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SATA drives won't pass POST on NForce2 board

Q: SATA drives won't pass POST on NForce2 board

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if you can help me with an Issue I'm having.

Have a PC with an EPOX EP-8RDA6+PRO NF2 board with 2 Nvida Sata / 4 Silicon Image Raid Sata ports.

Has an AMD Athlon XP 3000+, 1.5GB of Memory, and AGP ATI All-In-Wonder 9600xt.

I am trying to convert it to a Server for our home network by installing 2 Seagate 1TB hard drives.

Primary drive is a 160GB Seagate IDE drive and also there is a IDE DVD+RW drive installed.
Whenever I try to start the machine from being powered down, it goes through post, identifies the IDE drives, then sits there and then Identifies the SATA drives (which I have on the 2 NVIDIA SATA ports).

After that, it just hangs and does nothing.

Now if I push the restart button on the case, it will go through just like it should and start up.

It seems like it's almost taking too long for the SATA drives to spin up and it's causing it to hang up the POST.

Anyone have any ideas or solutions to this?

I did only have a 300 watt power supply in there and thought maybe it was too weak for all those drives and devices so I swapped in a 420 watt and it is still doing the same thing.

While it's intended as a server, I don't want it on 24X7, so I have it set so it will Wake on LAN, but it won't work when I can't get past POST. So right now I'm stuck.

Anyone seen an issue like this before?

Preferred Solution: SATA drives won't pass POST on NForce2 board

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: SATA drives won't pass POST on NForce2 board

Since the MB is a few years old, it probably has a SATA v1 controller and it's not recognizing the new SATA v2 HDDs you've installed.

Check with Seagate to find out if there's a way to resolve it. Some HDDs have a jumper to set it to the older SATA v1 throughput. Others require a software application to configure it to work with older SATA v1 controllers.

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I just built myself a system with an ASUS P4P800S-X mainboard, and for storage I'm using a Western Digital WD800JD SATA hard drive in addition to a Maxtor 32049H2 PATA drive.

Over the past few weeks, there have been about four instances where the system has completely frozen, and immediately preceding that freeze was a "click" like the hard disk powered down. In the Event Viewer, I have also seen multiple instances of Error #11 (controller error on my WD drive) and a couple instances of Warning #51 (error while in a paging operation, for the same drive).

I've run diagnostics on both my hard drives and regularly monitor SMART attributes and drive temperature. Everything's in perfect shape in every way -- EXCEPT for those errors reported by Windows and the mysterious crashes.

Now, I've searched forums all across the 'Net, and I have found a couple other people who have had this same problem with the combination of a WD SATA hard disk and the ASUS P4P800S-X mainboard. I haven't found any updated drivers for either piece of hardware, and ASUS hasn't released a BIOS update.

My question is this -- does anyone else have the combination of a P4P800S-X and a WD SATA drive, and if so, have you encountered this problem? The crashes happen rather infrequently, but they come at rather awkward times (watching a DVD, accessing the Internet, running Windows Media Player or Winamp, etc). Also, the "click" concerns me. Us... Read more

A:Issues with P4P800S-X board and WD SATA drives

The same problem...

Yes, I had the same problem. During game play, sometimes even in the menu, and with the 3D text screen saver running my system would freeze with the hdd light on preceded by a "twang" from the hard drive, requiring a reboot. The motherboard was a P4P800S-X and a WD800JD SATA hard drive. The P4P800S-X seems to have a problem controlling a SATA hard drive. I chased this problem for days thinking it was a video problem. Then I removed the SATA hdd and installed an IDE hdd and it worked fine. I have since returned that motherboard and upgraded to a P4P800E-Deluxe + another WD800JD and set it up for RAID-0. With this new set-up I haven't had a problem. I would suggest that you consider upgrading your motherboard (the probable culprit) or doing as you have stated and avoid a SATA hdd. This really sucks for Asus, they're suppose to be "top of the line". They don't even show P4P800S-X on their products list anymore, they kinda "swept it under the rug".

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Referring to article: http://www.techspot.com/vb/all/windows/t-18558-Issues-with-P4P800SX-board-and-WD-SATA-drives.html.

The error you?re getting (click and temporary freeze of the system) is a conflict with your AGP graphics cards; because, it cannot pass the 3D Mark 2001SE.

Go to DriverGuide.com and update the BIOS for the P4P800S-X board. You will download an extractable file to create a boot-up disk. Make sure nothing interrupts that update; because, you can render your mother board useless.

After the update, the board will operate like it should running the SATA drives.

Eric Korson
The Internet Web Firm

A:Issues with P4P800S-X board and WD SATA drives

Thanks for the update... looks like they finally got around to fixing that error at the BIOS level. Since my PATA hard disk has been working fine for a while, I had pushed this into the back of my mind...

Anyways, it's nice to know that if I wanted to upgrade to SATA, I actually could.

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Spec: Gigabyte 78LMT-S2P Rev 5 CPU AMD FX4300 Video Geforce GT 610 Ram 4Gb

As you will guess from the above I am totally confused, frustrated and cheesed off.

did a windows update everything seemed fine. while installing backup programs had to do a reboot and then found drives missing. checked computer manager not there. checked device manager not there did a reboot checked in bios drives missing - removed and replaced data and power leads reboot now in bios. f10 save and reboot came up with Blue sod and error 0xc0000034. Googled (from laptop) some said problem with win 7 SD1 Microsoft say rollback then apply a KB (sorry cant remember which) recovery and refresh. how can you rollback when you cant boot in first place.

Windows recovery auto fix start-up said fixed reboot into same error. reboot into recovery this time to dos did bootrec /fixbcd then /fixmbr then rebuildbcd reboot back into error. Purchased new sata and power leads all changed boot to bios (takes about one and a half minutes to bios screen press F6 another one and a half get settings check recognition all drives found I am on a winner (or so I thought) reboot error 34 recovery disk auto repair windows unable to repair into dos bootrec again no change.

Thought I know will re install windows on a different drive reboot to continue installation back to error, restart into bios drives missing again ( drives are 2 SSD 128Mb and 64Mb and a 2 Tb Hybrid ) Have a sata/USB external connector so removed 128 Mb SS... Read more

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I am confused as to the specs on this board: FIC AU13 AMD System Board - nVidia nForce2 SPP-128 + MCP-T

What I need to know first is what is the FSB for it? One review/spec says 333/266/200 mhz System Data Bus
max and another says 400 mhz. Which is it?



It says it "supports" 400 mhz, but is that as god as "runs at" 400 mhz? I'm sorry but I am just not clear on this.

Second, what is a good price for this board at both specs (333 & 400)?

I am trying to decide my processor and even possibly whether I should return the motherboard because I believed it to be 400 mhz and am unsure as well as to the price. I got a bundled deal with a Thermaltake III Xaser with 420 watt PS and this board for $300.

I would prefer a FSB of 400mhz, so any suggestions if this board is not the right one?


A:FIC AU13 AMD System Board - nVidia nForce2 SPP-128 + MCP-T

US Dollars? Paid a little too much.

The case (if complete with fans) is about $150, the PSU - if its the generic 420watt PSU is about $20.

The board is about $120~130.

You only need the 400mhz DDR (3200) is if youre using an AMD3200.

I'd get the ASUS board, which is reviewed on the bottom of that page.... (BTW: the AGP warning light DOES come in handy... but its rare). notice its heatsink is bigger. Or to save a few bucks, get the MSI... also a very good design.

That Thermaltake case is very well built, but it has some issues, check it out here: http://ap.terrabox.com/rpc

Different front, same guts and problems.... but its an awsome case.

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Hi, I?m trying to install Seven x86 on Abit NF7-S v2.0 with Sata HDD (non RAID), tried several drivers but didn?t work.

Have you got some working driver for this old chipset? The sata controller is SIL3112A. Thanks in advance.

A:Nforce2 Sata Driver??

Solved, didn?t remember it but raid or non raid the sataraid driver is needed, the non raid one doesn?t work (a bit weird). I will install with from silicon image web but i think there is some newer.

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The mother board is an ASUS P5Q? I know the adapter is working because I can hook the cable that comes from the case to another sata slot shut down turn the enclosure on and boot and I have a third hard drive. But that is not how I would like to do it. If the mother board would recognize the enclosure it would give me an icon in the tray to shut it off and I would not have to reboot to back up something.

Thank u for any help

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Hey.. I have been having a couple problems with my computer. Just built by myself about 6 months ago. For the past week or so, I have been running out of resources very quickly, but have one gig of ram.. doesnt make sense..

So I go to reboot it about 15 mins ago and it wont pass the post screen, and wont let me into the bios to see if anythings wrong. So far I have reset the RAM and removed cmos battery for 5 mins. Nothing seems to be working. I was thinking maybe I had a virus because my sound driver mysteriously disappeared (That was why I was rebooting).

Any suggestions?

My setup is:
abit ic7-max3
2x512mb khz pc-4000
p4c 2.8ghz
6 case fans
aiw r9800pro 256-bit
120gb wd 7.2k

Also.. a little red light comes on when I start up the machine. That same light is green before I initiate start-up..

I'm boggled.. please help me!


A:WTF Doesnt pass post? out of nowhere?

What kind of powersupply do you have running this thing?

Is the power connected to the Radeon graphics card inside of the system? If you can, put it on its own line.

How far into start up process does it go? Can you see the BIOS screen on the monitor? Try reseating your graphics card if you can't.

Check your motherboard's manual to see if you can reset CMOS via jumper.

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tryin to troubleshoot a pc over the phone. comp doesn't pass post..freezes on the screen that says info about the pc..bios info, amd cpu etc, and says 'escd info updated' or something like that. and it doesn't do anything. even if try to go into bios, it says 'entering bios...' and it freezes there. trying to find a starting point to troubleshoot. i think it may not be the OS cuz it's not all loaded yet. but i could be wrong. no recovery cds, no xp cd.

hp athlon 1.3ghz, 512mb ram, XP home

A:Pc doesnt pass POST

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Currently I have SATA power and SATA II data cables exiting out from the front of the case bare, as in what is connected to the motherboard / power supply are leaving the case and connecting to a 4 drive bay I am using externally I want to have a pass through bay to "clean it up" some.

I managed to find the first half of my solution:


Those that would prefer to not click on the link, it is a 4 port male to male SATA I/II pass through bracket, which I intend to mount/modify so it exits through a 5.25" bay. What I'm asking all of you is, have you heard / seen a similar solution for SATA power (not molex)? I mean, I could jury rig something up with individual male to male adapters, but if I could find something more... "elegant" I'd be happier.

A:SATA power pass through?

no ideas? How about this then... anyone have a smart way about going about doing this as a DYI project? As a reminder, I'm trying to keep SATA power -> SATA power. rather than using a molex converter.

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Any help appreciated

I have made no changes to the PC but it will not get to windows load up.

POST tone sounds like 1 long then silence though possibly 2 short to follow which would suggest a graphics card problem.

I have changed the graphics card for a working one in another pc and it also does not work in this pc.
I have tried my card in the other pc and it works fine
I have used another pci-e slot with the same results
I have tested the monitor with another pc and it is fine
I have removed all peripherals
I have removed RAM stick by stick and also in pairs
I have checked all internal wiring

I am a bit stuck now and suspect a motherboard problem

Help appreciated

A:PC won't pass POST - one long beep

What BIOS does your motherboard use?

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Hello, I've recently upgraded my MotherBoard and Ram for my pc set up. I can put everything into my mobo fine with it working other than my Mushkin ECO2 (11-11-11-28 (2x8G)) DDR3L ram. I have tried using one at a time and tried changing my Bios so the frequencies and voltage is right. I currently changed it to 11-11-11-28 1.5 V and 1600 MHZ all other settings are on auto. My Mobo is a Gigabyte Z97-HD3 and I know all the ram slots work because I used my other ram and it works fine in all slots.
Thanks in advance

A:Upgraded Ram won't pass Post test

Did you check the approved list for ram on the support page for your mb? I just looked and no muskin ram is even listed. When you use parts that have not been tested and found to work, you are in effect a beta tester; might work and it might not work. Generally if you stay with major name brand ram ie corsair, crucial, or kingston, you do not have problems.

On the support page, there is a beta bios that addresses memory compatibility. I generally never recommend using a beta bios however it would appear this is an option IF you want to use that ram.
If it were me, I would return the ram and go with a name brand ie corsair, crucial, or kingston. Up to you. If you do decide to flash the bios, be SURE you read and FULLY understand the flashing procedure. While a bios update is not difficult, an incorrect flash can render your board unbootable ie junk. Many gigabyte boards [this one included] have the dual bios. This makes updating a bios almost idiot proof however do be sure you understand how to update the bios.
Here is a link to the support page for your mb;

Note there are 3 different versions of that mb so be sure you are on the correct page. That link is for ver #1. There is a link at the upper left for ver 2, 2.1; again be sure you download the correct bios file if you decide to update the bios.
I currently changed it to 11-11-11-28 1.5 VClick to expand...

Most of the eco ram I have seen is 1.35V. Are you s... Read more

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I have an ASUS N61JV series laptop. Everything was totally fine until I decided to re-partition the internal hard drive so the main partition had more data, and added a few smaller partitions for a future OS I'm wanting to install.

Basically what happens now (since after rebooting, letting EASEUS Partition Master do its work, etc) is the laptop gets to the POST screen (where it says ASUS- I don't have the messages enabled, though probably should..) and hangs. Within 15-30 seconds the laptop gets very hot and I switch it off myself and let it cool down before trying again.

Seems to only happen with this hard drive. I've plugged it into a different computer via usb and everything is intact as it should be, and windows chkdsk shows no errors.

Plugging a spare hard drive of the same type inside the laptop allows me to get past the POST screen and everything operates normally.

Perhaps I need to buy a new hard drive.... Thanks for all your help everyone!

A:ASUS laptop won't pass POST screen

Its possible Easeus has corrupted the boot sector on the hard drive.

If it works in another computer then copy off any data you have on the drive before doing much more, as you may lose it all.

If the data and the O/S is not important then delete the partitions on the drive via USB or use a drive zero utility such as the Western Digital Diagnostics.

If you want to fix it try booting from a Windows disc and try FixMBR or Fixboot, or use TestDisk when its connected via USB to attempt to fix it.

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So a friend brought me their laptop a Compaq cq57 and you press power button, fan kicks on, then caps lock starting flashing and the WiFi light stays orange and the fan stops, all while maintaining a pitch black screen. I removed battery held power waited 30 seconds and then put battery back in and still same issue. So what's the deal? Most anytime I have had blinking caps lock its either meet bad CPU or motherboard.......any ideas group?

A:Solved: Compaq cq57 won't pass POST

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I recently acquired a lenovo laptop B570 CHEAP. had cracked screen and I knew so when I bought it, figured it might be worth fixing seeing as lenovo is GOOD stuff, right? Anyways I turned it on after ordering replacement charger from Ebay and it just sits on the POST screen. Any idea what could be wrong?? I tap the F2 to enter setup and it will say please wait for like 5 minutes-10 minutes. I pulled the HDD and it still wont pass post. It appears to have been dropped somewhat onto its side, hence the cracked screen. Is it a orst case/fried motherboard scenario??

A:Solved: Lenovo B570 wont pass POST

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I have two separate instances of Win8 running on two separate IDE hard drives (both Win8's restored from same exact backup image).

The one on the hard drive comected to the SATA port (via an adaptor) runs fine, but the one on the IDE connection (motherboard's only one), does not respond properly when a manual shutdown is initiated. Instead of shutting down the PC, it goes into sleep mode. This does not happen if an application (my backup software, for instance) is set to perform a shutdown after completing it's job. Only affecting manual shutdowns, but all of them.

So I am wondering if Win8 is lacking an IDE driver of some kind, and if there is a way to deternine this.

Seems strange to me that while both hard drives are IDE "underneath the hood", that the one connected throgh an adaptor is more easily being recognized by Win8, and curious if there is an easy fix.

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I have 2 IDE HDs installed and added SATA drive lately. SATA runs in IDE mode in CMOS. Problem is, even though SATA drive is recognized by BIOS, Disk Manager, Norton Ghost & System Works, it doesn't show in My Computer, causing problems with saving and opening files. Tried a couple of tricks (changing the drive letter,disconnecting & reconnecting the drive, reformatting etc. ) nothing seems to work. I use this SATA drive for storage and for now I have to drag the files down there manually.
I don't know if it's of any importance, but I have nVidia GeForce graphics card onboard.
Has anyone encountered this kind of a problem ?
Thanks Carl

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Hi: we have a Supermicro server with an Intel C600 series controller and we would like to use some of the ports and their disks as removable devices, to allow to copy media from one server to another. I mean:
- The controller has 4 ports with 4 disk on each, 16 disks in total
- The first 4 ports will remain the same, not removable (OS in Raid 1, Media in Raid 0)
- The other ports (2-4) will be used with SATA SSD drives and we need to remove them via Eject hardware (as an attached hard drive) and then being able to attach them to the backup server to read the media.

So far as I know, there's a DWORD I may need to add in the registry, but a little help would be more than welcome to solve this.

This is the opposite way, to not allow the HDD to be ejected.

Thanks in advance!

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On my Windoiws 7 Ultimate desktop PC, all my SATA hard drives are show up as removable from day 1. This is not a big problem but an anonyance. When I click "Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media", all my fixed drives are listed along with the USB drive. Anyway to change the drive type of my internal drives to the proper type?

A:Internal SATA drives are treated as removable drives

mine does the same thing. each of my partitions show up.

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I have a pc that has 2 400g hard drives in raid 0. The motherboard is bad and needs to be replaced. The drives in raid 0 are sata drives; I want to mirror the drives onto 2 400g pata drives before replacing the mobo so in case of disaster I would still have all the info. What would be the best way for me to do this? I have another machine running that has raid capability but is not using it. It has 4 sata connections and 2 ide drive connections, currently only using the 2 ide connections and no raid. I have Partition Magic 8 and Paragon Hard Disk Manager 8 Pro. Is it possible for me to use my current up and running system, and one of the 2 software programs to mirror these drives?

A:Can I copy sata raid 0 drives to pata drives?

MOBO is bad and you still want to recover info which might get corrupted in the transfer process.

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Hi, I bought the following (new-retail) from Newegg and cannot get a post or boot- any ideas?

Shuttle AN35N Ultra 400
Athlon XP2500 333
Kingston HyperX 256 400DDR
NVidia FX5200
WD Caviar 80

The board power light comes on and all the neon and fans and case lights and crap come on... but no HD activity, floppy seek, etc- nothing appears on screen. The vid card worked fine in previous system.

Using a generic 400w PS that worked fine in last system.

I can hear a "shhhick.....shhhick" repeating sound coming from the processor area (not the heatsink fan), sounds kinda like a hard drive seek sound.

Bad processer? Bad mobo? Need higher PS?


A:Can't get new board to POST

Hi Cool....,
First thing: make sure you don't have an extra standoff shorting out the back of your MB.
How generic a power supply? By that I mean, really inexpensive? AMD chips are quite sensitive to correct and stable voltage. Was the 'last system' also AMD-based?
I would suspect the power supply first, but that doesn't fit perfectly with the strange sound you report. Is the 80 gig WD the only drive in the computer?
You could try this: remove or unplug everything except 1 stick of memory and a video card and see if your board will POST. If it POSTs, plug in a hard drive and see if it'll boot. If you can get to this point, your board, processor, and HD are OK.
Hope this helps.
Lots of luck!

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when I include hijack this log. Keeps going to Diagnose connection problem page, and theres no connection problem??

A:Cant post to this board...

But, I was just following the instructions in the Hijack This Tutorial.

Anyway. last week I started getting rogue security messages and webpage redirects for bogus security software. I used S&D and Malwarebytes AntiMalware. The rogue security programs were removed, but I still have a problem with webpage redirection from search sites. I ran the Hijackthis scan and saved the log. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Tom

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Okay guys I have another question here
I will be buying a new motherboard ... buyer told me it is called [ ASUS 945 ] so will I be able to connect 2 HDDs I got ? first is a 160 GB SATA and the other is a 80 GB IDE ... ??
thx in advance

A:IDE + SATA on same board


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I have a pc with a Biostar 7050 m2 board running XPsp3. I want to install an ide drive from my dead pc with all my photos and music in a spare bay rather than clutter my desk with an external caddy. My ide port on the board is occupied by the optical drives and I have a sata drive on one of the four sata connectors. Is there a reliable way of converting an ide disk to a sata connection, a friend mentioned its possible to go ide to usb but didn't elaborate, has anyone heard of or used this method?

A:using a ide HDD on a sata board

Something like this http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16822998001 could be used to convert the IDE to SATA.

Or, you could just add an additional IDE controller card to an available PCI slot.

Should cost about the same either way.

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very bizarre :
- 3 of my 6 drives SATA connected to internal SATA connectors on board ( Z87 Deluxe)
- are shown in explorer "my computer" as hard disks ( while correctly DVD and USB are in removable drives list)
- however these 3 drives appear in the list of removable drives Under the W7 utility "safely remove" !

That could lead to confusion when removing removable drives !

Any explanation ? Can I correct this ?

I think that it is possible that these drives have been formatted and partitioned whiel on a SATA-to USB dock ( when PC was Under repair). Have tried to delete all partitions on one of those drives, and recreate partitions Under W7 with Acronis Disk Director, but no change.
Or should I remove them from Computer Management ?

TIA for help please !


A:SATA drives : internal appear as External drives !

It is not bizarre but a result of drives being connected to ports that allow hot swapping (set to AHCI)

One possibility is to install the Intel AHCI drivers instead of the stock drivers that are part of the Windows 7 DVD.

Another is this:

FIX: AHCI/SATA drives showing in "Safely Remove Hardware"

This works for the Intel controller.

If you are connected to another controller, go to the Device manager and right click on that controller and select properties.

Then under the Policies tab, you should be able to uncheck the box that allows safe removal.

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Hi, a fried is having problems posting on a paid members forum for about a week now, she can access the forum and send pm's though the site, but is unable to post on the boards.
She is able to post on other forums that she is a member of with no problems.

Anyone any clues as to what I should advise her to try or do?

Have posted her the link to this thread and she cannot see it!

A:Unable to post on board

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recently my PC started beeping instead of booting. Restarting it allowed it to boot however it has now decided not to boot at all. Rather expensively I decided it was the power supply- which was replaced but which made no difference. My question is; is there any way, short of replacing either the mboard or the processor, to narrow down the culprit? The beeps are always the same but so fast I can't tell if theres five or six of them also whether there's short beeps with a gap or short beeps followed by long beeps...I checked out the graphics card by swapping it into another machine (worked fine) then I swapped the memory around, made no difference
AthlonT 64 X2 dual core 3800+
ASUS A8N-SLI mboard
1024 mb ddr ram pc3200
650 watt corsair tx650 power supply
Windows XP service pack 3

don't want to get new mboard only to find it was the processor after all or vice versa....

A:Solved: No Post; M/board or CPU?

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Asus P5Wdh motherboard: In trying to fix system crashes when internet news video was running, I managed to mess up the system bios on the motherboard. System is winXP-Pro, 4Gb ram, lots of disk.

Downloaded new bios from Asus, flashed the system using the Alt-F2 on bootup and a floppy, machine came back with "Completed." message. Waited awhile, nothing else came up, so I rebooted, and machine is now dead, no POST, nutting.. (had already loaded new drivers for the GeForce 7600 video board, didn't help.

Anybody know of a recovery for scrambled Asus bios?

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My system is an asus a7n8x deluxe, amd 2400 xp-m, corsair TWINX1024-3200CR 1gig matched pair DDR400 memory, Rosewill 480w PS, Win 2000 pro. I've been doing some mild overclocking with this setup and ended up running at 2300mhz with the Vcore set at 1.65v. I'm not a gamer so I really don't heat things up much. I decided to purchase a better cpu fan so I bought a Thermaltake all copper RX series fan and sink and installed it. Everything ran OK. I ran the setup at 100% cpu usage for about 10 minutes to see how it would heat up and it got up to about 115F - no big deal. When I shut down to restart the bios kicked my settings back to a low default. I tried to reset everything with no success - it wouldn't boot to my original oc settings or any other settings for that matter. Then it wouldn't post at all. When I power up all the fans work and the drives spin up but no beeps and a completely dead screen. I have read a lot of your informative posts here. I tried a different PS, moved the memory around, cleared and reset the bios, tested the video card. I first thought it was the CPU but sounds like if it was I should still get a beep code. Anyway any help would be great. Thanks, rfcoop

A:Board post and CPU Troubles

Rosewill power supplies dont seem to be very reliable.

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I am usin Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 6.0.2806.11.06.xpsp2.030422-1633....

4 about a year & a half i hav been a member of an msn group & enjoyed postin up messages...but 4 sum reason i can't do this n e more.

It started with gettin messages regardin script error settings...i checked marked the 'disable script bugging'....& unchecked the 'display a notification about script error'....now when i try 2 click a 'reply' on the message board...nothin happens...no error messages...jus 'Javascript:rep (89568)...& 'done' in the left hand corner...please help...thank u..(",)

A:Can not post messages up on an msn board

you may want to check your java settings from here
Have you attempted to click "enable" on the Custom Security levels?
- In IE, click TOOLS
- Click SECURITY tab
- For both INTERNET and LOCAL INTRANET click CUSTOM LEVEL and look at your Java settings. Enable anything listed as Prompt or disable.
This set will show you your java status

for java go here
look for two things
1) the following text displayed
2) black box with wiggling text

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I need some help.
On my desktop, there seems to be an annoying red line stretching vertically across the screen. It's only on the desktop, not when I pull up any other window such as paint or internet explorer. And it doesn't go away with any other wallpapers. It just turned up about a month ago, and I've tried refreshing the desktop and re-aligning the icons but nothing works. Anybody have suggestions?

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Hi. Me and a friend each have an Ideapad 310 without ODD. Instead we have the HDD caddy/bracket. This is the configuration shipped from the store, we havent put it in ourselves. Anyway. We would like to actually use the HDD caddy since the 120GB SSD is filling up. The problem being that Lenovo hasnt included the mSATA to SATA adapter at the end of the caddy. Im guessing that this is because its a budget laptop and in this case the caddy is just to fill the empty space rather than actually indended for use right out of the box. After research we found that the part we need should be the ODD FFC L80SM (part NO 5C10M68235) Turns out the part number was wrong. But this is the part. Turns out that getting hold of the part is harder than finding out its name. So thats really my question here today, is there any way to get this from Lenovo or other retailer? We live in Sweden if that changes anything. Best regards

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I got a SATA-300 HDD for a really good deal and want to know if it will work with my motherboard which supports SATA-150. If the 300's will work but just run at 150 that is fine, I just want to know if they will function.

A:Will SATA-300 HHD work 150 board

In a word... YES!

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* Be sure that you are logged into the regular Forum* Go here and you see this =
* In the upper right, click "Log in"* That takes you here =
* Now click "Alienware Forum" under the blue banner* Click "Content"* Click "Start a discussion"Title = System Model, Operating System, Issue (short).Body = A detailed description of the issue and all troubleshooting you have done.

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Hi there, i have a msi k7n2 - ms - 6570 version 1 mobo and i started building a computer (specs, that board, 256 ddr pc2100, amd 1800+ k7, maxtor sata hdd 160gb, geforce4 mx440 64mb and a phillips cd-rw) when i had finished i switched it on every thing seemed ok detected memory/cpu fine. I entered bios to set cd-rom first boot saved, exited/rebooted then never posts again but still switches on and doesnt beep. I cant understand why this has happened any ideas any one ? thanks Azz

A:my msi k7n2 board wont post no more :-S

If this happened to me i would unplug everything not required to boot i.e any pci cards (not including vga) and the cd-rom. then i would clear the cmos via the jumper on the board (check your mobo manual for details). usually your required to turn the power off, remove the cmos battery, move the jumper to clear the cmos and leave it for 15-20 secs.

Also double check none of the components have worked loose, i.e the ram, vga card, ide/sata cables etc. and if possible try tested components in the board i.e. another stick of ram, different graphics card.

If you try this and get no joy you have very little option but to rma the board.

Good Luck


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mother board - FOXCONN 400series

model number (mother board) - 400m01-G-6L

VID card - radeon 9200 agp

processor - duron 1400

Technical Information --- (processor)
Manufacturer AMD
Clock Speed 1.4 GHZ
L1 Cache 128
L2 Cache 64
Socket Socket A
Voltage 1.65 v
Bus Speed 266


RAM - transcend 256MB ram DDR 333 DIMM - 184 pin - pc2700

power supply - DURO 400 WAT

all new

wont post at all, monitor stays yellow light. (suspended)

A:my new mother board wont post at all...

Hi XearoVeg

When I built the computer I'm on now
I had the same problem. No Post
In my case the problem was one of the brass stand offs
under the mother board for some reason was shorting out
the board.

Replaced the two brass stand offs with plastic
and it posted fine.

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New board (intel). Powers up, all hardware powers up, then freezes on INtel Desktop Board screen. If I reset and hit F2 to enter setup, freezes on "entering setup." On this screen, provides my CPU and Ram info correctly.

USing formatted HDD, no OS on the thing. Any thoughts? Need more info?


A:New Intel board freezes after post

what board is it?
reset your cmos jumper.

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OK, I just changed the mother board on my pc. I followed the manual to install all cables, USB etc and when I connected everything and started her up it wouldn't post.....what have I done wrong.

A little history with this pc.....about 3 weeks ago the psu blew so I installed a new one and all was good, then last week I upgraded the ram from 256 to 1 gig and when I started the pc it wouldn't post. Changed the ram back to the old one and still no post so I figured ( and with help from the forum) changed the mother board and no still no post. It is acting the same way it did when I changed the ram.......what about the hard drive, could something have happened to it....but if it had wouldn't I still get some action on this baby

I am learning as I go....which may not always be a good thing, but I have changed a mother board and that one went well......any and all advice/suggestions and anything else is very welcomed at this point.


A:Solved: Help, no post with new mother board

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I recently received a free desktop, and am trying to figure out if it even works. As the title suggests, I am trying to post the machine off of the motherboard (wg864) as it was missing its front media board which contains the power button.  As I have already done research, I have come across that the 38/40 pin connector is the common way to post it, however I can't come across a diagnostic sheet to figure out what pins to jump. If someone can give me an image or tell me the pins that would be great.

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Don't suppose there's a way to make a sata drive work in a board that is for IDE hard drives?

Had to ask.... lol

A:SATA Hard Drive in an IDE Board?

There are a couple ways.

There are PCI cards that let you use a SATA drive through the PCI bus.

There are also SATA to IDE adapters.

Either way you'll likely lose some of the SATA speed, going through extra devices, especially the cheaper ones slightly effects your performance.

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Hello all,
First post. I'm trying to install a Sedna SE-PCIE-SATA6G-02, PCIE SATA III 2-port adapter into my computer but it doesn't seem to be recognized by Windows 10.

I've recently added an SSD drive to my system and had to load the AHCI driver by booting into safe mode to do so. I'm wondering if I need to do something similar with this. I have run the setup program from the enclosed CD without any luck, and checked that it is the same version as is on the Sedna website. The card/controller does not show up in Device Manager.

I am not running a RAID configuration and I will not be booting from this add-in card. I just want a faster connection for my external hard drive to do back-ups which I connect via an ESATA connection. So far I only have the single SSD and one CD/DVD drive connected to my system.

My system is an MSI K9A2 Platinum V1.0, with an AND Phenom II X4 965 quad processor with 8-GB of ddr3 RAM, and a GTX 780 Ti video card.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


A:How to install PCIE SATA 3 board

Some further info...

While the adapter doesn't show up in Device Manager I used HWiNFO64 and can see its properties. So I THINK it may operate if I can just figure out how to properly load the drivers for it.

Thanks again for any help.


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Me and a friend each have an Ideapad 310 without ODD. Instead we have the HDD caddy/bracket. This is the configuration shipped from the store, we havent put it in ourselves. Anyway. We would like to actually use the HDD caddy since the 120GB SSD is filling up. The problem being that Lenovo hasnt included the mSATA to SATA adapter at the end of the caddy. Im guessing that this is because its a budget laptop and in this case the caddy is just to fill the empty space rather than actually indended for use right out of the box.
After research we found that the part we need should be the ODD FFC L80SM (part NO 5C10M68235) 
Turns out the part number was wrong. But this is the part.

Turns out that getting hold of the part is harder than finding out its name. So thats really my question here today, is there any way to get this from Lenovo or other retailer? We live in Sweden if that changes anything.
Best regards
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A:Ideapad 310 - Buy ODD/HDD mSATA so SATA board

Hello ErliarThanks for using the Lenovo forums.Personally I would just invest in something along the lines of this, you just need to make sure that it is the right size for your unit, which you probably be able to find in your hardware manual, also available on the support page.
Hope this helps, let us know how you get on.==================================================================================Did someone help you today? Thank them with a Kudo! If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"!
This will help the rest of the Community with similar issues identify the verified solution and benefit from it.

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Hey folks,

I'm trying to hook up a new 1TB hard drive on my old dell dimension 8200. I had both hd slots already filled so I removed the original slave drive to make room, and connected the the new 1TB SATA drive via an adapter that plugs into the slot on the hd and turns into the IDE connection (with pins) and power supply input on the other side,.

The SATA drive came with no jumper, and I read that the jumper settings for SATA had different meanings anyway. Not sure how the motherboard would respond, I started going thru the configs, borrowing the jumper from my old drive to use on the SATA

IDE drive:.....master...master...master..master...master...cable select...cs.....cs
SATA drive:..none......1/2........3/4........5/6.......7/8.......none...........1/2....3/4


I always get one or more of the following error messages in various combiations.

Primary hard disk drive 0 not found
Primary hard disk drive 1 not found
Plug and play configuration error (x3)

Then I gave up and hooked my old drive back up the original way and it was recognized and the OS booted without hesitation.

So... Anyone have any experience connecting SATA drives to IDE and/or can offer some insight? I must have my TB of storage
***update*** I found the master/slave jumper on the adapter. tried both settings, no luck there either. more specifically: drive 0 (ide) set to master, no jumper on the sata drive itself, tried both settings on adapter.

A:connecting a SATA HD to an IDE cable/board

I don't know about connecting SATA drives to IDE connector.. You'd propably have better luck getting a add-on PCI SATA controller card, or a USB cable to connect it. The onboard IDE controller propably won't understand how the SATA drive is configured... Although the adapter is supposed to make it.

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Working on a 810lmr .. Can't get the mobo to post.. Have removed everything except one stick ram, power switch and power supply. CPU fan spins, but no beeps and no video.. Changed speaker polarity (just in case), still no beeps. Also, cannot hear drives spin up..

Any suggestions. This is the second PCchips 810LMR board to behave like this in two years.. Thank god the company has only two of these boards..

A:I hate PCchips! Stupid board won't post...

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I need to post on a message board, I have Vista and message board will not allow me to post or enter messages on the board.

What can I do?


A:Unable to post on XP message board, have Vista

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Taiwanese manufacturer Gigabyte is hard at work on an updated version of the GA-P55-UD4 P55-powered motherboard which will feature both SATA 6.0 Gbps and USB 3.0 ports.


A:Gigabyte GA-P55A-UD4 board with SATA 6.0 Gbps, USB 3.0

Now that's the kind of board that will make you really consider an upgrade. Nice link. Fabe

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