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Solved: Excel 2007 Print Issue - Cannot print landscape

Q: Solved: Excel 2007 Print Issue - Cannot print landscape

Set up the worksheet to print with a landscape layout on a single page. Only printed first column and did so in portrait. The print preview looked good before printing. The worksheet can be printed in portrait mode.

Operating system : Vista (32bit) SP2
MS Office Home and Student 2007
Excel 2007
Printer : HP 209A All in One
Drivers: latest installed

Preferred Solution: Solved: Excel 2007 Print Issue - Cannot print landscape

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Solved: Excel 2007 Print Issue - Cannot print landscape

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I have a uesr with XP and office 2003. We have a network printer.
When this person tryes to print anything form Excel in LANDSCAPE format, he cannot. If he puts the PAGE SETUP as LANDSCAPE, all ok, but as soon as we check the PRINT PREVIEW, the preview shows the information in PORTRAIT mode.

We tryed printing in another network printer -> same thing
Tryed different paper sizes -> same thing
Tryed scaling the document -> same thing
Tryed adjusting the document margins -> same thing

With the rest of Office programs (Word, Power Point) we can print with no problems in LANDSCAPE format, no error messages, nothing, all goes smoothly

We tryed re-installing printer drivers -> same thing
Tryed re-installing Excel -> same thing

The user prints with all the settings for landscape, and the page comes out as PORTRAIT every single time

Do you have any suggestions?
Any help appreciated.
Thanks for the support !!!

A:Solved: Cant print in landscape in Excel

Can you try printing to a stand alone printer to see if it does the same thing.

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On our network some computers will not print from Excel in landscape mode. Some computers do. I've tried rebooting computers and printer but this does no good. The software will not even show a landscape print preview. Does any 1 know how to correct this?

A:Excel will not print in landscape mode


Def'ly sounds like the printer drivers. Make sure they're all using the SAME driver as the ones that work.

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I have been using Excel intensively for the past month for a 'volunteer' local project/event we are putting on here.
I now find I have a created a spreadsheet bigger than any I have ever used before.
It works great, except when I try to print it. It says it's preparing to print 100 -or more- pages (when there are only 6) which takes about 2 MB.
I had printed if successfully, and successively (since I need regular hard-copies to work on with other people), up to the end of last week.
I have also noticed the first page contains an almost microscopic rendition of the first worksheet, and subsequent sheets have various unrecognisable printings across them.

It is not my only spreadsheet, and the other ones (mostly just one page or extracts of the larger one) print fine. So it is not my printer.

Any suggestions gratefully received! :-)

A:Issue with large spreadsheet in Excel 2007: corrupted print

Hmm, think out loud...

My Excel 2007 print function defaults to "Quick Print" which sends the entire workbook to the default printer. Could that be a reason?

How many columns and rows is the worksheet in question?


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Hi can any one tell me how to print only odd or even pages in excel 2007.
I've seen people talk about macro's but i don't have a clue so a basic step by step would be much appreciated.



A:Solved: Excel 2007 need to print odd/even pages

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I have two sets of texts in an Excel 2007 worksheet.
One set is to guide how to fill in the data and does not need to be printed out. I have coloured this text red. The set of text i need to print is coloured red.

I need to create a conditional format that will hide the red text so that it does not print out on paper. I need the text to be visible when editing.

A:Solved: HIDE/ not print RED TEXT IN EXCEL 2007

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Good morning, all,

This is a Word 2000 document -- in TABLE FORM -- which originally printed in manually inserted landscape mode.

Since I got my new computer running same OS & wp (Windows XP Home SP2 +all updates and Word 2000 from Works 6 updated as best as possible), this particular table document just won't print in landscape on either of my two printers. I can't figure out where Word may have hidden settings which are counteracting my manually-inserted landscape setting.

Again, this HAS printed in the past in landscape, so it's only after this installation. I'm baffled!

Any suggestions?

Greatly appreciated. Have a great day!

A:Solved: Can't Print This Document in Landscape

On my "umpteenth" attempt to print and reset, it FINALLY took ...

I have no idea what I did (right or wrong), but I'm marking this one solved.
(I just kinda moved some table lines and suddenly, when I went into Preview, VOILA! it was all landscape!)

Have a great day all.

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Hi everyone,

To help manage the department I work for (cleaning for a poultry processing plant) I am currently reviewing Quality inspection results which have been entered into Excel. It is about 30 pages long if I printed the full version out.

I am looking for someone to help with a mini program which will only print out the data rows which I need to review. Eg. If machine 1 (Row 20) was found to have not passed a check but machine 2 (Row 21) passed, then I would like to run a little program to only print Row 20.

As I am almost a novice at this stuff I'm was hoping that this may be a simple program and that someone might want to help me out. If it isn't or I am asking too much please tell me and I won't post anymore messages.

Thankyou for your time if you have read this message.

p.s - I did know enough to add a IF formula which tells me if the row should be printed or blank if it doesn't. I have been using that to review my data on the computer screen.

A:Solved: Help with Excel so when I print only revelent data (rows) print out??

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Hi, I have Windows 7, Excel 2007. I'm printing an existing table. When I "print preview", it shows like it's supposed to, but when I print it out on my network printer, HP Laserjet 3390, the header & header title rows are not lined up & print weird. However, when I print them on the HP Officejet J5750, it prints out exactly as in "print preview". I've attached a word doc that shows both versions (I hope it's attached). Ideas anyone?

A:Solved: Excel 2007 spreadsheet doesn't print as viewed

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Does anyone know how to run Excel 2003 print macro on Excel 2007 or higher? When I tried running my 2003 macro, the VBA editor pops up w dialogue box, " Run-time error '1004': Method 'ActivePrinter' of object'_Application' failed ".

This is my code: Application.ActivePrinter = "Epson LQ-300 ESC/P 2 on USB003"

Can anyone help?


A:How to run Excel 2003 print macro on Excel 2007?

Welcome to TSG hope we can help you and you can help others.

I'm not an Excel macro guy but you code looks reasonable. What happens if you run this. I suspect printer name is a little off.

MsgBox "The name of the active printer is " & Application.ActivePrinter

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Hi guys,

Can anybody tell me how to print odd/even sheets in excel 2007?? I am having 124 sheets in one excel file and I want to print only even pages.

A:How to print odd/even sheets in excel 2007

This is bettre, post your own questions in your own post
This is one link to a solved issue,
another tip is the following link with many excel tips and handy vba codes
If you get stuck just let us know.
Happy coding

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Dear Tech Guy,

Vide your solution to "dave.23" dated 24-Apr-10.

I tried following set by set instructions for macro as given in the above thread by "hi-tech".

But by following point by point instruction on thread dated 24-apr-10 by "hi-tech", after point no.4 ie copy paste the given command and saving the file when i run the macro following error appears and I am not able to proceed.

Can some one pls give setwise to Ist print Odd pages and then Reverse printing the Even pages.


A:Excel 2007 need to print odd/even pages

"when i run the macro following error appears"

You did not post the error.

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I am printing a spreadsheet and want to use * as a line divider between data. I believe there is a way to enter this in the formula bar so that it will go to the end of the printing page, but not beyond. When I manually enter several *, it is short of the end of the working page, but extends beyond when in print preview.

Ex: 4 6

4 6
8 12

Also, in Excel 2003, I could go into print preview, and I believe view margins, and it would show the entire page layout and I could modify my data or margins so that it would print 6 pages instead of 8 for example. I could cut off anything that carried over to the next page or move my margins. In Excel 2007, I can view margins, but cannot view and modify whatever is carrying over to the next page to print.



A:Excel 2007 Print * to end of Line

The view you are looking for is called Page Break Preview. This view is located within the View tab.

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For some unknown reason I cannot print my Excel 2007 spreadsheets. This has suddenly occured ,as I have not had that problem in the past. I can print Word docs, Wordpad and from website screens with no problem.
Would be grateful for any help with solving this problem as I have info I need to provide from my Detailed Spreadsheets
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) Dual CPU E2200 @ 2.20GHz, x86 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 13
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3317 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) G33/G31 Express Chipset Family, 128 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 238355 MB, Free - 163268 MB; D: Total - 305168 MB, Free - 202006 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0RY007
Antivirus: Norton 360, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

A:Cannot print Excel 2007 Spreadsheets


welcome to the forum, you shouldn't shout when you're asking a question.
Normal text is readable too and you don't get extra point for a large font.
What type op printer?
How much data is on the sheet?
I have issues too when trying to print it to an old Laser Printer I have and sometimes it just won't.
Maybe toner low (if laser) or a driver problem, when it comes down to Excel sheet formatting and coloutring, etc etc does strange things to a printer.
Try updating thye driver, it helped on my side, not always.

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Does anyone know of a way/hack to cause IE to print pages in Landscape mode, while leaving the default printer settings at Portrait, for all other applications? I searched the archives but came up empty and the only mention found in MS Knowledge Base was that it wasn't supported.


A:Print Landscape in IE 5.x

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If I want to print a document in Landscape form that I have typed in Word , I have gone to Print/Properties/Basics/ and clicked on Landscape and OK, but it still comes out in a vertical format.

How can I get it to come out horiontal or Landscape?


A:I can't print in landscape.

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Here is something that is very strange:

If you click the print preview button in the Quick Access Toolbar and then hit the print button the pages will print out.
Now if you go to the Page Layout Tab, and click the little expand button to view the Page Setup (where you would adjust margins, etc.) then hit the print preview button from there and click the print button it does not print. It does nothing at all, no error message or anything.

I have tried this on several other coworkers computers here at work and the same thing happens. I have Microsoft Office 2007 SP2 (which i believe is the latest for Office 2007). Please let me know if there is a way to fix this.

A:Printing from Print Preview in Excel 2007

Just a follow up, i am still having this problem and it is only happening in Excel. Is this a problem with Microsoft??

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I have Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit on a Samsung laptop. When printing from MS Office, I have no problems with word documents but when using Excel I get a screen appear headed Cannon IJ Preview, displaying a scaled down version of the spreadsheet I want to print. My printer is a Cannon MG5450. The printer properties are set for NO Preview. My version of Excel is Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 SP3.
I have searched for other posible forums but have found none that look helpful.
Any suggestions would be gratefully received.

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If I want to print a document in Landscape format that I have typed in Word, I click on Print/Properties/Basics/Landscape/OK, and it still prints out as vertical or Portrait.

How can I get it to print in horizontal or Landscape format?


A:I can't get printer to print in Landscape.


Check within the Printer Properties settings or Printer Options

When you select Print there will normally be a settings options or similar option.

Ensure you have your page orientation set to Landscap in this as well.



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So I'm working along in a table in Excel that I have set to landscape, and have printed more than once, when all of a sudden the print preview screen only shows portrait. I double checked my page set up and it is still set to landscape but I can't get a landscape view in the print preview and it won't print in landscape. The only different thing I did was mess around with some different footers. It is behaving as if I changed a default or clicked some change. This is strange. Any help would be greatly appreciated it!

A:Excel 2007-is stuck on Portrait, even in print preview.

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My post didn't show up so I'm reposting. I was just working on a table in a spreadsheet that I have been in and out of all day. After adding a new column and playing around with footers, I went to print preview and my view has been changed to portrait even though my page set up is still showing landscape selected. It also will only print in portrait as well. I have never had this happen but I feel like I have done something to lock it into the default portrait setting. I have no idea how to undo this. Please help!

A:Excel 2007-is stuck on Portrait, even in print preview.

Sometimes it takes a second to appear or you need to refresh your browser. Your original post is here: http://forums.techguy.org/business-applications/1056813-excel-2007-stuck-portrait-even.html
Closing duplicate thread.

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I have a Dell 1100 Laser Printer, and hadn't encountered this problem before my old Dell desktop bit the dust, and I replaced it with a Toshiba Satellite A205 laptop. I installed the Dell printer on it (plugs in a USB port, as before), installed the driver I was supplied with the printer, and my daughter is attempting to print documents she created with Open Office writer (from version 2.0). She set them up in landscape format, but they print in portrait. She tries (and I have tried) redoing the page setup to landscape mode, but it still prints in portrait, and when she checks the page setup after printing, it is back in portrait mode. She tried opening the document with MS Word 2002, setting the page setup there as well, with no better success. Any ideas or suggestions?

A:attempting to print landscape format

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My printer is a EPSON stylus 440 and when i try to print on landscape mode it still prints portrait mode what should i do?

A:Printer wont print landscape

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When I finish my excel workbook, I highlight the area to be printed and then click on the "print area' icon. It is now shaded and when I hit CTRL P, It will print but a chart prints first. I do not use charts and would like to know if there is a way for my icon to work and for the charts to not print.

A:excel 2007 print area icon is shaded and will not work

If you haven't resolved this yet, you might want to upload your file for us to see.

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windows 7 home premiun 64 bit.. office professional plus, all software is legit & upto date (service packs 1 & 2)
there are 2 printers, 1 is a samsung mono & prints perfect, instantly
printer 2 is an epson colour claria photo cd printer (forgot the model) 12 mths old.
whenever a document is opened & click print for the epson the program just spins (hangs) for 3-5 mins then prints, or the program is not responding ?
the program is excel or word... all drivers are installed, word has been uninstalled & reinstalled - so has the epson drivers
so, the only problem is printing with the epson ? connected via usb-default printer, the only printer as well....
i've tried everything except a large hammer...
full uninstalls too, including registry... any help or pointers would be well recieved....

A:excel & word 2007 takes 5 mins to print-sometimes 'not responding'...

hello hixx,

The first printer prints well, but the epson takes a long time from what I gather. I just want to say that word/excel becoming "unresponsive" during these printing problems is normal, and is not reflective of problems within those programs. It just means it is taking too long a time to gather information or find the device. It could be the wrong driver for the printer. Did you install the most recent 32 bit driver for it?

Also, within the printing preferences, you can select an option to 'optimize for speed' and/or select print quality as high speed in order to print more quickly.

Under Printer properties, there should be an option to spool print documents, and find an option to "print immediately". See if this helps.

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Hi all !!

Having a problem printing a portrait document with landscape sections. When printing the whole document the few pages that are landscape are printed with half of it missing ?!??!

Is there a setting that i've missed so I can print a doc with both page orientations??

Thanks for any help on the matter.


A:Problem print word doc with landscape sections

Hi juliegill,

you need to insert a SECTION BREAK before each change of Portrait / Landscape page, then use Page Setup for that section to be Portrait / Landcsape appropriately.

Insert / Break / section break type: next page.

File / Page Setup / Margins Orientation:
So: just before a Lanscape page do the above (for Landscape), then do it again before the next Portrait page (for Portrait).

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I was wondering if it was possible to set the print orientation default to landscape from MS Access database. I have a few Macros that are executing queries into a print preview, however these print previews are always portrait. I am able to change the orientation manually but something that could have already set it to landscape would be wonderful. Is this even possible ?

I am doing this from work so I wont be able to mess with the print configurations outside of access. I don't have the 'power' =)


A:MS Access - Changing Print default to Landscape

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I have a chart on excel 2007 which I have put major and minor gridelines on. When I go to print the chart the gridlines do not show on the printed sheet, they are however visible on the "Print Preview". Any suggestions?


A:Major/Minor Gridlines on Excel 2007 Chart wont print!!

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How do I change Windows 7 Paint default print orientation from landscape to portrait? I'm tired of changing the Paint document from Landscape to Portrait EVERY time I use the program. Is there a patch somewhere?

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Friends, I have a report with eight subs. I was trying not to show empty sub, and in subreport also part white.

Resolved, but to place it can shrink and can expand,
for all sections of all subreports also placed time zero for all subreports.
In the event when loading the subreport I repeat this code for each sub:
if Me.Filho0.Report.HasData Then
Me.Filho0.Visible = True
Me.Filho0.Visible = False
end If
In the event if you are not given for each sub I put:
cancel = True
As I open the report it is all empty, but when I print, it prints perfectly, if the sub is no data, shows
and also the sub fully expand.
Only when I open'm not seeing anything.
Thank you.

A:Solved: Report is blank when opened. Print preview ok. Print ok

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Here's some sample data:

I set the option to print gridlines in Page Setup. I get this when I print it:

Let's say that at item 15 it reached the end of the page. So it would continue onto page 2. How would I get it so that it prints like a second column, like this:

I know I could cut/paste the data there, but there may be rows inserted, and I don't want to have to cut/paste all that.
How do I accomplish this?

A:Solved: Excel: Print Down, Across, Down ?

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Hello, here's my problem:
I bought my laptop which came with Vista Home Premium SP1 and with Office 2007 60 days-trial version SP1. I installed Acrobat Pro and updated to the version 8.0. The Acrobat buttons in the Office applications never worked, so I created my PDFs printing with the "Acrobat PDF Converter" printer.

Everything worked fine until November when the Office trial period expired.
I started working with OpenOffice without problems (by the way, the Acrobat
buttons in OpenOffice did work). Three months later I get tired of OpenOffice
and I bought the Office 2007 license. I entered the 25 digits key and
activated my product without problems.

Only then I realized that I couldn?t print in any office application. I
couldn?t even print in WordPad or IE7! I also noticed that the Excel charts
disappeared after I move them to their own sheet.
I recently read that some guy had a similar problem (see link below), he
later claimed that the problem was related to the office printer drivers and
the print spooler. He was able to solve this issue but he never explained how
he accomplished this.


Could anyone tell me what could be my problem?... Read more

A:[SOLVED] Can't print after Office 2007 activation

hi you could take a look at these one may be a help http://www.google.co.uk/search?hl=en...ce+2007+&meta=

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I have a form with a subform on it. When I try to do a preview before I print it, the subform won't show up? I can't find a setting or anthing to make this happen. Have any idea's??? This is Access 2007.


A:Solved: Can't print Subform in Access 2007?

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Yesterday my black ink cartridge on my Canon i850 printer ran dry so I replaced it with a brand new cartridge. Now whenever I try to print, the color portion of the page prints fine, but the black doesn't print at all. For example, I printed a webpage and the color graphics came out okay, but the black text portion didn't show up.

I'm wondering if the new cartridge may be faulty. It certainly appears that I've installed it correctly, the same way I've done many times before. Since this problem arose immediately after I changed cartridges I don't believe I have a hardware problem or a printer driver problem. I have a spare black cartridge which I could try, but I don't particularly want to open a second brand new cartridge.

I would greatly appreciate hearing from anyone who might be able to solve my problem.

Thank you.

A:Solved: Why does color print okay, but BLACK doesn't print at all?

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I am having problems printing from Excel. I can print from any other program. The printer (HP D1530), sounds like it is about to print and then...nothing. When I go into "print" it shows my printer in the selected printer line, but nothing happens. The only thing I see is that it does not have a check mark in the box like it does in Word when I print. This is the default printer on this computer for all applications. I did get a message saying that the printer might not be compatible with XP; i wonder if this is why... can I fix this somehow? thanks in advance!

A:Solved: Can't print Excel Files

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I need to compare the names of tables located on four sheets in workbook Tabledesign.xls in cell J4 to the names in workbook TableList.xls. I then need to export the Tablespace, Initial, and Next information seperate notepad document with the table name taken from Tabledesign.xls.

Tablelist.xls looks like this with the table names starting in cell c4.

TableName..................... TableSpace.................. Initial.............. Next
PS_NFS_JK_MAIN..............NFSPRJ ........................1M................. 1M
PS_NFS_JK_HITO..............NFSPRJ........................ 40K................ 20K
PS_NFS_JK_TAIJIN........... NFSPRJ........................ 2M................ 1M
PS_NFS_HOSPITAL_MS..... NFSPRJ........................ 40K............... 20K
PS_NFS_JK_TAIBUTSU...... NFSPRJ........................ 40K............... 20K
PS_NFS_JK_SHARYO......... NFSPRJ........................ 40K............... 20K

A:Solved: Excel VB Find Print

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I'm thinking there was a function for this in early versions of Excel, but is there a way to print a spreadsheet with the formulas printed out, not the reults? I guess one could copy and paste from the formula line, but I was thinking there was once a print option for this.

A:Solved: Excel print the formula

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I have a problem with Excel 2003 printing what I see and want from the screen.

Ok, I have a works rota which in total having year 2012,2013 and 2014 on 6 worksheets. Each sheet has runs from January to June and from July to December.

Column A has employees total hols taken to date, Col. B has the employee ID number,Col C has the names, Columns D to GE has the 7 day calender from 31st Dec to 1st July. Each of the columns uses in total 18 lines, where the date, day and when the employee is down to be on duty.

Columns A to C are frozen so the sheet can be slid to any period from 31st Dec to 1st July to read the rota.

Page Setup is set as Landscape, scaling 70% and paper A4.
Sheet, Print tiltles Rows to repeat at top: $1:$3
Columns to repeat at left: $B:$C
Print area: B:AI

Ok now the problem:-

If I highlight the area I want to print, which could be from say column BM to whichever coulmn CQ and all 18 lines. This would show the ID's, names and calender from 1st March to 31st March.

If I then ask to print, it prints 31st Dec to 31st Jan. with the ID's, names, calender and rota.and the print preview shows the same.

I have played around with the settings in the Print area with no joy. All 6 sheets are of the same format covering from 2012 to 2014. I did have it working ok some years ago without having to change to print area etc.

Any clues of where I'm going wrong.


A:Solved: Excel - Print problem

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Just recently one of my computers decided it wasn't going to print excel or word documents. I received an e-mail with an excel table attached and tried to print it. The print box opens ok and the printer starts after I click print, but when the printer is done there is no ink on the page. The same happened when I copied the excel table to a word doc. I tried to print from an original excel doc I created as well as a word doc and the same thing happens. I am able to print fine from other programs and a test page prints fine too. I deleted the driver and reinstalled from XP as the printer's site says to use the XP driver. Is there a setting in Windows office or in XP that I need to set? Have run out of ideas.

A:Solved: Can't print from excel or word

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So thank you all for at least looking at my question.

I have a command button that when clicked runs the following

Private Sub commandbutton1_click()

Sheets("Printout").Visible = True
Sheets("Printout").Visible = False

This works great it unhides a sheet named "Printout" then prints and rehides. Using the default printer selected for that machine.

So the problem has been brought to my attention that the end user wants the ability to select the printer before printing. So I thought it was an easy fix. (Maybe it is and I don’t know it). What I did was the following
Private Sub commandbutton1_click()

Sheets("Printout").Visible = True
Sheets("Printout").Visible = False

This now shows the available printers but I never get a printout.

Could someone please help!

Thank you so very much,


Oh....HI BOMB!!!

A:Solved: Print Function using VB via Excel

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I know you can create a rule in outlook to print off email automatically when it comes in from a specific address, but I get email with attachments from the same address and I need it to print off the attachment instead of or even with the body of the email. Do I need to create a custom action for this? And if so how would I go about doing that?

A:Solved: Outlook 2007 auto print attachment

Ok so I got it to work. What I did was:
1. Create a rule to auto print off the email
2. Set up outlook to print off the attachment (check box on print screen)
Now it prints the email AND the attachment.

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Whenever I print to the shared printer on my Windows 7 desktop, the print job will just sit in the print queue. If I stop and then start the print spooler, the job will print. It happens from an XP laptop. Print jobs sent from the local Windows 7 computer print just fine.
How can i solve this one ? :(

This issue with some particular laptop running windows Xp and windows 7 Home

A:Whenever I print to the shared printer he print job will just sit in the print queue

So, the Windows 7 Desktop has the printer physically attached to it and it's shared?
And the XP laptop is sharing the printer through the network? If I understand you correctly?
If so, on the XP Laptop, go to Start/Run and type devmgmt.msc and press enter. Are there any devices with yellow flags? Or Under Universal Serial Bus Controllers is there an Unknown Device? Or any listings for the printer? If so, right click it and Uninstall it. Now go to Start/Run and type appwiz.cpl and press enter. In the Add Remove Programs uninstall any drivers or software for the printer. Now,go to Printers and Faxes, and if the printer icons is there, Right click the shared printer icon and Delete it. And Restart the computer. Now when the computer comes back up, go to the printer manufacturers support/download drivers site and type in the model# for the printer and download the driver for the printer for XP and install it. Now, go to Start/Run and type the computer name of the Windows 7 machine (ex) \\ComputerName and press enter. A window should open up with the shared drives on the 7 computer, with the shared printer. Right click the shared printer and choose Connect. This will add the printer to Printers and Faxes again. Right click this printer/Properties and print a Test Page.

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I have a User who receives an excel spreadsheet via email froman external vendor.
when she saves the file to our server, then opens the XLS she gets a " printer setup" dialogue window. however when I open it from the same location I do not get the printer window.

on checking her printer settings she has a printer set up, and her printer has the same settings as I have,as far asModel, printer type, paper orientation and paper size.

can anyone suggest what else i may need to check for to resolve this issue.
I have considered removing all printers and see what result that has.

also could something be being saved in the document before we receive it that would be expecting a particular setup or printer when the file is opened?
(please be gentle with me this is my first posting,and i may not have covered)

A:Solved: Excel 2003 print setup pop up

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I have design a macro to open up print preview for a particular area, as such:
Sub PrintSteelTables()

'PrintSteelTables Macro

ActiveSheet.PageSetup.PrintArea = "$A$1:$M$59"
With ActiveSheet.PageSetup

' .LeftHeader = ""
' .CenterHeader = ""
' .RightHeader = ""
' .LeftFooter = ""
' .CenterFooter = ""
' .RightFooter = ""
' .LeftMargin = Application.InchesToPoints(0.75)
' .RightMargin = Application.InchesToPoints(0.75)
' .TopMargin = Application.InchesToPoints(0.5)
' .BottomMargin = Application.InchesToPoints(0.5)
' .HeaderMargin = Application.InchesToPoints(0.2)
' .FooterMargin = Application.InchesToPoints(0.2)
' .PrintHeadings = "The Aluminium Lighting Company - Cost Analysis"
' .PrintGridlines = False
' .PrintComments = xlPrintNoComments
' .PrintQuality = 0
' .CenterHorizontally = False
' .CenterVertically = False
' .Orientation = xlPotrait
' .Draft = False
' .PaperSize = xlPaperA4
' .FirstPageNumber = xlAutomatic
' .Order = xlDownThenOver
' .BlackAndWhite = False
' .Zoom = False
' .FitToPagesWide = 2
' .FitToPagesTall = 2
End With
End Sub

My issue is that the number rows needed might alter depending on the inputs into the original table. Currently it is down to 59, which is 9 plus the 50 years of data. i wo... Read more

A:Solved: Problem with print macro in excel

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Having a bit of diffuculty with Excel 2000. When I click the print preview button, Excel hangs. All the shortcut and menu bars at the top go gray and the entire computer hangs. Eventually I get a DOS-looking message that says "The system is dangerously low on resources" and I have to click on close. I found this on the MS Knowledgebase:


But the symptoms for that problem are for when Excel is opened. I can successfully open documents, and even edit and print them, but Print Preview crashes everything. This is running Windows 98 SE with Office 2000 Professional. I recently upgraded the RAM to 192Mb. I plan on running a Windows Update tommorrow morning while the computer is free. Any ideas? Thanks.

A:Solved: Excel Crashes on Print Preview

>> But the symptoms for that problem are for when Excel is opened

Sure, but there are reports that bloated xlb can be the culprit for Print Preview crash. It won't hurt to (with Excel closed) search for it, then rename it, then open Excel to generate a fresh one.

And/or try a re-reg:

Start > Run > "Excel /regserver" (without the quotes but with the space).


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Is there an easy way to print out only the even numbered rows? I've copied and pasted some info into an excel worksheet (a lot of information) but when it get pasted in it's obviously not formatted correctly. Well, I've dealt with all of the formatting except for the fact that the data is in all the even-numbered cells only. Since I have to print this out I would prefer that the document isn't twice as long as it needs to be.

So I need either one of two solutions: How to delete the odd-numbered cells, or how to print out the even ones.

Any help would be greatly appreciated =).



A:Solved: Excel 2k3: Print only even numbered rows?

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