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Looking for Windows Home Server-like network backup solution with bare-metal restore.

Q: Looking for Windows Home Server-like network backup solution with bare-metal restore.

I have been using WHS for the past week or so, and I really love its potential. The problem I'm having with it at the moment is that certain computers' backups seem to fail inexplicably, and so far I haven't been able to figure out why. If I can, I'd love to stay with WHS.

If I can't get WHS to work reliably, then I'm looking for a good alternative backup solution for my ~10 Windows computers. Here's what I would like:

* Management from one central location. I love how I can install the Windows Home Server Console on each client computer, and then I can manage all of the backups from one place. It's much easier than running around to each computer to configure the backups.

* Single-instance storage or deduplication. A huge potential HDD space saver, when you have a lot of wasted space with two computers backing up the exact same file.

* Bare-metal restore. Again, I love how WHS makes it easy to restore using a boot CD and a network connection. That way, in the event of a client hard drive dying, I just pop a new drive into the computer, reload the image, and we're back to normal without having to worry about reinstalling Windows, software, drivers, et cetera.

* Price! WHS is a steal at roughly $100 with support for up to 10 computers. Seems many client-server backup programs can easily cost $400 or $500, and that's a little steep for me at the moment.

I would prefer to run Windows on the server, but if the best solution was something with a server running Linux, I would be willing to do that.

Any suggestions?

Preferred Solution: Looking for Windows Home Server-like network backup solution with bare-metal restore.

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Looking for Windows Home Server-like network backup solution with bare-metal restore.

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Acronis have just released add-on for Home True Image named Plus Pack which includes enterprise features - well, yes, it costs money, but as for me - the universal restore worth it! What is in Plus Pack:-Restore to Dissimilar Hardware - allows to restore your data regardless of hardware-Dynamic Disk Support - backup ad restore dynamic volumes-WinPE Support - integrates latest MS drivers, apps & plugins on your bootable mediaHere is the link to the addon - Plus PackAnd its data sheet

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Acronis have just released add-on for Home True Image named Plus Pack which includes enterprise features - well, yes, it costs money, but as for me - the universal restore worth it! What is in Plus Pack:

-Restore to Dissimilar Hardware - allows to restore your data regardless of hardware
-Dynamic Disk Support - backup ad restore dynamic volumes
-WinPE Support - integrates latest MS drivers, apps & plugins on your bootable media

Here is the link to the addon - Plus Pack
And its data sheet

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I am looking for a Win 7 backup and restore program that can do the ff.

1. Do an image backup which can be used for a recovery (in case the system won't load or some program won't run) or a bare-metal install (if the HD has to be replaced or reformatted);

2. Do a scheduled incremental file backup based on what was added or changed since the image backup or the previous incremental backup; in addition to the bare-metal install from the image backup, all incremental file backups can be restored, bringing the system back to the state from the last incremental backup;

3. If the backup disk is filled to a certain percentage (say, 80 pct), then the image backup is deleted and a new one is made. If the new image backup is successful, then all incremental backups are deleted. New incremental backups will be based on the new image backup.

4. One also has the option to schedule both the image backup (e.g., every month, every six months, every year, etc.) and the incremental backups (e.g., daily, weekly, etc.).

A free program that can use a network drive as a backup is preferable.

A:Backup Program with Bare-Metal Install and Incremental Features

Windows 7 Backup and Restore.

We have tutorials on its use.

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Hey community. I was hoping for some clarification. I am use to working with VMWare ESXi VSphere for hypervisors. So I have been labbing for my MCSA and I notice alot of the context of MCSA material describes installing an instance of Windows Server 2016,
and then turning that into a Hyper-V Server. What I did was I installed Hyper-V Server 2016 on my ProLiant. Is there any reason why I would not want to do this ? I had to reference alot of white papers, manuals, eventually blogs, and I think a youtube video
or two before I could manage it from my remote PC. It involved adding the target computer via power shell, customizing the hosts file, adding the server within the PC's computer configuration I forget what exactly. I also had to disable the firewall on the
Hyper-V Server 2016 before the Hyper-V Server 2016 hosted on the ProLiant started appearing in my Hyper-V Manager from my Windows 10 Pro machine.

However I was listening to this gentleman's youtube video.
and he explains that Hyper-V Server is meant to be installed as a bare metal Hypervisor which is what I did do but because i was accustomed to working with VMWare SAN's that are the same way where you install the Hypervisor on the host machine and start
spinning up virtual machines. However I noticed i got some updates on the Hyper-V-Server 2016 the other day and not all of them wanted to install ... I believe some of the updates were for Windows so it went int... Read more

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A:100TB Servers | Dedicated Bare Metal Server Hosting


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Hi, I built a new PC running 8.1, GPT, UEFI secure boot mode, everything. I'm now at the point where I'm ready to start migrating my data to it, but before I do that, I need to get some backup software that offers me the option to boot from a recovery CD and restore from an image file backup stored elsewhere. Until I've wiped this install & restored successfully, I don't consider it a usable machine. I already have this setup working on my Win7, but for some reason that software is not working with 8.1.

So I'm looking around for something new, and I'm on a trial of Paragon Backup and Recovery Home 12. It says I can create a WinPE disk (and I must use this, since I'm using Intel firmware-based RAID) that will allow me to do a bare-metal restore. The help takes me to a link on their website for something called the "Paragon Boot Media Builder." And there's documentation on it, but I can't find out how to download it. If I Google downloading that, a bunch of pirate websites show up & not much else.

Is their help & website outdated, is there another of their products that I must buy to get this?? Very unclear.

Or does anyone have any other suggestions? I'm not really not interested in purchasing anything until I've verified it is solid & will work in the manner I described above. I don't trust untested backups.

A:bare-metal restore of 8.1 in UEFI secure boot mode

Paragon 12 has no support for Windows 8.1.
Paragon update to 14
Paragon 14, Out November 2013.
Hard Disk Manager Suite ? complete system management | PARAGON Software Group - disk partitioning, resize partition
Paragon Hard Disk Manager Professional - Overview

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just ran a Veeam bare metal retstore to a new hard drive.   realtek wifi adapter shows properly installed, but no connections are available.  network trouble shooter says wifi adapter failed. replacing orignal drive results in a perfectly working wifi connection.Realtek RTL8188EE Wireless LAN 802.11n PCI-E NIC    2023.30.301.2016  toshiba satelite

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I'm having problem with My Hp-15, system disabled 70766952m please Help!

A:Re: windows 10 bare metal install

-Thread moved- 

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I am running Hyper-V on Windows 8.1 Enterprise. I migrated my laptop's Windows 7 OS to VM and was able to boot to it in Hyper-V. I cloned my laptop first then sysprepped it with an unattend script and a batch file. The unattend install works
and the batch file runs during Windows setup on my bare metal laptop. When I do the same in Hyper-V, the batch file never runs.

Here's the process I took to migrate my laptop to VM and what I did to get it to run in Hyper-V to see if something along the way I messed something up:
-Used dism to capture the image.
-Applied the image to a vhdx.
-Attach the vhdx in Disk Management.
-Copied my unattend.bat, unattend.xml, and setup.bat scripts to the C: drive of the vhdx.
-Loaded the SYSTEM HIVE from the vhdx in Regedit.
-Changed the "Start" DWORD from 3 to 0 in "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/test/ControlSet001/services/atapi", "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/test/ControlSet001/services/intelide", and "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/test/ControlSet001/services/msahci"
-Unloaded the SYSTEM HIVE and detached the vhdx.
-Used Hyper-V to create a Generation 1 VM. Used the vhdx as the disk.
-Booted the machine up with error, but got rid of it by running a repair on Windows.

Here are the scripts that I am running during sysprep:
echo. >> "C:\Windows\Setup\scripts\SetupComplete.cmd"
echo. >> "C:\Windows\Setup\scripts\SetupComplete.c... Read more

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In another thread about why Windows 10 is free, I started journalling my installation, largely to answer Drew's claim that Win10 installation was easy.  It is not, and it is not even done yet.  But to say more than I did there, would hijack that thread's theme, so am starting a new one here, where other installation horror reports are located.  In this case, the problem is different from the others, so if I interpret the rules rightly, I should start a new thread, not post to a dissimilar one.
Problem:  Windows keeps reinstalling itself over and over.  Each time more files were copied, so it wasn't actually doing the same install over and over, but might have been interactive, reboot, interactive again.  But there is NOTHING in the screens you see, to let you know this.  They all read the same, they all begin with 'Install Windows 10', each time you must select the language then agree to the EULA, and everything afterwards is exactly the same in the progress screen, and when it finishes, it says it has to reboot 'to continue'.  Continue what?  Well, the first seven times I left the installer stick in, and at the 8th time I decided to take it out at the next 'Install Windows' purple screen (after reboot).  And, I hit the Red X to close the installation.
Next I booted it without the stick, and all went as recorded in that top link of this post.  Since it wouldn't allow me to input my name and the other data, I... Read more

A:Loopy Windows 10 Preview installation (bare metal)

Post-reset, it goes into a loop again for me to either Install or repair windows, just like the other 8 time.  So this time I went to advanced options, and selected the one which repairs why Windows won't boot.  For I never actually got into Windows, it wouldn't let me create the first user account (wouldn't let me type in the data).  I suspect this is because I turned off all the data-sharing options listed in the 1st post's top link.  But of course, nothing in the prompts or 'reactions' say that's why.
Aha, now it says 'Startup Repair couldn't repair' the PC.  Going down the rabbit hole again...

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Push-Button Reset Overview

This article talks about Refresh, Reset, and Bare-metal recovery... What exactly is this bare-metal recovery? How do I access it?

A:What is bare-metal recovery

Bare Metal means a clean hard drive, like it comes out of the box. The entire installation is redone, just as it is if you recover a System Image Backup.

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Im looking for some advise. I work for a small company that runs SBS2008 as a server for user authentication and file shares and that is it.

I preformed a backup of the entire system to allow for a bare metal recovery in the case the server crash and burned. I was trying to test the recovery by restoring to a VirtualBox VM. Obviously the hardware is different, and after the restore, the VM continued to Blue Screen and reboot. So Im asking for advice on how I can test the backup, or ways to test recovery so I know if our server does die I can be back up in a short about of time.

Purchasing third party software is out of the question here. I know all about explaining to the powers that be, that the cost of being down for a length of time is far greater than the cost of a third party software to allow backup and recovery to different hardware. Still being approved to purchase software is denied.

So I am left with the tools at hand, The SBS2008 Disk, The Backup Made from inside SBS2008, and any free tools on the net. Can someone help me work through this so I can be sure I can recover my data? Putting files back where they were is easy enough for me, but Im talking about restoring all the users profiles, Active Directory, Group Policy, etc. If I cannot restore this to different hardware ( and this might be the case if the server hardware dies and wee need a new server) than I need to be able to reload all our settings. Help with this would be greatly appreciated. Th... Read more

A:SBS2008 Bare Metal Recovery


I would suggest have a spare set of identical replacement hard disk/ disks to hand & try the recovery to them.

That will at least prove the recovery system you have will work when needed. That is provided the recovery/ backup does not die with the system disk &/ or partition you are saving to! OK?

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Manage your partitions, install and boot multiple operating systems with ease, back up and restore partitions or entire drives all this and more, using BootIt Bare Metal. Taking its roots from its highly successful predecessor, BootIt Next Generation, BootIt BM has been developed from the beginning to provide a powerful set of tools for todays computer users, enthusiasts, and professionals.


Version 1.29 - December 17, 2014

Updated with IFD version 2.93.
Updated with TBOSDT version 1.56.
Fix potential loss of partition entry when "Change Disk Type" button is used to convert to MBR from EMBR or GPT when there is already a mix of partitions in and out of the MBR partition table.
Other potential changes, updates and enhancements.
Click to expand...

Homepage: http://www.terabyteunlimited.com/bootit-bare-metal.htm

Spoiler: Download link
Download link for BIBM Retail V1.29: http://www.datafilehost.com/d/2a147756

MD5: FB38160EE0EC9746F8566F204E172D2D


A:TeraByte Unlimited's BootIt Bare Metal

First post updated with the latest version 1.29

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I have been trying for a few days to get this up and running but I keep running into problems where it says the system drive cant be found. I am following the instructions listed here and still get errors. I have noticed that over the years Microsoft's documentation sometimes leaves out key details that I need to know that do not get listed. I am primarily wanting to use this approach for when I do my quarterly formats of my PCs in the house with a highly customized image.

A:Has anyone created media for bare metal reset?

Nevermind I figured this out, script only works on drives that are already convert to gpt or mbr and the size needs to be set to the correct minimum.

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For a little while now, I have been working on scripting programs. I joined this forum with a question about a partition program I was working on. Then I added windows setup, added WIM Boot, and added windows features to it, all while using WinPE..

Then I started using WinRE instead of WinPE.. What I have figured out is that I can use WinRE to partition my hard drive,
install a clean version of windows, install system drivers and write a recovery image partition.. Within a short period of time..

I would like to share my project with all of you.. It works very much in line with Bare Metal Reset Recovery Media.. I just scripted a few programs to help create that media, with a little help from Microsoft TechNet and this forum..

Your Questions, Comments or Suggestions are Welcome..


A:Create Your Own Bare Metal Reset Recovery Media

Thanks for sharing. It may be a while before I look at it or do anything with it. I'll down load the files now though, before this thread disappears off of the page out of site.
I'm not an IT guy so it will be something to play around with in my spare time.

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Hi All,

The story so far:
2008 server was hit by rootkit virus. Machine was taken to doctor for data recovery. (Raid 5 data set, we had low % hope of recovery) New hardware and Server 2012 replaced old server.

So far, so good.

Now we want to use the old machine as a workstation.
Raid 5 was reformatted as Raid 0. Two volumes on 4 disks.
When we go to boot from a Win 7 Ultimate x64 DVD, we get the "reboot and select proper etc.."

I seems that the IDE DVD drive is not being identified at boot. I have tried the predictable changes to boot order, but have not disconnected anything. We did try attaching a SATA DVD drive, but that was also not identified during the boot sequence.

I don't know that the Rootkit didn't affect the bios...not educated enough to know if that is possible.
At this point this has become a 'hobby level' problem, but I still want to find resolution.

Asus P5Q Turbo, 4 Seagate drives on Raid 0, IDE dvd drive, 3" IDE floppy (unplugged, either/or with DVD drive)

And there I am....

A:Bare metal install 'reboot and select proper boot device...'

Why are you using dated RAID technology, which Win7 doesn't like and we see nothing be problems with? It confers no performance advantage and if you lose one drive you almost always lose all the data. So the only time it makes any sense is if working with huge files like full length movie editing and there are now drives big enough to handle those too.

Pick your fastest drive and follow the steps to Troubleshoot Windows 7 Installation Failures - Windows 7 Help Forums

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I have an old ACER EasyStore H340, which figured out it should crash on me the other day.
In the unit I have 4 HD's, 1 for OS and 3 for DATA.

I have done restore (not factory reset) on the unit earlier, and that has been successfull. However I never had the amount of data on it as I do now.
So in a mildly panicked state, I need to restore again.

I started with that yesterday, and restore seems to be OK, but when the WHS v1 connector software shows after restore, it's just hanging and do not continue the installation so I can set a password on the unit.

So my questions are:
1) Would the connector software struggle due to my Windows 10 Technical Preview version?
2) Does it make sense to remove data disks, restore and put in data disk when done? If possible for WHS to reckongnize the data drives afterwards
3) Am I screwed?
tl;dr - Server recovery WHSv1 doesnt complete, and hangs when Connector software is about to be installed on Client computer.


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Hello to all, I am going to upgrade to Windows 10 soon, and so I made a full backup of my hard drive before doing so just in case something goes wrong. I made the backup to a network location, and I know its IP and where the backup is, but which folder do I browse to when I want to restore, because on the network is a folder I created called backupbefore10, and i made windows do the backup to that folder. Inside of that folder there is one called WindowsImageBackup, then inside of that is a folder with the name of my computer, then inside of that there are 3 folders called Backup 2015-07-30 041325, Catalog, and SPPMetadataCache. So if I need to restore this some time, I know the IP to the network location and stuff, but which folder should I browse to when doing system image recovery for it to work
Any help much appreciated thanks in advance.

A:How to restore Windows image backup from network location


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Just got an XPS 15 and I wanted to immediately image it.  Problem is I can't figure out which driver I need to install to get it on my wireless network.  I thought it had the Killer NIC WiFi, so I installed that driver on the USB key that Windows Server created for bare-metal restores.  So that driver loaded, it could see the NIC, but it couldn't get on my network.
On the other hand, I could just use a USB to Ethernet adapter, but I may have the same situation where I need to load a driver for USB.Thoughts?  What other driver should I be loading?

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When I try to setup backup/restore on a Win7 Pro system it seems to be insisting that I provide a user name and password for a network attached storage (NAS) device.  There is no user name and password required for any other users to access the device. 
The only user name and password associated with the NAS device is the one used for administration.  This user name and password is unknown to Windows (or at least has never been overtly supplied to Windows).
It might be worth pointing out that this NAS is a standalone device supplied by Western Digital.  I believe that it uses a built-in, stripped down, hardened, and proprietary adaption of a Linux operating system that utilizes SAMBA for supporting access
via Windows operated computers.  The drives are formatted in the EXT3 format commonly used on Linux systems.  As best I can tell Windows 7 backup/restore isn't able to use such a device for storing backup files.  I'm hoping that I'm wrong but
need help to figure out how to get around this gotcha.

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yea i just got this computer a few days ago and i bought metal of honor airborne it said that it was compatible with windows vista and i was able to install it on the computer but when i try to play it a box comes up saying that the video card is not supported. can you please help me?

and i already downloaded the directX for windows plz help

A:problems with metal of honor airborne on windows vista home basic

On the side of the box what is the min video/graphic requirements and what do you got in your new computer.

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I am looking for a good backup solution for 2008 Server std x64. This server is an upgrade from 03 and I really liked that solution but no support for 2008.I had a USR 8700 NAS on a fiber connection to another building. Using the falconstor Disk Safe Client. I liked the ability to mount the backups as a drive. The speed of the iscsi interface. and the monitory with e-mail notification, I have looked at falconstor's site and saw some of there current software however no pricing, and price is a big issue.I have also found backup assist. I looked at it and seems more a wbadmin script writer with a couple needed perks. Anybody know any other options, or a way to make falconstor disksafe work on 2008 x64??
Thanks in advance

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We have about 10TB of data that we regularly need to have access for. We need to access it for about a year after it was created.

I am looking for a backup solution for this data. If we lose any of it, it would be very devastating.

We are running windows server 2003. And currently, all the data is housed on external hard drives that are shared drives on the server.

We are a small business, and don't have a huge amount of money to spend on hardware, or software.

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--I wasn't sure if home server was more based on XP or Vista, so i put it here--

hi all,
I have a router and a wireless internet connection, and i recently installed windows home server on an old desktop (something i've been meaning to do for quite some time). However, on the first bootup (when it had completely finished installation), It automatically loaded up an internet explorer page with a microsoft url. It said the page could not be displayed - great - No internet (sort of needed for a server).

I went to new network connection, and chose "always on", and it said it should already be working... chose repair. Well the thing is i don't know where the icon is that's usually in the system tray on XP and vista to connect to a wireless network.

How do i connect via to a wireless network?
Does it need to be plugged in directly via ethernet to my router?


A:How do i connect Windows Home Server to a wireless network?

home server was not designed to work wirelessly, this is explained within it's documentation. you do need to hard wire (cable) your home-server computer back to your network switch or router for it to log on and receive the internet. hope this helps

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hi i have a e-machine EL1200-6H that i am converting from Vista home to WHS and all is fine but the NVIDIA NForce Networking Controller and i tried to find the compatible drivers online and had no success. If you know more of the compatibility of the network adapter pls let me know if ther is a way to fix.

P.S. its a on board adapter

A:Windows Home Server Network Connector Issues PLS HELP!!!!!!

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I have 2 computers (one with Windows 7, one with Windows Server 2008), but only ONE monitor. Ultimately, my goal is to network the two computers so that I can use TeamViewer (or a similar remote access application), so that I can control my Windows Server 2008 machine from my Windows 7 machine. I want this connection to go through LAN so there is minimal lag. I plan to use my crossover Cat-5 network cable to connect the two computers. How would I go about setting this network up so that they are connected to each other and I can use TeamViewer (etc) over LAN?

TL;DR: How do I setup a wired crossover network between a Windows Server 2008 PC and a Windows 7 PC? So that I can remotely access the Windows Server 2008 from the Windows 7 machine using TeamViewer.

A:Crossover home network with Server 2008 and Windows 7

Buy a small workgroup switch to connect the two computers together and buy a KVM switch to switch between the tow computers using one keyboard mouse and video connection.

KVM Switches:

5 Port switch:

Not sure what teamviewer is, but you can RDP to any server on your network.

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I did a full backup using vista backup and recovery centre onto a seagate 160gb usb drive.  The backup completed successfully so I rebuilt the machine.
On trying to rebuild, I run bakup and restore center and it cant even see the drive (it can see the C partition, the E (recovery) partition and nothing else.  It doesnt see the D (Data Partition) or the USB device.)
Tried copying it to the E partition and forcing it to use it but get  backup location not found which is mentioned elsewhere as an issue with mediaid.bin.
any ideas, i now have a shiny sparkly new machine with no data on it. 
The data is there in a compressed form but id much rather restore properly.
grateful for any help.

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I am looking for a freeware client/server style backup solution I can deploy over the internet.  I have looked at urbackup, and it seems perfect, except the files are not encrypted on the server computer.  I need a way to have those files encrypted on the server computer, so they can only be accessed by the password set on the client computer.
Basically what I am trying to do is set up a cloud backup service for my customers.  I ask in advance that everyone refrain from answers such as "Well, this backup service has a great re seller program, you should just use it" I am familiar with many of the already existing solutions, but I want to create my own.  
Thanks in advance.

A:freeware/open source client/server backup solution

You might start by reading this recent thread on cloud backup.

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I did a full backup using vista backup and recovery centre onto a seagate 160gb usb drive.  The backup completed successfully so I rebuilt the machine.
On trying to rebuild, I run bakup and restore center and it cant even see the drive (it can see the C partition, the E (recovery) partition and nothing else.  It doesnt see the D (Data Partition) or the USB device.)
Tried copying it to the E partition and forcing it to use it but get  backup location not found which is mentioned elsewhere as an issue with mediaid.bin.
any ideas, i now have a shiny sparkly new machine with no data on it. 

The data is there in a compressed form but id much rather restore properly.
grateful for any help.

A:Vista Backup and Restore - Mediaid.bin problem cant restore from backup on Seagate USB drive-backup location not found

If you get the following error when restoring your backup to its original HD (see error code bellow)Error Description:When you use the Restore Files option to restore a backup file on a Windows Vista-based computer, you may receive the following error message: The restore did not finish successfully. Error code: The backup file could not be found. Check your hardware configuration or restore from a different backup (0x8100001A). and the Mediaid.bin file is corrupted or lost, then use the following instructions for rebuilding it:1.Unzip the sdutil.zip file and rename it from sdutil.ex_ to sdutil.exe2.Copy the sdutil.exe to the root of the driver which contains the backup files3.Open the folder Catalogs located bellow the folder BackupSet ?aaaammdd? ?xxxxxx?4.Copy the file GlobalCatalog.wbcat to the root of this HD5.Go to Start -> Execute and type CMD.exe6.At this ?DOS? window type: sdutil mediaid GlobalCatalog.wbcat [HD letter (as an example D:\)]7.A new MediaID.bin is created8.Try to restore the backup as usual using the advanced restore option and next the option restore an older backup created in this machine9.If done: it?s over!10.If it fails: Map a network driver at your LAN11.Copy the MediaId.bin file to the root of the previous mapped LAN driver12.Copy the whole folder BackupSet ?aaaammdd? ?xxxxxx? to this same driver13.Try to restore the backup as usual using the advanced restore option and next the option restore backup created in another mach... Read more

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I am trying to migrate an NT4 server to more powerful hardware. The customer does not want to incure the cost of Win2003 Server and Exchange 2003. We are trying to move from an HP server to a Proliant DL380. I have been able to image the HP C drive to a network share, then restore that image to the Proliant, but it does not boot to that system. It boots to the Compaq configuration utilty and do not see a way to designate C: as bootable.

I do know that there is a good chance NT will still not function on the DL380, just because it might not reconfigure properly. But it seems worth the chance.

Does anyone know what step I missed.

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I have two raspberry pi 2's one connected to the tv in the living room downstairs and one upstairs these run kodi which I use to stream videos

Before my son was born in February I spent weeks ripping my DVDs so I could keep them in storage to clear lots of room for when he was born. I've filled a 5tb external and a 2tb internal and still have more DVDs to rip. I rip the whole ISO as I enjoy extras and commentaries so I want a full back up of each dvd.

A few days ago my windows hdd (luckily the one without the dvd rips) reported issues and suggested I back it up.

i never use my PC anymore it's just on so I can access the files for either pi. What would be the best solution for me to continue being able to stream these DVDs around my home?

I've looked at nas but I can't really find one which doesn't have a set file size. I currently have 7tb which isn't backed up so I would want 14tb But because I have more to rip and want to future proof it for a while I'm really looking for at least 20tb.

Can anybody suggest what would be my best solution a nas? A server? I don't want to spent thousands of pounds I just want something that I can hopefully add or replace with bigger hdds over the years and as enough space to have a backup hdd for each one I add.

Just in case anyone doesn't beleive I have 7tb of Isos backed up I have a lot of tv series they are usually 6 DVDs and dual layed so that's around 48gb ... Read more

A:Nas / server / best home media solution?

Something like this would work;
From the specs, it supports up to 16TB volumes.

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I run nightly automated file backups to USB drives (different drive on alternate days), using the Win Backup utility in Server 2003.
I recently tried to test the backup by running one of my .bkf files through Backup's "restore" function on a remote win XP Pro machine - but I can't get the restore function to recognize the .bkf files. The XP machine's Backup only finds backup sets from backup jobs run previously on that machine.
When I browse to one of the .bkf files and try to create a catalogue for it, I get an 'Unrecognized Media' error message ("the backup fIle contains unrecognized data and cannot be used".)
Am I trying to do the impossible restoring a Server 2003 .bkf on an XP Pro machine? I know I can test the backup on the Server 2003 machine, but what if it dies completely & I need to restore files to an XP machine to get my business running again?
Thanks guys Kirk

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I was going crazy trying to figure out WHY every time that I booted up my computer (or rebooted) running Windows 7 Professional 64 bit that an "unidentified network" --a public network--would appear along with my normal home network as a local
area connection, and, until I would disable the unidentified network and then reestablish my home network (both would become disabled) by using the Microsoft troubleshooter and fixing the problem "as an administrator."  I didn't want to have
to keep doing this every time that I booted up my PC, so I called AT&T (since I have an AT&T modem/router for AT&T U verse internet and TV service) and all they could do was send me a new router--which I did NOT want to have to set up and then
reestablish wireless links with al, of my wireless things like my printer, my Roku on my TV, etc.  SO, tonight I used Google and, on this Microsoft technet site I found the answer!  Someone named Lars Tornquist stated that all one had to do was to
go to Start menu, type in "msconfig" and then go to the System Configuration box that pops up, go to the Services tab and uncheck "##Id_String1.6844F930._1628_".
 It worked like a charm!  (For those who read all of the other solutions and comments, I DO have Photoshop CS3 on my computer (along with all of the Adobe CS3 software programs as I have the Adobe Master Collection installed on my hard drive) and
possibly that might have... Read more

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I am running Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit. I recently used "Create System Image" for the first time right after a fresh install on a formated hard drive. During the backup, it stated that the backup would take close to 23 GB. I chose to back up the image to my second hard drive. It completed successfully (so it said). I then checked the size of the image backup and it was only 12 GB. Did it indeed, backup the image successfully? Will I have a problem recovering the image, when that time comes along? Why the compression? Will this affect the performance of the recovered image?

A:System Image Backup is smaller than Bare C Drive

Most Imaging apps compress the DATA they are backing up. How much compresses it depends on the Application, and its settings if they are configuarble.

This is normal.

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I know this is a BROAD topic but you guys who work on full networks know backups can be a pain. I am looking into an all in one solution something along the lines of a client on the PC for their backup to a centralized server with other server agents oon the other servers into this central server with a big backup unit on it.

It's oging to be hefty and I probably won't implement it but I want to read up on pros and cons and what programs would work for this solution.

Just point me to some heavy night time reading please. or share your experiences.

A:Any good network backup solution sites out there?

We use two solutions.

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager. Client initiated connection, works through firewalls, filesystems are once full / always incremental. Largest client we have is running "LAN-FREE" backups over SAN, taking BCV snapshots and running them to staged disk, then to tape. That client is about 11TB. Over Ethernet, we're backing up clients that range anywhere from 20GB to 1TB.

the other is eVault digital vault. Also client initiated connection. This is essentially complete disk based backup. Very similar to TSM, but is tailored for lower end enviroments. Largest suggested client is about 200GB, largest suggest vault is about 2TB.

Both of these platforms differ from your typical daily incremental/differential and weekly full. It's very cost prohibitive to run a single backup system, or backup over WAN's and such with that type of backup.

We use TSM typically in the datacenter, backups are staged to disk, then during the day the data is migrated to mirroed copies of tape in diverse datacenters. (Great for SOX/SAS70/DR planning)

eVault we use for smaller customers. Actually run backups for some customers over DSL/Cable modem. eVault simply doesn't scale as large as TSM, though.

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Looking for a backup solution for backing up and implementing a mapped network drive on one of our servers and moving the corresponding folder pathways to a different location.

We have a 10TB Synology drive that backs up our existing shared drive and we are considering making the Synology drive the main shared drive with a cloud backup.

We have a DHCP server, (2) SQL servers, with split users remoting into either, a VOIP server and and 4 total network switches connecting everyone.
Can anyone recommend a good solution/application paid or free for backing up a shared network drive and the best device/hardware for implementing a new network drive?

We are dealing with a very old server that is limited space wise.

Apologies for the non extensive detail, don't have a lot of time on my plate ATM but will answer any follow up questions/details that are needed.

Any help is appreciated.

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I have a Vista Home Premium OS x64 and I'm looking for a free download that will backup and restore to a MS Virtual Server 2005 with VHDMount and the MS Virtual PC 2007. It also has to backup individual files and programs, so far I've found Easeus Todo Backup and I'm wondering if there are any others. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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I have basic Home Vista sp2 and I  backed up my C drive.  I have now tried to restore the files from the user\waggy folder and no data appears to be there.  There is data from the other folders such as programs.  How do I get to the data as I deleted the folder user\waggy\picture  and would like to restore it.

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I needed a laptop to take the bar exam, so I borrowed an older Dell from my dad. It was running poorly so I re-installed XP using the Dell restore disc. It didn't install any programs or drivers. The only thing showing up as a network connection is a 1394 adaptor (??), and I can't connect to my network. I need to download all the updates the including .NET Framework and the Installer in order to install the exam software. How can I get the drivers, etc. that I need?

A:Restore CD installed bare minimum XP...How do I get drivers, etc?

You should be able to get all the drivers from the dell website. You will need the service tag from the computer, download the drivers and burn them onto a disk.


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I have Acronis True Image 2011 installed on a Dell Latitude E6520 laptop with Win 7 Pro SP 1 64 bit, i5 processor, 8 GB RAM.

Is it supposed to be possible to restore an Acronis image backup from an external HD to a new blank (unformatted) internal HD using a CD with the Acronis "bootable media"?

I tried it, but ran into problems.

At the "What to recover" step in the Recovery wizard the choices are:

Disk 1, which then automatically selects all of the following:

MBR and Track 0
NTFS (Recovery)​
Each of those (except MBR) has a capacity and Used number associated with it.

At the next step, called Settings of Partition 1-2, there are 4 selections listed:

Partition type (required) (the screen that is displayed on my computer says this is not selected
Partition size with 3 sub-choices:
Free space before
Partition size
Free space after​
On my screen all 3 partition size choices are shown as "not specified."

I really don't want to change anything on the new internal hard drive. I don't know how to answer these questions, and the so-called "Help" is no help.

I tried a Google search, and found this:

but I do not understand why this instruction says to (initially) "do not restore MBR and Track 0." Once again, I do not want to make any changes to the partitions or the partition sizes.

I searched this forum but did not find any thing that I could dete... Read more

A:Restore to bare HD with True Image 2011

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I just installed TinyXP (ver. 9) BARE Without IE/OE/WMP (Without Added Driverpacks)
i figured i wouldn't be able to setup home networking so i can share files between pc's and i don't really want to install 3rd party software
is there still a way to setup home networking
can i just either enable some services and/or install/add some software/files from a xp cd

A:TinyXP Bare + home networking


Downloading TinyXP is very illegal since it's basically pirated version of Windows. The argument between fair use and IP law isn't going to end any time soon, so use at your own risk.Click to expand...

We don't risk it here, please read the TSG Rules before any future posts.


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Here's my situation:
I have a desktop and a laptop at home. These 2 computers are connected to the internet via a router.
What I'm looking for is an easy way of accessing media on the 2 computers. I would like to use my laptop as a remote control for my desktop and watch movies on it by controlling it from the laptop.

I'm able to do that through the Windows Media Player streaming option, but I'm having issues with it playing in fullscreen and management of the libraries.

I've also tried the Remote Desktop utility, but it locks the desktop while I'm logged in through the laptop.

The best solution would be to have something like the Remote Desktop utility but it shouldn't lock the desktop when I'm logged on.

Any help would be great!


A:Home Network Solution

I use UltraVNC for that purpose but any of the VNC variants should work.

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Long ago I learned that setting up all the software that I use, after a clean install of Windows, is a process that can take weeks, and not something I want to go through more than a few times in my life.

I've long searched for the best backup solution that would allow me to backup my entire OS setup. The process I've been using most recently - use Vista's built-in "Backup and Restore Center" feature "Backup Entire Computer" - do this once a week on a slim USB HDD that I store in water and fire proof safe.

Question #1 - can someone recommend a better solution?

Question #2 - is this a reliable solution? I haven't actually had HHD failure since I've been using this system, but I have no idea what it would look like if I had to restore from backup. Would I boot from the external HDD? Or would I use Vista boot CD and somehow restore from there? Would it restore just fine if my hardware has changed?

Question #3 - Can I restore such backup, taken with Vista, on a machine with Windows 7? Or does it override the whole thing?


A:Is Windows Backup a reliable backup solution?

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Checking out the windows backup option bundled with the OS.. In the past, I have used an older version of Acronis to build backup jobs, etc. The new backup looks to be pretty good initially, but I am wondering if anyone has any experience with how well it performs... I know I have been asking a lot of questions lately, but figured one more would not hurt..

A:Windows Backup vs 3rd party Backup solution.


We love the questions. win 7 backup utility works for most ppl. I use it in addition to Acronis. I like the ability to pour an image back to the same or different partitions and for that Acronis fits the bill. For straight backup the OS partition win 7's backup works fine. So its 6 of one half a dozen of the other. If I had to pick one and only one it would be Acronis


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So i've been getting a error message some problems with my computer so I decided to do a full system backup, I selected it save it to my OS Drive, and selected restore, after it restores, I go back to restore and select "restore from a previous backup", it states there aren't any previous backup's??? So when I go to computer and the OS drive and emergency file i see a bunch of files like 53, but not computer savy, and don't know how to get all my files, folders, pics, and music back onto my laptop? as of now my computer is back to it's default stage as it was when i got it.....anyone please help. thanks

A:Vista Home Premium-Restore states NO backup found

need to clarify I didn't save on a passport or discs, it just ask "where" i wanted to save it and I selected the drive!

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