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P4B533: CMOS/Checksum error continues after battery replacement

Q: P4B533: CMOS/Checksum error continues after battery replacement

Pls Help! I have the mobo P4B533.
I formatted the HD, reinstalled XP and updated everything INCLUDING BIOS using ASUS update program, it wasn't sucessful, but I didn't realize it until I restart the comp...then problem happens...
I have the CMOS/Checksum error...
so I searched on the forum...
I took out the batt, then short the pins at CLRTC, but didn't work..

then I got the Driver Free Disk For Bios Flashing from bootdisk.com
downloaded the AFLASH software and the latest BIOS from asus (socket478-->P4B533-->1015.awd)

put the files into the floopy...

ran it then it came to the point that i have to type the filename and path, which is supposed to be A:\XXX-XX.XXX
then I'm stuck here

I'm thinking since the filename I have for the BIOS is 1015.awd
I can't make the path exactly like A:\XXX-XX.XXX
how does the path "A:\XXX-XX.XXX" work?

any inputs would be appreciated...



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Preferred Solution: P4B533: CMOS/Checksum error continues after battery replacement

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


I am readying an old PC I built (686 Cyrix 200 Mhz) to give to a brother who has never had or tried a computer but is expressing some curiosity. Long story short I discovered several issues when I powered up this PC to ready it for a car ride to Florida that is leaving soon.
1. CMOS battery/Checksum error, removed old 2032 battery
2. I also removed a non functioning primary slave Seagate HD
3. Installed new battery
4. On reboot HD was not detected, auto and user defined HD did not work, system kept reverting to 9/1/1996 date. CMOS/Checksum errors continue despite new battery. Also moved jumper on HD to reflect single drive status.
5. Swapped power supply from CD to primary master HD (Western Digital) resulting in HD being detected. Used a different power supply cable for CD resulting in CD but no HD. Removed jumper from HD completely and tried a 3rd source for power to CD which worked, HD and CD detected, continued CMOS/Checksum errors mean Plug and Play enabling in CMOS is not being retained and must be enabled through setup to continue booting.

AND with the cover off and the tight fit of swapping things in a desktop I also noticed that the CPU fan is not spinning. I am not sure when this happened, I was feeling heat on my hand all along as I manipulated cables. Good thing the cover is off. This fan is attached to the power cable I have attached to HD which meanes that it used to be piggybacking off CD drive not HD. My motherboard manual (FIC PA-2006) indicates th... Read more

A:CMOS/Checksum error continues after battery replacement

Sounds quite confusing all the things you tried.

Checklist ...

1. Is the replacement battery *fresh* (3 volts for CR2032)?
2. Reset CMOS (via jumper).
3. Go through all bios settings and check they are suitable.
a) Try selecting LOAD BIOS DEFAULTS setting first.
b) PnP Configuration Setup\Reset Configuration Data
- Set this to 'Enabled'.
4. Try reseating all components and connections.

If all else fails then its perhaps the mainboard could have been damaged by 'static' if adequate precausions were'nt taken while working on it.:blush:

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I recently changed my graphics card. While the card was out, I decided to change out the original year 2007 battery. I had no CMOS problems before, but I thought that since the battery was over 5 years old and buried under the graphics card I should change it. Now I get a checksum error telling me that it will reset to the defaults. Is there a driver that I should have installed? The error does not occur at every restart, only when I unplug the computer. I checked the voltage of the new battery and it is good (3.2 volts). There are no problems at all with my computer, unless I unplug it.

Dell Inspiron 530, Windows XP Pro SP3

A:CMOS checksum eror after battery replacement

A graphics card replaced along with the CMOS battery replaced would trigger the hardware reset only once.

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I have an older PC which I gave to my mum. It originally ran Vista, but I bought and installed Windows 7 Ultimate around 6 weeks ago after it had been inactive for 3/4 months. It was running great, but a couple of weeks ago it just started hanging for no real reason. Also, at startup it would say that the computer had not been shut down properly, even if it had. This was only when it was switched off at the wall, not after a restart or when the PC was left plugged in and switched on. She only uses the PC to look at You Tube and some webcams from her grandkids, and that's it, she's not very computer literate.

Initially, I left Windows repair to run overnight, but when I looked at it the following morning it was still in the repair screen, so I assume it had hung. I spoke to a local repair shop and they suggested I test the RAM, test the hard drive, and replace the CMOS battery. The RAM and hard drive checks went without any errors and after I replaced the battery the hanging stopped. I played with the computer all evening and shut it down as normal and switched it off at the wall. Next day I thought I would start it up just to check it and I was faced with a "cmos checksum error - defaults loaded" message. I thought that was strange, but maybe the battery was dead, so I swapped it over with one from my perfectly working desktop to try it out, and my desktop worked fine, but after shutting down my mum's one it had the same problem when power was p... Read more

A:"cmos checksum error - defaults loaded" after battery replaced

I must add that the PC is the same as when I bought it new from the shop, except for adding a Creative Labs sound card (approx 2012) and installing Windows 7 (around 6 weeks ago). All Windows updates are downloaded and installed.

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Everytime I boot up my mother's computer it displays this message:

CMOS battery low
checksum bad

She says she replaced the battery, and the message still keeps coming up. Any ideas as to what would be wrong? Thanks!!

A:CMOS battery low/checksum bad

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I've recently had a problem fixed by the volunteer LarryCore. I'm so impressed, I'll try to make it two for two.
The problem I have is a CMOS checksum error. Whenever I tried to start the computer, it would freeze before I even got to the sign in screen. I tried varied Support people, and narrowed the problem down to the Config.sys file. Within this file I further narrowed it down to a command called "Buffers=30". When I unchecked this command, the computer started up normally. When I checked it again, the system froze up again. So I've been running the computer with this unchecked. However, every once in awhile, the BIOS gets reset to default. I have to set everything back to use my upgraded graphics and sound cards. The computer still keeps good time, so I'm sure its not a battery issue. I hope this is enough information; let me know if there's something I missed.

A:CMOS checksum error

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I have replaced the battery and still get this message . I hit F1 to continue and nothing. Just stops. No HDD activity. If I hit DEL to enter setup, the same.
I have a soltek sl75drv mobo, athlon xp1900 cpu, 512ddr ram, ti4200 graphics.
I had reset bios to optimized defaults and rebooted, and it has been like this since. The only other prob was a wrong date issue. Wassup? This machine has been going fine for several years, and has had no recent hardware changes/upgrades.

A:Cmos checksum error


Sounds like something I once saw on a HP RP5000, it was a corrupted BIOS chip and had to be replaced...


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I dont know if its bad luck or what but the past 3 mother boards had problems and I had to send them all back. This is my 4th and now when ever I turn on the darn thing is comes up with "CMOS checksum error". This is really agrivating me I did a cmos reset with the jumpers, still didnt work. The mother board bios do reset (i think) but it still comes up with that error. The only time where I can skip that error is when I go into the bios and hit the "Load Fail-Safe Defaults" and "Load Optimized Defaults". But then still I will try to run xp and it just restarts at the xp loading screen. Can someone help me please I feel like throwing my machine off a cliff.
My set up is-

ABIT GD8 Socket T (LGA 775) Intel 915P ATX Intel Motherboard
Intel Pentium 4 630 Prescott 800MHz FSB 2MB L2 Cache LGA 775 EM64T Processor
Thermaltake TR2 W0070 ATX 430W Power Supply 115/230 V
Radeon X800GTO 256MB 256-bit GDDR3 VIVO PCI Express x16 Video Card

Do I need to update the BIOS maybe? Thats my only guess.

A:CMOS checksum error!!

that should have been the first thing to do . now did you check the web site that built your board and does it have that cpu listed ?

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at boot up the message cmos checksum error comes up intermittantly. Press f1 to continue follows the message the machine usually boots on the retry. What type of error is this ? Is it a warning of worse things to come?



A:cmos checksum error

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First of all, this is such a wonderful and helpful website. You all rock! Just by reading posts, I have received so much help/guidance. THANKS

Now, onto the reason why I'm going nuts. I am not an expert, but I have always considered myself fairly proficient in fixing computer problems, until now. I have a Elite K7SEM motherboard, a little less than 2 years old, and a CMOS Checksum Error that will not go away, despite changing the battery, clearing the jumper settings, and going over the BIOS inch by inch. My question is, besides resetting the time everytime I turn the computer on, can I go on indefinitely like this? Or, will the motherboard finally say enough is enough and just shut down on me?

Thank you

A:CMOS Checksum Error

You can run a motherboard without a battery all together. You may get less performance out of the system because the BIOS settings will be at default levels but it should work.

Now, its possible that the replacement battery is no good, I had it happen to me before. You can also examine the battery holder's contacts to make sure they aren't the problem. The jumper for clearing the CMOS must be set for Normal not clear, And you must enter the BIOS, load the defaults and adjust the settings to the desired, then SAVE and EXIT. Also if you've added any new hardware you may wish to remove it or check for BIOS issues/updates.

Might also be worth stripping the computer done piece by piece to see if its defective piece of hardware thats causing the issue.

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Sometimes, when i turn on my computer, i get the error: CMOS checksum error - defults loaded. It has only started happening recently, and it's become quite frequent. It resets my time, and it's rather annoying as i have to keep setting my time i turn on the computer. Other than reseting my time, i'm not sure what else it does.

I've read on the internet that it my computer battery running out. If it is, how can i make sure because i don't want to get a new battery for no reason. I'm hoping it's something like a faulty setting i've made, or a virus as i can remove it without having to spend money.

So does anyone know how to fix this error message, and if it's my battery, how can i confirm it?

A:CMOS Checksum error.

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Hello, everyone. I need some help I got brand-new va-10 mothervoard just yesterday, connected it and everything. While booting "CMOS checksum error - Defaults loaded" and "Press F1 to continue, DEL to enter SETUP" messages appeared on the screen. I chose DEL and corrected some of the set ups, BUT forgot to save the changes. On the next boot the same "CMOS checksum error..." message appears and computer freezes - keyboard does not work, pressing "del" or "f1" has no effect. I flashed the Bios sever times, but that didnot help. Any suggestions?


I have a ps2 keyboard.

A:va-10: cmos checksum error

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hi there I have just switched my pc on and before I got to the desktop I got this message as below,
1013 cmos chechsum error- defults loaded

1013 I know is my mother board version,
thanks inadvance, t4lor.

A:cmos checksum error ?

replace the cmos battery, as it is generally what causes that error to crop up.

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I received this error when I turned on my computer this morning. I pushed F1 to continue, and everything seemed fine. Does anyone know what this error means, and what I should do if I get it again? Thanks.

PS I noticed that the date on my computer reverted to 1/1/05.

A:CMOS Checksum Error


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Could that error cause the bios password to become corrupt? I know my password but my x60 will not take it. What can I do besides never adding a bios password to any of my laptops. I now have a windows 10 x60 brick.

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I have an HP Pavilion 8562 that was having some problems. Specifically I had to replace the cooling fan on the chipset. Also it was losing time so I replaced the battery. This is where the problems began. After I replaced the battery I tried to start up the computer and I get the error: CMOS Checksum Error - Defaults loaded. Press F1 to enter setup F2 to continue. However, I can't get out of this screen. I tried loading the BIOS on a floppy and seeing if it would boot from the A: drive, same screen. I tried removing the battery for almost 2 days in the hope that the BIOS would clear from memory and it would start over. This didn't work, same screen. I can't find the manual (this is my parents computer, I'm fixing for them) to see if the board has a jumper to clear the BIOS. I'm out of ideas to try. Any help out there.


A:CMOS Checksum Error

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Everytime i run my computer, it will show CMOS CheckSum Error.. Press Delete to load default or Press F1 to enter setup... So what's wrong? After i logged in to my account, the date will change to December 30 2002... So i have to change it back everytime i run my computer..... Any Solution??

A:CMOS CheckSum Error...

The solution is to replace your battery in your comp.

I jumped when I read the title to your post! Oh boy! I'm actually get to use my former skills as an embedded system developer again! I used to be a high tech engineer and switched to being a comp tech during the high tech collapse.

Anyhow, CMOS is a type of memory. It stores values/settings for your BIOS between sessions. When the BIOS starts up it reads them from CMOS and saves them when it shuts down (or whenever you explicitedly save settings within BIOS) Now, CMOS is volatile memory, meaning that it's contents will be lost in the absence of power. That's why your comp has a battery. The battery kicks in when you turn off the power to the comp and recharges when you power on. But over time, batteries can lose their capacity, hence, your CMOS loses it's contents between sessions. The BIOS can only check the checksum of the CMOS contents to determine if something is wrong with the CMOS but exactly what caused the checksum failure, it can't tell. What tipped me off was that everything returns to default which means all the CMOS data was lost. That usually means the battery is dead.

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While trying to update my bios (matherboard Gigabyte 8pemt4) everithyng went ok but after reboot i recieved:

Award BootBlock BIOS v1.0
BIOS ROM checksum error
detecting floppy drive a media...
insert system disk and press enter

i took out the batery left it one hour and stil the same problem, i took the batery out again and left it 10 hours and stil the same, i created a bootable disk with these flash files provided for my type of matherboard flash872 8pemt4.f4, trying to update like explaned in the gigabyte page (a:\flash872 8pemt4.f4) the system does nothing.

please help

A:CMOS checksum error

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Hi, I would appreciate it if anyone can help me. I just upgraded my ram from 512 to 1 gig and the computer did load in twice but now every time i turn it on it says Hi, I would appreciate it if anyone can help me. I just upgraded my ram from 512 to 1 gig and the computer did load in twice but now every time i turn it on it says CMOS checksum error and other times it says CPU is unworkable or has been changed. Please help as it is very frustrating . Is it bad ram or is it something else??? Please help :-( and other times it says CPU is unworkable or has been changed. Please help as it is very frustrating . Is it bad ram or is it something else??? Please help :-(

A:CMOS checksum error

Either a bad install, or bad components. What happens when you go bak to your 512 MB module. If good, run memsys86 on your new memory module.

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Recently whenever I unplug my computer and plug it back in, or whenever the power to my house goes out, it gives me a CMOS checksum error at boot up and resets the system clock and all the bios settings to defaults.

I read about the error and it seemed these errors are usually caused by a dead system board battery, but the symptoms for that sound like it does it every time you start your computer, which isn't the case for me.

Is it likely to be a dead system battery? Are they easy to replace?

A:CMOS Checksum Error

Yes this sounds like your issue and no their not hard to replace.

After opening the side of your case, look for something about the size and shape of a quarter mounted on the system board. Usually the battery sits under a tight clip and you can remove it by lifting the clip. Sometimes they snap into a socket and you have to push a little tab to release them. Most batteries are the CR2032. You can purchase these at a Walmart or Radio Shack.

After replacing the battery, start up your computer and press the appropriate key to enter the BIOS setup screen. (Usually it's the DELETE or INSERT key. Watch the screen for instructions or consult your manual.)

Set the system clock to the correct time, then save and exit. If your computer works normally now, you're all done. If it doesn't recognize one or more hard drives, go back into Setup and look for the hard drive "Auto config" or similar. Sorry, but every BIOS is different, so it's impossible to give more detailed instructions.

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This is very frustrating, so I will start by saying that I just had my motherboard replaced by the warranty department of circuit city, where I bought my laptop. Before having the motherboard replaced, I was getting a "Bad CMOS Checksum Error" upon startup. A few days later, I tried to start up my computer and nothing was displayed on the monitor. This problem was not a backlight problem because that was fixed before also, so i'm guessing that replacing the motherboard was their fix for this. However, I just got my computer back and I am still getting this Bad CMOS Checksum error. I was told at Circuit City that they replaced my motherboard and updated my BIOS. But why am I still getting this error? I went into the BIOS and loaded the default configuration, but the error still comes up when I start/restart my computer. I'm pretty sure that the CMOS has something to do with the date and time that is held on my computer, so every now and then it acts like my Norton subscription has expired, but ends up noticing that it is not. Can my computer still run as normal with this error or at some point will it cause the motherboard to go bad again? Can someone please help?

A:Bad CMOS Checksum Error

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I need help. Last night I was using my PC fine and suddenly it froze and gave me a blue screen indicating an error had ocurred in the system (dont really remember everything it said in the screen). Then I tried to reboot but it would just give me some beeping sounds and the screen wouldnt load up, so I couldn't get in the BIOS. Then I tried unplugging it and plugging it back up and after a couple of tries and changing some IDE cables around, taking out the CD ROM (only leaving my HDDs), the screen loaded, but it wouldnt boot Windows XP. I got the error "CMOS Checksum Error" and if I pressed F1 I'd go into the setup, if I pressed F2 I'd go and load up default settings. Well F2 didn't work cause the system wouldn't recognize any of my drives. I went into the BIOS setup and couldn't see my HDDs. I also saw that the date was set to september 2003 and the time was wrong. Tried switching them around, changing IDE cables, leaving just 1 master HDD, and nothing happened. Now it went back to just giving me beeping sounds and no screen. I haven't tried changing my CMOS battery yet, and I'm planning on buying a couple of new IDE cables just in case. Any ideas?

Just a note: In the past, when I would reboot my PC, it would not load up the initial screen and it would just give me beeping sounds, but after unplugging and plugging it again 3 or 4 times, it would eventually load up. Never have I received this "CMOS Checksum Err... Read more

A:CMOS Checksum Error

yups yeps sounds like a u should get new CMOS battery asap..

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I saw this messageboard when I was researching some tips regarding CMOS Checksum errror. I would like to have some advise regarding this error message: CMOS checksum error- Defaults loaded Warning! CPU or CPU ratio has been changed. Please re-enter CPU settings in the Set-up!

Is this an indication of a failing CMOS battery? I opened the CPU, got the CMOS specs SONY CR2032 3V. Should I go ahead in replacing this? Another thing, if replacement is the next step, is MAXELL CR2032 3v ok, even if the brand is not the same?

Hoping to read your advise soon. :blush:

Thank You,

A:Cmos checksum error

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

It my well be your cmos battery that needs replacing.

Any CR2032 battery should be ok.

Regards Howard

:wave: :wave:

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AMI Bios gave me this after installing linux from 7 home premium x64.Installed server foundation 2008 r2 64 bits still got this error.I have a habit to turn the mains off,and every time the mains is on,the computer auto-magically turns on and present with cmos checksum error date and time not set press f1 to load defaults or del for setup.Pressing f1 will not cause errors,but the time auto reset to 1/1/10 .thisis bugging me for a long time as i cannot update properly until i get the right time,which is troublesome.the battery is not dead(only 1 year old),and i cannot change it or warranty is void.How to fix this error?

A:CMOS checksum error

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Tried to boot a computer, and the message i get is;

CMOS Checksum Error - Defaults loaded
CPU was changed, please re-setting CPU information in CMOS setup

I am unable to enter bios as every PS2 keyboard i have tried has no power. I have also replaced the motherboard battery in hopes that would cure the problem, but nothing. I also thought about using the CLR_CMOS jumper, but this motherboard (Gigabyte GA-7NNXPV) doesn't have any jumper.

Any help would be appreciated.

A:CMOS Checksum Error

Matrox said:

Tried to boot a computer, and the message i get is;

CMOS Checksum Error - Defaults loaded
CPU was changed, please re-setting CPU information in CMOS setup

I am unable to enter bios as every PS2 keyboard i have tried has no power. I have also replaced the motherboard battery in hopes that would cure the problem, but nothing. I also thought about using the CLR_CMOS jumper, but this motherboard (Gigabyte GA-7NNXPV) doesn't have any jumper.

Any help would be appreciated.Click to expand...

Sounds as though that motherboard mught be shot to pieces. However, it's unusual for PS2 keyboards not to obliged at least with the Delete key at boottime. There are a few motherboards out there with keyboard and mouse sockets reversed - that it, mouse on the left as you face the back. Could this be one such, and are you not bothering to look when you plug in?

That said, "CPU was changed" is a strange message to see unless, of course, you have changed it. My money is still on a dud board.

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When I turn on the computer, it shows "Cmos Checksum Error" message on the screen. Even I have the cmos battery changed, it doesn't solve the problem.

When I try to enter to bios setup, the monitor loses signal, but the fans and everything is running.

Anybody out there know a fix? Thanks.

Motherboard: Foxconn 661M03

A:CMOS Checksum Error

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Stuck at CMOS checksum error - Defaults loaded

Push F1 to continue, DEL to enter SETUP
But went i push either keyboard dont seem to work , tried 3 different ones and cleared CMOS with jumper

A:Stuck at CMOS checksum error

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Cmos checksum error default settings loaded press F1 to continue or press Del to enter the bios setup
and No audio

Hi. When I turn on my computer I get this annoying error " cmos checksum error default settings loaded press F1 to continue or press Del to enter the bios setup".My computer clock is not working properly and it shows wrong time( I reset the time many times and it again shows wrong time).I think this may be due to dried up battery or battery failure.When I go to control panel>>sound and devices it says "no audio device "and everything is disabled here.
I uploaded some pics of this please take a look here:-
Is this audio malfunction because of cmos battery failure?I tried playing music files i get this error "Windows player cannot play the file because there is problem in your sound device or it might not be properly installed or another application may be using it".I get this same error with real player,media player classic too.Km player gives different error"some of the streams associated with this audio are in unsupported format ".I can play the videos but I cant hear its audio.
I have Realtek Hd audio system

This audio failure is confusing me. It happens randomly . I mean I can hear the audio normally sometimes... Read more

A:cmos checksum error and no audio

I've always read that the time start getting wrong when the cmos battery is going out.
I would replace that first thing.

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I have a problem.

I just bought a brand new kv7-v motherboard and AMD Sempron 2600+ from tigerdirect.

I went home, mounted the board properly, plugged everything correctly (I think/hope).

When I start it up, it seems to start fine with the default settings...but it gives me the CMOS Checksum error and I have to push F1 to continue.

When I go into the BIO and change it from the defaults to user define with the EXACT same frequency, my computer shuts off and sounds an alarm.

I have tried changing the power supply but I still get the same problem....

Can anyone help me?

A:KV7-V Motherboard with CMOS Checksum Error

First turn off the power

Remove the battery let it sit

Replace the battery after about 30 seconds

If you still get this error replace the battery itself

let us know

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Phoenix SecureCore(tm) NB Copyright 1985-2009 Phoenix Technologies Ltd All rights reserved Build Time: 05/06/10 12:54:29 ---------------------------------------- 3896 M System RAM Passed 256 KB L2 cache per Processor Core 3072K L3 cache Detected System BIOS shadowed Video BIOS shadowed Fixed Disk 0: WDC WD5000BEVT-75ZAT0 ATAPI CD-ROM: TSSTcorp DVD+/-RW TS-L633C Mouse initialized System Configuration Data Updated ERROR 0271: Check date and time settings WARNING 0251: System CMOS checksum bad- Default configuration used <F1>resume <F2>setup 
fter this I press F2 and change the date and time then save it. I can access windows with no problem. After I turn the laptop off again and turn it on after some time this turns up again and I have to change the time again from 12:01 8/20/2009 to the actual time. What do you think is the problem? 

A:Getting System cmos checksum bad error

The reserve (CMOS) battery need changing.  What model system is this?
Is the main battery also dead?

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Whenever I power up this new machine (from being completely switched off from the back) the CMOS looses its contents, reverts to default and says "CMOS Checksum Error - F1 to Continue DEL for Setup". After that its fine (even if you don't touch the settings). Once you set the date time, it runs fine and retains its contents even on reboot or if you switch it off from the front (which I'm assuming is a standby mode cos the green LED on the board is still on)... that is, until you completely power off from the back, then it loses its settings - again!
I'm assuming its the little silver battery which is probably dead (weird considering its a new motherboard) but as I don't really keep up to date with technology anymore like I used to, I can't be sure. Can someone please confirm this?

A:CMOS Checksum Error On Power Up

Check to make sure that the cmos clear jumper is there and in the right position.

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I tried to flash my Bios and now when I boot up I get the CMOS/GPNV Checksum Bad error and then I go into bios setup and try to save changes and then it sounds like it is trying to boot and then I get

PXE-E61: Media Test Failure, check cable
PXE-M0F: Exiting Intel PXE ROM
Boot Failure: System Halted

I tried changing the cmos battery, it did not work. I am going crazzzzy. I have an Intel PT845 MoBo in a Gateway desktop computer, it is P4 and I am running XP Pro. Any help will be greatly appreciated!!

A:CMOS/GPNV Checksum Bad Error

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HP 510n-Win XP-Phoenix Bios 4.0/Rel.6.0-Intel 1.2-256MB ram-40 G HDD.
We get "Missing Operating system" at start up. FDISK shows Partition 1 as 3.8 G and Partition 2 as 33.7 G. # 2 is set Active. I have tried using startup floppy but get "no fixed disk" message. This belongs to a "little ole lady" so there's not much telling what kind of protection,if any, has been installed.If I can at least get it to boot, I can take care of other problems. Would a bad battery cause a checksum error? Thanks for any help provided.

A:[SOLVED] ERROR 251 CMOS Checksum bad

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Today when i was using my computer, there was a powercut and the computer got switched off suddenly. Then when i restarted it i got an error at the POST screen saying

CMOS checksum bad
Press f1 to run setup
Press f2 to load defaults.

Why did this happen? Earlier also there were my computer was switched off suddenly, but this error did not come. Also, after i hit f2 to load defaults, and when i booted to windows XP, the system time was changed to April 2000. Why did this happen?

Thanks ...

A:Solved: CMOS Checksum Error

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I have an Epox mobo 4GEA+.

I am getting an CMOS checksum error - defaults loaded error.

I think I know how it happened - my little angel turned off the PC without shutting down XP.

When I turn on the PC I get a single beep and then the error. I cannot press F1, or any key, it doesn't seem to recognize the keyboard. I am locked up at the error screen.

I doubt its the CMOS battery because of the suddeness of the error.

Will clearing the CMOS activate the keyboard? Better solutions?

A:Not your normal CMOS checksum error

You can always try that.

If it doesn't help, then do a Repair Install.

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When loading my pc a black screen comes up before the windows logon screen saying

Error: 0251 system CMOS checksum bad-default configuration used
Press F1 to setup, F2 to resume

My pc is freezing once you click an item on the desktop to open a program...this is my 2nd time typing this msg as it froze up on me when I tried to post this. Also, when you hit the power button once it freezes and then turn pc back on, a green light on hard drive will come on but pc screen is black and blank. It may take me up to 4 tries to actually get it to come on so that I can attempt to type.

Is there anyone to help this frustrated lady

A:system CMOS checksum error

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Hi everyone,

I just installed a new Diablo Expansion Slot 80mm LED Case Fan for my video card. I connected it parallel to the 4 pin But obviously I did something very bad - when I started my PC there was a high-spinning noise and then a black screen came up with the following:




So here is what I've done so far:

1.So I switched PC off and removed the fan but it didn't help at all. The noise is actually increasing and that same black screen comes up. I guess I fried something in the system(hopefully not).

2. Originally I thought the grinding was coming from the hard drive.So I disconnected it both from the PSU and the MOBO, then powered back on and found out that the noise is coming from my Video card's fan.

3.Took the video card out, cleaned the fan, and then placed in back into the slot.

4. Connected back the HD and plugged the monitor on.

5. Powered the system back on and it came into the BIOS setup mode, telling me that there is a NEW Hard drive and I have to enter setup mode. What should I do now? I'm afraid that all th... Read more

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Startup screen advises the need to replace the Internal battery  (CMOS power)  I cant find this battery loacation in the usual places - under bottom covers etc. Need informed advise as to its physical location

A:CMOS battery replacement

It's on the system board. See p. 69-70 of the Service Manual here: Manual If this is "the Answer" please click "Accept as Solution" to help others find it. 

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Tried to replace my cmos battery with one i bought from Asda ( lithium cr2032 3v)

Maybe i am doing something wrong ;but restarting the pc gave a beeping sound, so i replaced the original battery and the pc started ok except the date and time seemed to have reverted back to the date it was made.

Could this be a battery compatibility (they are both lithium cr2032) ?

Must admit its the first time i've changed a cmos battery in all the pc's i've had

pc is a Hp md8070uk media centre which is about 4y old now.

any ideas what's happening?

Regards Roy

A:cmos battery replacement

Welcome rsinbad to the forums.

Whenever the battery is removed from a motherboard, the bios resets itself to the default time,date and other options. You need to go into your bios and set the date and make sure that all the settings are what you want them to be. Some have an option, after you have set the date and time to setup for maximum performance or you can leave the other settings to their default.


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Trying to identify which CMOS battery I need for a Latitude E6330

A:CMOS battery replacement

Hi Anthony,
You can use any of the following Dell part numbers: NTM35, M717H, 0F1DN, 8F7G4

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Hi all, I need to replace my cmos battery in my HP Firebird 802. I have looked online, but it seems no one sells that specific part number. I read that I could use a CR 2032 battery by cutting open the shrink wrap and connecting the leads myself...but I am unsure how to keep the leads on there without glue. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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i have a 486 with a dead cmos battery. i have several new batteries of the rectangular, removable type (stuck in there with velcro), but this one is soldered in. is it possible to plug in a rectangular one and just leave the dead, soldered-in one there? thanks!

A:cmos battery replacement

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My PC is about 7-8 years old and I would like to change the CMOS battery on the motherboard before it fails...instead of after it fails. My question pertains to finding out if I can change the battery with the PC "On" so I don't lose my BIOS settings.

Can anyone tell me if the motherboard powers the CMOS without the battery in the clip as long as the PC is "On"? In other words, if I have the PC "On" and remove the CMOS battery will I still lose the BIOS settings because no voltage would be going to the CMOS chip? Or is voltage supplied to the CMOS even without the battery as long as the PC is "On"?

My motherboard is an ABIT AT7 MAX2 (VIA KT400-8235)

Another thing I thought about doing was changing the battery with the PC "Off", but feeding 3 volts to the battery clips (to keep voltage on the CMOS) as I remove the old battery and install the new battery. (This is what many auto dealers/shops do when changing a car battery so the car's radio doesn't lose its channel settings and theft code.) This would be done by clipping leads from a spare CMOS battery to the battery holder, which would supply 3 volts in parallel with the old battery prior to removal and during the few seconds before a new battery can be installed. Any thoughts on this?
Also, does anyone know which battery my motherboard takes? It looks like a CR2032, but I'm not absolutely sure. Confirmation would be helpful.


A:CMOS Battery Replacement

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when replacing dead CMOS batteries, are there different types depending on the mobo? or are all of them basically the same?

A:CMOS battery replacement

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

The CR2032 Coin Cell Battery is the most widely used, but isn`t the only design available.

Look HERE for some different types of batteries.

Your mobo manual should tell you which type of battery to use with your mobo.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:

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Recently my PC had been rebooting randomly (instantly powering off and starting back up). After a few days of this, today when it did that I rebooted in safe mode and started a scan with ad-aware and a few minutes later it powered down. When it powered back on, it had a CMOS checksum error - defaults loaded, followed by something about "if operations system on SATA drive check boot order." I hit F1 to continue and it got to the "verifying DMI data pool" screen and just hangs there indefinitely everytime I boot up.

edit: the exact error is:
"CMOS checksum error - Defaults loaded
If your Operation system has install on SATA HDD already.
Please check SATA access mode and Hard Disk Boot Priority"

I did recently disconnect my floppy drive, but that was a couple weeks ago and it has been booted up many times without issues since then. I tried entering my BIOS and making sure everything was OK, and also resetting all to default. I also removed the CMOS battery for several minutes (with power cable unplugged) and then put it back in, but that didn't change anything. I plan on replacing the battery tomorrow, but I doubt that is the problem because the computer is only a couple years old and never had problems keeping time or what not. One thing to note is I only get the CMOS error after I enter the BIOS or when I removed the CMOS battery, other times there is no error but it still hangs at "verifying DMI data pool" indefinitely.
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A:CMOS checksum error/hanging at verifying DMI

IF you pulled the cmos battery your Raid isn't set anymore in bios probably. You have to reconfigure it.

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hi there can someone please help me i have got a error message that comes up as the pc is booting up,
cmos checksum error defaults loaded
i have replaced that cmos battery with one thats is out of date in 2016
and have reset the bois time,
but i still get the error message and the pc keeps forgetting the time,
i hope some can help this is silly.
cheers t4lor.

A:cmos checksum error defaults loaded

could it be the cmos holding that is sodered down to the mb? this has happened to me before.

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