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Windows HomeGroup Not Offered on Install

Q: Windows HomeGroup Not Offered on Install

I reinstalled Windows 7 because I apparently forgot to set the BIOS to AHCI for my SSD. No real problem doing this, but I noticed I was not offered HomeGroup during reinstall. Why might that be? I inadverently left the computer connected to the Internet through a cable modem and wireless router (D-Link DIR-655), but upon reloading of Windows also noticed there was no Internet connection as I need a RealTek LAN driver installed to get any connectivity. Besides, once I deleted the old partitions on my way to a new install, the driver and any connectivity should have been lost and made no difference to install. But what do I know...I have been around Win7 for about 3 days.

Did something go wrong on my install (no HomeGroup) or did having the Internet connected have something to do with this?

- Phil

Preferred Solution: Windows HomeGroup Not Offered on Install

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Windows HomeGroup Not Offered on Install

Probably you need to enable LAN in BIOS - Windows would supply a driver then, and you'll find Homegroup ready to be set up.

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How are the Client Licenses installed
on NT 4.0 Server.

Does the installation of these Client Licenses effect the service packs installed.

A:{Advice Offered} - Windows NT 4.0 Client Lic install

Service Packs don't have anything to do with licenses, no.

They are installed in Start, Programs, Admin Tools, License Manager

Get free stuff and help out a poor computer tech:
LarryCore begs for money

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This update addresses the "Offered driver may not install using Windows Update" issue in Windows 2000, and is discussed in Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 814033.

System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000

Windows 2000 Professional
Windows 2000 Server
Windows 2000 Advanced Server



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This update addresses the "Offered driver may not install using Windows Update" issue in Windows XP, and is discussed in Microsoft Knowledge Base (KB) Article 814033. Download now to allow offered drivers to install using Windows Update.

For more information about this issue, read Microsoft KB Article: 814033.
System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP

Windows XP Professional
Windows XP Home Edition




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After the recent Windows 10 creators update I can't set up or connect to the homegroup. I can't removed the existing homegroup and I can't create a new one. Even the couple of PC's connected to my network that didn't get the update can't connect to the homegroup
When I try and use the password that use to work I keep getting  a message that the Homegroup is not found. I've tried several fixes and utilities that have been suggested and none of these have worked for me. Does anyone know how to get past this issue
with a fix that will actually work?

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I installed Windows 7 on my laptop, and I also have a desktop running Windows 7. I am trying to connect my laptop to my homegroup with the password for my homegroup, but my desktop will not reveal it. Is there any other place that I can find it?

Thanks in advance for your help.


A:Windows 7 Control Panel Homegroup not revealing Homegroup Password

Hello Admiral,

If the desktop computer will not let you view the homegroup password, then you might see if you may be able to change it, then use the new password to join the laptop to the homegroup.

If not, then you might go ahead and start over by leaving the homegroup on both computers, create a homegroup on the desktop to get a new password, and join the laptop to the homegroup with the new password.

Hope this helps,


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I am frustrated beyond belief. I have spent a minimum of 10 hours attempting to install Homegroup on my Windows 7 and Win 10 machines - 3 desktops ( 1 Win 10; 2 Win 7) and 2 laptops ( 1 Win 10; 1 Win 7).
After reading how simple it was to connect my Windows devices, I followed the very simple instructions on the Microsoft site and (surprise!), I immediately ran into a brick wall. Each machine wanted to be *the* Homegroup machine. After reading some more forum posts, I found out how to remove Homegroup from the wannabies and set up just one desktop as the ?Alpha? machine and how the others could be connected to it.
My next roadblock was that going through the same simple Homegroup set up procedure, every stinking one of the machines I attempted to tie into Alpha did not display the necessary ?Join Now?? option.
Hour after hour was spent reading forums and posts of how others were baffled and stopped and how some fixed their issues. This gave me the chance to venture into settings and system checks I never dreamed of but I diligently pushed forward to ensure my settings were audited and changed if necessary. As a note, I did not find any settings on my machines needed changing. Nothing helped!
So where to go from here? After sleeping on it, the following morning I asked Goggle one more time, WTF was wrong and why was there no ?Join Now?? option showing. Just by pure luck, I noticed one post back in 2011 on a forum that blamed BitDefender for blocking the Homegroup ?Joi... Read more

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How do i uninstall win nt and install win 95?

A:{Advice Offered} - get rid of win.nt and install win.95


If NT is installed on an NTFS partition:
FDisk, re-format, re-install.

If NT is installed on a FAT16 partition:
Format, re-install.


Reuel Miller
Windows NT Moderator (yes, that does make me biased )

[email protected]

Website: www.xperts.co.za/reuel/multiboot

Every morning is the dawn of a new error...

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Every time i have tried an unattended installation NT 4.0, it stops in 3 places: at the licensing agreement, the Cd Key, and right after.
What am I doing wrong? Where and how would i specify this info (answer file or UDF)?
thanks for help

A:{Advice Offered} - Unattend install


This is the first few sections from the Unattend.txt I used to use for my NT machine. It should help you figure out where you might have been going astray:

OemPreinstall = no
NoWaitAfterTextMode = 1
NoWaitAfterGUIMode = 1
FileSystem = ConvertNTFS
ExtendOEMPartition = 0
ConfirmHardware = no
NtUpgrade = no
Win31Upgrade = no
TargetPath = \winnt
OverwriteOemFilesOnUpgrade = no

OemSkipWelcome = 1
OEMBlankAdminPassword = 1
TimeZone = "(GMT+02:00) Harare, Pretoria"

FullName = "Reuel Miller"
OrgName = "Parliament of Rooks"
ComputerName = LOCUTUS
ProductId = "XXX-XXXXXXX"

ConfigureAtLogon = 0
BitsPerPel = 8
XResolution = 800
YResolution = 600
VRefresh = 72
AutoConfirm = 1

I hope that helps

Reuel Miller
Windows NT Moderator (yes, that does make me biased )

[email protected]

Website: www.xperts.co.za/reuel/multiboot

Every morning is the dawn of a new error...

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KB2976978 (optional) was successfully installed in 1st computer on 2/june/2015. It is right now being offered once more  (still optional). Should I either install or hide it?

A:KB2976978 is being offered once more. Should I either install or hide it?

In my opinion you should install as the last review was on  07/07/2015

S.Sengupta, Windows Experience MVP

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trying to install win nt 4.0 workstation, this is a clean load. after doing the partitions and all files were copied when it reboots it just hangs at the boot screen "continuing startup...". i have 2 partitions, 1 that is 3.4 gigs, and the other is 1.4 gigs both are now ntfs, the smaller one was fat but i just converted it after trying to bootup with the same result. help please.


A:{Advice Offered} - Win NT 4.0 hanging up after install

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Today I did an install of Win2K over 98. My PC is a Dell that has 2 physical hard drives. The first physical drive has one logical partition (C-10Meg) and the second has 2 logical partitions (D-5Meg,E-25Meg). Win98 was installed on C as is Win2K. All of these drives have worked fine in the past as FAT32. During install I said no to NTFS. After install my C drive is OK but Win2K can't see the data on my logical D & E drive, just an empty D drive. If I check the properties on the physical D drive its says it is 0 size, file system unknown.
If I boot to dos from a floppy I can see the data on the D & E drive.
I am very confused - Win2K is blind to these drives. Any suggestions?

A:{Advice Offered} - After Win2K install over 98 my D&E drive are missing

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I have 3 pcs at my house that all ran win 7 and played fine together in a homegroup. Then I went and complicated things by re-installing my "main" desktop OS onto an SSD to get it to run faster. Well, I am quite happy with it, but for the last couple months I have been unable to share info between computers.

My setup is a U-verse internet gateway box thing, a switch, and 3 desktop pcs, main, kids, and the wall (A touchscreen that's wall mounted for playing music,) as well as a wi-fi printer and other wi-fi stuff. The main PC was my original homegroup.

On the main PC, I installed the OS on the SSD and kept my data on a regular 1 gig drive. I moved user accounts, data, temp files, as much as I could off the SSD as I installed win 7 to it. I pretty much went letter by letter following the SSD optimization instructions that I found on posts on this forum. I did standard stuff like turning off the defragging, and that kind of stuff, but I also did some stuff that was proposed in the write up that I was less familiar with....

Now, if I go to main, I cannot see the homegroup password. In fact, it cannot start the homegroup, and I got an error about peer to peer networking not having started. I started down the trail following the error messages, but I am wondering if I am better off doing some kind of repair install.

I am writing this from the kid's computer. If I tell it to show me computers on the network, I see (from the kids computer) the other 3 pcs,... Read more

A:Homegroup disabled after new 7 install on SSD

If you remove the original Homegroup machine, the one that created the Homegroup, it tends to cause problems with shares disappearing and other problems.

To fix this problem you should leave the Homegroup from all machines, it's best to do this with all the Homegroup machines turned on. After that create a new Homegroup and rejoin from all machines.

The reason for having all the Homegroup machines turned on is so that the credential list for Homegroups will be recreated from scratch.

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Among the Patch Tuesday updates of August 2014, IIRC, KB2976897 was one of the problematic security updates. I just did a clean install of Windows 7 x64, and KB2976897 is being offered as an update. In checking MS support MS14-045 there is no notice of withdrawal, or replacement. Can someone confirm that KB2976897 is good to go. I ask out of an abundance of caution. :-)

A:KB2976897 update offered after clean install. Wasn't it problematic?

I don't recall any specific problems with this patch - and as far as I can see it's not been updated since release- although there were reports in the scaremongers, Iif I remember right the problems were ascribed in the end to prior infections.
It shouldn't cause any problems.

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HI everyone,

We finally have all computers in the house running widows 7 and would like to set up a homegroup. The problem is a homegroup was set up a few years ago on a laptop, and that laptop is no longer functioning (fried motherboard) as I understand the only way to delete the homegroup is for all parties to leave that group. This is no longer possible because the last computer that is connected is not accessible.

I have tried setting up a new new network and wireless account thinking that might reset or change the location setting os the homegroup but it is still present.

The only option I have to do is "Join Homegroup" and I no longer have that computer and thus cannot access the password to that homegroup

Any thoughts or options?
Is there another way to delete or access this homegroup?



A:Leave Windows 7 Homegroup, Cannot leave homegroup from broken computer

Hello Merriman, and welcome to Seven Forums.

The solution in the thread below may be able to work for you as well.

Cannot leave Homegroup

Hope this helps,

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Hey, I came across an issue (too good to be good huh?). The thing is that after the upgrade I can't create a homegroup, the Peer Networking Grouping, the Peer Name Resolution Protocol and the PNRP Machine Name Publication Service refuse to start.

I already tried the known solution of deleting the idstore.sst file from the C:\windows\serviceProfiles\LocalService\AppData\Roaming\PeerNetworking folder but that didn't worked at all.

I really don't want to resource to formatting, I'm sure there has to be a solution somewhere since so far is the only thing I'm having issues with now.

Do you have any suggestions on what I can do?

Thanks in advance.

A:I can't create a homegroup after repair install

Hi DBgarza,

have you tried to start the service manually? If so what error message do you receive?

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* While joined to a HomeGroup, if an attempt is made to log on under a user account immediately after start-up, then reaching the log on takes a period of time several fold of longer than normal to complete. Subsequent
log-ons/switch-users then take the normal period of time until next start-up.
* If following start-up there is a delay before attempting to logon, then the first logon takes the normal brief period of time.
The event log  consistently witnesses the following two errors seen to coincide with each slow logon.
1: The Function Discovery Resource Publication service hung on starting.
leading to
2: The HomeGroup Provider service depends on the Function Discovery Resource Publication service which failed to start because of the following error:

After starting, the service hung in a start-pending state.
* Eventually the delayed logons complete, by which time the two failed services are seen to have finally successfully started; HomeGroups are also seen to be functioning normally. 
* Removing the machine from the Homegroup solves the issue, re-join the HomeGroup and it returns.
* Windows 8 Pro, WORKGROUP machine with local accounts.
* This issue has been confirmed with at least two users; I have no reason to think it would not occur for all users immediately after logon.

I acknowledge that setting the service to start 'automatically' might work around the iss... Read more

A:Slow logon while joined to Homegroup - Why do Function Discovery Resource Publicaton then HomeGroup Provider services hang initially?

What are the start types of the two services? If they are Automatic, you may try to change it to Automatic(Delay) or Manual for a test.

Anyway, I record your report. Juke Chou
TechNet Community Support

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I get a "Homegroup encountered an error" message when I try to join my laptop and desktop to a homegroup. It does not matter which one sets it up and which one tries to join. It errors in either direction. I have tried leaving and creating, no use. The desktop is wired to a Belkin 300N router and the laptop is wireless. The desktop uses a static ip address and the laptop uses the router's dhcp server. Both computers are on the same subnet and can ping in both directions. Sharing via workgroup works fine. Why won't this software do it's job?

The desktop is a fresh install of Windows 7 professional 64 bit and the laptop has been running Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit for 4 months. I have followed the suggesstions that I have found in the forums and also the troubleshooter with no success. Any ideas?

A:Homegroup encountered an error / This computer cannot join a homegroup

I got it to work after I uninstalled McAffey, deleted the static ip addresses, and used wireless to connect both pc's to router. Not sure which one did the trick but I know that if I try to use a static ip address on my desktop/media server, homegroup disappears. I think its not all that great anyway, I just wanted to justify the $50,000 i just spent on classes to get my Bachelors in Networking.

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I have the following problems with the HomeGroup:
I choose View or print the homegroup password: The password window does not pop up. Without the password no other computer can join the homegroup.

I choose Change password: On your computer it is not possible to create a homegroup.
I choose Leave the homegroup: Your computer could not leave the homegroup.
I checked the following services:
HomeGroup Provider: started
HomeGroup Listener: started
Peer Name Resolution Protocol: not started; error 0x80630203
Peer Networking Grouping service: not started; error 1068.
Peer Networking Identity Manager service: started
PNRP Machine Name Publication Service: not started; error 1068.
Who can give advice?

A:HomeGroup: error 0x80630203 / Leaving/joining the homegroup is not possible

Clear all files inside
C:\Windows\ServiceProfiles\LocalService\AppData\Roaming\PeerNetworking did not help at all.
After searching for a long time, the following turned out to fix the problem: 

C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Crypto\RSA\MachineKeys ----> Took over possession: Admin (my user account), security everyone added full possession 
Cleared all files inside MachineKeys, restarted
Then left the homegroup: Result: There is no homegroup available in the network 
Now Network and Sharing Center shows again: 
- access type: Internet
- homegroup: ready to create
- connections: wireless network connection

C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Crypto\RSA\MachineKeys ----> security everyone deleted full possession

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The computer that originally created the homegroup on my network is no more. It seems that because of this that my new computer is unavailable to join the homegroup that already exists. Other computers that were part of the homegroup before the "host" computer died are still part of the homegroup and able to share files, etc.

Is there a way to connect a new computer to the homegroup if the original host computer is no longer part of the network/ no longer exists?

A:Unable to join homegroup, homegroup creating computer is no more

The original computer is not required as long as you have other computers that were part of original homegroup. Boot another computer that was part of homegroup and then enter the password and it will join. I no longer have the original computer that was used to setup the first homegroup but new ones join properly when others are active on network.

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Hello all, I have connected my pc to the Linksys Wireless-G 2.4GHz directly with an Ethernet cable and created a homegroup. I then connected my laptop to the linksys with a wireless connection which has a WPA Personal security key. I tried to connect the laptop to the homegroup but instead of having a Join a homegroup button it has create a homegroup.
How do I get the laptop to find the homegroup that is on the pc please?

A:Con't get my wirelss Laptop homegroup to find my pc ethernet homegroup

Quote: Originally Posted by MontyRob

Hello all, I have connected my pc to the Linksys Wireless-G 2.4GHz directly with an Ethernet cable and created a homegroup. I then connected my laptop to the linksys with a wireless connection which has a WPA Personal security key. I tried to connect the laptop to the homegroup but instead of having a Join a homegroup button it has create a homegroup.
How do I get the laptop to find the homegroup that is on the pc please?

Create a homegroup


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Hi ppl,

My home network has 4 computers(including mine) running windows 7, and all of them are connected to the same router/access point for internet connection. When I created a homegroup, and went to add the other computers, they created another homegroup and the other 3 computers are now in the same homegroup. However on my side, it detects no computers. I clicked "leave homegroup", and it detected no homegroup on the network. The other 3 computers are on the same homegroup and are able to share files and printers. I cannot join the homegroup when i click homegroup in windows explorer it only says there is no homegroup on the network and asks me to create a homegroup. Does anyone know a solution to this problem? I badly need to share the printers and files across my home network.

A:Help with HomeGroup Issues, cannot detect other computers on homegroup

Hi,welcome to Seven Forums.

Make sure you all have the same default gateways,and that the prefered dns server ip address is the same on all the pc's.

Open your network and sharing settings, click on network and sharing,properties,choose ipv4,properties and make sure all the i.p's are entered correctly and match on the rest of the pc's(apart from the first one which is each pc's own i.p)

Not sure if this is the problem,hope it helps,and please reply with the results. Hope someone else can help you better

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I have a desktop that is connected to my Belkin router via wire. I have 3 laptops that are all connected to the router wirelessly.
All computers have Windows 7 64bit and synched clocks.
All are connected to a Home network.
All 3 laptops detect that a Homegroup has been created on the wired desktop.
I'm using the correct Homegroup password.
All computers have discovery on.
All computers have IPv4 and Ipv6 running.
All services are running.
Everything else I've read and tried regarding troubleshooting this issue haven't worked.
All computers can see each other on the Network, but can't connect to the Homegroup.

Please help. I'll provide any other info you need. Thanks!

A:Homegroup problems - Homegroup detected, can't join. @wit's end

Did you set the folders you are sharing to homegroup? Like say your pictures right click on it and set it to share with the homegroup.

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Hi there!

I've just upgraded my husband PC from Windows 7 to 10.
Everything went well except that I can no longer connect to the network.
After some attempt, I chose to delete all homegroup to create a new one.
All right on my husband's computer (leave the homegroup), while on my computer (which is the main computer) after leaving the existing homegroup (BigBear-Lio) I cannot create a new one.

LioSeven on LioSeven PC doesn't exist anymore.
It's an old computer I had and after that I bought this (with Win 8 as OS and then I did the upgrade to Win 10 one year ago).
So this homegroup maybe remained in memory since I transferred the files at least 2 years ago.
Now I'm not able to delete it and if I cannot delete it, I don't have the choice ti create a new one.
I have tried everything with no luck.

Can someone help me please?
Thanks in advance


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I have a desktop and laptop both with WIN 7 and both with the same User ID.

Both machines say "Joined" under Homegroup when I click on Network & Sharing Center.

On the dtop in Windows Explorer the "HOMEGROUP" icon shows no other Homegroup connected machines but both machines are displayed there under the "NETWORK" icon.Clicking the "HOMEGROUP" icon here gives the message "No other Homegroup computers are currently available"
Because of this , if I want to "see" Libraries on the ltop from the dtop I have to click the ltop icon on "NETWORK"

The "HOMEGROUP" icon on the ltop is expandable to show both P.C.'s

In spite of this I am able to "see" files across this network as long as I accept this difference between the "HOMEGROUP" icons on the dtop.

Can anyone explain why my dtop "HOMEGROUP" icon is limited in this way ?

A:Homegroup Not showing all PC's on one machine in Homegroup icon


When you set up the HOMEGROUP did you set the Desktop machine to join by entering the password given from the laptop?

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I'm new to windows. I have 6 Windows 2000 servers, and lots of Windows 2000 Workstations. I'm cool with 2000. I have a couple of Windows NT workstations left. On Windows 2000, I can click My Network Places, then click Entire network, then click search for computers. I put the IP address of the file server, and boom it pops up. But Windows NT has a Network Neighborhood icon, and I can't search for computers in there. Just need help on how to search for computers. I have a firewall, so you can't see the Network. Thanks

A:{Advice Offered} - Accessing Windows 2000 Server from Windows NT.


In Windows NT 4.0 you can search for a computer by clicking Start, Find, computer.
Type in the name or IP address.


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First, I would like to start off saying that I have skimmed Reuel's website and printed the pages for reading. I have downloaded Reuel's Boot Disk, have a Windows 98 startup disk (several, actually), and have backed up all data to zip disks.

I am currently running Windows 98 and would like to install Windows 2000 for dual boot situation. Reuel's instructions seem very complete but I just want to be very careful to do everything correctly.

I have 2 drives:
Drive 1 = 3GB
Drive 2 = 6GB
Neither are partitioned at this moment. Would it be wise to partition Drive 2 into two 3GB partitions (one NTFS and one FAT32) or some other combination.
I would like to keep Windows 98 on drive 1 (though I will be formatting and installing from scratch) unless someone advises against it.

I guess what I'm looking for are suggestions. I don't want step by step procedures for completing this task - just something to get my mind on its way.

Any help appreciated! Thanks!

[I'm sorry, I just realized this probably should have been posted under Operating Systems. Oops! Feel free to move this post if you like.]

[This message has been edited by angel (edited 09-23-2000).]

A:{Advice Offered} - dual boot Windows 98 & Windows 2000

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I was instructed to install FTP on one of our servers running Windows NT. I looked under the control panel, network, but I don't know how to get this working. I had originally thought it was just part of TCP/IP, which we are running as a protocol. Is this supposed to be ran under DOS? Please educate me!

A:{Advice Offered} - FTP on Windows NT 4.0

You can find FTP in Start>Programs>Microsoft Internet Server. From there you can install IIS and access the Internet Service Manager.
Depending on the app you are using, and the type of FTP site, I would not install this off of the NT Option pack. The Internet Service Manager on the Option pack will not let you determine the FTP Alias (as far as I can tell).

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Hello everyone,

I reinstalled Windows 7 this past weekend and all updates installed successfully but SP1 was not included. I know the simple solution would be to install it manually, but I'm reluctant to do this because it is not showing up via Windows Update. Could I be missing an update that Windows needs in order for SP1 to show up? When I check for updates the only one showing up is an optional update for Intel graphics, which I don't want.

Thanks for your help.

A:After reinstall of Windows 7 x64 SP1 is not offered

I think I found the problem. Windows 7 SP1 will not appear in Windows Update if you have one of the following files on your computer:
Igdkmd64.sys (64-bit), versions through
Igdkmd32.sys (32-bit), versions through

I have the 64 bit version. Looks like I'll have to update the driver, but is the latest that Gigabyte offers for my mobo and seems the most stable.

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I have a Windows NT Server 4.0. It has dual 700 MHz Pentium III processors. This machine serves as more than a server, and I would like to install a CD-RW. So far I have not been able to find a drive that is comatible with/supported on NT Server. Can anyone give me some ideas? Changing the OS is not really an option. Thank you.


A:{Advice Offered} - Windows NT Cd-RW

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Post your problems here!!!

A:Windows 7 Help Offered(AnyProblem)

I can't print.

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Need help trying to logon on to Windows NT this machine use to be on a network, but now is a stand alone unit. Everytime I try to logon to the machine Window NT looks for a domain name which is no longer available, can I bypass this?

A:{Advice Offered} - Windows NT HELP

yes !! when you hit ctrl+alt+delet in the pull down for domain you should see the domain and the local computer name but you must know the admin password or had a local pasword for that computer try that !!

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Can any one help me, I have a windows ME system and i want to dual boot it with Windows NT.

E-mail me with your answers and suggestions



E-mail me on [email protected] and visit my yahoo club http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/scottishpeople

A:{Advice Offered} - Dual booting Windows NT on Windows ME


Check out my webpage:

I have not mentioned ME (yes, it needs to be updated a little), but for the purposes of Dual booting, it is the same as Win98.

On your system, all you will need is a second partition (or hard drive, your choice), and then you just need to install NT, it will create a dual boot system automatically.


Reuel Miller
Windows NT Moderator (yes, that does make me biased )

[email protected]

Website: www.xperts.co.za/reuel/multiboot

Every morning is the dawn of a new error...

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I have a problem setting up a homegroup on our home network.
I have 2xWin 7 PC's 1xWin8.1 Tablet upgraded to Win10, and 1xWin10 Laptop, all are appearing on the network but NOT homegroup.
I have set the homegroup password and all machines are connected to it, yet they do not appear under the homegroup tab.

Even just connecting the two Win7 pc's to the homegroup, we cannot see each other.

The tablet can see the laptop as well as itself, the laptop can see my wife's PC and the tablet, and my wife's PC can see only the laptop and I can't see anything "no other homegroup computers are currently available".

I have run the network and homegroup troubleshooters but they detected no issues.
I checked for the homegroup provider and peer networking grouping services on my PC which are both started and set to 'manual'.

I have discovered an article about Microsoft Essentials Network Inspection System that can cause problems with the homegroup but upon clicking "settings", then "real-time protection" there is only the option to turn on real time protection,
the option to disable the NIS is not present.

Can anyone help me?

Thank you for your time.

Microsoft® Windows Vista? Home Premium 6.0.6002 Service Pack 2 Build 6002 Packard Bell BV Model: IMEDIA 2215 Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU E1200 @ 1.60GHz, 1603 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 2 Logical Processor(s) BIOS Version/Date American Megatrends Inc. PBDV10.P17, 08/04/2008
SMBIOS Version 2.5 ... Read more

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I'm assembling a new computer from parts and I want Windows 7 on it. I found this offer on eBay. From the ad, it sounds like it is legitimate; but, I just want to be sure. I know I am protected by eBay and PayPal and if it is not legitimate, I can get my money back; but, I just want a second opinion before ordering.

A:Is this Windows 7 (offered on eBay) Legitimate?

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ok i have windows nt, 128 megs ram, gateway 400 mhz pII with a crystal 3d audio soundcard. i could be listening to a song or doing pretty much anything and all of a sudden my sound will die. nothing will change, no error message or anything and winamp still acts like its playing music. i have tried multiple players and it still kills all the sound until i restart the computer. help!?!


A:{Advice Offered} - windows nt sound

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For sometime now I have been modifying the "Did you know" tips on the "Welcome to Windows NT" screen. I have recently noticed that at Tip No.24 it stops and starts again at Tip No.1. Do you know if 24 is the maximum number of tips? Information I have found on this area does not indicate a maximum number!
If the number of tips is unlimited do you have an idea on why it stops at 24? Hope that makes sense. Thanks

A:{Advice Offered} - Windows NT Welcome tips


Check to see that you have tip number 25. There can be no gaps in the tip numbering sequence, because that will send it back to tip 0.


Reuel Miller
Windows NT Moderator (yes, that does make me biased )

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To protect myself from accidently picking up malware I used to run Prevx and then after that I used Threatfire. I was pretty happy with each but Prevx's price got too high and then Threatfire became incompatible with my free version of AVG antivirus. But I miss that layer of protection to prevent malicious software from executing or being installed. I found out about Windows Defender a little while back and I think I read it offers protection similar to Threatfire and Vista's UAC.

So I thought I'd ask about it here. I'm not concerned about adware/spyware specifically, it's anything being installed secretly that I want to prevent. (I use Secunia to make sure all my programs are patched so I'm covered there.) What do you guys think about the protection from Windows Defender compared to Vista UAC, Prevx, and/or Threatfire?

A:Protection offered by Windows Defender

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I have 3 comps at my house 2 are win98 and the other win2000pro.
All the comps worked fine untill i updated mine to win2000pro, now i can only ping the other computers and they can ping me. setting up a proxy server works to but i am unable to get them to share files. This is confusing for me as other stuff works but that does not.

They all have file and printer sharing on, but the win2000pro comp dose not see them
what is wrong and what do i need to to in the settings to fix this

I am hopin someone out there has come across a problem like this and can help

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A:{Advice Offered} - Need Help on Windows 2000 LAN

Have you made win2000 part of the workgroup?

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I'm trying to run a .asf page in WinNT4.0 using Windows Media Player 6. In mplayer, I go to File, Open and then I type in mms://etc/etc...the file looks like its about to start then I get "Cannot Open. Please verify that the path and filename are correct and try again." Am I doing something wrong here? Do I have to do something in Windows Media Services (this is installed already)


A:{Advice Offered} - Windows Media in NT


Are you netting from behind a firewall?

Can Windows media Player play locally stored ASF files? (if you do not have any locally stored ASF files, you can download a small one here. It is in Zip format. Just unzip it and double click on it).


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Windows NT Moderator (yes, that does make me biased )

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Every morning is the dawn of a new error...

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I have the following optional updates today. I have not yet downloaded & installed them. Has anyone had any problems with these?

A:Windows 8.1 updates offered today

I installed them last night(midnight my time) after getting home from late shift ,about 10 hours ago . I had no problems yet.

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I'm unable to install an update to windows installer 3.1. I've tried many times and it always fails. But I also read the fine print about that update and it doesn't sound as if it matters much if I don't install it, so I'm going to ignore it.

Trouble is, I can't find a way to tell windows update to STOP automatically notifying me that that update is available. I can cancel it but every time I restart I get the update shield back again.

Obviously, that's not a problem, just an annoyance. But is there a way to tell windows update to stop offering me that particular update permanently?

A:How to cancel an offered windows update?

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I have a 32GB external memory plugged in, but Windows 10 upgrade won't use it and I don't have enough memory to install it?  What do I do now?

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I just inherited a computer (Pentium II, 266 mhz, 128 meg RAM) with Windows NT 4.0 installed on it. Although the interface appears similar to Win 9x, I have absolutely no experience with Windows NT and don't have time to learn. I would like to replace Windows NT with Windows 98 SE, and I have a feeling that it's not that easy. If anybody can point me in the right direction how to do this I would certainly appreciate it. I do not want a dual boot. I just want Win 98 as the primary OS. Thanks in advance.

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A:{Advice Offered} - Replacing Windows NT 4.0


Um... before we start... do you have a Win98SE install CD, right?

OK, then this is what you do:

1) Go to my Boot Disk page and download my DOS boot disk.

2) Put a disk in your A: drive and double click on the downloaded .EXE file. It will format your floppy disk and put files on it so that your system can boot off it.

3) Reboot your system. Make sure that your system boots off the disk. Here is the important bit: Make sure that your CD-ROM is accessable from the DOS prompt before attempting anything further. This is important because you will need to re-install Win98 after you delete NT.

4) On the disk, in the HDPREP directory, is a program called DELPART.EXE Running this program will allow you to delete any and all pertitions on your HD, regardless of what File system they are formatted with. Delete the partition with NT on it.

5) Now, install Win98

If you can not see your CD-ROM drive in DOS, try boot off the Win98SE CD. All CDs are bootable, its just that some older machines can not boot off CDs, or their BIOS is not set to try. You may need to change one of the settings in your BIOS to allow you to boot off your CD. If it gives you full control of the order of boot devices, the best order is:

Floppy Drive
Hard Drive
Hope this helps

Reuel Miller
Windows NT Moderator (yes, that does make me biased )

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Every morning is the dawn of a new error...

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Title says it all really. For the last few days I'm being offered updates for Defender which I don't have. I believe Defender started with W8. I let it go ahead the first time thinking it would 'realize' Defender wasn't installed on W7 but it appears to have installed the update anyway !

I get Defender updates on W10 but that's fine.

A:Getting Windows Defender updates offered on W7

It will not hurt if you accepted the update. It will not cause any problems and take very little valuable space.You do have Windows Defender, it may be turned off however. Go to search by the start button and type Defender.

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I am on a network and have one computer that is running Windows NT v.4 with all the others running Windows 95/98. How hard is it to switch the operating system from NT to 98. I have purchased an extra copy of Windows 98 but haven't tried switching it yet. Is it something I need to call in a tech for??

A:{Advice Offered} - Switching to Windows 98

Do you know what file system you are using with NT? If you are using NTFS then it will be more difficult however, I doubt you are using NTFS when all the other machines are 98 because 98 can't see NTFS drives so you wouldn't be able to share any info from that machine.

You have a couple of options here. If your hard drive is partitioned and you want to keep NT and 98 on the same machine you can install 98 and have a dual boot. If you just want 98 then you would backup any data that you need, format your hard drive and then install 98 as a fresh install.

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