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Help with krita, OpenGL 2.0 or higher

Q: Help with krita, OpenGL 2.0 or higher

Hey I tried to run krita like i normally do but it keeps saying to install OpenGL 2.0 or higher but i do have it already and its runned before please help

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Preferred Solution: Help with krita, OpenGL 2.0 or higher

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I just recently bought myself a new graphics card, GeForce 6 6600LE 256 mb DDR AGP8X 128 bit, abd got a free game with it called riddick, but when i try to play it the error message...

'This application requires graphics driver support for OpenGL 1.3 or higher'

comes up and the game doesnt work, however my other games like age of empires 3 still works, can someone please help me?

A:'requires graphics driver support for OpenGL 1.3 or higher'

Can someone please help because i am really puzzled and would like to know whether i have to go and download the driver from the internet or whether it shud be on the disk that came with my grpahics card, but i havent fully installed it.

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Q: krita

I have a windows 10, touchscreen HP laptop and when I use the the brush, it won't let me use my finger to draw, it lets me use it in the instant preview, but when I select the brush the cursor doesn't move at all. Any other tool, i.e. Calligraphy, Ellipse, etc. can be selected, and drawn onscreen by my finger and/or a digital stylus. Is there a way I can fix this?


Hi, What is your machine ? Touchscreen and digitized screen are two different things. You need a screen which supports the second function and the right software (including drivers) to be able to do that. Nearly all digitized screens are touchscreens but not another way around. Regards.

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I have this new PC:
CPU: I-5 2500 (without the 'k') @ 3.3Ghz
GPU: ASUS GTX 580 direct cu II overclocked to 878 Mhz
Motherboard: Intel DH67CL
RAM: APACER 8GB DDR3 @ 1333 Mhz

I was trying to play Rome: Total War (a game made way back in 2004) at max settings and at 1600x900 resolution (which is the max resolution of my monitor) and I get an average framerate of 20 fps, often even lower. So I checked GPU usage during the game, turns out it never reached 20%. But when I lowered the graphics settings, the fps immediately jumped to 60. As far as I can tell from task manager, there seems to be high CPU usage during gaming, but it doesn't tell how much exactly. So does this mean higher graphics settings require faster CPU clocks and not just a faster GPU? Or does it just mean there's a stability problem with my PC that's affecting its performance?

A:Do you need higher CPU speed to play at higher graphics settings in games?

What power supply do you have?

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I plan to transfer a JPEG to a CF card to take to Wal-Mart to have 5" x 7" prints made. This JPEG was scanned from a 35mm slide and saved as a TIFF. I saved it further as a JPEG in two sizes: 5332 x 3664 and 980 x 673.

If I were to have two 5 x 7's made, one from the larger JPEG and one from the smaller JPEG, would there be a discernible difference in quality between the prints? How about if I were to have two 4 x 6 prints made? Or two 8 x 10s? Wouldn't I be able to tell the difference more in a larger print? It seems to me, theoretically, that a print made from a 5332 x 3664 file would turn out sharper than one made from a 980 x 673 file. However, if I wouldn't be able to tell the difference, then of course I'd prefer working with the smaller files.

A:Does higher resolution (JPEG) result in higher quality prints?

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I always assumed that I had OpenGL on my computer, and that it was some plugin or driver or something that allowed my video card to display graphics that were made with OpenGL (Like certain games contain). Recently I was having problems with a program and someone suggested that I change my video card's OpenGL setting buffer flipping mode to "block tranfer" and set the memory used to 32 or less. I didn't know where to find my OpenGL settings. It looks like it's not even on my computer, but I do have GLExcess, which I can't figure out how to use (Or what it is for). The fact that he said my "video card's OpenGL settings" makes me think that my video card has OpenGL settings as though it expects me to have OpenGL (Is it even a program you download, or is it inherent in most video cards?). What are these two programs, and where can I download OpenGL (If I am supposed to, and, if not, where are my OpenGL settings on my computer?). I am confused. Thanks for any help!

A:What exactly is OpenGL and GLExcess? I need to change my OpenGL options.

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which in your opinions is better? a higher resolution and lower textures and details or lower resolution, but higher textures and details. the highest resolution i am able to achieve is 1366x768. so nothing past there

A:Higher Resolution or higher texture/detail?

Well to be honest you're making a sacrifice in either scenario.

Is this particular to a game you're playing? If so, what game? If it's a general question I'd have to say higher resolution with lower details etc. because at the very least a higher resolution allows for greater overall detail.

Depending on the game, of course.

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Hi there,
Hope you guys can help with this. Win 7 Ultimate x64. After booting up and working for a while, the keyboard response will slow down (i.e. you type characters and they don't show up on the screen for up to 30 seconds). Same issue with mouse. So I started monitoring the system and discovered that this happens when explorer.exe uses a lot of CPU resources.
On boot-up, explorer.exe is using about 0.5% of CPU. But as time goes on and I keep working, it starts to use more and more CPU. Eventually, it can get up to 35-40%. When it gets high, that is when the keyboard/mouse response slows down. So I tried this: I opened a Notepad window while monitoring explorer.exe CPU usage. Then I started typing random characters very fast. When I do this, explorer CPU usage drops to less than 1% and the keyboard response returns to normal. However, when I stop typing, the explorer.exe CPU usage immediately starts to go up again. Eventually, it becomes unmaneagable, and I have to reboot. I tried ending and restarting explorer.exe but it made no difference.
It would appear that explorer.exe is running some kind of background task which is consuming much more resources than it should.
You Bleeper guys have any good ideas?
Thanks a bunch,

A:Explorer.exe spirals to higher and higher CPU usage

You could try a claen boot to isolate the problem,have you run the disk checker,sometimes fixes this issue.
Clean boot instructions

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Hi, first of all don't complain about my english, im from sweden -.-
You must try to understand what I'm writing..

I'm using Windows XP Pro..

My Explorer.exe is weird, one day the "memory use" started to increase/grow/getting higher.. Normally it takes around 15mb memory but yesterday it increased slowly to 115 and took 95-100 Cpu (!) I Think that something is wrong but what? Ask if there's something I forgot to tell you.. Didn't write much because I don't know anything more about this..


A:Explorer.exe memory use getting higher and higher..

Anyone ?

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I've been having a problem recently with my volume on my laptop, a HP M6-1125dx. I have noticed that slowly over the course of a few days I have to keep turning the volume up higher and higher to have the same volume come out of the speakers. I used to consistantly be able to keep my volume around 15, but now I''m having to turn it up to 40 or 50 after a few days. It goes back to normal after a restart though (even a 'soft' restart) and then blows out my ears because either I've forgotten to turn it down before restarting or windows did it to me automatically.
Does anyone have any ideas what could be causing this? I have no idea where I should start since I couldn't find info of anyone having a similar problem.

A:Volume slowly decreases forcing higher and higher volume settings until restart

See if reinstalling the audio drivers helps.

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I'm interested in knowing why my pc suddenly starts rocketing through the roof for the fan. no idea what causing it. I went ahead and ran a hijack this if that would help.

thank you,

John Maxwell

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.3 (BETA)
Scan saved at 5:20:57 PM, on 6/9/2010
Platform: Windows XP SP3 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.17023)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast4\aswUpdSv.exe
C:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast4\ashServ.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\AOL\ACS\AOLAcsd.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\AppleMobileDeviceService.exe
C:\Program Files\Bonjour\mDNSResponder.exe
C:\Program Files\Dell Network Assistant\hnm_svc.exe
C:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast4\ashMaiSv.exe
C:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast4\ashWebSv.exe
C:\Program Files\QuickTime\qttask.exe
C:\Program Files\Dell Support Center\bin\sprtcmd.exe
C:\Program Files\Windows Live\Messenger\msnmsgr.exe
C:\Program Files\TrendMicro\HiJackThis\HiJackThis.exe
C:\WINDOWS\system32\SearchP... Read more

A:Running Fan higher and higher

Your computer might be overheating. Open the side panel and check for dust.

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This has been happening for around 3 days. When I start the computer (desktop) up, the rpm is normal but it slowly starts to speed up. After around 5 minutes, the fan starts moving at a average of 4000rpm and it's really starting to worry me.
I thought it might have been something to do with dust inside the heatsink so I cleaned the dust with a vaccum cleaner. After that, it still wouldn't slow down so I changed the thermal paste. It now slows down a bit but still run at the average of 4000rpm.
I also tweaked with the bios a bit but still no luck.

A:cpu fan rpm slowly gets higher and higher

Have you checked actual temperatures to see if there's a corresponding rise with increased fan rpm? Couple of free utilities:

Speccy - System Information - Free Download

SpeedFan - Access temperature sensor in your computer

HWMonitor - CPUID - System & hardware benchmark, monitoring, reporting

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I can't get Open GL applications run on my asus eee pc 1001p. It has an Intel graphics media accelerator 3150.

I tried
-all os compatibility modes
-running it as administrator
-disabling aero
-disabling desktop composition

I also downloaded the latest driver from Intel, installed it, rebooted. It shows OpenGL dialogs exactly like these Graphics — OpenGL* Settings Guide. But the OpenGL apps just won't run.

I tried an OpenGL benchmark, Blender, Anim8or and Silo. They don't show any 3d picture, just a black or transparent window.

DirectX applications run fine, e.g. Truespace.

What can I try?

Thanks a lot

A:OpenGL on eee Pc

The Intel graphics media accelerator 3150 in the ASUS Eee PC 1001P
only supports OpenGL upto and including version OpenGL 1.5. This is most likely the issue. Most software require at least OpenGL 2.

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Q: opengl

i downloaded angry birds and got texture too large error, i think this maybe my opengl is only 1.2 and i believe for this game you need 1.3 but when i try to update i keep getting told windows can not find a better version. now im no pc whizz but the video card i have is a VIA/S3G UniChrome Pro IGP and i get nowhere with the VIA webpages please help


Hi Guanda,

You'll need to post gaming issues in the gaming area of the forum, located here:

PC Gaming Support - Tech Support Forum

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hi, I play cs and I dont know the video dont support openGL and I am running XP is there anything that can be done.

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I have a NVidia GeForce2 GTS 32 Mb

I have had Medal of Honour before installed on here and i have played it. But now i have reinstalled it and it comes up saying "could not load OpenGL subsystem" now before anyone says to download a new driver, i have and it wont install all the way. Its startin to really annoy me ha ha ha. Does anyone have a clue as to what i can do? I am usin WinXP Pro.


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Q: opengl?

hi i would like to know how i activate the opengl for my geforce4 mx4000...tnx



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Q: OpenGL

Hi all,

Does anyone know how to get OpenGL for Windows 8 RP? I want to play Minecraft but I get that annoying error message about bad video drivers. I assume that means I don't have OpenGL. Whenever I try to install something for it, it just does nothing. Any ideas?


Tried these drivers?


(WHQL Windows 8 drivers)

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Q: OpenGL

I'm trying to play Half-life, but it just tells me my video card doesnt support the slected OpenGL mode. I got a NVIDIA TNT2 M64. Help?


Just try the mode "Software" in the video settings of Half-Life

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Q: openGL

when I try to play a game it just says: you have opengl 2.0 not 3.3. (no exact words)

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Q: OpenGL


I'm using Windows Vista: Business Edition and I want to run an OpenGL based game and can't. I believe it concerns OpenGL so I would like advice on how I can get round this issue.



Hi my driver dont support openGL and with 3D my mouse goes laggy and dont work proerly in CS.
I dont know how to make openGL work because my 3d was at 800 or higher and the mouse was laggy but when i Reduced it then it was ok but the graphic was crab.

A:CS & 3D & OpenGL

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Hello, my computer got messed up by viruses. Which I have posted in another thread. http://forums.techguy.org/t305261.html

Anyhow, I can't get OpenGL to work in the game Day of Defeat. I tried to update drivers, but windows says it cannot.

Any help would be appreciated..thank you.

A:OpenGL where did you go??

Don't post a second thread unitl the other is fixed

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Ok this is what happened, one day i went into my counter-strike folder and i accidently deleted my OpenGl plugin and when i went in to play it, it said OpenGL not supported by your Video Card so what i did was updated my driver at www.nvidia.com and got the latest updates, then i re-installed CS but there still wasnt any OpenGL plugin there... and it still says the same thing DOES ANYBODY KNOW? please help!

A:I need help with my OpenGL

are you sure you chose the default openGL driver in the CS control panel and not the 3dfx mini driver? that 3dfx driver is only for voodoo cards.

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This game called Tribes (the first Tribes) (http://www.sierra.com/).

I'm asking this because every time I startup the game and play, the graphics (or FPS) is laggy. When I go in the Video card set-up in the game, it only have OpenGL. Where is the DirectX? How could I change it that it can allow to use DirectX?

My graphics cards is a NVIDIA TNT 16mb (not the TNT2).

Here is a pic what I'm talking about. Sorry about the color, I don't know why it is causing that.

A:Not using OpenGL for...

you mean direct 3d?
maybe the game doesn't support it.

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Q: opengl

Where we get OPENGL driver 1.1 for maya 4 in windows xp.


Go HERE and see if this is what you need. OpenGL 1.1 comes included in XP (as well as Win2K, 98, 95)

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Thank you all who have observed my first post. My problem was triumph over when I changed my heat sink (processor) and SMPS. Fortunately both are in warranty period 
Now can you be good enough to explain what is OpenGL and why my Intel board (G43\45 Chip set board) and graphic accelerator not supporting OpenGL?

A:what is OpenGL

OpenGL is a graphics engine used by some games such as Call of Duty. It is not widely used anymore but most mainboards made from late 2007 support it. The problem normally appears from Nvidia graphics cards and the solution is not to install the latest drivers, but install an earlier one. v77.77 seems to work fine if you encounter this problem with an Nvidia card

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Q: OpenGL

I'm trying to get XBMC to work on my system. It refuses to start stating that:

"MS default OpenGL drivers detected. Please get OpenGL drivers from your video card vendor

It's an older system running a ATI RADEON 9600XT Graphic card.

I have tried both
ATI 9-7_vista32_win7_32_dd_ccc_wdm_enu.exe

ATI 9-3_1_legacy_vista32-64_dd_ccc.exe

Drivers without success.

Is there an update OpenGL.dll other that the default MS files that can replace the existing DLL?

There must be some way to get this tpo work.



Quote: Originally Posted by CarolinaGuy

I'm trying to get XBMC to work on my system. It refuses to start stating that:

"MS default OpenGL drivers detected. Please get OpenGL drivers from your video card vendor

It's an older system running a ATI RADEON 9600XT Graphic card.

I have tried both
ATI 9-7_vista32_win7_32_dd_ccc_wdm_enu.exe

ATI 9-3_1_legacy_vista32-64_dd_ccc.exe

Drivers without success.

Is there an update OpenGL.dll other that the default MS files that can replace the existing DLL?

There must be some way to get this tpo work.


First get openglview to know what ver Opengl is supported by your card. In openglview it will suggest places to get that ver. You may have to just install just the open gl.

edit you can get opengl here http://www.opengl.org/


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Q: Opengl

Where or what website can I get OpenGL free for computer games? I need OpenGL for Doom3. When I started it said I need OpenGL. It never said this before. I played Doom 3 before. But somehow my OpenGL got corrupted somehow or something. I was using Operating System Windows XP Media Center. And then I decided to install clean fresh Windows Vista. Please someone or somebody help me. Help is appreciated. Thanks. Actually, here what the message exactly says:

DOOM 1.2.1287 win-x86 Feb 8 2005 19:18:03
1662 MHz Intel CPU with MMX & SSE & SSE2 & SSE3 & HTT
1520 MB System Memory
256 MB Video Memory
Winsock Initialized
Hostname: Duo-Core2
doom using MMX & SSE & SSE2 & SSE3 for SIMD processing
enabled Flush-To-Zero mode
enabled Denormals-Are-Zero mode
------ Initializing File System ------
Loaded pk4 C:\Program Files\Doom 3\base\game00.pk4 with checksum 0x29cdb978
Loaded pk4 C:\Program Files\Doom 3\base\game01.pk4 with checksum 0x51c6981f
Loaded pk4 C:\Program Files\Doom 3\base\game02.pk4 with checksum 0xf3ec6f7
Loaded pk4 C:\Program Files\Doom 3\base\game03.pk4 with checksum 0x5d4230ea
Loaded pk4 C:\Program Files\Doom 3\base\pak000.pk4 with checksum 0x28d208f1
Loaded pk4 C:\Program Files\Doom 3\base\pak001.pk4 with checksum 0x40244be0
Loaded pk4 C:\Program Files\Doom 3\base\pak002.pk4 with checksum 0xc... Read more


Hi, have you also updated your video drivers? Here is the fix http://www.doom3portal.com/

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Q: OpenGL

Just a question, does the RTM version support OpenGL graphics?


I'm not 100% sure since I updated my graphics driver, but I would say that it does. To check, I have installed the latest version of Google Earth and run it in OpenGL mode.

Perhaps someone can confirm whether this is the case with the default/native Windows 8 driver, as supplied by Microsoft with the OS.

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Q: opengl

how do i get a opengl i go to nvidia to download driver but all i get is driver for my gforce card is ther a file just open gl drivers there is games that i have i played now they tell me i dont have a open gl what could have changed i used my xp diskand reformated but still no open gl like i said i played all of them this was just out of the blue dont know what caused it or how to get a opengl could someone help me i run xp


My video card is gtx 560Ti. From what I read, it support opengl 4.2.

A:How do I know what opengl r it is ?

Open GL is the opensource or comnunity developed
gaming api files used for some games that use open GL
instead of the windows directX game api.
API is application programming interface that programmers
use to program game and software.
It is not limited to games though.
Here is more info..........

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Trying to use UCCNC, a cnc router controller software. Seemed to download fine, but will not run.  I keep getting an OpenGL error. "The OpenGL version  supported by the graphics card of this computer has an OpenGL version 1.1. The minimum requirement is version 1.3. The graphics card of this computer supports textures with maximum size of 1024px. The minimum requirement is 2048px. Please make sure to have the most up to date drivers for the videocard.This application can't run and will close now." This is a refurbished computer that I think started with Windows 7,that I think this software will run on. Talked to a local computer guy and he thinks I need a bigger graphics card. If this is correct, is there one that will fit into this small computer?

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I replaced my hard drive because it failed. I installed a Hitachi with 250 GB, 7200 RPM 8MB data buffer. It went in fine. I started the disk to set up the hard drive and it asked for my operation system. It is Windows XP. It then asked if it was SP1. I didnt know so left it blank and contined. Then it said that without XP SP1 or higher, or Windows 2000 SP3 I could only use 137 GB of the hard drive and would have to set it up to use only that amount and get the other version of Windows or risk losing data.
Im not sure if my version is the correct one. It is Windows XP Home edition . Includes service pack 2. Version 2002. Will it suport the 250GB hard drive or do I need another version?

A:XP SP1 or higher?

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i dont known if this is proper, but dose any i have p3 Tualatin for sale. if so email me. thx


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I need what I am guessing is going to be rather basic info for some more tech headed than my self.
I need to know if my dell e6420 xfr with intel hd 3000 graphics has or can have openGL which I need to run a favorite useless program.
When I install said program a screen saver it will not open and run, just flashes in the screen saver window.
I have done a fresh install of windows 7 64 bit, I reinstalled the dell drivers in the order they had listed.
Many thanks for any help as I am in the dark on this openGL thing.

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while playing cs1.6 in opengl , i am experiencing lag in the fps which dips from 100 to 10.................
pls help me as the game experience is worst
its okk in d3d but i dont wana play ( sucks)

my system specifications:

hp g6 pavillion 1201tx
i5 2nd generation 2430M @ 2.4 ghz
4 gb ddr3 ram
640 gb hdd
1 gb radeon hd 6470 graphics card (dedicated)
intel hd grapics family

A:getting LAG in CS 1.6 while playing in openGL

The opengl in the old counterstrike is... buggy.
Very very buggy, has been all the way back since the beta. (yes I was actually in the beta '98-99)
Disabling triplebuffering in the ati CCC may give you slightly better overall frames.
The dips will likely continue to occur though, the power of your graphics card isn't even really an issue.

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When I try to run an OPENGL program on W7 it crashes - goes to a black screen.
I have the latest driver I can find.
OpenGL view program says system is up to about 1.5
But when I try to run the rendering part of the view program it goes to a black screen also.
There is one or two scan lines on the bottom of the screen with something in it.
Must cold boot to recover.

Memory is shared and set to 128MB in BIOS.
Total memory is 2GB.

OpenGL ran fine when computer was running XP.

any ideas where to look????
Anybody have OPENGL running on W7???

A:OPENGL on W7 crashes

The latest version of OpenGL is v3.0 ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OpenGL#OpenGL_3.0 )What program is it that you're trying to run?

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Every time I try and run certain opengl requiring programs, i get this error in certain variations.

A:OpenGL Failure

This is normally a driver related issue. What video card are you using? & Are you using the latest drivers?

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Hello again. I am helping my sister with her Dell PC 530, one more time.
I downloaded a program called PIXLR AUTODESK for her to learn how to edit photos.
(Awesome and easy for beginners)
After downloading and starting up the program, PIXLR says the PC does not have OpenGL.
saying most modern PCs have this...and it is an easy fix. There were 2 links.
One was to Intel. So I went to Intel. I downloaded their driver checker tool and ran it.
The diagnosis was that the PC has outdated drivers.
It says it has and the latest version is
Then I downloaded the zip with the new drivers. I have been reading about OpenGL.
The more I read, the more confused I am getting. Like information overload.
I am stuck here. I don't know if I have to install these drivers or not.
There are no issues with sluggishness. Just this one thing.
The history of this PC:
One year ago, it was bought from an elderly person. It had Vista.
They took it to an IT and had it cleaned up and wanted Windows 7 installed on it.
$150.00 worth of work. What happened?
There is a new sticker he placed on the PC stating that.
I would like to help her not mess her up more.
Thanks Elljay

A:openGL has me stumped

Hi ... If you are using the 64 Bit OS then yes the Driver below will work ...

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I have a Nvidia GeForce4 mx 440 card. After repairing my computer from a "Win32.Worm.VB.TB", I found that I still have a few issues such as the one in the title line: could not load OpenGL... I have reloaded the drivers from the Nvidia website, but nothing has changed.


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I have a problem with CS 1.6 OpenGL. I try to switch it in the Video options, but it says that it's not supported and that the game will start in Software mode.

How can I fix this?

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We are using Win 8.1 on the Minnow board and would like to build OpenGL based applications. Can some one confirm if this is supported?

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is there a free download that serves as an equivalent to openGL.


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I'm having trouble playing counter strike 1.6 (steam) with Renderer OpenGL.
I don't want to play with Software or D3D for diffrent reasons (it sux X_X).
I can really use your help here, I have windows 7, 64 bit. This is my video-card:
ATI Radeon HD 4800 Series (Microsoft).

Thank you for all your help!

A:OpenGL Failure in CS 1.6

Kosmith welcome to the Seven Forums.

First thing would be to install the driver for your video card,


instead of using the built in Windows 7 driver, which I believe doesn't install the OpenGL components.

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Seven keeps telling me to get the Opengl drivers for my laptop but I cant find them anywhere.

A:Opengl Drivers

Try here!

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