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File Corruption From Latest Batch of Updates

Q: File Corruption From Latest Batch of Updates

Something in the latest batch of updates (Image Attached) has resulted in file corruption as detected when running Sfc /scannow. The corruption is repaired but the same message reappears every time it is run. I have restored to just prior to installing the updates and do not have any corruption. I will reinstall updates a couple at a time to determine the culprit. This has happened on both my PC's.

Has anyone else experienced this problem?

Preferred Solution: File Corruption From Latest Batch of Updates

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: File Corruption From Latest Batch of Updates

Yeah, so far I've narrowed it down to one or more in this group,

I got tired of running SFC's earlier, but it comes back clear with those uninstalled.

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After the latest batch of Windows updates, about a half hour after installing the last, I noticed that this had been installed on my computer because it showed up in the notes of my Kaspersky, and that it opened the Windows Dump File verifier and ran a disk check and battery test.
Did this happen to anyone else?  Should I do deeper digging into my computer's health?  I uninstalled it (I don't do cloud networking) but I'm very curious.  I'm now having trouble updating my Kaspersky, it says the databases are corrupted with an Authentification error. 

A:HP Touchpoint Analytics Bundled with Latest Batch of Updates?

Was this update the November 10th KB4048958?

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My old laptop had this issue: Intel Graphics adapter WDDM1.1 driver update causing system corruption

It was working fine until one day it stopped booting into normal mode; it turned out that a Win7 download of an Intel graphics driver update was causing the issue. I hadn't created a system backup, which, in hindsight, wasn't a good idea but I'm not sure if the laptop would've worked from a system restore, given that it wasn't working from even a clean re-install.

I'm buying a new laptop and would like to know how to avoid issues like this in future. I used to have auto-install of updates but should I change that setting to "check for updates but only install if I choose to"? If so, I'm concerned that I might not install important updates on a timely basis which might cause more problems...

Thanks for any help.

A:How to avoid system file corruption due to driver updates

I personally set the updates to alert me but let me decide when and if to download and install.

I have never missed an important update.

Also, I only install drivers from the manufacturer of the hardware or computer.

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I download a lot of Windows 7 critical and important updates, I want to install all updates at once, if possible, install all updates at once without restart computer, How can I do that?

A:Install updates via execute batch file

If an update installer says you should restart Windows it's advisable to do that before installing something else. Delaying the restart in order to install something else can cause problems and errors.

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We sell PCs and one of the biggest pains is having to wait for the updates to download. After Windows XP SP2 (which is preinstalled), there are currently 118 "critical" downloads that have to be taken down before the PC is up to date. There is also a number of reboots involved in this which is the most awkward part (as you cant just leave the PC there to take down ALL patches on its own, it requires user intervention)

I have downloaded all of these 118 fixes and have created a batch file that has the format of

echo installing Windows XP Post SP2 upates.
start "" /wait StepByStepInteractiveTraining-KB898458-x86-ENU.exe /quiet /norestart
start "" /wait WindowsInstaller-KB893803-v2-x86.exe /quiet /norestart
start "" /wait WindowsMedia-KB911564-x86-ENU.exe /quiet /norestart
start "" /wait WindowsMedia10-KB911565-v2-x86-ENU.exe /quiet /norestart
start "" /wait WindowsMedia10-KB917734-x86-ENU.exe /quiet /norestart

for all of the updates. It runs much quicker than downloading it (obviously) and only requires one reboot at the end. Is there anything wrong with doing it this way. I have done it on three PCs already and they seem fine (and windowsupdate.com reports that it has all of the critical updates)

I have looked at all of the other patching options and this is the easiest for me.

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I`m new around here and I have been given a task to update multiple computers with Microsoft updates offline. the updates will be sorted on a network drive. how do I create the bat file. if its possible to get the whole script on how to do that. I will be happy. thank u

A:how to create a batch file for offline updates [microsoft]

You would be better off setting up a WSUS server.

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I've been sitting on this batch file that was given to me. It removed 10 of the unwanted updates we are all dealing with. I'm not a programmer but I figured out how to include the additional 10 updates that have been released, 20 in total. All you have to do is run the batch file as administrator and in a few minutes (or less) all those updates are removed with no harm to the OS. Afterward, perform a Windows Update and hide the unwanted updates because they WILL try to install again. With the proper Update Settings and this tool you will have your Windows 7 back to where it used to be. If your system has been damaged by trying other methods that I've seen posted IT WILL NOT FIX THOSE PROBLEMS ... sorry.

I have asked 2 different BC people about this and have forwarded the file to them for approval, but for some reason they have remained mute. I spend a lot of time (too much) reading all the anger and frustration that these updates have caused, and the horror stories that this Win 10 debacle has caused. I want to help, but I hesitate without BC approval. Just 1 little 4 kB file could really help a LOT of people.

So how about it BC? Can I 'pull the trigger' on this one? - RVAH-12

A:I want to post a batch file that removes unwanted updates

I think uninstalling updates is a bad idea, so no.

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I have a small batch file the removes ten Win 10 -like spyware updates and upgrade prep updates. Can I post it here? New KB#s can be added as needed (I think). This little gem could be of help for many people. I will turn it over ONLY to BC Team.

A:Batch file cleans MS spyware/Win 10 updates (awaiting approval)

Go ahead and post it, let us check it out.

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Greetings, new to the forum. I apologize in advance as I'm sure this topic has been posted before, but didn't find anything that addressed this formally...

So, the idea is that my company has a ton of desktops, connected to a domain, most of which do not have over 2gigs of RAM on them. When said desktops are booting up, Windows is checking for updates, utilizing as much as a gig and a half of said RAM, which is causing these machines to slow down to the point of being largely unusable. What I'd like to do is disable winupdate to automatically start up, then have user's run it themselves, maybe on a Friday before they leave or something. I want to set this up so there's as little for them to do as possible - many of them are not technological. In other words, windows would check for updates, install the updates, restart, etc. without any prompting from the user. Any suggestions as to how to best go about this?

Thanks in advance. Toffer.

A:Windows Update - Win 7 Ent x64 - create batch file to install updates

GPO is your friend - you should post your query to the TechNet forums, where there are many experts in GPO and WSUS.

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Ok I'm totally at a loss on how to word this so I'm just going to write it out the best that I can...

First I have a batch file that I'm writing that will convert mp4 files to mp3 files (I have a lot) for a buddies band using ffmpeg.

Here's the code that I'm using:

ffmpeg -i folder\video.mp4 -f mp3 -ab 160000 -vn "\different folder\music.mp3"

what I would like to do is add to this so that I don't have to write out this code for every file I have... :/

I have the mp4 files in one folder and than the mp3 files are saving to another folder.

So here's an example of what the code will do if it isn't clear yet.

Folder 1:


what it should do is grab video1.mp4 and convert it.

ffmpeg -i folder\video1.mp4 -f mp3 -ab 160000 -vn "\different folder\music1.mp3"

and than move onto the next one

ffmpeg -i folder\video2.mp4 -f mp3 -ab 160000 -vn "\different folder\music2.mp3"

and than the next one

ffmpeg -i folder\video3.mp4 -f mp3 -ab 160000 -vn "\different folder\music3.mp3"

It's going to have to grab the name from the mp4 file and insert it for the mp3 file.

I can get around pretty good in cmd if it's basic commands but when it comes to something like this I'm a little confused...

Thanks for the help in advance!
I'll see what i can do about searching some more on what I would have to do and if I find the solution I'll post it here if it isn't already answered.

A:Batch File that grabs file names from folder to insert into batch file

A DOS "for /f" loop should do the trick, although changing the filename extension for the output to do everything in one line escapes me at the moment.

Perhaps you could do a dir .\folder\*.mp4/s/b > mp4s.txt, then make a copy of that and edit each line to rename the file to the destination name, and save it as mp3s.txt. Then you just feed both the source (mp4s.txt) and destination (mp3s.txt) filesnames into the for /f loop which handles the ffmpeg conversion.

Quite a crude solution and you'd have to handpatch the destination filenames, but i can't think of how to get a source mp4 filename and then just change the extension.

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I have a question  that how to copy file from remote desktop user drive to my local machine using  xcopy or any other protocol.

This is my server path "\\Trail01" and here is the file location "c:\Users\ashique.sheikh\Desktop\Day2.R"
How can i give this is in my batch file. I have used this
net use "\\Trail01" "[email protected]" "/USER:ashique.sheikh"
XCOPY /Y \\Trail01\c:\users\ashique.sheikh\Desktop\Day2.R  "D:\VMI"
But its not working. It is give path error.
How can i download this or is there any other way to do it?

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I have Acer Aspire 5750G. My current BIOS version is 1.07. The latest version is 1.12.

There are a few versions in between. Should I do incremental updates and reach 1.12 or should I just go direct to 1.12?

Many Thanks!

A:BIOS - Incremental updates to latest vrsn or direct update to latest?

Bios updates are cumulative, so you only need the latest.

You also don't need to update the bios unless there is a fix in it/them that fixes an issue you may be having. For the most part updating the bios is as easy as updating a driver, only if a bios update goes wrong you can't roll back to the old and you basically end up with a nice paperweight.

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Vostro 360 upgraded to Windows 10 (via ISO).
Built-in panel video is corrupted (vertical stripe down center that suggests panel failure).External monitor works fine.However, built-in panel works during boot for both BIOS and Windows 10 logo screen, and also works in Safe Mode. Additionally, the panel works fine after it comes out of sleep mode.Any time the video mode changes (e.g. by a resolution change, plugging in an external monitor, or starting the computer) the built-in panel will be garbled. Causing the system to sleep and unsleep (even immediately after startup) will correct the built-in panel video corruption.Driver installed by Windows 10 is: Intel(R) HD GraphicsDriver Date: 5/27/2015Driver Version: update a Vostro 360 Windows 7 system with the latest Intel HD Graphics driver, I will get the same behaviour, so it's almost certainly a driver issue.What confuses me is that no-one has mentioned a similar problem, and many have mentioned successful upgrades to Windows 10. Am I just unlucky with my systems, or is there some software variable that could mask (or create) the problem?On Windows 7, I can revert to an older driver to make the problem go away. This is difficult on Windows 10, as it continually upgrades to the latest driver.Closest similar issue is an unresolved red/green/blue colour cycling problem.http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_7-hardware/dell-vostro-360-and-optional-intel-graphics-driver/2fbf78e7-2c1b-4986-b711-add8... Read more

A:Vostro 360 upgrade to Windows 10 video corruption with latest Intel driver

Product not tested for Windows 10 upgrade
Dell is not testing or developing Windows 10 drivers for this product. If you choose to upgrade, some features, applications, and connected devices may not work as expected.

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If someone can Please help, I just need the Data in the XML tag extracted to Batch File Variable....the rest i figured out and works great for the backup...just need the extracted tags...
thank you

i have a parent directory that contains a sub directory and a XML file that i need a batch to read 2 specific tags then create a Set command in the batch with those 2 lines to create a backup folder with the tags as the names and such. looks like this:

Parent Directory = XML
XML Folder contains > WJFKB02229001.D Folder & Config.xml File

I need to read the contents of the xml "Config.xml" extract the PhaseID Tag data "WJFKB02229001"
Also need to extract the BoxID "D", I don't need anything else on these seperate lines.

keep trying the following For /F command but no luck
[COLOR=red]for /f "tokens=1 delims=[" %%G in ("PHASEID" %path%\%myfile%) DO ([/COLOR]
[COLOR=red]set PhaseID=%%G[/COLOR]
[COLOR=red]echo Phase: %PhaseID%[/COLOR]

and i've searched so many sites and forums with no real help on this one....the data is contained in the xml, weird enough i guess that it's enclosed in brackets "[", which all the forums i read and try it either replies with a blank variable being passed or says it can't find the file at all....



Set PhaseID="[COLOR=red][B][I]Extracted PhaseID from xml[/I][/B][/COLOR]"
Set BoxID="... Read more

A:Solved: Batch File Extract TAGID to Batch Variable? weird

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I'd just like to run a simple batch file at logoff to backup some settings. I plan to use Robocopy, which is what i use to more thorough backups.

Two questions:
1. How make it run by clicking Start > Shutdown? (i realise i could make a shutdown batch file and run it instead, but i'd rather keep a standard 'workflow' for other users who use the machine.

2. I'm 'ok' with batch files, but i've never tried to mirror to a different folder each time (automagically). What i'd like to do is have it backup a folder and call it "blah.1" then "blah.2" each time it is run, and then repeat once it gets to "blah.9" so it doesn't keep growing forever. I don't know how to do this.

I realise no.2 is not really for this forum, but someone might know and i might as well ask


A:How to run a batch file at logoff & some batch scripting help please

I found an answer to the logoff/shutdown:
How to schedule a task to run when shutting down windows - Stack Overflow

And the batch file folders:
robocopy - Insert current date in to destination folder structure - Stack Overflow

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So I successfully installed a total of 20 Windows updates for my Windows 7 x64 installation on Tuesday 11, 2014. I think 18 of them were "important" and 2 were "recommended" for x64 systems.

Now I have received four additional update notifications through Windows Update, one at a time. I installed the first without giving it much thought, after which I was asked to reboot. Everything seemed fine after reboot until I tried my Firefox browser, it looked all wrong and I could no longer read any of the menu headings. It was essentially non-functional. Then I tried Internet Explorer 11. It simply failed with an error window indicating that it could not start and it was checking for a solution to the problem.

So then I tried to uninstall the update, and I receive a message that an error occurred and the un-installation was unsuccessful. So then I restored Windows from an image file I had just made, and all was well again of course.

When this update came back through Windows Update, I researched it a bit and was surprised to find that it was from 2012. Now it is possible that I missed an important or recommended update, but I know I've checked Windows Update numerous times between 2012 and now, and this never showed up before. I also doubt that I missed an important or recommended update since they are selected by default, and I don't deviate from that. But I didn't verify since I couldn't find an easy way to search the 100+ updates installed on my m... Read more

A:Old Windows updates appearing as new after latest updates

Let's have a look at the background...

Please follow the Windows Update Posting Instructions and post the requested data
Also, please post the C:\Windows\windowsupdate.log file

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for 72 hours now im geting constant updates on windows update ....
windows even re instaled SP1 ...

story goes my hdd broke down 3 days ago so i installed on a new hd win 7 home prem. x64 +sp1, since that time i had at least 5 hours of updates (inc. setup)

funny thing is a friend did format on his pc today and we spend 3 hours updating (dont think he finished, instead he went to sleep)

My q is (as stated above) is there a reason for the 34/72/4/3/2/1/silverlight new updates found????? did win7 went unstable????

its rly anoying (got some failed updates to)

until 3 days ago i had no probs.....

sor for my bad english thnx in advance !

A:Latest windows updates updates ... is there something going on?

I got two updates today on a system i just finished lastnight and i verified a few times that it was up to date. The ones i got today were both the same and had something to do with Xhtml files, i didnt read the full description, i just ran the updates and shut down.

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I'm supporting someone who is having an issue with Windows Updates causing a system corruption after installing updates. 

After installing the updates the system goes into a loop where it tries to do an Automatic Repair, fails, reboots, and repeats. 

Srttrail.txt says that the issue is with cng.sys and gives an error code of 0xa:
Root cause found: 
Boot critical file c:\windows\system32\drivers\cng.sys is corrupt.

Repair action: File repair
Result: Failed. Error code =  0xa
Time taken = 5047 ms

The system is running Windows 8.1 x64.
FDE is enabled with Bitlocker. 

I was able to get back into Windows by doing a system restore. I disabled Bitlocker, tried to run the updates again, and the same issue occurs and I had to do another system restore to get back to Windows. 

I ran sfc /scannow and it found corrupt files but was unable to fix. 

The list of updates that are trying to install are:


Any thoughts?

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I've got a system that was acting weird on, running slow, etc. I did an repair install of Windows 7 SP1 over the existing OS and can't get all of the Windows updates to roll.

I attempted to do SFC /SCANNOW and it reports no integrity violations.

KB947821 was run overnight and this evening, I found the computer still running it with the "Searching for updates" prompt.

CBS folder is attached.

SFCFix shows:
SFCFix version by niemiro.
Start time: 2017-01-07 21:29:07.744
Microsoft Windows 7 Service Pack 1 - amd64
Not using a script file.

SUMMARY: Some corruptions could not be fixed automatically. Seek advice from helper or sysnative.com.
CBS & SFC total detected corruption count: 0
CBS & SFC total unimportant corruption count: 0
CBS & SFC total fixed corruption count: 0
SURT total detected corruption count: 111
SURT total unimportant corruption count: 0
SURT total fixed corruption count: 0
AutoAnalysis:: directive completed successfully.

Successfully processed all directives.
SFCFix version by niemiro has completed.
Currently storing 0 datablocks.
Finish time: 2017-01-07 21:29:17.739

I've looked around the forums online and tried various things, but can't seem to get the updates to pull down correctly.

Thanks in advance for any assistance that can be provided.

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I'm having a problem with a very long (125+ page) and extremely crucial Office 2007 Word document. Two strange things have started happening: First, when I try to close the file I get an error message that says: “Cannot close file. File is open in another location” (which, of course, it isn’t). In order to close the file, I have to do a “Save-as” and rename the file. However, when I open the newly created file, it only opens up as a "read-only" document which can't be saved or edited. To make matters worse, when I close the new file and reopen it, the new file becomes read-only as well. And on and on ad infinitum with every new file created from the original file!!!

When I check Properties for both the old and new files, “Read-Only” is not checked, so I'm really stumped. I've tried every method I know to correct both the File Open in Another Location and the Read-Only problems. I tried going to Task Manager to see if either the original file or the new file was actually running in another program, which they were not. I went into Event Viewer to see if there was any error in Microsoft Office, and I couldn’t find one (although, I’m not really sure how to find this exact kind of error). I tried to reopen both files from Windows Explorer, which didn’t help. I tried shutting down and rebooting which didn’t help. I even tried copying the contents of the new file and creating a newer file with a different... Read more

A:File Corruption: 'File Open in Other Location' + 'Read-Only'

It would be an interesting experiment to save the file as an RTF (Rich Text File), rename it, and then open it for editing in Word and see if the same problems happen.

The reason it would be interesting is, when you save Office files as Office files, they're written with Visual Basic code. VBA code is used in lots of applications and it affects "system" features like your ability to edit and save.

So, save the doc as a "Save As..." and in the white box at the bottom, click it, and a list will show up with the various other formats you can save as. RTF does not contain Visual Basic or VBA code.

RTF keeps formatting information, though special indents and numbering systems may look a little funny afterward.

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Hi all,

Any idea how to write Batch File .bat to copy file from File Sharing & FTP Hosting to local directory.

Current the File Sharing & FTP Hosting is SMARTFILE.

I don't want to use WINSCP as the connector.


A:Batch File .bat to copy file from File Sharing & FTP Hosting

Hi Chacha,

Give this batch file a try. All text in red, you should adjust before running.

@echo off
echo.lcd C:\Some\local\directory
echo.cd /Some/server/path
echo.get Some_file_to_download.txt
) > "%TEMP%\_%~n0.ftp"
ftp -s:"%TEMP%\_%~n0.ftp" ""
del "%TEMP%\_%~n0.ftp"

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Hi all,
I need help to create windows batch file for following requirements.
1. Remove .txt and .log file format in sub folders.
2. Zip individual file inside any sub folders and give file name through command prompt. 
3. Create sub folder zip file include file zip

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After Tuesday updates my screensaver won't come on if it's set for more than a couple minutes and my power management is the same. The display will turn off if set for a minute or 2 but if set for say 30 minutes it won't work. Anyone else having this problem ???

A:Latest Updates

bobcat5536 said:

After Tuesday updates my screensaver won't come on if it's set for more than a couple minutes and my power management is the same. The display will turn off if set for a minute or 2 but if set for say 30 minutes it won't work. Anyone else having this problem ???Click to expand...

Update: Restored an Acronis Image back to a week ago and it still is messed up, so not windows update problem. I set to turn off display after 1 minute or set the screensaver to 1 minute, they both work fine. It's only after I try to add minutes to either one that neither one will work. This is a real puzzler.

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Has anyone else had problems since the latest update to W10?
I have a network of 3 W10 computers sharing files etc but since the last updates all my network settings have been trashed and I can't get the computers to communicate with each other. This isn't the first time updates have caused this problem but this time changing the network sharing settings etc hasn't fixed the problem.

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Anyone had fun today with 10 updates?

They went into my pc this morning and since then its taken me an hour and a half to get to the point where I can type this.

The pc booted up, no image. Had to reset to default Samsung flat screen to get it to come 'alive'. Then the error bleeps began in earnest and no stopping. tried and retired cables, no difference, unplugging port box, and re plugging in, no change. Mouse not working.

I changed keyboard from logitech to MS 1.0a MM board, still bleeping. Removed usb connect for logitech. Turned off and restarted, bleeping for about 5 mins - then suddenly it stopped.

This was very close to being an internet free home!

A:Latest Win 10 Updates !!!

KB3156421 - Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1511 - Page 3 - Windows 10 Forums
- see mine at 29 from 'Windows News' maybe?

- an internet free home... yeah, let's get away from devices and have some real communication...

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Anyone had fun today with 10 updates?

They went into my pc this morning and since then its taken me an hour and a half to get to the point where I can type this.

The pc booted up, no image. Had to reset to default Samsung flat screen to get it to come 'alive'. Then the error bleeps began in earnest and no stopping. tried and retired cables, no difference, unplugging port box, and re plugging in, no change. Mouse not working.

I changed keyboard from logitech to MS 1.0a MM board, still bleeping. Removed usb connect for logitech. Turned off and restarted, bleeping for about 5 mins - then suddenly it stopped.

This was very close to being an internet free home!

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Anyone know if the updates released on Tuesday require SP1 to be installed beforehand as a prerequisite? Similarly, if these latest updates are installed now (without SP1) will it cause problems if SP1 is installed later?

I have all the updates prior to SP1, so I don't feel like SP1 will really give me much, and I've seen enough posts of people with problems after installing SP1 I'm in no hurry to download/install it. But I still want to apply critical updates as they come out.

A:Latest updates (4/12) and SP1

My windows has just installed a bunch of updates without having SP1 installed, and there are no problems so far.

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Well, here we go ... again.  I had 2 "Important Security" updates today:
1) "Compatibility update for upgrading Windows 7 - This update helps Microsoft make improvements to the current operating system in order to ease the upgrade experience to the latest version of Windows."
2) "Update installs Get Windows 10 app in Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 SP1 - This update installs the Get Windows 10 app, which helps users understand their Windows 10 upgrade options and device readiness. For more information about Windows 10, see Windows 10."
    "This update applies to Windows 8.1 or Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1) and Internet Explorer 11 (IE11). Before you install this update, check out the Prerequisites section."
Other than deceiving us with the overall description "Important Security" updates, it's obvious that these are really Win 10 'preppers' .  I also still have the last week's "optional" updates that were discussed at http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/587305/new-optional-updates-on-82115/ regarding Telephony Tracking (I voted no).  They remain uninstalled.
Back to today's deception :  It is apparent that MS will go to 'no ends' to force Win 10 down our throats.  IMO we should be offered an 'update' that will opt-out of the nonsense.  Something that tells them to BACK OFF!
- RVAH-12

A:Latest Updates 8-25-15 (don't do it)

It doesn't seems that there's any new updates being released today. What's their KB numbers? From which MS Bulletin are they?

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I have spent hours this morning with the latest set of updates. The installation went to 59% then hung for a long time before going to restarting. Restarting never progressed further. After trying physical restarts a couple of times I finally managed to achieve failure to config updates and reversion to previous set-up.

I have since set updates to manually install and made a recovery disk using Paragon Hard Disk Manager. The question is what do I do now?

As background I had enormous problems in getting W8 installed. I started from XP which failed, after installing Vista two times I finally managed a successful installation. There is one visible trace of all this in that when I start up I am offered 2 choices of OS to boot with. Both are for W8 but only 1 works; the 2nd brings me back to the OS choice screen. Would deletion of 2nd boot option help and if so how do I delete it?

A:Latest W8 Updates

The one thing I've notice with the MS updates in windows 8 is that it does seem to take longer vs MS updates in windows 7. One should never do anything until the updates are completed, if not you take the risk of causing some seriou system damage.

How did you install windows 8, upgrade or clean install?

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Hello All.

I am trying to create a batch file that calls other batch files (device simulators).

The problem I am having is the batch file will not continue until the the call terminates, is there a way to continue it after the call (the batch only terminates after the user exits the simulator).

Thanks avamore

A:batch file: batch within batch

Welcome to TSG!

Use Start. The first set of quotes is for a title. It's needed in case the file name/command needs to be quoted, as in the 2nd example.

Start "" batch.cmd

This will open in a 2nd window. If the batch file you call doesn't use the Exit command that window may remain.
In that case use this instead:
Start "" "cmd /c batch.cmd"

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Is there a way to uninstall several Windows Updates at one time instead of uninstall one by one?
Thank you

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I decided to upgrade my laptop to 8.1 a few days ago, and when i turned it on the next day i decided to check for the latest updates and a number of updates appeared so i installed them. But at the same time my AV needed to restart, so when it booted back up again i checked in my update history to see if they had installed but it keeps on saying restart needed. I've restarted my laptop a few times and it still says that for the latest updates, what can i do to fix this error?

A:Cannot install new batch of updates in 8.1

Could you list which updates these are, and what the precise error message is (if there is one). Are you getting an error mesage within the windows update sectiopn of control panel, or are you seeing a "failed" status in your update history, or have you got both? Also which AV is it that you run?

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Having just installed a fistful of updates from M/S I find I can not log onto my gmail account with Opera, a google pop up says they have detected a problem with cookies, I have tried to let www.google.com have access but it does not work, now when I use my old IE which I keep installed (for moments like this) there is no problem and I get to my email acc. I am running Vista home

A:No gmail after latest updates

Hi mich, a quick Google search suggests that Opera and gmail don't get along very well and that didn't start today. (Don't switch to Chrome because it will end support for Vista in April.) Have you tried this:

Go to Settings > Privacy & Security > Cookies, open All Cookies and Sites Data then Remove all, restart Opera.

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I updated my desktop and a laptop on Saturday - the desktop runs x64 on an AMD quad platform, the laptop runs x32 on an Intel Duo platform.
Sunday morning both machines, for the first time in years, went into BSOD frenzies, reporting all sorts of weird and wonderful problems, blaming hardware, then blaming software, then blaming hardware again and so on.
Rolled both back to pre-update states, removed AV software and ran a number of diagnostics and so on, returning some semblence of stability to the machines, but am still getting nasty blue shocks, often on startup.
I have avoided trying to boot after a hiberation -- turned it off on both machines -- and that seems to have helped somewhat.
Sorry for the long-windedness, but I wondered if anyone else has had a recent spate of BSODs.
I would ordinarily just it put it down to a random probem, but two previously solid machines on two different platforms seems more than coincidence.
I ran compete antivirus scans on both and have so far discovered nothing out of the ordinary.
Thanks for any help,

A:BSODs after latest updates

Uninstall the newly installed updates.
Or go to c:\windows\ and delete the SoftwareDistribution folder and restart the computrer.
Then, try updating windows.

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I'm getting ready to do a clean install with the latest W8.1 disk image from MS and I want to download the standalone update packs and install offline. Of the 3 update rollups that have been released do you know which ones I need to get for current W8,1? I've already got update 3 but do I need the other 2?

A:Standalone Updates For Latest W8.1

I would think you do, not all updates address same issues.

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I recently installed the latest XP Updates and then found that the following two keep wanting to be installed again:

Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 Update for Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP x86 (KB98216)
Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 and .NET Framework 2.0 SP2 Security Update for Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP x86 (KB979909)

The yellow shield appears again and again after I've installed these updates! Every time it confirms they have been installed, yet it's been SIX times now and it even states on the Microsoft Updates page under 'Installed Updates' that they have been installed successfully! Yet it still says I have to install them!

Now, I have 'Hidden' these 'Updates' as I am sick and tired of seeing the shield!

A:Latest Windows XP Updates

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I got KB3176936 [14393.82] on 8/24 and the Regedit edit to PaintDesktop quit working even though it was correctly set.
I got KB3176938 [14393.105] today [while I was out shopping] and PaintDesktop also will not work even though set as directed.
I have a reason to have it showing, more than 1 computer and both Home and Pro versions. It still works on the Insider Preview.
Attachment 99184

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I have 2 laptops I haven't turned on for sometime.

How can I install ALL latest updates all in one go.
Like download a big file from Microsoft.

Also, I've got a Windows 7 PC.
It's taking absolutely ages installing updates.
Reboot. Then more updates.
All done? Yes. No m ore updates.
Then check for updates - oh... there's now 950MB worth of critical updates.

There MUST be a shortcut?
(If needed, I don't mind wiping everything on the PC.)


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Hi, I usually read here before updating. After reading here recently, I'm concerned about problems I may have with these latest updates.

I have had this used computer from ebay for 6 or so months and done all the updates 3 or 4 times. The one update with a problem, a month or two back, I got the answers here of how to update one at a time saving the specific problematic update til the last.

So, I use W7 Ultimate on a 2007 Toshiba Satellite. I do the HD drive cleaning, check HD, and defrag on regular basis. I clean IE9 "delete browsing history" weekly if not more.

I guess what I need to do is create a newer restore and reapair DVD disc, before attempting these lastest updates. My question for the experts here, is do you have any advice for me, besides my plans to create newer restore and repair discs?

I guess I'm likely to have some of the problems others have here. I dunno. Rybo

A:Concern About Latest Updates

Quote: Originally Posted by rybosix

I guess what I need to do is create a newer restore and reapair DVD disc, before attempting these lastest updates. My question for the experts here, is do you have any advice for me, besides my plans to create newer restore and repair discs?

Just a couple of questions if I may to make sure I'm understanding things. I'm confused by your reference to a "restore and repair DVD disc". A "restore" disk (also called a "recovery" disk) is usually provided by a computer manufacturer. It allows you to restore your computer to factory specifications so your computer would be exactly how it was when it left the factory. This kind of disk normally isn't updated to a newer version.

Or were you referring to a "restore point" which is something you could create before attempting to install the latest Windows Updates? If the updates don't install correctly or if they give you problems, you could restore your machine back to a pre-update condition.

System Restore Point - Create

System Restore

On the other hand, were you talking about a System Repair Disk? This kind of disk simply allows you to access various repair functions that are built into Windows 7. This is normally a one-time creation and it doesn't need to be updated. If the disk became scratched or otherwise damaged, that's about the only time you'd have to create a new disk. The Repair Disk is absolutely n... Read more

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Anyone experiencing computer problems after installing latest Microsoft updates? After installing the updates and then opening IE 11 and proceeding to a website, the computer froze. Shut down the computer and then rebooted. The same thing occurred again. Decided to uninstall the updates. Performed the same procedures again. This time the computer opened more quickly and it did not lock up. Then determined to install just two updates: KB3141092 and KB3134814. Logged off and restarted. The computer did not malfunction. All of the above was performed yesterday.

Today it was decided to just install a few of the updates that were uninstalled yesterday to determine which might be causing the lock up problem. The following updates were installed:

KB3122648, KB3127220 and KB3115858

The computer was restarted and IE opened. This time IE was slower in opening, which indicated to me that the lock up might occur. It did. Went back and uninstalled the 3 updates and restarted the computer. Again, everything seems to be functioning as it should. No lock up.

Any comments?

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Since the latest round of updates my laptop has no sound & the sound diagnostics seems to think I have no speakers plugged in!

Looking at the properties of my sound card - it seems to have been updated on 16/8 when I switched my laptop on following the updates.

Anyone had the same problem or got any ideas which of the updates I need to uninstall.

Many thanks

A:No sound after latest updates

You could also select a system restore point prior to when you installed the drivers.
Could you post a screenshot or list of the updates you installed on the 16th.

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If you've lost sharing on files and folders after latest MS security updates see my post at


A:Latest MS Updates Hammered LAN

Hmm... I installed them all here, and my Windows firewall is still disabled.

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I don't understand the directions above. BSOD???
Windows dumped 18 upgrades on me the other night and I have not been able to use IE since. It just pops up a message saying "Internet Explorer will not load", the details listed are:
Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: IEXPLORE.EXE
Application Version: 11.0.9600.17801
Application Timestamp: 5536642c
Fault Module Name: StackHash_2b0e
Fault Module Version: 6.1.7601.18839
Fault Module Timestamp: 553e8808
Exception Code: c0000374
Exception Offset: 000cea5f
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 1033
Additional Information 1: 2b0e
Additional Information 2: 2b0e42cb4e4e1346b11f18d8be881d72
Additional Information 3: c938
Additional Information 4: c9380e35fc4308c4ce234dd529a94635

It is all greek to me. I managed to get firefox downloaded to get online, and I really really don't like it.

A:IE will not load since the last batch of windows updates

Hi and welcome to SevenForums,
See this,
Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions

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I've kept updates set to automatic, until May, when that update batch caused conflicts with video drivers that caused lockups. Checking the forums I see lots of users are having issues with this past Tuesday's batch of updates- some updates won't install, W7 activation is lost, amongst other problems.

How many people have had zero issues with this past week's batch? Is the batch too problematic to install and should I avoid it for now?

To play safe, I ran sfc /scannow and it turned up no errors. I ran MGAdiag and found nothing wrong. I've yet to install the updates, decided I'd post this thread to gauge how widespread the problems are in case these updates are causing more problems than usual.

A:Is this week's batch of updates too troublesome?

I never have problems with updates......including this last update. Everything always works well for the 4 computers I manage here at home.

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Hi, after re-installation of the OS (Vista Ultimate x86), I downloaded and saved all appropriate updates (I want to install the same OS and updates again to Virtual Box and I didn't want to download all updates twice). Now I'm looking for some simple way (script) of installing all updates in one batch, with no restart. I looked at a program called vLite, but after installation and before it could be run,it requires an almost 1.4GB additional download, which seems like an overkill. The BatchPatch is for a large network, not a single system running VB. I also have seen some script parts, but they were not clear enough to me - I'm neither a geek nor IT. If someone has a script that would work, please list it in its entirety and a form understandable even to a drunken sailor. Thank you!

A:How to install windows updates in a batch?

Microsoft used to have a utility called Qchain to do this on Windows XP. Doesn't seem to be available for Vista or Windows 7. But apparently a simple batch file that points to where all the updates are could in theory do it according to this website.
Windows 7 equivalent to QChain.exe for installing security updates - Microsoft Answers

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i been fighting bsods for a while when going into sleep or out of sleep.

I recently reinstalled fresh w7 and had NOOOOO bsod until i installed the first batch of MS auto updates.

is ther anyway you can tell from my info ill attache which update is the problem?
thank you soo much..
w7 64
4 gigs ram
gigabyte 890gpe
AMD 6 core 3.2 ghz
1200watt PSU

A:BSOD on sleep after first batch of W& updates

i attached my dump files per instruction

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