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L440 WLAN Problem

Q: L440 WLAN Problem

My computer works very well, but after one hour, sometimes less then that, I've a disconnection with my net. I need to stop what I'm doing and restart the computer.My others device works perfectly.thanks

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Preferred Solution: L440 WLAN Problem

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Hi ! i need help on my Lenovo L440 I can't really turn on the Wlan even i click my fn + wifi purpose button and also when i go to alt + x i  can't even click on turning on the Wlan please help me i need it so much 

A:Lenovo L440 Can't turn on the Wlan

Hi L440problem! Welcome to our forums community. When was the last time it worked properly? Have you made any changes or any updates before the issue arise? Kindly check if the Airplane mode is turned off:--> click Settings --> Network & Internet --> Airplane mode. If the issue is the same, check the wireless driver under the device manager if there is an error or is it grayed out. If not, uninstall and restart the computer. Update us on how it goes.

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Hello guys.. I have such a problem here, I L440 and two disks:1. SanDisk SSD - Windows 10 - the private system2. HDD WD1TB - Windows 7 - business work diskI bought something like this:http://www.ebay.ca/sch/sis.html?_nkw=2nd%20Hard%20Drive%20HDD%20SSD%20Caddy%20Adapter%20For%20Lenovo...after installation in the bios you cant see the disk 2.But on the POST screen you can see:Fixed Disk: SSD SanDiskFixed Disk: WD1TBSuch a problem that I cant boot from the disk number 2 - in the Boot Menu is visible only SDD and LAN boot.Caddy work properly because as running a system with SSD in windows 10  I can see both drives ....How to make so, that you can boot from the disk 2. (Windows 7) ??Thanks for showing interest....

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Hi,I have replaced CD-ROM by HDD Caddy with SSD (Samsung 850 EVO 250GB) in my Lenovo ThinkPad L440 (20ASS3GT0) as a second storage device (not one with the OS). When I'm trying to start the system, I'm getting a message "Configuration changes - restart the system." and the system reboots again and again. What is more, I can't access the BIOS any more - pressing F1 does not work. Updating to the newest version of BIOS (1.85) does not help. After removing HDD Caddy everything works fine. I have tried some of the configurations below: Removed the battery, pressed the power button for 10-15 sec. and rebooted with AC Adapter connected - still got message "Configuration changes - restart the system."Removed HDD from standard SATA port and connected it using HDD Caddy - cannot boot into the system. There is no message "Configuration changes...", HDD is detected but it is not on the list with bootable devices (there is only one option to boot over the LAN).HDD Caddy connected with no storage device - boot into the system with no problem.The problem is, that I need two storage devices - one for the OS and second one (using HDD caddy) for another data. Could anyone help me to solve that issue?

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Hey, I recently purchached a new SSD for my L440.  At the moment I'm having troubles to install Windows 7 SP1 with 64bit with the UEFI mode. The UEFI bios is set to UEFI only, with CSM enabled and the secure boot disabled. Of course I made sure that my USB stick has a UEFI bootloader in the right place. Everything works fine with my Deskop PC, however, I can not boot from my L440. Any suggestions ?

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HELLO FRIENDS.I need some help.came to me a Thinkad l440, and to my surprise I found this damaged component on the board. As I do not have another motherboard or other notebook. on the motherboard is identified as PQ4144with this damaged component not turning on, only power light flashes quicklyI need to find out what this component is.

P_20171220_155634_vHDR_Auto.jpg ?3151 KB

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I am facing error 651 problem in windows 7 in my lenovo L440. I tried this method to fix error 651 in windows 7. It's works for me for sometime. But now again i am facing same error.. Anyone can fix my problem ? Thanks in advance.
Mod:  edited Subject line to add system type and clarify problem description

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I am setting up a new wireless router and new laptop.

The laptop sees the WLAN (name) in Control Panel -> Networking -> Sharing and Network, but this WLAN (name) does not show up in the laptop's 'WLAN selector list' when I click on the network icon that's in the system tray.

I hope my description, above, makes sense. If so, does this problem description suggest an area of configuration that I have done incorrectly?

Thanks for any hints.

A:WLAN in Control Panel but not in system tray WLAN list

The new router needs to be setup with the SSID not hidden. Also the router needs to be set for the same type of wireless that the devices use.

It is also helpful when you post these kind of questions, to include system info in your profile and also manufacture and model of the router.

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I have 3 pcs connected wireless to belkin wireless router.

All sharing cable internet connection.

Two of the pcs loose internet connection intermitently but still have a excellent wireless connection to the router and still have an ip address.

The 3rd pc which was used to set up the router is always live and never has a problem.

I have no pcs directly wired to the router.

I am letting the router choose ip addresses.

The router does not loose internet connection

If someone can help me, this would improve my relationship with my wife

A:Clients Loosing WLAN Internet But Not WLAN Router Connection

from the limited information provided ...
1. if the phone rings and you lose connection then you might wanna change your channels
2. disable the wireless connection and then enable it from control panel -> network connections

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Ok so here is the problem, a month and a half ago the laptop wouldn't turn on, it goes and gets fixed and the power supply wasn't returned, today we finally receive the power supply (which caused 1 month of the waiting).

So I plug it up and everything goes on fine and dandy, however the laptop will not receive an Internet connection and it says that the wireless LAN is disabled, the laptop is a Presario v6000 Compaq which has a button on the front of the laptop which enables and disabled the wireless LAN, the button is currently set to enabled however the button is jammed on enable and it has an Amber light, so I can't turn it on and off. I went to device manger then network adapters and acording to that, the WLAN is enabled but the laptop is telling me it's disabled!

is there any way I can fix this? or will it have to get sent away again?

I hope the question makes sense, I'm only 16 so I'm not the best when it comes to computers, I also badly need the laptop fixed because I need it for school and I am currently posting this question using my iPhone.

A:Laptop says WLAN is disabled, device manager says WLAN is enabled!

Well, if the button isn't toggling the wireless state, you may have to send it away again. What do you mean the button is "jammed"?

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I'm sprucing up an old T520.I wanted to add bluetooth via the BT daughter card but I haven't seen one with anything newer than BT4.0 and I want BT4.2.I can get a Lenovo-branded WLAN card with both Wireless AC and BT4.2 radios. Will this work as expected in the T520 (running Windows 10)?

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Is there a internal or external cmd program that has the same functioninality like vista netsh wlan command.
netsh wlan is not included in xp and the netsh from vista doesnt work in xp

A:WLan cmd program, like vista netsh wlan

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hey there,

i've got some problems with wlan, which i believe are resulting from those vista background scans.

to solve this i'd like to try out the wlan optimizer, which i've downloaded..but i can't figure out how to turn the optimizer on, it says disabled when i launch it and i have no idea how to change this..

would be happy if someone could help me !

A:wlan problem

Originally Posted by Chiba

hey there,

i've got some problems with wlan, which i believe are resulting from those vista background scans.

to solve this i'd like to try out the wlan optimizer, which i've downloaded..but i can't figure out how to turn the optimizer on, it says disabled when i launch it and i have no idea how to change this..

would be happy if someone could help me !

Hi Chiba,

Welcome to the forum.

Do you need to right click the .exe and select run as Administrator perhaps??

I hope this helps


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Hi, I have a brand new Acer Aspire 5532 Laptop with Windows 7 Home Premium and I'm trying to connect to my Netgear Router I have in my house, I have 6 other computers in the house and all connect fine, except the Acer, the WEP key was accepted at setup, but now when I pick my router off of the Wireless Connections List, a dialog box with on it Network Authentication and it's asking for a user name and password which I have no idea what they are, I do have a user name and password for getting into the Router settings, but just to simply connect onto my network only requires a WEP key, no user names, no passwords. It is starting to do my head in as it will not connect without this phantom username and password. Incidentally I have already tried the username and password for my router and the username and password for my broadband which was only fed into the router, no other computer on my network has asked for this before

A:Having a WLAN problem

have a look here>http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/?filter[2]=Networking%20Internet
Internet Troubleshooting Guide[2]=Networking%20Internet
have you run the windows 7 troubleshooter? right click on wireless icon in taskbar >left click troubleshooter

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I have a MSI X320, and after I recently installed windows 7 ultimate on it, Ive been experiencing some difficulties.

At first everything seems fine - I connect to the network and it works smoothly. But sometimes when I start up, the newtork adapter doesnt find and networks.

I then have to run the troubleshooting guide, which basically resets the network adapter, and then it works fine again.

Its really annoying.
The network adapter is 1T1R Mini Card Wireless Adapter. The dirver version is (11-09-2009).
Thanks in advance!

A:MSI 320 WLAN problem

If this is a laptop, you should update the motherboard drivers, as the card is built into the motherboard.


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On my router the WLAN "light" is red while the other lights (internet, dsl, eternet) are all green. The main reason for this post is to get the WLAN working so that i can play age of empires against my brother on the computer downstairs.

That computer is connected to the internett through a "wireless USB port thing" (dont know what its called in computer language).

Doesnt WLAN make a connection between the two computers? or have i misunderstood completely?

A:WLAN problem!

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Hello, Recently I was connecting to some random network named WLAN, And Everything was going good becasue I did Not have to pay for interent
But all of a sudden It wont connect. It connects to other networks but not WLAN anymore.

I looked at my device manager and Microsoft 6-4 adapter was gone and so was toredeo tunneling psudeo interface. Could that be the reason? Or could it be maleware/viruses thats causeing this?

I have a acer aspire 5610-4534 with 801.11a/b/g wireless lan. Vista.

Any solutions?

A:Wlan Problem.

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 Hello everybody, i habe a problem with my x240. I had installed windows 7 on my notebook. Afterward i installed for a short time ubuntu linux.Now i want to install windows and select the WLAN-Driver. The problem is that LAN Driver can be installed and exists at the network center but WLAN driver does not be in the network center and the symbol is not in the tasks line on the right bottom.  Can anybody help me? Thank you.

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Hello. Since the anniversary update of Windows 10 in August I have a problem of my wi-fi network adapter losing connection every 5-10 minutes (cable works perfectly). When I run the diagnostics it says "Default gateway is not available" and resets the adapter but the problem keeps reoccurring. From time to time it says that there's a problem with drivers or the cable is damaged but the drivers are up to date and I don't how the cable could be the issue with wireless connection. I have already tried all the things suggested on the Internet like: changing power saving options, updating drivers (as well as downloading directly from Lenovo Support page), uninstalling and reinstalling the adapter, command prompt (netsh winsock reset, netsh int ip reset, ipconfig /release, ipconfig /renew, ipconfig /flushdns) and all other common suggestions to the issue. Nothing helps. Would appreciate any help or advise. Otherwise, the only option which I see is replacement of wlan card (laptop is still on warranty). Thank you.

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Hi guys this one is bugging the hell out of me so if you have any ideas please let me hear them.
Right I bought a Belkin N1 wireless router today, to use my PS3 online, my desk top is upstairs in the spare room and the PS3 is down stairs in the living room,so the distance is not an issue, BUT the wireless signal keeps droping out on me it will connect for about a minute and then drop for a minute,it is driving me mad,eveything is sett up correctly and the PS3 is set up correctly and is showing 90% signal........ AAAHHHH

A:WLAN problem

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Hey guys. Since lately I've been experiencing a problem with my wireless network.
The problem is that suddenly it just stops the connection, and then I can find the network again unless I totally restart the computer. It happens quite often, and it's starting to get on my nerves because I use this laptop at my school.

My WLAN Card is :
Atheros AR5008x..

Could it be that my WLAN card is broken or something?

Thanks in forward,

Best Regards, Fred

A:WLAN Problem

The first thing that I would look at is your wireless router. Go to the manufacturer's website and download the latest upgrade to the router's firmware. Install that on the router and see if that fixes your problem.

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my wlan is having problems identifing a net work. in my area i hav to wireless networks in rage both are the same make routers one is sucured and the other is not i have permission off both nabours 2 use there networks providing i dont abuse them. the problem i hav is connecting to the sucured 1 i have the rite key just my com will only identif the network out of 20 times only 2 and in order to get in2 the sucured network i must hav been on the other network first 4 my laptop 2 use the sucured network and if i turn off my laptop i cant get back into it and my wlan turns off wen it wants to i just dont understand this problem at all why cant my WLAN use both networks wen i wish it to i h8 the identifing problem and also both net works hav the same defalt gateway ips i just dont get it y my wlan will only connect 2 the sucured network if its been on the other 1 only hours erleyer please please help me im lost thansk so much for reading my essay lol


A:WLAN problem

I have exactly the same problem please help me.

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I have 2 laptops on a wireless LAN sitting side by each. One always shows signal strength as excellent. The other (HP ProBook 4510s) shows it anywhere from poor to very good - depending on when I look. They are located 3 rooms from the Linksys Wireless G Broadband Router (Mod WRT54G V8) - about 60 feet. Up until now, the ProBook always had excellent signal strength. Any idea on what's going on?

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 900 @ 2.20GHz, x86 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 1976 Mb
Graphics Card: Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 150562 MB, Free - 118078 MB; D: Total - 2051 MB, Free - 1977 MB;
Motherboard: Hewlett-Packard, 3072
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

A:WLAN Problem

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Hi firends. i m new to this forum. i ve this problem and i couldnt find any solution on the internet so i was hoping of some help from you guys i ve a win 7 booted on my mac and my internet status shows that i ve tremindious amout of received packets and rather small but well a big amount of sent packets.
i ve like 100 million received packets within copuple of minutes and i find it scary. i also get lags if i m on game.
1,154,212 sent packets 203,256,258 received packets time 11:02 mins

A:Wlan problem

Even if you meant Bytes instead of packets that's an awful lot!

I suppose that wireless interference or a bad wireless driver could cause a lot of retransmission, but shouldn't be that much.

Try with ethernet instead and/or try Safe Mode with Networking. If ethernet does not exhibit the same behavior then you are apparently dealing with a wireless issue. If Safe Mode with Networking does not exhibit the same behavior then something is running in normal mode.

My suspicions include that you are are using a torrent or else you have some serious malware.

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I'm experimenting with Win7 RC1 and have installed it fresh on a new computer but I've got a bit of a problem!

The onboard Realtek RTL8168 LAN isn't working... I had it working once (while swapping cables between PC's) but it seems to be permanently failing to register that there is a ethernet cable connected.

I've made sure it's enabled in the BIOS, i've tried uninstalling/reinstalling the driver but it's still not working.

Anyone got any ideas?

A:Win7 x64 LAN and WLAN problem

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Hi,I can not use local network(LAN) and Wireless Network(WLAN) in my elitebook 8460p at the same time. Both are configured well. The sequence is that,  when I connect official local network cable in the laptop, existing using wireless network automatically becomes disabled. if i unplug local network, WLAN connects to network automatically. Why this is happening, I don't know. Please, help me. info:* windows 7 professional 64 bit.* Though I press wlan-key again and again connecting both LAN and WLAN, it does not work, and automatically reconnects if network cable is unplugged. I know it is not OS related issue. I know well about network configuration. This is the first case and only applicable to this model(elitebook 8460p). If there is any BIOS related issue, please help me. I have sketched, but not found. help me, please.

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Hello I have problem with my toshiba portege z30-b.
Laptop is working fine, but the problem exist with WLAN adapter.
I have Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 3160 and it dosent work properly. It disconnects me every 1 minute or 2, for 3-4 sec.
I have tried to dl latest drivers from Intel, dl drivers from toshiba. Changed drivers to older ones, but problem still exist :-/ I cant wok on wifi using this laptop.

My current config is:
OS Name: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
OS Version: 10.0.15063 N/A Build 15063
OS Manufacturer: Microsoft Corporation
OS Configuration: Standalone Workstation
OS Build Type: Multiprocessor Free

I have found that this card has a problems with windows 10. Can I use toshiba warranty to fix this issue ?

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Hi, I've recently bought z51-70 without OS and installed my own Win7. Now when I'm trying to install all of drivers (wrr..) I have difficulties with "WLAN Driver (Atheros, Realtek, Boardcom)". That one driver won't install and gave me "Warning": "No Appropriate Driver to be installed". I've already installed "Intel WLAN Driver" but still any www page won't load itself. Have U got any explonation and solution?PS. English isn't my native language, so I'm sorry for any errors, and please answear in simple words ;-)

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I have this problem with a wireless connection. I have two HP Pavillion Nvidia nForce networking contollers. There is also a D-Link Router with 802.11g/2.4ghz. Under the Available Wireless Connections there are different connections. They have different wierd names with like a combinations of numbers and letters. There is also a NETGEAR connection. I'm just trying to figure out which one is mine, and which one are the neighbors, and I'm trying to find the password for it, or maybe make a new connection that is connected to that router.

A:wlan connection problem

Configure your router's SSID to be a unique string that you'll recognize, then you'll know.

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Hello. Just bought 2 new Zbook 15 G3 computers for the office and both of them have this problem. It seems like the WLAN/LAN switching doesn't work, the computers seem to only priority the wireless connection, even if I have the cable plugged in.Tried turning on WLAN/LAN switching in BIOS, updated to the latest BIOS, tried to change the priority settings in the network setting, downloaded the latest drivers from HP, all to no avail.It seems like it's a driver problem, the "wifi-button" on the computer doesn't turn off or on the WIFI, but it does turn on/off bluetooth. Been searching the web for different drivers but come up with nothing.What could cause this? Best regards, Adam

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I have a problem with  WLAN Service. It stops runing y I must restart it in order to work on the net. I follow all your directions and the resulting info is below. Thanks in advance for any help with this problem.
Farbar Service Scanner Version: 10-06-2014
Ran by Claudio (administrator) on 09-12-2015 at 16:34:52
Running from "C:\Descargas"
Microsoft Windows 10 Pro  (X64)
Boot Mode: Normal
Internet Services:
Connection Status:
Localhost is accessible.
LAN connected.
Attempt to access Google IP returned error. Google IP is unreachable
Attempt to access Google.com returned error: Google.com is unreachable
Attempt to access Yahoo.com returned error: Yahoo.com is unreachable
Windows Firewall:
Firewall Disabled Policy: 
System Restore:
System Restore Disabled Policy: 
Security Center:
Windows Update:
Windows Autoupdate Disabled Policy: 
Windows Defender:
WinDefend Service is not running. Checking service configuration:
The start type of WinDefend service is set to Demand. The default start type is Auto.
The ImagePath of WinDefend: ""%ProgramF... Read more

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my pc is beside of the wifi router but the network signal is just 1/2 of 5.what to do now?

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I have a new (roughly 25 day old) HP DV9700t notebook computer running Vista. It has an Intel 4956AGN WLan adapter installed.

There is a strange problem affecting it:
* when i run the laptop on battery power, the WLan works fine
* however, when i plug in the ac adapter; the WLan gets disabled

I 've tried various things
* i've uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers several times to no avail
* i RMAed the WLan adapter and had HP ship me a new one (actually, a 3945BG); replacing it didn't help
* in power management; i unchecked the box that allows the computer to stop the WLan to save power
* i removed the battery, discharged the computer and restarted. this worked once for a day, then things went back to normal (i.e. broken)

I believe the computer is set up to turn of WLan when a lan cable is connected. I looked in the BIOS to see if I could turn that off; but it doesn't seem to exist. I could be completely wrong; but it almost feels like it's treating a ac adapter connection event like a lan cable connection event.
I am about to send my notebook back to HP for repairs -- but I really cannot afford to give up my computer for a couple of weeks at this time. Can anyone help in any way to fix this problem?

Thx a lot

A:HP DV9700t WLAN Problem

Can you just re-enable it or won't it let you when the AC adapter is plugged in?

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I just re-installed my laptop, but now there is new problem...
My laptop is Acer Extensa 5635G. It has Intel WLAN module. After the re-install this module stopped working. I installed driver for it. I even contacted Acer Customer Support, where they told me to download the same driver.
On my keyboard, there is a key, which turns on and off the wi-fi. But now when I press it, nothing happens. I have a driver for it as I said, but I feel I am missing something.
Also, is there a way to "import" all my previous drivers to the new system. I have the previous system on a disk.
Would be thankful if someone could help me

A:Problem with WLAN module

Have you tried this version of the driver software? Acer Drivers Download- Wireless%20LAN_Intel_12.4.1.11_W7x64W7x86_A.zip | Laptop Software
Don't forget to completely unistall your previous driver.

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I have a Fujitsu Siemens Computer Amilo LA 1703 laptop. It comes with a built-in WLAN card.
Unfortunately, I don't know why, but Windows XP does not recognize it for some reason. When I press Fn + F2 (combination for turning the card on/off), the little led lamp at the bottom-left corner turns on. I consider that as a proof that the card works fine. The problem is that the card is not listed in the device manager. Under the Network Adapters category there is only a VIA Fast Ethernet II card, which is as far as I know for LAN connections.

I've downloaded drivers from the manufacturer's website, I think I've installed them properly, but still cannot make it work.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you!

A:WLAN Card Problem

can we see the device manager - any ? or ! listed - can we see those as well

{Device Manager}
Post back the results in device manager
If you cannot access the internet with this PC, then you will need to copy the program across to the faulty PC
Start > control Panel {Vista set to classic view}> system > {Vista, device manager on left hand side} {XP hardware Tab, device manager button} >
windows 7
start > control panel> System and Security> Device Manager

network adaptors, click on the + > post back the devices listed there
are there any ! ? or X
post a screen shot of the device manager - network adapters

To post a screen shot of the active window, hold the Alt key and press the PrtScn key. Open the Windows PAINT application and Paste the screen shot. You can then use PAINT to trim to suit, and save it as a JPG format file.
To upload it to the forum, open the full reply window and use the Manage Attachments button to upload it here

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I installed a D-Link (DWL-122) wireless USB adapter so that my XP now becomes a hot spot for my PDA, which has a Socket SDIO Low Power WLAN card sticking out of the SD slot on top. PDA is the ppular iPAQ 2215.
The D-Link guys walked me through the setup of the desktop one, but the Socket people are ignoring me.
So far the 2 machines ping each other well (whatever THAT means). But the last step is the killer. How do I use ActiveSync between the 2, and how do I set it up to go down to the coffee shop and read my e-mail. The problem I receive right now is that the PDA has the wrong server name for the desktop. I don't even know what that name is or where to find it.
Anybody help? Thanks, Tom

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My son has a G6000 laptop and the Wlan module ceased working. The Orange light remains on and the Broadcom module does not show up in
"Devices". I have been swapping mails with HP but don't seem to be getting anywhere. Thye now want me to restore factory defaults but it seems very extreme. After going through a few things yesterday I did manage to get the link working but it failed on re-boot. He does have Windows Auto update turned on and I was wondering if something downloaded could have caused the problem. I have been on to the HP site and downloaded the Broadcom drivers (many times), I have also downloaded the chipsets and
Bios. I have had the card out and re seated it, the part number is 441090-002.
Looking at other sites guys seem to think there is a motherboard problem but having got it working once and it failing on re-boot I am wondering iof we have a software conflict somewhere especially with the drivers failing to show. Any help at all much appreciated.

Adrian UK

A:HP G6000 WLAN Problem

hi i have been looking for some sort of answer to your problem and as yet found nothing that has worked on a permanent basis however i did find this which may give you some leverage in getting somewhere with hp and possibly if you make a good case with the info an extension to your warranty or at least i hope so http://forums13.itrc.hp.com/service/...readId=1136440 it is long and detailed it is also a history of the problem hope you can use it to your best advantage as i have found no fix yet

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i have re-installed win xp on my lap but i cannot get my wlan drivers to install properly i keep getting a code 10 error when installing them.
Packard Bell EasyNote R1005 Wireless LAN Card

IC: CMILID 2004DJ1891
got the drivers but i cant get it on and working please help

A:Solved: wlan problem

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Trying to install wpc11 wireless card. After installing the software when I try to open the wlan monitor program I get error 10038: socket operation on non socket. I have a 200mhz pent mmx notebook w/ 128mb ram. Please help

A:wlan problem... linksys

Have you checked the system requirements for the card? Many are win-cards that use Windows APIs to do some of the work for them, and require a certain speed processor to keep up...

Also, have you uninstalled the software and drivers, rebooted, then reinstalled? That frequently helps with problems. Check the installation instructions for the card- some need the drivers installed before the software, some need the software before the drivers, and others really don't care but specify a preferred method.

Hope this helps. BTW- Welcome to Techspot!

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My internet is through WLan while I have to connect to the intranet using the lan. I want all my Internet traffic in wlan. But it's not working. Whenever I enable both wlan and LAN, all the Internet requests go to LAN and so can't use Internet.

How to configure my system (with XP SP3) so that all the internet traffic/requests use WLan as first choice instead of LAN ?

A:Internet through wlan in XP (when both wlan and LAN are enabled)

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I'm having a near identical problem:
Perfect connectivity to Network & Internet via LAN (Ethernet)
Perfect connectivity to Network (Including ALL Hardware (Router, Switch, Printer, NAS, other computers)) via WLAN (both the onboard mini-PCIe card as well as an external USB WiFi Adapter)
ABSOLUTELY NO INTERNET via WLAN (same results for both onboard and external adapters)

Here's my computer model and some specs:
Compaq CQ61-420US
Win7 Ultimate x64
Atheros AR9285 (Latest Driver Installed: v8.0.0.172)
FireFox 3.6.12
IE8 x32 & x64 Versions (8.0.7600.16385)

I do NOT have ANY Toolbars in my browsers. I do have some Add-ins in FireFox which "could" affect internet connectivity but I believe they are configured properly and as I've already stated, I have PERFECT Internet connectivity via LAN, just NONE via WLAN.
Besides all of the "Obvious" things to try, I've also uninstalled this card & driver multiple times. Allowed Windows to re-install AND forced manual re-installation and installed the driver application from Atheros. I've also performed multiple "IPConfig/release...renew" attempts which have not produced a solution. Windows Network Diagnostic gives this result: "Your broadband modem is experiencing connectivity issues". NOT TRUE but went thru their troubleshooting steps anyway to no avail.

I'm completely stumped as to what's causing this problem and how to remedy it. I'm fai... Read more

A:WLAN Connection, but NO WLAN Internet

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I have an open thread in the Networking section. Here's the link:
I'm posting here for Issues, problems, and/or solutions DIRECTLY related to MALWARE. For solutions related to Networking, please post to the link above.

Basic details of what's going on:
I can connect to, and access EVERYTHING (WAP, Router, Switch, Printer, NAS, Other computers, etc.) while connected over WLAN. I cannot connect to the INTERNET over WLAN (Although it DOES say "Internet Access"). I CAN connect to everything (including Internet) when connected over LAN.

Other computers CAN connect to the Internet using this WAP...but this is NOT A LOCAL NETWORKING ISSUE. PLEASE don't post Networking questions or solutions on this thread. Please refer to the link above for ALL Networking questions unless they are DIRECTLY related to MALWARE.
Pertinent Software Installed on this system:
​Win7 Ultimate x64
AVG Free 2011 (NO Virus' found)
Ad-Aware Free v8.3.6 (No issues found)
Windows Firewall (Disabled for Troubleshooting)
Windows Defender (Disabled for Troubleshooting)
NO VPN S/W Installed (Netgear's VPN SW is not compatible with Win7 x64 and was removed)
NO BLOATWARE Installed (All preloaded Bloatware was removed on day 1 (04/15/'10))
FireFox 3.6.12
IE8 x32 & x64 (v8.0.7600.16385)

Any programs (Bloatware, VPN, etc) which were removed, ... Read more

A:WLAN Connected but NO Internet over WLAN

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Im currently using Windows Vista, which i wasn't too happy about at the start, but who cares right now...
i have to use LAN if i want to use the internet becuase my WLAN on my laptop seems to have stuffed up. when using the "connect to a network" window, it seems that it can't connect to my router at all. the reason for this is that my security is WEP-Shared. I removed the current network, then tried to add it in manually, but i seems to come up with a "unexpected error occurred" with no error code, no nothing. (Screenshot attached.)
ideas anyone?

A:Solved: WLAN Problem Using Vista

Solved: a simple system restart seemed to fix it...

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Hello,  Broadcom WLAN connection problem.  The connection is disconnecting. Connection breaks. Admin or Moderator,  %100 compatible and lastest update driver link please. hardware IDs: PCI\VEN_14E4&DEV_4365&SUBSYS_804A103C&REV_01HP 250 G4(T6N61EA), HP sites Driver & Software, Not working Broadcom WLAN driver: http://h20565.www2.hp.com/hpsc/swd/public/readIndex?sp4ts.oid=7609954&swLangOid=38&swEnvOid=4158 

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