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Do Dell laptops have CMOS jumpers?

Q: Do Dell laptops have CMOS jumpers?

I'm trying to locate the CMOS jumpers in/on my laptop (Dell Inspiron E1505), but I've only removed the keyboard so far, not the rest of the plate that covers the motherboard. I tried to find images of what exactly they would look like, but found alot of comments in reference to laptops "not having them"... but then again found some comments stating that "some laptops do".
Aside from calling Dell, does anyone know of Dell laptops having them? If so, where about? And should removing the plate covering my motherboard be safe if done with caution? Or is there something else I should know about removing that particular plate?

Preferred Solution: Do Dell laptops have CMOS jumpers?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Do Dell laptops have CMOS jumpers?

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I want to set an SSD as my boot drive, but I can't get access to the BIOS. It says there is a 4-character password. If anyone knows what this is by default or how to clear CMOS jumpers, that'd be great, thanks.

A:Help clearing CMOS jumpers

@Mitchelskater, welcome to the forum. When requesting help you should always include the make/model (i.e. p6-xxxx) of the computer and/or monitor. This information is necessary for us to review the specifications of them.  There are several different models in this series.  I will be able to help you better with the exact model.

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Hi t all,

I just bought a new 1800 amd cpu, when i put it in and try and boot i get nothing, I have to put old 800 amd back in and everything is fine, i rang the shop and the guy suggested reseting the cmos by swopping jumpers, I've lost the manual that came with the pc, tried a few sites, but cant find anything about it, if anyone knows any good mobo sites or knows where to find the jumpers i would be gratefull.

motherboard is ecs k7s5a


A:fitting a new cpu, cmos jumpers ??

Hi, Your motherboard manual is here. You can save the whole thing to disk or floppy disk. http://www.ecs.com.tw/download/manual_k7s.htm

I think the link will show the page exactly for your board, if not, just use the selection boxes for your model. It is in .zip form, you will need WinZip or similar unzipping program to unpack the files to the folder you want it in or floppy disk.

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I am just having an OCD moment. I know I can clear CMOS settings by taking out the battery. But, I am trying to learn how to clear it the "right" way using the MOBO jumpers. Here is the link to the exact Dell GX270 desktop mini-tower I am trying to clear. I believe I followed the instruction, at the bottom of the web page; but the CMOS password prompt requirement is still there. I grounded the MOBO by pushing the power button. I took the shunt off the password jumper and put it on the RTC jumper for about 1minute. I put the shunt back on the password jumper. Although it did reset the RTC, it didnt clear the CMOS password. What am I doing wrong?


A:How to clear CMOS using Mobo jumpers

The best way, if there is no Clipable jumper, is to remove the batter for an hour or longer. The press the power supply button and hold it in for 12 seconds or more, before you replace the CMOS batter.
Otherwise, the jumper method varies from computer to computer, and motherboard to motherboard. On manufacturered computers such as Dell, HP, and so on, the jumper technique is located on the service manual you will find online... Same with most motherboards: There will be a place in the manual for shorting plugs or CMOS jumpers, etc.
Some desktop motherboards, and most laptop motherboards, have actual wires that must be clipped or disconnected.

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I have forgotten the bios password for my Compaq Presario 2100 Notebook, I need to clear the CMOS. In order to do this i need to find the cmos jumper on the motherboard and havent been able too. PLS HELP

A:Cant Find Cmos Jumpers On Motherboard

Notebooks do not have CMOS clearing jumpers. The password is there to make the thing thief-proof and having an easy way around that would be just daft, don't you think?

Usually there are two BIOS passwords - user and administrator. Perhaps you can find out what the admin pass is (that is if your current pass was user-level).

Contact HP support - they will probably ask you to take the lappy to a service shop where they will remove the password (after you have proven that you are the legal owner of the machine).

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I have an asus a8n sli-premium, I recently updated the bios and got a "checksum error". I powered down, and wasn't able to start up again. I was instructed to reset the Cmos jumpers, I just found out that i should have removed the battery first. I think my PSU is causing the failure to even start up (the mobo led doesn't light up, and psu fan doesn't turn at all), but could this have been caused by my goof with the jumpers (or when when I get the new PSU will i have boot problems)? Thanks.

A:Cmos Jumpers causing boot failure?

give us detailed specs of the system, it's parts (with thier respective manufacturers), and don't leave out the psu.

are you sure you applied the appropriate bios update for your motherboard?

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I was given a not working 390. The previous owner's 'friend' tried to fix it and might have moved some jumpers. Reading the manual and searching dell site I cant determine were the jumpers should be. I want to know that they are in the proper positions. Is this info available? I found this (www.dell.com/.../SLN284985), but section two totally confuses me. It sounds like the jumper is being moved from the PSWD connector to the RTCRST connector, without saying which of the 3 pins to connect. However, the picture below shows both connectors having jumpers. Note that I already reset the bios by removing the battery. So, that is not what Im trying to do here.

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I am going to be using a sound card with my new A7N8X Deluxe, and while researching BIOS settings online I found that when using a sound card, the "Onboard AC97 Audio Controller" setting should be disabled along with the "sound jumpers". I can find no jumpers related to the onboard sound on the jumper map that came with the mobo, nor can I find the jumpers' positions online. Anyone know where they are??

A:Disabling A7N8X Dlx onboard sound via jumpers: Where are the jumpers?

I think the onboard sound is disabled in the BIOS in these boards - look through the BIOS screens to see if such an option exists.

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In June 2016 our company bought Inspiron 5759. I used it at office, we have air conditioning, nothing that could cause overheating or other problems. In the end of July 17 laptop just turned off and didnt react on any actions. I brought to service center and they told it's the hub located on the same board with CPU. The only way to fix it is to replace the whole board which costs around 600 USD because there's CPU Core i7 in it. I was given another laptop Inspiron 5558 which was not used since winter of 2017 because it had problems with WiFi. I tried to connect it with LAN cable and discovered that LAN is not working, in fact there's no LAN adapter in device manager. Service center said today that's the same problem - but this time hub is not completely broken, it's just doesnt see LAN adapter and periodically shuts down WiFi. The technician told that this is a frequent problem with Inspirons and Dell knows about it but doesnt recall laptops or extend warranty on this spare part. I asked when second laptop got the wifi issues - it started at the beginning of 2017 and warranty ended in December 2016. Again just 1-2 months.

So, it looks very strange that Dell laptops break right after ending of warranty with same problem, and we can't just change the hub, we need to buy a new board which includes CPU for 600 USD.
SNs: c0jchc2, 5lcmd72

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I know the exact positioning I need to move the jumpers too, however I was hoping someone could provide for me a quality website with a tutorial including the steps on how to do it, or they could list the steps here.

Example -> 1.) Turn on Computer 2.) Move Jumpers

A:Moving Jumpers To Reset Bios on a Dell

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Does anyone know if RAM for DELL Latitude C810 will work in a DELL Inspirion 5150?



A:RAM for DELL Laptops

Check it out here


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What is the easiest way to wipe clean and setup Dell laptops. I have like 4 of them home in good condition, they just need to be Restored. I have tried the whole system restore thing. I want something I can install and start from scratch across all the computers. Is there a version of windows unlocked or something I can use for multiple computers? No I don't have the original discs. they are older Dell inspirons.

A:dell laptops

mcusuman1 said:

What is the easiest way to wipe cleanClick to expand...

Try a soft damp cloth. Of course, you may need different items depending on what part(s) need cleaning.

mcusuman1 said:

and setup Dell laptops.Click to expand...

What do you mean by "setup"?

mcusuman1 said:

I have tried the whole system restore thing.Click to expand...

And the results?

mcusuman1 said:

I want something I can install and start from scratch across all the computers.Click to expand...

If they all had the same Windows version pre-installed and you can still read all the COA Windows Product Keys then all you need is a legitimate copy of that version of XP installation CD. Good luck finding one.

If they are all the exact same model then a set of Recovery CDs should work (if such was even provided and still available from Dell or somewhere).

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Insirion 8200

When turned on it says that the primary disc not found. Then it goes straight to a warning screen telling you to go to setup. Looking at bios set up, the HD and optical drives are "not installed". Through Dell's chat line they said that both the HD and cd unit were defective. I could see the HD , but the CD too? They said that a operating system has to be noticed in order for the computer to work. Without a HD wouldn't the machine go to a doss prompt anyway? I tried that by removing the HD

Dell wants $168 for a HD which is nuts because online I can get one much less. My question is about the CD unit. Has anyone ever seen those go too


A:who knows their Dell Laptops?

The laptop could never go to a "DOS prompt" without the HDD, as to do so would mean that it would have DOS (not the case with XP) and if it had DOS, it resides on the HDD anyway.

Optical drives are not always shown (detected) in BIOS, but the BIOS boot screen should indicate their detection at boot time.

A faulty HDD electronics would prevent it being seen, but a fault on the Dell motherboard IDE would prevent both from being seen.

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I have a Dell Latitude E6500 Laptop running XP w/ SP3. and the screen save will not kick in. I am running a wireless mouse and when I disconnect that then it works like it is supposed to .

A:Dell Laptops


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I tested the motherboard on a Dell XPS M2010 and i got a CMOS RAM failed msg. What do i need to do to fix this problem.

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hi my names is jerry .. i got a dell latitude d620..tag x6jxt8hnt-595b...i got it a yard sale and i need help getting working again ... i took it a part and took the battery out for a long time... cmos well not reset .. the hard drive is lock ... if i buy a new hard drive well that work ... if you can help or know some one please help ..... thank you jerry

A:Dell d620 help cmos and harddrive

if the gray/white screen is asking for harddisk password only then you can get the notebook to work with a new harddisk drive.
if it asks for the system or admin password you can go here:
and wait for password or contact dell (make sure you are the legal owner or have the ownership tranfered to you).
if the BIOS setup configuration (which allows you to change the settings in the bios) is disable post back. I can help you with that.

good luck!

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i have a dell 1545 laptop and i cant seem to find the cmos battery can someone help me

A:Can't locate cmos on Dell laptop


why do you need to find it.?

they are usually under the keyboard, or attached to the motherboard inside the case, it would need to be opened to find it.

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please tell me how to get rid from my dell latitude c600 cmos password

A:tell me how can I get rid from the cmos password of a dell c600

This is the main Dell password thread HERE

And these are the people who know rustam and Ididmyc600

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What is the easiest way to wipe clean and setup Dell laptops. I have like 4 of them home in good condition, they just need to be Restored. I have tried the whole system restore thing. I want something I can install and start from scratch across all the computers. Is there a version of windows unlocked or something I can use for multiple computers? No I don't have the original discs. they are older Dell inspirons.

A:want to renew a few dell Laptops

Closing dup. (or triplet). Please do not start multiple threads on the same topic.

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I couldn't buy a laptop for a while now since all manufacturer seem to force Vista, and don't offer any XP drivers on their website for their new models.

However, the new Dell inspiron models seem to fully support XP, as they're offering all XP drivers on their site. But I'm still skeptical about it as a few salespeople from Dell told me that XP, if installed, won't perform as good as it's supposed to, because the hardware was designed with Vista in mind.

Do you think it's true?

Your help is much appreciated

A:XP not performing well on new Dell laptops?

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Anyone have experience with "refurbished" products from Dell? Particularly laptops? I have a friend that would like to get a laptop but has a pretty limited budget.

It seems like they have some good deals but I wonder about reliability.

A:Dell Refurbished Laptops

I find the refurb Dell to be a far superior buy than new. When you buy new you are often the first person to ever turn on the system, a refurb has been turned on and failed so it is sent back for extensive testing not done to a new system, after testing to make sure it works properly it is now sold at a good discount.

The refurb looks like new and has exactly the same warranty it just cost less. The only area where it is not a better deal is if you need some specific feature, you cannot order them built with extra parts beyond a few.

Dell gets so many refurbs that the best method for buying one is to know what you want ahead of time and what you are willing to pay for it, they have new systems come up for sale several times a day so if you have the time and know what you need it can be a very satisfactory system purchase.

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Hi, i asked what i need to ask for at the Title
here it again "Is there a Win7 VER. especially for Dell Laptops or PCs"

A:Is there a Win7 VER. especially for Dell Laptops or PCs

There is, but you need to buy it from Dell.

When Dell manufacture a new computer they ship it with Dell Datasafe Backup software and as with most manufacturer's expect you to burn a set of recovery discs.

However, if you pay extra they will ship a windows DVD and driver DVD with a new computer.

My advice would be to contact Dell to see if they will sell you what you're after.

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In the last 2 weeks I have installed over 10 Dell laptops with Vista Home basic/Home premium. I have encountered these 2 specific problems on most of them!.

1 - They all had a 60 day trial of Office 2007. Having entered the License Key and registered the product everytime I open an Office application from the Start Menu it trys to reinstall again. If I use the Dell Dock it does not happen.

2 - On most occasions when trying to open the control panel it does not respond forcing Windows Explorer to restart.

I have not had these problems on other makes.

Has anybody else come accross these problems?

A:Dell Laptops and Vista

Does registering the product = Office validation with Microsoft Genuine Advantage?


Do the events preceding the Windows Explorer restart process include the fading white background, small blue circle spinning and "Not Responding..."? If so look at 3rd party firewall/ a-v products. Usually the firewall is the cause.

All these symptoms - but only on Dell products?


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I know nothing about laptops, but I'm planning on getting a Dell laptop for my younger brother who is heading for college. I did my research and found that not too many places have cheaper laptops than dell w/ the same specs. I hear Dell is a pretty good company overall. Any suggestions?

A:Dell Laptops any good?

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Hi Gang,

This might be a stupid question but does the cmos battery imbedded in the mobo of my Inspiron 7500 as stressed out by Dell Tech support?

I have stripped it down to pc card heat sink attached to mobo attached to bottom casing and I still couldn't find any exposed battery that I could pull out and replace.

Thanks in advance!

A:Dell Inspiron 7500 cmos battery

many CMOS batteries in laptops are hard connected. You need it professionally replaced.

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Can someone help me, I need to reset a bios setup password

A:reset cmos password for Dell D510

Good luck, Dell laptops incorporate a special seperate security chip to prevent people from bypassing bios set up passowrd. the chip is not affected by the cmos being reset or cmos clearing programs. your best bet is to contact dell.

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Does anyone know where I can find a manual showing how to open a Dell Inspiron 4150 and replace the CMOS battery? And - I see batteries sold without the battery connector. Is the original connector reusable? Is it soldered to the battery leads?

A:Dell Inspiron 4150 CMOS battery

Try this link:


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The old CMOS battery is somehow attached there and I dare not pull strongly on it...should I? It' sbetween two pieces of plastic.

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My laptop won't power on. When I press the power button the yellow power light flashes for a second & then nothing. Someone told me that it might be the CMOS battery since I've never replaced it. If any knows I would like to know where it is located & what exactly is involved with replacing it. I have removed every screw on the bottom but can only open halfway. I don't know what is preventing it to open. Hope someone can help. If it sounds like a serious problem then it might not be worth fixing. Thanx

A:Dell Inspiron 1000-CMOS Battery

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I've recently acquired a Dell Dimension 4600 from a friend of mine. It had been sitting in his basement for a good 6 years and while I was getting it up and running I saw that the CMOS batt. was dead which did not surprise me. But when I replaced the batt. it had the same issue and still thought the new battery was dead and I know it  works because I tested on a different computer. Can anyone help me with this issue?

A:Dell Dimension 4600 CMOS issues.

That would suggest that the slot on the motherboard has failed. Don't waste any time or $$ on fixing a computer that cannot not run a safe version of Windows. Recycle it.

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Hello everyone, I have an odd problem with my 690. In BIOS it always says that the CMOS battery is low, and it always says the system has shut down due to a "thermal event" (although it has NEVER shut off due to overheating). It also NEVER saves ANY CMOS BIOS information, regardless of what CMOS battery is in it. I've tested 3 batteries and they all do the same thing. BIOS says the battery is low, can't save settings, etc. It even does this if there is no battery in it at all (reporting low battery and thermal shutoff). I am guessing this could be a capacitor issue, or is it something else?

The system's specs:
Intel Xeon DP 5060 3.2 GHz
14GB of FB-DDR2
NVidia GeForce 9500 GT overclocked (650 MHz core, 535 MHz Memory)
160 GB HDD (OS, applications)
80 GB HDD (Games)

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I can't find anything about this in the manual. As a matter of fact, the term "CMOS" does not even appear in the owner's manual.

How do I clear the CMOS on this Dell Inspiron 2200 laptop?

There is no hard disk in the computer so doing if from a bootable disk isn't possible. The system is not at present bootable from the CD either so I can't do it from DOS mode.

A:How to clear CMOS on Dell Inspiron 2200?

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What battery should I replace it with?

A:Dell Optiplex 210L CMOS battery

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my Dell Vostro 410 is still haveing cmos checksum error after I put a new CR2032 lithium coin cell battery in it any suggestions?

A:Dell Vostro 410 cmos checksum error.

Turn off.  Remove battery.  unplug all cables,  Hold power button to discharge.   Reinstall battery.
Plug back in.   Turn on.

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A friend recently gave me an older dell lattitude c610. She said she couldn't get it to work anymore and didn't need it. I found that the year, mo. & date & time keep having to be set each time I try to get on. I went to the dell website but couldn't find the CMOS battery location on the schematic it showed. Does anyone know where it is and how to get to it to change it. That would be most helpful. Thanks in advance.

A:Solved: Dell notebook needs new CMOS battery.

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Does anyone know how to connect a dell laptop IR Port up? While using windows NT 4.0????

A:Ir Port Connection On Dell Laptops!!

Forget it.... No IR support in WinNT 4, upgrade to Win2K or XP, that's the only way...

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First off, not sure if this is the right forum, but I guess this falls under "hardware" so..

So here's my question..I love Dell computers. I've had a Dell Inspiron laptop for 4 years now and it works great. But it's only 1.1GHz so of course it's showing it's age so I'd like to get a new one. But here's the problem...Dell laptops only seem to go up to 2.3-2.5 GHz while brands like HP have laptops well over 3 GHz. What gives? Why are Dell's not up to speed with other brands yet, don't they want to compete with the market better? Cuz this is seriously holding me back from wanting to buy a Dell, or at least wait until they're as fast as HP etc.

A:Why are Dell laptops slower than other brands?

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I have a Dell Inspiron 6400 and I believe the HD has went bad....or at least I think it has. I totally washed the HD clean with a program call Boot and Nuke. The reason for doing so was that the computer was having problem in all sorts of areas. Me being a worry wart, thought it was infected with a virus.

So anyway after wiping it clean I tried to install Vista. Before it will install it asks "Where do you want to install Windows?", and it gave me two options...Disk 0 Partition 2 or Disk or Partition 3 MediaDirect. When I highlight Disk 0 Partition 2 for the install location a message appears at the bottom of the screen saying..."The disk may fail soon. If other hard disks are available, install Windows to another location". Well I have no other locations so I tried it on this disk and it would only get to 2% on the Expanding files step. But instead of getting HD error message I get the following message...."Windows cannot install required files. The files does not exist. Make sure all files required for installtion are available, and restart the installation. Error code 0x80070003". I tried this 4 times, all with the same result.

So now I'm really confused as to what the problem is. Is the HD bad? Is the the Vista disk missing files? or is it both. If it is the HD, do I have to use a Dell HD or can I just go to Best Buy and purchase one there?

Any/all help would be greatly apperciated.

A:Solved: Dell Laptops HD Issue?

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hi there could anyone possibly tell me how to switch to dedicated graphics on my dell inspiron 5000 and disable the integrated one I personally tried setting everything max in the amd settings, reinstalling the driver, disabling the the integrated one but non of that worked so I don't know

my spec
AMD radeon r7 m440 (4GB) the one I want to switch to and set as primary

AMD radeon R5 the one I am running off of now and this is the one I would like to disable.


BTW I have a dell inspiron 15 5000 series if it helps

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Can all the latest RAM sticks and hardrives and operating systems be put into the Dell Inspiron 8000 laptops? I want to know because i want to play WoW on it.

Dell Inspiron 8000 specs:
523,000 kb RAM
pentium 4 proccesor
windows 2000

A:Dell Inspiron 8000 laptops

You have to purchase compatible RAM. Go to www.crucial.com, and allow it to scan your system to determine what options are available.

You can install Windows XP. I doubt it would run Vista well.

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I have seen massive amounts of refurbished Dell latitude......
I'm wondering is Dell latitude any good. I have seen lots and lots of refurbished Dell latitude. What are your thoughts on Dell latitude?

A:Is Dell latitude laptops any good?

It depends on what you will be using them for. If it's just for surfing the web and minor web surfing it should be ok (depending on the specs of each Dell Latitude computer).

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Hi i need some help before dell sends me the 4th new laptop in 3 months. I got a 1550 dell laptop with vista december 08 in june 09 i got my HP photoshop C5580 all in one shortly after my hard drive went dell sends a new hard drive everything is ok a week later i install my hp printer and blue tooth 2 weeks after that the hard drive and mother board crash dell sends a tech out to fix it, still not right so dell takes it back and sends a 1655 with vista, this one works great for 2 1/2 weeks with no hp software in it, i install it, a week later i try to power on the laptop and windows loads and loads and loads power it down and back on, it does nothing but make this wierd buzzing noise, dell sends a new 1655 with vista, it works great with no hp software for 3 weeks 1 1/2 weeks after i still it, windows didn't want to start then did, the next night windows wouldn't start, system tests told me at first operating system had a corrupt file, so i put in the vista disc trying to fix it that way, that freezes at 75% then it tells me imment hard drive failure and no operating system found. They are sending another one, this time they said top laptop gaming system with windows 7, i'm happy for this. I need to figure out what is going on though, the hp printer is the only thing that matches up, other then that these are brand new laptop after new laptop crashing because i know i don't do anything else on them no downloading or anything like that, I get no error messa... Read more

A:hp printer crashing dell laptops

just thought i should add, i've been using the disc the printer came with, i'm sure with windows 7 i'll have to download the driver from the site, does this change things?

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This is my first post on the tech spot....SO HELLO EVERYONE!!!! Like i said, this is my first post and really wasn't excatly sure where to put it. I figured this is a good a spot as any!!! OK at the risk of being called "YOU FOOL"! I'll come right out with it. I was sneakin this chick into my room and it was dark. I had my laptop plugged in across the room, the chick snags my laptop cord with her foot and yanks my laptop. Get up to use my laptop the next day and something's shorted out. I say shorted out because I've done some searching online with the problem i was having (power pack light goes out when plugged into laptop). So i go through the steps on possibly locating the short which was, pull off piece by piece from the laptop, which goes something like this....first cdrw,memory,HD and so on till I'm down to the laptop frame, which still the power up light turns off as soon as its plugged in. So before I go out and buy another mother board W/O CPU and RAM, i want to make sure of a couple things....Is this a common problem with maybe power jack needs to be resoldered or some other easy fix, and if I do buy a motherboard will my CPU work in the same D600 motherboard. What I'm getting at is swapping CPU a routine type thing? Also should I move this post to a heading that has more traffic?

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My Dell latitude D600 was plugged in and cord was snagged with foot thus yanking the laptop. My question is....is this a common problem for MB to short out? I pulled individual components to try and find out if anyone was at fault. Well I'm down to the MB frame and still my power light goes out on my power pack as soon as it's plugged into the board. Is this a common problem or an easy fix or should I goahead and buy a new/used MB W/O ram and CPU off e-bay for $150 ?

A:Common prob/w Dell laptops?

yeah man it is a common issue on the d600 series i work for dell as a gold tech rep so i know.. when that light on the ac adapter goes out when you plug it into the system board she is bad.. if you have a good service warranty like Gold they should have no problem replacing it. just tell them that the light on the power supply goes out when you plug it in and they won't even ask you any more questions than that..i would get another mobo

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I left my laptops in the car during the day when i went to power on it doesn't I change the motherboard but it still doing the same. can anybody tell me what can be


A:Dell laptops doesn't power on

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

Maybe replacing the battery might help.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:

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Hi all-

I have several users using Dell laptops (2 D820 and 1 D810). They normally use the laptop on the docking station and everything is fine. If they are undocked, the monitor of the laptop screen does not go to full size. You see about an inch dark border around the screen as opposed the screen being fully stretched out. This happens whenever the computer is not docked. Is there a setting that I need to look at to correct this?

A:Monitor Problem with Dell Laptops

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