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System crashed, can't reinstall XP 64

Q: System crashed, can't reinstall XP 64

My system crashed last night. Loading a heavy graphics MMORPG, the screen started stuttering and semi froze. It has happened before and I hard turn off computer and reboot and all is well. Not this time.
This time I went to the "boot in safe mode" or "last good settings" or "boot normally" screen.
None works. When I try to boot in safe mode, i get a string of lines and it stops.. then recycles. When I try to boot normally or at last good settings, I get the Windows booting screen with the horizontal scrolling then it turns off and starts the booting process again.

I went to CMOS and put on default safest mode and that didn't help.

Then I decided to reinstall Win XP 64 Pro, my OS. I set to boot first via CD drive and it starts the process and delivers me a blue screen with "Windows Setup" in the upper left hand corner of the screen but it proceeds no further. It just sits there and the CD stops spinning.

I put another HD in from an older computer with Win XP and it booted so I assume it's not related to the MB or CPU but I can't for the life of me figure out what to do next. If I can't boot in Safe Mode and if I can't reinstall Win XP64... I am out of ideas.
I am planning on buying a new HD and installing my OS in it if I can't come up with an alternative.

Don't have all my hardware info but it's an AMD 2X64 cpu and a decent gigabyte MB with onboard graphics. I don't have a video card (probably part of the reason for the stuttering I figure).
Thanks for any ideas as to how to proceed. I am desperate.. my business is tied to the net so I feel so... vulnerable. thanks

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Preferred Solution: System crashed, can't reinstall XP 64

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


System crashed, and had to reinstall operating system, and now the audio is not being recognized, when before there was not a problem with it, any ideals as to the why and how to fix this problem, so I can have my audio sound back,

I am on a laptop Dell

windows XP professional 2002 service pack 3

A:Need help please, did a reinstall, system crashed, and now its not recongnizing,

Hi there, after you installed the fresh copy of windows did you install the audio drivers? Also what model laptop is it?

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Hi i have 3 yrs old Pacard Bell IXTREME X6620 UK. Over year ago I upgraded power supply to Corsair GS600 and graphic card to ASUS GTX560TI DirectCUII Top. After upgrade I reinstalled (clean) system and all was in good working order.
Last week my PC froze while browsing internet and the only thing I could do was hard reset. When I tried to restart the only way to get it to work was in safe mode with no internet connection. After I tried and failed with all repair tools and system restore I initialized clean system installation on C: (Windows7 no CD/DVD) using Pacard Bell system recovery tools. PC froze while installing fresh system. When I switch computer on I got the message: "Setup is preparing your computer for first use"....then the Error message: "The Computer Restarted unexpectedly or encountered an unexpected error. Windows installation cannot proceed. To install Windows, click OK to restart the computer and then restart the installation". Doing this only keeps repeating the error message. After trying all tips I could find in forums with no success I resigned to reinstall system yet again. That was tricky because my PC came with already installed software, no CD/DVD and with system refusing to boot I had no access to Pacard Bell system tools. I downloaded Windows 7 System Recovery Discs (http://msft-dnl.digitalrivercontent..../X15-65733.iso) and reinsalled system.
Problems I have now are:
#1 I have no access to internet: My integrated networki... Read more

A:Upgraded PC system crashed, Win7 reinstall failed, hardware stopped..

Check the hard drive with the manufacturer's diagnostic tools.
Hard Drive Diagnostics Tools and Utilities (Storage) - TACKtech Corp.
Hard Drive Diagnostic Procedure

We always assume you have made your Recovery Disks using the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Media Creator app the first day you had your new PC.
& made the Startup Repair CD.
startup repair disc-create

Did you make the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Disks?

You can order OEM Recovery disks from your OEM manufacturer's website.
Most OEM's will ship Recovery DVD's for FREE, (may be a postage fee)

You can Order Acer recovery disks from here:
Acer | Recovery Media
Check in Accessories
or check the main web site.
Acer Worldwide - Select your local country or region

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My laptop suddenly stopped working and wouldn't start....the fan came on but there was no life. Very occasionally I have managed to get it to run for short times which has allowed me to save my important files to DVD and sometimes blue-screens..... I'm assuming my Hard drive is knackered? I decided to format the drive and reset it back to factory settings. I had the same issues so decided to try again to reset it. It crashed just before it had completed and the very rare times that I have managed to get it to start up it states that Windows wasn't insatlled and to reboot. I have tried this and the F8 option doesn't show me the choice of repair/install etc...It doesn't allow me to open using safe mode and I know nothing of bios etc....
I'm hoping to get it running just long enough to create a recovery DVD. (I didn't know that I should do this as a matter of course as my old laptop had them included. I have a new Hard-disc arriving so hope this may be the solution to the crashes but I need to be able to open the OS to allow me to create my disc/s?

Does anyone know a way to help me get the thing to allow me to repair?


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my partition somehow changed from 500 gb ntfs to a 128 gb fat16+337.76 gb unallocated, also says neither is formated. im using http://findandmount.com/download/ and i can see and copy files from my ntfs pt. If i can save the op sys (xp home sp2 or 3) 'cant remember' It would be GREATTT. I had a tech company (out of business now) install the op so i dont have my key. is there a way to find it on my hd in case im unable to restore my partition?

A:semi crashed hd-need my xp key off hd to reinstall

One method



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Vista crashed and won't reinstall My laptop crashed while working on a presentation so i tried to reinstall Vista using the OS disk. I get to the screen to install now, click it and then it when it asks where to install windows I get this:

............Name..................................Total Size.......................Free Space...............Type
Disk 0 Unallocated Space.................... 0.0MB..........................0.0MB....................N/A

the required partition requires 6757 MB of space

I don't know what to do to get past this step.
Please help.

A:Vista Crashed won't reinstall

Have you tried Startup Repair...using the repair Option.....??

Your Hard drive may have gone faulty

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If my hard drive crashed (only has 1 HD), would replacing it also require purchasing Windows again or is there a way to get Windows from the crashed hard drive? Would it be smarter to buy a new laptop? It's a Toshiba.

A:Hard drive crashed, help with reinstall

Most Toshiba laptops come with a reinstallation/recovery cd.

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The hard drive on my Toshiba Satellite crashed. I made the backup discs when the computer was new, but evidently made them through the Toshiba backup rather than Windows backup. Now my recovery discs want to access the hard drive partition to reinstall Windows 7 which it cannot do.

How can I install the Windows 7 OS onto my new hard drive? I have the product code on the back of my computer, but how can I get Windows 7 to install without having to purchase it again? Thanks for any suggestions.

A:W7 Reinstall when hard drive crashed

Download an ISO from mydigitallife,info. Burn that ISO to a disk. Reinstall from the disk. Activate with your existing product key.

It's all legal and above board. You will NOT have any software that may have been included with the Toshiba and you may be better off for it.

Get it here; get the same version you now have:

Official Windows 7 SP1 ISO from Digital River ? My Digital Life

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Hi all, I had this error message on boot up:

<windows root>\system32\ntoskrnl.exe

I had to hit F10 to go to the recovery console, reinstall windows, and now all of my settings and some of my software are gone! I have to install the software for my graphics card, wireless card, and something else that I can remember right now. Can someone tell me what this is and what caused it? Norton picked up nothing during a scan. The only thing that took place on the computer before this is internet browsing and the kids playing a downloaded version of "Oregon Trail." can someone give me some insight? Thanks.

A:Windows crashed and I had to reinstall...can someone explain why?

Your computer could have crashed for a number of reasons: perhaps a virus that Norton missed, RAM issues, overheating, unstable voltage, or maybe those gremlins that worship the God of Linux and who have vowed to haunt every bit of Microsoft software that they can get their teeth into!

There are those amongst us that would suggest you bin Norton and use something like AVG or AVAST.

If it is a hardware issue, it may happen again, so I would suggest printing off this workout:-


Make sure you replace your main-board drivers, then graphics cards, etc.

You might be able to retrieve some of your programs, try this:-


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I'd been running Windows 7 flawlessly on my system for the past year. Last week I was playing a game and it locked up with a buzzing noise coming form the speakers. I was able to reboot and it worked without problems until yesterday when it did it again and I wasn't able to get it to reboot. It goes through the POST screen and then hangs at the windows start up.

I tried reinstalling windows but it would hang at the glowing windows logo, if I rebooted it would say there was an error installing windows and to reinstall again. I've tried formating the drive and instialling to a different hard drive but get the same results.

Here is my system:

EVGA Nforce 680i SLI motherboard
Intel Core™2 Duo Processor E6750 (4M Cache, 2.00 GHz, 1333 MHz FSB)
4GB DDR2 PC23-6400 ram
NVIDA Geforce 8600GTS 256MB PCI-E graphics card
2 250GB SATA hard drives

Any ideas what could be wrong?

A:Computer crashed, cant reinstall Windows 7

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Hello Everyone,
I hope someone on this forum can help me out, because I am at the end of my rope with Symantec.
1. Norton Internet security 2009 crashed on me, and it shut down my broadband internet connection.
2. I tried to unistall it but when it was compressing the error message logs, I got an error.
3. I was able to run the uninstall tool from norton in safe mode, which uninstalled the program.
4. I tried to reinstall the program and got and error that it didn't install and to reboot.
5. I went into the device manager and found that under network the broadcom driver, if that is what you call it was there and functioning, but under that I have symantec network security mini port, and a broadcom symantec something or other. The both have yellow explantion points next to them. I then went into safe mode under administrator and tried to uninstall them. I got an error and was unable to. I also tried to roll back the driver, and that didn't work either. Finally I just was able to disable both of them, but it made no difference in my internet connection.

Does anyone know what else I can do. Tech support is giving me the run around, and I am losing my patients fast.
I really don't know anything about drivers, so if your suggestion is a little more than a basic thing to do, could you please try to give me simple step by step instructions.

Thanks so much for your help.


A:Norton Crashed, Can't reinstall, driver errors

Quite honestly at this point you may want to take it to a trusted local repair shop. FYI disabling your network adapter will PREVENT you from accesing the internet.

Before that use the Norton removal tool to completely remove Norton. Second delete all network devices and reboot so that Windows reinstalls your network driver. Also at this point you may need something like WinSockFix to repair your stack as well.

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so this morning my laptop was working fine. then it just turned off because of low batery. now that i plugged it in it sais that some files got damaged and it has to solve the problem. after leaving it on it goes to recovery. wich basicly sais that i have to format all partitions. i thought in the past it was just the partition where windows is on.

- how could i enter dos or copy the files i have on my main partition. i cannot enter windows. its not even offering any safe mode or anything, so cant do it that way.

-is there a way of fixing the "damaged" windows without having to reinstall everything?

- is there a way of opening my partition running an os on a cd or something? so i can copy the stuff on a cd or flashdrive

A:vista crashed, forceing me to reinstall and format all partitions

This is a program that you can load from CD to save your data: ( Computer First Aid Using Knoppix). As far as repairing your system, there is probably little hope since your power failure seems to have happened during some critical operation. It is always a good idea to keep an eye on the battery status.

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my computer crashed out of nowhere and did a restart where it started re installing windows vista making me create the log in accept terms of use set up accounts etc. i see a bunch of my program files still here and what not but all of my pictures documents and music is gone i cant find it and i did not back it up anywhere is there any way to recover or restore any of it?
Thank you

A:Computer Crashed and Went into a reinstall of Vista on its own, how can i recover my files??????????

From what you say it sounds like your PC has done a factory recovery which "wipes" all existing data from the C: drive and overwrites it with a fresh installation. That's why keeping backups of your files on a separate drive or on optical discs is absolutely vital. I'm afraid your files have gone forever.Keeping backups is not only essential in the above scenario, it's also essential because all hard drives will eventually fail, leaving the data inaccessible except by using the very expensive services of a data recovery company.

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Inspirion 15 Dell Labtop crashed - Download windows 8.1 to reinstall
Dear Support Helpdesk,
My labtop has crashed and  I recently upgraded to windows 10. Now my computer will not boot up and let me provide my password to get into the system. 
A blue screen comes on and indicates:

Your PC/Device needs to be repaired
The boot configuration Data file is missing some required information
Error Code: 0xc0000034
You'll need to use recovery tools. If you don't have any installation media (like a disc or USB device), contact your PC Administrator or PC/Device manufacturer.
Please tell me you can help and the "FIX IT" is simple? I'm the PC Administrator and am at an end of the rope and have no idea what to do next, but download windows upgrade 8.1 on a DVD-R and put it on my laptop? Can you walk me thru this if infact
I can do this and this is the only solution. In-addition, I'm currently on a budget and on Disability and obviously can't afford to by anything to fix the laptop and looking for a free at hand solution. Which I should mention have no product key code in case
I might need one. If I do need one "QUESTION: Can I get one somewhere for free?"
HELP, LAPTOP in distress...Kathleen Langley

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Basically I was gaming on my pc when the game and my pc crashed, the game was Terra, I shut the thing off at the power switch because it didn't respond for half and hour. I let it rest overnight and when I booted it up in the morning after several attempts to repair the pc I just reinstalled windows. It said it was going to uninstall all my apps but keep my personal files, it deleted the links but not the actual stored files. I canot find anyway to get to my old files to delete them or use them but they are still taking up storage space, I have defragged, checked in all the folders I could think of, I'm literally at my wits end with this and have no idea what to do. If anyone has previously had this happen or has any idea what to do please help me.

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I have first been getting these problems when I downloaded Comodo IS Pro. Apparently when I approached them for help,the technician did not reply to me after telling me to install.

Thus I did a system restore and the computer could load in normal mode(however the screen,etc loaded slow like hell.)

Yesterday, I downloaded comodo firewall and something familiar appeared

From Problem Reports and solution, these are the service that crashed:

4X svchost.exe
1X lsm.exe
1X sandboxie.exe
1X wininit.exe

But guard32.dll from comodo is the module causing it according to Problem Reports and Solution, but anyone knows why and how to solve it?

A:Svchost crashed, windows start up crashed, local session manager crashed

Have you tried uninstalling Commodo to see if it is causing the problem?

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hi all,

my win 7 pc crapped out. its not the disk. i have an image made on acronis. i bought a new win 10 pc. whats the easiest way to get that win 7 image with all my applications onto the new win 10 desktop? i want to get rid of windows 10. i would like my image working on new pc (new hardware) as i will not have to reinstall and configure everything again.

i tried swapping the old pc disk into the new pc, but the new pc would not boot: says invalid disk. could it have something to do with the MBR or that UEFI thing?

A:System crashed, how to restore Windows7 system image into new desktop

you're going to be in a world of pain if you want to do this but have no access to the old computer. In this situation, a SYSPREP with the generalize function is run in Windows 7 to prepare it for migration to new hardware.

You can try cold turkey like you did, you may have to switch to AHCI drivers from IDE or IDE to AHCI depending on what you had before to get it to boot. The boot sector may be a problem too. If you used standard MBR in the past then check your BIOS on the new PC to see what adjustment you can make.

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I was recently helped by Jack & Jill in another forum.


I received clearance from the Malware forum to create this post.

After my topic was closed, I installed the updated Windows Vista Service Pack (the one I had was outdated). Upon completion of update my system crashed. I cannot even run System Restore (it never reaches completion).
When I try to start my computer I get the following message:
!!0xc0000034!! 185/49206 (program_files_windows_nt_tabletextservice_...)

Unfortunately I do not have any recovery CDs. Any help is greatly appreciated,

A:System Crashed - Unable to utilize System Restore

Can you start up in safe mode?

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I have a Dell Inspiron 15 N5050.
This unit was having high lag and memory utilization of 100% shown in task manager and resource monitor. Ran Dell Extended Troubleshooting. Results = Hard Drive error. Replace hard drive.
What are the Hard Drive specs for this unit.
This unit runs Win 7. How do I reinstall on new hard drive?
Thank you in advance for your help!

A:Inspiron N5050 Hard Drive Crashed. Drive type and OS Reinstall help

Any 2.5" SATA notebook drive will work that's 9.5 mm or slimmer.
Ideally you prepared a set of recovery media when you received the system -- if you did not, you will need to contact Dell to purchase that now.

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I think that I wiped out some registry files prior to rebooting. Now can not access system, not even open BIOS setup.
Put Win xp pro disc in and rebooted many times, pushing DEL to open BIOS setup, but can not. Only comes up motherboard flash screen.

I really screwed up and have no idea how to access BIOS setup. This is a work machine so in a tight spot.

Any suggestions would be great!


A:HELP! Crashed system.

What were you doing to your computer before this happened? Where you flashing the BIOS?

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Early today my computer was perfect, then came the disater, I was informed that I needed to install SP1 (vista service pack 1). I did so, and towards the end of the process, it crashed my system, I mean a total, complete crash. There is no windows, no prompt, no curser, just a black screen. No matter how many times I turn my compter on and off, the same black screen is looking back at me. The microsoft website is not helping, they want to charge me to fix a problem caused by their system (dont get me wrong, happy to pay for service). Is there any way I can restore my system without inserting the start up disks again.

Added: While waiting for a reply I have decided that I would have to start over. However, my computer will not even read the discs to start over, there is just nothing. Just black. (3 years ago, I had to start over, it was simple,I just put the manufacturer disks in my disk drive, started the computer, and it wiped everything and started again). Any suggestions would be so much appreciated.

A:SP1 just crashed my system


are you using a PC or laptop? When you turn the PC off then back on, do you see the POST screen, i.e. the manufacturer's logo and/or a series of checks denoted by white text on a black screen?

It could be that the PC isn't fully turning off and you're going straight back to the screen you're seeing. If that's the case, remove the power lead from the PC after turning off (or remove the laptop battery), wait 10 seconds then reconnect and power on.

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Hiiiiiiiiii all

My XP.system have been crashed , I was doing some particular updates and when it done and reboot the system I can not log in to the XPsystem .

I have two systems in my device the other one is ubuntu , as we know when I turn on the device the system Give me a suggestions to select which system I want so I choose windows but the problem is the system again restart from it self and it still do that just with xp but it okay with linux , I think I need to delete the files of current updates but how can I log in to windows ?

- I can not reach to the welcome screen
- Safe mood as normal mood , which mean it still restart
- I lost the CD's of system

A:My XP.system have been crashed

From the Advanced Options Menu choose Disable automatic restart on system failure instead of Safe Mode.
Post the lines under the Technical Information section, the Stop code and any file names it mentions.

Do you know which updates you were installing?
If you were installing the KB977165 update, and have the version before MS added code to check for the presence of a rootkit, that could be the cause. Installing the update on an infected system causes blue screens or restarts.

Check the Windows partition for this folder:
If present, check in the spuninst subfolder for the spuninst.txt file

The spuninst.txt file contains the commands that the Recovery Console would use to uninstall the update. It's a list of Delete and Copy commands to delete the new files, and restore the old version. The last command makes a copy of the spuninst.txt file named spuninst.tag so that Windows Update will know it's been removed.

You can do each command from Ubuntu if you don't have an XP CD.
If you have access to a Vista/Win 7 DVD or can download one of the Vista/Win 7 Recovery Environment CDs, I have a batch file that can uninstall the update as well.

Vista Recovery Environment CD
64 bit Vista
32 bit Vista
Win 7 Recovery Environment CD

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Hello I recently installed suse on my computer and I also have windows xp installed on a seperate partition. Since I am an idiot I was on windows xp and I decided to delete the suse partition trough windows. After I deleted the suse partition, I restarted windows and like ususal it said Grub loading, but I got an error because obviously suse is no longer there, so I put in the win xp disc and tried to repair windows. I thought if I deleted the 956 mb swap partition it would correct the system from trying to load Grub, but it actually made things worse and now I cannot even load the windows xp disc. Now when I try to load the xp disc it says inspecting system configuration then the screen goes blank.........I dont know what to do! Help!

A:Help system crashed

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crashed drivers and only message appearing F2 set up and f12 to change boot service and keeps switching itself on and off and I cant reload new drivers online and retieve my data.pls help

A:crashed system

i m an windows 7 and cant reload and retieve my info,keeps restarting wih F2 and F12 msgs

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My windows vista crashed for no apparent reason and it will continuously direct me to a black screen with an option to continue normally or launch startup repair.

Normal startup doesn't work, and the repair gives me the message "cannot repair this computer automatically". I send the info to microsoft and it gave me no options to fix it

And although I have attempted the repair several times already, for some reason it says number if repair attempted:1

Root cause found:
Startup Repair has tried several times but can still not determine the cause of the problem."

Root cause found:
Unknown bugcheck: Bugcheck 7f. Parameters = 0x0 0x0 0x0 0x0.

Repair action: system restore
Result completed successfully

Note this is the results from 2 separate occations

I have tried System restore to an older date but it did not work

I have tried safe mode, did a dskchk with /f but didn't do anything

Unfortunately I have made no backup

Also, the windows came with the computer so I don't have any disks or anything

A:System crashed please help!!

I am no expert,but the same thing happened to me with my laptop in October. I called my computer manufacturer's tech service and we went through most of the F8 options and none of them worked except for the options under recovery manager: I had a choice of full factory recovery or recovery with automatic data backup and I chose recovery with automatic data backup. Because I chose recovery with backup,I retained all of my files. I don't know if your computer has that option or not. But,if all else fells you may be able to do that.

There are probably other things you can do first. Other people with more knowledge than me might have other suggestions,I'm sure.

Good Luck!

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Im not sure what led to it- maybe a virus. The same events occured each time. Programs became very slow, mouse froze, became low on memory(~.5gb) so shut down the system and a couple of error windows came up saying to the effect that $something couldnt be saved. I wasnt saving any files that I knew of. Wouldnt reboot- wouldnt repair-reinstalled windws. the last time a bunch of mp3s were playing so checked all mp3s with AVG and Comodo AV as well as the entire system. Nothing found. This is getting old. but Im getting very fast at building the system Any ideas?

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I was trying to free up some space and accidentally deleted tons of system files and a bunch of necessary things I have no idea what to do or which system files I deleted. I tried starting it up and it came up with a screen saying Power Saving Mode and then switched to a screen coming up with: SYNTAX in the middle and on the bottom it said: Press TAB to enter post.... and Press DEL to enter setup. I tried the rescue disk but it wouldn't load the CD Drive. Then I went into the BIOS and changed it so it would boot the CD drive first. Nothing happened. WQhenever i turn it on the SYNTAX and Power Saving Mode scxreens just cycle over and over continuously.

I desperately need help. I hope you can help me someway

A:System Crashed

Welcome to BC
Do you have a XP disk?

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Hello everyone,

While l was formating my Toshiba laptop, the power went out and the system could not continue with the formatting even when it is rebooted.

It comes on showing "NTLDR is missing", press ctrl+alt+Del to restart system.

Please Help.


A:Crashed System -XP

Don't know if you have a xp boot disk but if you do you should be able to copy the NTldr file from that to the root windows folder.

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I am running vista on an acer laptop. Last night it crashed. When i turn it on a black screen with safe mode options pops up. I tried that but it starts to load and nothing happens after that. I don't mind if i can't recover any files because all i really had on there was pictures and music.

If there are any tips that could help me out to get my computer up and running again, please let me know.

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my system got crashed and I managed to reboot with the cd of Lenovo but its not working as it was so I do like to know that can I get my system's factory settings if yes- how could I get it.
Thank you bon400

A:system crashed

Is the system a Dell server? If so, what model, operating system and controller?

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My laptop crashed, system 32 not found/corrupted, i bought a boot cd ( not realising i had one supplied with the laptop). The bought disc then reloaded xp pro, so no files, no office programs. When i did find the right disc and press f8 on start up i have 3 windows xps to choose from bottom is the corrupted one middle is the clean version and an incomplete one. When i load the correct boot cd it states i do not have enough ram memory, can i delete the top 2 xps? I just want to get back to the corrupted version and give the original boot cd another try.

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First off, thanks to everyone ahead of time for helping me!

Alright, so I just moved to a new house and hooked my computer up to the internet for the first time on the new IP. I was on for just a few minutes when I got a "Send error report" saying that "the system has recovered from a serious error". When I go to click anything, I get the BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH!! Now it happens everytime within a couple of minutes when I load my desktop. Now I don't really think it has anything to do with a different IP or anything like that, but I've been messing around with other forums for days now and still haven't been able to fix this problem so I decided to jump in the forums and post my own thread and just hope I can get this fixed.

A:My system crashed, please help!

Hopefully the computer wasn't dropped when you moved from house to house. Also hopefully the computer was packed up right and didn't get banged around inside the truck or whatsover.

One thing you can do is to check the HDD for any errors. Go to the manufacturer's website of the hard-drive and download the latest diagnostics utility. Then put the program onto a CD, boot the computer to the CD, and test HDD for any errors. If there are any errors, then it's time to backup your files ASAP.

Another thing you can do is to perform a windows repair on your computer and hopefully windows repair will fix the problem.

Also try reseating computer parts. Reseat the videocard, cpu, and memory sticks and make sure they are on the motherboard tight.

You can also perform a check disk repair. Go into my computer and right click on the C: drive. Then choose properties and then click on the tools menu. Click on "check now" on the error-checking section and then make sure the two boxes are checked. Click on start and reboot your computer and let check repair do it's thing.

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recently i changed my window 7 home premium to ultimate, lost all my programs. my vaio assist button are no longer working and i ve no back up either...kindly assist me

A:system crashed

Hi and Welcome to TSF!

If you did a full reinstall then the new OS may have deleted all of your files.

How did you go about upgrading from Home Premium to Ultimate?

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crashed drivers and only message appearing F2 set up and f12 to change boot service and keeps switching itself on and off and I cant reload new drivers online and retieve my data.pls help

A:crashed system

i m an windows 7 and cant reload and retieve my info,keeps restarting wih F2 and F12 msgs

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I was working with my "backup" computer.......Win XP SP2 and ran an AVG scan.......anti-rootkits. I removed 5, and one was fixed. Later on I shut down the computer when a storm came through, and about an hour ago powered it back up. Windows will NOT boot up. It continued to recycle, and I am unable to get into SAFE mode, nor will it boot with the last known good settings. I tried "debugging mode", "disable automatic restart on system failure", and "safe mode with networking" (out of desperation), but nothing's working. I do not have a recovery disc, but I do have the OS re-installation disc that came with the computer, plus the SP2 disc I got from Microsoft.What's my next step? Thanks.

A:I Just Crashed My System

I will move this to the Am I Infected forum, where someone will try to assist you.


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Ok....Everyone has the right to say "I told ya so!" I have read the posts about the freaking SP2 monstor. I tried to take all the necessary precautions such as getting rid of any spyware and uninstalling my adaware and spybot programs before downloading SP2. Now this is what happened...I restarted after downloading and my system does four things...1. displays the microsoft XP load page for 6 seconds. 2. Blank screen for 16 seconds. 3. HP logo on blue screen for 4 to 6 seconds. 4. Blank screen for 6 seconds amd then loops back to the microsoft XP load page. I have contacted MSN support about this and was told that I have to call their SP2 support that has a different number and hours that they work. So I am on my daughters computer posting this dire request for help while waiting the time to pass for the freaking peeps at MSN to get their sorry butts to work. And to thing that regular support suggested that I call HP for help at $35.00 an hour! Told MSN that they would get the bill and for that I was promptly hung up on! Ok Mr. Bill Gates; I got a bone to pick with you!

A:[Solved] System crashed by SP2

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As title indicates my system has crashed. I figured since the hdd was pretty corrupted it would be ok to format it using a vista img since I have a valid product key and there lyes my problem.

I have a OEm product key and a HP pav dv7 1260us. When I got my laptop it as usual came with no cd's. After reinstalling the OS I came to find out after it first said my key was ok that everytime I go to retsrt computer it saids my key is invalid. Idk what to do at this point. I looked all over the internet to find a OEm version since the retail will not accept OEm keys because of a invalid certificate. So what can I do? My computer now is constantly in a "windows needs to activate 30 more days" state and it won't accept my key. I have called microsoft just to have them tell me i have to contact HP for their original cd's however it cost around 40 for them. I do not simply have the money atm. Can anyone help?

A:(OEM KEY PROBLEM) System crashed

Vista OEM and Retail disks are bit-identical.
The only difference is the Key itself.

To properly analyse and solve problems with Activation and Validation, we need to see a full copy of the report produced by the MGADiag tool
(download and save to desktop - http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=52012 )
Once saved, run the tool.
Click on the Continue button, which will produce the report.
To copy the report to your response, click on the Copy button in the tool (ignore any error messages at this point), and then paste (using either r-click/Paste, or Ctrl+V ) into your response.
- **in your own thread**, please

Please also state the Version and Edition of Windows quoted on your COA sticker (if you have one) on the case of your machine (or inside the battery compartment), but do NOT quote the Key on the sticker!
How to Tell

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i had a computer freeze today , i rebooted and it wouldnt get past post , just went to a black screen with no operating system start up , i rebooted again and tried to get into safe mode , but it stalls at a point where it says;
multi(O)diskrdisk..etc etc Sys32drivers\Mup.sys

rebooted again with different BIOS setting and it goes through post , lists USB devices , PCI devices , IRQ settings and then stops after the last line where it says ACPI controller.

i went back in to BIOS and checked all boot priority settings , i tried to reinstall the operating system , but it goes through the windows installation dialogue , then stalls at the point where it says " Setup is starting wondows " and just hangs

i thought the HDD was faulty , so installed a brand new HDD , tried to install windows on that but get the same problem ., it just hangs and wont start windows.

any suggestions ,it is obviously a hardware issue , it cant be the HDD as i replaced it with a new one............... ???
Win XP
gigabyte 945GZM S2
duo core CPU
kingston RAM 512 Gig
Seagate SATA 80 gig drive
using onboard VGA

A:crashed system cant install OS

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So, I did a stupid thing, deleted some files, and crashed my computer. I tried a safe reinstall of windows (which was not supposed to write over anything) but even after that I can get windows to install/run properly. It's windows XP. My question is, is there a way the I can hook up the broken system to another computer and simply copy the files off of it? I know the exact directories of the files I want to get. Or is this something I'd be better off taking it to the local best buy for? Or just call it a day and re-format?
Not really sure what other info to supply you with, haven't opened either system to see if there is an empty slot to hook up to.

A:Can I get files off of crashed system?

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Hello everyone, im new to this site so i will appreciate any help and return it if ever i can. I think Spyware crashed my system (XP SP2) it was acting slow and as soon as I went to install Trend Micro anti spyware it literally shut me down. Now I dont know if spyware is that smart but anyway my desktop is worthless right now. It freezez before safe mode starts and I cant accomplish anything else. All I want is to retrive my files and pictures off of the drive then i will have no problem reloading win xp. I tried a USB to IDE cable but I cant access any of my files it tells me access denied. Any suggestions please let me know., Thank you

A:I think spyware crashed my system

Do you get the Access Denied error for all files, or only things inside of your Desktop or Documents and Settings folder? You may want to see if this helps: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/308421

Otherwise you could download " The Ultimate Boot CD" and follow these instructions to burn the CD. Note that you will need any OEM or RETAIL XP Home or Pro CD with SP1 or SP2 to burn the cd. You can boot from the CD and then copy the files to a USB drive.

An alternative boot cd would be a Linux Live CD if you only have recovery CDs.

Let me know if you get any errors when trying to copy the files to a USB drive. There may be a tiny, tiny chance that the virus altered your hard drive permissions.

Hope it helps,

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Anyone have an idea how to retrieve e-mail contacts in Outlook from a crashed system that won't boot and can't be restored?

A:Crashed system question

You could try slaving the HDD in another system and trying to retreive the contacts that way.

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I used combo fix to scan my system so I could list a log. I asked for help with my hijack this log and didn't get any help.

I ran combo fix and had to reboot my computer. It rebooted to a blue screen that says it halted and there are system parts missing. I am on another computer because I can't get past it. I was so close to getting it all cleaned up and now nothing.

Help please. I can plug in the computer and tell you exactly what it says if I need too.


A:Combo fix crashed my system!!!!

Please help some one. Any ideas?

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Was installing service pack 2 and system crashed now can not even get back to my old vista.

Seems to be loading and then I get:

!!oxc 0190005!! 9293/45274 (registry\machine\schema\wcm.//microsoft-...)

Then it freezes. I let it stay here for 18 hours and nothing. Tried to boot with my old vista windows disk and can not get a fix or get back to loading anything. Latest error said windows can not fix problem. Frequant black screen of death after bios or it goes to above point and stops.

Any help would be appreciated.

A:System crashed during install

Originally Posted by johnjosiah

Was installing service pack 2 and system crashed now can not even get back to my old vista.

Seems to be loading and then I get:

!!oxc 0190005!! 9293/45274 (registry\machine\schema\wcm.//microsoft-...)

I think your system have trouble with unload Schema hive - it is only temporary hive and after restart system never use it.Download MEPIS Bypassing Log-in Passwords to Access Folders on Drive
burn,boot it and navigate to folder C:\Windows\System32\config ->in this folder find SCHEMA file and rename to SCHEMA.OLD ,next run system normally.

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The first time I thought it was because I was running some other stuff at the same time, my system simply froze. I couldn't move the mouse or use the keyboard, but I did see the hourglass appear and disappear on my mouse cursor.

The second time I tried to use it I left it alone to scan and I got a blue screen error (which I took a picture of with my digital camera) and I took a screenshot of the log it posted after I rebooted my system, or the locations where the error files are. It told me the system recovered from a serious error.

A:GMer crashed my system twice

Why are you running gmer? Do you have reason to suspect malware?

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I hooked up my friend's computer and proceeded with the Microsoft Updates in order to download the latest updates for the PC. When prompted to restart, she clicked OK to restart. After startup, the PC screen when to the startup options - start normally, safe mode, etc. etc.

Computer will no longer reboot to a normal windows screen.

Help please.


A:System crashed after installing SP3

Its a known fault with amd processors.

Boot into safemode, then go
to HKEY_Local_Machine>system>Current Control Set>Services
Find intelppm and change the value from a 1 to a 4.

More info here:

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o.k., i'm giving this a try. my daughter's computer has been REALLY down for about a month now, nothing but black screen to reboot,safe,last configuration, etc. none do anything but repeat the screen or randamly go to the HP start screen. when i boot with the recovery console disc, it reaches the console and asks me to choose which do i want, install, R for repair, you know. then it will start the process over. i do find that it's missing systemconfig32, AND error code 14. setup cannot contnue when i try to load the compaq recovery disks. lately filei386halaacpi.dll COULD NOT BE LOADED has shown up. this is recent, though. i broke down and spent $60 with HP. WHAT A DOPE! don't think he knew any more that ME, and i know very little. lots of help would be greately appreciated-i've been out of work with a double back fusion for 6 yrs., it failed and i cannot work. gots little cash for circuit city! i've been reading the site for 4 days solid or until the wife yells too much to stand.

thanks for all the info already, it's been quite helpful.


A:completely crashed system...

Lets try some troubleshooting and see if it could be a hardware issue.

If you are comfortable working inside the computer, shutdown the computer, open the side of the case, remove all PCI cards except the Video Card if it is PCI or AGP, unplug all hardware from the computer except the Keyboard, Mouse, & Monitor, then boot and see if the same problem happens.

Post back with the exact error messages.

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