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Need a program that can capture PCM and Mic, and share it with another PC online

Q: Need a program that can capture PCM and Mic, and share it with another PC online

Basically I am looking for a high end form of Skype, but because there are only two computers needed with this, I don't need any "middle-men" and the bad latency.

I am trying to collaborate with another musician. We've seen websites where you can pay something like 10 dollars a month to have live jam sessions with each other online but it's more ideal for groups of 4 people. We both have high speed connections and I figured there's got to be a free 2-person oriented alternative we could use to directly connect to each other over the web while achieving high audio quality and low latency. Any ideas?

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Preferred Solution: Need a program that can capture PCM and Mic, and share it with another PC online

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Hi All,
  I have very strange issue with DFS share access. I got few sites and two dfs servers. share freeze for all the locations.

  I have captured the client and server and share the capture.
Server Side
Client Side
 Pls help me to identify the issues.


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What's the best way to capture, save, and then edit online videos such as on YouTube, news clips, etc.?
It doesn't need to be free, but it needs to be fairly easy to use. I am not a professional videographer. I just want to capture some short videos and then be able to edit out the parts I don't want.
I already have SnagIt. It is able to capture the videos, but I couldn't figure out how to wave the captures video as a .wav file or equivalent. It seems to want me to also buy Camtasia at $200 to be able to edit them. That's a little more than I wanted to spend for something that I will only use a few times and only use for simple editing.
What do you all use and recommend?

A:Best way to capture, save, and edit online videos?

i recently started using Lightworks to edit my videos, it was difficult to learn at first but if your patient and take the time to learn it, it becomes very user friendly and easy to use, i very highly recommend it....
here is my thread about it.......
link to download lightworks....
if your using a windows computer you could also use Windows Movie Maker, its a very simple program to use but doesn't have as many features as Lightworks and it has limits on video formats.....one example is it will not accept videos recorded in MP4 format and thats one of the main reason i went to Lightworks

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Looking for online typing program or online note-taking program online can be used on any computer with internet connection?

Does anyone know of some thing online similar to Google Docs? That has typing program or note-taking program online?

I'm looking for a basic typing program or note-taking program similar to Google Docs.

Must be some other companies out there like Google Docs that has typing program or note-taking program.

I tried EverNotes but I did not like the program. The free one you can only have it on two computers. And it saves it every where not just the cloud!!

And I did not want to go with Google or Yahoo. I did not care for the Microsoft online office programs.

Not sure if OpenOffice or LibreOffice has online cloud office suite.

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Hi all,

I have got an access database which need to share with 2 other people in different locations. I could do with making it so that they can not edit the database but they can use it and all of its features.

I have looked at dropbox but they dont currently dont have the function to make it read only for shared members.

Is there another service that anybody knows of, dont currently have a web server on site so an only service is needed.

Thank you for reading all suggestions will be great.


A:Share database online without overwriting

JP, if dropbox meets your internet sharing requirements you can set up the User Level Security to have those other 2 users with Read Only permissions.

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I'm looking for a free, clutter-less program that I can install on my Desktop computer (Win XP) and my Laptop (Win XP Media Center) that will allow me to share and browse multiple folders between those two computers. It would need to be password protected, obviously, to avoid others gaining access to my files (ideally, ONLY that laptop should be able to gain access to the shared folders, and vice versa).

Can anyone recommend a program that will accomplish that?


A:Share Files/Folders Online

Hi and Welcome to TSF

File and Printer Sharing

You can network them together and set it up to access any folder you wish.



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Wow, if I didn't see on my computer that all the pictures from an online book were now in my computer, I would say this did not happen and could not happen but all of the pictures from an online book did somehow get captured into my computer.

I am baffled as to how this happened?

Now, I collect pictures from books that are online and that are in the public domain, into my computer but normally just one at a time.

I.e. just right click and save.

Now, I just saw that a book I was doing this w previously, somehow, unbeknown to me, ALL of the pictures - every single one - are on my computer????

I have searched help for Microsoft Office Picture Manager for windows but can't find anything.

Then, I was thinking somehow maybe it happened when I was in Sony Movie Studio 13 platinum but can't find anything in there either.

I know if you click on the globe you are suppose to be able to capture things from the internet but I can't figure out how to do that so I prob did not capture all the pictures from the book that way.

I would almost think I did not capture all of the pics from the book, that it could not possibly be done, but they are all in my computer?

Does anyone know how this happens?

It would be useful to be able to do this w other books.

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I recently faced a dilemma. I had three ZIP archives with pictures & videos I took during the trip that I wanted to share with a group of people. Sizes of those files were as follows:

1. 93 MB
2. 240 MB
3. 70 MB

I first tried uploading it to major cloud service providers (Google Drive, Microsoft's Skydrive) but even though uploading those files was not a problem, downloading them was. A user on the other end was required to sign up for an appropriate service (Google or Microsoft account) to be able to download them.

So in light of that I became interested to find out if there's a service that would allow me to share my files without the need for people on the other end (downloaders) to sign up for any service?

A:Easy way to share large files online?

They all make you sign up for something these days, Drop box might work better for you but that is hard to say for certain. https://www.dropbox.com/

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It's easy with Microsoft Office Live Workspace

Read more -
Store and share documents online for free | Microsoft Office Live Workspace

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Hi everyone,
I would like to know everyone's opinion about safety of online banking and shoping etc. I have started this online banking very recently and after all the security arrangement still a bit worried about it.

My bank ( actually every bank in india )send a security number instantly into my registered mobile no in every step of the transaction and i have to put it to successfully do the transfer. So even my security arrangement fail and somebody do able to get the id and password still they wont be able to do anything since they wont have my mobile phone with them,isn't it? or am i missing some obvious point?

Between i use avast safezone for this. I upgraded specifically for this purpose. My vote goes to "not sure"

Please share your views.

A:Share your opinion about safety of online banking

It's a very effective precaution, but the best thing you can do is not to lose your login/password in the first place and to use a strong password with all kinds of special characters and no plain readable words (these would be vulnerable to a classic dictionary attack).

Other than that, as long as you keep the OS and browser up to date and patched, I think online banking is perfectly safe. Just beware of phishing scams and doublecheck you're on the real website of your bank. I needn't mention the obligatory SSL encryption of course.

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I remember hearing somewhere that you shouldn't share your desktop (Windows, Linux , Mac, etc) user-name online. Is this true? If so what are the risk?

A:Is it dangerous to share your desktop user-name online?

No risk what so ever, unless your name is "C:\Users\MyLittlePonyBoyRocksMyWorld\Pictures\MylittlePonyPictures" and you are a dude!

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I tried to email my cousin a small dictionary (4.98 mb) but securities prevent executable files.

Can I store files & programs online to share with others?.

Must be a simple & free service.

Thanks, Nick

A:how to store files & programs online to share with others

For large files you can use a service like Yousendit but you're going to run into problems trying to transfer exe files.


What I've done in the past is rename an exe file to something like txt, then name it back after it's received.

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I remember hearing somewhere that you shouldn't share your desktop (Windows, Linux , Mac, etc) user-name online. Is this true? If so what are the risk?

A:Is it dangerous to share your desktop user-name online?

No risk what so ever, unless your name is "C:\Users\MyLittlePonyBoyRocksMyWorld\Pictures\MylittlePonyPictures" and you are a dude!

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I will be attending a series of one on one webinars, starting late next week. I expect them to last thru Dec.& be between 30 min.& 2hrs. each. Screen sharing will utilized thru "Go To Meeting". Screen info/format will consist of live financial charts & techniques, etc. To this point, we have been using the telephone for communication. I would really like to archive these sessions for future reference,(at least the screen portion, but also audio if possible) I am completely in the dark as to how to go about doing this. Any help would greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance, rocky26

A:Choosing a web capture program

If the presenters are using GoToMeeting they have the ability to record their sessions themselves. Ask them for a copy of the recorded session.

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I need a program that will allow me to capture video from a DVD and save it in a format that will allow me to put it in a Power Point presentation.
Anyone know what to use to do this?

A:Video Capture Program

Check this out: http://www.flydragonsoft.com/Mpeg-converter.htm

After you convert from mpeg to avi, you will probably want to re-render in a format that Power Point supports.

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Any postings on this thread would be greatly appreciated. I have been telling myself there is a way to capture video, using Vega, w/ out a cap card. I have been told I'm crazy.... AM I? Or is there a way?

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that will let you cut out a section of your desktop (by freehand)?

Most screen capture programs that I've seen will capture the whole screen or an active window or rectangular area but I haven't seen any that allow you to FREEHAND SELECT an area.

If anyone can reccomend a program that does this, I would appreciate it very much.



A:Anyone know if a SCREEN CAPTURE program...

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THis has probably been covered but I can not find it. What programs or hardware do I need to do screencaptures? I have Nero 7

A:Capture program for videos

If it is just a simple screen capture, then you can use the print screen button on your keyboard to make one then open it in paint to save it. Note that Windows XP uses video overlay, I think, so this method might not work correctly if you have that OS.

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i just installed windows XP professional and my video capture program doesn't work. when running, everthing seems to work untill i go to play the video i just recorded and it doesn't have any video or sound. i have a ATI all in wonder radeon AGP. whats the deal? help

A:(Solved) Capture Program

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Hey, Sorry If this is the wrong forum to post this on

Basicaly i was wondering if there was a program out there that took screnshots
like the Ctrl+printscreen key, but when you pressed the hotkey to take a picture,
nothing popped up, say "you have taken a picture" or, "save picture?"
Or anyhting else that would close out of a directX/ computer game.

A:Screen Capture Program

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I found a program to capture the BIOS where you could save it to disc, etc., but it does not work for XP. Of course I could be misreading the program as to what it does. It was on the tinyapps.com site.
Anyone know of such a program for XP, or should I just break out the pen and paper?
Thanks in advance.

A:BIOS capture program?


Can you remember what the program was called?

Have you tried pressing the Print Screen key? Got this off the newsgroups:

To print screen when in the BIOS (a very useful piece of information
to save prior to battery failure), power up your machine and after it is
in the DOS prompt (and has sent a reset command to the printer),
reboot (Ctrl-Alt-Del) and then hit DEL for the bios. Now your printer
should work OK.Click to expand...



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I want to capture at least 10-15 minutes of video from call of duty 2. but none of the software i've seen is free, or can take that much video without cutting it into a million little segments.

for example, FRAPS, or something like that is a no-go. i need something better. does ANYONE have any suggestions? nothing i saw in the downloads section was any better than fraps.

A:Does anyone know a good video capture program?

you could try snag-it = there used to be a free or trial version out there.

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I've been looking for a video capture program.

I need a freeware that can record a video for about an hour or two without crashing. It should be able to stop recording at a designated time [or amount of time]. Also, should be able to record efficiently and compress.

It's important that it can stop recording when I need it to without being there.

Thanks, let me know if you know of any.

A:Solved: Video Capture Program

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Please read before you mod alert me!

This is my first post on this site, so please bear with me.

First, I will tell you what my problem is. I have stayed up overnight many times in order to TRY to win a sweepstakes or a "Get it now" promotion. I am getting very sick and tired of these people beating me. I click the button the SECOND it becomes available, and guess what? I have NEVER won. Once you experience it many times, you will feel the frustration I am feeling.

I was taught, "If you can't be them, then play their own game." I was wondering if anybody knew how to set up a computer program that will allow me to win for ONCE. Even if they're aren't any instructions, a link will be sufficient.

Thanks and remember, please don't mod alert me!


A:How to write a program to capture a sweepstakes?

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Throughout the forums I have noticed several posts that have a nice screen shot with arrows,etc. I would love to have a program that does that but haven't had much luck with my searches, besides that, I'm just plain lazy. Here's an example shot of what I mean.

A:I would like suggestions for screen capture program

Paint !

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I don't know what kind of audio file it is, but it is a seemingly constant loop of sound...about 30 seconds that "plays" in a never ending loop.

I'm not sure about the duration and it might be more or less(and recording more than one "loop" would be OK)...but I'd like to capture it to my hard drive as an audio file.

What programs could I use to do that?

Does anyone know of any?

A:Is there a program to capture audio from a website?

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I tried using "Any Capture Screen", [sic] and it has some sort of conflict with my particular player. The player is an ATI DVD-ROM, but I don't know much else about it unless I opened the computer case. I'm don't ever open my comp unless I really need to anyway.

The issue is that it likes to capture several frames after the initial frame.

If anyone knows of a good and hopefully free screen capture program that can convert captures to most formats (like JPG, PNG; etc) please let me know.

It'd be nice to have control over a specific frame of a movie instead of hoping someone else had something similar in mind.

Oh yeah, and it's gotta be free of spyware, adware, malware, errrr....tupperware and yea.

A:What's a good, free screen capture program?

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Can someone tell me how I can download the audio portion of an internet video so I can burn it to a CD.
I'd like to listen to the audio portion of a video in my car, and I don't want to take the time to watch a video to get the info I need.
Most of the stuff I watch is a guy just standing a podium and giving a lecture, so no video is needed.

Any thoughts?

Naturally a free program would be best!

A:Need program to capture audio only from internet video's ?

audacity from sourceforge will record most things on a PC and write MP3 or WAV.


You will also need to download the Lame decoder to write MP3.

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There is an application which download few files. I want to know the download link of those files. Can you tell me how you do. I know nothing about wireshark but know it can work.

Or suggest me something else.

A:How to capture traffic for a specific program using wireshark?

Before you jump into Wireshark, have you tried Resource Monitor's Network tab?

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Hi all.

I've been looking in vain for a good (free) screen capture program that can resize in centimetres.

SnagIt! isn't bad, but there is no option for resizing your capture to centimetre values - only in pixels.

Also I want to be able to shrink a paragraph of text without this causing loss of resolution.

Thanks for any help. If you don't know of a free version, then let me know the pay version.

A:I Need A Good Free Screen Capture Program

If you don't find one, what about using a Pixels (X) to Centimeters Conversion Calculator?My quick initial search did not come up with one. I'll look again when I'm not so caffiene deprived.

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Hi. There's a program called Freecorder 4.1 that I used it for a few years, but I had to uninstall it while getting checked for rootkits. Now when I try to reinstall it, the setup menu of the Freecorder installer, a little Windows message box that's empty except for a red X appears, and the top says "irresult". Then it just stops responding. Then, after a moment, the setup window progresses to the user agreement, but it's blank, there's no words, and no agree/disagree buttons!
In case this needs mentioning, due to said rootkit problems, I repair-installed XP for a second time in the past year.

A:Setup for Video Capture Program Stops Responding

Is there any way to fix this?

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Hello all.....I was wondering if anyone new a good program for Capture, edit, and make movies. I have been using the Pinnacle Studio 10 Plus and I HATE it!! The random shut downs just kill me. My husband is going to the store today to buy me a new program and if anyone could help me point him in the right direction, that would be great.

Also, if anyone has a JVC Hard drive camera, I need your help. I don't know if I have the settings wrong or what because my video just doesn't come out good. I am ready to go out and get a new camcorder with tapes again.
So if anyone could help me with that I will be so happy.

Thank you,

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I would like some suggestions for a desktop video & sound capture program...

Have tried loads and loads today, Free & trial versions...many free ones have 3 minute limits or watermarks etc etc...

I need to capture some video & audio from a website...The video is 11-12 minutes long...Ideally i would like a small window ( not recorded ) showing status...and use a hot key to start end recording, or a timer would be even better.

Prefer a free program, but can pay if its to get what i need....many programs that accept a URL only accept from a list....which mine falls outside of


A:suggestions for a desktop video & sound capture program

You may try Expression Encoder 4 from Microsoft And Audacity.

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ya basically what my title said im trying to find a program that will do that i have looked into beyond tv and christv with no help. im just looking for something that might just play whats on the screen and not record or anything because all my programs only detect my video coax cable that plays the tv thanks.

A:a program that will capture video from svideo and composite ports

Look here -> http://www.videolan.org/ it may do what you want and it is free.
In any case it is a superbly powerful media player and does format conversion as well

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Does anyone know of any? So far I have found SpyScreen 3.5 which doesnt work, and a couple others from Cnet, Tucows, which also dont work (and want to install toolbars etc.). I know free is free, but if anyone can recommend a good one that would be great!

A:Good free keylogger/screen capture program?

I don`t think anybody here would like Discussing about keyloggers.......
This forum is infact helps people identify such software so that they can remove it from the PC not install it......
Curious but why do you need a Keylogger ?(Other than Stealing info.)

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Hi, I have a digital camera and have used Windows movie maker to piece together a home "movie".What I like to do is burn it to a dvd preferably to NTSC format, by a software program, and I would like this software program to allow me to make chapters and allow an option not to close the disc. I have tried Total video2dvd and VSO: Total video burned to a disc but the playback stuttered, VSO no pic.I was wondering what users have found that was good. Don't mind paying a small fee (~$40)THANKSMattEdited topic title for clarity-MG

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I was using Zscreen but it is really badly coded and used to take 20 seconds too launch, now it wont launch at all and latest version has errors in it for me.... its terrible program which is shame as its very usefull

can anyone recommend a similar program?

I would like to be able to crop screenshot out and have it auto-uploaded to an image host ...if possible


A:can any1 recommend a screenshot capture program that has crop/upload

Have a look in following

Screenshot Captor
ScreenHunter Free
Some of these has photo editing tools including cropping. I am not sure about uploading. Anyway I haven't used any of this but I am sure these are good because all the software has good "editor ratings"

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Has anyone heard of a program called "NO SHARE" ? ( It is found on GRC site by Steve gibson). If you are familiar with it , can you tell me about it? Thank you. YOYO.

A:What Is The Program: "no Share"

^ JFI --> from net search : pls see Link

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So, here's the situation:

I'm currently trying to help a business set up their client-management program to work in two separate locations on two different high speed connections. On a LAN, the program essentially runs in two separate instances from the same executable. I'm not able to transfer the program itself, because the license does not carry over to the second computer; so basically, I have to run it from a shortcut to the primary PC.

My question is this: does anybody have an idea to run the program (as a shortcut or some type of server) from this location to the primary location, in a similar manner as the LAN computer using the shortcut?

A:Program share outside LAN?

I suggest they buy the proper multi-user version of the application. There are a multitude of issues trying to run a program installed on one machine over the network on another machine!

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I was hoping one of you knew how I could share a DVD Drive over the internet. I know that I can set up a network and share the DVD Drive but it cannot play an actual DVD movie. How do you think I would be able to do this? When I try and run it, it opens up instead of playing and trying to play the video_ts.ifo is VERY glitchy. There must be a better way. Perhaps if you could mount a Video_TS folder that might work.

A:Program to allow DVD Drive Share

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Can anyone tell me the best prson to person file sharing program
that is reasonably secure.

it is so that i can share files with a freind without having to search through hundreds of other users to find them over the internet.

i have been looking for days now and have had no luck whatsoever, Any help with this problem would be massively welcomed by myself and the freind i am trying to share the files with.

As said before the kind of program i am talking about is one where we could directly connect, or one where we could easily find each other, maybe just by typing in username ect.....

A:The best file share program ??????

the easiest way to do what you want is to set up an FTP Server.

FTP is secure if you make sure that you assign accounts and not set it up as anonymous!

many different FTP Programs out there! F-Serv seems to be one of the most popular!

check out Downloads.com or TUCOWS.

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Program opens ok but under status it keeps telling that it cannot connect to server.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) II X4 635 Processor, AMD64 Family 16 Model 5 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 5879 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 4200, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 941818 MB, Free - 855974 MB; D: Total - 11752 MB, Free - 94 MB;
Motherboard: FOXCONN, 2A92
Antivirus: PC Cleaners, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Disabled

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Hi all

Just curious to know if there is an app out there that can enable and disable a group of shares under one button? Or is this wishful thinking?

Thanks in advance

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I saw a commercial on TV last night and went to the website, but it didn't give specifics unless you download the software first. I do not want it if it is like kazaa or morpheus. The commercial said it was completely legal, how does it work?

A:Is Rhapsody a P2P file share program?

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cant connect to the internet with any other program besides internet exployer

A:share program connection problems

You'll have to give more information, TerryAzul. At the least your Operating System and what your exact problem is.

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My business had been using TeamViewer for awhile but my boss isn't happy with it, so I was tasked with finding a new screen share program. After a lot of research I chose Glance, which has worked very well for us.
Two weeks ago, however, it was brought to my attention that we now need a program that can provide remote login in addition to screen share. I can't find a lot of information about this, and most sources point back to TeamViewer. Are there any alternative programs to help me out?

A:Screen share/remote login program

RemotelyAnywhere is what we use here, and it works well.https://secure.remotelyanywhere.com/template.asp?page=home

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