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Hotmail Picture Editing and Attaching Tool

Q: Hotmail Picture Editing and Attaching Tool


I've searched for hours looking for a solution to my problem with no luck so I thought i'd try here...

When trying to attach photos to an outgoing email in Hotmail using the Picture Editing and Attaching Tool no photos appear in the folder I select in the explorer window.

I have all my windows folders down the left hand side. When I highlight a folder I know contains pictures I get the message 'No photos in this folder.'

My laptop computer is brand new and has windows XP home edition included together with service pack 2. I downloaded the photo tool without any problems onto my computer. All other aspects of hotmail work OK except the photo tool which used to work on my old computer.

What am I doing wrong?

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance....

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Preferred Solution: Hotmail Picture Editing and Attaching Tool

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


This confusing OS, WIN 8, has gathered so much of my stuff together I have no idea where it is and what it is doing.

While working in my Hotmail account, I am unable to "attach files". the "attach files" functions on Hotmail doesn't work and I guess it's the OS that is causing this problem.

Any thoughts?

A:Attaching Files Hotmail

Just use a web browser and log in to your Hotmail account.

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Just wondering how you would attach a picture to a thread. Example like If I wanted to attach a link to a picture to this thread woud I have to use my own computer as the server or would there server hold the picture and how would you do that. Thanks.

A:attaching a picture to thread question

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i just got a new laptop and now whenever someone sends me a photo in an e-mail on my Hotmail, i have to download it just to see it (it used to have this great pop-up viewing window) and when i attach photos i can only do that one photo at a time! my other laptops dont have that problem at all. what is my computer missing? is it Adobe Flash Player or something like that?
im running internet explorer on windows 7, 64 bit.

A:attaching and viewing images on hotmail

What your post is missing is the operating system and the email client or web browser you are using for Hotmail. Someone will probably have some suggestions if you tell us those.

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I am trying to send an edited Excel document via Hotmail but everytime I try to attach the file I am getting an error stating 'The file could not be scanned for viruses' and only giving me the option to use Skydrive...which I don't want to do.

I have scanned the file I am sending and it is clear of Viruses, I can send it using my AOL account but I need to send it via Hotmail. Any suggestions??

A:Solved: Problem Attaching Excel to Hotmail

I just tested sending an .xls attachment via Hotmail and had no problem. I use web mail and browser Firefox.

Think that you should identify your browser if using web mail, else the email client and OS. And maybe your anti-virus application is also important.

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when trying to attach a doc file to either gamil, hotmail, or yahoo mail, the sytem slows right down and gives the "internet explorer cannot not......." whatever page.
this is very annoying as I need to send these files to classmates...
please help.
I am running Win xp and can answer any question you may have to help fix this problem


A:Problem Attaching To Gmail, Hotmail Or Yahoo

Please doublecheck the error message you posted. Exactly WHEN do you get this error message (that is, what are you doing in the process when it appears). What is the size of the .doc file, and where is it located on your hard drive?

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I need to attach picture to the records in the table.
The code should be able to attach different pictures for each record.
I have to use the Tabular View for the table and the pictures should be shown simultaneously for all records.

I defined the picture field as “OLE Object” but found no way to attach a picture in VBA.


A:Solved: access 2003 - attaching picture to table with VBA

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When I create a new mail with hotmail and when I click on "attachements", to attach a file, 2 folders are missing. I see them in windows explorer but not anymore in the dialog box "choose files to upload". If I rename them in windows explorer, they appear, even if I just change one letter in the name, for example, "Mes numérisations" folder does not appear anymore and if I rename it to "Mes numérisationss adding a "s" at the end, it appears. I tried attaching files to google mail and to facebook, to test other situations but I have exactly the same result. Could you help Techguys ? I will appreciate very much any help.

A:Solved: Some folders do not appear anymore when attaching files to a hotmail and gmai

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A:Hi i have a dell inspiron n5110 i5. Whenever i start my computer it shows me a blue screen and it restarts again and again. I am attaching a picture as well

I'm assuming windows 7 is on the system....
Please run the Diagnostic tool to check hardware on the system by following the steps below:
1. Power off system.
2. Power on system, quickly start tapping F12 key continuously. In the menu, stroll down to Diagnostic and then click it. After quick tests, click Hard drive, and then Thorough Test Mode. Please report back any error code.

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hi is there someone who can help me to create backup of hotmail account please help me out to create backup of my hotmail account please let me know if it is possbile.

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When I Go To My Pictures In My Saved Documents, And Want To Edit Them ,an Error Comes Up Saying That There Is Not A Program Associated With This File. Can Anyone Help Thank You

A:my picture editing

what kind of editer you using?
try this. right click on the picture. then scroll to were it say open with. then pic the editer you want to use. if the editor aint there then click on were it says choose program then find it there. in there you can always click were it says always use this program

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im not good at computer photo editing so i need help. on this picture i was wondering if someone could take away the backround and just have the player standing there like a cutout or with a white backround...thanks


A:need help editing picture (im new)

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please can any one help me , i want the best computer for editing picture & multimedia like movie,s i work on adobe photoshop cs3 & after effect cs3
please can any one from expert help me to collect the best of Prosser , Hd , Lcd , case , ram , fan , power , VGA ,
please any one!

A:Best PC for picture & multimedia editing

First... What is your budget to build or buy this PC?

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I copied a picture off a website onto a spreadsheet in
excel. Is there anyway to change the text that it currently
has to fit my needs?

A:editing inserted picture

Welcome to TSG.
You could take the graphic, and paste it to MS Paint. You would need to paint in where the text is now, and then insert a text box with your own text. It is doable, and possible to make it look good, but can also be time consuming.

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What is a good free picture editing software download for croping pictures
Thank you,

A:Picture Editing Software.

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looking for strong laptop for picture editing. i need it to have at least 500 giga ssd hard drive + 2 tera regular hard drive.
strong grafic card and I7 processor.
any advice what can fit?

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I have two digital image file on my pc. 1st is my photo. 2nd is a building photo. How do i "cut" out my picture and transfer it over to the 2nd picture with having all the unevenness on the outline of my own photo's cutout? Is there a turn-around or maybe a good site that explores that more advance editting methods of photoshop?

Any help is appreciated.
Thank you

A:picture editing with photoshop

The first step is making as accurate a selection as you can

here's a link to help you get started...



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Hello all,

I am a University student and I am currently undertaking research regarding picture editing software for a project. A friend recommended this forum and I would be grateful if you could fill in this short questionnaire to help me in this process. You do not need to register for anything and all responses are anonymous. When you fill in the answers click the 'Finish Survey' button at the end.

Please click the link below to find the questionnaire:

It should take no longer than 10 mins.
Thank you for your help and happy new year.

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Hello, I found a link awhile back on this forum, to a website where you upload pictures and then you can edit/resize them. Does anyone know what site it may be? Or any like sites? I tried searching the forum, but couldn't find it. Thank you.

A:Looking for link to a picture editing site

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Can someone please advise what software would be good to use to do the following (I would like to avoid PhotoShop for this - Explanation below):
Re-Size Image
Increase/Decrease Lighting
Cut Parts of Images

The reason i ask is some people in our company are after 3 PhotoShop licenses to do the above but the cost seems a little excessive for what i believe to be small changes to an image. Fair enough if they are designing all day but they just want to edit a few images.

Something free or of a lower cost than PhotoShop.
Any ideas?


A:Picture Editing Software Idea's


cost? ?0.00

it can
adjust brightness/contrast
...and loads more

i would use it all the time if i wasn't lucky enough to use photoshop.

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Hi Guys,

Just looking for a 2nd opinion on this one.

Problem: I have a user who opens windows explorer, navigates to a picture folder (Pictures in this folder are displayed in thumbnail large icons), from their she opens them up, they open up in microsoft office 2010 picture viewer and then crops/edits them. Goes to save as and receives this error: The file *NAME OF FILE* is open in another program. close the file that the program and then try saving again. Try again, Cancel, Skip.

Clicking try again 3 times usually allows her to save.

What I think may be happening is the explorer window in thumbnail mode is showing the previews and acting as a seperate program in a way? But as clicking try again usually works after several times is the applciation used to display the thumbnails still hooked in memory doing something for a few seconds and then once the process is finished the try again button eventually works?

Does this kind of make sense?


A:Editing a Picture - The file is open in another program

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OK does anybody know of a good free video and picture editing software to say cut certain parts out of a video clip or cancel

out the audio of certain parts and to maybe take two pictures and switch the heads of the people between the two pictures

figure if there is something free make a donation to you guys and save some money thank you

A:Free video and picture editing software

Don't think you can do that in a movie ..
But for pictures .. see Here .. and take a close look at the Gimp

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I am definitely a novice computer user-so please be patient! Right, I have windows XP/Windows and several programmes. I have Adobe Reader 8 and Microsoft Word 2003, o)
A Print shop has emailed me with an attachment which when I pressed 'Save' vanished - to be found hours later in Adobe. It is a business card layout for a wildlife protection group and contains a drawing of a badger and text in various colours/fonts/hights.
I would like to edit it so I can add it to Letterheads and leaflets but I can't make it do anything? I would like to send it to Microsoft Word but it saves it in numbers and letters-not images or text. I know I am doing everything wrong but ANY help would be SO gratefully appreciated!
PS When I press the 'Edit' button in Adobe it keeps connecting me to the Internet and asking if I want a 'free 30 day trial'??
Thankyou very much

A:Adobe 8 editing a downloaded picture/text-HOW?

I just copy and pasted a picture from Adobe Reader 9 to Word 2007 without any problem. Perhaps you should try updating the the latest and greatest from Adobe and see if that helps.

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Hello to all brothers.

I have been trying to edit a .avi file in Sony Vegas 7.0e (Built 216) but, I can't see no picture only audio. If I need to convert that file, can anyboddy plz tell me where can I get that converter and in what formet I shoud use?

I can watch that movie in VLC.

I am running Xp home edition
plz help me out guys. If I find any solution, I will post back. Thank you.

A:No Picture Only audio when editing in sony vegas 7

Update your graphics driver for a start, make sure you have the most updated drivers, most issues where you get sound but no video is graphics driver related.

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XP SP3, Windows 7

My friend at work started Paint to work with a picture, but now every picture he opens goes automatically to Paint. He doesn't remember what he did and wants to use Paint only when he needs it for something specific.

I Exited from Paint and could open a JPEG in Picture & Fax Viewer (downloaded from his camera so not imported in Paint), but when I tried to Edit the picture, it went to Paint instead of the Edit function in Picture and Fax Viewer

We don't have Admin rights so can't go into MS Config to deselect it from auto starting, altho I'm not sure that's what's causing the problem. I don't believe he somehow set it up to Auto Run on startup without Admin rights. He's restarted several times since he did this and it still happens.

I also tried to go into My Documents / All Users / Startup but was blocked from going any further without those Admin rights.

Appreciate any expert advice!​

A:How to stop Paint from opening when editing a picture?

OK, making a little progress.

Didn't realize it before, but Pict & Fax Viewer doesn't have a default image editor, therefore when trying to Edit the picture automatically opens in Paint.

What we need to do is get back to having the picture open with Office Picture Manager where there IS an edit function.

However, when right clicking on a picture and go to Open With, the option to open with Picture Manager doesn't appear.
I checked and the program is still in his computer.

I believe it used to be his default picture viewer, but how can we restore Picture Manager as the default viewer if it doesn't
even show in the Open With tab and we don't have admin rights?


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Whats the Best, Free Picture Editing Program?

A:Whats the Best, Free Picture Editing Program?

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Have a friend who uses Office 2010 to scan and edit pictures. What do you need to do to have both the original and edited file not be saved by default? Wasn't able to find and option that allowed only for the edited picture to be the one saved.
Thank You

A:Office 2010 Picture Editing Question

Office 2010 doesnt Scan , a Scanner does.
Office 2010 doesnt Edit Pictures , A seperate Program will , eg: Photoshop , MS Paint , Corel , Gimp.
Opening any file to edit , once done you should select " Save As "  and rename it , then the Original would stay intact / or as it was.
If you just select "Save" it will Prompt you to Overwrite the original = y/n.
You have to be more clearer what your friend is trying to do , or yourself in explaining the actual problem your having , or what you need to achieve.

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When sending picture attachments via Outlook Express the pictures are HUGE. Have received messages with picture attachments with same problem. How do I edit the size and can I also caption the pictures. Followed all instructions for inserting a picture into a message, which did not work. Please help, have lots of great images to share!

Momma B

A:Editing Picture Attachment Size For OLEXP

How To Email Optimized Pictures From Windows XP


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There was a setting in my system that i opened the picture and system opened it in "Windows picture and fax viewer". Here i pressed "Ctrl+E" and system opened the picture in Paint for editing. But now, (i don"t know what setting i changed) when i open a picture in "Windows picture and fax viewer" and then press Ctrl+E, system open the picture in "MS Office picture Manager". Please assist where i can reset my old setting. I checked all but could not find.

A:Solved: Could not find the option for editing the picture

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I want to open .jpg files using Windows Picture and Fax Viewer, and I have changed the file association to do that. The problem is, when I click on the "open image for editing" button, it opens Paint. I want it to open Photoshop. There appear to be no options (or any other) menus available. How do I change this?

A:Win picture & fax viewer - how to change default editing app?

It requires editing the registry, so backup the key you need to change, first. Instructions can be found on This Page.
Or use the free utility at the bottom of the page.

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Is Pinnacle Studio DV ver 8 good enough for video editing?
can you give me cheap but good video editing cards. and specs pls! and also the specs of this Studio DV ver8 (particularly in sounds and video quality). thanx guys!

A:Video editing tool?

Pinnacle is ok but Video Factory http://www.sonicfoundry is even better.

Not sure what you mean by video editing cards. If you're capturing dv any firewire card is fine, but if it's analogue you'll need a 'capture card'.

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I am using Office 97, specifically Word. In class, we were paired up and given a Word document to review and edit. We use the Reviewing Toolbar (View-Toolbars-Reviewing), to track changes and comments that the two of us have made. We need to bring in copies of the document after my revisions, after my partners revisions, and a final copy. Everything is fine, except for the final copy. I can't seem to figure out how to remove all the highlights on the document. I have accepted or declined all changes. Now if I print out a copy, the changes are highlighted.

Any clues?



A:Word 97 Editing tool

After you've accepted / rejected all changes, have you saved the 'version'? It sounds like the page you're previewing is not the final version, but an earlier one.
Check File, Versions and make sure you have a saved 'version' that *should* appear correctly in Print Preview it.


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Just wondering if anyone knows of any easy to use free programs that have a photo gallery and where you can edit photos? a program that you can change the contrast brightness etc.

A:Free photo gallery or picture editing programs

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I just installed Sony Picture Motion Browser on my Intel Mac. I run XP with parallels.
It installed fine and I can see all my video and stills but I am unable to do any editing. It says that I must register my video but they are already registered.
Thank you for any help and guidance.

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I am running Windows XP and recently replaced my hard drive after a crash. I re-installed Olympus Master Plus, together with associated Quicktime software.

When I try to use the "edit" function (for correcting red eye, etc) I am getting the following error message:

Plug in could not be executed

I contacted Olympus and they advised me to carry out the following:

Update Quicktime which runs in the background even though it was a photo I was trying to edit and not video - I have the most up to date version.

System Restore to when the programme was functioning correctly - this was not possible as a new hard drive had been installed.

Uninstall and re-install Quicktime - I did this but editing feature still didn't work.

Deactivate my antivirus software when editing the image - this made no difference and I hadn't had to in the past to make it work OK.

Just wondering if anybody has any other ideas.

Any help would be gratefully received. Many thanks in advance.

A:Olympus Master Plus - Picture Editing Feature Failure

Please stick to one post per problem, continue here: http://forums.techguy.org/digital-p...aster-photo-editing-software.html#post4327695

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I use MS Office, Word & Excel, and its edit tools like tracking and comments but my Yoga 2 Pro continues to "pop-up" with its query to "customize quick-access" toolbar that interferes with my ability to edit documents. It's a great laptop but the pop-ups are annoying. In contrast, I use the same software (Windows 10 and MS Word) on my desktop with the notebook quick access tools without the interference of laptop pop-ups.  What's the fix? 

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Nevr got much into editing pics and such, so I thought I'd come to the pros and ask ya'll.

I'm basically looking for an editing tool that will allow me to edit any .jpg/.gif/etc. Even though it would be nice, I am not in search of a photo editing tool. Just something I can use to manipulate any clip art or similar type file. Paintshop is just WAY TOO basic and limited.


A:Looking for a photo/clip art editing tool

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Hello all

I need some help, I recently purchased a Dell Inspiron 3455 and when I first got it running I started using a  "sharpening tool" to edit some photos.  I then closed out Photos and can't find this tool again when I open Photos.  Initially it would pop up on the left side of the photo but now I get no editing information on the left side of the photos.  Does anyone have any idea how I can find this "sharpening tool" again?  Thanks for any support you can lend.


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I still use old PhotoDeluxe 2.0 while running Classic on my iBook for certain images; it is just faster for some stuff I do - I do have advanced digital editing software that I use on OS X. I've run into a glitch with PhotoDeluxe; the Brush and Eraser tools I use for changing colors of certain backgrounds in a photo or erasing parts of photos has gone "transparent." It takes several swipes over an area to erase a mark or to change its color to another color with those tools. It just started doing this while I was in the middle of editing images. The Color Change tool hasn't been affected. I've re-loaded the software and that hasn't helped. I've checked Preferences but nothing is wrong there, apparently. Some setting had to have been changed and I just don't know how I did it. If anyone can help, that would be great. Thanks.

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Hi everyone, I am trying to send an embedded picture to hotmail and when I sent a test to myself with hotmail, the image is cut to the right and I cannot use the slide to view the rest of the picture.

I tried to send the same picture to my yahoo and gmail account and it works perfectly. I can see the entire picture in my screen without having to move it.

Why cannot I see the full picture with hotmail? and why hotmail doesn't even give me the opportunity to move the picture?

Thank you for your help.

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I am running Vista with IE7. Some of my incoming E-Mails have a gray square where a picture should be.('show picture' not available when using rt.click) It looks like some kind of auditing although I know the Pix are not offensive. How can I overcome this?

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I think my computer has got virus.

1. I can't access Task Manager, getting message "Task Manager has been disabled by your administrator".

2. Can't find "Run" in the "Start Menu". I think this also has been disabled.

3. I noticed that a new folder with a name "New Folder" is getting created in each drives including removable drives if it is inserted.
Also when i place my cursor over that "New Folder" it shows that File Version:, File Size 105 KB.
If i click on that "New Folder", I get alert from Norton "New Folder.exe is trying to access DNS server"

4. Also lsass.exe (Location:c:\WINDOWS\lsass.exe) is trying again and again to change my home page of Internet explorer to http://quicknews.info/

Above are the problem that are noticed by me uptill now. there may be many more which i haven't come to know.
Please help me out in removing this virus.
I have already check one thred "Task Manager disabled, Run tool does not work"
hence sending you latest Hijack This log file

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 9:49:32 AM, on 7/31/2007
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16473)

Running processes:
c:\Program Files\Common Files\Symante... Read more

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Anyone know of a decent tool to edit the registry on a slaved (via IDE/USB/SATA) drive??
So I can scan them for spyware/malware?

A:Need A Tool For Editing Registry Info On A Slave Drive Pls.

Do you want a program that can run without windows running? Have you tried the Ultimate Boot Disk or BartPE? Once booted you can access the windows RegEdit form Run.Note this only works in W2000 and XP

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My issue is that I have an old picture attached to my <g class="gr_ gr_40 gr-alert gr_spell gr_inline_cards gr_run_anim ContextualSpelling ins-del multiReplace" data-gr-id="40" id="40">hotmail</g> account that
is viewable when sending emails. I have tried adding new photos these do not seem to overwrite this old existing picture. This picture still shows up in the sent mail how can I remove this picture from my account?

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I have hotmail. People have told me that you can change the generic "person" picture icon and replace it with whatever pic you want. the pic I want to change is the icon that represents a contact

Can someone provide me a link or detailed directions on how to do that?

A:How Do I Change the contact picture in hotmail

In hot mail, look in top right corner you will see option and click on it.
There you will scroll down to more options and it will open up to manage your accounts.
You then can find how to change your theme or anything else you want.
Hope this will help you.

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My daughter sent her pictures to me & have come through with ...mht as the extension. Hotmail won't open them. When I click the attachment--I get a blank screen. I have LOTS of problems with hotmail opening picture attachments. What's the deal? & how can I fix it. I have used hotmail since I got my first computer & changing everyone would be a real pain. Is there an easy fix that I'm suppose to click or unclick something to actually view pictures in hotmail?

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