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Data Traveller USB unrecognised - data recovery?

Q: Data Traveller USB unrecognised - data recovery?


I have been using a Kingston 1gb data traveler to store work however as I was saving my word document to go home Word 2007 crashed and restarted itself, it did not however bring up any autorecover options. I therefore thought everything was ok and pulled out the USB. When I tried to plug this in again it says 'USB device not recognized' This device may have malfunctioned etc. It then proceeds to install the USB as an unknown device and appear like this in the device manager.

I desperately need to recover this data, I was designing a website and had 25 pages of text on the USB stick.

What I've Tried

Plugging the USB in another machine. This bought up exactly the same error

Downloading a Data Doctor Recovery Pen Drive tool. This however did not recognise a USB as being in the system and thus did not work.

Is there anything I can do to rescue this data?

P.s. I use Vista 32-bit Business.

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Preferred Solution: Data Traveller USB unrecognised - data recovery?

I recommend downloading and running DRP. It's a recovery tool that has been proven to recover files that most other programs have no luck with. I've even recovered files from freshly formatted or partitioned drives.

You can download it direct from this link http://goo.gl/v51TwD. (This link will automatically start a download of DRP that you can save to your computer.)


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I recently bought a Data Traveller 2GB jump drive for a back up for my music files. It came with a Circuit City + Napster offer, in which I had no interest so I deleted the files from the drive (bad idea!) Now when I insert the jump drive into my computer, it opens fine, but if I have to open it from My Computer, the drive shows up as Circuit City +Napster offer and when I click on that, it says it cannot find it. I can open files by right clicking, then Explore but would like to open it normally. I tried renaming it from inside the My Computer window but it switches back to Circuit City etc. Can anyone advise as to how I can get rid of all connection to Circuit City and allow me to open from My Computer, please?

Thanks in advance.

A:Data Traveller 2GB

Save the data to your pc and format the drive, this should get rid of everything back to a clean drive

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Dear Tech Support Guy and All

I have USB Data Traveller II 512 MB. It was working fine two days ago, but when now i insert it into USB port, it detects it, shows the relevant icon, and shows removable disk in my computer. When i try to open it, it says please insert disk into drive F:

I tried to format it, run scandisk on it, but nothing happens. In the properties window, it shows file system: RAW.

How should i fix this error. do let me know.


A:USB Data Traveller II 512 MB Problem

Did you try formatting it in Disk Management?

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I recently purchased a Kingston Data Traveller, the red ones with the Chinese Zodiac on them. However, these insist on mounting a CD (much like U3). I don't want this but I can find nothing to prevent this from happening/removing the CD mounting software.

Any suggestions?


A:Kingston Data Traveller - Remove CD Mount

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I recently purchased a Kingston Data traveler 101 16GB flash disc.

The problem is that files larger than 500MB are corrupted when sent to the drive. If files had been previously stored on the drive and they’ve taken 500MB, then files added after that are completely corrupt. The files do appear and show their sizes but they cannot be opened. For example, if they’re video files, any player attempting to play them reports errors related to codecs or if they’re pdf documents, the reader reports the files are corrupt, etc.

In Windows, the actual size (15.7 GB) is displayed. No errors are encountered when sending files. However, when sending files to the drive, until about 500 MB is reached (given the drive was empty) the speed is about 1MB/s. After about 500MB has been sent, the speed reaches up to 25 MB/s. I’ve already tried the quick and full format using both NTFS and FAT32 with the default allocation size but they didn’t solve the problem.

I’ve tried using and formatting the drive both on Windows Vista & XP 32 bit systems.
Can this be fixed?

Thank you

A:Kingston Data Traveller 101 16GB Doesn't Hold more than 500MB

Happened to me with the 8 GB model, limit for corruption was a living 2-4 GB, RMA the drive. I doubt there's anything possible to do to fix the drive that costs less than a new one. Kingston was quite happy to send me a new one. (well actually the web store did but anyways)

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New Member: Perhaps I'm slow to learn due to my autism, but after 20 minutes I finally found out why it kept saying, "Leave a valid message." I couldn't find the place where you write your message! MESSAGE... My 3T HD suddenly has lost its data, says it is unallocated, is not recognised by the computer, has no drive letter and the only way I can see it is by using a 3rd party software that says it has no partition anymore. I have thousands of songs I've created on it in the last 5-6 years and want the whole partition restored to normal with all of the data intact. It is also saying it is a LOGICAL partition now and it's all greyed out. Can anybody help me?

I came to this site and joined as a member because I googled for a search to find FREE partition restoration software that was not limited. That brought me to here, where I found what I was looking for, so that the FREE partition restoration software would not leave me hanging with only helping me restore a portion of the data I want to retrieve off my HD when I want to retrieve it all! Still don't know how to go about it, but at least I now have an expired pro version of partition retrieval software I'm confident and hopeful will aid me! I have confidence and faith I will retrieve the identical partition tree structure with folders and files plus all data intact... even though others have told me my HD is toast!

A:Hi. Can I restore external HD data to what's a now unallocated partition (unrecognised)?

Please click thread tools in the upper right corner and then Edit thread from the dropdown

From there please fill in all fields and click save changes

Somebody will then help you with your question

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I am just try to figure out some thing which works best out of these two. As recently have gone through a recovery company Stellar Data Recovery http://www.stellarinfo.co.in/company/company.php . And after surveying i found companies proving software also.
The services paid more isnt it?  but the recovery is maximum. what you think?

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Hi everyone..

My external USb Wd mybook box has 1 tb Seagate Sata 3 and i use original Wd disc as W7 installed... in My PC Case as sata II

Today my old problem appears again as Corrupted disc...
I have Get Data Back NTFS (and i used before plenty of times for recovery, loss data or unwanted deletions) but..

This time im stuck.. Becouse the disk i try to recover includes 870 gb (about) used disk space (only audio files) only 50gb (about) empty space... Thats too big for me to recover to other disks.. i don't have enough spaces that my other disks can handle..

I have about 300 gb FREE disk space in several disks or partitions include My thinkpad SL510 Notebook..
So my question is
wit keeping my lost data in corrupted disk first, can i take them slowly to this 300 gb spaces (i know i can) and after create somehow emty space (deleting those recovered 300 gb + 50 on corrupted disk) and
use that empty space for more recovery. ???? Or smilar solutions.. Becouse DISC PRICES IS HEAVY nowadays and really i'm out of budget with buying some
equipments upgrades..
Like creating slowly slowly some extra spaces (don't know how)

I know i look silly in situation becouse i know u should never write to same disc if you dont want to say goodbye to your files..

E-how happened (not necessary to read these part)

according my experiences Thats the mistakes... DOn't do those at the same tim... Read more

A:Data recovery problem, Can reach corrupted data but no external space.


Before you write more data or attempt to read data from the drive through Windows, I would suggest using a Live CD like SysRescueCD to boot from and access the HDD.

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Minitool Power Data Recovery or Runtime Get Data Back, which
one would you choose or which one did you choose? I want to purchase a serious data recovery program for personal business use.

A:Minitool Power Data Recovery or Runtime Get Data Back, which


Both are good programs and i would recommend purchasing both ( if you can afford ). Both has it's own pros and cons.
"GetDataBack" is good at virtual reconstruction of damage/unrecognizable file systems but i personally found it weak at recovering image files. It recovers images but most of them seems to be corrupted in my testings. Also you need to purchase seperate versions for FAT and NTFS ( GetDataBack simple is garbage ).

On the other hand, "Power data Recovery" works with both FAT and NTFS and it is better at recovering image files. Another proven tools is "R-Studio" which has quiet good reputation among DR professionals. It's user interface is not newbie friendly but has lot's of options which no other tools offers.

Data Recovery from an External Disk with a Damaged File System

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Dear Friends.
Hope this finds you well!
I'm not certain this is in the best forum, but it is a Windows 7 computer
I was trying to do another sets of DVD's from existing MP4 files from a SanDisk Ultra 32GB card. These would then be used with DVD Flick and ImgBurn to make the DVD's. The first(2) DVD's worked well but somehow a few of the files were not copied entirely. So, I was redoing these again to make certain I had ALL the files for the next (2) DVD's.
These are files my older brother entrusted to me for me to convert them to a DVD format. They are files of his daughters nearly entire basketball season [frames] of about 70 files and were sentimental to him and his daughter.
I feel personally responsible to correct this if it is at all possible!? It could get ugly
It was an honest error on my part as I mistakenly deleted what was titled Video 100 on the SanDisk which contained all these MP4 files. I didn't realize I was removing them from the SanDisk. I'm hoping there is a free date recovery app I could use for this one application so that an expensive license would not be required!?
Thank You in advance for your care, compassion and cooperation. I'm stuck in the mud...
Very Truly Yours,
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU P8400 @ 2.26GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3983 Mb
Graphics Card: Mobile Intel(R) 45 Express Ch... Read more

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Yoga 2 11 (Lenovo) Serial Number: YB******** Machine Type Model: 80CX59445810
Motherboard crashed and I need to get the data off the hard drive.  However, Lenovo apparently uses some proprietary connection that no repair service can connect to.  It does not just plug into normal hard drive interface devices.  How can I get all of my data from this hard drive??
Moderator note: serial number removed to prevent abuse.

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i have a scSi disk 36.4GB, i lost information from it and tried to recover with other recovery softwares to no avail finally i got winhex & got the professional licence.

i can now be able to see all the information on the 1 whole NTFS partition, but the problem is that i can't be able to recover it.
when ever i open the logical drive i can see all the information and most of the information is stack up in a "free space" which is around 33gb which i can be able to see has all the information that i need.
i have tried to recover the free space but its only copied to the location that i specify and no recoveries are made.
recovering the files by type/ name has bore no fruits.

a freind told me i have to curve out that area and use data extractors to get the information out of that area (freee space).

the information in that drive are sql data bases and zip files. whats the header for sql.

what techniques do i use to curve out that space and be abele to extract the information, for i can even read the information in text format.

which are the data extractors available in the market

kindly assist its quite urgent i get this information out

A:data extractors / sql header [Hard Drive data recovery]

I don't know where this thread properly belongs -- but I suspect the question may be too esoteric for most here.

Since it involves data recovery from a hard drive I'm going to move it to Hardware, I think "all other software" is not likely to have anyone with this type of experience.

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Minitool Power Data Recovery or Runtime Get Data Back, which
one would you choose or which one did you choose? I want to purchase a serious data recovery program for personal business use.

A:Minitool Power Data Recovery or Runtime Get Data Back, which

you can try the trial of both products which give you a taste of what the programme is like  

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Can i recover my data after full format the hard disk on windows 7?

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I booted up my Win 7 computer today and ChkDsk said my Ex HDD may have been corrupted and proceeded to delete some files. Those were some very important files - how can I get them back? (Video and Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 files)

I prefer free methods on this - I know I can buy software to do this, but I currently don't have the money. Or a very cheap method, if nothing else.

It's ironic that today was the day I was going to back up this drive.

Please help!

A:External HDD data recovery - Chkdsk erased some data!!

"How To Recover CHK Files Created by CHKDSK and SCANDISK ? Raymond.CC Blog"
How To Recover CHK Files Created by CHKDSK and SCANDISK

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I have 2 problems, mine is recovering data from a DVD-R & a friend is looking for my help in recovering data from a "corrupted" Flash Drive.

I was burning data on a DVD-R multiple sessions disk when my Burner crapped out while using Nero. I now have a new Burner & when I go back into this disk I can only read data from my 1st session when I compare the #s from Nero's disk info tool, however it also shows that session 5 is still open?? but I cannot read anything from sessions 2, 3 & 4. Looking around I spotted CD Recovery Tool Box Free 1.1.7 is there anything more recent and or better that would let me try to recover the data on this disk. The data in session 5 is still on my HD but I would like to be able to recover the data in the other sessions, worst possible case even just the file names would be a small plus.

Now for the Flash Drive. It is a Lexar 8 Gig & what supposedly happened is that Peter lent it to a fellow employee so he could extract some data (probably a mistake). When he got it back a few minutes later & tried to use it all he got was a message that it was corrupted. As it has all of his product codes, phone numbers & personal sales data for the last year he is really desperate to try & recover the data. He does not have a computer of his own, so he has no backup (another bad idea). He has gotten a new Flash Drive a Sony 8 Gig, but I have told him that he better go out & get a 2nd one to use as a back... Read more

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I have a 300gb Maxtor Drive partitioned into 4 drives...the OS on the hd was Windows Vista...While i was reinstalling XP i accidently formatted the whole drive because it didnt show the rest of the partitions on the screen...by the time i realized what i just did it was already 5% formatted...so i decided to stop it by turning off my computer...

i was wondering if the data (music, files, pictures, etc etc) is still recoverable...if so, what are the necessary steps that i should take to recover it...my friend sent me OnTrack 6.3 EasyRecovery Pro and i went out and bought Search and Recover 4...should i do a clean format on the drive and then run a data recovery software or should i run the software with the drive being 5% formatted...

if someone can lead me in the right direction i would greatly appreciate it...thanks


A:Data Recovery Lost Data from format

Please do not post duplicates. With patience, you should get a reply to your post within 24 hours.

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I have a 300gb Maxtor Drive partitioned into 4 drives...the OS on the hd was Windows Vista...While i was reinstalling XP i accidently formatted the whole drive because it didnt show the rest of the partitions on the screen...by the time i realized what i just did it was already 5% formatted...so i decided to stop it by turning off my computer...

i was wondering if the data (music, files, pictures, etc etc) is still recoverable...if so, what are the necessary steps that i should take to recover it...my friend sent me OnTrack 6.3 EasyRecovery Pro and i went out and bought Search and Recover 4...should i do a clean format on the drive and then run a data recovery software or should i run the software with the drive being 5% formatted...

if someone can lead me in the right direction i would greatly appreciate it...thanks


A:Data Recovery Lost Data from format

Closing duplicate, please reply here:



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I have a 300gb Maxtor Drive partitioned into 4 drives...the OS on the hd was Windows Vista...While i was reinstalling XP i accidently formatted the whole drive because it didnt show the rest of the partitions on the screen...by the time i realized what i just did it was already 5% formatted...so i decided to stop it by turning off my computer...

i was wondering if the data (music, files, pictures, etc etc) is still recoverable...if so, what are the necessary steps that i should take to recover it...my friend sent me OnTrack 6.3 EasyRecovery Pro and i went out and bought Search and Recover 4...should i do a clean format on the drive and then run a data recovery software or should i run the software with the drive being 5% formatted...

if someone can lead me in the right direction i would greatly appreciate it...thanks


A:Data Recovery Lost Data from format

Don't know of any freeware ...
But I know someone who has recovered all of his data from a formatted drive using ..

I know he tried some others ... but this one worked.

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I have a larged data drive that failed a disk check. It stalls when starting stage two (I belive that is the verification of indexing). I have been able to back-up all of the folders except for a large folder of raw video. The PC locks up when I attempt to access/copy this folder (it appears to be part of the problem). I want to make an attempt to recover this data before reformatting the drive.

The check disk fails both at start up or if I run from the desktop both in regular and safe mode. Does anyone have tips for recoverying this data?

A:Data Recovery of data drive

You could try using a 98 boot disk and then run ntfsdos from there to access the ntfs partitions. Then try an xcopy of that file to another drive.

Another method could be to use Winrar to create a multipart archive and store it on another drive. This might chunk it up enuff.

Or boot to recovery console from the CD and then run chkdsk /r which marks any sectors that are corrupt as bad so they will not be used again, even after format. All take some time, but they are readily availalble fixes.

Alternatively, you could create an image of the drive and save that somewhere else, then run your drive manufacturers disk utility to check integrity of the disk.

Hope this helps

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Hi all, i am requesting some technical assitance in solving this issue.

i have a hard disk that has been recently affected by [email protected] virus and all the .doc and xls files have been reduced to 1kb irispective of their initial sizes and when you open the files you get this error; DATA Error [47 0F 94 93 F4 K5]

I would like to recover the affected files to their original state, i have searched the internet over and no one seems to have the solution documented

currently i am trying to download QuickView Plus (Version 8), i have tried all aplications i can come across, including recover my files, winhex, get data back for ntfs, and r-studio.

i am honestly intrested in documenting the solution to this problem, and am intrested in suggestins on the best way to approach this

looking forward to your favourable reply.


A:DATA Error [47 0F 94 93 F4 K5] Data Recovery

You will most likely need to restore those files from a backup. But don't do anything until you've made sure the virus is gone. Don't want to reinfect the files.

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 945 Processor, AMD64 Family 16 Model 4 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 8183 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 919 GB (245 GB Free); D: 11 GB (1 GB Free);
Motherboard: FOXCONN, ALOE
Antivirus: Avira Antivirus, Enabled and Updated

Background: A family member got mad and deleted all of my creative projects, then deleted them from Recycle Bin. (I caught them in the act, they are now penitent, and I'm going to change the computer's password to avoid future mishaps.) The hardest files for me to reproduce would be the dozens of psd files (Photoshop) into which I've sunk hundreds if not thousands of hours.

I've done nothing on the computer since then, except to sleep it, then turn it back on (after a power outage while it was asleep), plug in a flash drive with Recuva's portable version (recommended to me by a friend, this is my first time ever using it), and run it from the flash drive.

After deep scanning, Recuva finds the the files, but for the four psd files I most want to recover, Recuva notes, "The file's data could not be found on the disk."

Not only is this upsetting, it's also mystifying, given that I've done nothing else on the computer since the deletion.

My google fu (which admittedly is weak) turned up vague possibilities abo... Read more

A:Recuva Data Recovery: "file's data could not be found..."

OK, the ability to recover any data is inversely proportional to operating the system. The longer the system is ON, the less chance you have of recovering data.

The very first thing to do is STOP using the system. Pull the hard drive out and connect it to a working system. Now run data recovery software. I would use multiple programs; recuva is just one of them. What one finds, the other may or may not find. If you do not have another system, you can boot your system with a linux live usb. At least windows would not be writing to the disk in question.

Hopefully this can be a lesson. Data you do not have multiple copies of is data you do not care about and you should expect to lose said data. Drives fail, accidents happen. With a current backup, it is a non-event.
Personally I make four copies of important data; two on internal drives, a third on a NAS, and a fourth on an external that is stored in a safe. Maybe overkill however it only takes once loosing important data to make you paranoid about backups.

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I?m looking for a Data Recovery company [not a Data Software company] to recover data on my drive that will not spin. Want to spend less than $1000. Please advise.


A:Recommend Data Recovery Company not Data Software Company

Best Data Recovery Company

I have visited many data recovery websites and evaluated their product.

But my experience with one data recovery is almost excellent.

Nucleus Data Recovery, the leading data recovery company having biggest range of professional data recovery software.

Their support is also excellent you drop a email for any help they will respond within 5 minutes.

To recover your data try Kernel Recovery for FAT+NTFS.

The DEMO allows you to preview the recoverable contents and you can check whether the file is recovered correctly or not by double clicking on it.

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Hello, I've been struggling with getting a simple InfoPath 2007 form to work with a test MS Access 2007 database. I feel the best way to explain what I am doing is by giving you an example.

Background of scenario:

Lets say I am a distributor of gas cylinders. I have 100 different gas cylinders that I fill and send to customers. When they are done with the gas, they return the cylinders and I fill them back up. Each cylinder has specific data related to each: manufacturer, serial #, specific cylinder ID, and material of construction (carbon steel, stainless steel, etc). I have this data in my MS Access database, in an individual table called "CYLINDER_DATA". Every time I refill a cylinder, I need to record the date and measure the pressure and temperature (among other things) of the gas in the cylinder. This data (along with the specific "CYLINDER_DATA" at this date of measurement) must be added as a new record in a different table called "CYLINDER_MEASUREMENTS" in the same database.

What I would like to do:

So, I want to create an InfoPath form for operators to use whenever they need to perform measurements on a newly filled cylinder. So, I created an InfoPath form, that starts with a drop-down list box control that is populated with the 100 different cylinder IDs. A user would choose one of the "cylinder IDs" from the drop down list and then click "retrieve data". This would then populate the fields directly below:... Read more

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(BTW if this is in the wrong forum then please tell me and then move as appropriate. Thanks.)

Yesterday I was trying to put my Packard Bell iMedia 1601 running Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 2 to sleep and I got a blue screen with the following error codes:

STOP: 0x00000024 (0x00190203, 0x835C7A98, 0xC0000102, 0x00000000)

Following that, I could not boot in any mode further than the Microsoft Windows XP loading screen, at which point the same blue screen was displayed.

Today I decided to go ahead with a Packard Bell Partial Recovery, which allows you to retain your data. At first the System Restore (on the first screen) and Partial Recovery (on the second screen) options were greyed out, and then System Restore randomly became available, so I tried that, got an error message, clicked "OK" the first time and closed it the second time and both times it restarted. Then Partial Recovery was suddenly available.

So I went ahead with that and when it came to the screen where it asked me what user I wanted to retain the only option was "No Profile". Thinking that my data would still be in the place the instructions said it would be (C:\documents and settings\[Chosen user name]) I went ahead with "No Profile". The recovery ran and the computer restarted, and Windows started up again as if it was the first time I'd ran the computer. So I created the two user accounts that had previously existed and then logged in with mine. A... Read more

A:Data recovery following Packard Bell partial recovery

clarification - does your documents and settings folder only shows your new accounts?

do you have two window folders? Try a windows search for your old profile folder and see what it comes up with.

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I have an entire column of data that I need in one cell. When combined I need each piece of data to be surrounded by " " and a , between each one.


results = "151","183","2001"

A:Solved: Excel Column of data place in one cell with "data", "data" results

ASAP's "Merge row data" ("Columns and rows" category) will do 99% of the work for you.


(edit: "entire column" -- do you mean full from top to bottom? )

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Hiya... I managed to lose one of my HDD's with all my multimedia on it and have been trying unsuccessfully to regain it with PCINSPECTOR.The HDD ISNT where my windows is installed and has become corrupted; something happened with the partition and it went kablooey.The problem i seem to be having with PCINSPECTOR is that it comes up with; for example "Cluster386.MP3" and it doesn't work. Is it something wrong with how im using PCI or something like that. I scan for drives...Choose "NONAME on FIXED DISK 2", scan for logical drives... and withing the first ten seconds it comes up with two partitions... Choosing the second one i get these files and the first one nothing. Scanning them for FAT. So basically am i using "PCI FR" properly am i doing something wrong and/or, is there a cheap, better alternative with results?Patch.Sorry guys bt i managed to fix this with the use of a different program... Awesome program I'm gonna plug it now "R Studio," well worth the investment... My Multimedia was worth the $80 odd...

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Could someone please help me with my problem? I'm using Windows XP. I couldn't get it to load Windows it just kept going around and around to the start up process. I tried starting in Safe Mode and it wouldn't. My teenage son got an XP disk from one of his friends and I thought he was going to just boot it, but he reinstalled Windows XP and now all my stuff is gone. (I know I should be backing up to disks, BUT...)

Is there any possible chance I can get all my files back, or are they lost forever.

Hope you can help.


Liz D

A:Data Recovery XP?

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Does anyone  know how i would recover a microsoft word document that was not saved when microsoft word crashed ?
i use Win 7 and Word 2010
Many Thanks

A:About data recovery

Its very easy only you need to follow some basic step which is given bellow...

On the File menu, click Open, and then click Recent Documents.
Scroll to the end of all recent documents, and then click Recover Unsaved Documents.
If you find the Word document that you are looking for, double-click it to open it.
Save it immediately.

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Hi all, I had a family video on cd-rom that I have played on my computer, somehow the cd-rom smashed in about 10 different places, is their anyway possible to recover the video from HD? As far far as im aware all information viewed is stored somewhere for recovery... not sure if this is the case for videos that has been played or just stuff that has been saved, it was the only copy and very important sentimental video, fingers crossed.

Any help really appreciated, thankyou.

A:Data Recovery.

If the video was only on CD ROM media, and the media is no longer good, sorry to say but no, the video is gone.

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I had an old computer that ran into some issues a year ago and it stopped booting into windows. It had two hard-drives, both of which were running smoothly. Today I used an IDE to USB adapter and pulled data off of one of the drives. When I tried the second drive, it came up as unallocated and it wasn't initialized in the disk management screen. When I click to initialize it nothing happens...

So I loaded up Partition Table Doctor and attempted to rebuild the partition table. This worked and I was able to see a correct root file system. Upon restarting my computer I found that the drive still wasn't appearing in My Computer. So I loaded up Partition Table Doctor again and it still showed the correct root file system. I ran a check and it said to run fixboot. This resulted in a screen saying it was unable to fix the boot sector of the disk.

Any ideas?

I also ran recovery wizard and none of the partitions found in that seemed to match what the partition table doctor put together for a root file...

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Had Trouble retrieving data from a hard drive that crashed kept getting access denied message due to my documents having a password on it but following Kimsland advice(below) data recovered Phew thought i lost all my photos
Thanks a million

Xp pro on crashed drive
Xp Home on system i put drive into

Thanks to Techspot For This Great Site Also
Cheers Herb

A:Data Recovery

Security Permission issue http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/using/networking/security/permissions.mspx

Right click the folder you want to open and choose Properties>Security. Make sure their is a group named "Everyone". If not click Add>Advanced>"Find Now" and choose everyone. Click OK and you should no longer get those nasty Access Denied messages. (refer to the above link to allow specifically your user account to access the old Hard Drive folders)

Note: in Windows Xp Home, the "Security" menu will not show. Just start your computer in Safe Mode (continuously press F8 function key on computer Startup then select Safe Mode)
Also confirm that you are running an Administrator privlidged account. (Check Users in Control Panel)

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Hey all,
First off I would like to state that I have searched through "Data Recovery" (keywords) and could not find a thread with my issue, or a Thread explaining it in Laimens Terms.

Here is the situation, recently my computer got stuck in a boot loop and nothing worked for fixing it, not fixboot, chkdsk, chkdsk /r, fixmbr, nothing. So then I was left with an XP (Pro) CD and a decision to re-install Windows. Which is exactly what I did. When re-installing I choose the option to not Format my drive and leave the files. Once I had it all installed I found that I did have some files, but others were missing. I had a bunch of movies placed in a folder on my Desktop, along with Music, and thousands of pictures/photoshops in my "My Pictures" folder. All of that seems to be gone. How can I recover this? Is it possible to recover these files? I would HATE if I had to lose all of that, its all very important to me. I still have all of the files that were in my "Program Files" folder, or inside the C:/ drive itself. I went to the "Documents and Settings" folder and I did not find the files in there either.

I have two drives in my computer, (Master) and one 300GB (Slave), the 300GB had nothing on it (I know, it was DUMB of me to not backup all of the files onto it).

Also please check out this other thread of mine for other information:

I have not ins... Read more

A:Data Recovery

Never had occasion to use it but I have been told this is an excellent program to recover lost files.


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Has anyone ever used a file recovery program before?
Did it work and which is the best one?

A:Data Recovery

The best one seems to be free. There are a couple posts in this forum about lost data recovered by Restoration. In one case, a drive that appeared empty was filled with an mp3 collection that was recovered.


If you use this program, click the Others menu and Scan All Clusters for the best results. The thing should be used by law enforcement!


EnCase is another good one actually used by law enforcement. It is excellent at recovery, as you can imagine, but is obsessed with creating "case files" for presentation and recovery takes second place.


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about a year ago i backed up all my family pictures onto a CD using Nero Burning ROM. As i remember it an error came up just as the disc was finishing (ive had this happen a few times over the years of using Nero Burning ROM and never thought anything of it; the data/music etc. that i put on the disc was always fine).
However, i recently had a hard drive fail and ive lost all my family pictures and when i try to get them from the backup disc my entire computer freezes until i eject the CD. i can open explorer and see the folders on the disc (e.g. Mum + Dad, Holiday 1995) but its only when i click on them to view the pictures inside that the computer freezes.

Is there anyway i can get my incredibly important (to me personally) back??

A:Data Recovery From A CD?

ive never used xcopy before...ive found some online instructions for it but how long should it take? its a full CD of pictures so 700MB

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unsure if this is in the rite place but lets go , im trying so sort out a lap top , (hp) what happened was the thing was partially formatted about 3% i think now it was running vista and all i need to do is recover some photos then i can reinstall , any idea as to the best way to do this ? thanks in advance .

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Hi guys my external hard disk has crashed. It doesn't show anything when I connect to my laptop nor does it make any sound I assumed that it has crashed. The data inside it is very important and I want the data to be recovered. I took it to my nearest data recovery center[/URL]. They have diagnosed it and gave me a quote for £800 but I don't want to pay so much. Is there any there way I can recover the data the Hard disk. Its a Toshiba 500 gb hard disk.

A:Need help on data recovery

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I had a bunch of photos on my computer, I decided to store them all on my external hard drive, once they were moved I deleted them from my computer. This was about a month ago. Since then the external crashed and is now unreadable, is there any way to recover the data from my computer, any really good software that works well and is relatively inexpensive if not free, I don't exactly have the money to repair the external.


A:data recovery

Download and try out the following. I have always had good luck with this program. But I have never went after anything a month after. Give it a try.

PC INSPECTOR™ File Recovery 4.x is a data recovery program that supports the FAT 12/16/32 and NTFS file systems.

The current version 4.x replaces the previous version 3.x, which is now over 6 years old.

Features in PC INSPECTOR™ File Recovery 4.x
• Finds partitions automatically, even if the boot sector or FAT has been erased or damaged
• Recovers files with the original time and date stamp
• Supports the saving of recovered files on network drives
• Recovers files, even when a header entry is no longer available. Competition products cannot recover such files.


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yesterday I copied my old data from directly hard disc to hard disc via a PC. and one hard disc contain windows 8 and other has window 8.1
And when i disconnect my old hard disc (that contain windows 8). and new hard disc( that contain windows 8.1) booted in my laptop. And I saw my data that was copied by my. But when i clicked on that folder
The error message appears.
That E:\New folder refers to location that is not available and all the folders ( that are previously copied from hard disc) are suddenly disappeared. But hard disc space is still full of these files. and now when I am deleting that folder (in which I copied my data) Then the error received with this code
0x80070570and says that file director is corrupt or unreadable.
so plz solve my this problem
thanks in advance

A:Please Help Me about My Data Recovery

how did you copy the file over to 8.1 ??

place you 8 hdd in an external usb adapter and copy the files over, while your pc is already booted into win 8.1

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Is anyone aware of a data recovery programe l may be able to use to recover music from a damaged mp3 player.
The player will not operate because of moisture damage but l would be very keen to recover about 5Gb of the music it has stored.

A:Data Recovery

i dont own a mp3 player but they can be plugged into the computer i know that, when you plug them in does windows recognize the device as a drive? and allow you to search threw the files by going to lets say my computer > mp3 player > music??? if so you might be able to get away with using a recovery program such as recover my files (the best one on the market that i have seen takes a while to run gets alota stuff back... just set it to only search for mp3s... uncheck all otehrs or you can try a freeware tool there out there just not as good, if nothing else you should be able to play parts of the songs that were deleted if there not too corrupt & or you could get the old file name which can help you re download the files if the issue is more that you couldnt rember all 1000 file names you had on there, let me know how it turns out

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Not sure if OS is Windows 10 32 or 64 bit . Computer was running very slow so ran system diagnostic. It found disk error an attempted to repair, this took several days . Finally screen showed dos message that reads:  Smart disk check detected imminent failure. To ensure no data loss, backup content immediately and run the Hard Disk Test in System Diagnostics...Hard Disk 1 (301) ... F2 - System Diagnostics... Enter - continue startup. I understand what it is asking me to do and more then likely hard drive is shot . What I need to know is how do I recover data from this dos screen before I try anything else. Laptop has a CD drive I could copy files to .

A:Data Recovery

@Mason57Manual: page 48, 49http://h10032.www1.hp.com/ctg/Manual/c04777516Your laptop came with 500gb SATA HDD.Specs: http://support.hp.com/in-en/document/c04773692It came with Windows 10 Home 64bit. Hope you've created recovery USB/discs after first setup of this laptop.You can take out the hard drive, connect it to another computer using SATA to USB adapter then, try copy the files you need.Else use LiveCD to recover possible data: http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/windows-vista/use-ubuntu-live-cd-to-backup-files-from-your-dead-windo...RegardsVisruth

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I have a very important WordPerfect file on my laptop. The laptop is a Sager 8700. Some how it rewrote over the HD and destroyed the MBR or deleted the partition parameters. Long and short, I have an old Power Quest Lost & Found program that says the file is still in tact and can be recovered, but it will not permit me to recover it because it can only be used on one computer and I apparently used it on another machine.
Does anyone know of a product that I can run in DOS, from a floppy A drive to recover the file? I cannot boot from a CD.


A:Dos Data Recovery

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Misplaced a Family Video on my PC.Wondering which recovery Program is the best and simplest to use,either bought or free.
Ran Windows search and Negative.Being a Novice I need some program easy to navigate.
Thanks in advance.

A:Data Recovery

I have heard good things of PCInspector, also Recuvahttp://data-recovery-professional.com/?k=PC%20Inspectorhttp://www.recuva.com/

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Hi All,

I just realized that I neglected to back up some data after replacing windows vista with XP pro. Is there any way that I might recover it?

I formatted the entire hard drive with the "quick format" option during installation. That means that my old data was not completely erased, right?

In the meantime, I`m not adding any extra data to the hard drive, for fear of overwriting potentially retrievable deleted files.

Thanks for your time!

A:Data Recovery

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Hi All

Dont know if this thread is in the right forum but here goes ...

What is wrong with my HDD? It displays all the files and folders on the drive but only some files have filesizes and the rest of the files haves filesizes that are equal to zero.
I can copy files to the drive and read files from the drive. The HDD is NTFS done through windows.

I think my HDD is ... BROKEN but I cannot say die! To many valuable files on the drive as you all can imagine.

How do I fix or recover the files?

Thanks in advance

A:Data Recovery

Do you mean the data recovery software shows this, or Windows shows this?

Anyway please try this:

Manual steps to run Chkdsk from My Computer or Windows Explorer

Open My Computer, and then right-click the hard disk that you want to check.
Click Properties, and then click Tools.
Under Error-checking, click Check Now. A dialog box that shows the Check disk options is displayed
Use one of the following procedures:

? To run Chkdsk in read-only mode, click Start.
? To repair errors without scanning the volume for bad sectors, select the Automatically fix file system errors check box, and then click Start. (tick)
? To repair errors, locate bad sectors, and recover readable information, select the Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors check box.

Note If one or more of the files on the hard disk are open, you will receive the following message:

The disk check could not be performed because the disk check utility needs exclusive access to some Windows files on the disk. These files can be accessed by restarting Windows. Do you want to schedule the disk check to occur the next time you restart the computer?Click to expand...

Click Yes to schedule the disk check, and then restart your computer to start the disk check.

Wait until Chkdsk finishes Checking / Repairing any faults
Windows will then either restart your computer or continue loading Normally.

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