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Port Mirroring Hyper-V Cluster to ATA Gateway on a phsyical server

Q: Port Mirroring Hyper-V Cluster to ATA Gateway on a phsyical server

Hi ATA Team,


Source: vNIC of VMs Domain Controllers hosted on Hyper-v Clusters. DCs are configured on different VLANs. A trunk port is configured between Hyper-v clusters and Data Center switch.
Destination: a dedicated NIC on ATA Gateway that installed on a physical server connected to the same DATA Center SwitchData Center Switch: Cisco.

How to configure spanning traffic from Domain Controllers to ATA Gateway on this case?


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Preferred Solution: Port Mirroring Hyper-V Cluster to ATA Gateway on a phsyical server

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Can someone help me with this info?
How this should be configure on the hyper-v host and the VM?
The switch is already configured.
Thank you very much,

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I have a Gateway VM that receives mirrored network traffic from DC VM. Currently these VMs reside together on a Hyper-V host that is part of a Hyper-V 12 node cluster. All hosts in the cluster have their vSwitches configured identically. I need to make sure
that these two VMs are highly available, but when automatically migrated, these two VMs are always migrated together to a different host. Any way to achieve this?
This thread from some time ago says it's not possible.

Thank you.

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I have a scenario where some DCs are on XenServer and some in Hyper-V and I need to configure port mirroring to a gateway but have found some challenges. First, it appears that port mirroring is not supported in Xen, at least that's what I've researched
and been told. Second, Hyper-V does support port mirroring AS LONG AS the DCs and gateway are on the same host. If they are on different hosts, port mirroring will stop working. 
I am interested to know what are other options I have, besides lightweight gateway, to configure port mirroring.
I appreciate your input,



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I am attempting to test ATA and have created a test DC and ATA Gateway connected to the same virtual switch on the same hyper-v host (2012R2, all recommended patches installed). I have also enabled "Microsoft NDIS Capture" on the virtual switch
and configure the DC as the source and a secondary none routable vNIC on the gateway as the destination (, no dns or gateway). All vNICs are tagged on my test vLAN (ALL traffic must be tagged on these hosts) and I fear this may be the issue. Does
Hyper-V port mirroring support tagged traffic? Is this my issue and if so how do I solve this problem.

I was initially led to this assumption due to the following link:
Which states: "Traffic generated on a VM with a vNIC set to tag traffic with a VLAN id cannot be directly monitored on another VM, unless trunking is set on the target" and then suggests running the following command: "Set-VMNetworkAdapterVlan
VM3 -Trunk
-AllowedVlanIdList "100,101"
 -NativeVlanId 0"
However I tried this for my specified "Mirror" nic the gateway as well and it did not work.  It is worth mentioning that I have not yet installed the gateway and have used the Microsoft network Monitor tool in promiscuous mode
as prescribed and returned no results for LDAP or KerberosV5. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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When I enable the Microsoft NDIS Capture Extension on the Virtual Switch I want capture the traffic on, I get the message: 

"The Selected Extension is not operating correctly.  Check the event logs for further information. If this is a non-Microsoft Extention, contact the vendor for further troubleshooting steps."

I am running Hyper-V on a Windows 8.1 computer, and would like to test ATA 2016.
Get the same error if I use either "Internal" or "Private" switch.
Has anyone seen this problem before?

Thank you

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My ATA Gateway is in VM and all the domain controllers are in Physical environment. Network administration team has limitation of forwarding mirrored traffic from physical switch port to logical VM switch port. Pl advise me on this to forward traffic.

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If i install and configure ATA lightweight gateway on my dc is it still required to configure port mirroring?

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I was looking to use full gateways to receive port mirroring from server core domain controllers
- gateway and domain controllers need to be on same host - which bad for redundancy
- lightweight gateway not supported on server core
Any ideas other than a full gateway server for each domain controller?

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When I create a virtual switch on hyper v, i lose network connectivity and the default gateway is missing
I have to manually put the default gateway in and disable and re enable the network adaptor each time the server restarts in order to get network connectivity. I am running windows server 2012

I have tried deleting the virtual switch on hyper v, deleting the network adaptor and reinstalling it and creating the virtual switch again

Any help would be great


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Hello All,

I have a 4 node cluster and all but one of the nodes is 4 minutes behind.  Also I have 13 servers in their own isoloated domain (different than the clustered hosts) on node 4 that have the same wrong time as node4.  Node 3 has the correct time.

Node1 ? 4 minutes behind

Node2 ? 4 minutes behind

Node3 ? Correct time. Owns the cluster for now.

Node4- 4 minutes behind (All servers here are 4 minutes behind.  They all belong to a different domain than than Node4)

Any Suggestions?

I don?t think it?s a good idea to move a server to node3 because if it does correct the time it would be out of synch with the other servers. Unless maybe I move the PDC to node 3? Since it?s the time keeper? Maybe the rest will follow? 

FreeRiderHD - MDT PRoblem

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We recently installed ATA and got it up and running without any issues. We let it run for about a week and then we got a phone call from a server admin asking why our gateway server was constantly pinging his server over port 135 (pretty much every 5 to
10 seconds). The server happened to be an appliance with a Linux kernel so the traffic was getting blocked and was filling up the logs. We decided to shut down the ATA service on the gateway server until we figured out why this was happening. 
I tried looking for an answer but the only thing I could find was the following reference under the gateway requirements page:
As part of the resolution process done by the ATA Gateway, the following ports need to be open inbound on devices on the network from the ATA Gateways.

NTLM over RPC (TCP Port 135)NetBIOS (UDP port 137)
What I don't understand is, 1) what exactly is this doing on these ports? 2) why is it needed? 3) why would the gateway be scanning a non-windows machine that has no reference in Active Directory?
I found a spot under Configuration > Detection > Exclusions > DNS Reconnaissance IP Address Exclusions that looks to be where I would need to add my IP exclusions but I'm not 100% sure.  Nothing on Microsoft's website really explains what
this is.

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I like to use a dedicated Gateway server to handle Syslog traffics without enabling port mirroring for DCs.  All my DCs already have Lightweight Gateway running.  That way I can separated the Syslog load and traffic from the busy DCs. 
Is it possible?

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Is it possible to install Windows server 2012 Hyper-v on windows 8 Hyper-v? or should I use Wmware Workstation.


A:Virtualize for test Win2012 Hyper-v server on Windows 8 Hyper-v?

You can't run hyper-v (any version) inside a VM so neither would work,
and even if you could it would be so painfully slow as to be unusable.
Bob Comer - Microsoft MVP Virtual Machine

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We use VMWare (with UCS) but don't have the premium license so can't do distributed switching. I know it's not ideal, but can we do port mirroring on the trunk port to the UCS? Would this result in additional overhead or gateways required?
If this won't work we're considering standing up a Hyper-V cluster and migrating our DCs over to it. I'm pretty sure that will work.
Any other suggestions? Thanks!

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Hey there,
Just had a couple of questions and was hoping someone could help me out.
I know that configuring port mirroring between the DC and ATA-Gateway is a MUST, however I was wondering:
1. Is there a way so that I DO NOT have to configure the port mirroring directly on the DC's connection port? Is there a way around this? Would RSPAN be a possibility? And if I do not set the port mirroring directly onto the DC, is there a risk that ATA
wont be able to gather the necessary data or wont be able to monitor anything at all?
2. What happens when the amount of traffic going from the DC to the ATA-Gateway is too high (too heavy)? Will ATA-Gateway loose any data coming in? Would it tank/store the data and process it in order? Or does ATA have a way of sorting out and prioritize
which data should be analyzed first?
Hope someone can help me clear this out

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Hello !

I am deploying ATA on a big organization. I am installing ATA Center and ATA Gateway first before doing port mirroring ( yes i know i shouldn't, but i need to deploy ATA first then request the network configuration because the network team has been busy ).

after finished installing, i notice these things :

- A lot of organization's entities are learned, from domain to groups.
- Traffic (captured messages/sec on ATA Gateway ) on performance monitor when validating installation.

My question is :

- Do the network already configured port mirroring ?
- If yes, then why i cant get any suspicious activities, even though i already simulated an attack ?

thanks before !

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Hi. Just wondering if ATA will be able to understand port mirror data from a Windows Server 2003 domain controller? (I assume yes) Or is there a check for OS when inspecting traffic?

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Hi ATA team,
i hope you can suggest me some solutions. i have a hyperv cluster based on win 2012 (not R2). i installed ata gtw on the same host as DC, configured port mirroring source on DC and destination on ata gtw server. also ata gtw has two NICs, one for mgmt, other
for capture, but mirrororing doesn't work. i checked with ms network monitor 3.4, there is no traffic on gtw capture NIC. Is there any patch or settings that i can apply?

in lab envirement, i have HV2012R2, mirroring is working fine.

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I just would like to verify something quick. I plan to implement ATA in an environment with a single ATA GW. This environment also consists of two domain controllers and i would like to have this single GW monitor traffic for both domain controllers.

Therefore would like to know if its possible to Mirror traffic of two DC's to the single ATA GW and what would be the config in that case?
The ATA GW would be running as a VM on a Hyper-v host.
Some guidance would be much appreciated.

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I have just installed microsoft cluster services on a windows 2003 server in a lab. I have added the MSDTC (distributed Transaction Coordinator in the default cluster group. I have no problems bringing the resource online right after i create it. However, after i install windows 2003 service pack 1 i can not longer bring the MSDTC resource online.
Does something security wise have to be adjusted after installing SP1? As soon as I rip sp1 off the box I am able to start the MSDTC.
Note: i am running a single node windows 2003 server cluster configured with a local quorum disk.
I will ultimately want to test exchange 2003 server on this server.
I cant figure out why i cant bring MSDTC online please help!!

A:MSDTC & Win 2k3 Cluster Server

Did you get an answer to this question yet? I have the same problem here.

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I have over 400 domain controllers. The initial look at ATA seemed to require port mirroring on the DC's and that was just impossible. I was told an agent of some type on the DC's was coming. Is that an option now?

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We have a rather complicated/distributed VMWare virtual environment, and having GW-servers on each physical VMWare host is not something we really want to do.

Therefor, does Microsoft ATA support VMWare Distributed vSwitches for port-mirroring?

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We have a few virtualized Domain Controllers on VMware. As the lighweight Gateway is not very lightweigt - also with 16GB of RAM we were running out of Memory on our DCs - we decided to try port mirroring. This is working very good, but sometimes we get
the message that no traffic is received from one of the Domain Controllers. The only Thing we Need to do then is to restart the Gateway Service.
So the port mirroting is working and traffic is received by the Gateway.
Anyone else noticed this?
Could it be because we mirror the traffic from 3 Domaon Controllers to one port? But it also happens to the Gateways where we only mirror one DC.
But as I said - after a restart of the Gateway Service the error disappears and everything is working again.
brgds Deas

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So I got SPAN tech configured which basically copies all the layer 2 traffic from certain selected Cisco switch ports to a dedicated port. I have a Windows 2012 R2 Server attached to this dedicated port (TCP/IP isn't configured on this Windows NIC) so I
can capture this spanned traffic.
Unfortunately, when I use Message Analyzer 1.3.1 (build 4.0.7551.0) it doesn't seem to capture spanned layer 2 unicast traffic. I use Microsoft-Windows-NDIS-PacketCapture provider configured to capture the traffic from a NIC that gets spanned traffic.
Here how a typical capture looks like:

What I would like to see is proper parsing up to application layer of spanned layer 2 unicast traffic, the way how it gets parsed when I do parse traffic that is destined or originated from this particular PC (or broadcast/multicast traffic). For example,
I'd like to see SMTP data, etc.
It looks like I see only layer 2 broadcasted traffic, like in the screenshot (note MAC destination). All frames that I see are layer 2 broadcasts while I'm sure that this NIC gets unicasts as well and in a much larger volume.

And just in case, Wireshark does capture SPAN traffic well in the same scenario and reconstructs it up to desired SMTP and other application layer protocols without issues.
I've experimented with different options and different capture scenarios but haven't found any way around this.
Please advise.

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We have a Microsoft cluster (with a specific virtual IP) configured between two windows 2003 R2 servers.

The problem is that a service that is running on the primary server is not accessible through the firewall until the primary server IP is added to the firewall (it is not accessible using the virtual IP).

The IPs and netmasks seem to be configured fine.

Would anyone have any ideas on why the primary server IP has to be added to the firewall?

Thanks in advance,

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OK, I'm not sure whether you guys can help with this or even if its in the right place, but here we go.

I've been sort of assigned to find out about mirroring servers, as we have just bought two identical Dell PowerVault servers running Windows Server 2003, and we need to make one mirror the other and so if one goes down the other is still working.

I like to consider myself advanced when it comes to computers, as I'm a technician working at a college with 200+ computers (running NT4, 2K, and XP) the existing server is running NT4 Server, but we're upgrading at the moment, however I have not dealt with this side of servers before.

If any of you could help, even if it is just explaining what I need to look for - as I don't really know very much about this at the moment then it would be great.

Thanks, Alex.

A:Server mirroring?

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Why would I be able to access an application running on a web server (2003 server) when the web server is accessible locally but not when it is on the domain? When the server is on the domain, the ActiveX window that accesses the web server application turns bright, flickers, and disappears. When the server is on a workgroup and you log in as local user, all is fine as the terminal server allows logging. It has to do with security or terminal server I suspect.

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We have an unusual problem here that I hope someone can help me with.

We recently implemented 2 Windows 2003 Servers in a cluster which are acting as print servers.

The print notifications are enabled to be sent to the computer that originated the print request.

The problem is that the print notifications are appearing on the client PC a long time after the print jobs have completed. In some cases the message will appear the following day.

If anyone has any ideas or suggestion then please let me know. If you have any further questions then please ask.



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I have some domain controllers on branch offices, that has 2 interface cards, as 1 interface is linked to a backup device, for this example, lets call them Network and Backup.
I have specifically defined in the config of the ATA LGW that it should only capture traffic from Network card, but whenever the backup solution starts it will generate 50-60% traffic load on Backup card, and ATA LGW then reports more traffic then it can
handle and drops some traffic.
The Network card is basically idle with nothing much to do.. CPU is average 2% and memory load is 40%, but 10Gb available still.
When backup job finishes, the Health status goes back to normal.
Bug somewhere?

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I need help fast with the mirroring process of Windows2000 server.

I have 2 HDs, same size, one is a simple volume and is divided in two sections. . 18.99 gb Healthy, and 8mb unallocated..
On the second hard drive is all 19.00 gb unallocated. When i try to right click on the first hard drive and select Add mirror, and i select to add mirror to the second drive, it does the proccess but after it is completed, nothing happens. It's still 19.00 gb unallocated.. Whats wrong?? why doesnt it do the mirror on the second hard drive?

if i choose to create a mirrored volume on the second blank harddrive, it changed the numbers for me.. disk 1 has 19454 and disk 0 is changed to 8mb.. what should the numbers be?? should i just let the numbers as they are being set up by default? Please help me.. i need help fast.. contact me [email protected] thank you.. greatly appreciated.

A:Windows 2000 Server Mirroring

Have you read the following Microsoft article?


You cannot mirror basic discs in 2000 server. You have to create a dynamic disk.

The article describes how.

I have not actually used the software mirror, we use caching hardware raid cards.

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i have 2 servers (one in texas and and one in new york) running windows server 2003. From texas server, i want to mirror(real time) one particular folder in NY. So i can access some of the large files faster. What is the best way to do this?

A:file server folder mirroring

How are those servers connected?

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Hi Team,
I need to setup ATA Gateway for monitoring my DC's but my DC's are hosted on hyper-v and on different host. ATA Lightweight Gateway is not the option I'm looking for , is  it possible to configure ATA Gateway on different Host ? If yes please provide
me any reference link to configure and the requirements for it.
In case not possible please let me know the workaround to achieve the same.

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I use windows XP. I have two hard drives. My "d" is 40 GB and my "c" is 15 GB.

I rarely ever put programs in "c". Everything goes into "d". It says in "my computer" that I only have 742 MB of remaining space in "c". I don't know how that is possible since I only used 1 GB worth of memory in "program files". That means that nearly 14 GB of memory are being used in "WINDOWS" and "documents and settings".

Also, when I highlight all the programs in "c", it says I have used up only 12 GB (which is still way too much). So I don't know why that occurs either.

Anyway, i have a theory that maybe I have a virus on my computer that keeps multiplying itself on my computer, which is taking up all my memory.
The other option is that I have useless files in "WINDOWS" and in "docs and settings". The only problem is that I may delete an important file (which I have probably already done since my computer is crashing and malfunctioning all the time).

Is there a way to know, which files are junk, viruses, and important ones??


A:Why and how is all my phsyical memory used up?!

To get a physical picture of what's on the hard drive: SequoiaViewhttp://w3.win.tue.nl/nl/onderzoek/onderzoe...n/sequoiaview//You also might want to do some malware scansI'd suggest one of these free online scans to ensure that you're not infected:(Be advised that some of these scanners will pickup things in "quarantine" from other anti-virus programs - so review the results carefully)http://housecall.trendmicro.comhttp://www.pandasecurity.com/homeusers/solutions/activescan/http://www.kaspersky.com/virusscanner Scan Only - no removalhttp://www.bitdefender.com/scan8/ie.htmlhttp://support.f-secure.com/enu/home/ols.shtmlhttp://us.mcafee.com/root/mfs/default.asphttp://onlinescan.avast.com/http://ca.com/us/securityadvisor/virusinfo/scan.aspxhttp://www.eset.com/onlinescan/<links compiled on 02/14/2008>

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Windows XP does not assign a WINS Server, DNS Server, or Default Gateway.

Here is the output from ipconfig /all:

Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
(C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.

C:\Documents and Settings\Lon Hoss>IPCONFIG /ALL

Windows IP Configuration

Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : omnibook-6100
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Unknown
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No

Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Intel(R) PRO/100 VM Network Connecti
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 00-C0-9F-09-00-6D
Dhcp Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes
Autoconfiguration IP Address. . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :

C:\Documents and Settings\Lon Hoss>

A:Windows XP does not assign a WINS Server, DNS Server, or Default Gateway

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Hey guys,

This is the first time using the forum so I apologize if this has been put in the incorrect place. My brother recently installed Hyper V Server 2012 r2, which boots up everytime I start my laptop. I just want help in how to completely remove the software and help get back my Windows 8. Neither me or him know how to get back to windows 8.

Thanks in advance guys.

A:Help with Windows Hyper V Server 2012 R2

Well, you must have a bootable Windows 8 DVD or USB. Go to the BIOS settings, select to have the DVD or USB device as first device. Then it should say "Press any key to boot from CD or DVD..." if you have a DVD or it will show the OEM or Windows logo directly (USB). When you are prompted for the installation type, choose Custom. Make sure you have backed up your files. Delete every partition of Disk 0 and then choose the Unallocated Space to install.

I hope this helps you.

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Hello Friends, I am building a programming project and would require a Virtualization software to try it. So, I thought to get the Standalone Hyper-V Server 2012. So, does anyone know how to get them? I have heard that they are a standalone Operating System then installs on the Hard Drive and run like an OS.

Please also provide a link to Download it and the installation guide.

Thank You................

A:How To Get Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2012?

Hi there
Google should work in India -- maybe they don't have it any more -- took me 2 secs to get the links.

31 Days of Our Favorite Things: Get Happy over the Free Hyper-V Server 2012 (Part 9 of 31) - Matt Hester&#39;s WebLog - Site Home - TechNet Blogs


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Heya so I installed hyper-V on my other computer because I wanted to get a program to work on it (googled how to get my Reason to work on windows 8). Since I couldn't find the suggested setting to just turn some hyper-V settings on I thought I dont have it on my computer. After installing Hyper-V though my computer went server mode and I have no experience of that. Now I want to remove it from my comp but dont know how and googling doesn't help :S I dont mind formatting the computer, nothing too important there and after the uninstallation of Hyper-V I will install xp on it too. Didn't like W8 tbh.

Thanks in advance!

A:Uninstalling hyper-V server 2012

Nobody knows? There doesn't seem to be a solution, at least one that I can google or I am just blind. But please help! I just want to use my computer again :/

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I'm trying to run an Ubuntu server off of Hyper-V
I set up an external network, run the server software, and I cannot connect to the server from an outside computer. I need the outside world to be able to access it but even with the terminal running, the executable says port is listening, but when I scan
for an open port at my IP address, no luck .
It's a private game server so I need people outside of my home network to be able to connect to the VM box through my static IP my ISP gave me. The problem seems to be that the external connection is still giving the VM a DHCP assigned IP rather than the
static IP from my modem, which others would connect to.
Thanks for the help

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Hi All,

Getting a strange error with Hyper-V on Windows 8 Pro x64.

When I try and add a virtual switch I get:

Error Applying Virtual Switch Properties Changes
Failed while adding virtual Ethernet switch connections.
Ethernet port '{a bunch of stuff}' bind failed: The data is invalid.

There doesn't seem to be much on google that relates to this (in particular the bind failed: the data is invalid part).

Anyone have a clue what the cause might be?


A:Hyper-V Error Adding Virtual Switch - Ethernet Port Bind Failed

can be many thing, in 3 or 4 years that I'm using Hyper-V I never encounter it, you need some networking knowledge to play with virtual switch, but usually 0x8007000D error are due to files corruption or permissions, try to run hyper-v management as admin.

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My sister's HP Laptop is acting up. Every network that I try to connect to, it manages to connect to the network and receive an IP address, however it does not get the following:

default gateway
DNS sever
WINS server

It's running Vista 32Bit Home Edition, and I have tried resetting to factory defaults to no avail. Also, I have tried connecting to many networks all ending with the same problem... Any ideas?

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so my brother installed ms hyper v server 2012 r2 on my computer and now has completely messed it up i cant even see the desktop i need tips on how to solve this reply to this thread or add me on facebook if you can help please
fb=laith joseph (teemo)

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Hi Everyone,

I am running Windows 8 Pro 64bit on my HP laptop (i7-3632QM, 8GB RAM).
I have configured Windows Server 2008 64bit VM on hyper-v with External Virtual Switch.

Wondering what should I do if I want to create two other VMs (W7 & XP) which only be able to communicate with the Server VM? By that I mean, for accessing Internet, they should go through windows 2008 server VM. Should I create another Switch (Private or Internal) for those two VMs? How these two VMs (W7 & XP) can be configured so that they will use DNS & DHCP server configured on Windows Server 2008 VM?

Any suggestions and/or tutorial links would be greatly appreciated.

One other point I would like to mention here. After configuring that external virtual switch with Hyper-V, HP Support assistant has failed to connect to Internet though I can access Internet successfully. I will create a different post for that.

Thank you.

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After i updated to Windows 8.1 Enterprise from Windows 8 Enterprise, Hyper-V does not function correctly.
When I add an iso image to a new virtual server or start one of my existing, I can see the iso file is loaded in the bottom thumbnail.

But when I connect to the virtual server it just says: Connecting to virtual server... and it times out after 5minutes.

All my virtual servers are running locally, they are able to start and are running fine, I just cannot connect to them.
Also the ability to turn virtual servers off tends to hang and I have to kill the processes and restart the services for it to stop.

Does anyone know of a workaround for this problem?

A:Hyper-V stuck at connecting to virtual server

Hi there,

If you are running VM(s), the Host VM should have plenty of RAM, just trying to confirm.

Have you tried shutting off some of your VMs, and try to run one for now, then connect to it?

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Upon rebooting my computer, it gets stuck at cmd, and if I try to restore the system by pressing f8 or f11, it eventually takes me back to the same screen after rebooting again. At this point I don't mind deleting all of my files, and reinstalling Windows, however I don't know how. Every time I try, the problem persists. Please help me, and I thank you in advance.

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I have a Win 2003 server, standard edition, 32 bit. This server has 2 x dual core xeons and 12GB of ram. Currently I run several VMs off this machine via VM Server. I have been thinking about migrating to Windows 2008 64 bit and using HyperV instead of VM Server.

First going from 32 bit to 64 bit on the host OS, would that give me any performance boost? Second, how do the two virtual products compare? I have been hearing great things about HyperV.

I am not concerned about cost since I am in Education and get very good pricing on MS products.

Should I just keep things like they are? Reinstall with Win 2008 64 bit on host OS? If so then should I use VM Server or Hyper V?

A:Stick with VMware server or move to Hyper V

With 12GB of RAM, I think you'll see a significant performance boost using a 64bit system since you then avoid PAE.

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