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WHere is the sleep button on the yoga 460

Q: WHere is the sleep button on the yoga 460

I can not find it.

Your mum

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Preferred Solution: WHere is the sleep button on the yoga 460

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: WHere is the sleep button on the yoga 460

Do you mean a physical button? I've made a quick scan through both the Yoga 460 hardware manual and the user guide, and I can find no reference to a "sleep button". Where do you see such discussed/hinted at?


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I sold my Yoga 460, and downgraded to the Yoga 12, now the Fn + 4 does not put to sleep. Any solution?
Mod's Edit: Additional information added to Subject line for clarity of issue and moved post to its own thread.

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Friend of mine has got problem with his desktop (XP SP2) , when he starts the PC it boots normally till it reaches where it shows windows XP logo then the screen gets blank (i.e he can not see the login name for users).

What he used to do: is press the sleep button on the wireless keyboard, then after that press the hardware switch on/off button (not the reset button) on the tower of the hard box.

After pressing switch on/off button, he gets directly (pay attention to this) to the login screen where he can see the usernames for all users.

He has to do this procedure every time he would like to boot the desktop

A:Press sleep button and switch on/off button to be able to see login screen

VGA is NiVida with dual outputs, similar to below image


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Hi every one,
Recently I purchased new PC,
After installing windows XP Pro SP3 I found that there is a missing button in Power option properties. The missing button is (When I press the sleep button on my computer), I can find only (When I press the power button on my computer).
My system configuration is as follow
Mother board Gigabyte EP45-UD3R Rev 1.1
My graphic card is ATI Radeon HD 5670
Windows XP SP3
RAM 4Gb Kingston DDRII
CPU Core 2 Quad 2.66 GHz
It worth saying that I can shutdown, hibernate or put my PC into sleep mode, so the functions are working but only the button is missing.
I will appreciated very much if some can advise me how to restore the missing button. Is there some option in BIOS that will enable this button?
I contacted Gigabyte customer support, but they directed me to Microsoft, I also contacted ATI but they directed me to Microsoft or BIOS settings. In my BIOS I can't find any option that may affect this button. Any advise will be appreciated
Best regards

A:[SOLVED] Button of (When I press sleep button) is not available in my Power option pr

Does the case actually have a separate Sleep Button? I suspect it's not even connected, as the motherboard manual doesn't show a connection for a Sleep Button, only a Power Button.
Windows Power Options won't list it, as it doesn't exist.

If you have a Sleep Button on the keyboard, it might not be listed in Power Options either. That would be up to the Driver software to add that option. You may have to use the software that came with the keyboard to configure the sleep button on the keyboard.

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Whenever I press the sleep button on my computer, or when I leave it idle and it goes to sleep by itself, I get a blue screen of death. I would really like to solve this issue and it would be great if someone was able to help me ...

Now, this computer came with an AMD video card, but I uninstalled those drivers and took out the video card and installed a GTX 570 from EVGA. The drivers are up to date, so I am pretty sure the new hardware is installed correctly. Furthermore, it was not doing this for the first few months of having the video card installed. This is very recent, so I don't understand what it could be...

I've attached an image of the BSOD so you all can see.

Thanks for any help you can give

A:BSOD when computer goes to sleep or I press the sleep button.

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For the past couple of months, I've had an issue where the button that normal puts the computer to sleep has been replaced with the shutdown button because it thinks i've downloaded updates, even when I haven't been connected for a week.

I wouldn't normally mind something like this but, it makes the computer start up and shutdown take forever. thanks
*!*!*!* Please refer to later post as I've explained the problem better there. *!*!*!*

A:Sleep button has been replaced with shutdown button

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Hi everyone, I have a very weird error here...
My PC is a P4, 3,4GHZ, 1GB RAM, Radeon x800xl running WIN XP with SP2
But the real problem is my keyboard... I got an a4 tech kehyboard AntiRSI keyboard, and a few minutes ago while I pressed alt+tab to get out of a game (PES5) it went in stand by mode....and the problem is I can't even get out of it...
I restarted, went in windows again and tried to see what proccesses are running and pressed ctrl + alt + delete and it went in stand by again...
Anyway I founded that this is caused when pressing the left ALT button...My pc seems to confuse it as my sleep button ( I tested this by going in Control Panel - Power Options - Advanced and played with the "When I press my sleep button on my computer" and selected different options and when I pressed the left alt button it did what I selected in there )

Does anyone know what's the cause of this and how I can fix it?

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Please let me know the difference between sleep button and power button

Is sleep button the one which will be on the keyboard?

On the CPU there will 2 buttons one will be to start the computer and another one to restart computer?

Can these buttons be used to work like to enter in sleep mode, hibernate mode etc(Making changes in power options in control panel)

I'm having windows 7 computer

A:Power button and sleep button

sleep buttons depend on the manufacturers to where they go. most laptops sleep function is assigned to an F key and used in conjuction with the function or "fn" button. usually on F2 or F3.
These buttons are not programmable via the power options in control panel.

if its a desktop and doesnt have a dedicated sleep button you can reasign the task to either the restart or power button within control panel and or set it to sleep/hybernate after a given time.

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My Yoga 13 volume up/volume down buttons (hardware buttons on the side of the unit) were working fine for a few weeks and then all of sudden decided to invert themselves (i.e., in laptop mode, pushing the button closer to me would make volume go UP and pushing the button further away from me would make the volume go DOWN).  Same thing in tablet (landscape orientation with camera on top) and stand modes - pushing the upper button made volume go down and vice versa.  The only time the volume buttons would work logically is in tent mode where pushing the upper button made the volume go up and pushing the lower button made the volume go down (but only by happenstance because the unit is "inverted" and the volume buttons happen to be inverted as well).  I don't recall if these buttons automatically switched orientation when the unit is rotated, but now it's always fixed in the up is down and down is up position in 3 out of 4 modes. Minor annoyance, but an annoyance nonetheless on an expensive new laptop.  Any idea on a fix?

A:Yoga 13 Volume Up Button and Volume Down Button inverted bug/problem

I was about to write back with a snarky email about how the volume button is fixed in one position and the orientation makes most sense in tablet mode and that to expect any more was crazy. I was going to argue how this is no different than any tablet which can be used in reverse landscape mode - the volume control is backwards. I was just about to point you to the manual where I was sure that it would state that the button closest to the front of the keyboard is volume down up.... But then I read page 8 of the User Guide: http://www.lenovo.com/shop/americas/content/user_guides/yoga13_ug_en.pdf Where it clearly labels the volume buttons back to front. So I dont' know. I give up. Your guess is as good as mine. Though orientation specific volume controls might be useful (I bet it would just add to the confusion).

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Hello, we got 2x Try-and-Buy Lenovo Yoga Tablet Laptops (an X1 Yoga and a Yoga 260) to evaluate their suitability for our company, since we intend to upgrade several of our employees laptops. However, ever since we got the devices we noticed on both of them frequent issues with the display and waking from sleep. Very often the laptops won't wake up properly with the screen staying black. In those cases the display-backlight seems to turn on, and I assume the system is running somehow in the background. Putting the computer to sleep again (e.g. by closing the lid) makes the computer wake up properly on the second attempt. Different error in the same category is when a video is running and the laptop is connected to AC - plugging out the AC cord made the screen go black while the media content's sound kept playing. All drivers were updated to the newest version via Lenovo System Update 5.07.0029. Any ideas? I also tried to open a support ticket, but Lenovo wanted to send and install a new display (!). Apparently, that seems like a driver/software issue?! Best regards

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where is the sleep button on the computer?

A:sleep button

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is there a way to add the sleep button to the task bar .
or a sleep button icon .
so this way i would not have to click start and choose sleep .
thank you

A:need help with my sleep button

whats the OS you want to do this with - vista or 7


Vista - see the manual method

windows 7 - see last post

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Hi every body

I have installed windows 8 just now but there is a big problem for me.
I have no sleep button and property in my PC.
Look the following photo :

As you see there is no sleep. Do I have do anything to bring it to my PC?
I searched the net but I couldn't find the solution.
In power option there is no sleep mode. See 2 following photos:

and this

PS : All my drivers have been installed completely.

Please help I really need to sleep my PC


A:There is no sleep button in my windows 8.1 !?!?!?!

Check your bios and power options there. It is likely disabled and/or something to do with overclocking cpu ability or not.

It could also be related to your video adapter and/or its driver.

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I have a computer running Windows 7 RC, and I am looking to disable the sleep button on my wireless keyboard as every time I go to press escape i catch the button and my computer goes to sleep. Can anyone tell me how to disable it.


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Hello there,

So a while ago I created a shutdown button for my desktop comprising of:

C:\Windows\System32\shutdown.exe /s /t 0

Thing is, I want a 'sleep' button too, but I haven't had any luck using the similar command to create it. Could anyone provide me with the correct shortcut? I'm using Windows 10.

Thanks for reading

A:Sleep button for desktop

This is a bit old (Windows 8).
See if it works for you. How to Add Shutdown / Restart / Sleep to the Windows 8 Metro Start Screen

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Hey everyone

I have this USB Sleep button gadget (press the green button and PC goes to sleep mode) that does not work with Win7.
Here is a link to a similar product EcoButton (Computer Standby Button)
Same idea, different picture on the button.
On the packaging it does say that its compatible with XP, Vista and Mac.
I was assuming that since it was Vista capable that Win7 would not be a problem, but I get the "Device may not work properly" message.

Any ideas? Help is really appreciated.


A:USB Sleep button gadget

Here, better than the gadget
Sleep Shortcut - Create

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I have Windows 7 Professional on my laptop and the sleep option is grayed out. Please help me get it restored.

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I have a X1 Carbon and pressing the power button does not make the computer sleep - although in the Power Options the computer is set to "Sleep" when the power button is pressed on battery or A/C.   Machine: X1 Carbon 3rd Gen (Type 20BS, 20BT) Laptop (ThinkPad)OS: Windows 10 (64 bit) 

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Hello. I have a laptop and a desktop computers, both running Windows 7 Pro x64. On laptop, I can set the sleep button to Shut Down (I guess, I don't have the laptop here now so I cannot confirm). I would like to set the DESKTOP computer's sleep button action
to Shut Down, but this option is not available (I have disabled hibernation, so sleep is the only option in advanced power settings -> sleep button action for me). I don't have a Power button on my keyboard nor on the remote control,
only Sleep buttons and I do not want to use S1 nor S3. I want the computer to shut down when I press these buttons. Is there a way? Registry etc?
Thank you in advance for your kind replies.

A:Sleep button action -> Shut Down, HOW?

Hi Tomas
If you are referring to the Start/Power Button.
Right click the Start Button and select Properties.
In the Power Button action drop down menu, select the Shut down option.
Regards,Ronnie Vernon MVP – Windows Desktop Experience

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I set my Dell Inspiron laptop (Windows 8) to sleep after 15 minutes (never to hibernate) whether on AC power or battery.
This allows me to take out my laptop from my bag, open the lid, enter my pin and get to work quickly.
One thing that baffles me is that when on AC power, I have to press the power button to "wake" the laptop out of sleep
instead of just pressing a key on the keyboard. The power button is this tiny chicklet metal button that is awkward to press.
Any way to set Windows 8 to wake on keypress when on AC power?

A:power button press to come out of sleep

You do not find it in Power Options to change power button from doing it? Only know ways if using an external USB device. Should be a sleep button or one of the F buttons or Fn.

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is there a way to set the sleep button to shutdown the monitor ?

in windows 10 could be done


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My system: Win 10 64 bit Retail, MSI B150M Mortar, Intel i5-6500, Samsung 512GB SSD, Corsair 2 x 4 GB Memory, etc.

Although my keyboard and mouse are allowed to wake the PC from sleep (in Device Manager), they don't wake the PC. Interestingly, pressing the "Power Button" on my Fractal R5 case does wake it up from sleep. Any idea about what's going on?

A:Only the Power Button Wakea PC from Sleep

Originally Posted by ChriskK

My system: Win 10 64 bit Retail, MSI B150M Mortar, Intel i5-6500, Samsung 512GB SSD, Corsair 2 x 4 GB Memory, etc.

Although my keyboard and mouse are allowed to wake the PC from sleep (in Device Manager), they don't wake the PC. Interestingly, pressing the "Power Button" on my Fractal R5 case does wake it up from sleep. Any idea about what's going on?

You also need to access the BIOS and setup to allow Wakeup from Keyboard/Mouse
NOTE: If you have a USB keyboard then you also need to setup for USB to wake up.

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My system: Win 10 64 bit Retail, MSI B150M Mortar, Intel i5-6500, Samsung 512GB SSD, Corsair 2 x 4 GB Memory, etc.

Although my keyboard and mouse are allowed to wake the PC from sleep (in Device Manager), they don't wake the PC. Interestingly, pressing the "Power Button" on my Fractal R5 case does wake it up from sleep. Any idea about what's going on?

A:Only the Power Button Wakes PC from Sleep

Originally Posted by ChriskK

My system: Win 10 64 bit Retail, MSI B150M Mortar, Intel i5-6500, Samsung 512GB SSD, Corsair 2 x 4 GB Memory, etc.

Although my keyboard and mouse are allowed to wake the PC from sleep (in Device Manager), they don't wake the PC. Interestingly, pressing the "Power Button" on my Fractal R5 case does wake it up from sleep. Any idea about what's going on?

You also need to access the BIOS and setup to allow Wakeup from Keyboard/Mouse
NOTE: If you have a USB keyboard then you also need to setup for USB to wake up.

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Hello all,There is a sleep button on my laptop (Fn+F1) it used to work but now when i press it nothing happens.Other Fn+F combinations work. There are no problems with my Fn and F1 buttons they both work but only Fn+F1 combination does not work. Any one has a solution for this? Maybe i accidently removed a driver or something?Thank you.

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New TP X230, running Win 8 Pro (clean install).I have power options set to "Do Nothing" if the lid is closed, but to put the unit to sleep if I press the Power or Sleep button. (I don't know that the computer has a sleep button, so here I am referring to the power button.)The power button works to turn the unit on, including to wake it from sleep. (So I don't think there is a hardware problem with it.)But with the computer running, if I press the sleep button nothing happens at all, although I have it set to put the computer to sleep.What might be going wrong?  (And is there a sleep button?)

A:Power Button won't put my X230 to Sleep!

Hi, maiki
Yes, there is a sleep button. Depending on the behavior of your Fn keys, then you will either press Fn + F4 or simply F4 to put the machine to sleep. I would try to create a new power plan and have the same settings to see if you can get the proper power button behavior.
Hope it helps,

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I am at my witts end after spending numerous hours on the phone with HP (somebody in India) trying to resolve the sleep funtion on an HP multimedia keyboard using window Visat Ultimate. My machine is an HP model m8330f with 3 gigs of memory running an AMD quad processor. I have attached the minidump file which appears to indicate that there is bad driver associated with Vista and points to the wrong location in order to sleep causing the blue screen INTERNAL_POWER_FAILURE. I have been to microsofts page and used the other pointers I have found in this post. I think I may actually have a faulty keyboard but HP of course attributes it to windows and wants to recover the system to its original shipping configuration. I don't think they know how to read a dump file either. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

A:BSOD when using HP keyboard sleep button

This is unfortunantely an all too common Vista issue especially in their x64. If you google Vista Internal_Power_Failure you'll see what I mean. From what i have been able to read supposedly SP1 had a hot fix.

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I'm running Win8 Pro 64 bit on a Dell Precision 490 desktop. I upgraded from XP so it was basically a clean install.

I have my power button configured to put the system to sleep and it will do that ONCE after I turn it on. After that, pushing the power button does nothing until the next reboot or power cycle. Going to Charms -> Settings -> Power -> Sleep always works.

This obviously isn't a critical problem, but it's really annoying because I'm in the habit of hitting the power button and usually it just doesn't work. Has anyone heard of this problem? Is there a fix?

Things I've tried:
- searching Google - can't find the needle in the haystack
- searching this forum - nothing that matches
- checking the Event Log - nothing interesting or suspicious
- apply all Microsoft updates - no change
- disable my Comodo Internet Security - no change
- change power options and then change them back - no change
- checked if I could stop and restart the power service - nope

Does anyone have any other ideas that I could try or tools to track what's going on?


A:Power Button Sleep only works Once!

do you have it set for both Plugged in and on battery?

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First off I'd like to say that I didn't really know where to post this and the last time I googled a similar result it was posted here, and it could potentially be a driver problem I guess, so please excuse me if this is the wrong section. I found these forums while searching the answer to my problem and the people seemed generous and helpful so I thought this would be a good place to ask.

Okay so I've googled and googled for hours to absolutely no avail, so I've tried everything I could think of without asking myself so here goes.

Let me start by stating my specific problem. My laptop will not wake up from sleep without hitting the power button. This means that my external keyboard, external mouse, touchpad, nor built in keyboard can wake it up. My old laptop also running Windows 7 did not have this problem btw. It is quite the annoyance because when I am at home I use my laptop at a desk with an external mouse, keyboard, and monitor.
Just bought this new laptop for graduation. It's a RF711-S02 by Samsung. I'll state some of the specs that could possibly be causing my problem. Processor is an Intel i7 2630qm, nVidia gt540m graphics card (which uses optimus technology, so when that's not on it uses Intel HD 3000), Windows 7 x64. If anything else is needed or relevant, just ask.

I have tried everything I could possibly find over several days and several hours in each day. I've tried the USBBIOSX stuff for the registry, updating all of my drivers, enabling my keyboard to wak... Read more

A:Laptop Won't Come Out of Sleep W/O Power Button

Welcome to Windows Seven Forums.

This workaround did the trick in Windows Vista so I'll post the link to see if it's of any help to you, it may work with Win 7: Disable Hybrid Sleep Mode in Windows Vista - How-To Geek

Have you tried tweaking your power plans, or switching them off, even? Disable Power Management on Windows 7 or Vista - How-To Geek

Another workaround that has worked for my wife's laptop is to unplug the power cord, remove the battery and hold down the power button for 30-60 seconds to drain the internal capacitors then insert the battery and restart.

Do you have Hibernation on your laptop? If so, you might want to disable it and just use Sleep.

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Hello world!
I resently upgraded an old Compaq running XP pro to windows 7 ultimate. The sleep worked perfectly on XP but not on windows 7.It is grayed out and unclickable I am up to try anything.

PC Info: HP Compaq d220 Microtower Desktop PC

A:windows 7 sleep button grayed out after upgrade

Hello, and welcome to Seven Forums.

You might see if OPTION TWO in the tutorial below may be able to help with this.

Sleep : Disable in Shut Down Menu

Hope this helps,

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Hey guys. I'm having a problem with putting my computer in sleep mode. On the Start Screen if I click on the power logo there is no sleep option. Ive read about this problem and how to fix it but it only gets me a Hibernate button. Do any of you guys know how to get the sleep button back?


EDIT: I'm using a Surface Pro 3 and this problem is also preventing me from using the power button.

A:Sleep Button Missing From Start & Settings

Power Options Menu - Add or Remove Sleep or Hibernate in Windows 8

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My Dell XPS 13 9350 (Windows 10) is configured to go to sleep when I close the lid. Instead, since yesterday it forces a shutdown instead - when I reopen the lid it boots up from scratch, applications complain that they were forced to quit with unsaved files, etc.
I assume this is due to some update Dell Update made a couple of days ago, but I don't know what it was.
Naturally I have checked that Power & Sleep Settings are correct (re sleeping when closing the lid). I've also updated drivers from the Dell site and run the Dell online diagnostic test for lid closing.
Any suggestions?

A:Dell XPS 13 shuts down when put to sleep using lid or power button

Some more details:
Uninstalling the video drivers (which helped someone else on this forum with the same problem) didn't fix it.
The problem also occurs if I send the laptop to sleep with the power button, but not if I send it to sleep from the Start menu - seems to work OK.
Also, the problem does not seem to be at the point of sending it to sleep - it acts as if it's going to sleep normally (going off in a couple of seconds) rather than shutting down - but at the point of waking up, when the computer starts up as if it had been shut down.

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when i press this little button on my logitech keyboard with the cresnet half moon, it goes to sleep. What really happens? Do programs like kazaa cease to function/download the stuff that is downloading? anyone anyone beuler?

A:What happens when I press the sleep or standby mode button?

All programs cease to function, the computer enters a suspended state similar to "off" but with a faster recovery time.

Be aware that many applications simply do not like being suspended and may behave unreliably when resumed.

Its usually more reliable on laptops, which have been designed with this feature in mind.

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Hi, subject already sais it. T440p, Windows 8.1 64 bit: when I go to Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Power Options\System Settings and choose Choose what the power buttons do, no matter what I chose, pressing the power button has no effect. I always have to grab the mouse or use the keyboard. What's the issue here? Thanks

A:Power button does not shutdown/hibernate/sleep

Hi, I've got the same issue, did you solve it?

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I recently upgraded from vista 32 bit to 7 64 bit and one of the first things I did was adjust the power options. I set power button to "shut off" I set the sleep button to "sleep" and I set closing my laptop to "do nothing" yet all 3 just make it sleep! I can see that everything is set the way I put it but it still falls asleep when I close the lid and when I push the power button even though I set it to do something else, any ideas?

A:power button just puts laptop to sleep

Try setting "when you close the lid" to Shut down.

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I don't know how to wake my PC up without pressing power button. There's nothing wrong with doing it this way, it's just inconvenient. Can it wake on key press?

A:Waking from sleep requires power button (8.1)

Originally Posted by CaptainAhab

I don't know how to wake my PC up without pressing power button. There's nothing wrong with doing it this way, it's just inconvenient. Can it wake on key press?

Devices - Allow or Prevent to Wake Up Computer - Windows 7 Help Forums

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The "sleep" button on my computer keyboard won't effect the hibernate function on my Windows XP Home Edition computer. It worked well until several months ago and then, all of a sudden, it stopped functioning. I can get it to hibernate by using Start-Turn Off Computer-Stand-By, but the "Sleep Button" does not work. I did some Internet research and one site indicated that it might be a driver problem. Does anyone have any experience with this or know of a solution? Thanks in advance.

A:Solved: My Baby Won't Go To Sleep/Hibernate (via the button):

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hi guys,

i have a brother HL-1110 black laser printer that goes to sleep after 10 minutes and i have to then push the power button to make it wake up and print

its connected to a windows xp workstation

i have loaded the drivers that came with the printer off a dvd and there are no settings in the printer setup to turn off sleep or anything similar

i looked in the manual supplied and a pdf online but when i try fins sleep or turn off sleep nothing comes up
or very little on it...not saying how to turn off sleep mode

any help suggestions appreciated

A:HL-1110 goes to sleep and only power button wakes it up

If auto power is supported, it should be accessible via the drivers/software. At least in my experience.

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Hi I bought a new hp laptop in November. Since i got it, ive beeb having the problem where it goes to sleep and will not turn back on. You would have to hold down the power button and completely shut down to get it to work again. Yesterday i changed the sleep options to never go to sleep. However, it still did. Also holding the power button down no longer turns it off. I know it is still in a sleep or hibernate mode because it is still charging devices like my phone. The battery seems to be inside the device and not removeable. Also i live in the arctic and cannot get to any store or repair place. Any help would be appreciated  Ps it is windows 10  

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Pressing a key doesn't waken my computer; I have to press the power button. This started after I updated my Avast! which I then rolled back through System Restore, but the problem recurred today. Any help would be appreciated.



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Hi. I pressed the power button once on my laptop to put it in sleep mode. Is this a safe thing to do?

A:Power button sleep mode question

Hi -
Do you mean it was an accident, or deliberate ??
I have never used Sleep Mode on any computer that I have owned -
The safest thing I always think, is to turn the computer Off once you are actually finished with it, or just let it go to screen saver if I am away for an hour -

Your computer / laptop can always wake from sleep mode in its storage bag if there is a scan scheduled for the Antivirus or similar.
If it is in a storage bag, the temperatures can get too high due to lack of ventilation and create problems.

My desktop is switched off at the wall every night, or if I am not using it for the day. The same for my laptop, powered off and left off unless it is wanted.

Since it only takes 30 to 60 seconds to power up I see no need for Sleep or Hibernation mode at any time -

I hope this covers your question -

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Hi guys this is my first post on this forum, i need some help im running vista and nearly every 15- 20 mins my computer goes into sleep mode4 by itself and it drives me crazt i had previous problems with the hibernation key so i deleted that from the registry but i was wonderin is it possible to do that with the sleep button/key?? googled it and cant find a thing! thanks guys any help would be appreciated!!

A:Solved: Help can sleep button be deleted from registry?

Ok...just go to your power settings and deactivate sleep mode...
simple as that with no registry editing.

oh and welcome to tech support guy.

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I am no longer able to put my phone on hold because the power button is no longer working when the computer boots. I have already contacted Windows Support and we were unable to resolve the issue by changing the operating system settings. The staff recommended that I contact Lenovo technical support.How can you guys help me?

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When I walk away from my computer, after a while the screen goes black like it does when it goes to sleep. Sometimes it does actually go to sleep and the power button blinks, then I just press it to wake it up. However the majority of the time the screen goes black but the power button stays lit up. When this happens, pushing the power button or any key will not wake it up. I have to push and hold the power button to shut it down then turn it back on. This happens multiple times a day sometimes and can get very irritating.  I do not get any error messages or anything. The only recent thing is the update to windows 10 and my internet connection is through a mobile hotspot on my cell. Any help would be very much appreciated! Thanks!!!

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I just upgraded only to find that MS removed the Sleep button from the new version. I used that button all the time on v1. Is there a way to program a hot key or something? There is plenty of room on this keyboard...especially next to the login/off botton. Why was this small button removed?

A:No Sleep Button on Desktop 6000 v2 Keyboard ???

Hi Saidas and welcome to the Vista forums!

Yep, no sleep button
Maybe you can reassign a button you do not use to perform the action of your choice through the keyboard software.

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My X1 Tablet wil no longer react to the power button, meaning I cannot press it to put the tablet to sleep. I've checked all the usual settings in win10 (power and sleep) and it's set to make my tablet sleep no matter which button is pressed. What's worse, if I put the tablet to sleep from the start button, then the power button cannot wake it up. However, if the tablet is powered off, the power button works fine, so it seems to be a software issue. I've all the various firmwares, windows 10 is up to date as of today and the BIOS settings doesn't seem to have any options for this. Has anyone else experienced this and did you find a solution?  

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Why can't I make my sleep button power down my computer. The option in power mangement missing. Is there a way to change this eg. through regedit?

A:Make sleep button shut down windows 7

I think that this is because the sleep button is only intended for that, sleep, as the options your screen grab show are the same as on my computer. However the power button can have many different functionalities.


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