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SMPS pins are different for a new motherboard.

Q: SMPS pins are different for a new motherboard.

I was using a DG41Wv Motherboard and recently upgraded to B250g. I was not able to use the SMPS from the old one. What can I do to use my motherboard?

Pictures attached.
The first image shows the connector with 4 pins from my SMPS.
The second image shows the connector on my motherboard with 8 pins. What can I do to solve this?

Please help.

Preferred Solution: SMPS pins are different for a new motherboard.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: SMPS pins are different for a new motherboard.

Did u try contracting the local hardware vendor before u post ?
Because I believed they can offer more logical advises than any of the users here, don't u agree ?

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Yesterday my PC shutdown ever 2-3 Hours without any reason.
So I decided to check it what's the problem ,so I just clean the RAM shot and remove the dirt from the case.
An I try to run my PC without closing the case,So when I turn on the power ,My motherboard is getting power signal(green light ) and when I start my PC ,my CPU fan start running but my SMPS fan is not running also I an not getting any display on my screen , also my hard disk light stop working .

A:SMPS fan is not running but motherboard is getting power

Quote: Originally Posted by soaef


Yesterday my PC shutdown ever 2-3 Hours without any reason.
So I decided to check it what's the problem ,so I just clean the RAM shot and remove the dirt from the case.
An I try to run my PC without closing the case,So when I turn on the power ,My motherboard is getting power signal(green light ) and when I start my PC ,my CPU fan start running but my SMPS fan is not running also I an not getting any display on my screen , also my hard disk light stop working .

If the CPU is overheating (or failed), the system may be shutting down in self-protection. Have you been overclocking? Have you reset the motherboard settings to default?

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a friend ended up messing with my computer and cleaned it out but got the pins wrong hooking up the front panel usb's. i don't know what the colors are for each pin so could someone send me a picture of what pins go where by the colors say pin 1 is red etc.?

thank you,
southern belle

A:K7s5a motherboard usb pins need help

Where they hook up on the motherboard will be different for different systems.. What is the make and model of your computer??

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I bought a new case about a week ago and tried it's USB ports..
All worked but one of the USB3 headers didn't..
So I checked the cables, checked everything.. Decided to remove the USB3 plug from the MOBO and what do I see?
2 Pins are missing!

I have no idea how or when.. I tried to search for them, maybe they snaped when I unpluged the cable, but I didn't find anything..
The missing are pins 1 and 2 in the picture..
I think that pin 19 is missing too.. The image kind of faded off my mind right now..

Are those pins the reason why one of the USB3 ports won't work?
What do they mean? What do they do?
Is it safe to even keep the cable connected to the MOBO without those pins?


A:Broken USB Motherboard pins

Pin 1 is power, pin 19 is power and pin 2 is the USB 3 RX- signal, so yeah that's the reason the ports won't work. I can't see any harm in leaving it plugged in.

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I have a Dell Inspiron 1100 which at this point can only be described as an old war horse. Bought in 2002 It got my wife through law school, and is now still holding up in our second year living in the developing world. Understandably, it's starting to have some issues, but I'm hoping with a litte help it can get us through the end of our time overseas in May. I think these issues are related to loose pins/connections on the motherboard, but I don't know exactly where and my internet access is spotty at best so I could really use some guidance about where to check. Ok, to the symptoms:
Recently, the machine would not boot up. It seemed to start, but then shut itself down almost immediately. When I took it apart and put it back together, it gave me a message that it had shut down to avoid overheating. But this couldn't be right since it had been off all night and was not hot at all. The fan is working fine so I think the problem may be related to the sensor or auto-shutoff mechanism.
Once I had the machine back together, a diagonal row of keys stopped working. The '8', 'i', 'k', qnd ',' key would not respond.

Can anyone point me towards what could be causing these issues? Thanks in advance.

A:Loose Pins on Motherboard?

Really would appreciate any guidance anyone can give on this. The machine continues to auto-shut down even when started for the first time in days, and sometimes will boot up but with the fan running full speed and constantly, so I think a temperature sensor is a likely culprit, but I don't know where it is located or if it is possible to repair easily.

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Just put an older and somewhat obscure motherboard in a new case I bought from In-Win.

The Mobo in question came with a "Beon Li-800" that CompUsa sold to my mother in law in 2000.

Its an ECS motherboard and the documentation that accompanied the PC upon purchase is for a "6IWP-Fe" (Intel 810 Chip set) but that motherboard is not listed on their support pages and I'm not even sure that this is the precise name of the board I have.

So anyway, now I'm trying to figure out how to identify the various pins on the internal USB header so I don't fry something.

The markings on the board itself don't seem to be of much help.

I imagine, though I'm not certain, that if I can just determine which pins provide power, the rest should fall into place.

I would greatly appreciate any suggestions as to how I can work through this bit of confusion and get those pins identified.


A:The mysterious USB pins on my motherboard

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So I have a commander-msi snow edition and it has a ground pin and I don?t know where to plug it in in my Gigabyte B250M-DS3H motherboard because there simply isn?t a place to put the control according to the manual. Could anyone help with this I don?t want to waste any hardware and do I need it? I have all the other pins in the right spots too btw

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I have put my motherboard into a new case and have no clue how to connect the power switch/led's ect. I have looked all over the internet for about 2 hours and have found no info on this board's front panel pin layout.  Any information would be greatly appriciated,Thanks!

A:Internal IO pins for IPM17-OD motherboard

@TheyCallMeTibbs,Ponderous with the numbers.  That is an HP Odense motherboard.Would this help? 

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i just received my new motherboard, asus a8n, and i;m trying to connect my case's front usb panel with the motherboard.
The motherboard's pins are labelled:
- - - - - - - - - - - - -
| +5v P6- P6+ GND NC |
| +5v P5- P5+ GND |
- - - - - - - - - - - - -

As you can see, the first row has 5 pins, while the bottom one only 4.

My case's front panel has 8 pins, labelled

As you can understand, the pins of the panel are not grouped together.
Where must each usb panel pin go on the motherboard?

A:motherboard to usb front panel pins

My guess is that the matches are:

+5v ----> power
+5v ----> power
p5- ----> d2-
p5+ ----> d2+
p6- ----> d3-
p6+ ----> d3+
gnd ----> ground
gnd ----> ground
NC ----> unmatched

note that the p5+-,p6+- pins on the two other usb ports on the motherboard, have other names.ie one has p7-,p7+,p8-,p8+ and the other has p9-,p9+,p10-,p10+

Is my assumption correct? if yes, why is NC alone?

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Hi, I just got my new parts for my build yesterday and today while putting everything together I couldn't get the heatsink on the CPU properly so I took it off to reseat it only to find that there was some thermal paste on the motherboard socket.
So I was trying to clean it and in the process it got smudged on some of the motherboard pins where the CPU is placed.

I don't know if I am lucky or not but the thermal paste is non conductive so i left it as it is in case I bent any pins making it even worse. So right now I have been using the system for over 2 hours without any problems and its is working flawlessly. However I am worried if there may be future problems but the reason i bought non conductive thermal paste was for incidents such as this. So if any you guys can give your opinion on this matter I would really appreciate it.

A:Thermal paste on motherboard pins!!!!

Get some alcohol and an old tooth brush, wet the brush and start brushing softly till the paste is gone.

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I recently removed an Intel Q6600 quad core processor from a Socket 775 Gigabyte motherboard and found all kinds of bent pins on the motherboard after removal. Don't understand how they got bent. The computer has worked OK with that processor in that motherboard until my CPU fan died and killed my CPU. I removed the CPU to replace it and found a mass of bent pins on the motherboard. Don't understand how this happened. It could not have been this way before the Processor fried so I must have did it while removing the CPU. It has the two tabs there, so have a difficult time understanding how you bend pins pulling that processor out of the socket. Just a matter of releasing the latch and pulling the processor out. Would appreciate any advice on what I did wrong, because the mistake cost me $120 for another motherboard. The pins are mangled and cannot be straightened. Thanks for your advice.


A:Bent pins on Socket 775 motherboard

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As title says i have emailed the company Scan Computers.... I have never had a motherboard delivered with bent pins as well as the whole bent pins policy i'm worried i will be blamed...

A:Motherboard delivered with bent pins

Good luck mate, keep us informed

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Dear All,
I am doing a new self-build and wonder if anyone can help the clear cmos pins on the motherboard are not very clear in the manual can anyone tell me which side do you view pin from one is from left to right or vice-versa the motherboard is a GS7610 ULTRA made by ECS it is a micro ATX board any assistance would be grateful


A:clear cmos pins on motherboard.

Normal convension is pin 1 on left as you look at the three pins

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how to connect this pins in those ports

A:how to connect audio pins to motherboard

Hello and welcome siwa nice to see someone include the system specs for change now mate this is the manual for that board http://downloadmirror.intel.com/1511...03_English.pdf go to page 43 & 44 for info if this link does not take you straight to them.
I have included a couple of snips anyway. Post back if there are any problems.

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As the title says , I accidentally cut a wire between 2 pins (or whatever they are called) and now my PC starts slowing down after 20-25 minutes when I open it. After I restart everything is back to normal but after 20-25 mins its the same again. Is there a way to fix the wire between them or I have to buy a new motherboard? (sry , my english isnt very good. I hope you understood what is my problem) the image is what im talking about ,(the red is the wire) ,I got the motherboard picture from google , so its not mine.

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Hi everyone, I have a problem.
I pinmodded an LGA771 Xeon to work with my LGA775 motherboard. I decided to do it the hard way and use aluminum foil and tape to pin mod it. I think it worked out fine but anyway, on to the problem.

When I cut off the LGA775 alignment pieces, I accidentally bent 2 pins out of shape a little. Initially, I didn't notice, so I put in the Xeon to try it out, didn't work.
Then I tried my old processor, also didn't work (worked fine previously).

So then I noticed the pins and bent them back into shape, AFAIK it is perfect and you can't even tell that anything happened.
Tried both CPUs, nothing, no beeps, no signal to the monitor.

Is it possible to damage my motherboard if I didn't do the pinmod correctly?
Is it possible that I damaged my processor or motherboard by trying to run it with those 2 pins out of place?

Help please

A:Bent motherboard pins, fixed but now will not boot

I am not really sure, but my guess is you did not do the pinmod correctly since both CPUs do not work. I hope someone else can provide some insight on this issue. Good luck!

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Hello. Recently i took apart an old computer with AT motherboard (manufactured by Intel), and i found a strange slot, named PBSCON and five pins with label IR1 near. I guess IR pins are for infrared connection, but i couldn't find any information about this. Can someone explain what are they used for? Photos of them are attached

A:Strange card slot in motherboard and IR pins

Appears to be a "Cache on a Stick" slot: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cache_on_a_stick

Ir port on computers: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_is_infrared_port_for_laptop_computer

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Just to clarify that I'm not being silly. Bought a brand new Gigabyte SKT-1155 Z77X-UD5H Motherboard off of amazon. Was from a company selling through amazon. Product arrived with antistatic bag open which confused me a little. Contacted seller and was told its because the I/O shield is missing which is why it was cheaper than the others sold there.

Come to put a CPU in it and after removing protective cover some pins seem to be bent. Its an lga1155 socket and from images on google (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/f/f5/Intel_Socket_1155.jpeg) the pins look like that however a few look bent straight upwards. Is it suppose to be like this or is it broken?

A:bent pins brand new motherboard socket?

None of the pins should be bent upwards. An I/O shield is one thing (presuming that it was advertised, or you knew it was missing when it was purchased), but I would return it if it has bent pins.

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hi evryone,
i have an out of date hp pavilion t3540.be here that i'm trying to get back up.
i'm busy changing the ram, cpu and motherboard.
(4gb ddr3, amd phenom II x4, Asus M4A88T-M/USB3)
I'm almost done but there are a few problems that i've run into.
the pront panel pins are combined in one big plugin for the ac410-m motherboard. so i need to get them out of there and plug them in into smaller pins. but i can't find a pinout diagram for the old ac410-m motherboard so the wires are unknown to me.
another problem is that i can't find a aux_in plugin on th motherboard so i guess it's if i just leave it as it is in the case.
last but not least. the motherboard says it has integrated video and audio. So do i still have to put in my graphics card or can i just leave it out of there?


A:motherboard front panel pins problem

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I recently bought a used Lenovo IS6XM motherboard.  I think it was from a M81 system.  But I don't know which of the contacts I need to join to power this on.  I have the manual and know where the front panel connector would go on the board but don't have it.  They are numbered from 1 to 14 but 13 is empty.  Pins 1 and 3 seem to be for a Power LED.  Pins 11 and 12 and 12 and 13 seem to power it on momentarily, then it shuts down.  The CPU fan doesn't start, just the power supply fan.  There is no warmth from anything on the board (cpu or chipset).  The board worked fine in the sellers house.  Ain't that always the way...

A:Lenovo IS6XM motherboard from M81 doesn't turn on, which pins are for power?

This?  ThinkCentre front panel connector (power, audio & USB) pinout recase

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A:Motherboard Dell Inc. Model 0Y5CWX (XPS 12 9250) Need manual or help locating CMOS pins

There are no "CMOS pins".  If what you're trying to do is reset to defaults, simply disconnect the battery and hold the power button for 30 sec.
If you're trying to reset a password, note that it's not stored in CMOS - it's stored in EEPROM.  The only way to do that is obtain an unlock code by calling Dell, verifying your ownership of the system, and entering the password they generate for you.

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Q: Smps

please help help me ............i want to know every thing about SMPS ( any snap, diagram, theory)
what ever you can arrange...............thanks a lot...............




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Hi all

I have an Acer Aspire T650 Model Desktop PC.
I have not been using this PC for the past 6 mmonths. Now i am trying to turn on the PC, but the PC is not turning on. I tried opening the PC and checked whether the M/B is getting power. The lights on the M/B is powering on but the SMPS is not working. I suspect that something is wrong because if the SMPS doesnt receive power supply, then the M/B would not power on.

Please provide help on this issue.

Syed Mohammed Sirajuddin

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My pc specs : i5 4440 3.10ghz
Ram: 8gb Kingston hyperx
MB: gigabyte B85M-D3H v2.0
Gfx card: zotac Nvidia gtx 1050ti OC
4 case fan, 1cpu stock fan
Case:coolermaster masterbox lite 5
Led strip, gaming keyboard, gaming mouse & gamepads.
Recommend me a PSU from:
Coolermaster lite 500watt, 600watt
Corsair VS 550watt, 650watt
???? Urgent reply.
Which company will be good to buy and why?

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hello guys, i need some advice regarding the upgrade for my SMPS.....shud i go for asus atlas a-50ag 500W or zebronics 500W......coz i don't have CM/Antec in my city...........do anybody know performance of asus atlas smps?....kindly help me.....thanks in advance

A:Upgrade my SMPS

Is it possible for you to tell us what country/city you are in, and what are the system specs of the computer you are putting this supply into?

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Hello All,

I just want to know, if my server has two SMPS for redundancy, for what exact purpose the redundancy work. i.e. if one SMPS fails, it works on another SMPS or I can connect both SMPSes to different power source (different UPS) so that even one power source fails it can work on another source?


A:Redundant SMPS

dipz said:

if one SMPS fails, it works on another SMPS
Click to expand...

Yes, that's the main purpose.

dipz said:

or I can connect both SMPSes to different power source (different UPS) so that even one power source fails it can work on another source?
Click to expand...

And that's another purpose, or it can be connected to a completely different source of power.

Also some servers use multiple power supplies in conjunction to supply the system with enough power, then fall over for redundancy if one fails.

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I need a SMPS for Athlon 64 X2 3800+.
350watt /380watt/400watt/450 watt which one is suitable ?

A:SMPS for Athlon 64 X2 3800+


The PSU not only drives the CPU, it drives everything. If we knew the rest of your hardware it would help.
The AMD is a low power device so a 350 will probably be suffice but to be on the safe side I would up that to at least a 400 (graphics cards seem to be getting more and more power hungry these days).

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Hp slimline 455-001 desktop comes with 180W PSU power and 54W TDP and i need to upgrade my graphics to play heavy games which needs high power so i also need to upgrade the SMPS/PSU.Please tell me the most suitable SMPS/GPU/PSU of around 400W which is easily supported by my desktop and i will be able to upgrade my graphics afterwards.

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I have i7 2600, Ati 5770 Gfx, 4 gb transcend ram, 500&320 gb hard drives, cabinet also have cooler Master elite, m Confused in cooler Master & Corsair SMPS which is good for my configuration plz tell me.

Sent from my HTC Desire 616 dual sim using Tapatalk

A:Please suggest me good smps

Please post the rest of your Specs such as Exact make, Model and revision (if any) Motherboard. Also what are your intended uses for your computer?

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Hi guys
Been a long loooong time since i posted somethin here i've got more obsessed with mobile fones lately
Anyways , my prob is... today my computer just wont power on. I checked if the power cable was plugged in properly.... It was! I opened the cabinet, the fan wasnt spinning.... neither was the processor's heat sink fan spinning..... in simple terms.... the cpu wasnt powering on.
Fearing the worst ( mobo dead) i panicked n called up a friend who seemed to think that my SMPS is dead. After some tense conversations with other friends.... i took out the CMOS battery n put it back in.... the computer still wouldnt power on. I randomly checked if all the wires r plugged in properly inside the cabinet.. but it just wouldnt power on !!!
Frustated.. i just left it like that.. n after an hour when i returned to my room..... it seemed to have started automatically ( i must have left the power button on) and there was this error on the first screen that comes up when u power on ur computer
" Warning! CPU has changed! Check CPU speed settings in setup"
I dont remember the other error but it said something like " CAS latency 3 "
I pressed F1 and the pc booted fine. Then i shut it down... restarted it.... hit DEL and in the BIOS i did " LOAD OPTIMIZED DEFAULTS" as told by my friend.
whoa!! the error no longer appears now.. and the pc boots fine..... but im really spooked..... Could anyone tell me whats happening?? If my SMPS or the mobo are... Read more

A:[Solved] Is my mobo dead or is it the SMPS??

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I have following configuration
Intel DG 965 RY Board
Intel Dual Core 3.2 GHZ processor
Nvidea Quadro FX 580 Graphic card
3 SATA HDD (500 + 500 + 300)
1 SATA DVD Drive
RAM 4 GB (4 chip 1 GB each)
Power supply iBall LPE223-400
I am experiencing frequent automatic restart of the system and sometimes my hard drives got vanished from My Computer.

Can somebody tell me that my SMPS (power Supply) is enough for this configuration?
if not then What is minimum required?

A:SMPS (power supply) requirement for my computer

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I wonna buy MSI n760 4g/oc but it says compatible amps of 500 watt must be used so would it work for 450 watt?

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i dont know how it happened, but all of a sudden yesterday there was a loud bang in my computer and my entire house's electricity tripped

when i tried to turn on the electricity again, it tripped again

i opened my CPU cabinet to check what had happened but unable to find any issues i turned on the electricity again, it tripped again....
there was a bang everytime i turned on the electricity

i suppose it is from the SMPS....not very sure....dont wanna risk anymore bangs in the house as i fear causing a major issue

there was a burning smell after the bang from the computer.
What could be the problem?
and what could be the issues that might be faced?

will my HDDs be fine as they hold a lot of data (no backup)??

Now my comp is not working

solutions please....in deep trouble....


A:Solved: Major problem - i suppose with the SMPS

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i am in need of HP smps part no.503378 as it is not available ouytside and our company is in need of the abobe said SMPS for HP elite 8100,8200 & 8300 Pcs 

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i bought a motherboard off of newegg that was LGA 775 (http://www.newegg.com/product/product.aspx?Item=N82E16813128048), so obviously i bought a cpu that was LGA 775. (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16819115028)

when i got the motherboard the part where the cpu goes already has pins in it? Should i have gotten a cpu that said pinless, or am i ok?

A:CPU Pins

The LGA 775 processors are pinless and fit onto the pinned mobo CPU connection.
See here: http://www.pcstats.com/articleview.cfm?articleID=2231

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ok i got a 3 ghz cpu from ebay but 3 pins were bent so i carefully put them back into place and it fits perfectly into the slot i just wanna know will i have any probs with it or is it a gonner? cant test it yet need to buy a heatsink 1st

A:cpu pins need help

I dont see why it shouldnt work, As long as they are still attached and straight down. But there is always a risk that it wouldnt.

The best way to tell is to boot it asap.


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This may be a dumb question but im in desperate need of help: 2 of my socket 478 pent 4 pins broke off and i was wondering if there is any home remedy for this?? If so i would be incredibily happy

A:CPU Pins

No help. Better get a new piece of very expensive and delicate equipment.
You could also ignore/remove the broken pins and beg that through some miracle the pins you bent are not critical for the CPU's operation..

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How many pins do i have on my RAM stick? This ram stick came with my computer and was already installed. SO how can i tell how many pins there are on it? Also,if i buy another stick from Corsair(first one wasnt corsair, anonymous brand actually), will it work? My RAM stick is DDR too. Do i have to have the exact pins? For example, can i have one stick with like 200 pins and another one with 300. Will it work on my mobo.?

Sorry noobie here

A:How many pins do i have?

you have to get one with the same amount of pins or it won't fit. First of all what computer do you have then we could research and see what kind is in it now. also look to see if your computer manufacture has upgrades on their website and it should say how many pins.

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I've downloaded System Information for Windows, and it tells me the speed, capacity, etc., but it doesn't tell me how many pins it has.

I do have some info if it helps.

Manufacturer: Infineon
Part Number: 64D64320GU5C

Thank you very much!

A:How can I found out how many pins my RAM has?

Here use this it should tell you exactly.

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http://www.aerocool-uk.com/Images/power supply/turbine power/turbinePSU-2.jpg

On the right hand side of the picture you can see 3 black things jutting out. I removed the black plastic cover and their are 3 pins which where kinda bent. But i bent them back into the right place. Will this cause a prob?

A:3 bent pins

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Hello i received a new Geforce 8600GTS (EVGA) card - i brought it from ebay from a international seller - When i received the 'New' product i noticed it didnt come in an original box - and the CD was a copy - That's not the issue really so i will get on with it lol i noticed the pins (contact pins) on the board below and the small pins on top (i think its the SLI pins not sure) are very discoloured - any advice on what to do now or how to clean them - Thanks for all your help. Damion.

A:PCI-E Contact Pins...

Use a pencil eraser to clean the Card contact. A new pencil preferably. After you get the debris off use a dry cloth to wipe it clean. Sounds like you got shammed on the "newness" of the card

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can i pull/snip the extra pins from a dvi-i cable to use it as a dvi-d cable. or will that just plain not work?

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Hi! I just bought a CD burner. The firewire that came with it has 6 pins. It doesn't fit in any of my USB ports on my Dell Dimension 4500S computer. When I looked at 4 to 6 pin converters, the 4 part looks too small! How do I know how many pins my computer USB port has? The booklet that came with it doesn't say.

I appreciate ANY help! New CD burner, but no fun.

A:Firewire pins

Well, USB and Firewire are two completely different things, well, sort of. The plugs are totally different, and the speeds are different. Most computers have standard USB ports built in. Not so much for firewire. What you need is a $30 firewire card, or a burner that is USB compatible. Another option would be to install the drive on the internal IDE.

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I have a coolermaster 750 watt PSU (power supply unit). I have read this both ways so I'l collect a few opinion here. I have no 8 pin connectors. I don't know who's brilliant idea it was to put no 8 pins in a 750 watt psu, but they didn't.

Is it ok if i hook up a 6 pin and 2 pin, or a twp 4 pins to a 8 pin connector? or will it not deliver as much power or short circuit the graphics card?

A:Solved: PSU pins

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Does anyone know, what the voltage is likly to be across the pins that the power switch connect to on a MSI 865P Neo2.

I know itll be in the manual, but i dont have it handy and MSI's website doesnt seem to be working at the mo.. well not for me anyway.


A:voltage across pins

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Which years and which model CPU's had real gold pins on them? Can you please help me compile a list? Maybe someone already knows of a list that is on the internet somewhere they can share.

I'll start the list. I have two AMD Duron 600 processors with the year 2001 stamped on them both. Both processors appear to have gold plated pins on them. I seriously doubt the pins are solid gold though. Does anyone know for sure?

Also, it is my understanding that some computer parts also have platinum in them or on them. Does anyone know which parts and which years or which makes and models?


A:Which CPU's have gold pins?

you can check each one here:


but since the 8008 cpu(1973 timeframe) most are gold plated...

Good Luck

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