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Linking Access Fields to Word

Q: Linking Access Fields to Word

I produce my departmental purchase plans on MS Access so that I can attach my own symbols eg prioritising and run queries. I have been told that I can transfer/link/export individual fields from Access into a template order form set up in MS Word. Is this possible? How is it done? Is there an easier way?
Any suggestions?

Preferred Solution: Linking Access Fields to Word

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A: Linking Access Fields to Word

Hey there.

Is there some reason a mailmerge from Word won't work?


Check out how to set up a mail merge.

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I have created a form in word, and there are two locations on the form where the project number needs to be entered, is there a way to link the fields so that the number, when entered in the first field will also show up the second field?

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I have developed a simple database and used the built-in 'access search' facility that is applicable to all forms. There are around 7 fields in each table.

Problem: When I select more than one field (through the dropdown list), it lists all data instead of listing only data related to the first selected field.

Question: How do I link the fields so that during a 'search', if I click the first field and select a value (e.g. field size) then if I select the next field (e.g. colour) - it will only list colours pertaining to the selected field size - not all the colours of all the field sizes in the database table?

Any assistance appreciated.

Many thanks


A:Access 2003 - linking fields


I requested the moderators to move this thread to the Busines Applications section. You will get more attention there, and most probably, the quickest solution as well.

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e.g creating a link, so that if i were to click on a button in access it would open up a file in word?

if so....... is there a way of transferring details in a form in access into a word document?


A:is there any way of linking access and word?

a) Yes. Make a hyperlink field.

b) It's called Mail merge: http://www.mvps.org/access/general/gen0010.htm

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Hi, quite new to this game and having trouble finding the right code behind a command button on an access form to link directly to an existing word document saved on my network directory. Easy to get word to open but not able to pick up document!

A:Linking access with word

Can't you trash the command button and just draw a textbox that has a hyperlink under it?

What's the Word doc for? Is it part of a record?

Sorry....maybe I'm missing something.

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Hi, I have a new client who has asked me for some advice in linking an Acess Database and an Excel spreadsheet that he is using for his rental equipment business. Currently, he is using the default "customer" template database that came with Office. And he is also using Excel to store records of clients transactions, such as purchases & payments and current balances.

He would like to be able to update the info in Excel and have this automatically update in the database and visaversa. He would also like to be able to have room to store notes about the customer - such as telephone conversations.

His problem is that a number of his clients have multiple contracts - these need to be easily accessible. Each time they make an agreement for a new rental item, it requires a new contract. I'm wondering if this is possible to link to a contract created in word as a hyperlink.

Personally, I think he would be better off investing in a client management system that will also do invoices and accounts and inventory control as he has other excel spreadsheets for this information. The whole set up sounds rather messy and complicated.

Is it possible to link the three office programs to do what he wants? I have an appointment with him on July 23rd to discuss options and solutions.

A:Linking Excel & Access & Word?

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I am trying to create links to specific locations with each document between two documents. The document names will change. I can update the current name of the other document by creating a custom property called "otherDoc". I have solved most problems, however, I am unable to insert a field into the address of the link (to make the link dynamic) without utilizing the showfieldcodes command (which is very memory and time consuming since the documents I am working on are very large). Below is my code. I was wondering if there is any way to set the address as a field? Or somehow input an address and it would be understood by word to be field.
Sub link_to_other()

'pastes hyperlink to the other document
Selection.PasteSpecial Link:=True, DataType:=wdPasteHyperlink, Placement:= _
wdInLine, DisplayAsIcon:=False

'selects the hyperlink that was just inserted
Set myField = Selection.PreviousField

'creates variables
Dim temp_address As String
Dim temp_subaddress As String

'sets variables
temp_address = ActiveDocument.CustomDocumentProperties("otherDoc").Value & ".doc"
temp_subaddress = Selection.Range.Hyperlinks(1).SubAddress

'changes the hyperlink the the dynamic value
Set SCut = ActiveDocument.Hyperlinks.Add( _
Anchor:=Selection.Range, _
Address:=temp_address, SubAddress:=temp_subaddress)
End Sub


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I have a table that has a commitee member name and a nominee name. Both these are entered in a form by using a lookup to a tab1e of membernames. Now I want to print both names on a report and I need to join my table to the table that decodes the name twice. I just can't figure it out.
SELECT CCP.ABR, CCP.MemberCatABR, CommitteeMemberNames.surname, CommitteeMemberNames.title
FROM CCP INNER JOIN CommitteeMemberNames ON CommitteeMemberNames.ID = CCP.Nomineename AND
(INNER JOIN CommitteeMemberNames C2 on C2.ID = CCP.ID)
I have tried
FROM CCP INNER JOIN CommitteeMemberNames C1 ON C1.ID = CCP.Nomineename AND
(INNER JOIN CommitteeMemberNames C2 on C2.ID = CCP.ID)

I need to get a Title, Name, Surname for both the Member (CCP.ID) and the Nominee (CCP.Nomineename). I used to have an actual name in Nomineename, but that was because I wanted to incorporate it quickly. Now I have time to do it properly and I'm struggling. This is the type of SQL I have BEFORE the nomineename became a lookup.
SELECT Committees.ABR, CCP.EndDate, IIf([ccp.Nominee]=-1,[ccp].[nomineename],[Title] & " " & [Initials] & " " & [Surname]) AS MemName, [ccp].[MemberCATABR] & " " & [MembershipCategory].[Description] AS MemCat, CCP.StartDate, CCP.Chairperson, CCP.ViceChairperson, CCP.Dependency, CCP.MemberCatABR, CCP.ID, Committees.Minutes, CCP.NoVotingRights, CCP.Nominee, CCP.ExOfficio, CCP.Advisory
FROM MembershipCategory INNER JOIN (Committe... Read more

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I have a table with several fields.

I am using filter by form function.

Whenever I select an entry in a single field and click 'apply search', it will find the relevant entry in the database that matches the selection. This is all good.

However, if I select an 'entry' in one field. Then I select another field - I expect it to only show me the 'entries' connected to the first field - not every entry in the database.

Does anyone have a solution for this?

Thanks - its really doing my head in!


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Windows XP Professional - Adobe LiveCycle 8

Can you please tell me exactly how to make fields dependent on each other? Meaning, if one field has something entered into it, they must also enter something in another field.

i.e. They enter hours worked, they must enter claims worked OR if they enter claims worked they must enter hours worked.

Any help/explanations are appreciated.

A:Adobe Live Cycle 8 - linking fields

Hi Pianolady,

One of the ways to do this is with scripting. How does the user submit the form? Do they print it? Send it via HTTP? Email it?


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Hi all,

I?m really in need of some help from some Access experts! I?m a newbie to Access, but I got myself busy with quite a big project... I?m trying to map out the product supply to shops in the whole country. I?ve come quite far for a starter, but I keep having 3 questions, it would be great if you could help me with this!

I have, amongst other tables, two tables called Stock_counted and Reported_quantity.

The table Stock_counted has the following fields:
- Shop_number
- Product_code
- Quantity_counted

The table Reported_quantity has the following fields:
- Shop_number
- Product_code
- Quantity_in
- Quantity_lost_or_returned
- Quantity_out

1. What I would like to do is to make it one table based on Shop_number AND Product_code. So in one record I would like to have Shop_number, Product_code, Quantity_in, Quantity_lost_or_returned, Quantity_out and Quantity_counted. How do I do this, making sure that the quantities end up behind the right product and shop? It is possible that some shops don?t have all items, while other shops might not have all products reported, or both. On top of that, I have another table with a price for each product, which needs to be related to it as well.

2. It happens that some products are found more than once in one specific shop and therefore appear more than once in the table, with the same shop number and product code. How do I automatically SUM these quantities, so that this product only shows up once per shop?

3.... Read more

A:How to combine fields in Access 2010 based on 2 equal fields?

Quote: Originally Posted by Josephine87

2. It happens that some products are found more than once in one specific shop and therefore appear more than once in the table, with the same shop number and product code. How do I automatically SUM these quantities, so that this product only shows up once per shop?

select shop, product, sum(quantityfield1), sum(quantityfield2)
from sometable
group by shop, product

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Hi, I have an access Database that has a form wich contains 2 OLE Object fields in one I use it to paste a link to an excel field and the other field I use it to paste a link to a word document. This is running under windows 7 and office 2010. Every was working fine. I had to change my notebook harddisk and mother board. After this I reinstall windows 7 and office 2010. The problem that I have is the following: When I double click in the excel link it works fine an open my excel file. When I do the same with the word link I got the following message (translated because I have my notebook with spanish language "Error during an operation over an Object Document. It is possible the OLE Server is not registered. To Register it, reinstall it" Its very extrange because my database worked fine before I reinstalled windows and office and the thing the it works fine with the excel link but not with the word link. Please if anyone have and idea of what is going on??? Thanks a lot in advance for your help.

A:Issue linking to a Microsoft Word document in Microsoft Access

Welcome to TSG jcantini,
Since no one is offering any thing here I'm going to suggest you save the document in the current version of word and reistablish/rebuild the link. I suspect this is an older version of access running with office 2010? mdb file type?

If you google "the ole server isn't registered access 2010" there are tons of confusing suggestions out there! Good luck..

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I got a form A and a subform B. I use B to display data retrieved from a table while use B to simutaneously update that data. More particularly, if I click a row in B, that row will be display on A and the user will be able to edit that data. The forms were designed by someone in MS Access 97. I converted it to MS Access 2003 format. Therefore, I have to link form A and form B. However, I couldn't find Link Master Fields and Link Child Fields in MS Access 2003!

Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

A:Link Child Fields and Link Master Fields in MS Access 2003

climbingrose said:


I got a form A and a subform B. I use B to display data retrieved from a table while use B to simutaneously update that data. More particularly, if I click a row in B, that row will be display on A and the user will be able to edit that data. The forms were designed by someone in MS Access 97. I converted it to MS Access 2003 format. Therefore, I have to link form A and form B. However, I couldn't find Link Master Fields and Link Child Fields in MS Access 2003!

Any ideas? Thanks in advance!Click to expand...

It really sounds like form A and subform B are both using the same table, and are not a Master/Child field link situation. But rather, form B (the subform) will have code in the "On Current" event that will find the current record on the form B within the form A, therefore allowing that record to be edited. Review your original post, I think you used the "B" one place where you meant to say "A". No matter what, you need to clear up with us out here if both form A and form B are using the same table.


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MS Access:
I have several fields in a form that uses two tables. I would like to set up a command button so that when you are on a current record, it will copy the field information from the record you are on to other fields in the same record. I do not know the SQL commands to set this up.

For example, there are name fields, address fields, and phone to be copied. Reason: One is contact information; one is survey information. In most cases the information is the same but on rare instances, the information needs to be entered (when different).
This is not an update for all records in the database. This is based individually on each record.
Not sure if you need to do On current, on click, or after update.
Not sure if default value in form can be used.
Please help.

A:Copy data fields in same table to other fields in same table MS Access

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Can anyone tell me how to setup a field in a word templet/form that will auto fill in another field when the data is entered. I would like to type in the name field and have it fill in the same name in all the name fields on the form. I would appreciate any help you can give. Thanks..

A:MS WORD fields

You can use "Reference" (REF) form fields to accomplish what you want. I will give you the basic steps of creating one and you'll have to play around with it on your own to learn the rest.

From the Forms Toolbar insert a text form field by clicking the button labeled ab Double click the newly inserted field and check the box marked "Calculate on Exit." Make note of the bookmark name that is assigned to this newly inserted field (By default it will be named Text1, Text2, etc)

After inserting text form field hit enter several times to move down a few lines in the document.

From file menu across the top of your document click INSERT--> FIELD. Choose the category "Links and Reference" and choose field name "REF." Next click the options button and from the Bookmark listbox select the bookmark name that you want this new field to reference. With the bookmark name highlighted click the "Field Codes" button and make sure the proper reference has been set it should say something like REF Text1. Click OK to create the reference. Now protect the form document by clicking TOOLS --> PROTECT DOCUMENT --> FORMS. Now type some text into the first field you added and click TAB. You will now see that whatever text you type in the first form field will also appear in the newly added refererence field. Hope this helps!


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I am trying to link the text between my two word 2007 files in a similar fashion as we do in Excel. But no success so far. Actually, I want to make a master file and another as child file. If I will make any changes/edit to the text in my master file, it will automatically reflect in the child file without going inside the child file and doing it manually.

Is there any way i can achieve this goal? can any one hlep on this?

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We have a number of booklets (i.e.: Volunteer Handbook, Mentor Handbook) that are made up of a number of documents (i.e.: Purpose Statement, Application, Guidelines.) We are looking for a way to be able to edit/update a document and have it automatically change wherever that document show up. For instance, we would like to be able to find the Volunteer Booklet and just hit print as well as find the Purpose Statement and just hit print.

I have the KuTools app and can see how I can split or concatenate the individual pieces, but I (or rather the others that would be printing these documents) don't want to have to go through that process each time the booklets need to be printed.

I imagine a macro could be set up to use the KuTools app to do this, but it seems like the might be an easier way.

Any advice anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated.

We are using Word 2010.

A:linking WORD documents together

Welcome to TSG!!
Why not find volunteers to help with this maintenance? Better yet, what you need to implement is versioning.

What you asking is do able. But by the time you write the code some will have move the document and the code wont work. You could have manually updated all documents 3 times for what it would take to maintain "automatically change wherever that document show up". This theory creates an 'out of control' situation.

The correct way handle this is to provide the correct version in one place (read only) and notify the people that care about the document(s) that a new version is available (much like software updates). Spend your time figuring out a good way to do versioning (ie. Handbook_ver1.4) and a distribution list to send the link notification and link to.

Your policy becomes: "I provide the current version here. I will notify you when a new version is available." The distribution then becomes responsibility of those who know where the documents need to be.

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Hey folks,

Just an idle productivity question.

Assuming I wish to key in the name "John Doe" in the beginning of a contract document as a field and have the same name reappear in other fields within that same document, is this possible at all via MS Word 2000 independent of another supporting merge document?

Or am I restricted to the merge feature alone where I require another MS Word document with tables or an MS Excel table?


Mr Al-B

A:MS Word 2000 and Use of Fields

Hi, welcome to the board. Haven't done this for a year, maybe 2. Here's one method I've used before. (?How would you key in as a field?)

First type it in, then select it (the whole string), then Insert a Bookmark. Throughout the doc, you can then Insert -- Field(s) (Category = Links & Refs, Field names = Ref). In the Field codes text box you'll need "REF Name", where Name = the name of the bookmark you inserted. You may want to turn on "Show Bookmarks" in the doc (Tools -- Options -- View) to make editing the actual bookmark easier, when required.

The Ref fields should update automatically when you print ; if not, CTRL+A to select the whole doc, then rightclick one of them & "Update Field".


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i have created a form in word, adn i want it to be read only for most of the form. However, i do want certain fields to allow users to type in. Is there any way that i can easily do this. i know that this may seem kind of vague, let me know if you need any other info.

A:MS Word; only type in certain fields

Too bad there's not a strikethrough text format. Anyway, ignore the stuff in red.

This is a common question that has no easy answer. There is no way to permanently lock the text of a document while leaving the fields open. There are some workarounds, such as using a background graphic instead of body text.

I don't know what I was thinking about when I wrote that, but it wasn't forms. It might have been converting a PDF document to a protected Word form. Another of Dreamboat's articles.

If you search the forums for something like Word form protect text, you might get some hits. The question gets worded differently from time to time, so play around with the search criteria until you get a thread that works for you.

Here are a couple of similar threads (searching word form lock text):


And here's a link with some general info. Thanks to Dreamboat for that.



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Hi, recently I was asked to produce a document format, that once opened had a pop-up that prompted the user for information....eg. company name, address etc. and this information is then to be inserted throughout the document wherever applicable.

I used FILLIN fields, but these dont allow the information to be reused throughout a document. I then used ASK fields and assigned the promted response to a bookmark, which i then referenced throughout the document. This however, has another problem in not automatically updating the field (and therefore asking for information to be entered) when the template is opened. I got around this by setting up a macro to update all fields by pressing F2 when the file is opened.

The guy I made the document said its ok, but basically now he wants just ONE popup with all the fields to be entered in the file to come up at once, like a popup form, rather than one by one, and having to press the OK button for each peice of information.

Can anyone help me create this popup form?? with references to be inserted once it is filled in??? i know this one is a big ask!! Who is king?

A:Microsoft Word: Help with fields!

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I use fields in my Word document. Is ther some way to update these automaticly. At the moment I'm going thru the document and doing it one at a time.

A:Update fields in Word

Have you tried F(?

The following id from the Help within Worf 2007.
Function key reference
Function keys
To do this Press
Get Help or visit Microsoft Office Online. F1
Move text or graphics. F2
Repeat the last action. F4
Choose the Go To command (Home tab). F5
Go to the next pane or frame. F6
Choose the Spelling command (Review tab). F7
Extend a selection. F8
Update the selected fields. F9
Show KeyTips. F10
Go to the next field. F11
Choose the Save As command (Microsoft Office Button ).

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I have made a template form on Word 2003 that uses many fill in text fields. I would like to have the information inserted on some of these fields to show on other parts of the same document without having to entered a again. So the question is how I ref a field in word to show the same information over again. Have it entered once and show in many parts. Please help.

A:Word Fields Automation

I would think you could edit the document and insert a new field and in that field refer to an exisitng field name then the data from that field would populate , Word 2007 go to mailings tab>Write&Inseert Fileds Select Insert Merge Field

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I have created a mail merge document in Word that also incorporates several word fields ( ask, if..then..else ) The primary document includes an If..then..else field that calls for IncludeText of another document. Within that document are more ask and if..then..else statements. In the final merge, Word asks the Ask fields twice...even though I have checked the ask once box and am only merging to one record. Any ideas on what I have done wrong? I have been working in both Word 2000 and Word 2002.

A:Problem with Word fields

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Hi - I am not a complete beginner but am having terrible trouble using basic fields. All I want to do is create a template with variable Fields ie I use Ctrl+F9 to insert a field and then type in something like "Insert Name" etc. I need to be able to print the document showing the fields - I go into Printer Options - Advanced - Print Section - tick "Print Fields Codes instead of their values". This works but when I go back into my document it comes up with "Error! Bookmark not Defined". What am I doing wrong and can anyone help me fix this without going into anything too complex.

Thank you

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Hello..I just discovered this place

I am writing up a legal doc. in Word. I know how to protect the document, however I need to UNPROTECT 3 lines (to allow date, name and address). Is there a way to only make those 3 fields (created with FORM) unprotected?

TIA Anyone

A:Need Help with Protecting Fields in Word

I'm not an expert at Word, but I believe if these are text form fields (from your forms toolbar), when you protect your document ONLY those form fields will be able to be edited. Everything else will be protected, which is, I believe, what you want. However, when the document is unprotected, you CANNOT enter or edit text in those fields.

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In Word, there are some auto-correct fields that I have changed. When I do that, some of them stay saved, but some won't stay changed.

I changed it so that 2 hyphens instantly becomes a dash instead of waiting until I type the next word; that change stays. I changed the ... to become . . . because that is required in academic writing; that change stays.

But some changes won't stay. Right now, --> becomes an arror. I want -> to become an arrow because the -- before the > automatically becomes a dash. I make the change, but the next time I go into Word, the change is gone. I cannot seem to get it to stay. Anybody know why?

Also, there are many auto-suggestion replacements that I like, but there is one that I really don't like. When I type 2005 in a document, it automatically suggests 2005-09-04 and replaces it if I hit enter. I NEVER use that format for dates, but I often am doing a form where I need to be able to hit enter after I put in the year. I cannot find a way to remove this one date field without disabling all the others.


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I started running into an issue when migrating users from Office 97 to Office 2000. The issue is these users have a template they created with a linked image of the company logo. In Word 97 this worked great and the image always appeared and printed out for them to have a hard copy. Now with Word 2000 any images they link from a shared drive does not re-appear when opening the document or printing it. It shows that it is being linked to the image (they have a tiff created for the image), but you still get nothing viewable. They have all the lates updates for Office 2000 SP3 being the big one of course. I have not been able to find a thing on technet. Any tips would be appreciated.

A:Linking Images in Word 2000

I have no clue about your linking issue, as I never saw the use for it. If you have multiple users using a standard template that contains the shared logo, why don't you share the template instead of relying on a linked Logo.

Or, Insert the image instead of linking it.

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I sure hope i can get a computer guru to help me. My computers at work have just been upgraded at work to xp and some of the excellent programs now do not work. any way stop rambling.

I made some forms on Microsoft Access 2000 and wish to link the information that is being imputed onto pre made word templates.

the forms look aoutstanding a masterpiece in engeneering however i cant the life of me workk out how to when i click ok the information is transferred onto the templates, like a mail merge sort of thing.

Please help


A:linking my forms into templates on word

Why not just output the report? You can also make any report output to RTF but that may mess up any formatting. I don't think you can output to a template other than an HTML one.

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Hello, I apologize for the long post. I am using Excel and Word 2007. I am writing business reports on companies. There is an Excel file with many different worksheets and different questions that are answered. The Word report is formatted very nicely and can be written more easily by linking the cells from the Excel sheet, but it seems the link does not stay if the files are moved at all (and I need to email the companies the Excel file to fill out their information on it which is then used in the Word document). I have tried Paste Special and including the update changes and it all works fine until I tried sending it to another computer of mine and the links just seemed to crash, even if I put them into a zip file to keep them in the same folder along the process. I want to know if there is any way to keep the link between the two files while they are being emailed so I could email them, the company can open the Excel file and answer the questions, and then I can receive the email back from them and update the links in the Word file to get all the changes made in the Excel file. I have no experience with SQL or VBA or anything at all for that matter. I just played around with Excel and realized I could get those things to work, except for after I email them. Any help at all would be appreciated!

A:Linking Excel cells into Word

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Is there a way to link text in MS Word 97? I'm dealing with a large document (~300 pages) that has a lot of figures and tables. Is there a way to link the textual figure references (like "See figure 11") to the number in the figure title? This way, when figures are added in and the figure title numbers are changed, the textual reference will automatically change as well. This would eliminate having to hunt and peck through the document to make sure all figure numbers are updated--and potentially missing one and confusing the reader.

A:{SOLVED}Linking text in MS Word?

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I use a program (HTML) on my HP desktop to link to word files (.doc). I transfered these files to my laptop (win7) and can't link to the word files there ??

A:Solved: linking to word files

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My problem is that when I link an Excel file with Word, I get a graph with grid lines behind it. How can I get rid of these grid lines? I'm not referring to the grid lines within the graph itself, but the grid lines behind the graph. It looks like a nice graph siting on an Excel spreadsheet with the cells behind it. I've fiddled around with it and gotten the cells to "shrink around it", but you can still see the cells around the edges of the graph.

I'd send the file, but this system wouldn't take a .xls file. If someone wants to look at my problem graph, I'd be happy to email the file.


A:Linking files bet. Excel & Word

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I've created a form in Word that users fillout and print. Is there a way to make certain fields required?

A:Word Form - Required Fields

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Hello there!

I am trying to figure out how to construct an invoice in Word 2007 that performs calculations just like in Excel. If someone would care to correct the steps I already know, or add on to them to get me to a final solution, I will be extremely grateful!

Okay, so I have a table set up. Each of the top lines should take the number of items ordered and multiply it by the value of the item. For example:

5 Apples @ $1.00 - $5.00

The user should be able to change the number of items or the price of the item and have the total update itself when you update the field.

Next, the bottom part of the document will total all of the items, and multiply it by the tax rate (which is a value entered in the table).

Seems simple, right?

So, I know how to enter fields... I've gone to the Insert tab, clicked "Quick Parts", then "Field...". At which point I am presented with a dialog box and I think my next step is to click "Formula...", but I have no idea how to set it up. I know how to total columns, but I don't know how to multiply specific fields with other fields. I'm guessing it has something to do with assigning a bookmark to them and using this in the formula somehow?

A thousand thanks in advance!

[Another note: I'm learning how to do these sorts of things for an office software competition next fall, so I actually need to know how to do this using calculated fields... I don't need a work-around, like using Excel in... Read more

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I have a REF field in word, which takes its content from a bookmark around a separate FILLIN field. The text is coming through fine, but it's using the formatting from the bookmarked text, which is inappropriate at the point the REF appears - the original field features prominently on the title page of the document, and the font is much too large for where it the REF appears.

Is there anyway of keeping the REF field in a certain format - specifically font size, face and colour?

Thanks, Oli.

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I have developed a form in word 2003 with drop down boxes. I want users to complete mandatory fields before progressing to the next field. I understand that this is activated by a macro. I am unsure how to do this. How do I start the process so that a form cannot be completed without the necessary fields being answered. Please try to keep the answer fairly simple with examples if possible.

A:How to set up mandatory fields in Word 2003

Welcome to the forum. I am not good with VBA but it would be including an If>>Then>>Else statement to test the object to see if it is null or blank. You would probably want to it do it before you save and then have it select the objects that are not filled in correctly. I am posting this in the hopes one of our VBA people will respond to it. :0

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I'm trying to build an index for a long book (200,000 words). I don't think my computer will handle doing this if the book is all in one file. Word Help talks about indexing by using referenced documents, or RD fields. Right now I have the book stored in separate chapters, each with correct pagination (so the pagination is continuous throughout the book).

I can't get the RD indexing feature to work, but get a message that Word can't locate the referenced documents. I've entered RD fields that look like:

{ RD C:\\Documents\\Chapter 1.doc }

but this doesn't work.

Many thanks for any help!


A:How to create index in Word with RD fields?

Have you read this?

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Okay, I thought I had this figured out yesterday, but I guess I didn't. I was using continuous section breaks in the form to try and solve the problem. The only problem with this method, though, is that Word seems to only allow one break per line, which means the most precise I could get this way was to place a break at the beginning of the line I want to leave editable and then another break at the beginning of the following line. This won't work for me because it will still allow someone to use the enter key to create a new line in the editable part of the form, thus pushing everything below it down and changing the layout of the form. So, is there a way to get more precise when it comes to locking areas of the document around certain fields? Sorry if my post is a little confusing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Lock certain fields in MS Word form?

Could you e-mail me the form so I can take a look at it please? Have you locked the form as well so the user cannot edit it?

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I am trying to fill in a weekly dates using a form field start date.
It is setup as such:

Start Date: ________ (user enters date here in format ddMMMYY)
This is setup as a Text form field, set to date, with calculate on exit checked and bookmark as DateField.

Later in the document, I have a weekly calendar that I want to fill in the dates for Mon - Fri based on Monday as the start date from above.
I have been using the insert>Quick Parts>Field but cannot figure out the calculations even after multiple guides and searches.
I am able to reference the bookmark and repeat the date for Monday, but cannot figure out how to set Tue-Fri dates.

Please give me the exact code to put in if possible.
I could figure it out using VBA but want to do this without macros if possible.


A:Solved: Form Fields in MS Word

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I am trying to create a customer letter template with the name of the sales rep and their title under the signature line (I got the sales rep name). So far the only way I see to add a title is in the employee additional fields, but when I try to use the employee toolbar for a customer letter it won't allow me to do that. Is there a way to do this? Please help - I need to get these letters out! Thanks!

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I have set up a .dot file which uses reference fields. I have set up the input field as a drop down box with bold text.

My query is when the ref field populates the first word is bolded the second one is not.

Can anyone assist?


A:Reference Fields - Word 2003

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I am trying to create a form with required fields for a document at work. I was able to use code provided by Anne Troy to easily do this. However, I just have one additional question to complete a modification I had. Basically, on certain questions, I want the form to verify that the "Next" field is completed. So that if on question 7a "Yes" is selected from a drop down box, then question 7b must be answered. Here is an excerpt with the IF statements...
For Each fld In ReqFields
If Trim(fld.Result) = "" Then
MsgBox "You must complete " & fld.Range.Bookmarks(1).Name & " before you can print.", vbOKOnly + vbExclamation, "Error"
Cancel = True
Exit Sub
End If
If Trim(fld.Result) = "Select..." Then
MsgBox "You must select an answer for " & fld.Range.Bookmarks(1).Name & " before you can print.", vbOKOnly + vbExclamation, "Error"
Cancel = True
Exit Sub
End If
If Trim(fld.Result) = "Yes" And "NextField" = "" Then
MsgBox "You selected 'Yes' for " & fld.Range.Bookmarks(1).Name & "." & vbNewLine & "Please answer Question 'b' after " & fld.Range.Bookmarks(1).Name & " before printing.", vbOKOnly + vbExclamation, "Error"
Cancel = True
Exit Sub
End If
Next fld
End Sub

A:Word Form - Required Fields

See if this helps?

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hey there,
Does anyone know how to make fields or right text fields etc for letter templates, that contain 'client name' for example, that automatically fills all the other client name fields etc in the document. I KNOW It CAN BE DONE! ahh. Just like how word has its own fields for document title and author that it reproduces...
I can't figure it out. ??

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Hello everyone,

I'm new to the TechSupport Forums, so I'd like to start out by saying hello to everyone! I need some help with a (possibly) unanswerable inquiry.

I have created a protected document with form fields for users to enter information. When they hit enter, I would like for the document to go to the next form field rather than do a hard return. Is there a way to do this? Any help anyone can provide would be great!

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The State of Florida is using an MS Word Document as a test document that can have answers placed in it. Some "Computer expert" unlocked it so that everything moved with 'tab', or 'space' or 'answer' entry. How are the fields supposed to be designed so you can Lock some fields (questions), but allow entry in others(your answers)?

How can anyone change that function in a state form?

A:Word -- Lock some fields, allow entry in others

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Based on this formula, how would I change it to validate 2 or more fields simultaneously? More specifically, [If "this field" equals "yes" and the "next field" equals "", then MsgBox...]

Correct for verifying "This field" only:

If Trim(fld.Result) = "" Then
MsgBox "You must complete " & fld.Range.Bookmarks(1).Name & " before you can print.", vbOKOnly + vbExclamation, "Error"
Cancel = True
Exit Sub
End If

My attempt at verifying the "next field":

If Trim(fld.Result) = "Yes" And fld.Next = "" Then
MsgBox "You selected 'Yes' for " & fld.Range.Bookmarks(1).Name & ". Please answer Question 'b' after " & fld.Range.Bookmarks(1).Name & " before printing.", vbOKOnly + vbExclamation, "Error"
Cancel = True
Exit Sub
End If

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