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Send Fax online in India For Free

Q: Send Fax online in India For Free

Guys, There is any service which sends Fax online through Internet within India for free and if possible then receive the reply in the email.

Please tell me there is any service or software which helps in sending the fax online.

Preferred Solution: Send Fax online in India For Free

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Send Fax online in India For Free

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how to file online complain regarding dell home warrenty service via e mail in india

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No battery available for Lenovo Ideapad 510 bought 14 months back. Service Centres in India and neither the Lenovo India Management have any clue or ETA about the battery availability or its pricing as confirmed by them. Few other Lenovo exclusive charging or rather black marketing with different high prices with various warranties for those batteries. They do not have any uniform pricing patterns which raises issues on its authenticity.
Feel cheated and deceived for putting trust in such a company leaving aside other brands like Dell and HP.
Mod's Edit: Additional information added to Subject line for clarity of issue.

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are there any websites that you can download movies for free. preferably not wasteful of space. and brings no viruses. i dont want it to slow my pc too. my kids want to watch these disney movies like despicable me and others. idk. please help!! thanks you!!!

A:[SOLVED] Downloading free movies online free and no virus?

The movies you mention are copyrighted and as such can only be attained at ligitimate contracted sites. You are asking about illegal downloads and as such are not supported on this site.

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Online Armor Free RC2 / Free DownloadClick to expand...


A:Online Armor Free RC2 / Free Download

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am working with the program called ChessOK Aquarium on computer having win xp and want to somehow COPY and transfer it to computer with vista. Before sending the program to someone online I need to carefully verify that certain data in it is intact. Some methods of copying would merely enable use of the original program without the newly added data, called an 'opening book' as thousands of positions analyzed using other computer software such as the famous Houdini program. Permission from ChessOK is at hand and can be forwarded if necessary. I tried unsuccessfully in the past to burn a CD when to my chagrin the game board in the program when moved wouldn't show the corresponding next moves. Am now working with a flashdrive but am open to trying other methods. Recent failure involved copying the program to the drive, a 30-45 min process which was interrupted by a coincidental windows updating process. When retrying the copying it wouldn't work. After 'formatting' the flashdrive according to online instruction it again wouldn't start the copying process.

A:transfer and send a program online

You can NOT move a program to another computer. You MUST use the CD/DVD or the downloaded file from the source and do a install on the new machine.

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Hello and Happy new Year to you all.
Since the Christmas vacation, I've had a problem with Outlook where it can connect to the internet but can't send or recv emails at all. I've copied the window that comes up wiwhen testing the accounts and hope that someone can assist me in getting back onlne. I expect it'll be a fairly simple fix but its beyond me.
Send test email message. The specified server was found but there was no response from the server. Pls verify that the ;port and SSL info is correct. To access these settimngs close this dialogue thenclick more settings and click n the advanced tab.
Find incoming server (POP3): unable to connect to the incoming server (POP3). Pls verify the server name in the incoming server field. If that information is correct, close tbis dialog, click more settings and verify that the port and SSL information n the advanced tab.
So. On checking that advanced tab.
Outgoing: 465
Incomig: 995
Is the above info sufficient?
Thank you in advance for any assistance.

A:Outlook problems. Online but cannot send/rcv emails

ISP mail? If so, who is your ISP?If not ISP mail, what email domain is having the issue?Please do this:Open up Outlook and attempt to send an email.If you get an error message when sending post the entire error. If your email name is part of the error, xxx it out but leave the @whereever.com/net, etc.Next use the RECEIVE function of Outlook (I don't know anything about Outlook but I assume there is one). Once again, if you get an error when doing this post the error message.Usually the error message and error number if there is one will contain clues as to what the problem is.

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Hi, I am starting a business and would like to use my Verizon wireless home phone to send and receive faxes but Verizon said I can't fax with that service. Would I be able to send and receive faxes online using the Verizon line or would I have to get another fax line? I have Comcast cable internet and an all in one printer that has a fax machine built into it. I don't even know if I need a phone line at all for internet faxing. Is there anything new in windows 10 that has to do with faxing because I upgraded to that recently?

A:send and receive faxes online with Verizon home phone

check out efax.

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i am interested in having a script to send unlimited free sms worldwide

i need to develop a website like this: http://www.freesms.ms/

please if anyone can help with getting gateway api or similar scripts.

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i am having a trouble.. can anybody tell me that how to send large files for free.. This is a trouble because no site is giving it free.. they are offering maximum of 2GB only..

A:send large file for free

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Just wanted to let the scifi game fans here know
RF Online is now free to download and play.

A:RF Online free

I've been playing RF Online for a while on my PC with no real problems. One day I tried to launch it and got an error message from Microsoft about a problem with RF.exe. It says "RF.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience".
I've checked everything the game technical support said about troubleshooting failure to launch the game. Checked my firewall to except, disabled proxys, yada, yada...

Even in past forums, I've seen that other people have had problems with this same exact message. They had a gamer on there supply a 'patch' file to attach to the RF.exe file to fix it or something but it's too outdated to located the patch. How do I fix this problem, because this really is a problem for me and I want to play again....

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Does anyone know if there are any free fax software programs available?

Thanks in advance

A:Looking for free online fax

theres the inbuilt facility in windows to try. see the link with info:

more options here, using skype, power gramo and audacity:

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Bad camera phone but you get idea.


A:Microsoft likes to send me Free Stuff

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I have a folder that is 2.83 GB and need to get it to my friend. But i'm looking to send it to him over the web. We both have Comcast High Speed Internet (Cable).

so whats the best FREE way to get it to him?
i'm trying to avoid compressing and splitting the files up.


A:whats the best FREE way to send a friend a 2.83 GB folder?

I would zip up the folder so you can upload it in less uploads.


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I understand that some companies offer what is called free online storage and that up to
2 GB storage is free.
I read somewhere that Microsoft provides a similar service but I cannot find any
info on their website.
What other reliable companies can you suggest ?
And why is the service free ?



A:Free Online Storage

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Hi All!!!

Does anyone know of a free online fax service? I need to send some images, text, and a pdf document to my work but I don't have a fax machine here at home.

Thank you!


A:Free Online Fax Service?

Windows has a built-in fax application. If you have a computer, you have fax capability.




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Does anyone know where I might be able to store my MP3 file online (for free) and where I could get a URL for that stored MP3 so I could put that URL on my web page and people could listen to the MP3 (after I embedded the URL of the MP3) on my web page?
Does that make sense?
I think it might be called "sharing" or "hot-linking" to the MP3 on that storage stite.
Then I would get the URL of that MP3 file that is stored on that online storage page and put the URL of the MP3 song in the embeded code on my web page and then people could hear that song if they went to my web page and clicked on the play button.
Anyone know of such a free online MP# storage site?
Thanks for any help.

A:Storing MP3 online for free

why not just load it up to your webpage files online ?
is it a copyrighted piece of work ?

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I am looking for opinions and comments (good, bad and indifferent) with respect to Free online security software. My research has revealed the following (in alphabetical order) :-

Avast : Was a very good product until the recent release of Avast 2014. This release has been a disaster for Avast. It contains numerous bugs which have had a serious impact on many users. XP users have been unable to login to their computers. W8 users have had constant BlueScreens. All users have had problems with their Networks. The revised User Interface has not been well received. And in the Free version the constant nagging to upgrade to a paid version has annoyed even the most loyal Avast user.

AVG : Was a very good product until the release of AVG 2014. Long-time Users have complained about the constant popups asking them to upgrade to a paid version. A number of show-stopping issues have been reported, mainly on Windows 8.1

Avira : Downgraded by most professional reviewers. Detection rates are down. Annoyances are up. And the "Germanic" interface continues to receive low points by all reviewers.

Comodo : A mixed bag of reviews. Most professional reviewers give the product 5 stars. Detection rates are supposedly the best yet tested - scoring 100%. Users are less enthusiastic about the product. Many complaints that it is a resource hog and not suitable for "older" machines. Several complaints that it is near-impossible to uninstall. Almost all users complained that syst... Read more

A:Free Online Security

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Wanna play some good free online games?

Here are a couple.

Subspace aka Continuum. www.subspacehq.com

Gunbound. www.gunbound.net

Subspace is an online Space arcade shooter game with 2d graphics.. but with Amazing game play.

Gunbound is like the classic worms game.. but Tweaked so much, it blows it off the charts.

A:Free online games.

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Im looking for someone to help guide me with free av's offered online.
Where is the best and safest place to go for downloading an anti-virus? I currently use norton security suite which is offered thru comcast and Im very unhappy, I feel so vulnerable, not very safe and uses way too many resources.

Also, is it best to first remove my currently installed anti virus and then download and install the new av?
What other protection, anti malware, anti virus ect would be best for me to use in combination?
Im not a gamer nor do I use my compaq pressario f700 for much other than web browsing, facebook, c-list. email and general microsoft word and publisher tasks.

A:Help selecting free av online

Hi,Im looking for someone to help guide me with free av's offered online.Where is the best and safest place to go for downloading an anti-virus? I currently use norton security suite which is offered thru comcast and Im very unhappy, I feel so vulnerable, not very safe and uses way too many resources.Also, is it best to first remove my currently installed anti virus and then download and install the new av?What other protection, anti malware, anti virus ect would be best for me to use in combination?Im not a gamer nor do I use my compaq pressario f700 for much other than web browsing, facebook, c-list. email and general microsoft word and publisher tasks.Hello and welcome. You can safely dowmload from our list and save one of these to the desktop. ?Avira Antivir?Avast FreeClick here Freeware Replacements for Common Commercial Apps Now... Download and run the Norton Removal ToolReboot.Then install update and scan with the new AV.I would then add ?Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware and ?SuperAntiSpyware as on demand scanners. Eun once a weekFinally you can include ?Spywareblaster These three also in the list should be updated weekly. What is your operating system and firewall?

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does anyone know where i can get a good online v-scan other than http://housecall.antivirus.com/housecall/start_pcc.asp.that one keeps locking up on me now.thanks for the help

A:free online v-scan

hI !! Prowler Check


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i'm not asking for online hosting to disturbute warez or such.

i need a free online storage for my personal files, around 1gb is what i need, the ones i found were either extremely limited on your download quoata (100mb per month) or only allow you to upload 10mb file per session, too much bottlenecks, i need one that does it's job the way it's suppose to be done.

many thanks.

A:i need free online storage

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Does anyone have suggestions on where I can watch FREE TV episodes and movies online?...and safe

A:Free Online Movies

This is the first place I go when I'm looking for some entertainment.http://retrovision.tv/

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Friends: I was told there are some sites out there which offer free movie streaming to your computer, with some ads. All I could find were "free trial" sites. Can someone share any info about any really free, legal sites I can stream movies? I am more interested in the older movies. Appreciate any feedback.

A:Free online movies

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I have a Win XP Home SP2 system, scanning with Ad-Aware SE, Spy-Bot Search and Destroy and AVG Pro. I scan the entire system once a week with each of them after downloading the updates. Then do a System Restore.
Is there any value in using one of the online scans, and if so, which one and how often?
Thanks once again for your time,

A:How Are Free Online Scans?

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Hello all, 1st post. My computer started running very slowly, unable to change homepage and lost most
of my old programs. System restore does not work and I keep getting these 24/7 Help Offers. Is there
any resource I can download for free that can help me fix these problems? Thank you

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Does anybody know a very good online WYSIWYG editor? I don't like ezHTMLarea. Please post the URL here.

A:I need a free online WYSIWYG

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I am involved in the production of a peer-reviewed free access online journal, museum & society http://www.le.ac.uk/ms/museumsociety.html which has a team of 3 Managing Editors and a Reviews Editor. As submissions arrive (with me) they are allocated to a Managing Editor who finds referees and manages the refereeing and amendment process. In order that the Managing Editors can keep control of the articles they are managing, I have set up a Windows Skydrive account and created a folder for each Managing Editor into which I can upload 'their' articles. I'm already finding Skydrive a bit clunky - particularly things like whether those sharing have to use my ID and PW or can enter with their own (not clearly explained on site) and I was wondering whether anyone has experience of this or a better online storage system. Because this journal is free-access and leaves copyright with the authors, we have no funds to pay for paid online storage.

Thanks for any help,


A:Free Online Storage

Is there a problem with using the same university server that is hosting your site to also host the files for journal submissions? It may be possible to set up FTP sub-directories that require a user name and password for uploading and downloading files.

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....My question is at the end of this message.

..I've run four different free online virus scans
...... virus found: Win32.Nimda.A
The first one gave me the option of 'auto clean'
..I ran it, then did it a second time....it showed the same files again
...after the third scan page finished, this scan page showed clean on it's third pass.
the second one had a 'cure files' button ...I cliked it and ran a second scan there too......no files showed.
now after those scans were done and the 'cure files' button was used I scanned with a third online scan service.......it shows 18 infected files--{the other two just showed 9}
that third scan also says those 18 files are....'disinfected'
Fourth scan found those infected files too and had 'auto clean' checked
ran that a second time and it was clean
Then I searched computer and found freeware version of McAfee anti virus---{long ago disabled}--and reinstalled THAT and ran it's scan..............came back, all clear

Those infected files that were..."cleaned" by the free online scans..........they won't be able to harm my computer any more....is that correct???

A:Those free online scans

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After looking at a few free online storage/cloud services I am not sure (I would like to backup just photos) so can any members please suggest a storage provider ? thank you

A:Free Online Storage

Free online storage is always a bad idea except for very temporary storage, such as a few days, because those sites have a history of disappearing with little or no warning. While using free online storage for backups is better than no backups at all and is less risky than using it for your only location for your photos, you still run the risk of permanently losing your photos should you lose the originals and the online photos also get lost.

Far safer is a paid online backup service, such as Carbonite or CrashPlan. I prefer Carbonite myself, even though it costs more ($60/year), since it has a better reliability track record than CrashPlan, although CrashPlan reportedly has improved recently. Paid backup plans exist to make a profit, which give them far more incentive to stick around than the free sites have.

Carbonite and CrashPlan both have software that will encrypt your data before it ever leaves your computer and automatically uploads it in the background without slowing your computer any. You can use the default settings or use your own settings to determine what gets backed up and when it gets uploaded.

The price I quoted for Carbonite is for a data only plan for one computer. Carbonite also has other plans for multiple computers, for making a mirror backup to an external HDD, for backing up USB external HDDs (hint: if an external HDD is connected 24/7, or at least half of the time in a given month, via e-SATA, Carbonite treats it as an internal HDD), etc.

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Is there a site that will let me store a few gigs of mp3's for free?

A:Free online storage?

One of many, options: http://skydrive.live.com/

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www.gunbound.net its free game called GUNBOUND is pretty fun for free to play

A:Free Online Game :-)

the only downside is the awesome amount of people who hack in this game, which makes your gaming experience a little unpleasant ( sp ? )

and, the differences between real money items and gold ( currency of the game ) items is big enough to get pwned by some kid with no skills but enough money to pay for better items ...

still, pretty fun to play ...

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I was trying to run the F-Secure Online Scanner. It does not allow me to download the program. Right below where the message says" Run Online Scanner" I have a empty box with no information in it. I have run this program before but not on this computer. Does anyone know what may be wrong or what I am doing wrong? Thanks!!!!!

A:Free Online Scanner

What Browser are you using?

Most online scanners require IE. Probably at least vers. 7 if not 8.

Sounds too like a possible script error. Have never used F-Secure`s but most need active X which is native to IE.

I imaging if you suspect an infection that that could be blocking all\part of it too.

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Can anyone recommend a good site for free online storage ? I would prefer a site that you can login and upload a file, then I will share the login details for family, rather than sending file download links via E-mail. I want to use this to share documents, EXE's and multimedia files with family only. Looking for a minimum of 50MB storage, and the ability to upload or download files of size up to at least 50MB.

A:Free Online Storage ?


Some of them you can get up to 25GB of storage for FREE!!!!

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Am looking for a free service that would let me send a 30gb file via email if this possible,or somewhere even i could upload the file too for someone to get access too.

Any help would be appreciated

Thank You

A:Free Service to send Large files via email?

The PogoPlug is a free service, since you provide the service yourself once you buy the device:


Pogoplug Software: Stream your photos, music and movies to the Web, your iPhone, iPad or Android

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Howdy,I recently scanned my computer with Kaspersky Free Online Scan. The scan log indicated that I have a Trojan that has infected my computer. Below are the two items infected by the same Trojan.C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Symantec\Norton AntiVirus\Quarantine\72BF65DB.tmp Infected: Trojan.Java.ClassLoader.ao skipped C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Symantec\Norton AntiVirus\Quarantine\72C20FD8.tmp Infected: Trojan.Java.ClassLoader.ao skipped I searched for information about this Trojan and got the following results. (In order to enlarge the screen shot below to make it legible ,I had to disable my pop up blocker)I removed Norton Security 2006 from my computer over a month ago. It looks as if these items are in quarantine somewhere in my computer.After the scan I re-started my computer in safe mode and ran a scans with SpyBot S&D, Ad-Aware SE, AVG Anti-Spyware 7.5 Free and SUPERAntiSpyware. The combined results were three tracking cookies.I then re-started in normal mode and ran a scan with Windows Live Care and Housecall, they came up clean.Are these items harmless ? I ask that because it seems to show they are quarantined. Regardless, I would like to do away with these items.Could someone please tell me how to locate these files (?) and how to delete them ?Thank You for your time.Dennis XP Home, SP-2, IE-7

A:Kaspersky Free Online Scan

Here is a link to Norton's removal tool. Whether it will allow you to remove the quarantined items or not, ????????http://service1.symantec.com/SUPPORT/tsgen...005033108162039

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Well i love to play mmo's but hate paying monthly fees for me the best online game is probably Runescape even though its not COMPLETELY free its still fun to play.
If you have anything better let me know.

A:What is the best free online game? (preferably mmo)

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Thats right, This is similar to Star Wars Galaxies, Same interface and everything, better yet, there giving it away free. No monthly costs or nothing.

Get your Dib in.


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From Giveaway of the Day, free on Jan. 29, 2010.

Online Armor ++ (Anti-Virus and Firewall Protection) http://www.giveawayoftheday.com/online-armor-antivirus-firewall/

The license lasts for one year. Doesn't work on Vista 64bit or Windows 7 64bit.

A:Online Armor ++ Free Today Only

Got mine.

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I am wondering are there any Free Online Storage sites where I can store files and folders and is over 5gigs? I have X-Drive and that company is giving me crappy customer service.

A:Free Online Storage sites

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Because Xdrive is closing it's doors, I'm looking for a new free online backup service.
I already googled but I did not yet find a backup service which suits my needs;
- +- 2GB Storage space
- "Realtime" Backups. Which means, if I save a word document right now, I want to have it backupped right now, so not just once a day, no I want to have it uploaded directly after I saved the file.

Any tips are welcome !

Thanks in advance !

A:Free Online Backup Service ?

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Okay I'm wondering if there's any blog services like LiveJournal that offer as many options and customisation, etc? I realise it's unlikely but I thought I'd check it out anyway.

A:Looking For The Best, Free Blog Service Online

I dunno. Aren't they all pretty much the same? I use Blogger and one of the advantages is integration with Google because it's Google owned. I guess it depends what options you're looking for.

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Is there any online service that provides free permanent storage(i.e. the files are never deleted)?

A:Free permanent online storage...

AFAIK Dropbox doesn't delete your files.

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Hi all TSG gurus.

Lately, I've been inspired to dive into the big wide world of genealogy, also known as a family tree.

The problem is, I'm trying to find a site that has decent searching tools, but that won't cost anything to use.

Any help would be really appreciated.

Thanks again, and have a great day

A:Looking for a free online Genealogy service

Heres 2 that i use and they are both totally free. rootsweb and family search.if you want to make a family tree after you have gathered up all of the info a free program i use is my heritage.

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Curently the anti-virus protection I ultilize is the lastest free AVG software.

However, my online bank in respone to recent phishing incidents is offering "Norton Confidence Online".

Do they provide the same protection and is one preferable over the other?

A:AVG free or Norton Confidence Online

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