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I lost my limited user account folder icon in Users folder.

Q: I lost my limited user account folder icon in Users folder.

I clicked on the Hidden box of Properties for a couple of my folders.

I lost my limited user account folder in the Users folder. How do I get it back?


Preferred Solution: I lost my limited user account folder icon in Users folder.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: I lost my limited user account folder icon in Users folder.

You mean you hide it? If that what happened, just change the folder view setting to show up the hidden folders.
Refer here:
Hidden Files and Folders - Show or Hide

If that isn't what happened, then elaborate the situation much more.
Take Care

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A past virus must have caused this.The C:\Users folder is not visible in explorer for some reason.I can still visit the contents and the pc works fine,but this is not right.Also, there is a lock on my users/alexandros folder icon.Maybe it has something to do?

A:Users folder not visible in explorer,lock on admin's user folder icon?

Oh,note that i went in and tried to give "users" read and write rights of the users\alexandros folder to see if the lock goes away ,but i saw the processing was taking too much time and also some files had access denied so i quit.I hope i did not mess up

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A:Please help lost administrator user account folder

Quote: Originally Posted by mikenz88


I have been using my new Sony Vaio for months now - every time I restarted the System Out Of Box Experience was shown. This would not work properly and I kept cancelling it as I did not know what it did and stored all data in the administrator user folder - the user name was administrator.

Today I upgraded to Ultimate 64 from Home Premium 64 and the Out Of Box Experience was shown again after first booting up following the upgrade. This took me through a setup process and created a new user account.

Now I only have one new user account and cannot see any of the files from the original administrator account (i.e. all of my files). I cannot locate these but the Windows folder is about 45GB which seems big. I estimate my files were 15-25GB.

I desperately need to get these files back as I have formatted my old laptop and do not have up to date copies on my backup drive.

Any ideas where the files have ended up and how to recover them?

Two things when you upgraded you probably created a windows.old folder with all of your old data. Second you can enable the built in administrator account but that one is not the same as your other user. If your other user was administrator there may be a way to get it back.

So what was your user name?


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My Mum tried to cut a folder out of another user account and to paste it into hers, but pasting didn't work, and when she went back into the other user account and tried to paste it back, it didn't work. Has this information been lost forever, or is it stored somewhere that we can retrieve it? We're very keen to retrieve these documents, so any help anyone can offer would be much appreciated.

A:Folder lost by cutting and trying to paste into a different user account

I know when you cut and paste documents it's saved to the Clipboard. Not too sure about a folder

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I was uninstalling windows live essential on my profile and added ms office outlook 2007 for email. For some reason, when changing users to my wife's profile, the desktop has to be prepared each time - as a temporary profile. The folder location has moved from Users/wife to Users/Users/wife and has a lock icon on it. I have tried moving the entire folder as administrator and received a not responding message.
Short of a restore in which I will lose data is there a way to 'import' her profile under a new user and then delete the corrupted profile?

A:LOST a USER profile (folder location has moved + lock icon)

Hello Redjack, and welcome to Seven Forums.

If you like, you could try using the tutorial below to see if you may be able to fix her profile.http://www.vistax64.com/tutorials/13...y-profile.html
If not, then you could create a new administrator account for her to use instead. Afterwards, log into the new account, copy anything (ex: shortcuts, files, etc...) she wants from the old account to the new account, and delete the old account.

Hope this helps,

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I turned my computer on after work and found that it seemed like everything had been deleted, as in I had no installed programmes anymore and my documents, pictures and videos libraries were empty. Also that I had no record of my email anymore.. So I had a look and found this new user folder (Dan.Dan-PC) which was created in my users folder.

My old user (Dan) is still there which has all my old information and library structure there but it is not being showed anymore. It is some virus which is loading these new libraries on startup!! Please help me!!!

I did a scan with AVG and got this:

A:Virus making new user folder in users folder!?

You might try the procedure's listed in the guide. This system seems to be pretty far gone. Interesting virus, a swing and a miss for AVG.
How to easily clean an infected computer (Malware Removal Guide)

Having an extra drive with a recent system image + system restore procedure using DVD is the best method for fixing these problems.

Of course these days you need to keep that extra drive unplugged if you really want to keep it safe.

You might want to try the security section of the forum for more help.


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I tried to completely rename my pc acct, user profile folder, etc; using this thread:

User Profile Folder - Change User Account Folder Name

It didn't work. The 1st time I booted, W-7 had created a new acct with beginning user settings (taskbar programs, desktop, display, etc). I then reversed the changes and logged off. I rebooted and my original desktop and name appeared.

But, I also found an additional entry in C:\Users: a Temp folder with a padlock icon attached.

An instruction I followed in the rename procedures was to reverse any shared folders in C:Users.

For now, I've abandoned the rename & just want to clean up the damage. What should be done with the Temp folder with a padlock icon?

A:Temp folder with padlock icon in C:\User folder after try PC rename

I would not recommend a full rename as shown however you can go in users and rename your profile there. Since programs could still be using the original folder I would leave that be. If you tried to log into the account and you had not changed the registry correctly then Windows would have created that temporary folder. You can take ownership of it and look inside of it to make sure that you don't have data in there but I suspect that you don't. Provided that there isn't anything in there that is vital and your profile is working correctly then you should be able to remove that folder. Take Ownership of file

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Can anyone help me regain Security Permissions to C:\Users\All Users\Application Data Folder which I lost while looking at the access rights. I mistakenly closed the box while playing with the access rights and lost any access to the file.
I pulled the access rights to the file using icacls they are below.

application data

I am thinking I can change the information in the file and restore it. Not sure exactly what to change?

I was also thinking I could pull the info from another computer running with the same operating system and reapply them to this file? Would this work?

I looked at Previous Versions of the upper level folder. Can I restore a previous version of this whole folder? Will it restore the Application Data folder with the prior permissions?

A:Lost Access Permissions to C:\Users\All Users\Application Data Folder

Are you asking about the Application Data or Appdata folder?

If Application Data, this is not a real folder but a junction used to allow interface with legacy programs. No access is necessary since it is pointing to the Appdata folder.

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No matter what I do, and how much I edit the security settings on that folder (not that it lets me even do that) I can't access this folder for some reason?

What's the deal? Thanks.

This is on Windows 7. I have two admin accounts. I can't access it from either account.

A:Can't Access "Default User" folder in Users Folder


I don't know why you want to, but you have to fiddle quite a bit with the permissions.

Navigate to the folder (Default User) and right click on it and select Properties.Under the Security tab, click Advanced.Under the Owner tab, click Edit.Click "Other Users and Groups".Click Advanced.Click "Find Now".Scroll down and double click on Everyone.Click OK THREE times.Click on the Permissions tab.Under type Deny, single click on it and click Remove.Click OK.Click Edit (now on the standard file Property window under the Security tab).Click Add.Click Advanced.Click "Find Now".Scroll down and double click on Everyone.Click OK.Single click on Everyone and then tick the "Full Control" box under Allow.Click OK TWO times.
This will get you in, but I don't know why you want to. Don't fiddle with anything in there.


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No matter what I do, and how much I edit the security settings on that folder (not that it lets me even do that) I can't access this folder for some reason?

What's the deal? Thanks.

This is on Windows 7. I have two admin accounts. I can't access it from either account.

A:Can't Access "Default User" folder in Users Folder

Can you take ownership of the folder?

Quote: Originally Posted by karlsnooks

Taking Ownership of Files and Folders
As an administrator you can take ownership of a file or folder as follows:
1. In Windows Explorer, rt-click on "properties" for the file or folder.
2. Security tab | Advanced
3. Owner tab| click Edit
4. In the Change Owner To list, select the new owner. To take ownership of all subfolders and files within the folder, select Replace Owner On Subcontainers And Objects option.
5. OK | OK

Assigning Ownership
As administrator or the current owner, you can assign ownership to another user or group as follows:
1. In Windows Explorer, rt-click on "Properties" for the file or folder.
2. Security tab | Advanced
3. Owner tab | Edit
4. Click Other Users Or Groups
5. Type the name of a user or a group | click Check Names | Choose the name you want if its not already filled in | OK
6. From the Change Owner list, select the new owner. For a folder, select Replace Owner On Subcontainers and Objects to assign ownership of all subfolders and files within the folder.
7. Ok | OK

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To start: Desktop is XP Pro SP3, notebook is Windows 7 Pro SP1.

I've set up shared folders on both computers without using Homegroup because the desktop is XP Pro and doesn't recognize Homegroup with Win 7. The accessing of shared files is no problem and desktop XP shows the "shared" hand under its shared folders as usual.

Here's an interesting problem. I'm trying to customize Windows 7 Pro so that the "Users" folder shows it's been shared when explorer is in "icon view". As of now, shared folders in Windows 7 show up the same as unshared folders (see attachment User Folder 01.jpg).

When I try to customize the "Users" folder using Properties, Customize, Change Icon..., using the imageres.dll as the icon resource (great icons in this folder) the folder doesn't change. So I worked around this by editing the desktop.ini file (see attachment User Folder 02.jpg) to force it to use the icon I want. Well, now the junction folder "Documents and Settings" has the new icon, but not the "User" folder (see attachment User Folder 03.jpg) .

Has anyone tried this and/or have any suggestions?

A:Icon Customize for the Users folder

Perhaps this will give you some direction?
Desktop Icons - Enable or Disable Changing

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tonight my mother takes over my admin account and is setting parental controls so it sets a time so i can log on, i have made a user account and still want to get my files from my admin folder, but i cant... is there anyway i can go around this..

its just that i cant be bothered moving files over to the user account...the parental controls are temporary till i control myself on how long i am on my computer, because atm i am not listerning to my perants requests and i end up forgetting what they have asked me, which i get in to trouble if i don't do what i am told

any help would be ace!!!

A:trying to get into my admin folder from users account

Hello Harley,

We will not help you bypass your mother's wishes. If you want this resolved, you will need to talk to her to allow you to.

Thread closed.

If you post anymore posts trying to circumvent your mother's Parental Control settings here, you will be permanently banned.

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Created local account eg "xyzuser" after the default windows live account was created, but the "c:\users\xyzuser" is missing instead it doesn't appear to have created a new user folder in "c:\users\", seems to be still using
the original user account what is going on?

A:local account not appearing in c:\users\ folder?

Please check you are logon user account with the help of following command.
@echo %username%
Refer below link for further steps.
Regards,MD Disclaimer: The opinion expressed herein are my own knowledge. Deploy this at your own risk. Whenever you see a helpful reply, just click on ?Propose As Answer? / ?Marked As Answer? and please do "VOTE".

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Was wondering if anyone can tell me whether or not it's possible to actually lock a user on a limited account out of specific folders such as program files and windows system folders.

The issue is this ..... teenage kids who instead of doing their homework log onto msn and chat.

Have already removed the program links from the all users folder so they don't have shortcut access to msn but they can still get to it by navigating to program files and running it from there.

Is there a way to stop them from being able to access the program files folder from their limited user account ?

A:Limited User Accounts and Folder Accesses

Hi there

Have you tried setting up a share? Remove all access to the folder that is currently there (everyone may have access by default) then only give access to the people you want?

There may be an easier way but this should work.

Hope this helps


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On build 10586 I noticed a new Desktop Icon: 'desktop' - solid yellow icon. No need for that on the desktop so I put it in the Recycle Bin and to my amazement a popup appeared - "This folder is too big to recycle, do you want to permanently delete it?" after it compiled the size.
IF were to go ahead and do this - the Desktop clears out of folders, a blank Desktop.

On build 10586 I noticed a new Desktop Icon: 'my user name' . I had no reason to go directly to that folder in C:\Users so I put it in the Recycle Bin and to my amazement it started to compile the size, after that the popup would have appeared - "This folder is too big to recycle, do you want to permanently delete it?"
IF were to go ahead and do this - the ENTIRE CURRENT USER FOLDER would be GONE.

I'm now running 11099.rs_release.160109-1156 - which "fixed it" by requiring Administrator approval to continue.
Why is any Desktop Icon once deleted deleting any other file but itself?

System Restore wouldn't do any good for that 700GB of videos gone.

A:10586 Issue - User Icon deleted leads to User Folder DELETION

Have not seen that on mine. Are you sure that no third party utility placed that icon, along with maybe third party Internet Security software.

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I changed my user name but that in the Users' folder remains unchanged. Is it possible to change that name to be the same as the new user ID on log-on screen?

A:User name changed but that in Users' folder is not.

You may need to make a NEW account, then delete the old one.
Changing the User Account name will not change the name in the Users folder.
Warning! Never change the name of the folder manually, or applications that depends on User Data will not work properly.

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I have asked this question in another forum and thought this would be a better forum to ask this question.
I have 1 user who logs on with the user name reference. She recently logged on to find that all of her folders and files where no longer in My Documents, Downloads etc. When I search the properties and location of these folders they have a path to C://users/staff/documents.
I am trying to have her folders and files located in the correct places. There is no user named reference any where on this pc. The only place that user name appears is on the log in screen. I did a search for the name reference and the properties of the docs
pointed to the staff account.

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I am networking, among others, 2 Win7 machines and 1 Win8 machine. One of the Win7's used the same user name and password as the Win8 machine. I wanted to fix it so that the two usernames and passwords were different--specifically I wanted to alter the Win7 user name and password. I though first about just changing the username on the Win7 machine, but recalled that doing so would not change the related user profile folder name in C:\Users. I could not recall how to do so. I found this tutorial on our Windows 7 forum. From a thread on the our Win 8 forum, I learned that the procedures of the tutorial also apply to Win8 (maybe there is a related Win8 tutorial that I didn't find).

After reading through the tutorial, I was uncertain about a few things and also could not figure out why proceeding as described would be advantageous in regard to what seemed like an easier way to get at least mostly the same result. So, instead of using the tutorial,

1. I added a new (administrative user--the level I wanted) having the user name and password I wanted.
2. Copied the files and desktop items (shortcuts and a few folders) I would need from the old account/desktop to the new account/desktop.
3. Did minor desktop customization on the new desktop (I usually don't do much theme-wise.
4. Deleted the old account, and all was good once I joined my HomeGroup and shared a few not HomeGroup items. The stage now is set to do an a Win7, Win8, Lion, and Mt. Lion networking experiment that I am i... Read more

A:Change User Profile Folder Name in C:\Users

Hello znod,

I agree that it is best and safer to create a new account instead of trying to rename the old user profile folder.

The tutorial is just how to do it if one really wants to, but I do have the note at the top of the tutorial that would be best to create a new account instead.

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I have a WIndows 2012 R2 server, on that server I have about 10 users. My desktop computer is Windows 10, my boss' computer is Windows 10. We are both users on the network. I am trying to share a folder with only him and none of the other employees. I have gone to Properties, Sharing, advanced sharing, checked share this folder, then gone to permissions, I removed everyone and added him and me with full control.

The dang folder is showing up on every computer on the network and they all have access to it and open and change anything in the folder.

No matter what I have tried I get the same result. Hopefully someone here can have an answer on how to fix this. I had no problems with this on my old computer and only he and I could see the folder. That computer suffered a hard drive failure so we are working with a new machine.

All other net work functions see to be working fine. But then we share pretty much everything else.

A:Folder Specific to one user shows up for all users

Welcome to the forum. Have you tried setting the permissions on ntfs on the share did you remove the Group everyone

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Not sure how it got there or why, is it suppose to be there? it's size is 0 bytes, tried scanning it with both avast and virustotal, neither found anything

A:'ipconfig' file in c:\users\user folder?

If it is 0 bytes, you needn't care about it.

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If I go in as myself, I can't find the folder Users\my user\Documents but I can if I go in as admin.

Checking folder permissions in Admin, my user has full permissions so I'm rather baffled why I can't see it.

Actually, I seem to have found the folder C:\Users\my user\Documents but the folder is called Public Desktop - I haven't renamed it.

Any ideas as to what may have happened?

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I'm using an Active Directory and I want that users don't use the windows folders.

-- Every user has in his "Profile" a Home Folder like: * Connect | Y: | to | \\sambastorage\USER |

-- In a GPO I'm using UserConfiguration\Prefences\WindowsConf\Registry to modify attributes.

With this options the users only view Y: But in a OpenDialog if you "GO UP" to "Desktop" and user could see: Libraries, USER FOLDER (for ex. John Smith) and Computer.

I want that user only see Computer or that he can't go up to Desktop. Other thing could be change the USERFOLDER to Y: and the Y: folder has the normal folders (AppData, Documents, Music, ....) and the normal user folders in Y:

Could you help me??


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1. So when I try to that, it goes FILE BY FILE but some cause a window to show up which reads: access denied!!
And I am admin, makes no sense!

2. When I am on a limited user and I try to access an admin folder or directory, or run application as admin I am asked to enter the admin's password. for folders I just click on the folder and it opens a window that asks for the admin's password, for apps I click run as admin. The problem is that after I enter the password and proceed, It hangs, explorer hangs i guess.

A:TWO problems; allowing a limited user access to an admin folder

If you are trying to editing a file that is located in the programs folder, than you need to save the file to the desktop and drag it over into the folder and it will override that file making it the correct folder.

Take a look at your security settings: ..Windows 7 | Security Features.. and see what they are set at. Also, download an different Internet Browser and see what happens.

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Hi guys.

Windows 8 screwed up my old user account so I had to transfer to a new one. Unfortunately that new one was named after my email address for some reason as I logged on as a microsoft account rather than a local one. Hence in my computer its called users/email_000

This is very annoying.

I've read tutorials on this from other versions of windows ie. here : User Profile Folder - Change User Account Folder Name - Windows 7 Forums

However it doesn't work for Windows 8. When I try one of the earliest steps (renaming the user folder itself) I cant do it as its 'open in another program' even though that User is not logged on.

Any workarounds? Ive created another admin local user, to no avail.

Thanks for your help!

A:CHANGING User Account Folder names as well as User Name

Hello Chookyman, and welcome to Eight Forums.

The best method to do this is to create a new user account with the name you want, make it an administrator account type or leave as a standard user, sign out, sign in to the new account, then delete the old account.

Hope this helps,

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Help! After a reboot that didn?t work correctly and having to boot in safe mood then regular boot up my desktop, Files and programs available are all not the same.
It looks like I am a different user even though my user account name has not changed.
My Documents is not showing my true documents. I cannot see MS Office Excel, Word, etc? I can see MS Outlook 2013 but it?s asking me to setup when I already did previously.
I can navigate to c:\users\userId and find all my true documents (My Document).

What can be done? Anything?

A:User Account now not pointing to correct user folder

Hello David mate first try these Troubleshooting Steps for Windows 7 start at point 15 and then do a ckdsk Disk Check

then work through the other stuff

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Just joined this forum recently, so this is my first post. Anyways, I've been looking online for a method to simply delete the folder of an old user profile in C:\Users. I have yet to come across a successful method. The message that appears when I try to delete the folder is "You require permission from ('computer-name'\Administrator to make changes to this folder". Any proven methods or tips? It's not a big problem or anything, just a mere nuisance.

I also wish to rename my active user profile folder to something else...

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I just detected in my Windows' users' folder an user we don't have at home: wangzhisong
I checked in Internet and it looks like that it can be a virus or something similar. After running AVG and Avira rescues CDs to clean up my machine this folder still exists and I'm not sure if my computer is clean. What can I do? Thanks!
Kind regards

A:I detected the user wangzhisong in my Windows' users' folder

Hi, Frank;
If the folder is empty, it is to be hoped that the problem is gone. However, I would recommend downloading and using Malware Bytes as it goes a little deeper into malware as well as viruses. Although I like AVG, it doesn't always find everything. If MB doesn't find anything, and you find your pc running slower than usual or having unusual errors, it might be necessary to run some other programs and/or tests that others here would have more expertise with.
Good Luck!

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I accidentally moved my Downloads-folder to the USB stick. After reverting it back to its original place, the familiar greenish icon for the folder was replaced with a standard yellow one.

I tried to fix the situation with a Rebuild_Icon_Cache.bat without luck - in fact, this action renamed the folder from "Lataukset" to "Downloads" (I've got a Finnish language Vista, so "Lataukset" means "Downloads" ).

I have had the same situation a couple of times before (with my parents PC), and the only remedy I remember is to reinstall the OS. I don't really want to do that, so I'm asking is there an alternative way to fix the situation and revert the current "Downloads" folder to the original "Lataukset" folder with a green icon?

A:Icon lost for Downloads-folder

I would try this tutorial, to see if it is the same as what you tried
Icon Cache - Rebuild

If that does not work try a system restore from a few days before you made the change.
System Restore - How to

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Hi all.

I have Win7 64bit and after the last update I did today, my user folder icon on the desktop looks like a regular icon folder.
How do I revert it back to the special icon?

A:User folder Icon is changed

Try removing it and then replacing it. See if that does the trick.

User Folders - Change Default Icon

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You know how folder icons in Vista display a preview of the folders' contents? My User Folder inside C:/User, the topmost folder that contains folders such as Contacts, Desktop, Documents...etc, is displaying an image that is not in the folder. In fact, that image file shouldn't even exist in my computer as it is only the album art image of a mp3 file. I've done a search and took for hidden files, but couldn't find anything. I've also try messed with the settings in Properties/Customize, and tried to restore the icon to default but the image remains there. The only thing that makes the image disappear temperary is when I create an jpg file called folder.jpg and place it inside the User Folder, then folder.jpg gets displayed instead. But as soon as I delete folder.jpg, the original image appears again. Is there a hidden file or something that I'm not aware of?

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A:Renaming user account folder

If you really want to rename your user account you can try this - I did it and it works OK. May be easier to just make a new account called "Nick" and then sign on as "Nick" and delete "Acer" though.

If you want to risk it you can try this (it worked for me). To rename ACER to NICK

User Profile Folder - Change User Account Folder Name - Windows 7 Help Forums

1. Backup
2. Create a new local admin user called TEMP
3. Sign on as TEMP
4. Rename user folder ACER to NICK
5. Replace all references to ACER with NICK in registry. I had about 50 if I remember correctly.
6. Edit configuration settings files in C:\Users\NICK\AppData\Local\Microsoft\SkyDrive\Settings\ and replace ACER with NICK where found.
7. Reboot and sign on as NICK
8. Delete all libraries from file explorer and then recreate default libraries (right click)
9. Delete TEMP user.
10. Delete and recreate all fingerprint data if you use it.

You may have to update default save locations etc depending what other software you have installed.

This worked for me - I renamed the generated id SALOU_000 on my machine with SALOUA and it works perfectly. Depending what software is installed you may have issues I did not though. If you aren't comfortable doing this you could just create a new user and delete the old one.

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I had a problem with a user account logging on, group policy editor error, so I logged into the other account I had on the laptop and removed the culprit user account from the control panel - manage accounts. and When asked to keep or delete files, I 'Kept' files, the idea was to create a new profile and copy the data across (I know I should of created the new profile and backed up the data first but I didnt) but basically, the user account folder was removed anyway during the process and an empty folder was created on the desktop with the account name as its name.

So I now have no data. I have tried Recuva and NTFSGetDataBack to try and recover the missing folder but no luck in actually recovering it, the recovery software doesnt find the missing folder or data, can any one offer any suggestions please?


A:User account folder recovery

Hi -unkn0wn-

You could try a System Restore point, but if the folder Windows created is empty, and NTFSGetDataBack didn't find anything - were there definitely files in the profile to begin with? Or was the user account accessing the shared Libraries?

Make sure you're scanning the C:\Users\ folder with the data recovery software.
Follow the instructions for fixing a corrupt user profile:

Fix a corrupted user profile - Windows Help

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I have initially created a user account for a new laptop lets call this user 'A'. Later, I created another user account "B" and deleted the A user account. However right now, I am logged into account B but whenever I download files, it will be saved into c:/user/A/downloads.

A:Downloads goes into another user account folder

Hi beisong and welcome to Tenforums!

Is it only downloads folder, or are other user folders affected too?

Have you tried to move location? If it doesn't work, you can try to reset folder location. Best to follow tutorial by Brink.

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We're using Win XP Pro. We just sold our computer and instead or reinstalling windows all over again we just want to change the name on the C:\Documants and Settings folder. There are two folders there. One says 'All Users' and the other folder has our name. How/where do we change that (second) folders name ?

We tried to directly change it but it wouldn't let us

A:Changing user account folder name

See Article:

How to set, view, change, or remove file and folder permissions in Windows XP


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okay...this is my first time on a forum. i don't know how to start a new thread or message anyone to ask the question which I need answered. so sorry if this is innapropriate but i need to know if there is anyway that I can change the name of my user account folder. my friend sold me his laptop and when he set it up he named it his name. i dont want to see his name every time I download something. I changed the account name but cant figure out the folder name. can someone please give me a little instruction or point me towards a tutorial?

A:change the name of my user account folder

Welcome aboard KyraGator08. Have a look at the link below, if it fulfills your needs

User Profile Folder - Change User Account Folder Name

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Changed User account name in Control Panel but the User folder in explorer remains the same. No option to Rename at rightclick.

I notice in User Accounts it says the name change is for Welcome screen and Start Menu. Why can't we change the User folder name?

Is there any option besides to delete account and start over? It is the only account and Admin. Will we lose anything other than files in User folders?

A:Can't change User account folder name

I don't believe so. It is a hold over from how Profiles are created. When a user account Profile is created, it sets a specific SID. That SID then stores what it thinks it should have, which, I believe, was also user account folders. I know that I have tried with XP to just pull over someone's profile, even from the domain, but for the computer, it was dead set on the naming convention it stuck for the SID that it would try and recreate it.

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As the title says, my user account name is "Mike", but the folder under the "Users' folder says "Mike-Laptop". Why is this? And how do I change it to display the account name?

Windows Vista Home Premium.

A:My user account name is different than the folder that represents me

I can't explain why there is a difference. But changing the profile folder name will cause serious problems and should not be attempted. The problem is that there are numerous registry entries pointing to the current location and all of these would need to be changed. I understand there are third party programs available that will do this but they cannot be 100% reliable.

You can easily change the account name but the profile folder name is permanent. This won't cause any problems for the system.

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Well... I turned on my computer and I got this weird message, about Windows not finding the file/a file being corrupt, C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\SYSTEM, and that I needed to use the repair console on the Windows CD to repair the file. The repair console just led me to a typical DOS prompt... I didn't know what to do, so I installed Windows XP again, but that deleted all the user accounts. One of the user accounts had the My Documents folder locked, with some important data, and now, without the required user account, that My Documents folder is now locked forever . I really need these files back, so I want to know how I can unlock that folder.

And another question, not really needed now: How I can repair the SYSTEM file in the WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CONFIG folder??

A:I need help unlocking a folder of an old user account.

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Okay, Sunday while I was wandering the web my AVG warned me of PDF.exploit I told it to protect me and I thought I was good. However, since I have shut it down and booted it up after work I am in a new desktop. It seems to think I am a new user. my documents are gone and pictures music ETC.
It is not really gone the laptop will not boot into my previous desktop. My files are there in the users folder under my name. I would like to know how to make Vista load this user and get rid of the temp user. I am unsure as to what was changed to make it do this so I am going slow so I do not mess any files up. Please advise. I am pretty computer savy I just don't know where to look for the pointer for my old desktop and associated files. I am working on a backup if I have to restore it. AVG says I am clean. Malwarebytes said I am clean. Spybot found a found four spywares. I think I might be safe on that front. Let me know what you think and need. I will go and get HJT and post it if you need it.
Thank You,
The Wyrm

A:lost my user folder

Try a system restore


Migrate your corrupted profile


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Hey guys,

This is my first time posting, but it's a doozy. I built a computer for the first time about a year ago, and was able to get everything up and running just fine. My main hard drive is an SSD, and I used robocopy / symlink to copy my users folder to a different drive with more space, and to create a junction to it from the SSD.

This setup has been fantastic 99.9% of the time - however - Shortly after getting everything working I ran into this problem while installing software and was able to fix it after a week long freak out and lots of obsessive research....but it's happened again (installing the same software) and for the life of me I cannot remember or find any information that I used previously.

I started to install all of my 3D software (I am a 3D Designer and use Maya / 3DS Max, etc.) While installing VRay for Maya, I start getting errors that windows can't connect to my Users folder. I minimize my windows and nothing on my desktop will open. Upon reboot, I am informed that my User Profile Service won't let me login.

Troubleshooting so far:

I used safe mode to login, and of course everything on my desktop was gone. I used system recovery to the most recent date, which allowed me to login, however my desktop / users folder is still missing. I ran a registry fixer and found all kinds of errors, "fixed" them, then I couldn't login again. Recovered again, booted from my windows 7 CD and attempted to move my actual ... Read more

A:Windows can't find users folder / User Profile Service can't Login

1. Welcome to Tech Support Guy

2. On reading your post - and I did so three times, the first thing that jumped out at me was
I ran a registry fixer and found all kinds of errors, "fixed" them, then I couldn't login again.Click to expand...

You can run most registry fixes on a computer with a clean install of windows and they will find errors.
The problem is 99.9% of the time, they are NOT errors, they are simply errors that the program considers exist.
It is accepted by many people that registry fixes should not be installed and again many of them will sooner or later cause more problems than EVER they solve.

I do appreciate that this is probably NOT what you wanted to read in response, but it would be remiss of me if I did not warn you of the situation.

3. NOW to the actual problem
As far as I know, there is no sure fire way of moving a user profile in its entirety to a different drive, than that which it was originally installed on.
YOU can of course establish a new account and move the personal data from the corrupted user account OR you can move simply the personal data to another location

HOWEVER please see below

By changing the default location of the user profile directories or program data folders to a volume other than the System volume, you will not be able to service your Windows installation. Any updates, fixes, or service packs will fail to be applied to the installation. Microsoft does not recommend that you change the loca... Read more

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Hello -
When I did my initial install of Win7 (fresh install) I created my Administrator account with the name of "Denis". I would like to change the name of the Administrative account to "denisl". I went into control panel and changed the account name, which worked, but the folder remained named as "Denis" under the "users" folder. How do I rename the folder named "Denis" to "denisl"?


A:Change user folder name of Administrator account

take a look at this tutorial User Profile Folder - Change User Account Folder Name

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I created a non-administrator account in Windows 8 for family members.
I want to restrict access to specific folders.
In Windows explorer, I right click properties on the folder, go into the security settings,
but it's not clear what I need to do. Highlighting "users", I attempt to deny access but I get a warning
that seems to be communicating that it would also block admin access to that particular folder.

A:block access to folder in a user account

This way

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Hi, I've recently picked up a new hard drive from a buddy of mine.
I've managed to change my computer name and user account name.
However, the user folder in "My Computer -> Local Disk C: -> Users" is locked, and I am unable to change the name.
It doesn't cause any problems, I just want to find a way to change it if its possible.
As well, I've also set permissions, but it only allows me to access the files, which is not the problem, since I only want to change the name of the User Account Folder.

A:Renaming a locked User Account folder

You can't change the name associated with an account. Doing so would make the account useless.

You need to create a new account with the name you want, then copy everything you want from the old one to the new one. Delete the old one once your satisfied all is well.

In your case, you will need to rename the existing account back to it;s original name or some name other than what you want to call the new one as you can't have two with the same name.

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Hi all,

Thanks in anticipation for any replies that you all may provide.

I had someone else install windows on my laptop and they entered a windows username of 'sony' during windows registration.

I later went on to change the windows username to: 'Ishan'

However, when I went back to the 'Users' folder in C:\ , I noticed that the folder name was still called sony (which was the name entered during registering windows). I was wondering if there is a way to change it to my current windows user name.

Even when I install any new applications, the setup program asks me: "Install for all users or only for current user: sony (whereas the current user is actually Ishan Nagar).

Or is there any way I can register windows again without losting any data and settings I have on my computer?

Hope you all can help me with this issue.

Thanks and Regards,


A:Windows Account Name Changed, not Folder name in 'User'

Hello Ishan, and welcome to Seven Forums.

The only way to change the C:\Users\(user-name) folder is to create a new administrator account, copy the contents of the old account's C:\Users\(user-name) folders into the corresponding new account's C:\Users\(user-name) folder, and delete the old account from within the new account after everthing checks out ok.

Hope this helps,

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OK I have lost 'My Videos' folder from within my user profile and I want to restore it.

I have searched and search and found ways to do many other things related to the user folders but none show how to get it back after its deleted.

Win 7 Home Premium x64

I lost it when I swapped in a new hdd and had to move where all my videos were. I had previously altered the location property to where they were stored. But when the new drive was added and the old one removed ... there was a drive change and the My Video link became white and had no editable properties.

So I guess i did this
1. Moved the location of My Video folder to Drive: F/Videos
2. Removed the Hdd with F:/My Videos
3. Added HDD with G:/My Videos
4. Now in my user folders i have no 'My Videos' folder

Is there a way to create a new folder in the user account ... and get it to have a location tab??

A:Restore My Videos folder to user account

The very easiest would be to create a folder wherever you like and include it into the library (which I assume is still there).

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Hi everyone!

I really changed the default location of all my Existing, newly,public user account's profile folder to another new location.
However, there is a default user account's profile folder is still in the default location '%SystemDrive%\Users\Default'

*This user account is for what?

Besides, the most strange is that the modified date of this folder as the screenshot below shows is very old, although I have installed the windows very recently in 5/01/2013.

Also, all the files and folders inside main folder 'default' are dated as '17/03/2009' as the screenshot below. However, the one highlighted is dated recently.

Even my laptop wasn't purchased at this date '17/03/2009'; however it was purchased in about 2011.

Finally, is it recommend to change the default location of this user account to another locations then I delete this and all its content?

A:What is the default user account's profile folder for?

This is a last resort user profile if any other profile will fail to load.
Do not worry about it. Moreover, it is better not to touch it.

In case of any hardware or software failures with your newly, public user account profiles that Default profile will help you at least to login into your computer. The date is off because it was copied from the one when that particular version of Windows was created.

Recommendation: keep it and DO NOT change it's location.

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