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IBM Thinkpad 600e power switch issue...please help

Q: IBM Thinkpad 600e power switch issue...please help

I hope someone has crossed this issue and has a solution.

I have a Thinkpad 600e and use it in a situation where it needs constant power. I use it as a monitor for my summer home when we go on vacation, However, we have constant power outages and I want to have the laptop boot up automatically when power resumes and we are away. I don't rely on batteries and when I try to keep the power switch engaged (tape), it starts then shuts down.

Can anyone help?


Preferred Solution: IBM Thinkpad 600e power switch issue...please help

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: IBM Thinkpad 600e power switch issue...please help

Power switches usually rely on a momentary "on" connection to turn on. A continuous connection invokes a shutdown.
If there is no option under BIOS to restart on power restore, you need to make a pulse generator that provides a contact close on power up and hard wire it in.

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My laptop turns on and a screen pops up that looks like a polaroid
with the symbols "O > |" and says "off and on" under them respectively and that's all it does. What can I do to get it to move on and boot all the way up? There are also two error messages that came up 00161 and 00163.

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We recently picked up a IBM Think pad 600E laptop from a friend, and we reformated the disk and put in Windows ME. Everything went good, it worked just fine. Looked in the System folder to see if I had any conflicts, and our Intel 82371AB/EB PCI Bus Master IDE Controller had a conflict with something else. We went through the hardware troubleshooter, and did like they said. They said that we needed to change it so that "both PCI controlers were sharing". So we changed it and rebooted like it said to do, and now when it reboots, it gives us a black screen with a picture of a floppy disk and squares with F1-F12 in them. We have tried to push every single button, and it does not work.

We tried to put the boot disk for the laptop in and boot from that, but it won't even recognize the CD rom.

Also has an unknown device in the system. That is another problem, will fix when we get it back up.


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I have two IBM 600e's. I bought both. they both have the same problem.it boots up and give a 190 code and shuts down It only boots to the IBM logo page.That is with or without the charger. fully charged Battery.I checked the memory{128mb} I tried other HDD/There is a closed latch device,I think, It seems to be in the up position. Part time user with enough knowledge to be dangerous Please help John[email protected]

A:thinkpad 600e

John....you need to post your question in another forum...you may never get a response here....rt

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Hey guys i have an old ibm thinkpad 600e that im trying to run after a couple months, it wouldnt boot, so then i tried re installing crappy windows, froze half way thru and i have tried times, so now i finally waited long enough to read the message it says wen installing windows: A problem has been deteceted and Windows has been shutdown to prevent damage to your computer... BLAH BLAH your bios has reported that a component in your system is faulty and has prevented windows from operating, blah blah diagnostice tool ps i ran 1 and there are three things wrong with the system board. techinical info *** STOP: 0x000000 EQ (0x00000001, 0x80000003, 0x00008080. 0x81334000)

A:thinkpad 600e help

Welcome to TSG

Did you format before attempting to install windows and what OS were you trying to install

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Hello-  Sorry, but I am very new to this laptop.  Am trying the "Product Recovery CD" that came with machine. Message on Screen reads "Recovery CD    please wait...Invalid media type reading drive D" Suggestions?  Thanks for patience.  Not sure where to begin. 

A:Thinkpad 600E

Should be pretty straightforward.  You may have a bad CD-ROM drive.  There are some other common issues with the 600E when reloading they OS but they are mostly HDD related (resetting the MBR).

KeithFormerly 600E 2645, T30 2366, X31 2673, T40 2373, T41 2379, T42 2373, T42 2379, T60 1952, T61p 8889, T61p 8891Currently T420 4177-CTO, T430 2347-A54, T430 2349-L64, T430 2347-UN9, T430 2342-CTR, Ideapad K1, H520S 2561-1LU

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I've got a computer that's turned off. I press the power switch, and nothing happens. Now, I unplug the network cable and the computer turns on.

Why does having a network cable connected prevent the computer's power switch from functioning? And why does unplugging the network cable cause it to power up?

The computer has worked fine for a year, but was recently moved to the other side of the room, and a new switch replaced the old network hub at the same time.

A:Power Up Issue: LAN Cable Disables Power Switch?

I swapped network cables and the problem still persists.

Any ideas?

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I have this laptop that I got quite awhile ago and it's a IBM Thinkpad 600E, and one day when I was turning it on, it said I had multiple errors. I tried re-booting it by turning it off and and holding down F1 and turning it back on. It worked, but as it was doing it's diagnostic, it said there was a problem with the memory. I turned it off and on, and it also brought up the error codes 00161 and 00163. I reset the date and time, the computer restarted I think, and brought up a window with a blinking " O > I ". I restarted it myself, and I'm guessing that the error code 161 was about the date/time, so instead of it saying error 00161 and 00163, it said 00173 and 00163. I'm not sure what those two codes are, and it would be very much obliged if someone can help me out. Thanks.

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When I power it up first off, I get 2 short beeps,
then it goes into the time and date setting (in big letters not in a full BIOS),
after I set the comp clock and enter,
I get a display box and in it is:
o >> I (circle, a arrow and a I or 1 or perpendicular line I don't know how to read it)
and that's it,
and from there on I can't go further, no matter which key I press.
I don't know what this means,
but I thought that it might be a BIOS battery thing 'cause the BIOS doesn't keep the time that I've set ,it seems obvious but it could be something other...

A:IBM ThinkPad 600e Problem

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Installed a new HD in an IBM ThinkPad 600E.
Bought used, have no Diskettes.
1) How do I get past the IBM ThinkPad built-in Diagnostics, to get the HD recognized and Formatted?
Do I need a special Utility, or is there a way around it?

2) Also: ( I have not been able to find the answer to this one):
Does anyone know if there is a HD size limit for this ThinkPad?

Thanks, Ravenquille

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bushwhacker said:

IBM and Lenovo still selling the used IBM parts, just check it out Click to expand...

Hello There,

I have IBM thinkpad 600e with 128 mb memory and pentium II . Its really slow sometimes and I wanted speed this up. Do u think meomry upgrade to 256 MB would help ?

Many Thanks

A:Upgrade a Thinkpad 600e

It would most certainly improve things a lot (unless you are running DOS).

You may need to do a BIOS upgrade to make the thing recognise 256MB.

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I have a thinkpad 600e and it did work but now it will not boot i get an error message 00174 and cant seem to find anything about it from the ibm support site. the bios doesnt recognise the floppy drive or the hard drive so i cant even boot from a disk. i hope that someone has an answer for me

A:thinkpad 600e will not boot

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Hi all

Please can anyone tell me how to get to the Setup page in the Bios for IBM 600E laptop.

i tried alot , i didn't even find on IBM Home page about how to get to setup.

I have a problem with screen brightness it's very dark and maybe there will be adjustment in the setup.

Please help me.

A:IBM ThinkPad 600E LapTop


Although I don't think you'll find anything in there for the display brightness.........
oops, just did a search, it's F 1.........on startup.

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I am having a problem installing a 256 ram stick in this old timer:

Computer Manufacturer = IBM
Computer Model = 600E type 2645
CPU Manufacturer = GenuineIntel
CPU Family = Intel Pentium II processor
CPU Speed = 397 MHz
Front-Side Bus Speed = 66 MHz
Ram = 128 mb
Windows XP SP2

It performs well but slowly with its current 128 mbs and all the tests come up good.
But can't get passed the errors at startup.

Can anyone confirm the below ram is compatable or give me any hints as to what I'm doing wrong

Brand new ram: 256 mb PC133 144pin SO-DIMM RAM

Error on startup = 19153
Then error = 00191

Memorycheck shows this
in red DEV 002
Err 21
FRU 0020
See attached photos of test:

A:600E Thinkpad new ram problem

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I decided to try bringing this oldie back to life. The CMOS battery was dead so I replaced it with a new one with the same model number, which solved the issue of error 161 and 173 (I think these were the exact numbers). After replacing the CMOS battery, those two errors did not show up again.Now however, it does not go past the Thinkpad logo with/without a HDD/bootable CD. I left it like that for an hour earlier on, but nothing further happened. On trying to enter the BIOS, it shows error 301 (keyboard error) but does not leave the logo. Clearly the keyboard works as this error shows only when trying to access the BIOS (by holding F1 when powering it on).Since it will not find the OS installed on the drive, nor does it want to read a bootable CD, I'm trying to get into the BIOS to see what is wrong, but I cannot even access that. Anyone have any insight?

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I have a IBM ThinkPad 600E, it has a TV-Out, after many hours of finding the correct cable I bougt one got it home plugged it in and it didnt work I tried different channels tuning one in, different cables, I have it linked via a S-Video cable to a SCART Socket when I go to the settings pages I select TV and apply and it doesn't do any thing I have tried other setting if im lucky it will ask me to re-set the laptop with no resultsanyone got any ideas?


A:Thinkpad 600E TV-Out not working right


Welcome to TSG.

I'm not sure if this will help, but if it doesn't it will bump your post back up.

You might check this,
Device Driver File Matrix to make sure your drivers are up to date.

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Screen goes off soon after I switch on my lap top 600E. Every time I press Function key along with key F7. It comes back for a blink and goes back again. It does not give me even 15 seconds to check up display settings. I am facing this problem from last 5 days and uanble to work at all. Please help.

A:Screen Goes Off in ThinkPad 600E

Verify if the lcd panel actually displays anything. If you can still see your screen, faint, dark or whatever, it means the lcd backlight is off.  Three possbile reasons: the LCD Inverter has gone bad, the LCD backlight has gone bad, or both the LCD Inverter and backlight have gone bad. Try using an external monitor before going out of your way to get any of these items. If things show perfectly, its safe to assume the problem isn't your video card, but somewhere in your TPs lcd panel area... usually, its the inverter going bad that does this. 

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this one's a though one I think..

Few months ago, I bought a IBM thinkpad 600E laptop. I received it running under Windows XP and everything was working fine, even the sound. Right after that, I reformatted it into Windows 2k for performance purpose (it's only a PII 450 Mhz!!) and I then loose the sound.. I didn't worry about that since this week 'cause I need the sound to work for a music purpose. I tried my headphones, I tried to change every possible option of my sound card or my speakers and nothing would help.. I thought the problem was Win2k... I then took it back to WinXP but I still have no sound! I tried every options, disabling/enabling the sound card and its drivers, I tried my headphones and nothing gives me a single bit of sound! I don't think my speakers are dead cause they were still working fine few times ago.. I searched for any driver update but IBM keep saying that I need to use the driver provided by Microsoft (the one which is included in WinXP)... Any idea?

Here's the spec:
IBM Thinkpad 600E
PII 450Mhz
256 Mb RAM
3 Gb hard drive
Crystal WDM sound card (integrated)
Windows XP Pro

Thanks in advance!

A:No sound on my IBM thinkpad 600E

Please excuse the obvious question but is the volume turned up ?

FN key + page up
FN key + page down

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I was given a thinkpad 600e. The lcd screen had blackout problems, replaced the inverter ... no solution, order a new lcd screen replaced it. Nothings happening ..... It powers up but no picture. I've tried the Fn F3 and the Fn F7 to see if its in standby mode.

This pc works fine with an external monitor. Can someone lead me to a solution, tell me what I'm doing wrong.

I need help ...................... please

A:IBM Thinkpad 600e lcd screen

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Hi I read this forum daily so... I'm asking if anyone knows a site that can lead me to resolving a boot problem on a thinkpad 600e, I have this Laptop that doesn't post It will try then just freeze with the power light and HDD light on. Wont boot off a FDD or CD. I also cant get in the easy set up, the lady who gave it to me to look at said that it would run ok then the screen would shut off, becomeing more frequent as she used it. Then all of a sudden.... "nothing" no boot no post just freezes like I said Oh yea Fan works lol It's also been running on AC without a battery for a long time. The HDD works because I put it in another thinkpad 600e but it had alot of errors in the device mngr. but the good thinkpad fixed those. So any help before I use it for parts thx.

A:Thinkpad 600e won't post


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Hi all

I have this Thninkpad 600E, the other day it froze and the only way to power it down was to remove the battery.

Now it will not start, all I get is the amber LED on the left side of the LED strip and a green one on the right side.

Can anyone help



A:Problem with IBM Thinkpad 600E

What OS are you running on it?

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Hello -

My roommate's IBM Thinkpad 600E has come to a grinding halt - come to find out that he's been surfing all over the place without any virus or spyware protection ever since we got DSL. We didn't realize how innocent he was about computers, and he's getting a painful education now. It's so full of god know what that it will no longer completely boot up, not even in safe mode. I don't even want to try and clean it up, even if it did manage to boot up eventually. We figured that the best thing to do would be to just wipe the whole thing out, reformat it, and reinstalll XP (and a virus scanner).

The problem is that it won't boot to anything but the hard drive, and I can't get to the BIOS to change the boot sequence. I've looked around the internet, checked IBM"S website and the folks that now support their laptops, and I've tried pressing every key and combination of keys while starting up that I've been told to press, and all the other ones I can think of, as well. Nothing works. Either it ignores me completely and continues to try and boot to the hard drive, or else occasionally I get a little icon that looks like it might be a padlock, but no other message telling me to enter a password or anything. Is that what it means, or does it just mean that I've been pressing too many buttons and it's locking me out? I couuldn't find any info about this icon, or much else that was useful,... Read more

A:Trying to get to BIOS on IBM Thinkpad 600E

Power off the machine. Hold F1, power on the machine while holding F1.

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Hello I unfortunately own an IBM Thinkpad 600e (Type 2645).
When I attempt to boot up to windows 98 it comes up with the error message: 'While Initializing Device VKD (Virtual Keyboard Device) -- Windows Protection Error -- You Need to Restart Your Computer'. Tried it in safe mode, tried Scanreg commands but all to no avail.

After running a test in easy startup i get a system board error.
The error goes as follows:

DEV 001
ERR 91
FRU 3610

Is there a DIY remedy for all of this? I don't particularly want a huge dent in the wallet ringing up IBM!

Any help appreciated! Thanks!

A:IBM Thinkpad 600e VKD problem

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I want to reset the bios on this laptop but i don't have the bios version. How do i go about doing this?

A:Reset BIOS on IBM Thinkpad 600e

What's the type and model number on the sticker on the bottom of the laptop?

Usually 2645-4BX or something like that.

Once you find that, you can go here:

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Hello, this is my first post here.
I just purchased an IBM Thinkpad 600E.
I read the owners manual and booted the system up, everything is working fine except the LCD display. I can barely make out the desk top items or the start button. If I look very closely I can see these things.
What can I do to fix this problem?

TIA, Phil

A:Thinkpad 600E display problem

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My 600E IBM Thinkpad (Win2k Pro) began continuously restarting yesterday. When I did a BIOS check, I got the following error on the Systemboard
Dev 001
ERR 91
FRU 3610

I pulled out the CMOS battery on the systemboard, as suggested elsewhere, in this forum. I rebooted with NO cmos battery, but it continues to restart, and I can't get at any files/can't do anything at all on it.

My questions:
- do I have to REPLACE the CMOS battery before this behavior will stop?
- will this correct this systemboard error/ continuous restarting?


A:Thinkpad 600E continuous restart

does this link help?

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Hey everyone,

All of a sudden, my display will flicker, and eventually turn off on my LCD panel. Every time i change the display modes (lcd, external monitor, or both) it comes back for a short time, but then flickers and shuts off. I know it is not a driver problem because the display works with an external monitor. SO, if anyone knows what i should do next.....PLZZZZ tell me, because I WANT MY LAPTOP BACK!!! lol...its like a desktop now.

A:IBM Thinkpad 600E display problem

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ibm thinkpad 600e will not turn on. I think we connected it correctly to an a/c adapter, but nothing happened. Does the battery need to be good even if it is plugged in?

A:thinkpad 600e wont turn on

Well my laptop boots up with no battery on the a/c adapter.Is this a/c adapter the correct one for the unit or is it something you rigged up.If you rigged it up I hope you paid particular attention to the polarity of the pin.

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Ok here i go again same puter different problem. I have a thinkpad 600e and bought an ethernet card for it it connects thru a pcmcia socket. I am running win98 and am connecting thru a lynksys model befsr41 router the other puters connect fine thru it and in fact if i unplug one puter and plug the cable into another it is connected so i think there is something i am missing with the thinkpad. i have installed the drivers that came with the card, uninstalled them and reinstalled again i did the same with the adaptor and protocol. so now i am lost. anyone have any ideas????????

A:thinkpad 600e cant get connected to internet

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I am unsuccessfully trying to activate dual display mode in Win XP. The goal is to have separate outpot (different from LCD) to the video port for an external TV monitor. I have managed to get the video port active but only in a clone mode to the LCD. There is a check box in the video driver settings for "dual display" but it is greyed out. The driver is NeoGraph 256AV.

My research indicates that it may be an XP compatibility problem. Any comments? I am considering rolling back to Win98 to see if that helps.
Thanks in advance,

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I am unsuccessfully trying to activate dual display mode in Win XP. The goal is to have separate outpot (different from LCD) to the video port for an external TV monitor. I have managed to get the video port active but only in a clone mode to the LCD. There is a check box in the video driver settings for "dual display" but it is greyed out. The driver is NeoGraph 256AV.

My research indicates that it may be an XP compatibility problem. Any comments? I am considering rolling back to Win98 to see if that helps.
Thanks in advance,

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Hi guys, greetings from Bulgaria! I have an old ThinkPad 600e that I'd like to use for some "retro" computing - DOS 6.22, Windows 3.1, Borland Pascal, TASM... All my old software! It's a huge fun! Since my laptop has no floppy drive and the video driver provided for the Neomagic MagicMedia256AV video adapter is ONLY in the form of a self restoring floppy image (no way to extract the files other than writing the image to a FD. No luck under VirtualBox either.) I am looking for the Windows 3.1 drivers in a ZIP form or any ideas how to extract the files.  It is the same story with the other driver disks, but that's the driver I need the most! Thanks.Ivo

Go to Solution.

A:ThinkPad 600e Windows 3.1 VIDEO DRIVER

You can try these ones: http://support.lenovo.com/en_ID/downloads/detail.page?&LegacyDocID=DSHY-3Y5MBP
That's the best googles give me for the moment  ;-)

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i went ahead and formatted my hard drive.I lost all the original loaded "thinkpad" software that gave the drivers and parameters for the computer.I relaode windows 98 and my monitor graphics are vga and look cartoonish.Before i messed up and formatted it,it gave you a seperate "IBM Thinkpad" area to go for help and setup.It looked like it was loaded with this software when it was new.Can i locate this software free or does it have to be paid for?Any questions or if there is any way i can give more info to help with problem-let me know.......

A:ibm 600e 2645 thinkpad computer software

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I have a Thinkpad 600E PII 400 running windows 98 (not SE).

I installed verizon online for DSL and a Microsoft wireless-b pcmcia card and now I am receiving the following error:

MWME0001: Modem Internal Error
Primary Code: 5(0x0005)
Secondary code: 4294967191(oxffffff97)
Line 6103

I tried disabling the internal modem. I also tried installing and uninstalling a pcmcia modem but to no avail.

I tried running a fix file I found on google, but it did not work.

Any suggestions?
I need Help!!

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My trusty IBM Thinkpad 600e has had a hard life, but has served me well. A few months after the warranty expired, the hard drive has failed, it does not boot and it fails the IBM Drive Fitness Test.

:idea: I figure that I can replace and even upgrade the hard drive inexpensively and get a few more years of life from this machine. It has always worked just fine with Win 98 and Office 97 and does not really need the latest OS. In fact, I just found a thorough review of the Thinkpad 600 on epinions.com (dated August 2003) which confirmed this very idea.

Any recommendations and pointers to specific drives, vendors, and prices would be very much appreciated. Thank you.

A:recommend a hard drive for Thinkpad 600e?

Look for 2.5in drives from:
Travelstar IBM/Hitachi

in that order.
I could give you places and prices for the UK?

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My hard drive crashed and died and had to fit new one. Since then whilst my pad says it recognises a modem and modem diagnostics say its there and I am using the correct driver, whenever I attempt to dial out it reverts to 'no modem found'. No apparrent device conflicts to give me a clue. System is Win 98. Any ideas, please?

A:Solved: Thinkpad 600E Modem not working

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The laptop will not boot up to windows.
After running a test in easy startup i get a system board error.
The error goes as follows:

DEV 001
ERR 91
FRU 3610

It is an IBM 600E
TYPE: 2645

Is there anything that i can do?

A:System Board Error on IBM Thinkpad 600e


In IBM-ese, a FRU is a Field Replaceable Unit. Plugs in....supposedly. You have a hardware problem. The error msg has identified the component it believes has failed.

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I have recently started to receive an 8611 error code when I power on my Thinkpad 600E.  So far, I've been able to just restart several times and it eventually powers on and works.  I'm afraid it's going to eventually NOT power on and whenever possible I don't even cut my computer off.  Does anyone know what this error code is and what I need to do to fix the problem?  I am so far from knowledgeable when it comes to the internal operations of computers that I have no idea where to even begin to look for answers on my own. Thanks.Debbie

A:Error Code 8611 - Thinkpad 600E

Welcome to the forum! This is a keyboard-related code, most likely will need some puliing apart and re-assembling of your 600E. For more info, check the page 56 of the HMM that can be downloaded from here: http://www-307.ibm.com/pc/support/site.wss/document.do?sitestyle=lenovo&lndocid=LWIK-3SYPX2 Good luck.

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I have a 600E which on starting up Windows XP "bluescreens" displaying in part: your computer (BIOS) has reported that a component in your system is faulty and has prevented windows from operating. You can determine which component is faulty by running the diagnostic disk or tool that came with your computer. I tried to install a new BIOS but because the battery is old and does not holda charge, the BIOS install will not continue. Is there a dignostic utility which I can use to identifiy and resolve this? As a remedy, I tried to re-install Windows XP, but, got the same "bluescreen" error again.A previous display indicated a problem with the video driver.

A:Thinkpad 600E "bluescreens" on startup indicating ...

    An updated BIOS won't solve your hardware problem.The diagnostic tool referred to on the BIOS message is built into the BIOS you currently have.  Turn off your computer, press & hold the F1 key, and turn your computer back on.  Keep F1 down until the Easy Setup screen appears.  At the right is the test  (diagnostics) icon.  Click on it and on the next screen, pick something to test, such as display.  Click on the icons rather than the name of the icon.  This doesn't solve your problem, only pinpoints it.  You can update your BIOS without a good battery.  Google "Thinkpad 600e bios update without battery".

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Ok. First off, I hate this laptop, but I would like to get it running.

I tried to reinstall Windows 2000 Professional onto this machine. During the format, the system froze on 62%. Also, I believe I got the error codes 163+173 before that even. Whew, already the laptop is a piece of crap.

Now the laptop is in a permanent "errored BIOS loop" mode. Meaning it goes from startup to BIOS time clock to fix (which I've done 2,637 times) and then the artwork of 0 off > | on. Wow IBM, thanks for nothing on this one. I can't do anything. I mean anything. (Can't boot from CD/WHICH I WOULD REALLY LIKE TO DO)

This has to be the worst designed laptop I have ever seen. The BIOS *SHOULD NOT* be causing all these problems!

If there's anybody that can point anything out to me on why this piece of crap isn't working. Feel free to email me or write here.

A:IBM Thinkpad 600e Massive Error Codes and Problems

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Hello. I'm new here and was wondering if there'd be anyone who could help me with a laptop hard drive problem.Its like this: I got a ThinkPad 600E Type 2645-8AU which came with an IBM-Hitachi 10GB Hard Drive. Seeing that 10 gigs is a bit too small for me, I replaced it with a 60GB TravelStar Hard Drive.About a month ago, the 60GB drive started "growing" bad blocks, which led to all sorts of data related problems. I ran all sorts of utilities, in the hope that it would mark the blocks, allowing the system to ignore them. Eventually, I gave in to the reality that it was just about time to get a new hard drive.The thing is, its very difficult to find an IDE drive that's 60 gigs... all I could find was an 80 gig drive, Seagate. I've checked if this ThinkPad's BIOS version could take in 80 gigs, and found out that it could. So, I officially purchased the drive.Now here's the thing... the unit just won't detect the 80 gig drive. I put in the old 10 gig drive... it wouldn't detect it as well. The original drive it came with.Has anyone else out there gone through something like this? It perfectly works with the damaged 60 gig drive, but refuses to detect the original 10 gig and the new 80 gig drive.Here are some more details on the drives:10 GB - IBM TravelStar DCXA-210000 - 5v 500mA60 GB - TravelStar IC25N060ATMR04-0 - 5v 1A80 GB - Seagate ST980815A - 5v 500mAI noticed that the 60GB has a 1A rating, while the 10GB and the 80GB have a 500mA rating. I've got a feeling this has somethi... Read more

A:ThinkPad 600E Hard Drive Mystery/Problem/Pain-In-T...

Well, I managed to get ahold of another 60 gig drive, Hitachi Travelstar drive still. Different model from the faulty one though, 500mA 5v... my cousin gladly swaped it for the 80 gig. Anyways, the Thinkpad dectects the drive, which is good... now comes another problem... I can't install Windows XP. With the old drive, installation went smoothly... now, with this new drive, installation comes at a halt... BOSD, indictaing a pagefult error ina non-paged area.... What in the world does this mean? Ideas anyone?

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Hi guys,

I recently posted about trying to troubleshoot a power inverter vs a backlight. With some troubleshooting and help I was able to trace it to the backlight.

Now I've run into a slightly different problem. The screen is black (very dim and even looking at it in the light its hard to see the icons but you can very barely make them out). When I press the standy switch by the monitor it flashes on for a second with perfect colors (NOT purplish like in most ccfl bulb issues).

I took another ccfl bulb just to hook it up and the bulb did the same thing, flickers on and off. I hooked the laptop up to an external monitor and it works just fine (if i press standy I can see it going into standby on the external monitor).

I would say it is the power inverter at this point but would like a second opinion Thanks!

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My husband Bill has a Gateway PC that runs Windows 10.
Model NV77H18U

When he presses the switch to turn on the computer, blue light located in switch blinks 5 times and computer doesn't turn on.

He got it to start up once and now it's not starting at all.

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The power switch on my Dell E510 hasn't worked for awhile now. Everytime I wanted to start it up, I would have to open it up, and use a paper clip to connect two wires together in the 24 pin connector. This would power up the psu (the fans would spin loud), and then I could press the power button to turn my computer on.(the fans would slow down and spin at a normal pace, this is how I knew it turned on. The monitor would also show start up screen). This worked fine for awhile.

The other day, I had it on when I left, and when I came back it was powered off. I tried to use the paper clip trick to get it started again, only this time the psu wouldn't even power on. Everything appeared to look normal and in place. I figure the psu is dead so I order a new one. I get it and install it, everything is hooked up to where it should be. When I use the paper clip, the psu powers up like it normally should, but when I click the power button on my cpu, nothing happens (the fans don't slow down, and the monitor shows no activity). My dvd drive will open and close, my processor turns on. The mobo light is green. All the cords are connected and nothing appears to be lose.

When I use the paper clip trick, when I first contact the wires, the lights on the front of my cpu light up for less than a second and then disappear. I checked the numbers with dell diagnostics and the combo isn't even listed.

Is this a mobo problem? Is there a way to jumpstart my cpu to actua... Read more

A:Dell E510 power switch issue

You would have been much better off if you spent a few bucks and bought a momentarily closed mini-pushbutton switch, and mounted on the case front, using the original Dell switch wires. It is possible that the motherboard is now damaged from all the shorting over time

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I've had this strange problem for a while. I tried googling but I ended up with no luck. This is how it started:
whenever I turned my computer on, the first thing I had to do was change my "power plan" (the one from battery icon thingy) to "power saver". If i left it at balanced, it crashed within 1 minute or less. If i switched to "power plan" it ran fine. Then I could play the game and in between the game if I alt+tab'ed and switched to "balanced power option" then everything would be fine. The computer would not crash.
Also if I left the computer idle (w/o doing anything; no game etc) then it would crash.
It's not the heat issue. There is no virus either.
anyway, the issue progressed with time. eventually it became like flipping a coin. even if i switched to "power saver" on startup, it would still crash often. usually it took like 5-6 tries before it "worked". then business as usual: play in power saver for a bit and switch to balanced in between the game.
recently, the computer doesn't even start. i would be lucky to get to login screen now. i can only run in safe mode.
please help.

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Hello all, I am having some kind of an issue that would like some advice on. I own a ThinkPad P53 with an i7-9850H and Quadro RTX 3000. I have not reinstalled windows or anything like that and currently on the latest bios 1.17. I was playing the Metal Gear - The phantom Pain. On a certain scene I am getting the error message by LENOVO SOMETHING SOMETHING that "Problem was detected with my power supply and therefore battery charging is stopping" or similarly worded message. Performance went bad afterwords..  So far it happened twice and only with that scene of that game, but not anything else. Was wondering if that is an indicator of a hardware fault or simply a software issue.. Would truly appreciate the advice

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