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USB A B Type Full Speed 2.0 Cable

Q: USB A B Type Full Speed 2.0 Cable

I need a USB A B Type Full Speed 2.0 cable for my Brother printer and would like to know if the cable is the same that I ordered from Amazon Belkin Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Cable (10 Feet) if this is the right USB Cable for my printer?

Preferred Solution: USB A B Type Full Speed 2.0 Cable

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: USB A B Type Full Speed 2.0 Cable

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Hi all, I got today Lenovo S510 model: 10KW005NAX I want to get a cable or adapter to connect Displayport to HDMI 1080p LCD I have from before There seem to be passive and active converters, what I understood from online is that if I have DP++ PC I can get a passive converter or else I need an active converter. I don't know if cables can be active and passive too?For example: Amazon linkSo the description says source can be DP or DP++, so it has a chip inside it? so it's active? So... can anyone tell me what is my displayport type (Lenovo S510) ? and maybe shed some light on what I need to get clear picture to HDMI in? Appreciate your help   

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dear you

i was wondering for those have have an internet with download speed of about 250 kb per sec is there a way to force skype to use it all i mean i can watch hd videos on youtube and cant have a stupid straight video chat on skype i dont use my webcam but i still cant get even pixelated video without it breaking and lagging and eventually dropping, its like download for example, downloading with the browser can be slow but if i use internet download manager, it takes full control of internet speed, full access and leaves nothing to the other programs , can that be done with skype?


A:Solved: is there anyway to give skype full access to internet with full speed

Youtube buffers video, a live chat isn't buffered.

If your internet speed is 256kb/s you need faster internet service.

See here for more info on internet connection speeds and how to see how much bandwidth Skype is using: https://support.skype.com/en/faq/FA1417/how-much-bandwidth-does-skype-need

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This is really annoying because the loud noise from the CPU fan with full speed and lasts 5-8 seconds when it is powered on, before settling down to normal operating speed.
Another Optiplex 790 SFF is completely silent during booting process.
Is there any way to fix the issue of the CPU fan to full speed at startup of the Optiplex 3010SFF?

A:Optiplex 3010 SFF: CPU fan to full speed at startup, before settling down to normal operating speed

Version of Windows?
Some PCs run fans at full speed until drivers get loaded and then settle down. So this may depend on how fast it completes the POST and hands control off to Windows.
Make sure you have latest version of BIOS (A17), latest chipset driver, video driver etc. for whatever version of Windows is running.

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I moved into a city that has 1gbps fiber and I got it. I set my computer up to run Ubuntu or Windows 7 in the Ubuntu OS I have full speed, like 980mbps but in Windows I can only get around 370mbps, they informed me that it was a know issue which is why they carry around laptops with Ubuntu instead of windows to troubleshoot there system. Anyone have any clue on this, I cant even imagine where to start looking for the setting or fix. Thanks

A:Limited fiber download speed in windows 7 full speed in linux

1gbps is fantastic. I suspect the Windows problem is a driver problem. Did you check the Windows 10TP. Maybe they fixed it. But then, the really big chunks you can always download with Ubuntu. I envy you, LOL.

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In the HP ENVY 13t (i5-7200U, Intel HD 620, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD), what speed is the RAM? is it 1600, or is it 1866?  Is the 256GB SSD a SATA, or is it a PCIe?  Is the 13.3? FHD display a TN, or is it an IPS?

A:What is its RAM speed, SSD type, and display type?

Double, please usehttps://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Notebook-Hardware-and-Upgrade-Questions/What-is-the-RAM-s-speed-Is-the...

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after dealing with PCI usb hub. i went and got external usb hubs and yes it worked on windows 7, but only FULL speed, my cam went from fast to laggie, iphone connect to usb hub had a message " it can perform faster if connect to a high speed port" , i check under device manager and it says " the device is operating on FULL SPEED "

i have check online, full speed = 12 mb/s , high speed = 480 mb/s

are there any ways to change this?

A:HIGH speed USB hub running at FULL speed.H

Quote: Originally Posted by wr332

after dealing with PCI usb hub. i went and got external usb hubs and yes it worked on windows 7, but only FULL speed, my cam went from fast to laggie, iphone connect to usb hub had a message " it can perform faster if connect to a high speed port" , i check under device manager and it says " the device is operating on FULL SPEED "

i have check online, full speed = 12 mb/s , high speed = 480 mb/s

are there any ways to change this?

First question... Are they high speed hubs?
I have an older 4 port Dlink here that's never run 480... looking into the chip on the internal circuit board, it turns out to be a 12mbps chip... you can slow them down, but you can't scare them into running faster.

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Hi there.

I've a canon a480 digital camera and I'm connecting it to an asus m2n mx se motherboard. Both devices are high speed but the camera is recognized as a full speed device.

I'm running windows xp service pack 2. I checked the device manager and the enhanced usb host controller is listed and seems to be working OK.

So...I'm stuck...Any hints will be greatly appreciated!

A:USB high speed working only as full speed.

anyone ?

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Apologies if this is posted in the incorrect section & if it's a 'noob' question.

Basically I moved house and lost the power adapter for my external hard drive. I've looked in to buying a replacement but I have no idea what it's called to actually search for one, does anybody know?

I've attached a photo, any help would be greatly appreciated.



A:What type of cable do I need?

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I am trying to network another computer located two floors down(basement). My router is upstairs and I need to have the cable running outside. What type cable do I need? Someone told me a heavy duty cable is necesary since the cable will be exposed to the elements. What type of cable do I need? Thanks.

A:cable type

It's a little more expensive but I would recommend setting up a wireless network.

I came across a cable mentioned on several websites. I have never heard of it but I guess this is what you use for outdoor.

10 Base-FL Fiber Optic Assemblies are ideal for long runs and outdoor applications. Available in non-plenum, plenum, or outdoor styles. Click to expand...

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Ok this might not be too computer related but I think since the main problem is concerning usb it should be considered hardware. I just bought a mp3 player (sony nw-e95) off of ebay, but the seller is not including the usb cables. I want to buy one but there are so many different kinds, I have no clue which one it is. Is there anyone who has a sony mp3 player who might know what type it is? I have a picture here, it's the clearest one I could find. maybe someone here can figure out what kind of usb cable it is from this picture?

Thanks for the help.

A:Help - what type of usb cable is this?

oh I found another good picture, maybe this'll help?

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I have a type c male to vga male cable plugged into my Yoga 910 laptop and a 32in Dell monitor (I used the VGA input because I am already using the monitors other input, an HDMI input, for the xbox), and it isn't working. The monitor still says no signal. Any advice?

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Hi, I want to ask what type of cable should I use for a 256kbps/64kbps or a ADSL2 24 Mbps internet connection. I am currently using a dial-up cable which is about 10 metres long. Also, would this improve my speeds or would it be relatively the same? Thank you for your advice.

A:Type of cable used for ADSL?

Dial Up Cable?

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Found this article this morning and isn't this about time though it will throw a bit of a spanner in the works but common sense tells me at least it should have been like this since day 1

USB Type-C: One cable to connect them all - CNET

A:USB Type-C: One cable to connect them all

We've come a long way from the clunky parallel and serial ports I had on my IBM PC in 1984!

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I read through lots of threads on HDMI, DVI and VGA Didn't find an answer to my question. I am getting a Dell XPS 8300 with onboard only video. As I read specs I see it has VGA and HDMI outputs. My monitor (dell) has VGA and DVI input connections. My questions are:

Is (cable connector) VGA to VGA any drawbacks to HDMI to DVI? I know HDMI carries audio but will DVI on the monitor use it?

I don't do games or very fancy graphics. What would be an acceptable choice of cable? I do still have the VGA cable from my current system.


A:Cable for PC to Monitor TYpe?

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I need to run about 75-100ft of ethernet cable from my modem to a ps3 in the basement. Would cat5e is good enough for this distance or if I should opt for cat6. And if it doesn't even matter then just tell me because I have minimal knowledge in this area

A:What type of ethernet cable do I need?

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I have a type c male to vga male cable plugged into my Yoga 910 laptop and a 32in Dell monitor (I used the VGA input because I am already using the monitors other input, an HDMI input, for the xbox), and it isn't working. The monitor still says no signal. Any advice?
Mod's Edit: System model added to the front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity and moved post to proper forum.

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I am setting up a network at home with several computers. I have cable coming into the house connecting to a cable modem. What type of cable do I use to connect the mdoem to my router and my router to my computers. Would it be a CAT 5 cable? The type of medium that has the RJ45 connectors to it?
I'm drawing a blank.


A:What type of cable do I use for home network?

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Just trying to figure out what kind of Ram is in this computer, without opening the box. Is there a way to know this from within windows? Running XP home.

A:Is there a way to tell what type and speed of Ram from within windows?

Do you know what motherboard you have installed?

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Hi my mate wants some more ram, he wants 1GB

But he has no idea what speed or type is needed. Is there any softare or ways to find out what he needs and what speed

(He wants to do this without opening his pc)


A:How to check ram type and speed

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Hello,I am thinking of buying the T460s with a base configuration and then upgrading the SSD myself.Question - If I choose to buy the 128GB SATA SSD, does this mean that the SSD slot can only have SATA M.2 SSD in it?Similarly, If I choose the 256GB PCI-NVMe, then the SSD slot can hold only NVMe M.2 SSDs in it? Is there even such a thing as a universal M.2 slot, that can take SATA OR NVMe SSD? Thank you very much.-D

Go to Solution.

A:T460s SSD Type and Bus Speed

Per https://support.lenovo.com/us/en/products/laptops-and-netbooks/thinkpad-t-series-laptops/thinkpad-t4... , I think taking the SATA route with an aftermarket PCIe NVMe should be fine, but I too would like confirmation from an authority here. That said, if Lenovo?s markup for storage wasn?t so obscene, this would be less of a concern.

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this happens to me a lot, and it's pretty annoying; after my computer is on for a while, i notice that when i hold down a key when im typing, it slows the action down. for example, if i want to delete a sentence, usually i hold down the backspace key and the cursor zips across the screen deleting everything real quick. but the longer my computer is on, it gets slower and it takes like a second per word. same if im typing; if i hold down a key, it will get maybe 4 characters down in a second when it should knock out 10 in that time.

this isn't affecting the speed letters are typed as i hit the keys, only when i hold down the button. so is there something i hit on my keyboard unknowingly that bogs down the rate letters are typed, or is it something else?

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Here is the thing, when i watch youtube videos on full screen, every few seconds full screen closes and it goes back to normal view, also when i typing something no matter where, something resets like when you click on desktop and you have to click again to be able to write again and its almost on every 10sec. I dont know whats the problem, but its really annoying !

A:Can't type anywhere and youtube full screen mode is closing by it self


I'm facing with very annoying problem...

It's complicated to explain what's happennin and i'll try to explain the best way i can...

Everytime when i'm trying to type something (in skype, browser, notepad...anywhere), i'll type couple of letters and then i have to click again to continue typing, and over and over again...it's like when you type something in notepad and if you click on desktop, the notepad will not be active, you have to click again on the notepad document to continue typing...

Also when watching youtube video in full screen mode, fullscreen mode is closing by it self all the time.

I don't know if thos is some kind of virus or some system issue but i can' stand it any more, so please HELP !!!

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Customer has an old accounting software package that is hard coded to print via the DB25 connector on his Desktop PC to a dot matrix printer which has given up the ghost.

He does not want to replace the accounting package and so I am thinking I should be able to print from the DB25 port to his usb laser printers.

Problem is there does not seem to be DB25 to USB Type 2 (D shape plug) cables available.

There are plenty od DB25 to USB Type A cables available but not those to connect to USB Type 2 which most USB printers come with these days.

I'd appreciate some advice on this and finding a solution.


A:Printer cable advice - DB25 to USB Type B

How about a USB Adaptor B-Male to A-Female.
USB Adaptor B-Male to A-Female + $2 SHIPPING AUST-WIDE!

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Well I just looked at some new sound cards today and I have to say -

[RANT]OMFG how many more audio 3.5 mini-jacks will I have to plug into the back of my PC?

I say they take some other connector type and make it so all audio goes through 1 cable. Heck they can even overload the cable with a few extra not currently used lines for "future upgradability".

What are your thoughts on changing the hardware setup to something a little simpler -

BTW I am the same guy who loves HDMI inputs over the standard 5 plug High Definition inputs on my TV.

What are we living in the dark ages we can't come up with SIMPLE connectors that function well?[/RANT]

Whew now that I got that off my chest I'll sleep better. Am I the only one who thinks theres just a few too many plugs when it comes to audio?

A:Does anyone think they need a new cable type for the newest audio connectors?

Ha, I have RCA jacks running all over the place at my TV.
Dreamcast, Gamecube, XBOX, DVD player, Linux Box, 5.1 surround sound, digital cable. Those all cross through my TV somehow on RCA, then I have all the CAT5, coax and whatever other wires I can find! Don't mind though, they worh better then the RF modulators.

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Just had to run a new (longer) cable from the wall outlet to the modem and downloading now _seems_ slower and I'm getting a lot of timed out when making a new connection.

I'm using a 50 foot "RG6 Quad Shield" with about 10 to 15 feet of excess. I've also recently changed over to a new router, but it didn't seem to be a problem until I changed the cable.

So, I guess my questions are: How can I be sure it's the cable that's causing the issue vs the router? Also is it my imagination or is most cable out there "thinner" then what the cable company gives you? And lastly is one cable better then another?

Any thoughts or opinions?


A:Can cable type slow internet connection

RG6 is superior to RG59 (the usual cheap CATV home wiring cable), so the cable is likely not your problem if you extended it less than 50-100 feet. Check for proper termination of the connectors, because that can have a major impact if the shield is open or if the center conductor is intermittently open or shorted.

Another problem area... if your modem connection is on the output side of a second or third cable splitter, or output of a distribution amplifier, your connection may not work at all.

You can test it by connecting a TV to the cable and tune to various channels 2 and up. If they are all ok (especially high channel numbers, cable likely isn't the problem).

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Does it effect the quality? I have most of the hookups I believe.

A:What type of cable is best to connect the audio reciever to the pc?

As per my other post, if your receiver has a HDMI input, I would go with that. HDMI has a much higher bandwidth compared to other digital interfaces thus allowing higher resolution audio. Toslink, or sometimes called SPDIF (or optical) does have limited bandwidth compared to HDMI - 24bit 96khz max. If you do not play media higher than that then you will be hard pressed to tell the difference between the two. However one benefit with Toslink is that it is not electrically conductive therefore it will not pass any electrical noise from the source nor will it pick up RF interference. So if you get a loud hum, usually referred to as a ground loop, when HDMI is connected you may want to try a Toslink connection.

As for the quality of the cable used in both configs?? I would stick with name brands that have lots of positive reviews from actual users and not just professional reviewers. They don?t have to be expensive. Toslink is susceptible to breaking if bent too aggressively so keep this in mind should you be fishing the cable through a cabinet.

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I'm looking for what type of power button board cable I have I need a new replacement

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Como estan para hoy mis amigos?
Ignore that if you don't speak Spanish. Just being friendly.

I have a 56k modem, but I can only hit up to 36kbps(top speed). Though 56kbps still seems low to me, I'd like to hit that atleast.

Anyone know how I can improve my speed in hopes of searching faster, or my greatest dream, play Guild Wars for the 1st time since I got it about a year and a half ago?

A:Can't hit full speed

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i have a m7vka motherboard and an amd 1.13 GHz processor. but my computer runs at 850 mhz. can anyone help me?
i got some info's about my motherboard and it is said that it can support up to 1.2 ghz. in bios i found an frequency switch, after i increased it to maximum (952mhz), my computer crashed - i barely could start bios to turn back to default settings
if this is important, i bought this comp from a friend (850 mhz), and later tried to upgrade it to 1.13, but i didn't change.

some iformation about my computer
amd athlon ?850 mhz?
256 sdram
geforce 4 64mb mx

thanks for your help

A:I can't get the full speed of my CPU

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I have a Dell D500 with the Intel Pentium M @ 1.3 GHz. Lately my pc has been acting slow and I ran CPU-Z to check the clock and it said that it is running at 598.6 MHz. I was wondering why? I when into the BIOS and it is set at 1.3 Ghz as the CPU speed, but the SpeedStep is turned on. Is speedstep causing this to happen? If so, other than turning it off in the BIOS, which it wont let me allow, is there any way of overriding this. Right now it has Windows XP Home SP3 installed with 768 DDR RAM. I am using the "Always on" config in the power options btw.

I tried to update the BIOS but it wont let me since my battery is dead and wont says its not connected for some reason. Even if conncected to the AC outlet doesnt seem to matter.

Thanks in advance for your help.

A:Full CPU speed

Originally Posted by Blackhawk7188

I have a Dell D500 with the Intel Pentium M @ 1.3 GHz. Lately my pc has been acting slow and I ran CPU-Z to check the clock and it said that it is running at 598.6 MHz. I was wondering why? I when into the BIOS and it is set at 1.3 Ghz as the CPU speed, but the SpeedStep is turned on. Is speedstep causing this to happen? If so, other than turning it off in the BIOS, which it wont let me allow, is there any way of overriding this. Right now it has Windows XP Home SP3 installed with 768 DDR RAM. I am using the "Always on" config in the power options btw.

I tried to update the BIOS but it wont let me since my battery is dead and wont says its not connected for some reason. Even if conncected to the AC outlet doesnt seem to matter.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi Blackhawk.......
could you post up the CPUZ shot for us..??, i need to see the clocks.

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Hi I wonder if any one can help here, I cant get the ram to run at full speed If i do the PC locks up after 15-20 mins and then i have to press the reset button on the base unit, after i do this the PC will work perfectly fine for the remainder of the time it's used until I power off in which case it will freeze again like before upon first boot.

I thought at first it might be a heat problem but as i say it's only the first 15-20 mins on first boot up that is the problem i would guess if it were heat related it would be every 15-20mins not just the first boot up am i wrong ? , I checked temps using the motherboard utility and via bios and all temps and fan speeds are as they should be.

I'm currently running the Ram underclocked at 750mhz as this seems to not cause the lockup but surly i should be able to run it at full speed, is this a motherboard problem that cant be fixed or is there any settings that are not right that can fix the problem, I have everything in the bios on auto except for the ram frequency as i said i had to underclock.

Specs are below if you need more please ask and if this is in the wrong part of the forum mods feel free to move.

Intel core 2 duo 2.66
2GB Corsair DDR2 800mhz
N650SLI-DS4 motherboard ( bios updated to latest version)
Nvidia Gforce 8800GTs (320mb) running in the PCIE 16x slot
550 watt power supply
Xp home SP2

all drivers are latest versions.

A:Cant run Ram at full speed

Are you running the memory at the proper voltage ?

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I just got 1 gb of ram new and when i put it in, it only goes 512mb.
Im quite sure that the slots can hold 1gb but not 100% sure.The ram is 2700 and ddr which is the ram my pc uses. Please help.

A:RAM not going its full speed

Are they seated properly? One of the sticks might be loose and thus not getting detected.

If they are, what's your exact motherboard, RAM and OS?

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I have a Memorex 32 Maxx that doesn't read at 40x or Write at 32 x even with the correct media. It reads at 12x and writes at 8x.

I'm running Windows XP and it won't give me DMA. I can't find a way overriding this on the motherboard (Gigabyte GA - 7ZXE). Its on a ATA100 cable.

Although, it burns CD's ok it's too slow.

A:CD-R won't run at full speed

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I was planning to buy a used Dell latitude laptop. How do I check processor type and speed, RAM harddrive capacity of the machine?


A:checking processor type and speed

Most of that info should be available on the screen at boot. If it goes by too fast to read, hit the pause/break key and it will stop untill you hit escape. If a splash screen is in your way try hitting escape then pause/break. Another option, get the exact model number and go to Dell's website to see what the system specs are supposed to be.

Good Luck

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processors have speeds like 2.7GHz and this actually a frequency at which it runs ..

frequency is cycles per second .... 2.7GHz = 2.7*1024*1024*1024 = 2,899,102,924.8 Hz i.e cycles per second or pulses per second .

i think 2,899,102,924.8 bits per second such processor is said to process .

on the other hand we have system type like 64-bit ... does that mean processor only processes 64 bits per second ? and how we differentiate both of these factors and distinguish clearly ?

A:system type and processor speed

It would be more accurate to think of it as the way the chip handles data and floating-point registers.

I sadly do not actually know the math. It does increase the rate at which data is processed.
It has more to do with the registers though. I'm not sure how it would fit into your equation exactly.

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Hoping someone can answer this.  We sell overstock new items (including computers).  We just received a shipment of HP EliteBook 820 G2 laptops (new & sealed).  Unfortunately, the outside of the box does not give me any information as to the processor type or speed other that an Intel Inside sticker on the outside of the box.  The product codes are P2C18UT#ABA,  P2C22UT#ABA.  Is there a way to tell by this code the processor type / speed / amt of ram on each of these?  I really do not want to have to crack the factory seal unless absolutely necessary.  Thanks in advance for any insight.

A:Can you tell the process type / speed by the model #?

Yeah here they were for sale on newegg and Walmart. I think you can assume the ones you have are the same specs: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA6ZP3K33047 http://www.walmart.com/ip/HP-EliteBook-840-G2-Notebook-PC-12.5-Display-Intel-Core-i5-5200U-Processor... They have the same processor but the Walmart model has an SSD and a higher resolution screen.   

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so, my ASUS GTX 960 has worked perfect on my rig before no problems at all.
i had to move to different house, ended up buying a new monitor when i plugged everything turn the rig on and all i can ear is the GPU fan at full speed and no boot.


i did try changing and removing ram sticks from slot and nothing,
i did try taking the mobos battery off and nothing,
tried a different GPU that i know for a fact works and exactly the same fan at full speed prob with no post,
tried a difference PSU and still nothing,
did all of this again on a card-box nothing changed
i did take the GPU out connected the VGA cable to the mobo and it does boot
and i wanted to try updating the bios but i dont have access to it, i press DELETE key when i turn it on and it just does not go to bios setup...

when i bought all the items myself and i did check all compatibility on official hardware websites, and it did work perfectly before but the first time i put it all together i had the same issue, lost my patience and sent it back for them to fix it and it worked fine after that.

i could be the pci-e slot on mobos right? cant the PSU or the GPU because i tried simillar ones right?

so any help??? i need my computer back xD. should i just send it to the shop i buyd all the partes from and tell them to fix it? and wait 3 weeks xD?

A:GPU fan full speed...no boot

Please post your system specs, To include the EXACT Make and model System if Big Box or Laptop, Notebook or tablet Include Service Tag if available. or same info for the following if custom or home built, Mother Board (including Revision number), Processor (Exact Model Number), Ram, Video Card, Hdd(s), Optical Drive(s), Power Supply Manufacturer Model, Wattage and Amperage on the +12V Rails, OS, and any other peripherals installed on the motherboard

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Firstly..I am new to this Forum so if I am making any mistake please ignore it..

Details: Windows 8 Pro, Internet connection using a USB modem , 3G connection

Now my problem is that i am not getting my full internet speed,like if my network meter shows my download speed as 1MBps in actual download like on IDM i will only get aprox 500-600KBps , and the worse part even with such speed my browsing speed is extremely slow it takes about 15-20 sec to load Google homepage.

Solution that i have tried:
1: Updated Windows
2: Driver Updated
3: Scanned with Norton Internet Security 2014 also checked after disabling Firewall and Real Time Protection
4: Scanned with Kaspersky Pure 3.0 also checked after disabling Firewall and Real Time Protection
5: Scanned with Windows Defender
6: Checked with No Internet Security Software installed
7: According to me there is no other problem with system being corrupt or anything like that

Any kind of help is appreciated..Thanx..!!

A:Not getting my full Internet Speed

3G network providers usually do not guarantee full speed all the time because it depends of signal strength, and particular cell repeater as it works over mobile phone network.
Can you check if the connection is thru GSM or WDCMA or something like that ? There should be a setting in the modem software, probably under Tools/ Network settings. GSM is much slower then the rest of them.

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The speed I have with my ISP is 100/30, this week they sent me an email telling me that I was upgraded for free for 200/30. Worked fine the first day then the connection went down to 100/30 again. (tested via fast.com and speedtest.net - wired tests from pc)

I did a simple reset of the modem+router then things came back to normal (200/30). A couple of hours later it came back down to 100/30 again. Did the reboot process again, same thing. Works for a couple of minutes then it comes back down to 100. Now after a couple of resets, never goes up , 100/30 steady.

Then I tried to connect the modem directly to the computer to see if the router was the culprit, my speeds are good and stable at 200/30.

So I guess the Router is acting up. Then I updated the firmware, reset every settings and I have the same problem. Only setting I changed after the first test is that I disabled the firewall to be sure it was not messing around with anything.

Called my ISP, the modem is fine as they can see. They told me to try to put the nic card at full duplex to see if it would help, nothing good came out of this.

The router is a Asus RT-AC3100 with the latest firmware, never had any problems with it. Windows 10 pro x64

I installed the latest Merlin firmware to see if it would change something, same problem.

What would you do, I did all the tests I know about, maybe you guys have some black magic voodoo things I could try out ?

Cables are all good, all Intel diagnostics for the nic ca... Read more

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Hola mis amigos. ?Como estan para hoy?

If you don't understand, just ignore that. Just bringing a little culture.

Now, to the point.

I have a 56k modem, but I can only hit up to about 32-35kbps. Even though I don't think my "speed demon" web searching would be satisfied with 56kbps, I'd still like to increase to my maximum.

Anyone have any suggestions?

A:Solved: Can't hit full speed

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A few months ago, I played with my services and sped my (Desktop) computer up. I'm not exactly sure what I did, but when I start up my computer (aka cold boot), my download speed doesn't even reach 1 Mbps. I forget what the upload speed is. My FiOS plan is 15 Mbps Down, / 5 Mbps Up. When I RESTART my computer, I do another speed test and everything is fine.

I recently changed from MSE to Bitdefender, but the problem started occurring before I migrated, so that's not the problem. Any suggestions what this could be?

My computer is wired to the router.

A:Why do I need to restart to get full Down/UP speed?

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You can set your services settings to the default settings detailed here:
? Black Viper?s Windows 7 Service Pack 1 Service Configurations

Then do a few speed tests in a row using this website:
Speedtest.net by Ookla - The Global Broadband Speed Test

Restart and repeat the speed tests a few more times.

Open Resource Monitor and select the tab named Network. That should let you see what apps are using bandwidth. Leave Resource Monitor open and keep checking your connection speeds via the speedtest website until you notice a drop in speed several times in a row. Then quickly check Resource Monitor to see if some app is hogging your bandwidth.

This is not a perfect test since there are ways for apps to hide themselves from Resource Monitor... but it is worth a shot.

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I ran the Intel program that identifies the chip speed, it said 1.2 GHz. Then I went over to the system propeperties panel, and it says "Intel Processor 1200 MHz (next line) 598MHz, 504MB of RAM"
How fast is my processor running? As far as I can tell, I have set the processor to be running at full speed (it is a ULV Pentium M) but is it, could it, be running at half speed?
PLease help. If someone can at least tell me what is going on, then i might spend the $$ to call IBM. If its something simple, then I'd rather not.

Thank you!

A:CPU running at full speed?

If you right-click on My Computer and go to Properties.. It should list the CPU info under the General tab..

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i have intel e6320 core 2 duo cpu and his speed is 1.86 GHz the bus speed is 266.4 and he is multiplier 6 time so i got just 1598.5 MHz (1.6 GHz )
befor i have the 8800gt video card the bus was multiplier 7 time so i got the 1.86 GHz
the power supply maby he is the problem ? but i run my pc without the video card and he is the same the cpu dont reatch his real speed
this is pic pf the cpu speed
cpu INTEL dual core 2 6320
motheboard INTEL 965DQGF
ספק כוח 500W
ram 2g DDR2 667 Kingston
samsung 160GB hard drive

A:i am not geting the full cpu speed !!

Hi m8!

You don't have a problem at all! Your CPU will set it's clock lower so that it will consume less power and provide less heat while it won't run heavy applications. If you try running an intense app like a game or a video editor for example clocks will automatically go up and reach full speed. You can disable this feature from your BIOS (I think it is called SpeedStep or something) but I do not recommend it - Everything is fine with your CPU!

You can test what I say for yourself. Load a CPU testing programm like Everest and see the speed while in Windows, then load a game, Alt+Tab and see the speed now.

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I have a problem mith my U41-70. Lately my laptop fan will run full speed as soon as I boot it up. The sound from the fan is really annoyying me. It also affecting the performance of the laptop. The laptop feels very slow and running apps will hang ocassionally. It is hard to do any work on this computer with problems like this. Hopefully someone can help me solve this problem.

A:U41-70 fan running full speed

Sounds like the fan is working hard due to dust blocking the air passages.    Computers are like electrostatic dusk collectors, so you have to clean them regularly to keep them running at their optimum potential.   First I would use a vacuum cleaner hose and see if you can suck out any dust from the vents   Next, open OneKey Optimizer and see if you have the Dust Removal feature, and if so run it.    That will run the fan at high speed both forward and reverse and try to blow out dust.   Stand back and prepare for a cloud of dust if it has not been run  Click on this link if One Key Optimizer is not installed to install. U41-70 OneKeyOptimizer dowloadhttp://support.lenovo.com/us/en/downloads/ds102517 How to install and operate the One Key Optimizerhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZxiGkJc8NuM  If you do not have the Dust Removal option, buy some canned air for cleaning electronics and use that to try to blow out any dust you can, starting with blowing through backwards with the vaccuum on the oppostite vent. If the air flow is restricted, the CPU will heat up, and its performance will be degraded, so keeping it dust free is very important. Good Luck     

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