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Permission to access shared folder

Q: Permission to access shared folder

Can someone help me please.
I have a user who wished to have access to a shared folder on our network.
I mapped the drive for her on the PC she uses.
However when you click on it you cannot gain access....it come sback with the error message access denied?

How do I reslove this issue. Obviuosly I need to set up a permission on our server or something?

The client machine is XP and the Server is 2003.
Can someone provide me with an idiot proof step by step guide on what I need to do.

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Preferred Solution: Permission to access shared folder

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I have few computer at home with different Windows version, there are Windows XP, Windows Vista HP 32 bit and Windows 7 HP 64 bit. I have two share folder in the desktop using Windows Vista HP 32 bit, Share A is set to Full Control for Everyone and Share B has a permission access setting, allow few persons to access only. All computer can access Share A without problem. However, there is a problem with Share B. I only allow 3 users to access this share folder, 2 of them using laptop with Windows XP Home and Professional, they can access Share B without problem, the 3rd user using laptop with Windows 7 HP 64 bit (username is Jolene) can't access Share B, it shown "You have no permission to access...". I already double check the user name and password, there are correct. I try to login to the network using Jolene in other laptop with Windows XP, it can access both Share A and B. That means the username and the permission setting are correct in the Windows Vista desktop. I removed the anti virus in Windows 7 HP laptop, disable Windows firewall, or bootup in Safe mode with network support, but still can't access Share B. I think there is some setting which I missed, hopefully someone can help me to solve it. Thank you very much.

A:Windows 7 HP 64 bit Can't Access Vista Shared Folder With Permission

Does vista and win7 have an account named Jolene? If so... same password?

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I have shared one folder and in security I added "everyone" and given full permission (full control, write, etc.)

But still I cannot access some pdf files in the folder from another computer. I can open the folder but when I try to open the pdf file I'm getting some permission error. Then I went to the first computer I selected all pdf files >> right click >> properties >> I changed security and added everyone there. Then I could open the pdf files from another computer.

Now the problem is every time when I add some files in the shared folder. I have to select all the files inside and add permission even though the folder itself is given full permission. I wonder why is it so?

A:shared folder with full permission cannot access files inside

If the same users access this folder. Add each person individually with Full Control rather then the Everyone Group to the permissions of the folder. Or You can add the users to the Power Users Group. Then allow the Power Users Group to have Full control.

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On both 64Bit & 32Bit Win7 machines I get an error message, denying access to a file in a folder within another folder. All have been shared, permissions granted & drives mapped to each folder. That is in addition to initially applying the changes to the file folder, subfolders, and files.

The message comes after the Client machine accesses the program, and attempts to generate a pdf.

The 64 is Win7-Win7 connection, while the 32 is connected to an XP.
Initially, I thought it to be a 64 issue. However, now it seems to be a Win7.
I have set to the Program to Run As Administrator & changed the Compatibility to XP Service Pack 3 to no avail.

I am moments away from Control+Alt+45ACP.
Please Help!

A:Folder Shared, Permission Granted File "Access denied"

Quote: Originally Posted by ASKJesse

On both 64Bit & 32Bit Win7 machines I get an error message, denying access to a file in a folder within another folder. All have been shared, permissions granted & drives mapped to each folder. That is in addition to initially applying the changes to the file folder, subfolders, and files.

The message comes after the Client machine accesses the program, and attempts to generate a pdf.

The 64 is Win7-Win7 connection, while the 32 is connected to an XP.
Initially, I thought it to be a 64 issue. However, now it seems to be a Win7.
I have set to the Program to Run As Administrator & changed the Compatibility to XP Service Pack 3 to no avail.

I am moments away from Control+Alt+45ACP.
Please Help!

Try taking ownership of the folder. Here's how: Take Ownership Shortcut

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Hey guys,

this has been driving me nuts for the past few days trying to figure this out.

I am trying to share a folder off my external hard drive that is connected to my laptop with my Desktop PC.

Both computers are connected to the Homegroup and are seen on my network with no problems finding them.

Now every time I click on the folder that is on the laptop from my Desktop it gives me this error:

I have read around and see that I need to edit my permissions and I have done so for my laptop and I have given my PC full control over the folder but I just doesn't connect and gives the error every time.

The only folder on my Laptop I can access from my PC is the "Users" folder...

I don't know why this keeps happening and I'm going crazy here trying to figure it out.

Please, any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you!

EDIT: I GOT IT! for some reason the permisson "Everyone" wasn't included in the folders I wanted to join... My life is complete now

A:"You do not have permission to access shared folder" PLEASE HELP!

Good job! Thanks for letting us know.

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I have a home network with 4 computers, everything seems to work fine and i can see the folders i share on each of them.
Now, what i need is this:
I have one folder which i want to be visible only between 2 computers not 4, one with vista and one with XP.
Their names are MyPC and MyLAPTOP
When I try to set permission for my desktop to access my laptop for a specific folder, i only have few options like Administrator, everyone, guest..., and if i try to add MyPC in the window "enter the object name" on the laptop it says "an object name MyPC cannot be found".
How would i set only the desktop to "see" just that folder?
Hope I have been clear enough....

A:how to set permission in shared folder?

You don't establish rights by pc but by user.

You would create a user [or users] on the pc containing the share the same as you logon the other pc/laptop with. You would give this account(s) rights and deny everyone else to this share.

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im trying to share my user folder from across my network,

the win7_x64 machine is set up a sort of a server.
the win7_x32 is the laptop that im trying to obtain write access to.

i have the user files on the d drive on the server, and i have "UserFiles" folder set to share across the network. this works fine.

the problem comes when i try to write into the directory. i have special permissions set on the folder so other users cant cross access each others files.

lets discuss the D:/UserFiles/Wolfdogg directory, its my files on the user drive.

so in the d:/UserFiles directory i have permissions as follows
SYSTEM - full access - files, folders, and sub folders
Administrators - Full Access - folders, sub folders, and files
Authenticated Users - traverse only - this folder only

on the d:/UserFiles/Wolfdogg directory
Administrators - Full access - folders, sub folders, and files
Wolfdogg - traverse only - this folder only
Wolfdogg - full access - subfolders and files only (not this folder)

I have replaced all child objects each time i make changes.

i can get into all my files using wolfdogg credentials, i just dont have write priveleges.
what setting am i missing

A:permission problems, under security for shared folder

Have you set these permissions in both the Advanced Sharing Security Tab and the Security Tab?

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Dear Sir/Madam,
I want to figure out how to set the NTFS permission so as to let a sale manager has full access the marketing group folder's one project file, and hide all other files in the folder ? Without creating shortcut to the sale manager or sharing whole marketing
group folder.
With best regards,

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I am on my Laptop, i have 3.5 IDE Hard Disk which is quiet few years old, my some Pictures and data is stored on it, now i am looking for few pictures of mine, and few notepads, i try to connect it on my laptop by using 3.5 hard drive ide enclosure caddy. problem is i keep getting ''you don't currently have permission to access this folder'' on few folders but not all of them, can anyone solve this issue?


A:you don't currently have permission to access this folder

Try Take Ownership Shortcut on the folders or drive.

Can you plug in the drive internally?

You can always Copy & Paste - in Windows Recovery Console or use Paragon Rescue Kit Free Edition 11.0 Free CD to another HD which require no permissions.

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Im having trouble accessing an external hard drive. It says this when i try to access C:\Users i can view the rest of the hard drive though. When i go to change ownership it goes through the files and gets stuck on one particular file 3/4 times now and wont get past the one folder. Any ideas?


A:You don't currently have permission to access this folder

The easiest solution is this: Add "Take Ownership" to Context Menu of Files, Folders, and Drives

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My xp laptop had recently crash, but the my hard drive is still intact. I have a windows 8 computer now and I am trying to transfer the memory, but when I try to access the xp hard drive from windows 8 computer, I cannot access it. I get the "You don't currently have permission to access this folder" message. Please help me get access to the hard drive.

A:You don't currently have permission to access this folder

Hello DJCool, and welcome to Eight Forums.

You might see if taking ownership of the XP drive with the Replace owner of subcontainers and objects box checked, then set permissions to "Allow" your account "Full control" of the drive may allow you to have access afterwards.

(Option Three)
Take Ownership of a File, Folder, Drive, or Registry Key in Windows 8

(Option Two)
Permissions - Allow or Deny Access to Users and Groups in Windows 8
Hope this helps,

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Hi everyone, I have an old hard drive that has firefox and with boomarks etc. Id like to import these bookmarks etc into a new installation of firefox. The problem I have is I get the You don't have permission to access this folder.

I believe I am accessing the right folder which is under documents and settings.

Thank's for any help

A:You don't have permission to access this folder

FF has its folders in two places:
users [user] appdata local mozilla...
users [user] appdata roaming mozilla...
Which folder can't be accessed? Normally, the above two folders are no trouble to access.

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There are several threads on this subject already, but none of them helped.

This folder was created on vista so there shouldn't be that problem with transfering from xp that i've read about. I remember locking the folder manually somehow, I just cant get it to unlock.

The UAC is disabled both from the control panel and through msconfig's panel.


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Windows 8.1 running on C drive with all my back up/pervious folder/files on D drive from Windows 7. No issues initially.
Windows 8.1 developed operations issues and bugs a few months ago such as intermittently not allowing access to folders so I wiped C drive and reloaded again.
Currently I have tried to access some picture files, being the ones that were most likely modified /saved to D drive by the original Windows 8.1 and I cannot. Oddly enough it seems I have full access to documents and music folders/files on same D drive and the earliest picture pre first Windows 8.1 and latest pictures save buy current Windows 8.1.
When I click on the files in question, a window opens:
You don’t currently have permission to access this folder

I then click on “Continue”. The next window opens:
You have been denied permission to access this folder

I then click on “security tab” The next window opens: with tabs for General, Sharing, Security, Customise. I have clicked:

“General” to see; size: 0 bytes, Attributes: Read-only (selected), clicked Advanced… to see allow files in the folder to have contents indexed in addition to file properties (selected). No encrypt or other attributes has been selected.
“Security” to see “You must have Read permissions to view the properties of this object.”, clicked Advance to see Owner: Unable to display current owner. I click on the corresponding Change prompt and go through procedure to take owner ship of file. When I attempt to... Read more

A:You don't currently have permission to access this folder

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Hello Everyone, because I didn't want people to access my files and I needed to leave my PC turned on in the office, I went to my drive E properties, then security tab then edit and switched my controls from Full control "Allow" to "Deny" locked with a password. I checked it wasn't opening. There we go! Success.
Later on
Because now even though I have the password removed, I re-installed my windows 7 to the same 32-bit version. It isn't opening
I changed the controls from full control "Deny" to "Allow" but I can't get access to them. I tried opening it somehow(don't exactly remember how) but still if I have to open up any of the files, I'll have to go to that particular sub folder and file to the properties, security tab, allow full controls and then it opens.
Now I have more than 8 thousand files in it.
Moreover, after re-installing my windows, I can't open my files anyway.
Can someone please help me. I'm assuming this website will notify me if someone leaves a reply to this thread.

A:You don't currently have permission to access this folder

Lets get this out of the way first. Are the file names green?

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Hi folks,
First, yes I have searched the forum and looked at other threads with the same error message but haven't found anything that helps. If I've missed something relevant please let me know.

Acer Aspire all in one
Win 7 Home premium 64 bit SP1

Problem description.
I am re-deploying a computer. I created a new admin user, then deleted all existing users. After a lot of sweat I found out about and applied the hotfix for KB article 2866086 and now all but the original admin users profile directories stay deleted!!!

However I still can't get rid of the original admin user's files. I have gone through the change ownership routine and turned UAC off but all that has done is that now when I log in as the new admin and try to delete the files I am told that I need permission from the login I'm currently using!!!

To add to my confusion, properties shows the root directory (C:Users/Old admin name) as containing > 7000 files and > 1000 folders. It is also shown with a lock symbol on the root folder although it is not shared. If there was a file equivalent in Windows for 'kill -9' I would have nuked the bloody thing.

I've even tried explaining that if it doesn't behave I'll re-program it with an axe, but Win 7 developers obviously haven't read The Hitchhikers Guide.

Short of reinstalling the OS from scratch has anyone got any useful suggestions?

Thanks in anticipation

A:Don't have permission to access folder - yet again

When I've run into stubborn cases I have booted to a Linux LiveCD or LiveDVD and deleted from within its file manager. Booting Windows next may give some squacks but running a reputable Registry cleaner helps. Many say not to use such a program but I've had no problems doing so. I don't use it until nothing else works and never as a routine thing.

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I have a folder on the D partition on a computer that originally had XP on it that I formatted both partitions during setup and installed the OS on C: and I use D: for frequently used images and my Windows 7 themes images. I have a folder that has about 300 screenshots from various animes of some of my favorite characters. it has been there since the install in 2014. But now every time I try to access the folder, I get an error message you don't currently have permission to access this folder. and I have to allow it via UAC. I did a web search of the message and only found results about working with files in the root of C drive or system files. I found nothing in regards to a folder I created myself that has only jpg and png images in it. What could be the problem?

A:"you don't currently have permission to access this folder"

Are you logged on as administrator?

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hey i gat the same proble can you sove this plzzz.

i have create a new user acc. in my pc and use it and then i shut down my pc.
next day my old acc. was lost and all data within it was not opening.

here mayur is my old user name account while mayur_000 is anew one.

A:Don't have permission to access folder

Try this "Take Ownership" tweak.

Take Ownership - Add to Context Menu in Windows 8

Download file at the bottom of that post.

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Hi, I have a problem with the UAC and access privileges. I am the administrator on my computer and i accidently set up access control for half of my files (deny access to SYSTEM and administrators). I changed all the settings back, disabled UAC, allowed access to all users and groups and applied those changes to all subfolders and files. However, I'm still getting a message saying i dont have permission to access. I tried changing the ownership but it doesnt apply to every subfolder and I dont wanna go and change the ownership for every single file.

Please help! i need those files!

A:You have been denied permission to access this folder

Hi GuiltySquiD welcome to SevenFourms

Open up an Elevated Command Prompt. Click on in type CMD . Right click on CMD under Programs (1) choose . On the User Access Control window click on the Yes button . Command Prompt opens up to C:\Windows\System32>_

type in this command below

secedit /configure /cfg %windir%\inf\defltbase.inf /db defltbase.sdb /verbose press <ENTER>

Hightlight the words right click choose copy or you could press Ctrl+C to copy . To paste onto the command prompt. Right click on an empty area inside Command Prompt and choose Paste .

Ctrl+V will not work in Command Prompt . If you try you will only get ^V in return
Restart PC once done.

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I have all 4 PC's in the office using Windows 7 Pro. I have one computer that is designated to house my share folder for scanning documents and attaching them to our management system.  We are finding that multiple problems occur - not at once and at
different times .  Sometimes, the document within the shared folder called "IMAGEBATCH" will not delete.  Sometimes that document deletes, and then re-appears within the IMAGEBATCH folder.  Sometimes the document will not
scan through the network to the IMAGEBATCH folder.  Sometimes we get an error saying we "don't have permission to delete this file".  These circumstances occur on all computers, including the computer that houses the original file IMAGEBATCH. 
Sometimes in the day, each computer that is supposedly looking at the same IMAGEBATCH folder see different files.
Restarting the computer clears the problems, but then start right back up at irregular intervals, sometimes in the morning, sometimes in the middle of the day.
I did find a duplicate file named IMAGEBATCH on the "C" drive of that PC, so I deleted that, but the symptoms are still there.  This is the only shared folder in our entire network.  What can I be missing?  I have checked to make
sure it is a share folder, all the permissions are in place, and that we all can see the folder through the network.  What am I missing?  I am the owner and administrato... Read more

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i have 60 system under in work group . some of the system holding shared folders from last few weeks it is not accessing all over the n/w . if we newly install xp also remote system is pinging but it is not connecting for remote system . for EG:(sap and lotus ) . some systems show ICS services not running . When we disable and enable the lansettings SAP and Internet will connect for half an hour .


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Hi guys, I have a shared folder on a Win XP on virtual machine & could access it from the host on windows 10 ,

i am trying access it via back slash "\\192.168.x.x" from a win 10 pc it keeps saying this msg :

Windows cannot access \\192.168.x.x check the spelling of the name. Otherwise there might be a problem with your network.

(knowing that the ping between the 2 operating system works well) 


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I have a Desktop PC which is running Windows Vista Business. I have a folder being shared on it (with Everyone allowed)

File sharing is turned on, Password requirement is turned off.

I have two laptops. One Has Windows XP Home. It can see and access the shared folder on the Vista Business PC with no problems.

My other laptop has Windows Vista Home Premium. I need to access the shared folder on the Vista Business machine from this laptop. It can see the Vista Business machine, and it can see that it has a shared folder. However, when trying to access this shared folder from the Vista Home Prem laptop, it gives me an error message about not having permissions and that access is denied.

All 3 computers are in the same workgroup.

As it happens, the XP Home laptop has some shared folders. I AM able to see and access the shared folders on the XP laptop FROM the Vista laptop.

I am stumped. Does anyone have any ideas?

A:Cannot Access Shared Folder

Also, from the Vista laptop I CAN access the "Public" shared folder on the Vista Business PC.

As such I don't believe it can be a firewall issue.

The permissions on the shared folder I am trying to access are set to Full Control for Everyone.

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I shared my desktop so my 2000 machines can access them...but it says access denied! I have access to a program folder, my 3 other hard drives, but no desktop--any ideas? I tried with a 98 machine, same story, can't get to the desktop "Access is denied"

A:Can't Access Shared Folder In Xp

I am not actually sure you can share your desktop. Thats kind of like the working area for the local user. If you want access to something specific on the desktop try sharing that item specifically.

You may want to try manually mapping the drive.

~ Lyrical ~

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Hi all,

I have a server running on Windows Server 2008. It's connected to network and has a shared folder. The shared folder is important and accessed frequently.
When I try to access the shared folder by typing \\<server IP Address>\ from Windows + Run, I've got an error message said that "The specified network is no longer available".
I remote the server, check the services with services.msc and find that Computer Browser service doesn't start while it usually starts automatically. When I try to start it, I've got an error message "Error 230 : The pipe state is invalid".
I've searched from Google but don't find any information useful.

The only way to gain access to the shared folder I've found is to remote the server and it's succeeded.

My questions are :
1. Does Computer Browser service is responsible about no access to the shared folder from the server?
2. How to start the Computer Browser service? If it is possible, I don't want to restart the server.


A:Can't access shared folder

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I've encountered a very odd thing here. I have a PC that runs on windows XP Pro and it's connected to domain server.

What happens is that when i was trying to access to files on the server, i typed in \\ to the address on windows explorer. It failed with the following message

"\\ is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resources... The network is not present or not started."

Then, i checked to see if i could get onto the internet. yes, the internet's working. I run windows command prompt and run ping to the server's IP address and got replies back from the server. Everything seemed to be OK. I couldn't think of anything that might be the cause.

After that, i tried to access to the server again but this time by a different mean. I went to windows explorer and then click on "My Network Places". I found the shared folder on the server there and clicked on it and it worked. I could get in with no hassle at all. So what's wrong with typing in the IP address to the windows explorer. Very strange one.

Has anyone had a similar issue like i have before and might be able to help me out?

THank you in advance

A:Can't access to shared folder

1. try without the backslashes.
2. Maybe you have the wrong digits in the address?

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Hi Guys,

I have a problem that I have been trying to solve with the help of the internet which brought me to this forum.
I have a local network with X number of computers. All of these computers have a shared documents folder which is accessible to all the computers in the workgroup. The problem occurred when I replaced the motherboard of one of the computers, say Computer#1. I copied the set-up of the computer#1 from the original motherboard which I thought would make the pc behave like it did before the motherboard was replaced. But the shared documents folder of PC#1 can not be accessed now, although PC#1 can access the shared documents folder of the rest of the computers in the workgroup. What could be the problem? Please help. Thank you guys!

A:Can't access shared folder

closing duplicate, please respond at http://forums.techguy.org/windows-xp/1068747-cant-access-shared-foler.html .



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I have Windows 7 Professional x64.

My pictures are located in this folder: L:\Users\<name>\My Pictures

I want to share this folder with another user on my computer. Can't do it.

Simply altering the folder's permissions doesn't work. If I change permissions so that the folder in question does not inherit any permissions from parent folders, and instead allow my user read-only access to the folder...access denied.

Alright then, I tried to share the folder with my user. Although sharing usually means sharing with other computers on a network, it also applies to other users on the same machine. But the user can't access the shared folder...access denied.

I could move the folder in question to the Public user, but then everyone can see it.

Holy cow...what does it take to share a folder with another user on the same computer?

A:Can't Access Shared Folder!

Hi ;

You may go to folder right click sahre and select specific user then type in username and add folder read / read-write

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I share a folder on windows xp for easy access from my other windows computer. Both my computer connects trough my netgear router. I hope and assume only computers connected to my local network (connected to my router) can reach this shared folder, but to be sure i hope someone can explain how it is with this.

Best regards.


A:who can access a shared folder

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i'm used wireless connection in Vista...when i want shared my folder with other pc in wireless...the error "permission denied"...

A:Folder Shared,but cannot access

Just sharing the folder isn't enough especially in Vista, make sure you set the permissions to FULL access so you can read/write and move/remove files.

That should give you the access you are looking for.

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I have a USB DD with an image from an old computer. I can view the public folders but not the main computer folder. I went into security and set permission but still can not access the folder. Any help is appreciated. Thank you for your assistance.

A:How can I gain access a folder? I have permission but cant view

I clicked properties advanced and I get Unable to set new owner. The Media is write protected. This is a forensic copy of a drive from another computer. I can view the contents of the public folder but not the main computer files.
I appreciate any help

I am trying to access my files from a copy of my computer. I am just asking for help to access my files.

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I am doing a migration and apart of that is moving over folders. I have now gained access to the Redirected folder and it gives me a list of every sub folder in there however I get a Network Error that says

Windows cannot access

You do not have permission to access \\ server name \folder name \ sub folder name \My Documents.

If I am an admin on this machine and have admin rights over this folder what is blocking me from making any changes to this folder or any subfolders?

A:NO Permission to Access Folder Redirect or Sub Folders

Have you try check who is the owner of the folder and check for inheritance of permissions.

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My Windows 10 laptop has several shared drives (not folders).
They are shared with Everyone, Full Control, Password-Protected sharing is off.

I can't access them from my main PC, but I can access the Users\Public folder.

Sharing settings below...

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hello; experts
i have a beginner issue ;
i have windows 7 on the virtual machine (Hyper-v), whith shared file \\Admin-VM1\Folder1 whith Read permission to everyone .
when i try to acces from the host machine (Windows 8.1), a have these messages
thankx for help.

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I have 2 windows 7 computers and i'm trying to share a folder (that I want password protection on) outside of the homegroup.
Both computers are part of the same workgroup and I have the same user account/password combination on both computers plus I have password protected sharing turned on in the network and sharing centre along with file and printer sharing turned on.

On computer 1 I have right clicked and selected that I want the folder shared. When I navigate via the network on computer 2 to computer 1 the shared folder shows up on computer 2 but double clicking on it to open it gives me an alert saying I don't have permission to access it, no option to type in the user name and password (according to the help files I shouldn't even need to type the password in if both computers have the same username/password anyway but would need it if I'm logged in as a different user). It's just a blanket denial of access.

A:Can’t get access to shared folder from one computer to

So you have a HomeGroup setup and are trying to password protect and share a folder with a PC not in the HG? Is that correct?

I'm not sure if that can be done... anyone?

You may find some of this helpful...

Homegroup - Change File and Folder Sharing Settings

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Dear All,
I can ping the server but I can't access the shared folder with error:
"Windows Cannot access \\\Shared"
but if I check on 1.5 with net share, there are Shared Folder in net shared list.
My IP and OS Windows 10 pro.
Firewall and anti virus both are turn off and Turn on file sharing also has been turn on.
how can I fix this problem?

Best regards,

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So yesterday I decided to set up and optimize my home network by creating shared folders and stuff. As an IT student I'm learning about security so I started by disabling all the Home Group config and creating users with passwords and enabling password authentication so everytime I want to access a computer/folder I have to enter an user (I have more than one for when I need only read or write to a shared folder).

The only problem I have is when I try to access XP. I have one XP and three Sevens. In one of the Sevens, when I try to enter the XP shared folder it ask me for an user/password, something like this:


Note: I'm using a workgroup, not a domain.

But on the other two Sevens I can't access XP. It says permission denied, or something, but the thing is that they don't ask for credentials.

I guess is NOT a XP problem, but how can I fix this?


A:Can't access from Win7 to XP shared folder

theres an option for turning on lower security in the advanced settings / file sharing options.. you need to lower the encryption.
Hope that helps you.

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I recently got into a problem and I solved that successfully.

The problem was that I wasn't able to connect to a shared folder because of SMB 1.0 that it wasn't installed on Windows. My question is that before I installed SMB 1.0, I could connect to the shared folder on other machines without any errors. Why did
this happen?

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I have win xp pro in a computer called SERVER. Every folder xxx I create and share in SERVER is not accessible from the same computer. That is to say, if I browse \\SERVER\xxx from the computer called SERVER then I get an error telling that I have no permissions. Could you please help with this?
Thanks a lot.

A:no access to local shared folder in win xp pro

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I have a LAN with a PC running 98SE and a wireless Laptop running 2000 Professional. Both computers can access the internet and when I select network neighbourhood on the desktop I can see each computer. The problem I am having is that I can access the shared folder on the 98SE machine from the laptop however when I try and connect to the 2000 machine it is requesting a network password. I never set a password up for this so I am at a loss. The window that comes up asks for;

Enter Network Password
Resource \\Laptop\IPC$

I have enabled file and print sharing on both systems.

A:Unable to access shared folder on LAN

Create an account on the 2000 pc with the same logon and password you use on the 98 machine.

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hello i am not able to access folder on shared drive... i can go into the drive but when i try to access the folder it says access denied . but i can access the share doc of tht pc. my os is xp and the pc which i am trying to access is also xp .. so can u tell me what is the problem

A:cannot access folder on shared drive

Hello ankitricky

Try taking ownership of the folder

Right click it and select Properties. Select the Security Tab and click the Advanced button. You'll see an Owner tab so add your User Name to the list

You may need to go to My Computer/Tools/Folder Options/View tab and uncheck "Use simple file sharing" or you won't have a Security tab otherwise.

XP Home
Go to Safe Mode to find the Security Tab

You need to be using an Admin Account to do it.
Once you have given yourself permission you will not get the ?Access Denied? message.

To apply to subfolders check the box "Replace owner on subcontainers and objects" before you click ?Apply?


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I am getting a typical error saying I do not have permission to access a shared folder and I should contact my network administrator.

Both computers are on Win 7 64bit.

Both are on the same workgroup. Both are classified as "Home" profile.
Both have: Turn on network discovery, file / printer sharing, turn on sharing, 128 bit encryption, turn off password (neither computer has a user admin password), and allow windows to manage homegroup connections.

I can see the computers in network, I can see the shared folders as I share them. But I cannot access them.
I even joined the same homegroup with the password, even tho before when I was sharing (pre formating) I don't remember to ever having to join that or remember that password for my other computers

A:Windows cannot access shared folder

Help please?

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Please bear with me, this problem is a little tricky to explain.
I have 2 computers (A and on a home network, connected through a router and hard-wired with Cat5 cable.
They are both running Windows XP Pro SP3 and file/print sharing is turned on.
Both computers can Ping each other successfully.
Both computers can "Net View" each other successfully.
Both computers can see the other's shared folders in My Network Places.
Computer A can access the shared folders on Computer B and transfer files, etc.
Computer B can ONLY access the SharedDocs folder on A and not any of the other shared folders.
When I try, I get an Access Denied window.

I cannot understand why I can access one folder (SharedDocs) but none of the others.

Thanks for any insights you might provide.


A:Shared Folder Access Problem

I would try reconfiguring the shared folder permissions on the shared folders on computer A that you want computer B to access. It is almost always a permission/authorization issue when you get a Access Denied message. Computer B user would seem to not have persmission to access the files and do download transfers. You must assign them.

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Hi everyone,

I have a simple network with four computers connected together via a switch. Three of the computers are Windows 2003 Server; the fourth is Windows XP Pro. All four machines are in a domain and everyone can see everyone else.

There is a shared folder on the XP Pro machine.

I can access this folder from two of the 2003 servers, which are set up to be domain controllers.

But I can't access the shared folder on the XP machine from the third 2003 server, which is not a domain controller. Error message is access denied, no permission to access the shared resource.

I can see the shared folder but unable to access any sub-folder. The weird thing is that I can access the other shared resources on this XP machine. Just this particular folder that denies me access to its contents.

Please give me some idea to troubleshoot this problem.

Many thanks for your help.

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Recently a few computers in our domain has switched to Win 7 from Win XP. Now after sharing folder shared folder are not visible while accessing that computer from our Win CE device. Windows XP or Win 7 users can browse shared folders but not WinCE device.

Media Streaming, Network discovery, File sharing is Off. Firewall is turn off.

Any ideas what could be the reason ?.

A:Shared folder access over network

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