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Windows 10 Driver for HP ZR2740w Monitor

Q: Windows 10 Driver for HP ZR2740w Monitor

Is there a Windows 10 Driver for the HP ZR2740w monitor that will provide a resolution of something more than 1280x720? We are currently using a DVI connection from a docking station to the monitor. Thanks.

Preferred Solution: Windows 10 Driver for HP ZR2740w Monitor

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Windows 10 Driver for HP ZR2740w Monitor

@SpaceCoast Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums! The only monitors that need drivers are those that have embedded USB ports, or other such ports that need drivers. I see you're running Win10. Did the PC come preinstalled with Win10? Or, did you upgrade it from a prior OS to Win10?This is important as PC that were updates from prior OSs are often stuch with the generic video drivers that MS provides during the Upgrade, and if that is your situation, it's a video driver problem, not a monitor problem. If you did Upgrade your PC to Win10, please provide the detailed product number so we can check for HP Win10 drivers for it. We can proceed when you provide the answers.

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I have got a new Dell desktop with Windows 10 and would like to use my old motitor (HP ZR2740w) with it.  But it looks like a Windows 10 driver for this monitor is not vailable on HP site for download. Does anybody know where/when I can obtain it?  Or will I be able to obtain it at all?

A:ZR2740w Windows 10 driver

Hello, Thank you for posting in the HP Support Forum. (edited - wrong suggestion provided, pasted/posted in a wrong thread)

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HelloI bought a new Thinkpad P51 and I'm trying to detect my monitor HP ZR2740w to use it as a second monitor. I tried to connect the monitor to the docking station (firmware 2.33.000) with the DVI and DisplayPort but win10 doesn't detect it. I also tried to connect the monitor with the mini display port to the laptop but it doesn't work.I already updated all the video drivers and win10 but it still doesn't been detected. I tried the monitor with anoter HP PC and it works great.What should I do? it's a good monitor, I don't want to change it.thank you for the help. 

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Hi,My monitor cannot show resolution more than 1280x720 when connected to my labtop, I downloaded SP54516 driver but did not change any thing. RegardsWesam

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Where can I find the drivers for windows 8.1 for this monitor?Please note that the Win7 x64 drivers are not accepted by Win8.1 x64.Adding it as legacy hardware with the INF provided by the Win7 install program doesn't work either.Please help! I bought these two monitors just a year ago and now they're useless already!

A:HP ZR2740w drivers for Windows 8.1 x64

Hello @schuifpui, Welcome to the HP Forums, I hope you enjoy your experience! To help you get the most out of the HP Forums I would like to direct your attention to the HP Forums Guide First Time Here? Learn How to Post and More. I have read your post on how you are looking for drivers for Windows 8.1, and I would be happy to guide you towards a resolution! I am sorry, but to get your issue more exposure, I would suggest posting it in the commercial forums, since this is a commercial product. You can do this at:http://h30499.www3.hp.com/t5/Monitors/bd-p/bsc-1255#.VCxfRflShXhI hope this helps!Regards

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I wanted to reply to a previous question, but the thread was marked read-only, hence I am opening a new topic.On windows 7 x64, I installed SP54516 which upgraded without change to Windows 10 x64. In device manager, it seems the only drivers are "C:\windows\system32\drivers\monitor.sys" (which is Microsoft Windows 10 x64 standard monitor driver and "C:\windows\system32\spool\drivers\HP_ZR2740w.icm (which is just a color profile). Just extract the folder "Files" from the patch (with Winzip, winrar of 7z) and point Device Manager to that location when installing/updating the driver.  Driver is version with date 23-Mar-11.  While that is very old, it does not matter since it's just a color profile. Good luck, sorry for those who had trouble.Ewald

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Question: How can I reactivate my monitor without reformatting the hard drive?
This is what happened:
Two monitors were hooked to my computer, (Dell Inspiration), and I had to reduce it into one monitor.

I opened: screen resolution
Clicked on: Advanced settings
Clicked on: Monitor
Clicked on: Driver
Clicked on: Disable

After I did that, one monitor became completely dark, and the second monitor display was if it would run in safe mode, (graphic quality was so bad, it hurt to my eyes to watch it). I checked the device list and both monitor was removed from the list, there were no monitor listed anymore (before they were there).
I tried the system restore, but after the system restore finished, there were no more connection with the monitor.
When I start the computer, the monitor works for few seconds, shows the start up process, and right after the windows logo displayed, it shuts off. I tried to reboot in "safe mode", and it starts up as usual, (the monitor works), but before it reaches the desktop screen, it shuts off.
Windows version is: Windows 7
Computer: DELL Inspiration 546s
Operating System: 64-bit
Processor: AMD

Thank you in advance for your help

A:[SOLVED] windows 7 - monitor driver disabled - monitor does not work

Boot into Safe Mode with Networking, go to Start/Search and type devmgmt.msc, Right click the devmgmt results and Run As Administrator. In the Elevated Device Manager, are there any devices with a Red or Yellow flags next to them? If It is Red (Disabled) then right click it and Enable it.
If it is a Yellow Exclamation mark, then you need to download the video driver for your model. First try Right clicking the yellow mark and then Uninstall. Then Right click any device and choose Scan For Hardware Changes, this should reinstall the previous Video Driver, then restart the computer in normal mode.
If that doesn't work, Go to the Dell Support/Download drivers site Product Support | Dell US type in your service tag # or make and model# and download the Video driver for your model.

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Q: zr2740w

I have an HP ZR2740w that is well out of warranty. The display will just randomly turn off. However, the computer still thinks the display is active. I then have to press the power button to remove the display among the active displays (I have a total of three). Sometimes, if you turn it off and back on again, it works right away. Other times you have to wait. Some times, it won't come back on at all.  This same problem happens no matter what input, no matter what computer is used. I have tried with three different computers, on three different operating systems, using both DVI and Displayport. The behavior is exactly the same.  Any suggestions on what I need to do to repair this would be greatly appreciated.

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I have HP Desktop Tower Pavilion with windows 10, I had two HP S2031 monitors in dual mode, worked fine. One of them died, I got a good deal on a larger HP 27er monitor.  I hooked it up, they were both working fine ... it was using a default monitor
setting ... and then yesterday the computer downloaded some updates, and in doing so, it downloaded the driver for the HP 27er and installed.  The next thing that happens is the older HP S2031 starts to go dark ... like it is going into sleep mode, and
then it is totally black.  On reboot, it starts up with both monitors working, but within seconds of reboot the HP S2031 goes black again. The HP S2031's buttons do nothing, other than the power button, which turns it off and on, but that is it.  
I have done all troubleshooting, I did not even have them set up to sleep, all settings are at NEVER.  In coming here, I have done all the fixes I can find for similar  that are posted for similar issues, the Windows Key + W... nothing. 
The create new power plan ... nothing.  the device manger>display adapters>disable then enable ... nothing.  and lastly Start>Control Panel>System>Device Manager>display adapter>driver tap>update ... still nothing.  HOW
DO I GET THE HP S2031 MONITOR TO NOT BE IN SLEEP AND HAVE BLACK SCREEN.  I can not figure this out and am not finding any fix.

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 I purchased an HP ZR2740W new from Microcenter at the end of 2013. Serial number CNT323W15H, I still have the receipt. According to HP's website, the warranty just expired on the 15th. I had an accident last night, and scratched the surface of the display pretty badly. There is white showing through the scratch when black is displayed. I was wondering what my repair / replacement options are through HP support. Thank you.

A:HP zr2740w Scratch Repair / Replacement

The device can be repaied/serviced no doubt. If you have an accidental warranty then the service would be free of charge.

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Hi, I have an issue with the display port of a HP Elitebook G3 with Product ID L3C64AVIt does not recognize in anyway with a HP ZR2740w 27 inch screen. I have upgraded video drivers on laptop. Tried to find drivers for the display for Windows 10 Enterprise ( 64 bit ) with no results.The screen is ok since it works with an old laptop model HP Elitebook Folio 9470m and display port and Windows 7 Enterprise 32 bit Note that the screen only has a HDMI connection and display cable.   The only result I was able to get is a quick image of the screen for 2 seconds. When checking screensettings in Windows 10, it does not get recognized at all. Any other solutions to this that can be helpful? 

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I am experiencing the following issue and hope that someone in the forum as an idea / suggestion. When I have the screen connected via via display port cable with the docking station and I have my laptop docked, I dont get any signal and the screen keeps black. This is independent of the Operating System - I used Windows 7, Windows 8. When my laptop is docked but I attach the display port cable directly to the laptop it works without any problem. I have also realized that with other displays 23'' or 24'' the setup with the docking station works without a problem. So it has to be a cominbination between UltraSlim Docking Station and ZR2740w screen. Any advise what else should be tried?

View Solution.

A:HP ZR2740w and HP Folio 9470m / UltraSlim Docking Station

Update:  After calling HP technical support I and being bounced among various clueless offshore tech support reps, I finally landed on the US-based workstation support department.  Justin looked up the problem and identified it as a known issue and is replacing my monitor cable with one that HP says will work.   Also, in the meantime there is a workaround that I had figured out.  If you don't use the displayport port on the ultraslim docking station but pug the cable directly into the computer it works fine.  There is some inconvienence associated with this as you have to plug it in every time you dock and unplug it every time you undock (and of course the cable always falls behind the desk while you are doing this), but it is okay as a solution while I am waiting for the new cable to arrive.  Will update this post after it arrives and report whether it works.

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Hey guys hows it going?

I gots me a weird problem, i recently installed windows 7 and my monitor:http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824112009#spec

is not detected so the resolutions are messed up. windows thinks i should run at 1920x1080 but the native for this monitor is 1680x1050. So i went to try and find a driver for it but no luck there. anyone have any ideas? wouldn't really be a problem but the screen is a little fuzzy being a tad off and it is killing my eyes when i try and focus all the time lol

A:Monitor driver windows 7


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When will HP have a Windows 10 driver for the U160 monitor?

A:Windows 10 driver for HP U160 monitor?

Hi MobileOne, HP wont announce to us if or when anything will be available. So its doubtful there will be one. I did find a Win10 driver for the s140u which is basically the same monitor, just smaller.It may or may not work, but worth trying out. If it doesnt work, just uninstall it.Drivers & Software for HP EliteDisplay S140u 14-inch USB Portable Monitor  Do let me know if this works.Thanks.

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I have a Surface Pro 3 with the Microsoft Surface Dock which has 2 mini-display ports and should accomodate 2 external monitors.  I have 2 HP LV2311 monitors with the appropriate adaptors.  The monitor flickers and fades.   I didn't see a 64-bit Windows 10 driver for this monitor, only a 32-bit Windows 10 driver.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.Thanks!

A:windows 10 64-bit driver for LV2311 monitor

@mjseaver, welcome to the forum. Since HP isn't furnishing drivers for your monitors, I suggest that go into the Device Manager / Monitor / select your monitors / select Update Driver Software / Search automatically for updated driver software.  If there is a driver available it will be found and installed. Please click the Thumbs up + button if I have helped you and click Accept as Solution if your problem is solved.

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Dear friend,

I am having some problems getting the correct driver for my LG Flatron W2243S monitor. I keep getting the windows php default monitor driver 6.1.7600.16385 (C\windows\system32\drivers\monitor.sys) instead of the correct LG driver (somewhere in my programme files). I know this to be the correct driver as I have it running for another monitor on the same PCIe card.

Basically my set-up is one PCIe ATI Radeon HD3850 two montors: LG Flatron W2243S (wrong resolution) and W1942T (correct resolution). I also run a PCI ATI HD4500 with a HPw1907 monitor with no problems.
OS: Windows 7 *32MB. Quad Core Q8200 with 4GB RAM. Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3L motherboard.

Thank you for any help?

Like I say, I think that I just need to get the correct driver for this screen and disable the Win7 default.

Kind regards


A:Wrong driver for my LG monitor ~ windows default

have you tried downloading the driver to a space you can find it easily such as the desktop and installing it instead of trying to install from an update?

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My Computer:

Asus P5B motherboard
ViewSonic Monitor
Windows XP

I have been attempting to solve issues with my computer. I recently reinstalled windows XP and was working on installing my monitor driver and software and ran into problems. In trying to problem solve I did something pretty stupid. On Windows XP, right clicked on Desktop selected "properties", selecting the "Settings" tab I clicked on "Advanced". I selected the "monitor" tab and then selected "properties". Under "General" Tab, I moved down to my "Device usage" and "disabled" it and pressed "OK".

The problem I have now is I can't see anything (black) on my monitor when windows starts. I can see my Bios screens and the Windows Loading screen, but after windows loads and desktop should appear all I get is black.

How can I reverse what I've done and fix this?
Most Grateful for any help.

A:I've disabled my Computer Monitor Driver in Windows XP

Try starting Windows in Safe Mode. If it starts, then you can re-enable it.

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hi, just want to know if its at all possible to tell windows to STFU and NOT let it install its default monitor driver (which then has to be rolled back to install your brand name driver)

this is in relation to my other thread that was in here a few weeks ago.




A:Disabling windows default P n P monitor driver.

How could you install Windows then? The graphical part of the Windows install is done using the VGA driver.

You could try installing the correct Benq drivers or the "other" default driver before VGA drivers and telling it to use these for your monitor. Then install VGA and reboot.

I would guess the issue is the suckiness of the monitors and not Windows..

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Where can I find the HP L1730 Monitor driver 61.52.4 for Windows Vista? The drivers and software section on here just said it wasn't available on this site, but didn't tell me where to find it. There are drivers here for the HP L1730 monitor, but only for XP. 

A:HP L1730 Monitor driver 61.52.4 for Windows Vista

Cyndi, welcome to the forum. Since there are no drivers on HP's website, I don't believe that there will be any available.  Developing drivers is a major task. Please click the Thumbs up + button if I have helped you and click Accept as Solution if your problem is solved.

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My Satellite P50C works fine but when I look at device manager the monitor driver is just a standard Windows generic plug and play. I have had a look at the available drivers and cant see anything that looks like one - there are two drivers - one each for Nvidia and Intel but as i already have them installed they obviously do not provide a monitor driver. Is this usual or is there a Toshiba tru-bright monitor driver that I am missing? Windows 10 anniversary 64bit version.

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I have a Thinkpad A31 recently upgraded to Window 7.  The laptop is on a docking station and has 2 monitors connected.  After the upgrade to Windows 7 only one monitor works.  Windows 7 uses the generic video driver and I do not know which is the correct video driver to install.  I believe the Thinkpad uses an ATI Radeon Mobility 7500 video card.  Thank you. 

A:Dual monitor Windows 7 ATI Radeon Mobility driver

There is no "correct" driver to install for Radeon 7500/9000, or even the stronger FireGL 7800. None of these GPUs are supported by W7 or Vista.
Some modded drivers are available on the web, but none of them worked the way it should for me, so I just abandoned the whole idea of moving my A31p to W7 and went back to XP.

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Hi, I just purchased a new monitor and attempted to install. My Windows ME recognized the new hardware and installed it. After that was complete, the system went on to intall the drivers...this is where the problem is. No matter how I attempt to install-manually, automaticallly, with the CD driver disc or with the automatic plug and play, the system completely freezes at the same point of "windows will now install drivers" and stops responding. I reboot, try again, and same thing. Is this monitor (which is supposed to be ""PC" compatible-no mention of any operating systems it doesnt work with) not compatible with Windows ME? Before I load ths back up into the box and return it, i want to make sure there isn't something else I can do. Thanks.

A:Computer freeze when trying to install monitor driver in Windows ME

Well... this stuff happens... Nowadays windows 95,98,ME are NOT the best options. They are not fully compattible with any of the new hardware manufactured between 2000 and today. I recommand windows 2000,XP or 2003. These OS's are based on NT technology, and are much more stable viewed from every perspective. You may need to download some appropriate drivers from the internet if windows doesn't configure your monitor correctly... If this fails too, you may try to install manually some drivers from the "Standard monitor" section.

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I'm running fully updated W530 with Windows 10 Anniversary update; I have the latest graphics drivers for the W530 from Lenovo installed and have my BIOS set to use Nvidia Optimus.   When I plug a monitor into the VGA port it doesn't work and I get the following pop-up message from Windows: 'Display driver failed to start; using Microsoft Basic Display Driver instead. Check windows update for a new display driver. ' After this message there is only 1 monitor shown in the windows display settings.   I then updated the Nvidia display driver using device manager and rebooted, but this problem still remains.  I've tried changing the BIOS to use only the dedicated Nvidia GPU, but this doesn't work either.  I tried installing Nvidia drivers for this card from their website, but the install crashes my computer to a black screen and forced me to do a hard reset into safe mode so I could re-install the Lenovo driver package.   What do I need to do to get my external VGA monitor working in Windows 10?

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I have installed Windows 10 on my computer and have all of the latest drivers for all of my products. On the monitor however, even though it is a touchscreen model, it doesn not show up in Windows' "Pen and Touch Devices", AND there is not option to turn on the touchscreen in the HID driver section of the Device Manager. Is this monitor touchscreen compatible with Windows 10? Which driver could I be missing? I have the HP 2310ti 23 Inch Widescreen Any and all help is greatly appreciated and I will be glad to add any additional information that is needed. Thanks a lot,vrtech

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I have done a clean install of windows and am updating all drivers. The monitor that is going to be used with this computer is not the monitor that is now hooked up to it. Can I install the driver of the "new" monitor now so that when it is hooked up to it, it will be recognized by Windows? If so, how do I do this as right now XP's generic driver is being used?

Please tell me if this request is not clear and I'll try to reexplain.

Thanks very much!


A:Installing Monitor driver without a monitor

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This Monitor worked just fine in Vista. When I upgraded to W-7,
the built in driver VIA - Display - VIA Chrome9 HC IGP Family WDDM
is useless! It restricted max resolution to 800 X 600 !! Disgustingly crude
resolution. Googled for ever but found nothing workable. Lot's of sites
want to sell me Driver update service for a fee.

So, in desperation, I downloaded driver from Acer written for Vista.
Removed Windows 7 driver, and installed the Vista driver. It works fine!
I can now go upto 1366 X 768 pixels resolution.

Now every time I get Windows Update, it tries to install the unwanted
built in driver. I right clicked it and selected "hide update" option. From
now on, Windows Update should not be nagging me about the Monitor Driver.

A:Windows 7 Driver for "acer" Monitor X183H

Hello and welcome Bobby mate some system specs would be very helpful as we need to know what the system has in in components wise.
System Info - See Your System Specs

Having said that the resolution seems pretty limited and again it would be good to see the specs so that we can see why.

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I have Compaq Desktop Presario 7935.

The monitor driver constantly crashes and defaults to a low resolution.

The error messages says it needs a new S3 driver but when i go to the s3 site it says the driver is no longer supported.

I have no idea how to install a new driver or where to find a suitable driver.

This problem is rensering my PC useless.

Any tips on how to fix it would be appreciated as I'm about to throw this PC in the garbage!

thanks in advance

A:monitor driver problem - S3 driver

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Hi, I'm having a problem where I can't install a driver.

The monitor which i'd like to install the driver for is a DELL 1704FPT.

This is what I've tried doing -

Display Properties -> Settings tab -> Advanced -> Monitor tab -> Properties -> Driver tab -> Update driver.. chose my driver config file.

After, it says that it's installing, then it comes up with a screen in the wizard something like "An error occured during the installation of the device. Access is denied."

I'm in an administrator account so I have no idea why im having this problem


Windows XP Home
Nvidia Geforce4 MX 420

A:Monitor Driver

There is usually no need to ever install a monitor driver.

All a driver ever does is restrict the "visible" settings of a video card to those supported by the monitor, but setting the refresh rate and resolution to the native monitor settings will accomplish that much easier.

Do you have any special need to install the driver?

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sumsung monitor driver for vista

A:Monitor Driver

Not sure without the model number, but here is Samsung website download page to help for now.

download center SAMSUNG


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When I go to the LG website and download the Windows 7 driver for the LG Flatron W2361VG-PF my AVG Anti-Virus goes insane saying the Setup.exe file has the virus Win32/Virut in it. Anyone else run into this?

A:LG Monitor Driver

Quote: Originally Posted by ScourgeDL

When I go to the LG website and download the Windows 7 driver for the LG Flatron W2361VG-PF my AVG Anti-Virus goes insane saying the Setup.exe file has the virus Win32/Virut in it. Anyone else run into this?

What website did you use?

When I go to Support - LG Electronics USA
and go to the download section and then list computer items and then displays
all I see are owner manuals and the like listed.

No drivers or software come up with any search there.

Makes me wonder what hole in the wall joint you found 'drivers' at..or
what super secret LG site hides such files.

EDIT.. oh, by the way , why are yyou looking for 'drivers' for your monitor anyway?
My LG monitor didnt' need any special 'driver' to work with Windows 7.
After doing some more searching I've yet to find any drivers of tis sort from LG offiial sites.
I do find LG Display 'drivers' at sites I personally would flag as highly suspect sites to download files from.
Good luck.

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My computer does not recognize the installed driver for a HP-monitor,
it says "generic monitor...".
How do I activate the specific driver for HP in Vista?

Thank you,

A:Monitor driver

Do you have a specific need for the monitor driver? A special setting or something?
If not, then just leave it as is - one less thing to go wrong.
I haven't installed a monitor driver in years - either on my own stuff or for customers.

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I have a dimension 2400 and I recently reinstalled Windows XP. My monitor is on a default setting, 640x480 pixels.

I have a dell e773c monitor and I went to support.dell.com for the driver but it doesn't install anything after downloading. ?

I also tried to manually find the driver right clicked > display properties > settings > advanced > monitor but it won't let me click anything. It is just set to defualt.

I read that it might be possible to delete the default monitor driver and windows will recognize the correct driver?

Any suggestions? What do I do?

A:maybe my monitor needs a driver?

Did you RTFM on the driver download page ? -

Hard Drive Installation (via WinZip) with HTML Pop-Up Window for

1.Click Download Now, to download the file.
2.When the File Download window appears, click Save this program to
disk (Windows XP users, click Save) and click OK. The Save In: window
3.From the Save In: field, click the down arrow then click to
select Desktop and click Save. The file will download to your desktop.
4.If the Download Complete window appears, click Close. The file
name icon appears on your desktop.

1.Double-click the new icon on the desktop labeled R57664.EXE.
The Self-Extractor window appears.
2.Click OK or Continue.
The Self-Extracting Driver Installation window appears and prompts to
extract files to C:\DELL\DRIVERS\R57664.
3.Leave all of the default settings and click Unzip or OK. If the
directory doesn't exist, you'll be prompted to create one. Click Yes. A
Self Extractor window appears and indicates C:\DELL\DRIVERS\R57664 files were
4.Click OK.
Follow the on-screen installation instructions in the window.

HTML Pop-Up With Install Now Button
1.The Dell Software Installation Documentation window appears.
2.Click the Install Now button. A File Download window appears.
3.Click Run this program from its current location and click OK.
The Security Warning window appears.
4.Click Yes. The InstallShield Wizard window appears.
5.Follow the on-sc... Read more

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I need a LCD color SDM-M51D SONY monitor driver for windows xp.Can anyone help me and it would be better if its for free.
Please tell me the website that i can download it.

Thanks a bunch

A:I need a monitor driver!Please help.

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So we had some issues and we ended up having 2 copies of Windows on our computer. Well a friend helped us get those off and download windows back on the computer. We have a HP w1907 monitor that didn't come with the desktop so I tried to put the driver back on the computer. The display was only showing up in the 640 x whatever and I couldn't get it to recognize the new driver/monitor. Well while messing with it I believe I have turned off the vgacard. Now when I boot the computer it shows the initial boot up screen then the windows loading screen then nothing. It stays black. I can't figure out how to get it back to normal. Any help GREATLY appreciated.

A:Help! Monitor/Driver

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Hi I have just bought a new monitor (cos my old one decided enough was enough) every thing looks fine but i wanted to install the driver that came with the new monitor but when i try and do this it says install failed use regedit. now i havent a clue what to do in regedit or what i am supposed to delete or modify can anyone help please

cheers in advance

A:monitor driver

I would use regedit as the very, very last resort.
Where did you get the driver, its on the DVD or from the website?

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Hi there my monitor currenty displays "Generic PnP Display" but I have checked in Hardware ID and it says MONITOR\CMO1526 but the thing is I can't seem to find a driver for this display and is causing some problems for me.
If anybody could link me to a driver for this monitor it would be much appreciated and earn REP, thanks in advance.

A:Driver for Monitor

try some of the drivers here

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Hi: I've been having an ongoing problem with either the monitor or the software.. but I can't tell which it is or what to do about it.

The contrast is all the way up, and the brightness is all the way down, but the images on the screen (especially on the web where it's most noticeable) don't look right at all, too bright, and details that shouldn't be showing up (like edges of black images on black backgrounds) show.

This is very annoying since I do a lot of web and graphics stuff. I've set Adobe gamma loader, but it didn't correct the problem either. I've reinstalled the drivers, but that hasn't worked either.

I have a Dell monitor. Drivers etc... Nvidia.

Any advice would be fantastic because this problem makes it nearly impossible to create graphics and be able to see and know what the true brightness, contrast, or even color is.

Thanks in advance.

A:Monitor or driver?

If your monitor is an the old side it could be the monitor itself. There are also settings for your video adapter that adjust contrast and brightness, accessed through desktop right click/properties/settings/advanced. Not sure if this will do more than the Adobe.

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Hey guys, im new here.

I have the Dell S2409W flat screen monitor, i have recently been having trouble with my graphics card the NVIDIA GeForce 9800. it has reverted back to VGA format and has a code 43 error. I have uninstalled the driver for the videocard and the monitor. the vidio card re installed sucessfully but the monoter can not be detected by the computer. i have downloaded the driver from dell.com but that is not working for 64 bit i suppose. This is very annoying. I think i just need the monitor driver and that would fix the problem. if anyone can send me a link it would be greatly appreciated!!!!

A:Monitor driver

Drivers and Downloads
This is the right 32\64 bit Vista driver

Good Luck

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I am going to buy a TFT/LCD monitor and have decided on this model, LG 171 5s.(plug and play).
My OS is Windows 98 se .I have been told that the monitor will work ok without a driver But I thought that plug and play was was only usable on the latest Windows operating systems. Could someone tell me if I need a driver please.


A:Do I need a driver for a LCD monitor

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I recently had to re-install Windows XP and now my monitor is stuck in 640x480. I have tried to install the driver disc, but I have to change the boot sequence. I have done that, but it never takes hold. I've tried to install, but all I get is basically an owners manual.

Can't really get my head around this problem.

Any help will be highly appreciated.

A:Monitor driver

Sounds similar to my problem a few topics below, except that I didn't touch the drivers.

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I need the driver for the HP S2331 monitor that works on OS Windows 10 (64 bit). Please advise.

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hi, I'm trying to finde a driver for my hitachi cm721f monitor, any help would be greatly apriciated.

A:monitor driver

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Hi Everybody,
Ive decided to step up to Windows pro 64-Bit Edition, and as you all know
getting compatible drivers to run your hardware can be pain in the rear with this os. Im pretty much set with most of my hardware drivers. Only driver i need is one for my Optiquest Q-110 crt monitor. i tried all the drivers at theyre site stating 64-bit compatibily but i still get a message box saying that no such hardware is installed on my machine when i install the driver. I read somewhere that a 'generic' LCD monitor driver
would work but i cant seem to find one. Anybody know of a good driver that would do the trick for this old dinosaur lol. I dont have the $$ yet to go pick up a new monitor.

-Thanks for your time

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Hello ppz... i need Compaq V50 Monitor Driver because the only 640x480 pixels is present. Please get me the driver. I have read the maximum for this monitor is 1024x768
Kabzi - The Kabzer

A:Need Monitor Driver

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Hey Guys,I bought a new flat screen monitor the other day, but it didn't come with any dics, so I do not have any drivers.On the ,monitor, it says "MAG" and "5ms". Its 19inches diagonal.Windows just has it down as a plug and play monitor and not what it is meant to be. I did a belarc search and it has"Proview 19.1 [Monitor] (19.1"vis, s/n F1AI680051013, August 2006)"I have searched and can't any info on it. I have used driver magician, driver detective etc, but alas, it doesn't bring up monitor drivers, as it doesn't need 'updating' as such. Im pulling my hair out lol.Any help would be much obliged.Thanx in advanced

A:Looking for monitor driver

I never install monitor drivers (and have several MAG monitors). Unless you need something special from the drivers that MAG offers, I'd suggest just letting Windows detect the monitor as a generic Plug and Play monitor and leave it at that.

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Well...by the last msg I posted I figured out that drivers can usually solve my problems
But I cannot FIND a driver for what I have
I found the mouse, but I need a monitor driver.
I'm looking for a driver for a Tandy VGM-225 monitor. I've looked all over the place for one, unsuccessfully.
If anyone can link me to one, I'd be super happy

A:monitor driver...

Try 2 places..( if you haven't done it already)

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