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Lenovo G510 windows 8 cd/dvd not detected & also not shown in device manager

Q: Lenovo G510 windows 8 cd/dvd not detected & also not shown in device manager

Lenovo G510 windows 8 cd/dvd not detected & also not shown in device manager.After facing this problem i try to solve it by refresh pc option.But after that i am facing same problem.Help me as soon as possible.?

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Preferred Solution: Lenovo G510 windows 8 cd/dvd not detected & also not shown in device manager

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Lenovo G510 windows 8 cd/dvd not detected & also not shown in device manager

Hi Amitkd44,

Welcome to the Community Forums.

Try to check first if the DVD drive show up in the BIOS (FN + F2 on restart or from off status using the Novo button).
This would allow you if the physical dvd device is mechanically detected by the motherboard and is not related to any drivers or Operating System.

Initial tab should show the same drive listed along with the harddrive within the BIOS screen.
If so, then reseating the drive (removing and placing it back making sure contact points are secured.
Here is the hardware manual that can help as a guide.

Update us soon as convenient.


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Lenovo G510 windows 7 64 bits optical drive cd/dvd not detected & also not shown in device manager.After facing this problem I try to solve it by using Lenovo solution center, I find that optical drive removed ( see picture in attachement).Help me as soon as possible.?

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I own a Acer Aspire S3-951 ultrabook.

I accidentally installed the wrong drivers yesterday while updating the device drivers as I ran into internet trouble and diagnostics said there seems to be a problem with either the drivers or hardware. Ever since the system is unable to detect my network adapter. It should be an Atheros ar5bwb225 adapter. When I boot the system there was a big red X and no connection, so I ran diagnostics and it said I didn't have the drivers (the incorrect drivers installed over the old one). In Device manager, unfortunately neither the old nor new(wrong) drivers are displayed, so I tried to uninstall the Atheros installation program to remove the wrong drivers.

That ran into trouble as the wrong drivers could not be uninstalled because it was unable to locate the network card for the wrong drivers. So I downloaded the correct driver from the Acer website and ran setup. Setup could not be completed because it says my network adapter is unplugged.

Followed a few different links on this site including the IP reset in this post: http://www.sevenforums.com/network-s...but-s-not.html

Also disabled, uninstalled and removed Bonjour. With IPconfig, as I'm using a USB wireless adapter temporarily it shows:
Wireless LAN adapter Wireless Network Connection 4:

Media State . . . . . . . . . . . : Media disconnected
Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter #
... Read more

A:Network Adapter Not Detected and Not shown in Device Manager

Hello and welcome HK mate it took some finding as I didn't know if ultrabooks were not notebooks

Anyway here are the drivers for the WLAN I would try the latest one.
Acer | Driver Download

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Hi all,
can anyone tell me why I can see MiniDriver smartcards on some systems (7 / 2008 R2 / 2008) in the Device Manager and on other systems (same builds) the simply do not show up? In both cases the drivers are installed and the cards are recognized and work
as expected.
I've seen this on several different environments of my customers now and I cannot explain it :D
What's the catch? A policy?

A:Smartcard shown / not shown in Device Manager on different systems

Ok, figured it out, it's all down to the Certificate Propagation Service. Always thought it justs propagates the certs, but not that it also installs the drivers :)

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Hi there,I seem to be having a problem with the touchpad on my Lenovo G510. I noticed yesterday that my touchpag settings were for some reason reset to default (sensitivity + no scrolling) so I went to the control panel to change them back. However, I can't find any touchpad options in the mouse section. I know there should be a tab called 'device settings' there, but it's simply missing. Device manager also only detects my USB mouse under mouse and other pointing devices. I tried restarting my computer, downloading the latest driver form Synaptics (didn't work, got an error message saying Synaptics device not found), etc.I'm running a 64 bit Windows 7.Any suggestions?

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Does anybody know what this device does. It's located under SCSI and RAID Controller, it's called AWFOEXCS IDE Controller. I have no idea what the hell is that.

A:Unknown device shown in device manager

I've seen those on the Media Center edition of Windows

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So, my webcam works fine, except for the built in microphone. It is a Logitech 'Quickcam for Notebooks Pro' which is a bit outdated. I looked for the most up-to-date software but I guess they don't have drivers specifically tailored to handle Windows 7.

Anyways, my webcam mic shows up in the device manager and is not disabled, but for some reason, it doesn't show up anywhere else, most importantly in the sound settings, under recording devices. What is the issue here? Thanks in advance for any help

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I am having an issue with the hd 4350 card. I read on another post that re-installing windows solved the problem however I have an on-board video unlike the said poster.

Device manager only lists the on-board display adapter, not the 4350. Heres the funny thing, When I run my diag program (pasted below) the 4350 is actually listed. I did RMA the first one I received and was disappointed to see the replacement doing the same thing. Anyway the reason for this post is to find any other possible solutions before I go an re-install windows. Wiping my puter is really the last resort for me but at this point RMA is no longer the issue.

Thanks everyone.

SiSoftware Sandra

Device Information
Device Type : VGA Video Adapter
Device ID : Bus 2, Device 0, Function 0
OEM Device Name : ATI (AMD) RV710 [Radeon HD 4350]
Hardware ID : VEN_1002, DEV_954F, REV_00
Device Name : Pine Technology RV710 [Radeon HD 4350]
Product ID : VEN_1682, DEV_2462, REV_00
Revision : A1

Power Management Features
Version : 3.00
Supports Clock Slow-down : Yes
Supports D1 PM State : Yes
Supports D2 PM State : Yes
Supports PME# : No
Supports PME Clock : No

PCIe Capabilities
Version : 2.00
Port : 0
Physical Slot Implemented : No
Phantom Functions Support : No
Maximum Payload Size : 128
Width : x8 / x16
Speed : 2.5Gbps / 2.5Gbps

Device Capabilities
I/O Range : No
Memory Range : No
Bus Master Capable : No
Special Cycle Recognition : No
Memory Write & Inval... Read more

A:HD 4350 not shown in Device Manager

Hello Native,
Go in to your Bios, ( normally delete on boot up), and see if you can disable your on-board video card.
Its the only thing i can think of, I'm assuming you have the latest drivers for the HD 4350 card.
Try this and post your results, good luck.

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 550 @ 2.00GHz, x64 Family 6 Model 22 Stepping 1
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 2038 Mb
Graphics Card: Mobile Intel(R) 965 Express Chipset Family, 4 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 63446 MB, Free - 19500 MB; D: Total - 10239 MB, Free - 5030 MB; F: Total - 105243 MB, Free - 81504 MB; G: Total - 99997 MB, Free - 23374 MB; P: Total - 99999 MB, Free - 95577 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0U990C
Antivirus: Avira Desktop, Updated and Enabled

For a while now, I've had problems with USB devices, but today I was looking online and someone mentioned a solution to a problem I was having, saying to look in Device Manager under the Ports tree.
My Ports tree in DM is gone, but I also don't know how to access my COM3 port or other ports any other way. Should the Ports tree be there?
I've already restarted my computer and entered the BIOS menu, and it said my USB Ports were enabled.
I've already been to the Registry Editor in Blah-Blah key and entered "3" (was already that way).
My ports are just gone. What should I do?

A:Ports Not Shown in Device Manager

I don't understand much of what you're talking about, so can't help much, if at all.

USB ports should be under 'Universal Serial Bus controllers.'

For what are you using Com3? That's a serial port, isn't it?

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My wlan card has been dodgy recently disconnecting and reconnecing but now does not work at all.
It is no longer shown in device manager
I installed the drivers for it from the disc that came with it and ones from the internet but no luck
from what I've read online it says my laptop (advent 9617 - ancient i know) came with the Ralink RT73 USB Wireless.

It also keeps popping up "this device can perform faster is you connect to a high speed port"
I took off the casing to have a look at it and I can't see any dodgy wires or connections unless its somewhere I can't see or get to. I just took it out and put it back in but no luck.

I can still get on through wired LAN but live in shared accomodation and it's a bit inconvenient when I'm trying to work. Oh and there's no router problems as my phone and housemates laptops connect fine.

A:WLAN card not shown in Device Manager

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Hello, i am new here so her goes..
After updating my Dvd/cd drive last night and then rebooting caused my computer to startup up slow. At the dell startup up screen it stays completed for around a minute or so and then loads up fine. When i went to My computer and Device Manager it doesnt show up. I tried unplugging and replugging the Dvd/CD cables inside but that didnt change it.
Please help.

A:Dvd/cd Drive Not Shown In Device Manager Or Computer, I need

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Wifi driver or adapter and bluetooth driver  not shown in device manager when i click on network adapter option.                                      Please help me so i can use wifi properly.

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Greetings all!

The DVD RW drive on my HP Pavilion dv9700 series (9920us) is not working. Please find the relevant details below:

1. The drive is Model TS-L632N/HPMH - I think this is Toshiba?
2. It's detected in My Computer as HD-DVD ROM.
3. When I try to play a CD/DVD, the light comes on and spins but then shows "Please insert a disk into HD DVD-ROM Drive (F.
4. The Device Manager detects it as a CD ROM and obviously the Windows generic driver doesn't work. The Device Manager picks it up as an "Unknown Device" and is shown as "NCB XYB09 QNKX SCSI CdRom Drive".

The driver is not available on the HP site, so tried the regedit option. I believe I deleted all the strings associated with the driver key!! Then tried the Microsoft tool, which must have installed the generic driver which causes the DVD drive to be recognised as a CD ROM instead. I tried the sfc /scannow as well and it shows that there are corrupt files, which could not be fixed. The laptop works well otherwise.

Please help! Where can I find the driver for the drive? How can I go about fixing this issue?

A:DVD drive shown as CD ROM in Device manager - not working!

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I just reinstalled Win 7 Pro on my Elitebook 8460p. When I open the device manager, I do not see any network adapter, wireless or otherwise. How can I find my wireless adapter, so that I can install it and if needed download the appropriate drivers?  

A:No network adapter shown in device manager

Hi: You should see a device labeled as a Network Controller under an Other Devices category in the device manager. The Network Controller will have a little ! mark inside a yellow triangle. That is the wireless card that needs a driver. Since there can be more than one model wireless card in that notebook series, I don't know what driver you need to get the card to work but that is easy enough to find out. Please post the hardware ID for the device you see listed as a Network Controller. To find the hardware ID, click on the device labeled as a Network Controller. Then click on the details tab at the top of the network controller window. Now you will see a Property drop down list and it will be set to Device Description. Drop down on that list and select the 2nd item (Hardware ID's). Post the top string of characters that you see in the window.

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Hi,On my T470S [20HG] latest BIOS (1.17  1 Sept.2017) running on Windows 10 1703  with latest driverversions from Lenovo SystemUpdate I have the Problem that after a reboot the WLAN adapter is not shown in the devicemanager. A soon as I logon with my Domain Credentials (for the first time LAN is needed in this case ;-) ) the WLAN Adapter is shown and working fine. if I just logoff I see all available WLANs within my range. I have Credential and Device guard running.  Any hint or suggestions to get this working like on my T460 or T450btw. Same on X270 and T570.. semms it does not work on Intel AC 8265

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Hi, I've had a Lenovo G510  for about 18 mths. Not used wifi yet as I have a wired connection in my house. Decided to check out the wifi today but I can't find a way to turn it on and I can't find any wireless device listed in Device Manager. All I have under "Network adapters" - are: Qualcomm Atheros AR8172/8176/8178 PCI-E Fast Ethernet Controller Also no "Other Devices" or Unknown devices listed either. I've tried scanning for hardware changes but no luck. Why can't windows find the wireless card? It was advertised as coming with a built-in 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi adapter. I'm on Windows 8.1. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

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So I recently installed Windows 8.1 and fully updated. But no matter how many times I uninstall "Microsoft Basic Display Adapter", the Windows isn't detecting my card to install the appropriate driver.

Back in the day when I first installed windows 8, the card was detected and it automatically installed Nvidia drivers from Windows update but not this time.

Anyone know how can I get the card to show up in the device manager?

A:Qosmio F50 -126 - Nvidia Card not being shown in Device Manager

Can you please tell us which notebook model do you have?
Have you installed Win8.1 update or clean OS version?

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I have no beats audio driver . In device manger no beats audio drivers exist. I want to active my beats audio.How I install my Beats audio drivers and active it

A:Beats Audio Drivers Not Shown in Device Manager

Hello HONEYGUJAR,  Download the IDT Audio installer on the link below and save it to your Downloads folder.http://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp63501-64000/sp63555.exe When done, hold down the Windows key and press RInto the Run window, type devmgmt.msc and hit enter. In Device Manager, expand Sound, Video and Game Controllers.  Right click the IDT device and select Uninstall - you should also get a prompt to remove the current driver, tick the box to allow this and then proceed with the uninstall and restart.When windows has reloaded, open your Downloads folder, right click on the IDT installer and select 'Run as Administrator' to start the installation.  When this has completed, restart the notebook and let windows fully load. Hope this helps, for any further queries reply to the post and feel free to join us again  **Click the White Thumbs Up Button on the right to say Thanks**Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem. Thank You,GBL84I am not an HP Employee

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I have hp laptop model:F9F78EA. recently i can't see my dvd drive in my computer or in device manager, but still show in bios.i tried the registry fix but no luck. can any one help me.

A:dvd drive is not shown in device manager but show in bios

For future knowledge, you own an HP 15-d002se Notebook.  That is the best way to identify it in the forum. Have you installed the CyberLink media software and drivers?They are available in the software-media section at the following link.http://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers/selfservice/HP-15-Notebook-PC-series/6529963/model/6822794 

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Hey guys, we are using a few ThinkCentre M800 with Windows 7 (Enterprise x64) and are facing the following problem: Several USB 3.0 devices (usb stick or external hard disk) are not detected, if they are connected to an USB 3.0 port. Not detected means, that Windows only says, that the media is not formatted and suggests to format it.On an USB 2.0 port (or with an USB 2.0 hub connected between desktop and storage device), everything works fine.  An intresting fact is, that if the (not correctly detected) device is formatted on a M800 again, the device works fine on every other M800 desktop. I have already reinstalled the USB 3.0 driver and Intel Chipset driver and also updated the BIOS to the lastest version (FWKT63A), but it does not change the behaviour. // by the way it is not an option to reformat every available hard disk here to use it on the M800 ;-) additional note: the USB 3.0 devices are working fine on e.g. ThinkPad T460, T460s etc. on their USB 3.0 ports. Anyone with an idea to use existing USB 3 devices without reformatting? Thanks in advance!

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Hi there,After upgrading my T540p to Windows 10 I struggle to enable the build-in Intel Wifi card N7260 which worked fine before in Windows 7.I run all Windows updates and used Lenovo System Update to update all driver but still neither Windows 10 is showing any Wifi option nor is the N7260 shown in the device manager.I tried both the driver I found on Lenovo download area and the one from Intel as well. N7260 wasn't detected automatically in the device manager.Finally I manually added the card in the device manager and tried to update the driver but it told me the best driver is already installed and in the properties I have seen an error message "Code 31" with a comment saying Windows is unable to load the driver.So I wonder if N7260 can be used at all with a T540p under Windows 10.Can anyone say what else I could do beside using the laptop with a Wifi stick? Any similar experiences?Thanks in advance!Karsten 

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Yesterday, I started a download and kept the pc on with my Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex External HDD 1TB plugged in. After I woke up I realized that there was a power cut and the computer went off unexpectadly (I had no UPS or any backup system).And, I found that my Ext HDD was not seen in my computer anymore (It was working perfectly until before I went to bed).
In device manager, under 'Disks' it shows 'GoFlex Hard Disk', but in BIOS or Disk Manager there is no sign of this HDD.

I really need the data in the HDD badly. Please help me recover it.
P.S. I read somewhere that keeping the HDD in freezer might help and give a little more time. Is that true? Worth the risk?

A:External HDD gets detected in Device Manager but not Disk Manager or seen in 'My Computer'

Power outage probably killed something in the enclosure or its PSU. The drive in the enclosure is probably fine. I would remove the drive from the enclosure and put it in a dock or install it in a desktop computer before considering freezing it. Freezing is usually reserved for click of death drives, and a last ditch effort.

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 Hi, my GPU of my laptop lenovo g510 20238 doesn't work any more resulut of that i get black screen, i decided to buy a motherboard online.Lenovo g510 80A8 motherboard has a better graphic card and motherboad is a bit in different shape, so i am wondering if i could buy a motherboard of 80A8 and put in my laptop which is 20238 type______________________________________________________________________1.(20238) I found the same motherboard as i had with integrated GPU intel 4600 same as this in aliexpress  My motherboard type 20238______________________________________________________________________2. (80A8) I found a motherboad for g510 80A8 with a AMD GPU on it in aliexpress Lenovo G510 80A8 with AMD I like to buy that one with AMD graphic even thats in different shape, i think must be compatibile because all the ports and holes are in same position______________________________________________________________________ here is a photo below, of my laptop and motherboard

A:Does Lenovo G510 20238 and G510 80A8 compatibile switching motherboards?

Hi, my GPU of my laptop lenovo g510 20238 doesn't work any more resulut of that i get black screen, i decided to buy a motherboard online.Lenovo g510 80A8 motherboard has a better graphic card and motherboad is a bit in different shape, so i am wondering if i could buy a motherboard of 80A8 and put in my laptop which is 20238 type______________________________________________________________________1.(20238) I found the same motherboard as i had with integrated GPU intel 4600 same as this in aliexpress  My motherboard type 20238______________________________________________________________________2. (80A8) I found a motherboad for g510 80A8 with a AMD GPU on it in aliexpress Lenovo G510 80A8 with AMD I like to buy that one with AMD graphic even thats in different shape, i think must be compatibile because all the ports and holes are in same position______________________________________________________________________ here is a photo below, of my laptop and motherboard

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What should be happening: I plug in my headset to my controller on my windows 7 x64 PC (wired controller)
and sound comes out of the headset and not the computer

What is happening: No new device shows in device manager underneath sound video and game controllers audio

Problem: not able to use headphones on my controller

How do i solve this problem? When I restart my computer or "scan for new hardware devices" nothing happens and i dont get a headset audio device showing up

And it also doesnt appear in volume control icon > right click > playback devices
so i cant enable it there even when (show hidden/disabled devices) is enabled.

A:Xbox One Headset Device not detected in device manager

Hi realflow100,

what USB port are you plugging in the Headset in? I've noticed that sometimes depending on if you plug the headset in a USB2 or 3 port matters for some devices.

What is the audio driver you have for the moment, if you haven't got the latest here is the Acer support download page for your PC:
Download Drivers and Manuals | Acer Official Site


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Hello All, i am sorry for the question again, but after i Upgraded to Windows 10 my Bluetooth not appeared on Device Manager. i tried everything to repair, but all the solutions on the previous posts didn't work for me. when i press Fn+F5 the window appears and the Bluetooth is switched on but srill nothing on Device Manager and also the drivers are not working, i mean i can install drivers but still nothing appears on Device Manager. in the beggining i had only 1 unknown device, but it was the card reader, i found a driver for it and it worked, but i tried everything with the bluetooth, but nothing worked. btw i tried to start Ubuntu just to see if the Bluetooth is working and yes Ubuntu sees my Bluetooth adapter and it is working on it, but when i run Windows 10 nothing helps with the Bluetooth.My Device is: Lenovo G580 20150Thanks in advance


Go to Solution.

A:Lenovo G580 Bletooth not listed in Device Manager after Windows 10 Upgrade

Dear nedret,
Welcome in lenovo community,
Based on official list of Lenovo systems supported for Windows 10, the G580 is not listed which means most things may work, but we may not have drivers and support for all features and will be limited in our ability to provide Windows 10 support.
In many cases, the Windows 8/8.1 drivers will work.
Also try to Run windows update, sometimes it helps,
Click Start Menu >> Settings >> Update and Security >> Windows Update >> Check for Updates >> Install Updates.
If it does not help, My advice to you, is to go back to the previous windows (Before windows 10 Upgrade) to have all the functions of the laptop working.

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Camera is not working after upgrading from windows 8.1 to windows 10. Camera App shows "We can't find your camera" with error code- 0xA00F4244(C00DABE0) "  "imaging devices" category is missing in device manager. I downloaded the driver from this link - lenovo pcsupport.I tried to install the camera driver manually in device manager. After restart , system crashed with "system thread exception" (blue screen). Maybe the driver is corrupted or not compatible. Camera app showing errorMissing Imaging device category  other options i tried,1) troubleshooting hardware and devices category - No issues.2) Checking camera privacy - its "ON". Plz check/address the issue of the driver - link to driver .Help me with the solution. 

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Hi Experts, I have a serious problem with my laptop G510 (Just 2 months old). After starting laptop, log in screen appears as it used to be. But when I provide my credentials nothing is shown after that. Log in works fine, no error with user name or password. But after that it is blank...black screen. Nothing happens after that. If I press ctrl+alt+del task manager shows up and I can see all process are running in background. So not sure what is going wrong here? And when I try to call spport centers near by me, no one is receiving my call. It will be really great if some one can a. Provide any solution to above mentioned problemb. Or provide best way to contact lenovo to get this machine replaced. Thanks,Suhas.

A:G510 - Big roblem - Nothing is shown after log in screen

Hi Suhas,
Welcome to Lenovo Community Forums!
I?m sorry to hear that your G510 Laptop is booting to black screen, I suggest you to perform the Flee-Power and BIOS reset. Below are the steps to check and resolve the issue:

Remove the battery and any other peripheral device connected to the computer.
Hold the power button for 10-15 seconds and then connect only the AC Adapter and try to turn ON the computer.
If the issue persists even after performing Flee Power then resetting BIOS to its defaults should resolve the issue
Now access the BIOS menu turn OFF the computer and click on the NOVO button located beside the power button.
Then to reset the BIOS to its defaults, click on ?F9? Key and select YES.
Now click on ?F10? Key to save the changes that are done in BIOS, restart the computer and check if the issue is resolved.

Hope this helps!!!
Do post us back for further queries.
Best Regards

Shiva Kumar

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Turned on my G510 today and the DVD drive doesn't seem to be detected by Windows 10. Been working fine for a couple of years. The drive still ejects and spins, but Windows doesn't acknowledge its existence. In Device Manager, I tried uninstalling the DVD drive driver and IDE controller driver and then scanning for hardware changes. The DVD drive didn't show up. What should I try next? How can I check the drive is being detected in BIOS?

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I have recently installed Windows98se. Now in Device Manager listing, Under Other device, it showed an Unknown device listed with a yellow exclamation on it. So, I remove that device and restarted my pc. After that on startup, it showed that this wizard will search for drivers for this Unknown device. But I could not find the drivers for this device. So I selected : Display list of devices.

In that I selected Other devices. On clicking next, it showed an Unknown device in the left and Unsupported device in the right box.

I clicked on the Cancel button. Please help...


A:other device detected in device manager

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Recently my IDE dvd burner is not showing up in any way in Windows 7 Professional. I have not idea what caused this - it seems to have just randomly disappeared.

I have tried:
Your CD drive or DVD drive is missing or is not recognized by Windows or other programs
DVD drive and cd drive is not detected! - CD-ROM-DVD-ROM - Storage
and probably some other things on the Windows support site. It is not a matter of changing my folder view options.

The drive is plugged in and powered. It opens and closes fine. I can boot from a disk as well, no problems, but in Windows, nothing.

I am at a loss. Regardless of what I try I cannot get this thing to show up anywhere, device manager, my computer, etc.

If anyone has any ideas, I would be much appreciated! If there is an easy fix, it would beat reformatting!


A:DVD Burner Not Detected in Device Manager

Welcome to Seven Forums. First thing to try is to see if your BIOS see's your drive, if it is there there are other things to try. Once you have established your BIOS see's it or doesn't see it we can go further in troubleshooting this issue.

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I have some problem with my Amd Driver, I cant install that driver on my laptop and the amd device not showing in device manager, please help me!

A:AMD driver not detected in device manager

The AMD graphics device will only be seen in the Device Manager if the AMD graphics is active. Otherwise you will only see the Intel HD Video solution. Why are you trying to upgrade the driver?If you want the switchable graphics to continue working, then definitely do not try upgrading with a driver directly from AMD. Only use the HP supplied AMD video graphics software driver from the support portal driver downloads for the appropriate OS.   The HP driver software has been modified by HP to provide switchable graphics. It also contains the Intel driver. Do not install them seperately.  

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My friend's XP machine was in a continuous start-up loop so she ordered a PC repair disk from the internet and tried to fix it, and after that didn't work she called me for help. Now I can't see the drive at all, so I slaved it to my XP machine to try to savage her data. My bios see the WD 40GB slave drive and windows device manager reconize it and says it is working properly but when I open "My Computer" I only see my "C" drive. Can anyone tell me why I can't see the slave drive so that I can remove her data? Thanks

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im having problem with my MSI 620DX notebook wich have integrated intel family 3000 graphic card as well as GT555M.. problem is that BSOD randomly occurs when im browsing the web and then after restart my GT555M is not detected in device manager and then on another day it is back there until another BSOD occurs. BSOD never happened during playing games it always does when im just browsing web or computer is just turned on doing nothing. im attaching dump file of last BSOD i would really needed help recognizing wich driver may be causing this problem ive also tried installing newest or even older NVIDIA drivers and formating disk C with win7 and installed win8.1 but nothing worked so far. Physicly card shoul be OK because i had it in repair for 3 weeks and they did everything they could to fix any hardware issues.

thanks for any reply

A:BSOD then no GPU detected in device manager

Sorry for the delay in responding. Do you still need help with this topic?
If so, respond and I'll be notified by email.

Please provide this information so we can provide a complete analysis (from the Pinned Topic at the top of the forum):
Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions

While waiting for a reply, please try these suggestions:
1. Get ALL available Windows Updates. It may take several trips to get them all
2. Get ALL available, Windows 8.1 compatible updates from the manufacturer's website.
3. Start with these free hardware diagnostics: Hardware Diagnostics
4. If all of the hardware tests pass, then run Driver Verifier according to these instructions: Driver Verifier Settings

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Hey everybody long time lurker first time poster. Unfortunately its because i have a problem. I recently bought a MSI 6950 and i loved it so much i bought a second one, but when i plugged it in i could not activate crossfire, so i removed the 11.2 driver and installed 11.1 when that dident work i did the same and installed 11.4.
when that dident work i went to device manager and to my suprise it only detects one of my cards and not both of them.
My motherboard is crossfire ready, so i my power supply ( seasonic 850W ) and i did the following tests.
Put the first card in the first slot and boot and than in the second slot and boot and the same with the second card, every time it worked but when i put them both in and connect them with 2 crossfire bridges ( i even tried connecting just the one ) it doesnt work. ( the card does get power and works thought because both the fans of the cards are spinning.

A:Second 6950 is not detected by device manager.

You may want to check your mobo for possible bios updates, if the device is not being detected properly it could be a bios issue.

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I have a Lenovo G510 running Windows 10, upgraded from 8.1 long ago.  I'm not sure if there was a recent update that caused this problem, but one evening everythings was fine, and I know because I fell asleep with the "Simply noise" website playing white noise, and when I woke up, there was no sound.  I tried all the normal fixes (reinstalled drivers in device manager, downloaded latest drivers directly from Lenovo website and tried them, restarted Audio Endpoint and Audiosrv in taskmanager, even went into regedit and checked that the value for the audio endpoint was correct, but made no registry changes) all to no avail.I was beginning to think that there was a wiring problem and was getting ready to open it up and look around, but decided to try something else first.  I put in my ubuntu live cd and restarted without installing ubuntu.  All audio works in Ubuntu. Speakers, headphone and mic jacks, and I even tried my usb>headphones/mic adapter and everything works.  I'm planning to dualboot ubuntu while waiting to find a fix in windows, but I've never had a dedicated Linux machine so I'd like to still be able to turn to Windows since I'm about to go back to school in a few weeks.Please let me know if there's a fix out there for this that I haven't tried, or if I need to post more information to check for other problems that may have caused this.  Thanks in advance! -Tronk

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I have updated my windows 8.1 to Windows 10 . But my intel HD graphics driver/Microsoft Basic Display Adapter is missing in the DeviceManager. How can I enable again the driver for using 3 displays(2 external monitors)?I have search for BIOS but the BIOS seems like doesn't have the option to choose Nvidia Optimus for switchable Display adapter. here is my Computer Specs and the Device Manager.I have tried to downlaod the Intel VGA driver from Lenovo IdeaPad Y400 page. But it shows this error. Does anyone can help me please?

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Recently changed some hard drives in my desktop and the CD/DVD Drive is not working, Not detected in "My Computer" or  Device Manager. 
I was wondering how I can get it working again, not too well versed on changing bios setting.
Can any of the pro's here offer a walkthrough?
Using a custom built desktop
Operating System
MS Windows XP Professional 32-bit SP3
AMD Athlon XP
Thoroughbred 0.13um Technology
3.0GB DDR @ 133MHz (2.5-3-3-7)
KT400-8235 (Socket A)
719BF ([email protected])
128MB RADEON 9600 PRO Family (Microsoft Corporation) (ATI)
Hard Drives
313GB Western Digital WDC WD3200JB-00KFA0 (PATA) 22 °C
244GB Western Digital WDC WD2500BB-55GUC0 (PATA) 29 °C
Optical Drives
No optical disk drives detected
CMI8738/C3DX PCI Audio Device
Appreciate the consideration

A:CD/DVD Drive not detected in "My Computer" or Device Manager

The only times I ever have had issues with plug n play not finding devices, it has been because my cable connections weren't made properly.
You should probably turn off the computer, open the case and make sure the CD drives data cable is completely on the motherboard connector. Check it is likewise fully inserted into the back of the drive.
I know that for the 4-pin Molex connectors (used for non-SATA drives), an accidental forceful tug on them can cause one of the wires to "pop" off of where it is normally secured inside the connector. This may not be obvious by looking at it. 
I would suggest using a different connector to power the drive, if there is another one available.
After checking the connections, start the computer and see if Windows finds it.

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Hi, I removed Windows 10 and installed Windows 7 on my E016TX laptop and after that the Device Manager does not detect the graphics card Radeon HD 8670.Can someone help me here ?

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I have a scan 3xs LG151 laptop which has an in built camera. For the first time since getting it (about 9 months) I have tried to use a program requiring the camera but it cant be detected. I went to device manager and apparently there is no imaging device built into my computer despite the fact that I can see it exits.

A:Inbuilt Camera not detected on device manager

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Hi Guys,

Using windows 8.1 and ubuntu in dual boot on my laptop.

When i thether my iphone in ubuntu and connect to internet using USB,the Ethernet connection works.

Now strangely in my windows setup,i cant find my Atheros Ethernet in device manager nor even in Network and Sharing center.

When i use iphone as personal hotspot in wifi,the connection drops intermittently and i have to re connect always.

I did reinstall my ethernet drivers but the problem persists.

Any help will be appreciated

A:Ethernet port not detected in device manager

Not seeing the LAN adapter in Device Manager is strange. How about in Hidden Devices? I would start by running sfc /scannow.

If you run in Safe Mode with networking what happens?

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I am attempting to upgrade from 4.5.  The first window states that setup detected previous version and will upgrade.   When I click next on that screen I am then promted with a window that states "Setup Has detected that no version of HP Device Manager 4.6 is installed.  the command -line options require that the application be installed to continue."  \Secondly with 4.5 only reverse shadow works. Not the Shadow. HP has not been all that proactive with this software.  Shure is nice when it work though. Jerry

A:Setup Has detected that no version of HP Device Manager 4.6 ...

Were you able to fix this issue? I am trying to install HPDM 4.7 (I have 4.6 SP5 installed) and it gives me the same message. I had it installed before in the server but had to remove it to reinstall it. I was able to resintall it once, but after I removed it a second time, this message keeps coming up. That's why I had to install 4.6 SP5 instead. 

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Hi, Recently I reset my PC and am now unable to find my AMD Radeon R9 M375 graphics card under device manager. I tried to manually download the drivers, but my laptop gave me an "Error 173" and could not find the hardware. I have changed the BIOS to use "Switchable Graphics" and the card still does not show up. Any and all help would be appreciated.

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Hi all,

My first post here and unfortunately I'm posting because I've stumbled right into some technical issues with this fresh desktop build.

First off, comp specs so we know what we're dealing with:

MOBO: ECS P55H-A Black Edition
CPU: Intel i7 860
Graphics Card: POWERCOLOR AX4870 (two of them)
OS: Vista Home Premium x64

I have everything hooked up properly and can verify both PCI-E slots are working and both video cards are working as I've tested them all separately. I'm using the latest CCC and drivers available.

I initially hooked up just one card, then loaded Windows and it detected it just fine, so I installed the drivers. Everything was just fine, so I shut down and installed the second GPU and hooked it up and attached both Crossfire bridges to the two cards. Nothing I have done since will cause the card to show up. I tried removing the bridges and rebooting also to no avail. Any help is appreciated, and I can give more details if necessary, just ask specifically please. Thanks in advance.

I should note that the first card works like a charm, but the second one is the card that will goes undetected.

A:Second video card not detected in Device Manager

Are both cards detected individually if you only use them one at a time in the first slot?

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Hi All, i recently had to do a format and clean install. i have been having countless problems with graphics card (AMD R5 M255) to the point where i have probably reinstalled the drivers a million times. Today however the GPU no longer shows up in the device manager, i have tried installing the drivers but the crimson software no longer picks up the graphics card so it doesnt install the drivers. I cleaned the drivers off the pc with the AMD driver cleanup utility as well as DDU. i also had a technician out yesterday and they replaced the entire system board on the laptop, so everything is brand new. the GPU was being picked up prior to my idiotic cleaning of the drivers with DDU.

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Hey the other day my anti virus sprang up with window saying it had caught something, i looked at it and it said it had been quaratined, so i ran the scan and let it do what it does.

but even since then....my cd drives dont show up when i go to MY COMPUTER. I checked to see if there was something wrong with the physical connection but thats not the case. So i tried to uninstall the driver and then scan for them with "Add hardware" but when I click on device manager I get this message"

" MMC cannot open the file C:\WINDOWS\system32\devmgmt.msc

This may be because the file does not exist, is not an MMC console, or was created by a later version of MMC. This may also be because you do not have sufficient access right to file""
I know it's not because i dont have the rights because there is only one administrator.

Does any one have any sugestions? Or has anyone ever encountered a similar problem?

A:CD drives not detected....cant access device manager

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My G510 is having issues with bluetooth ever since windows 10 was installed.It was working perfectly on windows 8 which was installed before it. I've downloaded the relevant drivers: Bluetooth Driver (CyberTan/Broadcom, Liteon/Atheros) for Windows 7 (32-bit, 64-bit) - Lenovo G410, G510. Version: are several drivers in this package, and I've tried installing all of them one by one with no success. Some of them gave a message that the device doesn't exist, others just didn't add any device to the device manager list. In addition, the device manager does not recognize that there's a bluetooth component at all, and there are no problematic devices on the list. In windows, there are no bluetooth menus, but I assume that it's because there's no recognizeable bluetooth device. I've tried the solution in this thread by trying to install the energy management software, but it didn't work as well. Please assist.

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