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VXA Tape Forensic copy

Q: VXA Tape Forensic copy


I have 10 VXA Tapes to make a forensic copy of.
i'm planning to use DD for the acquisition of these tapes, but since it's the first time i have to deadl with such media, are there things i need to take particular care of?
for example, if i make a dd image of the tape, can i then use dd to write the content back to a new tape?
can i access the content of the image to extract the data out of it?
is it possible to mount a dd image of the tape in loopback to check the content? or (as i think) it's not possible?
i've also read a topik about tape forensics on this forum and someone explained something about block-size that must be the same for both the source and the destination, but i can't find informations about these tapes block size anywhere, is there a way to obtain such information?

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Preferred Solution: VXA Tape Forensic copy

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


How do i copy contents of remote tape drive which is written by NTBackup, to my computer?

A:copy file from tape drive

You'll need NTBackup to read the drive. It's supplied with W2K, I'm not sure about XP.

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I have a educational video tape for one of my college classes. Not that it matters, but it is a sign language tape.

Problem: When veiwing the tape in the VCR at normal speed, the hand movements are too fast to study. There is no slow mode on my JVC VCR.

Is there a way to copy this VCR tape to my computer? I have software that will allow me to play back as slow as I want. I don't own one, but will a ATI TV Wonder work for this task?

Once it is on my computer, I then can use my software to view or copy it to DVD or CD-R though I might have to use multiple CD-Rs. Do you know if this can be done at all?


A:How do I copy a Educational VCR tape onto Computer?

your other thread is getting replies, i am going to close this one.

in the future, try to ask each question only once.

thank you.

and welcome to the techsupportforum.

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I am trying to copy a cassette tape to my computer for my wife I can copy only 60 seconds using the windows sound recorder. Is there a way to increase the length of time voice recorder will record or ( and I am sure there is ) a better way.

I do not have a sound card. Windows XP Pro SP 2 512 Ram.


A:Solved: Copy a cassette tape

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I want to make DVD copies of mini DV home movies.

I'm using a Sony DCR HC96 Handycam. On its base station, there's a USB port as well as two other ports marked DV and A/V.

As for computer, I have an HP Pavilion dv6000 laptop with a DVD burner.

Can I use the Handycam as a deck, and record a DV in real time? Or do I need to digitize/encode/rip the video tape onto the hard drive, then burn or DVD?

Where do I start?

Thanks in advance!

A:How Make a DVD Copy of a Mini DV Video Tape?

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i have an IBM e-series x220 ( windows 2000)
it has a tape player for back up. the other day i went to change the tapes in the morning and the tape wouldn't come out. i left it for like 4 hours and then i came back and it was out. now by mistake i was trying to put a cleaning tape because that's what i figured was the problem, and then by mistake i put in another tape. but this time it didn't come out for 4 days . i triede and tried .

i really need help on this , because i need to get that tape player running for my backups.

i appreciate your help

A:Solved: tape stuck in the tape player

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Please can anyone help me with this? I have received an important Word document which I know when was created but I believe has been altered since its creation. I can access when it was created but not when and how often it has been amended or last amended. I've seen this done at work, but don't know how to generate this list myself. I have Vista. I've used the document inspector (but obviously no changes were ever tracked) and ths summary shows me no dates. Does anyone know? Many thanks.

A:Forensic Help on Word Please

Everything you wanted to know about tracking changes but were afraid to ask: How does Track Changes in Microsoft Word work?Additionally it's possible to remove that data: Office 2003/XP Add-in: Remove Hidden Data

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World has been shocked by  ransomware attack. Until today countries still pin point to each other as nobody know who activate the virus. I'm attached security cum forensic agency and I'm a bot perplex with the Law & governed the Digital Forensics. The big question is why the culprits seemed to be always get away with the crime? Aren't the existing Law strong enough?

A:Digital Forensic Law & Governed

The big question is why the culprits seemed to be always get away with the crime?

You answered this question in your second sentence - it is extremely difficult to identify the culprits with any certainty. The laws generally are strong enough, indeed in some jurisdictions the penalties can only be called ferocious. There are also problems due to the international nature of many of these acts. Country A may have evidence that the perpretators are based in Country B but the authorities in country B may be reluctant to move against them especially if they were working on behalf of the government of Country B.
Chris Cosgrove

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This is an illustrated guide in PDF format which can also be used for Vista and Windows 7. Apparently, the Windows 8 Registry is the same as the two previous OS. Windows 8 Forensic Guide

A:Windows 8 Forensic Guide

Thanks for sharing this. Very interesting/informative read!

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Can anyone recommend a certain certification for forensics.

I am looking strictly from a Litigation Support/Legal Industry perspective.


A:Security & Forensic Certifications

I think you'll find that the requirements aren't consistent from state to state. About 3 years ago Texas enacted a law that states that you can't claim to be a computer forensics expert without passing the same 2 year course that a private investigator in the state has to take. You aren't required to get an investigator's license, but you have to demonstrate the same competency in dealing with rules of evidence, etc. Technical competency isn't addressed

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I am a forensics student and need to run Fort Knox for our steganography section but the .exe file provided will not run on my Windows 8.1 Pro machine. I've tried the Windows XP Service pack 3 compatibility mode with no results. I don't seem to be able to
pull up the originator of the Fort Knox program, even that would help me to find out if there is a newer version to use.

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I have a general question regarding security software that may provide some forensic capabilities. 
A friend of mine recently discovered there was key logging software installed on his computer.  From the explanation, it sounded like it wasn't from an external threat but from his wife trying to monitor him and his activities, i.e. what sites he's visiting, emails sending, etc..
He had asked me if there was options out there for him to possible use to determine when the software was installed and by who.  From my understanding, the who could be difficult since I don't believe separate accounts were used to log on to the computer.  I think a tools like FTK could be use but a bit of $$$ for personal use.
Anyone have any thoughts suggestions?  Probably more questions  to get a better response?

A:Forensic tools for personal use

Think I found a tool

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On 4/26/2014, Myrti refused to disclose the forensic tool that she used to scan my uploaded DOC files. She refusedto produce a log. She refused to use the ExeFilter and tools in REMnux live DVD I requested. She refused to askanother moderator to use them.In my thread, I requested others to post their LibreOffice DOC files. I stated I would ask developers ofLibreOffice to comment and would post their comment. I was going to give today's evidence that my LibreOffice washacked and that live DVDs have persistent storage. Myrti closed my thread. Below is the reply I would have postedhad my thread not been closed. I am requesting my thread to be reopenedhttp://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/532198/badbios-infected-word-doc/Myrti's actions imply that BleepingComputer are not using the most effective tools to perform forensics on DOC andPDF files. If BleepingComputer moderators are not using ExeFilter and tools in REMnux, they may be giving falsenegatives. I believe Myrti gave a false negative and covered it up by closing my thread.I have not received a reply to my other thread on BadBIOS infected files. Is BadBIOS being censored?http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/532130/badbios-pdf-files-infection/?hl=%2Bbadbios

A:BleepingComputer moderator concealed forensic tool and log

Your thread isn't closed and was never closed. Please show me where I "refused" to do anything.

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Would like to put my "old" music on CDs. Do I need a special sound card? I'd like to keep the stereo effect.

A:Lp/tape To Cd

Assuming you have an Audio Line-In connector on your computer, you can just move your tape/LP player next to the computer and use a cable to connect the two for recording.

You'll need a cable that lets you connect from the earphone plug of the stereo to the line-in plug on the PC. Radio Shack or most any other audio or computer store shoud have it.

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We all have old cassette tapes of "good-old-music" that we can't listen to in our newer cars!

Is there a tutorial on how to record from portable cassette player onto PC? There has to be a program somewhere?



A:Tape to CD

This is what I used as a reference when I did the same thing several months ago. That is if you're using Windows, of course.Trapped on tape

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I have an old movie camera and connect to my tv to play pre recorded tapes.
Is there a way that I can connect camera to my pc and download to my hard drive by using special cables
The cable that I presently use to connect to my tv is of no use
thank you

A:tape to dvd


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would like the step by step process to take a vhs video tape and transfer it to a dvd by burning it to a dvd. I have a vaio a290 computer with 100 g bytes drive.

A:vhs tape to dvd

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I have some reel to reel tapes that I would like to copy to a CD.
I want to play my reel tapes to my Laptop (Windows-Basic)
What do I need to do this, and how! How do I hook up my tape recorder to, my laptop? Cables? software, etc.?

A:Tape to CD

Reel to reel tapes, you might be my age. If you are you would be interested to know that I have the complete Beetle and Rolling Stones Collection on Reel to Reel, plus Dave Clark 5 and others
But you are not here to listen to me about my music collection
How to Copy From a Tape Recorder to a CD | eHow.com

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Hello! I have seen online that for oem motherboards that you can not overclock the cpu with you could place tape at certain pins to boost the fsb of the cpu of 1066 to 1333. I want to do this but does it matter what kind of tape I use? Can i use regular scotch tape?

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Right now, this is the best and only option available to me for getting home video to my PC. Problem is, I am not sure the best or correct way to get the video back off the disk onto my PC for editing. Along these lines, are there any freeware or opensource programs that would be good for basic editing?
Thank you!!!

A:Tape to DVD Recorder to PC?

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this is running on a win 2k server

We have a Comapq SSL2020 tape library attached to a Compaq N1200 network storage router through SCSI. We started to see that during the backup jobs we'd lose connectvity between the SSL and the MSA1000 SAN controller. it was attached to through the N1200. I installed veritas SP3 onto the server to try and resolve the problem with the backup jobs not running, they would just be queued and never run after the disconnection happened three days in a row. I also installed the latest device drivers at the same time. Once this happened the library was offline and wasn't coming back online. I then followed instructions on how to remove the device from veritas and tried to reinstall the device. I have not been able to re-install the driver since the SSL2020 is no longer seen by Windows. I have uninstalled verits expecting it to remove the drivers so that the SSL2020 can be seen by the OS again. I checked to see if the N1200 can see the SSL2020 and it recognizes the library along with both drives inside.

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i have a vx2000 and premiere 6.5
i was trying to export a little clip on to my tape but the screen would just stay blue with the record sign
can anyone help me???

A:Export To Tape!!!!

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Gentleman, i would like to seek a advice regarding HP LTO Tape drive, now i m working a education environment as a IT Administrator. Currently our file server backup (350GB-1TB) data saving to HDD Drives.  i have a plan to buy a new Tape Drive Backup instead of HDD, if some one have any suggetion for the same, and like to recommend a particular model Too. your valuable comments its highly appreicated. Best regards, Azaf 

A:HP LTO Tape Drive

Hi: You may also want to post your question on the HP EBC Support Forum -- Tape Libraries and Drives section... https://community.hpe.com/t5/Tape-Libraries-and-Drives/bd-p/itrc-198#.V_p0bOQVDGg

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lol i know this is a from back in the old days. but where i work, they are using a NT4 server, which many just stores data. no biggie. evenutally im gonna get them off it, however for now there is important info on there and there is a tape drive in the machine. but everytime i go to back up with it, claims that the media is unrecognizable. even with a brand new tape. there are a few security updates out there that are not on the machine but i don't think that will work. any ideas? the drive is an HP C1533A. i am anout to give up on it. but some people here would like me to get it working, but i do not know what else to do.

A:tape driver

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whats up,

i've recently been assigned to convert a large library of cassette tapes into MP3 format. if anyone has any input on conversion utilities and/or hardware, cables, adapters, etc. it would be greatly appreciated!


A:Cassette Tape to MP3

Have you already planned which cassette deck and sound card to use?

If you have a *large library* of tapes to convert, you better go with very good equipment. (Good cassette deck = Minimized wow & flutter, best sound quality, etc. Good soundcard = Low computer noise, good preamps, etc.)

The only good cassette decks are made by Nakamichi(You might think you have a good one until you hear a Nak), but they stopped producing them so you need to get a used unit that will probably need service. (Suscribe to naktalk mailing list if you think you're going to use one instead. A Nakamichi Dragon will calibrate itself automatically to match each tapes even if they were recorded on different, probably never serviced, machines)

As for the digital format, at least save your "original recording" to a lossless format before converting to MP3. In a few years MP3 will probably turn obsolete because of it's low sound quality.

Apart from that, you need a good sound card(M-Audio, Auzentech, Audiotrak),

editing software (A deck is saving you time here, there are less "corrections" to bring. If you get a new card, there's probably going to be some with it, but what else, you can use Audacity, it's free)

cables. (Monster Cable isn't necessary and never will be. It's marketing BS. The best is to build cables, but a pair of 3' RadioShack Gold Series RCA cables will do the job.)

Then, time is needed. (To separate the track... Read more

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Hope someone can help me with this problem, I have an RCA vhs/dvd recorder to copy small parts of a home movie to a dvd +rw . I play it back on the tv and it looks good,So I put the dvd into my computer and the dvd plays fine ,Now the problem begins. I have a family website and want to put the short video clip on my website. So when I browse to my dvd ram drive J: and open the dvd,the video files which are mpg. are split into 5 very short clips. 4 files are 6.9 mb and 1 file is 3.9 mb. There is no interruption when recording from vhs to dvd on the tv. The new blank dvd rw formats before copying to it. I am at a loss here,Can you help? Thanks.

A:Vhs tape to dvd+RW Problem.

So what are you trying to do? Join them?

Use the free version.


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I need to record some 8mm tape to DVD and the 8mm camera is broken. Is there a adapter that takes 8mm tape so it can be played in a standard VHS machine?

A:8 mm tape adapter

NO. But Sony used to make an 8mm recorder/player (EV-A50) that took only 8mm tapes, from which you could transfer the output to VHS, or, with a capture card installed on your PC to your DVD burner.

I have this problem also but I am perusing Ebay for a replica of my old 8mm camera. I believe some new-ish Sony Digital8 cameras can also playback 8mm tapes but it is unclear exactly which ones; also any recordings in LP mode may not be playable.

Have a look at these links -


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Hi guys, yet again, lol. After being in the music ind. for more years than I care to admit too, I have thousands of LP's, 45's and tapes. I want to know if there is a program, package, tool whatever, that will allow me in some way to (through the putie and burner) convert all these to CD??

Running windows 98 and Diamond Data CDRW 40x16x10.

Any suggestions appreciated.


A:Vinyl & Tape to CD??

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I am having BIG trouble recording from tape to CD via my PC.

I have a tape deck and amplifier.

One cable with two rca plugs and stereo plug that connects to my pc line in connector.

I can't get a recording level when everything is connected up.

There is a line out on the tape deck (L & R)

There is also a line out for the tape deck that comes from the amplifier.

Rec out (L & R) and Playback (L & R)

I have tried using all of these with no luck.

Are both rca plugs meant to be connected from my tape deck/amplifier?

Line in volume is up and not muted within the PC volume controller.

I also can't get any recording level when using windows recorder.

Thanks much.

Jason Clark

A:Converting a Tape To CD

Perhaps you have a driver and/or sound card issue. Have you verified that you actually have a signal at the end of the stereo plug? Connect three jumper clips between the output and some headphones and make sure you have a signal before you beat up the computer too much.

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Hi ... I am about to embark on the project of converting my VCR tapes to DVD. My question is what kind of blank DVDs should I buy. I've heard of people having trouble getting home made DVDs to play on anything except a computer. I really want to be able to be able to play them with a DVD player as well.So DVD... DVD-R ... DVD-RW .... etc? Not sure what to get. Your help would be Greatly appreciated.


A:VCR tape conversion to DVD

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I have a power supply cable, the 20 pin/4 pin.

For some reason when I was messing around with my computer, the computer would turn on or off depending on where I placed the cable. I unplugged it and plugged it back in tightly. My computer randomly turned off later. It wouldn't turn back on.

I unplugged it and plugged it back in and it's been fine.

I'm wanting to gently place some tape on the top of the plastic part just to keep it firmly put in my motherboard. I'm thinking when I set my desktop upright that it's loosening up a bit.

Is there anything you would recommend I do just to keep it in place? Would using a little electrical tape work or is there a better solution? I don't want to replace my power supply just because it's a little bit loose. But I'd like to put something on it just to make it a little more firm

A:Okay To Use Tape in Computer?

I have never seen a power plug without a click lock lever on it, generally the 4 pin is held in ny the 20 pin and the 20 has a positive locking catch on it that stops the plug from coming out so something is obviously amiss with your plug/socket setup.

If you just need to get it working and are not worried about it personally I would zip tie the leads coming out of the plug to keep a bit of pressure against the plug thus holding it in.
I would never put anything against the mobo if you don't have to

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Couple of questions:

1. Those of you who know of Veritas software (backup exec ver. 10), would it matter if the folder we're backing up is like 113 gigs, but it's just one single folder with lots of subfolders, etc...?

Basically the problem is, we're writing at 267.00 MB/Min and Verifying at 258.00 MB/Min

We have a Adaptec- 29320 SCSI Card...
Tape Drive is a Exabyte internal drive, but in an external case (not made by exabyte)

I can't think of any other reason why the process is taking 13 hours to backup 113 gigs of data. We just bought a brand new SCSCI / 68-pin High Density/Male to 68-pin High Density/Male

Tapedrive is working properly. Did several self-tests and long-test runs and sent them to exabyte. They OK'd them and told me to do several other things; however, nothing has sped up the time just yet.

Anyone got any experience with this stuff?


A:Tape Drives

Do you have compression? whats the ratio?

It also depends on the type of files being backed up..eg TIFF files take longer than JPEG and dont compress as much.

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Hi can someone please point me in the right direction. I have a number of Audio books on cassette tape and i would like to upload them onto my computer and convert them into MP3 files so i can listen to them on my mp3 player. So has anyone got any ideas just what i have to do first and what software do i need. Any help would be great. and how do i go about this project. i have done a search but not found the imfomation i need.

A:Cassette tape to mp3

Using a program such as Audiograbber or Audacity (Google will find them for you) simply connect the "line out" or headphone socket if it has no "line out" on the cassette player to the "line in" socket on your PC, play the tape and record on one of the above programs.

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re:windows XP. I would like to copy cassette tapes to my computer and then put the music on CD's or an IPOD. Is this possible? Do I need a special program? There is an imput plug on the back of my computer. If this is possible I will need step by step instructions as I am new at this. The computer will "burn" CD's.

A:cassette tape to CD/can it be done?

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can i use my DAT recorder to backup my pc via s/pdif optical?

A:4mm Tape Backup

It's not likely. SPDIF is for digital audio connections. It sounds to me like you are trying to backup your computer using a DAT audio recorder. DAT drivers for computer backup have a SCSI or IDE interface. It may be possible to decode/encode SPDIF for general data but it would probably be very slow. I don't think you're likely to find anyone doing this.

Here is an excerpt from the following URL: http://www.emu.com/products/darwin/faq.html

Can I back up Darwin to an Audio DAT?
No. You can, however, backup to SCSI DAT. SCSI DAT is a format that will write data via SCSI on to a 4mm DAT Tape.

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Does anyone know how I can record from a casette tape player to MP3 on my PC? I have the software to do it, I just need to know how to interface the hardware. Thanks.

A:Recording from tape to MP3

I've done this before by connecting my audio device to the microphone socket on my sound card, then using a program such as Audio Catalyst to record the signal from the microphone socket on said sound card. The quality won't be brilliant, obviously, but it does the job.

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This has nothing to with internet but has everything to do with miscellaneous.
I have tons of good rock N roll all on cassettes that I would like to put on CD. I have a Plexwrter 12x so that not a problem. Have a demo of MusicMatch Jukebox that I will eventually register and get the real one. I have a Vortex AU 8830 sound card.
How do I transfer the music to my computer? What are the connections?
Thank-you in advance
I know enough to get into trouble
But not enough to get out.

A:What do you need to do to put cassette tape..

I don't have any experience with doing that but I thought of this post when I saw some info about Adaptec that mentioned doing it.
Maybe that would be a place to start searching for clues if you haven't got it worked out yet but I suppose Plexwriter and others might have info available too. Bob

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I have not kept up with backing up critical account data for businesses.

What is the current version and I was thinking of re-usable media for off-site storage for daily backups.


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I have a case that has 2 thermal sensor leads from the front. Temp display in front.
it shows one lead taped to the harddrive and the other one tapped to
the cpu heatsink. or if I want too I can place one on the gpu.
the instructions recommend thermal tape to keep the sensors from falling off.
I looked on line. Newegg has both tape and thermal adhesive.
would the tape be better? adhesive sounds kind of permanent.
also can I get the tape in a store? I didn't really want to wait a few days for it
to come in the mail from Newegg. I looked at electrical tape and its only
rated to a temp of 80c something that could take the heat and I could find
locally would be great.

with asus probeII set to shut the computer down at 75c would electrical tape
still melt under normal operation---surfing and gaming???

A:thermal tape, do I need it, where to buy it?

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I just purchased Q1581A tape drive today I got an DP DAT 160 C8011A tape but when I try to back up a specific folder I get an error that reads "the media encountered is incorrect". Please help?

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I am interested in transferring some old audio tapes that I have to CD. I hooked up my own 5.1 surround sound system, but don't consider myself versed in audio technicalities. To me it sounds as simple as taking an audio cable from the 'headphones' (or out) jack on a tape deck and putting into the 'microphone' jack in my computer. I'll perhaps need to make the initial transfer as a .wav or something, but then I can transfer it to mp3 and then to CD.
Is it that simple, or am I in for a lot more than that?


A:audio tape to CD

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Hi there.

just wondering if I am thinking on the righ track about a problem I am having with a tape drive. I backed up the C drive to a tape when the system was on windows NT. Then I installed windows 998 and when I went to restore it - no go. I am guessing that I need windows NT to read the tape. I was thinking of putting in a windows NT HD, as a master then restoring the docs to the slave drive (win 98). Will this work? Also I was wondering if the backup if different on windows NT is different to the backup on window NT server because I tried to read the tape on windows NT server and it wouldn't read it either.

Thanks in advance


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Ive got a NT4 server sP6 that i schedule through SQL7 to backup a few databases over night.
this works fine for usually 5 days at a go but usually over the w/e there is a problem and both SQL and NTBACKUP are unable to access the tape drive
its an HP surestore DAT24
a restart of the server fixes the problem each time, but being the server this is not ideal
the message i get through NTBACKUP is:
' tape device detected and driver started, but is not responding, check power concections etc etc'
from what i can see something is clashing with the tape drive, but i cannot think what it can be
i have sybase sql anywhere, ms office,acrobat, but very little else installed on this server
anyone have any idea what could cause this?

A:Tape Backup

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I wonder if anyone here could help,
ive been given a tape back-up unit,
but i have never used one before.

I have a feeling that it connects in
tandem, or parallel with the A-drive,
but i dont know, i'm just going by
what it says on the box "Connects to
most existing floppy controllers"

Its called a "Colorado Jumbo 350"
Its also called a "COLORADO DJ-35"

Unfortunately although i was given the
box it came in, the CD was not there.

I would like to fit this unit, if
anyone could advise me, or suggest any

Cheers, John

A:please help with tape back-up

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Lately I have been getting a grinding noise in my year old Dell Computer. I believe that this spells trouble down the road. I might have to have them replace the hard drive. But, that poses the question Of how I get all my own data on the new hard drive. I was thinking of getting or borrowing a tape back up. Is this possible and of course, recommended? thanks, missfuffy

A:tape back up

If the data is important, then you should back it up as soon as possible. Tape drives are a way to go, but CD-RW drives are getting cheaper every week. Tapes can hold more data but the last time i looked, they also cost more than CD-RW drives.

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Anyone know why it seems impossible to create an OS system drive image direct to tape? It appears all the software that supports Windows 7 64 bit Pro either will not do this, or doing so results in errors. It seems the recommended way is to image to another hard drive, and then store said image to tape. To REstore they suggest copying the image from tape to a spare HD, then restoring from that. Anyone know WHY this convoluted procedure is required or recommended, as I am curious as to the reasoning. Thanks.

A:Any LTO tape experts here?

try acronis adv backup..it supports tapes as a disaster recovery media and it works great..all yoiu need to do is creat the acronis bootable media and boot from it and do a drive/partition backup whichever you prefer but i suggest drive backup if you restore and want the restored drive bootable...im sure there are others but this works for me flawlessly

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