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Solved: Exchange dfiles between Virtual(RHEL4) and host machines(XP) VMware Workstati

Q: Solved: Exchange dfiles between Virtual(RHEL4) and host machines(XP) VMware Workstati

I have installed VMware Workstation 6.5.3 on my WinXP System.
I have put RedHat Enterprise Linux 4 on that as Virtual machine. RHEL is working fine on that. But I don't know how to transfer the files from the Virtual machine to the host machine without using another computer on the network or pen drive.
At present I am using a pen drive or using scp to transfer files to another machine to transfer. But I want to know about the method of file sharing between the host and virtual OS without any other device/Comp.

Waiting for replies...

Preferred Solution: Solved: Exchange dfiles between Virtual(RHEL4) and host machines(XP) VMware Workstati

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Solved: Exchange dfiles between Virtual(RHEL4) and host machines(XP) VMware Workstati

Not that familiar with VMWare, but from Chapter 5 in the User Guide, if you install the VMWare tools:

Lets you drag and drop files between host operating systems and Windows, Linux,
Solaris, and FreeBSD guest operating systems
Click to expand...

Chapter 8, titled Transferring Files and Text
Between the Host and Guest might also be useful.

You can transfer files directly over the network if you are not using NAT for the network connection type.

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Hi all,
I am running RHEL4 as Guest OS in Dell studio 1555 laptop using VMWare Work Station with Windows XP SP3 as host OS in my Dell Studio 1555 model. But I am not able to set the display properly in RHEL4 which can perfectly fit to the laptop screen so that I can get rid of the troublesome job of scrolling to view the full page. I have at present chosen These options.
Monitor Type: LCD panel 1600 X 1200
Video Card: VESA driver (generic)
Resolution: 1600 X 1200
Color Depth: Millions of Colors

I tried various other options. But nothing else seems to be suitable. Do I have to install some dedicated driver to get the resolution option of 1600 X 900 which is the Display resolution of my Host OS (Windows XP). Dell Studio Laptops use ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4570 Display Adapters for 1555 model.

Can you please suggest me which option should I choose in RHEl 4 to get the 1600 X 900 resolution option and get rid of this problem?


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Hi all,
I am running into a trouble while using the VMWare workstation. I am trying to install Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 on Windows XP-SP3 using VMWare Work Station. After I choose the iso file for the RHEL-4 cd's iso, it takes me to easy install and just asks me the total hard disk space I want to dedicate to the Virtual Machine. But I need more space to be allocated to my "/" partition rather than /home partition. But every time I allocate more and more sace to the total virtual machine so that I can install more programs to my VM, I don't get any benefit, as most of that gets allocated to /home partition. How can I stop this and allocate the sizes I want to give "/" and "/home" according to my preferences? I am using the latest VMWare 7.
Hoping for some positive solutions,

A:Custom partitioning Root and Home partitions in Virtual machine(RHEL4) in Windows XP

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When creating an external virtual switch for my Hyper-V machine, my hosts connection is lost immediately when applying the setting and is restored immediately after deleting the virtual switch.

Am I doing something wrong? It seemed pretty straightforward and I've followed steps that others have outlined to create the virtual switch. 

A:Hyper-V virtual network switch disconnects host machines network connection

Thank you for your help Brian. I got it working Friday, after creating the virtual switch my host connection never automatically reconnected for whatever reason.  I went into virtual switch's properties on my host machine and changed some adapter properties
for the virtual switch, then changed them back to default and within seconds of hitting apply, my host machine connected again.
I do appreciate your help in getting this going!

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I don't need help, I just wanted to post my solution. 
I recently setup the latest version of Vmware player on Ubuntu 13.04 and found myself unable to download the tools for it. error try again later or something along those lines. I searched about online for answers but google only presented 1 relevant topic and it didn't have a solution. Anyways I've discovered how to get around this, it's quite obvious really, I feel dumb for taking so long to figure it out. Lauch VMware player as root, then the tools will download successfully. Hopefully this will save someone a world of heart-ache.

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I read on vmware's website about the virtual disk management program and how to expand the size of a virtual disk I have. I haven't been able to get the program to work.

I'd type "vmware-vdiskmanager -t 3 -x 7GB H:\vm\windows 98\windows 98.vmdk" and it will say "diskname or some other argument is missing"

How can I expand my windows 98 virtual disk?

The disk is already split up into:
Windows 98-000001.vmdk
Windows 98-000002.vmdk
Windows 98-flat.vmdk
Windows 98.vmdk

A:Solved: Enlarge a Virtual Disk? (VMWARE)

iXneonXi said:

I read on vmware's website about the virtual disk management program and how to expand the size of a virtual disk I have. I haven't been able to get the program to work.

I'd type "vmware-vdiskmanager -t 3 -x 7GB H:\vm\windows 98\windows 98.vmdk" and it will say "diskname or some other argument is missing"

How can I expand my windows 98 virtual disk?

The disk is already split up into:
Windows 98-000001.vmdk
Windows 98-000002.vmdk
Windows 98-flat.vmdk
Windows 98.vmdkClick to expand...

Hi neon,

I assume your virtual disks are preallocated. Is that correct? If so, did you first convert your preallocated disk to growable? If not here is an example:

At http://www.vmware.com/support/ws45/doc/disks_vdiskmanager_eg_ws.html
Converting a Virtual Disk

To convert a virtual disk from preallocated to growable, use a command like the following:

vmware-vdiskmanager -r sourceDisk.vmdk -t 0 targetDisk.vmdk

This converts the disk from its original preallocated type to a growable virtual disk consisting of a single virtual disk file. The virtual disk space is no longer preallocated, and the virtual disk manager reclaims some disk space in the virtual disk so it is only as large as the data contained within it.

Expand the Size of an Existing Virtual Disk

To expand the size of a virtual disk, use a command like the following:

vmware-vdiskmanager -x 40GB myDisk.vmdk

Hope this helps,

-- Tom

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I need some help connecting multiple Virtual Machines to the internet. I have my main computer which is Windows Server 2008R2 that connects to the home router via the wireless network. My home router's DHCP gives off 192.168.1.XXX IP addresses. My Server has as the static IP address.

I am trying to setup a lab for studying purposes and want to have different subnets for each other server I setup within Hyper-V. I have 4 virtual machines that I want to configure 192.168.0, 192.168.2, 192.168.4, 192.168.6 subnets. When I change the subnets I loose internet.

When I was studying for my 2003 certifications I remember that there was a way to setup the main computer as a RRAS server so it can act as a router to all the virtual machines. 2008 server is a bit different as far goes the UI and I have completely forgot how to do this since it has been years since I have done this.

Can anyone help me get this setup to work? I Want each virtual machine to have it's own subnet and to allow it to access the internet and internal VMs so I can replicate DNS and AD.


A:Solved: Virtual Machines and Different Subnets

I will solve my own question it seems.

1) I created four internal network adapters within Hyper-V.
2) I gave each network adapter the IP address on the subnet I wanted.
3) I installed the Network Policy and Access Services role within Server Manager
4) I Configured and Enabled Routing and Remote Access
- I chose custom settings and just checked off LAN Routing
5) I expanded the views of the role and the options below, right clicked on General under IPv4 and selected 'New Routing Protocol" and chose NAT.
5) Within the NAT section I right clicked and chose 'New Interface', I then started adding my Network Adapters.
- In my case I have to add 5 things under NAT
- 1) Private Interface connected to Private Network - Network Adapter Chosen
- 1) Private Interface connected to Private Network - Network Adapter Chosen
- 1) Private Interface connected to Private Network - Network Adapter Chosen
- 1) Private Interface connected to Private Network - Network Adapter Chosen
- 1) Public Interface connected to the Internet - Make sure you select 'Enable NAT on this Interface' - Also, this is where the Network Adapter I use for the internet on the main server where hyper-V is installed.
6) I assigned each Hyper-V Virtual Machine a NIC card by going to each of their settings and under Network Adapters giving the correct option.
7) Booted it up each ma... Read more

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I'm running Windows 7 Pro 64-bit, and have installed the Virtual XP mode.  A long time ago Virtual XP was fully running, with access to host resources (drives etc).  But my system underwent some software changes, and then Virtual XP could no longer
access the host resources.  After trying (unsuccessfully) all the tricks found on several forums, I decided to uninstall then reinstall Virtual XP, which I have just done.  But I still can't access host drives.  Here's how Virtual XP is set
Workgroup name is set to the same as my host (confirmed in 'My Computer'/Properties/Name);
Networking 'Adapter 1' set to my host's NIC;  I have assigned a fixed IP address to the Virtual XP (this has worked previously; all devices on my Win7 network have fixed addresses, for good reason).

Integration Features has ticks in the boxes for those host drives I want to access from VXP.
I can successfully ping the host, via name or IP address;  I can successfully ping web sites by name (e.g. 'yahoo.com').  But when I open Windows Explorer and open the 'My Network Places' tree, it opens down to the name of my host workgroup, but
when I click on that workgroup name, after several seconds it pops up an error box saying: "<workgroupname> is not accessible.  You might not have permission to use this network resource.  <blah blah>.  The service has not been
Any suggestions on how to get access to my host... Read more

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I just installed windows 8.1 pro on an MSI z97 pc mate motherboard with I5 3.3 ghz processor, 16 gb ddr3 1600 MHz ram, with embedded realtek pcie gbe NIC. I checked and found that hardware virtualization is enabled by default in the BIOS.

I tried to set up a virtual switch using the latest bios and drivers from MSI. I created a virtual switch choosing the external option and the share with host OS option. I then connected to the VM. No network connectivity on VM but host still worked.

I then used autopatcher to update windows 8.1 on the vm. I removed and reinstalled the virtual switch choosing external option and share with host OS option. Same conditions occurred.
And then I installed the latest NIC driver. Same problem - media disconnected.

I tried this process with the latest driver from the realtek website which was a couple years more up to date. I had such high hopes! Same problem.

I then used msconfig to prevent all non-Microsoft services from starting and rebooted. I removed and recreated the switch and I was still hoping for success. Same exact conditions occurred.

These are the conditions that occur whenever an external switch with host os sharing enabled is installed in between all of these troubleshooting steps. It looks exactly the same every time...
The host machine can still access the network but it does so through the virtual switch. Ipconfig /all on the host reveals the following...
Microsoft Windows [Version 6.3.9600]
(c) 2013 M... Read more

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I am still having ONE small issue. I got the additions installed, but it is still not allowing me to set up a shared folder between the virtual machine and the host system. It's saying "Not installed." Here, I'll give you a screenshot of the issue I'm getting.

A:Virtual PC 2007 - set up a shared folder between virtual machine and host?


Start your virtual machine & install the additions pack under "Action"

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hi guys

i installed vmware converter to convert the server sbs box to a virtual machine.
now the mail isnt working
it just says no server available
and at the bottom right of outlook it just says disconnected
i have checked all services to run
i dont know whats happened

anybody had a similar disaster?
what else can i check?

A:vmware coverter broke exchange

have you updates VMWare server recently?

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Exchange server 2010 running VMWare.

is there a different thread or instruction to post on here?

A:BSOD Exchange 2010 VMware

Yes, there is a set of instructions for posting to receive blue screen help. I am providing the link to those instructions below:http://www.techsupportforum.com/foru...ta-452654.html


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I access my exchange server mail with Thunderbird, connecting through exchange.mydomain.com - on Win7

I have recently setup exactly the same Thunderbird setup on a second computer (Mac OS x 10.6), however it's not syncing like I would ideally like...

For example, previous two days I was using Thunderbird on PC, and then this morning opened it on my Mac. The inbox processed, and displayed 33 new mail items - all of which were actually items since the last time I updated it on the Mac - so showing heaps as new, when I'd actually read and archived them on my PC.

The exchange server (when accessing thru web) has the mail as 'read' correctly, i.e. when I read through Thunderbird, it's updating exchange to make it as read. So I'm thinking that Thunderbird on the Mac is simply matching it's local inbox with what's on the server, and everything 'different' is new and unread...

Is there anything I can do to make them more synced, and for the second install of thunderbird to know what has already been read --- and also ideally know what has been archived on the thunderbird install on the PC --- so each account is identical all of the time?

Is that possible? I thought that was the goal of exchange, so fingers crossed...

Thanks in advance

A:Thunderbird & Exchange - Sync between 2 machines

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Hey There,

Has anyone have any input about the two? I am thinking Virtual PC (money wise) but it seems that VMware can do more. I am a tech and get sick of switching OS's when I have to test new software. And when someone calls with a problem and they want me to walk through it with them.

Here are the sites:

M$ Virtual PC


A:VMware vs. M$ Virtual PC

I get Virtual PC free with my MSDN subscription, so this is really a no-brainer for me. I think VMWARE is probably more capable, but I don't think I'm willing to spend the money...

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Now running the RTM 7600 x64 till i get to Michigan's "The New Efficency"on october for 7 Pro retail :3 but. after installing the leaked updates VMWare will make a net connection in NAT and bridged connections and though a guest will say theres Internet.. Nothing will actually work.. like its not connected

i tried reinstalling Vmware and now it works but having testing Windows Server 2008 R2 it was a pain to update the vmware tools packageas the vers i had installed was 6.5 and update dto 6.5.3

A:No internet between VMWare and 7 Host

What anti virus are you running?
It seems like the majority of the newer Versions of the anti-virus/firewalls have an option to allow/block vm's connectiong to the network

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Hi Everybody,

I've successfully installed an old WinNT 3.51 as a VMware Host; one thing, I'd like to have, but don't know where to get it: Graphics/Video device drivers for the VMware Graphics Adapter ...

Does anybody know?


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Not sure if this is possible. Using DHCP or maybe even Group Policy. Can I set Outlook to automatically configure the exhange server settings? I would like not to have to go to 100 client machines to configure this.


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I would like to give Vista a try and am wondering what virtualization software is good for this. Or just for any OS in particular. I saw VMware, Virtual PC, etc.... but i dont know what the difference is.

A:Vista on VMware, Virtual PC

I use VMWare with a Vista install and it works just great. I used it to test how Vista would run on my machine, it does run but slowly. You will be able to access all your main computers functions from the 'kiosk' though there are caveats. Wireless internet connection works great but I could never get my old USB modem recognised, but that aside it's one of the best if not the best virtual software out there.

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I have windows 7 and just installed a virtual windows XP using VMware .
i want to know if i can use a different IP in the virtual machine . (the virtual machine will have its own IP ).
any suggestions would be appreciated

A:VMware virtual machine .

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I'm doing a course at college where I'm learning all about Windows Server 2003 and XP Pro where they use VMWare to run the labs with 3 - 4 computers on 1 physical machine. To give myself some extra hands on experience I set the same labs up at home to play around with and they all work fine but for one problem. The motherboard supports hardware assisted virtualisation but for some reason I can't work out, whenever the PC goes into standby and wakes up the virtualisation is disabled / not available. I can get around it by rebooting but that's defeating the point of using standby. Has anyone ran into this before or does anyone know where to look for issues?

I should note that I'm now using XP Pro 64 with SP2 but this also happened in Vista so I'm leaning towards a hardware issue.

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Which is better??VMWare or Virtual PC?
I use windows XP pro sp2.
Thank you!

A:Which is better——VMWare or Virtual PC?

I use Virtual PC. The one thing to remember is with programs like this, they are resource hogs. Make sure you have plenty of processor and memory.

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Hello, I am looking for an economical solution for a VM.

I have heard reports from many (including the Boss) that they like VMWare over Virtual PC. Both are free.

However, VMWARE server is the only free vmware, which, to my understanding, has issues with video (i.e., I want to run windows 98 to play old games).

Given that new versions of both programs have come out recently, I figured I'd reopen this issue.

So, which is the best choice?


A:Vmware Versus Virtual Pc

Another free one: Virtual Box, which I'm experimenting with.

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well as my title state I have a small question and I'm not sure where to post this...

My question is can I duel boot vmware workstation and it acts like a host, meaning windows 7 is not booted; using less ram than using virtualbox as a guest???



A:vmware workstation boot as host?

Could you more clearly describe what you are trying to do?

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I was faffing about with Virtual box yesterday then when i turned my computer on today i got this screen.

Is this normal? i'm a bit worried.


A:Virtual Machines

What was the result of chkdsk?

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I want to use a virtual machine on my laptop.(windows8.1, amd a8 1.8, 6GB, 500GB) Is there a version of Virtual PC to use or should I use Virtual Box, or VMware. Wanting to be more proficient with some tech skills on some different OS's.

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I just bought an external USB HD with 120 GB. How would I go about put the virtual machine hard disks on my external drive so I could run Vista off of it to see if I like it? Is this even possible?


A:virtual machines

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I would like to run ubuntu as virtual machine on my win 8 desktop pc. I installed vmware player and then separatley downloaded an ubuntu iso- couple of problems:-
There seems no option on vmware player to create a VMVMware player doesn't seem to recognise iso files - its looking for a vmx file - which I don't appear to have....
This is my first venture into vm's - got the feeling I have missed something pretty big.....

A:Virtual Machines in win 8

Hi there,

I don't think you can get any help here for the usage of VMWARE player. You should try the VMWARE player forum for that.

But besides that. Why don't you use Microsoft Hyper-V instead? I use it for all my VM installations and it works really good!

Here is a tutorial on how to install the Hyper-V.

Hyper-V Manager - Add to Control Panel in Windows 8
Good luck with it.


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I am looking to set up some a few virtual machines. I haven't worked with this before, so this is new but I shouldn't need much more than a shove in the right direction.
I have two things I eventually want to do.

First off, what I want to do now, is set up a XP virtual machine inside a 64-bit Vista install on my desktop.

Eventually I want to set up a XP virtual machine inside ubuntu on my laptop, but I don't need to bother with that now.


On my desktop I have 4 GB of DDR2 ram and am running a core 2 duo E6750 @3.5 Ghz so there won't be any issues of resources.
How do I go about setting up the XP virtual machine in Vista?

Does anyone have any suggestions as to which free software to use? I had planned on using vmware but that is only because it is the only free one I know of.

A:Virtual Machines

Give Virtual Box a try http://http://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/VirtualBox I'm using it in Vista to run
Ubunto 7.10 Gutsy.

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I have a vmware server in a machine in the network, but the machine i work from is a part of the domain.com. I installed a virtual machine in the vmware with a static ip which is not a part of domain.com. the ip of my machine is I am able to ping to but cannot ping to But if i give dynamic ip to my virtual machine, i can ping and also can remote desktop to it. But unable to ping if i give static ip. Help me resolve this issue.

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Hi everyone,
I am having trouble interconnecting Virtual machines(vm's) in my vmware wokstation 9.0. I have set all of them to LAN segment 1;prior to that they were all connected to a custom vmnet2. I want to construct a private lan inside vmware. I have already assigned a static ip for each;didn't assign any default gateway,since I want to make it a private lan,where I can configure DC,DNS etc.Well the problem undermining the circumstances arises out of the fact that pinging to another vm is unsuccessful for any of the vm. Beside that,there is no option for creating a team in vmware 9.0. Could anyone specify me where I went wrong;is a team necessary for a private lan,if so which version would you suggest?; else a detailed documentation of a step by step procedure will be much appreciated.

I need to hook it up asap;if anyone would kindly take his/her time in explaining to me my cons and help me set it up,it would be much appreciated.

A:VMware virtual machine interconnection

Perhaps this is what you're looking for

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Here's a freeware alternative to VMWare, which lets you host various operating systems inside your version of Windows.


I find it great for times when posters ask questions about other versions of Windows and Linux; I just start up VirtualBox and start that particular OS, and that OS runs inside a window.

A:Virtual Box, free alternative to VMWare

Thanks for that,I've wanted to see what linux looked like for ages ! Cheers

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hey guys, i'm about to re-install windows and format my drive, but i was wondering if there's any reason to boot up and go through the hassle of installing different OS' when i want to try something out? it just seems so much easier and efficient to just do everything in a VMware machine? of course this assumes the hardware is up to the task.

thanks guys

A:VMware: Any reason to install an OS instead of using a virtual PC?

If you just want to try the different flavours of OS then you could be right, a VM is the method I&#8217;d choose. You&#8217;ve already recognized that there are the limitations of the hardware. Beyond performance issues, you may want to consider issues of peripheral devices as the VM is using the host &#8216;adaptors&#8217;.

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Sorry if this is the wrong board to ask this, but I wasn't quite sure where to put it.
Is it possible to use VMWare to install an OS that you can boot up on when you do an "actual" reboot on the computer instead of using VMWare to start it up?

A:Installing An OS using VMWARE (not as a virtual machine)

If you want to be able to boot directly in the OS it has to be installed. Create a second partition for the OS you want to use, install the OS to that partition and create a dual-boot (or use a boot manager like Lilo or Grub if the two OS's don't use the same boot loader). Make some research before you install since installing another OS on another partition of the same hard drive will overwrite the boot sectors of the previous OS.

What operating systems are you talking about ?

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I downloaded Virtual PC 2007 from Microsoft and am using XP Pro SP1 as the guest. I need to use usb and access the internet within this Virtual PC but cannot - I read online where I had to download a program from VMware called VMware converter to somehow add the existing Virtual PC file and enable it to have usb support and sound, even though they are disabled by default i can change them once VPC converter is installed. And how can i get access to the internet within the Virtual PC if running XP Pro and the notebook itself has a wireless card built in?

Thanks for any help I can get - I would like to get this thing up and running before this Tuesday.

A:Virtual PC & VMware converter server

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I have installed a Virtual XP (guest) under Win 7 to run legacy hardware. I have set up everything per instructions to share some host partitions, as folders; however, they do not show up in the Win XP guest. I have done this is the past and had no trouble. The VMware site has been of no help.

A:VMware: Accessin Host partitions/folders

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I want to connect several VM's mainly Cisco router to same network adapter (vmnet1 host-only network adapter) and want to pass multiple VLAN's as Tagged. I am able to achieve this requirement through bridged network adapter but unable to do so through host-only
adapter. I am using Windows 7 as main OS and VMware Workstation 11.
I have gone through several tech forums but unable to find answer for it. Though in multiple forums one statement was common that Windows will strip the VLAN information when packet received/transmits through network adapter.
I would really appreciate if anyone can help me with this.

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Okay this may be an odd question but I can honesty say I can not find the answer for it, possibly because I am the only tool who does it..... so here goes.

I have a VMware windows 7 installation on my computer, that works 100% fine. Now what I do with this machine is try to get viruses on it, then remove them. Ironically it proves to be harder to get them then remove them, but back to the subject at hand. I know there are rootkit viruses that can effect the boot sector of your HDD. So what I want to know is if running a VM, can I get such a virus and have it effect my actual OS? I am assuming NO as the OS is virtualized, along with the hardware. Now that I think about it, its not to hard to remove a virus on a boot sector so I guess this is more of a curiosity then anything else....

A:Question about virtual machines

Some malware are able to recognize virtual environments and keep themselves quiet when they are in a virtual environment, they wait until they are not in a virtual environment anymore.

Example :
You install a malicious screensaver in a VM, but you don't know it's malicious.
Because the screensaver knows it is in a VM, it acts like a normal screensaver.
The user thinks his screensaver is safe and installs it in his real OS.
Once the screensaver is installed and executed, it will do its evil job, like deleting your folder "My Documents".
If the screensaver has a boot-virus and/or rootkit, you are infected.
You can scan the screensaver with an AV-scanner, but AV-scanners aren't foolproof either, especially when it is a NEW malware.

Nothing is safe and malware-writers are also brilliant, at least some of them. The majority of malware-writers are stupid, they are responsible for the large quantity of malware on internet, not the "quality" of malware. I know quality is a bad word, but some malware(-writers) are smarter than others.
Stupid malware-writers copy existing malware and modify this copy a little.

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I?m in the market for a new laptop and came across the 920. It looks like I?ll pick one up when it?s released. Does anyone know if it?s capable of running virtual machines? This is my biggest requirement. I?m not really well versed on 2-in-1s. Are they running full versions of windows or some watered down nonsense? 

A:Yoga 920 and virtual machines

Yes, I can confirm you can install Hyper-V and run VMs successfully and well.

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Before installing it for real, I wanna test it out first on a virtual machine, such as Virtual PC or VirtualBox.

Will Vista (Ultimate) run on them?

A:Does Vista run on virtual machines?

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Hello, I just wanted to know that I need a Laptop for Virtual Machines, with The Memory 2GB and Up! The HDD Over 200GB or 250GB and Up! 4:3 Native Screen Resoultion 1024x768 and The OS Windows XP, I just wanted to know The Price is $50.00 or lower, because My Family is Poor Usually, So can you give the link to Laptop with these Specs? The reason why I'm saying this, It's because That my Primary Laptop which is My Dell Latitude D600 has 640MB of Memory and 37GB of HDD, My Laptop doesn't have enough Memory to run Muitiple VM's. So I was Thinking about a Laptop that can Run Muitiple Virtual Machines with the Lowest Price.

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Hi I'm considering getting a virtual machine program. My physical machine runs windows 7 home premium and the virtual machine would have windows XP pro as the operating system.

I'm considering VMware for the virtual machine software.

On my physical machine I am running McAffee suite provided as part of my dsl service.

My questions regarding the virtual machine are...

1) do you need an additional antivirus program running on the virtual machine, or would the antivirus/firewall on my physical machine protect the virtual machine.

2) If the answer is you need antivirus on both the physical and virtual machine, will there be any conflicts running the same antivirus program on both machines?
Thanks for any thoughts and suggestions - Carl

A:security on virtual machines

Welcome Harleynut97 to the windows 7 forums.

Re your virtual machines, They are as vulnerable as your physical machines. They are just like your physical machines and do require their own AV product to be installed.
What program are you using to create and run the Virtual os'S??


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I didn't call this a dumb question in spite of my feelings about it. Have seen postings saying there is no such thing as a dumb question. This one is a close call.

I would like to have a virtual machine set up but when I see the size allocated (small), I assume that they cannot contain many programs or much data.

Is there a good explanation of virtual machines and their capabilities somewhere? Also, maybe something about how they run at all with such limited disk space.


A:How do virtual machines work

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I recently migrated my MDT/WDS server from a physical machine to a VMware virtual machine. Prior to migrating it, my PXE TFTP transfers took less than 20 seconds and they are currently taking a few minutes. Nothing in my environment changed other than
migrating to the virtual. Additionally, after migrating to VM my boot.wim loads and boots but does not run the start of my task sequence. This happens intermittently, sometimes a reboot or two fixes the issue and the task sequence runs without any issues.
I have attempted to change my max TFTP block sizes to 16784 but this had no effect. I am only running these deployments in unicast with a max of three or four machines pulling images. Today, for instance I have two machines on my bench. One imaged fine,
the other wont contact the Deployment server. It does not even register with the MDT monitoring server. Not sure what else can be done. I have not done any packet caps but given that nothing in my network changed I am not sure that would yield any results. 

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I have just bought a new a HP Omen 17-W209NS, built-in with an intel core i7 - 7700 HQ, despite the laptop has only the MS-DOS operative systema and I need to install the new window 10, before that, I have many questions about virtualization with the most popular virtualization software that it's the vmware workstation, I have many vmware images for differents applications and operative systems and I need to continue to use them, I have read some forum that talk about the software lock of the intel kaby lake (7th generation) processors regarding to virtualization works and dual boot functionality (for example windows 10 and windows 7).Could anybody tell me about the real situation about intel 7th CPU and virtualization+dual boot with windows seven?I need to know that the HP Omen 17-W209NS is enought for my vmware pro 12 before install the windows 10Thank you in advanced

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I'm looking for:

ease of use
least maintenance
virtual memory
least resources use
no special hardware
no Internet connectiivity (I plan to run this in my basement)
must always remain free

I think this would be the VMware player.

A:Which free version is better from, Virtual Box or VMware and what package?

use VBox easy than VMware and also stable

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When i power On Vmware Windows 7
The file specified is not a virtual disk.
I get this error The file specified is not a virtual disk.
Please help me to solve this issue bcz in this Vm my passwrds are save.
Help me how to resolve this issue.

A:Windows 7 Vmware The file specified is not a virtual disk.

1 - save a copy of your Virtual Disk to another location (as a backup)
2 - reinstall VMWare and see if you can load the old virtual disk
3 - if not, then try to create a new VM w/a copy of the virtual disk.

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