talking about the temperatures of your hardware inside the pc? If so, then I not sure about DOS, but there are some great 3rd party software that will give you your temps. HWMonitor and speedfan are good ones.

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What should the temp be in the psu ? i will try to rebuild my computer and change the fan in psu. but the new zalman fan have not the samme speed as the old one. this will make the psu temp higher...but how high can it go...before something goes wrong ?

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Hi, I'm on a Dell Latitude laptop right now and the heat issue is driving me crazy. The average temperature is about 60-70C, usually even going up to 80C when it's really hot. This makes it so that whenever I'm playing games on it, the computer will sacrifice speed to clock down on the temperature, and I get extremely bad lag, making it impossible for me to play at all.

Can anyone explain why my computer is so hot, and give me some suggestions as to how to fix it? Is there any possible way to stop the computer from sacrificing the speed in order to cool itself down?

Thanks in advance

BTW, the fan is always on high, yet the temperature is still very high..

A:Heat Issue

have you tried cleaning the vents out - seen a few laptops fixed with temp problems here - by cleaning

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after my first asus mo board went out (I didn't ask for the autopsy report that takes weeks ) I decided on a few fan upgrades .Now have thermaltake smart-fan for tower and variable speed fan on AMD2400+Ath XP cpu.Plus front case fan.

"Asus Probe"on-board utility monitors my fan speed,temp,volts'n' such BUT what speed/temp should I shoot for? Even overclockers website takes this for granted...

I set the noisy cpu(80mm) fan to 3200rpm which keeps it about 104 F
Highest ever was 124F

Would you be OK with 104? should I speed up the cpu fan?

A:what heat limits

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Ok well, i have a normal ATX Socket 462 mobo with a 2GHz AMD CPU. Heres the story:

I purchased a new PSU because my old one was dieing. (it was a 20 pin, and my mobo uses and 20) so i plugged it in and replaced my old one. When i plugged in the new one, to the wall, i herd a sharp almost High pitched buzzing noise. That never happened with my old one. Oh and my old one was a 300watt and new was 330watt. Well i tried booting with my new one and did not work. So i plugged my old one back in and tried booting. Did not work. So i went to see if the mobo was getting power when booting, so i plugged in CPU fan, in doing so, i literally burned my hand on the heatsink it was that hot. So i unplugged everything and took out the CPU (burned my hand a few times on heatsink, had to run and get an oven mit it was so bad) and let everything cool down. I checked for heat damage on the mobo and i saw nothing, so i tried again with everything cooled down. Still, about 5-10 seconds of being on or booting, and shutdown.

So, do i need another CPU ( i have one), or is the mobo shot to hell? I kinda wanna know what i should do before trying my other (exact match) CPU and bruning out both.

Please help, i am a computer tech but i have never delt with over-heat cases. Please help!


A:Over-Heat Issue, Please Help

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I've changed motherboards, and tried to transfer my Heat sink and fan over. When I removed them, I found the CPU came with it. It appears to be glued to the heat sink base. I'm concerned it may have been damaged in removal, because you can't release the CPU location lever with the sink in place. Will it relocate without the lever in the raised position ? I thought the CPU was only held by thermal transfer paste, which should separate from the sink.
I'm going to replace the fan and heat sink, or perhaps just the fan (noisy and fluctuating) if the CPU is in fact glued to the existing sink.
Can anyone clarify please.

A:CPU / heat sink

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Speedfan 4.32 is showing following temps
System averaging 34
cpu 46
core 0 45
core 1 46

when running 3dmark05 after about 1-2 minutes I have noticed frames drop, cpu fan rpm (becomes noisier) increases and temps for the core 0 and 1 are up to 50 and I abort the test.
Just let 3dmark run a little longer about 5+mins and the core 0 and core temps were at 52 and 53.
Are these temps a cause for concern? What are the approx temps meant to be at idle/light load and under heavier loads? What should I be doing or looking for?

I have a:
Asus P5W DH
Core 2 duo 6400
Stock cooling
5 HDDs
3 intake fans and 2 exhaust fans
sata and round cabling
and currently the side of the case is off.

Advice would be greatly appreciated
Many thanks

A:Heat Problems

check this link out to decide yourself. http://www.heatsink-guide.com/content.php?content=maxtemp.shtml Luck Jazz

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