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Hello, gigabyte motherboard after switching Sata cable would boot from dvd drive

Q: Hello, gigabyte motherboard after switching Sata cable would boot from dvd drive

Hi, I offered my friend a hand to solve this strange problem with his serial ata port. It seems one of the Sata wont work properly, the hard drive has windows 8.1, with uefi bios available. The point is, after switching sata ports it boots from dvd by default, can I set to boot from hdd first,
? I tried a lot of times to set boot option #1 hdd
Boot option #2 to disabled but the system still boots from dvd, the next time I enter the bios appears by default dvd drive
I went to cd dvd boot option and set It to disable the drive
Then I went to hdd and set to default the hdd
I even disconnected and booted without the drive dvd
But there is not any changes. If I insert a boot capable disc into the drive, it boots from the dvd drive.
Thanks in advance for any help.

Preferred Solution: Hello, gigabyte motherboard after switching Sata cable would boot from dvd drive

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Hello, gigabyte motherboard after switching Sata cable would boot from dvd drive

Is the time and date correct?
This could be caused by one of these.
A connection problem between the motherboard and the hdd.
A problem with the operating system, like a problem with the MBR.  But you should receive an error message like boot device not found, or hdd not recognized.
A problem with the hdd.

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The other night I started my PC up I got Hard disk failure.

I've tried One of the Two sata drives in another computer and it works.
I've tried the Sata to motherboard plug in another computer that works.

I plugged everything back in my computer and when I booted it didn't work not even Cdrom, I then changed the plugs from motherboard to Harddrive and cdrom around and got one Hard drive coming up.

I'm unsure what to do next it doesn't seem to like me at all, this computer is barley many months old. Please help if you've any idea.

A:SATA Plug Issue with Gigabyte Motherboard

talk to Gigabyte about a RMA. that should cover this. I do not have there e-mail but u can get it on there site if u look.

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Hi i have a Del Dimension 3000 with motherboard number E210882 and i need to change the factory  GREY FLAT CABLE TO A SATA CABLE SO I CAN USE A NEWER HDD but i don't kinow what this cable would be called or where i can find it.there are 39 pins in the motherboard and no SATA connectors in the MOBO just IDE connectors.
I'd appreciate your help on this!

A:Switching from an IDE cable to an SATA cable

There is no way to use a cable to install a SATA drive on a mainboard with no SATA support.
You'll need to install a PCI SATA controller (and you'll also need a MOLEX to SATA power adapter for the drive -- it's long past the time that SATA drives had MOLEX power connectors on them.

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I'm reloading XP Home onto a fairly old hyper threading Gigabyte GA-8S661FXM-775 motherboard.

Included in the driver downloads from Gigabyte for this particular mobo is a SATA RAID driver. After Windows was up and running, when I checked the Hardware in Device Manager, there was a yellow question mark indicating that drivers were needed. Consequently I ran the SATA RAID drivers and the question mark went away, so obviously this was an integral part of the mobo as I had no other programs or hardware installed.

When I opened the SATA RAID program from the shortcut in the Notification area, I had no idea what it's about. I've tried to read up on the technology of it, but I'm afraid it's beyond me. Can anyone advise me in very simple terms:

1. Exactly what SATA RAID does?

2. Is it essential to the proper running of the motherboard?

3. Are there any dangers inherent in the use of it?

With unknown quantities I prefer to leave them out unless they are really needed.

Any help would be appreciated, but please keep it really simple. Thanks PB

A:Is SATA RAID essential on a Gigabyte GA-8S661FXM-775 motherboard?

You can read about RAID here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RAID

No it's not needed for the motherboard to function. Some motherboards have standard SATA ports and some RAID SATA ports.

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I have a Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop. I recently developed hard drive trouble and have had to order a replacement.

Instead of installing Windows 7 all over again, with all the drivers, etc., I want to clone my existing hard drive to the new one.

I intend to connect one of the hard drives to my system via a USB SATA cable with the other drive connected inside my system.

To test this, I removed my hard drive and connected it using the USB SATA cable that comes with Seagate Hard drives (Amazon.com: Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Cable - USB 2.0 STAE100: Electronics)

I tried booting up my laptop using this setup.

The BIOS does detect the OS on the hard drive and attempts to boot from it, but flashes the BSOD when the Windows logo appears on the screen and reboots to a message that says that I should reseat the hard drive.
It then goes to a menu that asks me if I want to run startup repair or boot normally. Selecting "boot normally" repeats the process.

Any help? What can I do to rectify this problem? And more importantly, how can I make sure that my cloning process will go off without any trouble? I intend to use DriveImage XML for the cloning.

A:Unable to boot from Laptop Hard drive connected through USB SATA cable

Windows 7 will not boot and run from a USB drive.
However, that should not interfere with your ability to clone the drive using a USB connection.

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Relatively new hdd disappears after some time.
(1Tb WD black sata3 jumpered to sata2)
All cables are sata click.
The drive is used for storage and is accessed only few times a month.
So is any way to test somehow what is the problem
hdd, cable or mb sata connector (GA-EP43-DS3L).
It's all start with annoying red hdd activity light lighting all the time when a drive disappears.
After a reboot all is back to normal for some time.
Tested a drive with hd tune pro and it seems ok.
-up normal
-down 1Tb missing

A:Sata Hdd / cable / motherboard sata / problem?

a few things to try first.

-use a different sata cable
-use a different power cable
-try the drive in a different sata port on the motherboard

my first thought was a motherboard fault, which it may well be but try the above first, if nothing else you can eliminate three things as possible faults in the mean time.

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I want to transfer data from my hard drive in my laptop (Lenovo Y480) to a hard drive in my desktop. the cables for the sata adapter do not fit the hard drive from the laptop. Is there a different form for a 2.5 hard drive and a 3.5 hard drive?

A:sata to usb adapter cable dosen't fit sata hard drive in laptop?

Does the drive have an adapter need to remove to expose the SATA conenctors? I don;t see anything about the Y480 not having a standard SATA drive and laptop and desktop SATA connectors are the same.

Maybe post pictures of both the drive and your SATA cables.

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Hi, we've moved house recently and the movers seem to have knocked something in one of my PCs and it just refuses to turn on now.

After the move and plugging it in, it emitted long beeps with pauses, which according to the Gigabyte motherboard, means bad RAM. I swapped the RAM and it still didn't work. I unplugged everything, leaving only the RAM and video card plugged in and it powered on the fans and hard drive, but I still got the beeps.

I then removed the RAM and still got the beeps. Changed to a different slot and still got beeps. I tried a different power supply and still got beeps.

OK, so I swapped the motherboard for another one I had lying around that is *supposed* to be working. Now after I power this one on, I get NO beeps at all! This is with the RAM only, this new motherboard has onboard video.

I have tried swapping the CPUs as well. I bought a second hand AM2 processor. Other things:

- no numlock lights on a keyboard if plugged in
- I tried plugging in an enclosure open detection plug and still nothing!

AFAIK, I have plugged in the motherboard header connectors properly. Are they supposed to go in only one way? It seems that no matter which direction I try them in, the power still comes on? I tried the speaker plug in different directions as well, but still got no sound. Do I HAVE to plug in a set of speakers with this motherboard?

I have tried clearing the CMOS by removing the battery for about a minute and putting it back in, s... Read more

A:Gigabyte motherboard won't boot

ok, your psu seems to be the only thing you haven't swapped out.
the 24-pin thing is the main connector that supplies power to your mobo so it DEFINITELY IS NEEDED. However your mobo may only have a 20-pin port, so assuming your psu has a 20-pin and a 4-pin attachment to give you the 24-pin option (for newer boards) then you should connect it.
The knock could well have damaged the ram slots though.

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I want to connect a SATA HDD that crashed to the motherboard on my OptiPlex (with new SSD) to continue my odyssey to recover the HDDs data. What SATA cable do I use?

A:SATA to Motherboard Cable for Dell OptiPlex 960 MT

P704D which has right angle connection.
The cable below is not to scale its longer than the picture.


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Hi, I have exactly VN7-591G-70FN. On this image you can see hdd that is disconnect from same laptop as mine(Found on internet).I want to upgrade my hdd storage, but i have only 255 SSD in M2 slot. So I bought 2,5'' WD HDD (same like this), but I cannot find cable SATAIII to MB.(cable/connector on the image). Somebody know what kind of cable do I need ? Thanks for help.

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UPDATE: I solve the problem. The problem was that the motherboard had some glitches and I just bought the same motherboard and it fix the problem. Thanks alot for the informations on trying to figure out whats the problem with my computer.

I have a

Gigabyte GA-M55SLI-S4 NVIDIAŽ nForce? 4 SLI
Socket AM2 ATX Motherboard

I always leave my Pc on all night and day and now just 3 days ago, when I left my Pc alone, doing nothing and go play my PS3 and came back, the screen was off while the PC is still on. When I go and try to move the mouse so the screen video could come up, it doesn't do nothing. When I try rebooting the computer, it have no boot and no video.

Leave my PC on all night and day and reboot my Pc was fine day by day. But I shut it off from time to time,hen I not using it to go somewhere.

Does anyone know whats the problem? Did I destroy my CPU or motherboard. I checked my CPU and it look like there is no problem with it. When I disconnect the power cable for my video card, I don't hear no beeping sound ( it suppose to beep ). Also taking off the ram and boot my pc again, still no beep sound.

The video card is ok because I put my 7900 GTX in my brother computer it show video. Is there something when the video card is always sitting on that one thing that say Gigabyte heat sink stuff. Don't it heat that thing up and mess up the motherboard? I also tried to reset the CMOS to default. I still doesn't boot up. So doesn'... Read more

A:Having a problem making my pc boot up with Gigabyte motherboard

Hello and welcome to Techspot!

I'd say the prime suspect is your power supply. What make is it, and how many watts?

Can you test that PSU in another system (or test another PSU in your system)?

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The symptom:
All fans (case and CPU) will start spinning at power-on, CPU fan will spin at high-speed and then slow down over a period of about 3 seconds, system will not beep, displays nothing on screen, will not POST, enter BIOS or boot. Pressing the reset button does nothing. I have to hold the (case) power button down for 5 seconds to power-off or use the switch on back of PSU. If the case power button button, the system will sometimes restart by itself.

Gigabyte H85M-HD3
Intel Haswell I5-4440 CPU (box)
Kingston 8Gb DDR1600 + Kingston 4Gb DDR1600
Gigabyte Green Power 550W PSU
Cooler Master K380 ATX Mid Tower

I bought a new motherboard, only to find that that did not fix the problem. I replaced the 4G RAM with an 8G DIMM, which also did not resolve the symptom. I've since noticed that unplugging 8-pin CPU power connector to the motherboard, letting it stand for a few minutes and then plugging it back in and powering-on will result in the PC booting normally once, with all subsequent starts failing again with the same symptom.

Is there a way to easily troubleshoot the PSU and CPU to isolate the problem ?

Another topic describing the exact same problem here - about 4 years old now, no solution:

A:Gigabyte Motherboard no-boot/no-POST intermittent issue

"I've since noticed that unplugging 8-pin CPU power connector to the motherboard, letting it stand for a few minutes and then plugging it back in and powering-on will result in the PC booting normally once"... This could be a power supply problem. Do you have another one to try

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I finally upgraded my old IDE 5400RPM drive to a new SATA drive.

Since my motherboard doesn't have integrated SATA I bought an Adaptec SATA RAID controller.

I ran ghost and copied all the data from the IDE drive to the SATA drive without a problem.

Unplugged the IDE Drive and started the PC.

It finds the SATA Drive in the BIOS and starts to boot windows. It loads up all the drivers and just when the GIU should start appearing it reboots.

Safe mode does the same thing.

I suspect it has to do with the controller card not actually being installed in the OS. but I would of thought that it just simply wouldn't of booted if that was the case.

Any comments would be greatly appreciated.



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Hi all,

After putting in a second GPU -- which now covers 3 of my Sata ports -- I was forced to switch my drive order around. I was able to boot successfully with 2 of them, but oddly not 3. So I removed my System Reserve drive, setting C: to the active drive, figuring that would clear things up. Then plugged in my 3rd drive into that spot leaving just 2 drives, but windows still does not boot.

I checked boot order in BIOS, but I still get boot error. Windows will only boot when I remove the drive leaving only the OS drive.

I know a reinstall will solve my problems, but I need to avoid that at all costs.

Please forgive me if this is a repost. I tried searching put couldn't find any answers.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Thanks in advance.

A:No boot after switching HDD Sata order on Mobo

Try a startup repair and run it 3 seperate times...

Startup Repair - Run 3 Separate Times

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Installed new Gigabyte Motherboard & P4 3.2 CPU and now I have a blue screen telling me that I either have a virus or the hard drives are not installed correctly or that the hard drive is corrupted. I have a 80g and 40g hard drive and I do not know where to go from here. They say run chkdsk but from where as I only see a blue screen.

A:Please Help - Installed new Gigabyte Motherboard & P4 3.2 CPU nowhard drive problem

I take it you reinstalled Windows after installing the new motherboard + CPU. If not, did you at least uninstall the previous IDE drivers ?

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I wanted to get some files off an IDE hard disk I'd previously had on RAID before I removed it and the RAID board from the PC deeming it no longer necessary. I shut down, unattached one of my IDE hard drives, attached the other hard drive and powered up, however I immediately had issues with it not reaching even the windows selection GUI, so I tried it on its own with just teh SATA master and the IDE disk I wanted filed from on cable select on the master IDE, still no joy, so I thought "ah well, never mind, must be something up with the IDE drive" as the SATA had no issues before.

I therefore disconnected the IDE drive I wished to recover files from and went back to my original setup, but when I got to the GUI and selected my windows install, it gave me a hal.dll error (root system32\hal.dll missing or corrupt: Please re-install a copy of the above file.). I checked, the file was there (labled in capitol HAL.DLL), thought it was just a glitch so restarted and tried again, no luck. So I replaced the file that was there with the one from the servicepackinstall folder, still no luck.

I then went through all methods in Microsoft's 314477 article with no luck.

I've checked and re-checked the BOOT.INI (which I will post below) and there dont seem to be any errors though 3or 4 of the installs (lower) are now redundant but have never interfered with the rest before.

With the SATA drive only attached it doesnt get to the GUI of course and just asks for either a... Read more

A:Hal.dll error on SATA boot disk after switching IDE slave

Before wiping the system you can try to Perform a Repair Installation

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I wanted to get some files off an IDE hard disk I'd previously had on RAID before I removed it and the RAID board from the PC deeming it no longer necessary. I shut down, unattached one of my IDE hard drives, attached the other hard drive and powered up, however I immediately had issues with it not reaching even the windows selection GUI, so I tried it on its own with just teh SATA master and the IDE disk I wanted filed from on cable select on the master IDE, still no joy, so I thought "ah well, never mind, must be something up with the IDE drive" as the SATA had no issues before.

I therefore disconnected the IDE drive I wished to recover files from and went back to my original setup, but when I got to the GUI and selected my windows install, it gave me a hal.dll error (root system32\hal.dll missing or corrupt: Please re-install a copy of the above file.). I checked, the file was there (labled in capitol HAL.DLL), thought it was just a glitch so restarted and tried again, no luck. So I replaced the file that was there with the one from the servicepackinstall folder, still no luck.

I then went through all methods in Microsoft's 314477 article with no luck.

I've checked and re-checked the BOOT.INI (which I will post below) and there dont seem to be any errors though 3or 4 of the installs (lower) are now redundant but have never interfered with the rest before.

With the SATA drive only attached it doesnt get to the GUI of course and just asks for e... Read more

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I have 3 disks in my computer, of which 2 are SSDs.

I swapped the SATA ports between one SSD and the HDD so as to give the SSD a SATA port with maximum 6gb/s transfer speed, and now the access to the HDD is denied. The drive letters are correct, as they should be.

The user (myself, admin) did not change.

What can be done about it? I already tried to check the ownership of the drive and says STEVECOMPUTER/Administrators, which looks good, as my user account is an admin. Still, I have no access.

Would be thankful for any help on taking ownership back of the drive properly. I do not understand how it got lost in the first place.


A:Access denied to drive after switching SATA ports

Was the system set up with the drives arranged the other way? Try using a different SATA port for the HDD.

When the system was set up, it got used to having the drives the way they were. If you switch them back, do you get permission again? I would try that before anything else-Plug it back in the original way, and see if it gives you your permissions back.

Otherwise you may have to try an In-Place Install or totally re-install Windows.

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I am posting here what I posted to the HP Forum. I post here because at HP a message may sit unanswered.

Here is the difficulty:

During boot the message starts with '1796 Sata Cable Error' and indicates the color of the cable and that there will be a performance issue. I have four hard drives and one cd drive. I have in every fashion changed the insert arrangement and what ever I do I get the 1796 error. In fact I disconnected all sata cables except for the primary boot drive - and I get 1796 error. And yes the Bios is updated - this machine, Windows 7 Pro runs with 32 GB memory.

I would ignore the message but I keep losing after boot my G: drive. In fact occassionally during boot the system runs a chkdsk on G drive. No errors of course. However I will end up now and then with G drive missing. I then need to reboot to reclaim G drive. I have run SCP and Chkdsk.

In fact drive G (WD 1 TB) I did download the WD Diag utility. All the drives, Western Digital passed, and drive G I even ran the extended test - and it passed.

Thus my conclusion is that I need to fix that cable situation - and be free from any future 1796 boot errors. Is there a remedy?


A:HP Boot Sata Cable Error

From what you say is that i think your SATA cable or the slot may be faulty one, Remove all sata cables from all slots and hard drives, connect one SATA at a time in one slot with BOOTING hard disk and try to BOOT and see whether you got same error in all slots and cables with single hard disk to make sure where is the original fault was.
Sorry for my Bad English as English is not my native.

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My old HP had a IDE drive that crashed. To put a SATA drive in, do I nedd to change the motherboard or the cables?

A:Can I install a SATA drive on and IDE cable

Both. If your board is not set up for SATA, you need to buy a PCI add-on card or new board.

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I currently have an SSD with the OS on it.

I have a 500GB hard drive about to fail that has all my games and programs.

I have a new 2TB HD and a SATA cable.

My question is what is the best way for me to move all my programs and games over to this new hard drive?



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I've recently had problems with two SATA drives that were not recognized by the system and the problem is both cases turned out to be a faulty SATA cable.

These have got to be some of the worst designed connectors I've seen. Two of the four I've used have failed. The connector is very fragile and will spread open or crack along the side and not make contact if they are bent or bumped when attached to the drive or MB.

A:Tip- SATA drive problems may be due to the cable

What manufacturer supplied the cables? I had 2 faulty IDE cables come with 2 separate motherboard companies the other day. usually when a drive is not working properly at the initial install.

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hi guys,

I have just built a computer with the following spec
intel 2.6 E5300 dual core processor,
gigabyte GA-73PVM-S2 motherboard with graphics and audio,
hanns g 19 inch widescreen monitor via dvi,
sony SATA dvd rw,
western digital 500 gb sata hard drive (WD5000AKS)
4gb corsair ddr2 ram

In Bios my sata hard drive is assigned as IDE and if I assign it as RAID or AHCPI it gives an error and I cant boot to XP. No big issue there. The hard drive is connected via a sata cable and so is the DVDRW. What I want to know is if my hard drive is working as a SATA drive. WHat is the way to check this please ? Just wanna make sure that the pc is at optimal.

Also, my SATA DVDRW only has two connections, as far as I can see, sata and power. My motherboard has a CD in, how do I connect a CD in cable to the DVDRW or is this not necessary because it is connected via a sata cable ?

many thanks

A:sata hard drive and cd in cable for dvdrw

anyone ?

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I just made a mistake and put a locking type SATA cable in my computer and now cannot get it out. The idea is good but the design leaves a lot to be desired. I am afraid of damaging the motherboard by just pulling this thing out of the socket.

I have another identical cable to look at and experiment on and pressing on the metal device on the sides of the head does not do anything that I can see.

Is there a secret to getting these out of the sockets? Once out, I will not be using these again.


A:How to unlock SATA hard drive cable?

Actually, pushing the metal release does depress the two small latches. Try this. Depress the metal release, and put the connector INTO the board first and wiggle it around gently. Then, gently pressing it away from the metal catch, try to remove it.

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hello! i recently got blackscreened on my old dell. it would boot up to the log in screen and allow me to pass but would not load from there. from what i read online, this SATA cable would allow me to access my hard drive on another computer to possibly save some files. when i plug it in to the new computer, it recognizes the drive but when I click on it i get "Access is denied." I tried to go to settings-security-allow user permissions to access. When I did that I could see some file names I recognized flash by on the screen but it still wont allow me access. any help is greatly appreciated!!

A:trouble accessing hard drive via SATA cable


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I have an apparent hard disk failure and I am planning to install a new disk, but I want to insert the failed disk into a disk caddy to attempt recovery of a few items of data which were not backed up.

There is however a clip which secures one of the cables onto the drive housing, and I have not encountered this type of clip in previous drive rescues. The clip is pictured in these linked images:


(The clip is the small metal protrusion at the very centre of each image)

I need to know how to remove this clip, please - preferable in a way so that it can be reinserted if I am in fact able to recover the drive. Any help much appreciated!

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I finally loaded my window xp media center on my brand new Seagate 320gb SATA 3.0g/s transfer rate hard drive 7200.10 series and the next day the computer wont turn on at all dead. My thoughts were first the power supply went bad or bad power cable to power supply but after checking all connections and possible options i found out that it was hard drive related. I thought it was my hard drive at first because only when the power cable was connected was when the computer wouldnt power up at all and it would shut off if i tried to connect it while computer was running. The hard drive also smelled like an electrical fire so i thought i fried the mother board on the hard drive or it froze on me. I sent it back in the Seagate warranty and they gave me a factory repaired unit. I used a temporary hard drive (WD 60gb IDE not SATA)for the time being with windows xp proffesional on it and worked completely fine no problems at all. As soon as i got the new hard drive i found out that the new hard drive didnt fix the problem i had before and in fact it got worse. The computer will run but somewhere where the red cable connector meets the hard drive power connector is where it starts smoking and burning up. So im thinking it could be the power cable itself because i was using the same SATA power cable as before but im not totally sure yet? any suggestions

A:SATA hard drive power cable shorting?

You can have a defective connector. As a test, use a molex>sata power adapter to connect the sata drive to a standard molex connector ie the same one you used for the ide drive.

Next have you given the sata connector a VERY close inspection with a bright light?

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Does anyone know what the cable length is when it's mounted at the very top of the case?  Is it 18 inches, 20, or neither?

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i have 2 old hard drive's with some data in them and im trying to retrive it back to my current computer.
one of the drive's works perfectly, but when i connect the second drive it kills the cable totally.
i cant use the cable anymore.. even for the first drive.
it happend for the second time already so i figured out the hard drive is the problem..
any ideas how to fix the problem? what should i do?

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Don't have many of the specifics of the computer with me. Generally speaking, I have an older (circa 2006), but still pretty darned capable, Gateway FX Desktop. It's running Win7 on a SATA 2. Want to buy a new drive to dual boot with Win8. In general, are the SATA 3 drives backwards compatible with a mobo supporting no more than the SATA 2 data rate, etc? I think he answer is yes, but just checking. Would I need a different cable? I doubt you can even find much in the way of new (not refurbished) SATA 2 drives these days. I have found quite a few refurbished--e.g. this one. I will need very little storage. Don't want an SSD.

A:Older Computer: SATA Drive/Cable Question


Western Digital SATA III Desktop Drives are backwards compatible with SATA II Motherboards only with a jumper is set on pins 5 & 6.

You can check the JUMPER setting here:
WD Support / Installation / SATA & SAS / WD Blue / SE / SE16 (SATA II)

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My computer motherboard Gigabye 7nnxp would not boot with Seagate Baracude SATA drive any more. Nothing changed since last use. I tried all troubleshooting techniques and found no problem elsewhere. The SATA plastic cable has a crack on one end. When remove the power cable and SATA connector, the mobo will boot. As soon as the connector and power cord are connected. The computer just has front power switch light on, the computer won't boot. Does this mean the SATA drive is fried or I need to replace with new cables. I know the sATA cable is very flaky. Is this the source of the problem.

A:Motherboard and SATA drive

What it presently means is your Sata cable is cracked and may be shorting or at least confusing your OS so it needs replacing.

After that, then other things may come into play.


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Hi, I'm looking for a reliable power cable for a SATA hard drive, which one(s) would you recommend?

A:reliable SATA hard drive power cable recommendation

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I just bought a couple Barracuda drives on eBay and want to install in my desk top LeNovo computer.
There is a couple cables free but only one fits the drive. The other 4-pin ones don't. There must be some sort of adapter for this.
Appreciate some help.

A:Cable(s) for SATA hard drive - Seagate Barracuda, in LeNovo

We would need to know which exact Barracuda drives you bought and your exact motherboard or atleast the model of the Lenovo in order to provide any useful guidance.

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were would I get a splitter canle for sata hard drive

A:Install second hard drive need a sata data cable splitter???

Hi, You can't split SATA data signals.  SATA power yes, but data no.

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I have an old EIDE Seagate drive I would like to use as an external USB backup. I have an external USB connector for the Seagate drive. If I connect the Seagate drive via USB, will the drive work without causing data loss to the internal SATA drives? Thank you in advance for your replies.

A:Can I use an EID drive as external with a SATA motherboard?

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I realise this is a very specific issue indeed, and also kind of a '1st world' issue... but I'd like to know what's causing my Gigabyte P57Xv7 laptop to boot twice, every time whenever my 4TB Seagate Backup Plus USB3.0 drive is connected to it. Here are the salient points:

The first boot doesn't even make it to the spinning Windows circle, it only gets to the initial Gigabyte screen, then after a few seconds it reboots.
It's not the same type of double boot that occurs whenever you first plug in a new USB device (which I assume is for the BIOS to enumerate the new device?) - those boots are much shorter than this one.
It only boots twice when the boot is from a shutdown state. Not when it's a Windows 10 restart.
However I doubt it's a Windows issue, as it happens even when I disable Windows Boot Manager in BIOS (which makes the laptop boot straight into BIOS instead of loading Windows 10)
I've tried various BIOS settings (like enabling/disabling USB Legacy Support)
I've also tried various Windows settings (like disabling Hibernation and playing with various Power settings)
The Seagate drive is not a boot drive, and there are no hidden/system files in the root directory. Its file system in NTFS.
The drive has passed all of Seagate's tests via its SeaTools program.
While I don't have an awful lot of other hardware to play with, I can tell you that 1) the Seagate does not cause another older laptop to do the same thing... Read more

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Hello, I have some issues with my c540 all in one touch. A couple weeks ago, I noticed a burning smell coming from inside the pc, and then a little smoke. There was also a clicking sound from the speakers after I turned it on. Of course I turned it off, and unplugged it all. I did some research then on my other pc, and found that this was/is an ongoing issue within this particular pc. Isn't anything being done about this, to ensure people don't end up being killed? Luckily, I caught it in time, and was able to purchase another sata cable on ebay, but I shouldn't have had to do that. What if I wasn't home? The whole house could have burned down, and our pets would have been here!! Again, I bought another sata cable, but I'm really on edge, fearing it will happen again.  I also have another question - where can I find a list of parts that are compatible with this all in one? I want to replace the ethernet card, if possible, as it's not very good, neither is the wifi. I would like to have someone within lenovo comment on the burned cable issue, and please don't say you don't know anything about it, it is apparently a huge and widespread issue.You can see the melted bit. This all happened after only being on for about 1-2 minutes.?This is the burned part on the internal metal casing near the MB. I scraped it, to see how bad it was.?

20... Read more

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Hi there, im wondering if there is anything wrong with running three hard rives off the same power source. Basically coming form my power supply (antec 550 watt) im looking to split a single molex into three SATA power cables for the three hard drives b/c i have the molex to sata power splitter to do so. This way the case can stay a bit neater. But am not sure of the reprcussions of doing so if any.

I can see in the case of a power surge that there might be an issue...but i think there would be an issue either way if there was a power surge. But other than that i think i should all right...i think. But id rather ask first and she what ya all say before i go killing three drives with one stone.
Also, with the SATA II data cables that have the metal latch for keeping from coming dislodged....can those work on drives that are only sata I. Well im sure they would work...but would the latch actually make the data cable from coming off easier if the drive isnt meant for it??
Any suggestions is greatly appreciated.

A:SATA / Molex Power and data cable hard drive question

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OK, while I consider myself to be quite an expert at most things PC related, the hardware side of stuff usually goes right over my head and I can't figure this one out at all.

I recently bought a new computer with a SATA motherboard. I managed to connect my old IDE hard drive to it using some sort of connector/adapter thing that I bought. This IDE drive has an installation of XP home SP2 on it. Now this works fine as a slave drive, and I can access all the files on it from my main SATA drive's Vista installation. But when I try to boot XP from it I get the list of options of how to boot xp (safe mode, last known good config, etc.), and then the blue screen with error 0x000..07e. It then just restarts itself.

Now I don't want to lose my files on there so I'd rather not just reinstall windows xp (especially as its an oem version or whatever), but I would still like to be able to boot it.

I tried using my dodgy xp installation cd to get on the recovery console and using fixboot, but nothing. Should I be installing sata drivers on there or something?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!

ps. im pretty sure my motherboard is an Nvidia nForce 405 but i could be completely wrong

A:Booting XP from an IDE drive on a SATA motherboard (headache!)

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

The problem is, your old hard drive/Windows installation will have all the drivers/hardware configuration for your old mobo and won`t work with the new mobo.

If you`re really lucky, a Windows repair as per this thread HERE might work, with the emphasis on might. The only other option is top backup your important data and reformat and reinstall from scratch.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:

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I have gotten a load of spare parts, im building a PC for friend,,, just an old thing with P4, 1Gb - but thing is the MSI motherboard MSI MS-7211 keeps going into RAID mode or something? tried 2 drives and forcing 150 SATA1 mode on one of the drives to - there is not settings anywhere in the BIOS to change from IDE to RAID or SATA - theres just On CHip SATA and its on - ive been through every single setting

what happens is on POST it only sees the IDE DVD drives - if I go into Boot Order it see;s the SATA drives there labelled as SCSI: MAXTOR 200Gb or SCSI: WD 160Gb depending on drive - if I go to load an OS it just says no drive exists

if i dont press anything to get into BIOS it says something about RAID and to press TAB to go into it - when I do it says only 1 drive connected, needs another..theres no option to disable raid anywhere?

can anyone help with this?


A:Solved: motherboard wont see SATA drive?

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Hello i have a custom built computer with MSI PM8M-V class v mother board and cannot get it to read my SATA hard drive. I have had this computer running before from the help of a no more available friend. I remember having to do something with a floppy driver and now tried to boot from the floppy i thought would do it but does not work any suggestions?

A:how to get motherboard to read SATA hard drive

You need to put the SATA drivers on a floppy.
Press F6 when prompted to install SCSI or raid drivers early
during the loading of the windows CD.
It will prompt for the drivers.
Follow the instructions.
The sata drivers can be downloaded from the manufacturer website,
or are on the motherboard CD.

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I have a problem and it's driving me nuts. I am new to Windows 7 and I'm not sure if I am missing a setting, in 7, to get this to work. Here's the problem.

I just bought an HP system (see specs) with SATA connections only. I have an IDE drive from my Windows XP system that I would like to install in my new system. I have tried a controller card and an adapter. Neither have worked. When I start the system, I get to the start up screen that gives me the option of entering BIOS, Boot Menu, and a couple others. Lately, it just stays there. If I leave it alone, it will go no farther. If I select either of the options, it says, "enter xxxx....", but it goes no where. If I disconnect the drive, it starts up normally. When I can get into BIOS, the drive is recognized and the original drive is set as the first to boot. I have even tried all the SATA Controller settings (IDE, RAID, AHCI) and nothing.

There had been a few times that I actually reached Windows, but the drive was listed as unallocated and I could do nothing with it. If I tried, I got the error message "Device not ready". Unfortunately, I can't even get that far anymore.

A format was suggested, so I copied all my data to my external drive and formatted in XP. No luck. I keep hearing that either setup should work, but it doesn't. The system is completely updated and the drivers for the controller card are the Windows 7 drivers from the manufacturer. Any thoughts on what to try? I do... Read more

A:Can't connect IDE hard drive to SATA motherboard

When you say you have tried a controller card do you mean a PCI card?

Same with "adapter" is it an IDE to SATA adapter that connects to the drive itself?

I am wondering if you need to change a PCI setting if it's a PCI card controller.

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I know this topic is very old! but I have the same problem now!
But I don't have any other hard disc on my PC and this SATA 3 supported hard drive is only one! I don't have any OS on my pc. when I connect hard drive to my p4p800-x mother board it doesn't recognize my sata 3 drive! please help me what should I do!

A:Motherboard doesn't recognize my SATA 3 drive

Hey Andromec. Is the drive being detected in the BIOS.

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Hi i recently bought myself a new socket a soltek motherboard (SL-75FRN2-RL) i installed everything fine then i plugged my SATA hard drive into it and set the jumper as it said but it wont start the raid setup, and the motherboard doesnt detect the drive, i used it with a different motherboard b4 so culd this be the problem? my system is amd athlon 2600xp+ 768mb ddr ram, 80 gig seagate barracuda SATA hard drive, geforce 6 6800 graphics.

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Hi...my Intel SSD which is my OS-C drive is connected to the motherboard SATA connector designated as SATA connector 3. On initial install of W7 I had a problem where the MBR was installed on my internal N drive (connected to motherboard SATA connector 0 ) instead of on same drive as OS.
I have sorted out the problem some time ago so the MBR was migrated to the same drive as the C drive. That problem sorted out.

What I need to know is are they any problems/consequences with my OS-C drive being on motherboard SATA connector designated as SATA connector 3 rather than in the traditional position of using SATA connector 0 on motherboard for C drive ?

Also if I swap them around so C on 0 & N on 3 on motherboard; will this cause any problems, and will the PC boot up as normal with C being disk0 and N being disk3 within the Computer Mgt Window ?

Should point out PC is running fine without any obvious problems.

Thanks in advance.... Gary

A:C Drive Connected to Motherboard SATA Connector 3 Instead of 0.

It makes no difference whatsoever. Upon booting, when the POST has completed, providing that you have a bootable OS present, the system will boot from that disk regardless of which motherboard connector it is attached to (or if it is attached to an expansion card, like mine is). On one of my older systems, I couldn't use ports 0 and 1 because they were obscured by my graphics card. There was no problem in booting with the drive attached to one of the other ports.

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I turned on my PC today and there was the message: "Reboot and Select proper Boot device or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press a key."

I have no experience with BIOS or Boot drives at all and this has never happened to me for the past four years since I built my PC.

I have a GIGABYTE motherboard with BIOS uefi (idk), and I only have a WD 1TB Hard Drive.

I don't know what to do. Please help.



Additional info: I searched online and found some sources saying to insert Windows OS CD. I have Windows 10 Pro upgraded from Windows 8 Pro. If I insert a Windows 8 Pro OS CD, will it be able to detect the last update Windows 10 OS and restore my data?

A:Gigabyte Reboot/Select Boot Drive ERROR Windows 10

Sounds like the BIOS has possibly reset and your hard drive is not set as the default boot device.
F2 or DEL at power on should allow you to access the BIOS and reset the boot device, assuming this is the problem.

Without the actual Gigabyte motherboard model number, I can't give you specifics on how to set that. The manual that came with the motherboard has the information and the Gigabyte web site for the specific motherboard will also have the manual available.
GIGABYTE - Motherboard , Graphics Card , Laptop ,Tablet , Mini-PC , Server , PC Peripherals and more

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