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Cana monitor have a hardware problem so it only work on a fixed resolution?

Q: Cana monitor have a hardware problem so it only work on a fixed resolution?

I have an Apple MultipleScan 1705 connected to a PowerMac 7100. No matters what version of MacOS Y use, it will only work at 832x624 , any other resolution, lower or higher, will mess the image -it will be distorted an you will "see the refresh"-.

I'm starting to think it is a monitor problem, but not sure. Any ideas?

Preferred Solution: Cana monitor have a hardware problem so it only work on a fixed resolution?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Cana monitor have a hardware problem so it only work on a fixed resolution?

Well, certain monitors are maid for certain resolutions, but im not to formillular with macs, so i cant help you much there. I would look on apples tech help, you would probably find better help. -Nick

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Monitor screen resolution set to high can’t see anything my lithe brother some how got on and wanted to see how small he could get the picture and now all that comes up is a message saying that the resolution is set to high. Any suggestions. I don’t want to reformat.

A:Monitor screen resolution set to high canÂ’t see anything

Reboot in Safe mode and change setting!

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Hey forum gurus,

I have an Olevia 226 Monitor plugged into my computer. For some reason the resolution is 640x480 (it is supposed to support 1366 x 768) and I cannot get it to change resolution, I have tried basic display properties under the setting tab (I am running XP Home SP 2) and the tab which changes the resolution will not even pan at all. The screen resolution sucks and I cannot change it even though my graphics card Intel 82915G Express Chip is capable of 1024x768, i even changed monitors and it was fine, I was able to choose 1024 x 768, then I connected the olevia back to the computer WALA, 1024x768 no problem. It still wound't let me change the resolution at all (tab wouldn't budge) but the resolution was fine. I decided I would restart the computer and see if it would stick, NOPE, back to 640x480 and it will not change unless I use an iterim monitor to get graphics card to accept 1024x768 then switch back to the olevia. ANY help would be great.


A:Olevia LCD Monitor Fixed 640 x 480 resolution. HELP!

I had the same problem. Here's what fixed mine.
Control Panel - Display - Settings - Advanced

Make sure you choose these settings or your monitor will totally blank out. If it does, don't hit any key or click the mouse...wait about 10-15 seconds and the monitor will revert back to the other settings.

Monitor Tab
Uncheck "Hide Modes"
Select 60 Hertz refresh rate from the drop down box
Apply (Don't hit OK or it will close the active window out)
Adapter Tab
List All Modes
Select 1360 x 768 (32 bit)
OK & the "Advanced" window will close

If it doesn't automatically apply the new setting then you should now be able to slide the screen resolution bar 1360 x 768 & select 32 bit color quality from the display properties window that is still open. This should fix any conflicting setting issues.

This should (hopefully) fix your problem.

I may be mistaken, but I believe the original issue lies in the refresh rate that your graphics driver can handle. If I try to increase my refresh rate at all it messes it up again. But, I'm not a "techie" or anything so I may be way off base as to why it wasn't working to begin with.

I really hopes this works for you.

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Hey guys,

I got a 3rd monitor hooked up recently and was all fine however all of a sudden the 3rd monitor is stuck at 640x480 and I can't change it. I've tried everything it just won't give the options

I've got a hd7770 connected with minidp (active) to DVI, 1 HDMI and DVI

All help would be greatly appreciated



A:3rd Monitor resolution fixed at 640x480


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2012R2 box won't join the domain, tried reseting computer object, tried deleting it/recreating it...  
Any ideas on where to fix the currupted policy table?  







SystemTime="2020-04-30T22:00:24.021435100Z" />





UserID="S-1-5-20" />

<Data Name="RuleName">{b76ed7a8-be84-4713-9504-6fb495209d03}</Data>

<Data Name="ErrorCode">1018</Data>


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I just bought our first new Lenovo T560 and installed through our SCCM 2012.After installation, Windows popped up in the lowest resolution possible and I of course tried to change it by right clicking the desktop and went to "Screen Resolution" - When I tried to click on "Resolution" the popup showed for a second and went away again! - So every time I click this popup it just goes away again and I don´t have time to ajust the resolution.Every popup on the "Screen Resolution" page acts this way. Of course I tried to update drivers - every one that I can think of:-) If I go to Intels Control Panel, I can easily change resolution, but I would like to fix this so I have a laptop in perfect condition before handing it over to our employees. Any one have this issue or a solution for this? Bye the way - in Safe mode there is no problem!

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My brother bought an ATI HD 7870 to replace his HD 6870.
He has two monitors: a Medion MD 30422 PV and a VD Tech TQL2318VD.001.
The two displays worked properly under the HD 6870 and under the HD 7870 when the ATI drivers were NOT installed.

Whenever we install the ATI HD 7800 Series (version drivers, the Medion screen gets stuck at VGA resolution (640x480).
Installing Medion drivers does not help and removing the ATI drivers fixes the screen resolution.
So now I'm wondering if there's any way that I can have both the ATI drivers installed and be able to change the resolution on the Medion screen.

Any help is appreciated, thank you.
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x64
CPU: Intel i7 2600
MB: Asus P8P67 Revolution B3 Revision

A:New gpu causes fixed resolution

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I recently bought a ViewSonic 24" VX2433wm Full HD Widescreen LCD Monitor and when I finally set it all up and went to display properties I was shocked to find that I could not set the perfect resolution for the screen.

The max I can pull the resolution slider to is "1400 by 1050". This resolution is absolutely unbearable. Everything is pixelated, text is fuzzy beyond belief, and everything is generally blurry.

The monitor is absolutely intended to be viewed in 1920x1080.

My question to you is, how can this be achieved? I certainly did not buy this to view everything in such appalling quality.

EDIT: Will buying a graphics card help at all?

Thanks in advance guys


A:New monitor resolution problem?

Do you have it connected via vga cable or dvi cable?

What kind of video card do you have? Actually post ALL of your system specs.

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usually this monitor should be able to go up to 1920x1080 however since i had it replaced after the last one broke it will only zoom to 1600x960 resolution and you can scroll around a 1920x1280 desktop, whats the deal?

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Yesterday I went to control panel to check my monitors resolution in Win 7. I just checked it at i believe it was set as its highest 13?? X768. This morning when i booted up, I noticed that the resolution had expanded..its slightly overwhelms me and i would like to get back to its prior state. BTW, i do not have a graphic card, its integrated. I went back to control panel and saw that it was set at 1024 x 768. I only seem to have 2 options shown there...800 x 600 and now 1024 x 678. I do not know where the 13xx x768 went. I am confused as why this happened and how to correct it. MY processor is the AMD A10 7850k .

A:Monitor resolution problem

Update the latest driver and check the problem is solved or not.

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I just bought a new Dell U2412M monitor but I can't get the resolution it needs, which is 1920x1200.

My graphics card is a ATI Radeon 5400 and their site shows it should manage a resolution of at least that needed. All I can get when I try to increase the resolution is a maximum of 1600x1200 and the box shows as a Generic Non-PnP monitor.

Any help or advice would be most welcomed. I can return the monitor but I'd like if at all possible to use it as I'm still on the normal aspect.

A:Monitor resolution problem

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Hey there,

I have come across a frustrating problem, that i cannot seem to fix. I was on the Computer till about 4AM this morning, which then i turned off and went to bed. I came back to turning on my Computer at roughly 11AM.

As the computer boots up, it does its normal routine, when it comes to the password screen, the resolution has changed. So i log on and go take a look at the CCC (Catalyst Control Centre) to try and change the Resolution back to it's normal (max) state. However, I come across to find that there is no option to put it back to it's setting. The setting being 1650x1080. I can only choose 1600x1200 and below. So i checked in Control Panel, to see if i could change it there, but with no luck.

I have tried many different options to try and see if i could get it working. I've tried to reinstall the drivers of the graphics card, (which by the way, is a ATI Radeon HD 4850) - I have tried to reinstall the monitor's Drivers, (Acer x223w) but again.. no luck. - I have tried to pull out 2 pins from the DVI connector (I have a VGA Monitor, which should actualy have a DVI but doesnt.. It's connected as normal but i use a VGA to DVI Converter to plug into the graphics card) to see if i could remove the EDID restriction, but agian no luck. All that happens when i untick the EDID, is it goes to a lower resolution (wide), which is 1450x900 or something.

Another thing that i had a look at was Powerstrip. Again no luck. I tried to change the def... Read more

A:Monitor Resolution Problem

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hi from greece fellas! recently i obtained a 32 inch LG tv,the model is LG32LH2000.when i plugged it in the pc the resolution was still 1920x1080 but when i reboot the computer or press "scan" in the resolution properties window,the resolution changes to 1360x768 by force and then i cant set it back to 1920x1080.in the resolution properties window it says that 1360x768 is the recommended one,all the rest are lower.i also have no idea about cables,the one i use is the classic one with the 2 little screws to the sides.1360x768 is bad,the screen looks crooked,the only solution that i found is to plug in the old screen,press "scan" and then it automatically changes the resolution back to 1920x1080 and in the end i plug in the new tv again but without pressing "scan".the problem is i cant keep the old monitor,i must find a solution for the new one.any help would be much appreciated.thank you for your time friends!

A:monitor resolution problem.

Hi Aarbron

Welcome to the Seven Forums.

My first suggestion is to replace the VGA adapter that I'm assuming you're using. I would get an HDMI cable. According to AMD's Product Specs you have an HDMI port, as well as a DVI port, and either of these is preferable to the VGA.

Just before you "scan", does the control panel correctly identify your monitor? Check Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Display\Screen Resolution and tell us what is displayed there. Mine looks like the attached photo.

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Hey guys new here.. i am currently running vista ultimate 64bit, i recently made a new gaming desktop computer.. the card im using is a inno3d gtx 275, anyway the problem is that sometimes when i reboot the computer my reso changes to 1280 x 960 which does get frustrating at times, i set it to 1440 x 900 normally but it changes after vista loads which is annoying (inconsistently) .. basically its like it doesn't save but its also inconsistent, sometimes it works fine other times i need to change the reso back manually.. hopefully we can get a fix here!..

The monitor is a 20" samsung p2050 syncmaster, i have downloaded the new monitor driver, also the new nvidia driver for my card, i have even tried the other dvi port in my card as it has two..

- Jim

A:Monitor Resolution problem..

Hey guys i kind of know what the program is but i don't really know a "fix" yet, I play this game team fortress 2 and it seems to be the problem, if i play it and then reboot the reso automatically changes too 1280 x 960 (which is the setting i don't want ).. now if i change the reso in the game to lets say 1024 x 768 and set my windows reso to the same the resolution stays the same and doesn't change by itself.. but the thing is the reso in windows is quite ugly and the icons are quite big for my monitor.. if there some way or option to disable the game doing that or something? - Jim

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Whenever I try, or an application of mine, tries to change screen resolution from its default 1600x1200 to a lesser amount, the screen doesn't 'stretch' to fit my monitor size. Rather, it will switch to a smaller window, and blackness will surround it.

I've tried replacing/updating the drivers, but that didn't affect anything.

A:Monitor Resolution Problem.


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dell 1100 laptop, xp prof.,
The screen now is a small square in middle
In setting, it does not let us move the resolution, it is in 640X480
-low (4bit)- We've tried: ROLL BACK DRIVER, UPDATE DRIVER, when we ROLL BACK DRIVER it seems to work, but when we reboot, it goes back to the 640X480 low(4bit) resolution.
We also run the diagnostic disc, and everything came out right, that's what the computers says.

A:monitor resolution problem

try reinstalling your video drivers

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I have an Dell Inspiron 530 and Dell 19" monitor. About 3 weeks ago the resolution exploded and is now huge. I have tried adjusting the resolution but it does not accept the change.
I have read and most sites say that it is a driver issue. Since, I am a computer moron I have no idea what to do. I have two disk (NVIDIA GeForce 8300GS / 8600 GT and DEll E207WFP LCD Monitor) that came with the computer that might help but beyond that I have no idea what to do.
Anyone who can help walk me through some potential troubleshooting and fix for this issue. Thanks.

A:Monitor Resolution Problem

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I have a ViewSonic 15" VA520 LCD Monitor. It works great except sometimes, mostly when we play games a Resolution Notice comes on the screen and says"For better picture quality change to 1024 x 768. This notice stays on for a minute or two and goes off. It does this alot. I have it set at this resolution and I tried setting the properties of the games to 256 color and that didn't work either. It's very annoying. Can someone please help me?

A:Monitor Resolution Problem

Some games, even though you may have the main resolution set to 1024x768, will change that for menus and such. Normally you can tell if the screen goes blank and flickers or such when you start the game that it's changing resolutions. Can you get a capture of what the screen looks like with this message on it?

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Recently, my computer broke down and almost everything was gone: all the installations, updates, drivers, etc. I basically reinstalled everything. For some reason I can't change my resolution and it is stuck on 640 x 480 and it only has 16 colors. Before my computer broke, I could always change the display settings from 640 x 480 to 1280 x 1024 ranging from 32 colors to 16 colors. Now, I can't do anything and it seems like it's stuck on default.

Does this problem relate to the video card/graphics adapter?

I have a IBM 2237 C71 on Standard PCI Graphics Adapter (VGA) as of now. Does anyone know where to upgrade the monitor driver or graphics adapter so I can change my resolution to 1024 x 768.

I tried resetting up ATI and stuff, but that doesn't seem to work at all.

A:Resolution/Monitor problem

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

Please would you take a few moments to read this post. A message for all newcomers. Thanks.

You need to go to your graphics card manufacturers website, and download, and install the latest drivers for your card.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:

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I tried changing a few of my monitor settings, in the ATI 9600 graphic settings, and changed the max resolution to 1280 by sumthin, without realising my monitor can only go up to 1024 by 768 and now all it does is the lights flash and the screen is just black! Usually it flashes for a few seconds then gos back to the default and its all alrite but I've changed it in the graphic monitor settings and now its just blank screen and the lights are flashing! I hear everything in the background but all the lights on my monitor are just flashing and the screen is blank, like it usually does when it can't handle it! I've reset my pc, disconnected everything, but nothing works! My pc starts and everything and its fine except my monitor lights are just flashing and the screen is blank and now I can't obviously go in and change back the settings coz I can't see anything!

- Please use explicit titles

A:Monitor Resolution Problem ( Help!!! )

Ok, what you can do is a get another monitor that can support your resolution that you set it to, or just about any resolution, like a CRT (or those big fat 'normal' ones) and plug that into your computer. Turn it on, put the resolution back to what you had it, then shutdown. Reconnect your other screen, you're all set!

This has happened to me before. I hated it. That's the way I fixed it.

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I 've lost my resolution on my 21" LCD Monitor. in the display settings there is not an option for the native setting 1680x1050, 60hz. Can anyone help?

A:Monitor resolution problem

Try installing the drivers for your monitor. If that doesn't work, reinstall the drivers for your graphics card.

If all that still doest work....
Display Properties > Settings tab > Advanced > Monitor Tab > Uncheck 'diable modes my monitor cannot display'

Be carefuk though as that could cause too higher refresyh rate being set without your monitor being protected. I have it off though, so you should be fine

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I have win 7 installed and have a problem with the monitor resolution. When the PC
starts up, it goes to a resolution of 640 x 480 and every time I have to change it.
What i would like to do is to have it start up at 1680 x 1050, which is the native
resolution. I don't know if this is a driver problem with the monitor or graphic card.

Any help would be appreciated.


A:Monitor resolution problem...

After you change the settings are you clicking apply and ok .

And when you restart it still goes back to the other?

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hey guys need some help here, sooo frustrated

I messed up my resolution, I was trying to get my dual monitor setup running, and the resolution was really bad, so i tried to increase it, SOME how i messed it up and everything is huge now, I cant even log into windows because I cant see the stupid login button

when i turn on the computer, the whole screen is the bottom left hand corner where it says "Turn off Computer", like the entire screen is that way

already tried booting into safe mode and changing the resolution that way both through the control panel > display and right clicking on the desktop, then i rebooted and still had the same problem

any ideas how i can get these things working? i can't even get into my desktop now even using the single monitor, but of course safe mode boots fine


A:Problem with new monitor, resolution cant see anything!

When going to Safe Mode, when prompted did you choose this:
Enable VGA Mode: Starts the computer in standard VGA mode by using the current video driver. This option helps you recover from distorted video displays caused by using incorrect settings for the display adapter or monitor. Or did you just boot to safe mode and change the resolution?

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Got a 'budget' laptop, Compaq Presario CQ58. 1366x768 seems to be the only resolution available. Nothing else is listed.

Are there any third-party resolution changers available or any Windows hints as to how to change resolutions?

A:Laptop Has 'Fixed' Resolution

why would you want to change resolution? That's its screen's native resolution. Anything more or less will look ugly (the reason why it's locked in the first place).

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I have recently installed WD Blue 1 TB Hard Disk. After installation my Dell monitor's (20 inch) resolution
has been changed. Tried to setting the resolution - it's Landscape - 800 x 600 (lowest) and 1600 x 1200 (highest). I have set it 1440 x 900 but icons , letters, images appearing bigger. When setting 1600 x 1200
icons , letters, images appearing normal but vertically pressed (looking pressed from up down). No option is
working properly. Screen resolution is not only abnormal but also hurting eyes. Kindly help.

System info -

Windows 7
Service pack 1
AMD Athlon II X2 260 3.2 GHz
32 bit
Internet security - Kaspersky

A:Dell monitor resolution problem

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Hey y'all,
I'm having a problem with my dual monitor setup. On my secondary screen I'm only getting a resolution of 1360x 768 when I should be getting a resolution of 1680x1050. Ubuntu is reading my computer as a laptop (don't know if this affects it). I'm using ubuntu 12.04 with a nividia GeForce 7100 Graphics Card. I've tried installing different drivers and changing the xconf file but still no go. Anybody have any idea of a fix?
Below are images of my nvidia x server settings/configuration/display configuration.

A:Dual monitor resolution problem

From my experience, dual monitors need to run at the same resolution for the seamless extension
which allows BOTH screens to appear as ONE canvas. The other option just replicates from a->b
and imo is kind off silly.

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Hi I'm having a problem with my monitors resolution. My native resolution is 1920x1080 but when I try and use that, it cuts off my screen on all sides. Its like the resolution is too big for my monitor so I have to turn it down to 1680x1050. Ive used this monitor before on an older computer with an older video card and had no issues. However with my new system I now how this problem. I don't know why its doing this and its really bugging me. I don't know how to fix it. I'm using windows 7 64bit, EVGA GTX 560TI, & and Hannspree HF257 Monitor. I updated my drivers for my card. I have no idea whats going on... Please help

A:Solved: Monitor Resolution Problem...

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a few days ago i changed my screen resolution from 1024x768 down to 800x600. When i go to change it back (to 1024.768 from 800x600), the top and bottom of the screen have a 1 inch thick black area on the edges of the screen. Before I changed it to 800x600 the black area wasn't there. I changed it by clicking on the screen, going to properties, settings tab, and moved the bar. I did that both times.

I am wondering if there was another way to change it, because of the black area's on the edges that weren't there before.

Also when i set it back to 1024x768, the icons and display were smaller than they were before. I'm sure of this, because before i changed it i had all the folders and programs along the top of the screen, and they reached nearly to the end with 2-3 spots left for others, and when I set it back there was room for 7-8 programs or folders.

And once i set it to 1152x864 and the monitor started to make a wierd noise. IDK what was up with that.

btw i'm running windows xp and it's a desktop with a not flat screen.

A:monitor screen resolution problem

When you say it is a desktop, not a flat screen, I guess you're trying to say it is a CRT monitor. (big boxy thing like a TV)
What resolution do you want it to be set at?
There are buttons on all monitors to adjust the screen all kinds of ways.
You can eliminate the black bands on top and botom of your picture using these buttons.
Decide on the resolution you want and then use those buttons to adjust the size and placement of the window. Then leave it alone.

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Monitor resolution is stretched horizontally and can't seem to make resolution normal. Have a 22" Westinghouse LCD Monitor LCM-22w3. It is connected to my Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop with Windows 7.
Thanks for the help!

A:Solved: Monitor Resolution Problem

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Rite, basically I have an LG Flatron 194WT(19" widescreen) using a DVi-D cable to a single BFG 8800GTS OC (550Mhz core, 320mb GDDR3 etc)

.....sounds pretty normal rite? But no! I have a strange issue where the 8800 is outputting a resolution of 1440x900 BUT the screen is displaying 1280x1024!!(found by bringing up the OSD) meaning the screen is all blurred and horrible...even when I change to a lower res (screen isnt supposed to be able to do 1280x1024) the screen still ses "1280x1024":S

wat on earth!

And yes ive updated the drivers for both items, rolled them back, uninstalled them the works....The screen is definately capable of 1440x 900 cos I used to run tht on my old 6600GT....can anyone help?

A:Strange Monitor Resolution Problem

Yeah, thats strange. Did you replaced your current monitor with an another one?
Just for testing, to see which component is broken: your video card or your monitor. In this way, you should gather more info and you'll know for sure what to do next.

Also you can do this: right click on your "desktop", "proprieties", "setting" tab, "advanced", "general" tab and there you can change your DPI setting, because you have a pretty big monitor. also you can go to "monitor" tab and change the "screen refresh rate".

Good luck

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Hi everyone,

I have an alienware 14 laptop with a 23 inch Dell ultrasharp monitor. I have been using them together just fine until last week. I was moving into a new apartment and somehow lost the VGA cable that came with the monitor so I bought a SVGA cable from Radioshack, and ever since, my laptop won't recognize the resolution of the monitor! The resolution in the monitor is stuck at 1200 x 768 and it won't allow me to change it. Both screens are set the 60Hz refresh rate. Before the cable swap, the resolution in the monitor was at 1600 x 900, the native resolution of my laptop.

Is it possible that the newly acquired SVGA cable is causing this problem? Isn't the SVGA supposed to better than a VGA cable? Help please!!

A:Second Monitor Resolution problem with new cable

SVGA & VGA are virtually identical. My understanding is SVGA is more shielded than VGA & cost more - better for long distances.

My guess is by changing cables your laptop somehow detected different hardware & loaded a different driver. Check device drivers to see what driver is being used for the Dell monitor & post that info.

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Im having an issue with my second monitor and can't seem to figure it out. Hopefully someone here has an idea.

Im running Win7 Ultimate and have just installed a new Sapphire Radeon 5850 video card with dual DVI. I hooked up my monitors, and the first monitor runs correctly and is detected as PNP, while the second (Acer AL2216W) is detected as a generic non PNP monitor.

The acers resolution is locked at 640X480 making it completely unusable. The default resolution of this monitor is 1680x1050 I believe.

Ive installed the latest catalyst drivers several times to no avail. I can not locate a 64bit driver for the monitor itself. Ive tried to install the 32bit driver for the monitor off of the Acer website, but when I go to update the driver, Windows tells me the current driver is up to date, and doesnt install anything.

Is there something Im missing? Both monitors worked fine with an old Nvidia 7900GT that I was previously using, but that card has now died. So whats the trick to getting this monitor to work?

A:Secondary Monitor Resolution Problem

Issue Resolved. Went through the monitors on screen menu and found that it was set to analog input for some reason. Strange since it was on DVI before and working fine. Anyway, changed to digital and the monitor now shows up correctly and is displaying at its default resolution.

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Hi all,

I recently purchased an ASUS laptop running Win Vista Premium. It has ATI Radeon HD3470 graphics and runs an Intel Duo P8600 processor.

I am trying to use a BENQ FP202W 20" LCD screen as a second monitor using the VGA output of the laptop. The problem is I can't get the screen to run in native resolution of 1680x1050. The option just does not appear in Vista or in the ATI Catalyst Control Centre.

I've downloaded the latest drivers for the video card and the latest version of Catalyst Control as well as the latest BENQ monitor drivers and nothing has changed.

Has anyone had this problem and is there a solution or do I just live with what I have.

Thanks in advance.

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I will try my best to explain how this happened, but I have never even seen / heard of this happening to anyone before.

My normal resolution is 1680 x 1050 widescreen.

I was alt tabbing into wow, and my monitor resolution spazzed out, everything veered off to the left and down a bit.

I noticed that with my monitor options off the monitor buttons themselves it says that even though I had my computer resolution settings set to 1680 x 1050 it was being displayed in Analog 1280 x 1024.

When I switched it to 1440 x 900, everything was fine and the monitor options said Analog 1440 x 900.

WHENEVER I try to set it to 1680 x 1050 everything gets displayed as 1280 x 1024.

I have absolutely no idea what to do.

Appreciate any insight / help.

A:Crazy resolution problem with my LG226W Monitor

we need to know your pc specs in deatil, cpu, ram, vga etc.

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I have a acer 6930g laptop with nvidia 9600m gt graphics card, and a viewsonic va2213w monitor (22" and native res of 1920x1080 @60Hz).
When in windows i can't get the monitor to display at 1920x1080, it will display at [email protected] However I can select the resolution in both windows setting and the nvidia control panel, but it just display 1400x1050 even though it says its displaying 1920x1080, i know this because the screen is all wierd and the monitor's osd says its actually at 1400x1050.
When running linux on the same laptop i have no problem display [email protected]
I have tried older drivers, pstrip and a few other solutions all to no avail.

Any help folks?

A:Laptop External Monitor Resolution Problem

Managed to fix this, in the driver release notes it says 1080p is not supported on the 9600m gt (dunno why). i tryed all the older drivers none fixed iths problem but i found this Forceware 185.85 - LaptopVideo2Go Forums that works perfectly so far.

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Hey Guys,

Heres whats going on, I have dual monitors setup on my computer. My main screen is a Samsung SyncMaster 933 and my secondary screen is a HP 1740, what is going on is my main screen keeps going to the secondary screen's resolution and i want to stop that from happening every time i boot my system i have to go and adjust my screen resolution. Does any body know how to stop that from happening?


A:Dual Monitor Screen Resolution Problem

Just a quick question. Do both of your LCD's show up in device manager as what they are?

If not you might want to try and see if their are dirvers (.inf files) for them and install them.

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I have a PC which is connected to my monitor via a DVI cable and to my TV via a VGA cable. I can set it to show the same display on both or I can extend my desktop across both screens. I usually have it set to 1440x900 on my primary monitor and 1360x768 on my TV (this is what the TV suggests is optimum resolution).

This has worked perfectly for a long time up until today. I came to watch a movie on my PC using the TV as the monitor and when I turned my TV on it states that the resolution is not correct. I checked my graphics settings and sure enough the resolution is correctly set to 1360x768 as it always has been but the TV actually displays a resolution of 1280x960 (I can see this by pressing the info button on my TV remote). It seems that the TV is ignoring the graphics settings. I tried changing the resolution to 1280x768 but the TV ignores this and continues to display at 1280x960. I changed it back to 1360x768 but nothing. The only resolution I can get the TV to accept is 800x600.

I have been trying for hours to figure this out but have failed to find a resolution. Nothing has changed from last week to today yet all of a sudden I cannot get my TV to display the correct resolution. Anybody had similar problems and has a fix for the problem?

I have tried the obvious things like unplugging and replugging the VGA cable from the TV and rebooting my PC. See screenshot below which shows how my display settings are configured.

http://i153.photobucket.com/albums/s211/leeroy1... Read more

A:Solved: Dual Monitor Resolution Problem

Problem solved. I removed and reinstalled the graphics drivers.

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Okay, let me start off giving my computer specs:

AMD Athlon XP 2800+ processor
512mb DDR RAM
Internal GeForce 4 MX graphics card
Windows XP

I got this new computer and everything has worked just peachy. However, I wanted to play Deus Ex: Invisible War on my PC and the game requires Pixel Shaders. The MX does not have said pixel shaders. So, I dug out my other card, a 128mb GeForce 4 Ti4400. I put the card in to my computer, and everything works fine. I download the latest drivers, and play some Deus Ex. However, the problem begins when I tried to play other games. My desktop worked just fine, being in a 1024 x 768 setting with 32 bit colors. However, when I loaded up a number of different games I would get that lovely 'Out of Frequency Range' 'Set Your Resolution Lower or See Monitor Guide' screen that pops up when you're resolution is too high. This continued to happen despite making every change I could think of in my color and resolutions and such. Nothing would work, so I pulled out the Ti4400 and hooked back in my MX. I would turn on the computer, everything would seem to work fine, it loaded until it got to the desktop in which I got the same 'Out of Freq' screen again. Couldn't even load my desktop on the MX now. So I put back in the Ti4400, fiddle around some more, and still no change. So thats why I am writing this. Please get back to me!

A:Graphics Card/Resolution/Monitor Problem

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Normally, I'm used to install Windows 8.1 by running setup.exe from Windows Explorer(not by boot DVD/Flash Drive). But yesterday when I tried to install it by a boot dvd, I faced a problem which's solution I couldn't find in google, when I press any key after the message appears(Press any key to boot from cd/dvd), the setup loads and my display goes black and shows a message "The current input timing isn't supported by the monitor display.Please change your input timing tp [email protected] or any other monitor listed timing as per the monitor applications."

I needed to restart the PC by the button in the CPU and couldn't install Windows.

Note : My monitor's manufacturer is Dell

A:Monitor Resolution Problem when Installing Windows 8

Hi, please follow this tutorial to check your system Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant - Download and Run and verify that your Screen resolution is set to 1280x1024 and the Refresh rate is 60Hz.

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I am having a problem with screen resolution with my Dell 2407 FWP monitor.
I’ve been on the phone multiple times between Dell and NVIDIA (my card manufacturer) without a satisfactory answer. I am using a Gateway 710 PC and XP Home and I even upgraded to a NVIDIA GE Force 7600 GS 512MB card thinking the card was the problem. The native resolution of the Dell 2407 is 1920x1200. This yields small icons, fonts and screens. I have tried all the resolutions available to me in the Settings panel of the Display Properties window and other than 1920x1200 or 1680x1050, all the other ones are not a 16:10 ratio and distort the image. Dell suggested using 1280x800 or 1440x900, but these choices are not available to me. Dell said they can see them on a test they ran, even though they are not supported. I don’t really understand this, because I can’t see
them on mine. The spec sheet says the monitor supports 1920x1200, 1600x1200, 1280x1024, 1152x864, 1024x768, 800x600.
Nevertheless, my question is…do you have any suggestions what I can do to see a reasonably sized image that is not distorted. I have played around with changing font sizes and changing the DPI which helps some with the size, but causes overlap of text in some screens and windows.

I could provide you more specific information if you desire, I didn’t want to overload you with details now. I really like the monitor, I just can’t understand why I can’t get a decent sized image without distortion. Lots of folks have 24 ... Read more

A:Resolution problem with Dell 2407 FWP Monitor

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I tried connecting a second monitor that I know for sure works to my other monitor, but it just keeps saying ?check video cable? and is not detected at all. I did all the driver updates and everything, but still no luck.

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i am unable to change the resolution of my monitor to 1600x900....... it is currently 1024x768...... plzz help me!!!!!!!!!! i tried wit powerstrip, by going in display profiles>configure>advanced timing options> but after this the word "custom resolutions" is written in grey, and i am unable to click on it.... i tried using the .inf file posted in one of the threads in this site, but it didnt run.....
plzzzzzzzzzzzzz suggest me a way to get my problem solved...... i wud be grateful to you.......

A:problem in resolution of windows 7 for samsung lcd monitor B2030

Welcome priyansh. read through this thread, it may provide an idea/solution for you. Since this thread relates to a user's specific issue, you may want to start your own. we can help you better that way.

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Hi guys,

I re-installed windows 7, everything went ok apart from one thing. I work with two monitors, and when I click detect (in the resolution panel) my computer is not able to recognize one of my two monitors. It displays the image on both monitors, using the resolution specifications of my AOC LM765 monitor. My other monitor is a BenQ GL2240 (1920 x 1080). I have an ASUS EAH5770 CUcore/G/2DI/1GD5 graphical card.

I tried to update the drivers, but that didn't work. I sought for similar problems online, but found none similar to mine.

Has one of you any idea of what I could do to solve this problem?

~All help is appreciated.

A:Problem with monitor recognizing & screen resolution after W7 reinstal

The problem was solved by reinstalling my graphic card drivers

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Hi everybody,
my problem is this: in the past 2 weeks my windows 10 was updated from the 1703 version to the 1709 and the resolution of my pc became awful: images, texts, icons ... everything! ... were kind of "stretched" orizzontally, were big and unclear.
I had to restore my notebook but I just found out that maybe I can't avoid Windows Update to update automatically the OS.
So, I was wondering if does anyone know if maybe my notebook video driver is not suitable for the 1709 version? Does anyone know if Dell know about this problem and will release any update?
Thank you!!

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I can?t get the PCI-E X16 slot to work on my new/old 939 mobo. It?s an old socket 939, but new, right out of the package.

Might be presumptive of me to dump all this info here, but the computer is for my homemade lab and I teach high school in a poor neighborhood, so any help you might give is for a good cause.

Here are the build?s specs:

CPU: Athlon 64 Fx55
Mobo: AN8 VM with Nvidia 6150 onboard, with a pci-e x16 slot
Mem: 2x 1gb sticks of DDR 400
PSU: 600 Watt Corsair

When I tried to install a new pci-e x16 card, Radeon HD 5450, the monitor gets no signal. The computer comes on, does not post (keyboard does not light up), cpu fan and PSU fan both turn on, but nothing else happens.

When I then take the pci-e card out and plug the monitor cord into the onboard video card, everything works fine, but ONLY if I take the pci-e card out. When I leave the pci-e card in and plug the cord into the onboard card there?s still no signal

Things I?ve tried already:

I plugged the card into another computer. It works.

I plugged another pci-e x16 video card, an 8800gt, into this build and the same things happen, no signal.

Tried with both the onboard card?s manufacturer?s driver and the standard window?s driver and tried both of these with them enabled and disabled and uninstalled in device manager

Did most of the trouble shooting here with each of the three latest versions of bios available for my machine.

BIOS settings I tried:

... Read more

A:I can’t get PCI Express to work on my new/old mobo

Where did you get this old 939 motherboard. They were really obsolete before they came out. From what you tried, it does seem like the PCIe slot is bad... Are there any jumpers on the motherboard

Is this the board?

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Hi. Can anybody help me with a problem.
I have installed Nero 6 Ultra Edition. But it just dont work.
Every time I'm trying to open Nero, it says: This version of the application cannot be run in this language...
Any suggestions?

A:(Resolved) Nero Can´t Work

You probably either need a different version of Nero - or need to install a language pack - to use Nero in a language other than english.

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