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Advice: purchasing laptop for graphic design student

Q: Advice: purchasing laptop for graphic design student

Hi, I need to purchase a new laptop for my studies and general use. I?m a graphic design student and use Adobe Creative Cloud; mainly InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and occasionally Premiere Pro (least used/mainly personal use).

As I?m on a budget I am looking at the below laptops (most refurbished):

- HP 15 db0089au 15.6? AMD Ryzen 3 2200U Dual core 8GB 128GB SSD + 1T HDD Win10 Home 64-bit

- Dell Latitude E7470 Display 14" Processor Intel i5-6300U 2.40GHz Memory 8GB Storage 256GB M.2 SSD Optical Drive Win10 Pro 64bit

- Acer Aspire A5 15.6? Intel i5 8265U 8GB 1TB HDD Win10 64-bit

- HP Pavilion 15-cc060wm 15.6" Touchscreen Intel i7-7500U 12GB 1TB HDD Win10Home 64bit

- Lenovo IdeaPad 15.6? Intel i5 7200U 8GB 1TB HDD Win10 64-bit

- HP Pavillion 14-BK091 14? Intel i5-7200U 8GB 1T HDD Win10 Home 64-bit

I?m really after advice on which one to get, or if they are all on par with each other. I plan on connecting to a larger screen when using it at home. I?ve looked at reviews but I?m really struggling to make a decision.

Thanks in advance!

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Preferred Solution: Advice: purchasing laptop for graphic design student

I recommend trying the free service from Zip Cloud. It's currently our users' favorite backup and storage solution and will save you headaches down the line.

You can get it direct from this link http://goo.gl/rFYDxc. (This link will open the Zip Cloud homepage.)


Hi all,
I am in the process of purchasing a new laptop and I was thinking if
Dell Inspiron is a good choice.
Any of you guys has good experience or bad with this brand, please share this with me.
I will apreciate it.
Thanks in advance.

A:Advice on purchasing a new laptop

You should also consider post-purchase support.

Dell generally makes pretty good stuff--as good as any major OEM, better than most.

Dell support is fair to decent, not good. But as far as I know, NONE of the manufacturers have "good" support any more. It's all been sent offshore to Asia. If you ever have to deal with support, you will probably become frustrated, regardless of your brand choice. Part of it is the language barrier, but there are other shortcomings.

You may be able to choose a Dell support option for extra money that will provide support from a US source, but it isn't cheap.

About all you can do is hope you never have to deal with support. Dell is probably as good a choice as any, but you can have bad luck with any brand. I did.

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I've gone ahead an ordered the y510p, Thanks for the help.

I live in Indiana, USA

My current laptop has probably died on my graphics wise, and I'm planning on getting a new laptop. Whether or not Wal-Mart abides by the warranty I purchased from them.

It's the sort of screen corruption seen when the integrated graphics are shot. The laptop probably needs a new motherboard. Playing high intensity video games for long periods on laptops isn't a good idea unless they have been designed to do the job. That warranty should come in handy.Click to expand...

With this in mind, I want to purchase a laptop that can handle prolonged gaming, as that is my primary use for the laptop. The secondary usage is for my college courses. As I have not spent much time comparing computer products, I'm not sure where to begin my search, or what to look for.


My current laptop is an Inspiron N5050
Intel Core i3-2330M Processor
4GB Memory
Integrated Intel HD Graphics (Stupid no 3D shadow shading)
Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit)
Dell Stage software

The main games I play are Minecraft, Pay Day 2, and League of Legends. I would like to play games such as cube world, Planet Side 2 without lag as I have invested money into them, but not had that much opportunity to play extensively due to current lag issues.

For most games I'm used to playing with the graphics more or less on minimum to get the best FPS out of the game... Read more

A:Looking for advice on purchasing a laptop

Bought my son a Sager from Xotic PC. They certainly build gaming systems and they give you some latitude to configure. Their customer service is excellent. I never heard of them before until I went here: http://forum.notebookreview.com/ and through research - a ton of research - I went ahead and pulled the trigger. Other excellent companies are PC Digital, Power Notebooks, and Mythlogic. Seriously, check them out.

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Current one is down on its last legs, umm so looking for the usual, good deal, but yet somehow built for gaming. Is www.IBuyPower.com a reliable site? Been eyeing a computer they have


Basically I would like something that won't be outpaced my minimal system requirements for games for at least the next 2 years, don't need max, just playability is fine with me oh and something that can easily handle current games like Oblivion and The Orange Box. Current one crashes on portal which was a sign....

How important is CPU speed? Dell has some great deals but all their duo core processors are 1.5 GHz and no graphics chip to speak of...

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I'm a graphic design student and looking for a new laptop. There are so many out there and I'm not too sure which is the best one to get (not a mac!). I currently have 17.3" Compaq which is old and slow so looking for an upgrade.
I need something that won't lag when doing large drawings and that has the best possible display.
Should i stay with a 17inch or go for a 15? Also i'm not sure of I should get a 2 in 1 for the drawing aspect, but if I do will it work well with Photoshop and other drawing softwares??

Thanks to anyone who can help me out

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I'm going to be purchasing a new work laptop, and I'm looking for some help deciding what to get. My budget is around $700, although if the specs are good enough, I think my boss will go a bit higher. (Still under $1000) I'm not interested in a mac.

I work mostly with Adobe programs, photoshop, indesign. I don't do any video editing, although I would like the ability to do that in the future.

I did a bit of research and I think I need either i5 or i7 processor, and probably full hd 1920x1080p. I was also reading about accurate color reproduction, which is important because most of my marketing is print.

Thanks for your input!

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I have a sister-in-law that is studying I.T. in the Philippines. I want to get her a laptop. I'm not what is needed and whats to much. Any help would be great. I have looked at specs but not sure which direction to go since I'm not tech savy. Thanks.

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1st, Thanks for looking at this post, 2nd, I am in need of some advice here.

Problem ! I am a hard-core gamer and love FRAGGING like everyone else here BUT I am also a Professional Driver for a Good Company that gives its drivers a little leyway in equiping our trucks.
Presently, I have a POS HP laptop and a 350 watt inverter, I know, not much for gaming is it :blush: . So, since I've built my own systems for Home use for a long time now, I came up with this idea.

I bought me a 5000 watt inverter and am thinking of building a Mid-tower computer for over the road use only, Heres my present list of parts that I have on hand now that I could build with :
AMD 64 3800+
2 gigs of ram
MSI Neo4 Platinum MOBO
2 Cd-Rom Drives
1 SONY 17in LCD monitor

I have no case as of yet cause heres the problem, Is it much better to buy a Shuttle SFF like the SN25P and lose all the extra pci buses that I can use or find me a case that I can use ?

Before answering, I was also thinking , some time down the road I might go with a Dual CPU like the 4800+, so that leaves me with a difficult choise here.

Really, I dont think it's a problem but I am leaning towards a Full Mid-Tower design. What if any suggestions do you guys think ?

A:Laptop, SFF or Mid-Tower Design ? Need some advice here

If you're gonna be lugging this system around with you, I dont see how much benefit you'll get from extra PCI slots. I'm not sure how smooth your ride is, but I'm fairly certain I wouldnt want to run my PC around in a truck all day. To be honest if anything I'd be considering an Alienware laptop (alienware.com) as you can also get a PCMCIA cellular card for fraggin over the net, and have a lot less cable mess cluttering up your cab.

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Im wanting to know a good prgram to build banners, crop images, change background image colors, and create different styles of text with curves and such. Culd someone please tell me what software to purchase. Im just learning so i need something not too hard to understand. I have searched on the net but havent found much. A person made the banner below and i would liek to make something like this. please let me know. I would liek to know how this person did the font or text. and how they did all of the work on it. And what software is required to do this

A:graphic design and logo design

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Hi all,  on previous days of researching, i was very interested in purchasing x1 extreme.As i do need to run solidworks ans NX unigraphics for my full time jobs and as well as my freelance job.but during the weekend i do play some decent games to relax myself. So i found thinkpad extreme to be very suitable for me. HOWEVER, when looking at people complaining in the forums and some user who posted thier problems in youtube, i hasitate to purchase this machine. I am well aware of x1 extreme release on last year. I hope to get a genuine opinion from x1 extreme user..... Is the product stable now? is the laptop save to purchase now? Would you still recommend me to purchase this laptop? Is the hardware and software flaws really that terrible? Please describe your experience with it..  if not i would find another alternative (if you have recommendations on that, please point it out for me.) Many thanks

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I start having hardware problems with my graphic card (NVidia GT 750) and I am looking for a replacement.  We don't need a gaming card, but we are doing high end graphic design with Photoshop CC 2015, Illustrator, InDesign and so on...Thanks for your help!

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my current computer is

And i need advice of a video card and some ram to buy. Would like to get a video card that could run hl2, eq2, and games like them well. Maybe not at the highest setting but high enough that i dont have to sacrifice much/any performance compared to quality. But i don't really want to spend over $200.

also im not 100% sure what ram to buy for my comp, wouldlike to get another 512, maybe a 1024, but my limit would be at around $70

would like to order from a "real" website such as newegg or tigerdirect, and NOT from ebay or anything like that.

I know its quite picky but bleh.. I've never really been "great" at telling the difference between quaity of parts. I know how to install the crap tho, took a course on computer hardware, but unfortunately the teacher focus'd on installing the actual parts and troubleshooting that, without really teaching us about alot of the quality differences between parts of the same type.

A:Need purchasing advice.

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I've been on the look-out for the last couple of weeks for a new computer, as my current one is just on its way down. I've basically looked everywhere on the UK Online Stores for the best offers in my price range, and i think I've found a pretty good one for the price.

Before i post a link to the computer itself, I've basically been looking for something that's below ?300, has plenty of RAM, a decent processor/clock speed etc etc. My main requirement is it has to be good for editing in Photoshop/Sony Vegas, as i like to edit quite a bit.

Here's the model I'm thinking about purchasing:
Buy ACER X1420 | DESKTOP PC - Computer Base Units | Comet

It comes pre-installed with 4GB of RAM, however i plan on upgrading to about 6GB in the future to boost the performance as it can take 8GB max. It has a decent clock-speed/processor and comes with 1TB in disk space. I know it's only a dual-core processor, but taking all it's features into consideration, it really is the best one out there for the price.

My only problem is, in the "Technical specifications" column underneath the product, if you hover over the "Shared Graphics" text, it says it isn't powerful enough for digital photography, video editing and gaming. Sorry but surely that's wrong, my current PC only has 512MB of RAM and that handles Sony Vegas/Photoshop pretty well, yet there telling me this model isn't powerful enough to edit with possibly 8GB of RAM installed, if i upgraded.

Thoughts... Read more

A:Advice Before Purchasing PC

What versions of Vegas and Photoshop are you running, and on what OS? When XP first came out, I could run most audio and video editors fine on 512MB, but after SP3 XP by *itself* stopped running 'reasonably well' on only 512MB. I wouldn't even dream of trying to run Vista or 7 with less than 2 GB of system RAM.

You can run video editing off of integrated graphics OK, but if you're doing heavy transitioning and lots of rendering, especially 3D, your life will be so much better with dedicated graphic memory. Gaming pretty much REQUIRES a dedicated GPU and graphic memory.

A big problem with prebuilt computers is PSU. They are often underpowered and/or of questionable manufacturing origin, and therefore prone to fail (and ruin other parts of the computer with it). You should look over the building threads and see if there's a way to fit it into your budget to build your machine. Quality parts are worth the time and effort.


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Hey guys- anyone got some advice for me. Need a PC for good graphic design work but dont want to go with Apple machines. Any suggestions out there?

A:PCs for graphic design

much depends on your buget , any AMD xp, or p4 proseser with ddram ( lots of it ) will do the trick nicely .

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We are going to purchase a new home computer. Will mostly be doing websurfing, (use cable pipeline) some gaming, financial programs - the normal stuff. Nothing unusual. We're presently using a Pentium 2 with only 64mb RAM, so anything newer will be an improvement.

I am comparing a Gateway and a Dell. Both have same specs except:

Gateway has Intel Celeron 2.0GHz
256mb DDRAM
48x24x48 CD-RW

Dell has Pentium 4 1.8GHz
256 mb SDRAM
40x CD Burner

My questions: Pentium 4 or Celeron? How much difference does .2 GHz make? Is it worth going with DDRAM over SDRAM?
Also, does 48x CD burner make a noticable difference over 40x?

I appreciate advice from you knowledgable folks. I'm not too versed when it comes to hardware! Thanks!

A:Need advice before purchasing new computer

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First of all, this is my first post on these forums, so I'd like to say hello to any and all who read this. I'd love to make my stay here longer than simply asking for some advice and then going off again, so I'm hoping this thread can convince me.

In any case, I recently decided to start upgrading, if not replacing, my current computer, which is still sporting an AMD Athlon x2 64 5600+, for example. While generally speaking it still manages to run somewhat recent games, such as Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, I feel it's necessary to get with the times. To that end, I compiled the following parts to comprise my new system:

Operating system: Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit
Processor: Intel Core i7 2600K 3.4Ghz
Motherboard: Asrock P67 Extreme4 B3
Memory: Corsair Vengeance 2x4GB PC12800 DDR3
PSU: OCZ Fatal1ty 550W
Graphics card: ATI Radeon HD3870 (carrying over from my current system, see below)

In addition to the above, I also wish to purchase a new case, which is what I have not yet been able to decide on yet. You see, the case I'm looking for should possess three qualities: sufficient airflow (keeping in mind that I will overclock the processor to some degree, but nothing extreme), low noise levels (for comfort) and room for new, possibly larger, parts. This last quality is where I would like advice on, because I am looking for an affordable case which has enough room for at least current high-end graphic cards (to replace the current HD3870), w... Read more

A:Purchasing new case; looking for advice.

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I am finally replacing my 5 year old laptop and am looking at this one - https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01NBAM7EE/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A1VJVAF8JB43GE

I have about $650 to spend. I will primarily be running Microsoft Office and Photoshop Elements on this computer. This is for personal use. I am wondering if anyone has any feedback on this one. I have heard that the the Solid State Drive is better than the standard hard drive, which is one of the reasons I am looking at this one.

Thank you in advance for your opinions.

A:Purchasing a Computer...Need Advice

I think this laptop will be more than adequate for your needs. Moreover, if you haven't used a SSD before I'm betting you'll be pleasantly surprised. From turning on the machine from a cold start to logging into the desktop for my home PC, it'll do it in about 15 seconds or less.

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I am in the market for a video camera. I enjoy filmaking and hope to pursue it as an independent filmmaker one day. It's somethign I've been doing for a while but never with my own camera. Usually a schools/friends/parents camera. Finally I have the money to get oen of my own.
I'd like some advice or any suggestions people have. Anything I should watch out for, pros & cons, that sort of thing. I'd be looking at around the $800-$1100 range. I don't want something entry level although I realize that my price range doesn't go too far. Obviously I'm lookign for the most bang for my buck like most people. Something with a good picture that doesn't look too "home-made-video"
I've been told Sony and Panasonic both make a good camera. Down the road I'd like to get a nice $6000 panasconic camera but that's not in the budget right now.
I should also mention that personally I don't like really small cameras. I find they are harder to keep still and ones that have soem weight to them are easier to keep steady.
Thanks in advance for you help,

A:help/advice purchasing a camera

I'd start here: www.camcorderinfo.com

You're right $1000 bucks isn't much to start with. I haven't priced cams for a while so I don't know what's available in that range. Keep in mind you'll probably also want a tripod, camera case and extra battery as basic accessories. The one thing I would look for is low light capability, if it has good low light capability everthing else will generally follow.

Try here for pricing: www.bhphotovideo.com

Be wary of any prices that are ridiculously lower than anything you find on that site. Just as an example I was researching a cam and found it elsewhere for 2/3 what they wanted only to find out that was all you got. Just the cam. No battery, no strap, no lense etc.

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Hi everyone,

Currently, I have 512 MB of DDR-SDRAM in two Micron Technology PC3200 256 MB sticks of RAM with CAS 3.

I want to get another 512 MB, but I really don't know whether to get two sticks of 256MB, which is more expensive, or to get one stick of 512, which is cheaper.

By the way, the model i'm interested in is the KVR400X64C3A/512 or the KVR400/512CR both made by Kingston. Both of which I'm pretty sure are only one stick of 512 MB RAM. As well, I'm pretty sure the stats on the Kingston RAM and my original Micron Technology RAM are similar.

Any advice?

A:RAM: Purchasing advice needed!

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I want to increase my knowledge of photo/graphic editing tools like ps or ai. But this thing goes in my mind. Whats the future of it like, I mean I am just learning a tool but if it changes/is replaced in the future then I am not a graphic designer any more? what is the base of being a designer, these tools or something else?

Also, is it nice to choose a career as a graphic designer, many close ones against it. I am also good at sketching just so you know. please do suggest me on the tools as well. right now I am going for ps and ai, anything else that can be helpful along with these?

waiting for your responses.

A:question about graphic design

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Getting BSOD a lot lately, far as i know my window 7 is all up to date.. so any help will great

A:BSOD while doing graphic design

Which mouse do you use? How old that one is? If you apply any other mouse, does it change anything?

Let us know.

BugCheck 1E, {ffffffffc0000005, fffff88008996884, 0, ffffffffffffffff}

Probably caused by : HIDCLASS.SYS ( HIDCLASS!HidpIrpMajorRead+538 )

Followup: MachineOwner

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Hi I am looking to buy a mac mini to use for graphic design. Anyone know if it will be as powerful as my pc- intel quad Q8200 @2.33ghz. The mini is 2.0GHz Intel Core 2 Duo. Thanks if you can help

A:Mac mini for graphic design vs .....my pc

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hi all, i want to have desktop,i'll use it on gaming, graphic and webdesign.i have decided about processor and graphic card but i dont know which motherbord and memory (8 gb) is compatible with these components ??

processor: Intel Core i7-2600K BX80623I72600K Unlocked Processor - Quad Core, 8MB L3 Cache, 1MB L2 Cache, 3.40 GHz (3.80 GHz Max Turbo), Socket H2 (LGA1155), 95W, Fan, Retail

graphic card: ASUS ENGTX560 Ti DCII TOP/2DI/1GD5 GeForce GTX 560 Ti DirectCU II TOP Video Card - 1GB, GDDR5, Overclocked, PCI-Express 2.0 (x16), Dual DVI, Mini-HDMI, DirectX 11, SLI Ready

so now i need motherbord and 8gb memory, i need your suggestions...

A:New PC for gaming, Web/graphic design

If you're just looking for a standard feature set then I'd say look at the Asus P8Z68-V/Gen3 ($180). If you're maybe looking to go with a Ivy Bridge CPU in future then the P8Z77-V ($210) might make more sense.

As for RAM, I'd say that a 2x4GB kit is probably entry level. Corsair, G.Skill and Kingston generally work fine with Asus boards. Depending on the software you run/planning to run a 4x4GB kit might also be beneficial.
Check the memory QVL at the maunfacturers website or the memory configurator at the relevant RAM vendor (Corsair >>here<<, Kingston >>here<<, G.Skill >>here<<, Crucial >>here<<...etc., you get the idea)

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Please advise me (instead of me having to do a butt-load of research . I need to buy some hardware that will burn both CD's AND DVD's ! I recently purchased a re-furbished Dell Latitude laptop (that I assumed would be able to do this.Sadly,it will not). What I need to know is,WHAT...am I looking for ? DVD-RW ? CD-RW ??? PLEASE advise (So,if I buy the wrong thing,I can blame you) (Just kidding). Thank you all !!! I'm so confused !!!

A:Need Advice about Purchasing DVD & CD burning hardware

DVD writer will do CD and DVD

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Hi, I'm currently using an AMD X2 Dual Core 6000+ 3.01Ghz. I need a new CPU for these following cards, 8800GTX, HD4870, and GTX 280.

I initially wanted to buy the AMD Phenom II 940 X4 Quad Core 3.0Ghz Black Edition CPU http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16819103471

But I'm having second thoughts since I play older games as well as new games. Would older games that generally use one to two CPU cores cause bottlenecking in a quadcore due to the limited CPU core use?

I was also thinking about getting the Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 Wolfdale 3.0GHz 6MB L2 http://www.newegg.com/Produc/Product...Tpk=intele8400

What CPU would work best video cards such as the GTX280?

I'm trying to get all of my purchasing done in the next couple of days while Newegg has free 3 day shipping on the hardware I'm interested in.

A:Purchasing new CPU by 3:00AM tonight, need advice

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Please advise me (instead of me having to do a butt-load of research . I need to buy some hardware that will burn both CD's AND DVD's ! I recently purchased a re-furbished Dell Latitude laptop (that I assumed would be able to do this.Sadly,it will not). What I need to know is,WHAT...am I looking for ? DVD-RW ? CD-RW ??? PLEASE advise (So,if I buy the wrong thing,I can blame you) (Just kidding). Thank you all !!! I'm so confused !!!

A:Need Advice about Purchasing DVD & CD burning hardware

DVD writer will do CD and DVD

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I am about to buy a UPS and have no idea what make/model to get.Many to choose from.I looked at this one and read the reviews.Any recommendations or is this one good enough?

A:Solved: Advice needed on purchasing UPS

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So as the title says I'm interested in a yoga 900 (or maybe 710 not sure), the thing is I want to run linux on it and from what I gather I need to purchase an ISK or ISK2 model or somesuch and I'm not sure how to find out what model yoga I"ll be buying, for example is the following and ISK or ISK2 model? https://www.ivory.co.il/catalog.php?id=17813 (the link is in hebrew but I think most will mange to locate the relevant info) in addition I'd love to hear your opinions about linux on the yoga 900.

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Im planning to upgrade to CoreDuo, but I want to keep my AGP graphics card (6800GT) as I wont get much selling it so I may aswell use it in the upgrade.

I have seen PCI-E and AGP8X combo motherboards, but I have yet to find one that will support a good speed DDR2 (eg 800MHZ) and that will support CoreDuo.

So to summarise, I need a PCI-E and AGP8X compatible motherboard, that will support quick DDR2 and the Intel CoreDuo.

Any help would be good regrading the CoreDuo, as im not sure which motherboards support it.

Thank you!


A:Advice on purchasing a CoreDuo motherboard

gamingguy27 said:


Im planning to upgrade to CoreDuo, but I want to keep my AGP graphics card (6800GT) as I wont get much selling it so I may aswell use it in the upgrade.

I have seen PCI-E and AGP8X combo motherboards, but I have yet to find one that will support a good speed DDR2 (eg 800MHZ) and that will support CoreDuo.

So to summarise, I need a PCI-E and AGP8X compatible motherboard, that will support quick DDR2 and the Intel CoreDuo.

Any help would be good regrading the CoreDuo, as im not sure which motherboards support it.

Thank you!

Alex.Click to expand...

Just to clarify, Core Duo, or Core 2 Duo? Core Duo isn't anything new to upgrade to, so I'm assuming Core 2 Duo.

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My son started a Graphic Design course and needs a new computer system.
The instructor suggested he get a 2 gig memory.
I want to know what other stats should I be looking for in a fast processor with lots of memory, and should I get Vista or XP?
He will be downloading a few graphic software programs and I heard Vista does not accept all software downloads, and I don't want him to have this problem. Could this be a problem with Vista?
Any suggestions would be helpful as I am not into the technical information end of computers.

A:need info on buying new pc for graphic design course

Sorry, I just noticed I posted this message under Security; wrong forum. I will repost someplace else.

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Think I finally have my boss talked into letting me put together a new computer for doing our sign setup work.
I don't have a full list of parts yet, but right now I'm wondering if using a Quad core CPU with four channel memory (sometime like Intel Core i7-3820) is worth the cost or if I should just stay with with a Dual core CPU and dual channel ram (looking at the Intel Core i5-3570K right now).
Either way I'm thinking 16 gigs of ram.

Computer is going to used 100% at work for doing setup for signs. Mainly using Illustrator CS2, along with Photoshop and Indesign CS2. I'm trying to put something together that will last another 8-10yrs like my current computer has.
Not this year but in the near future going to try to work into the budget upgrading to a newer version of Adobe Creative Suites.

Because I'm going sign setup I'm working with rather large files quite often. Things in the area of 4ft x 8ft raster files @ 600dpi take A LOT of ram, and I'm currently wasting way to much time waiting on the computer to think.

A:New graphic design computer for signs

Can't say I know much about those programs but X79 has 8 DIMM slots for a max of 64GB of RAM (which is twice as much as possible with Z77) which will come in handy if you seriously need that much RAM. In terms of quad channel vs dual channel I don't think there is any real world difference.

If your work is paying for it then might as well go all out and get the i7 3930K using a quad core CPU in an X79 platform is a bit of a lost opportunity IMO.

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I have a graphic that I REALLY need help with into making a 3D Version of.

Basically the graphic that I want converted is here;
I want it turned into a 3D chrome picture but on an angle like this following picture

But i want the graphic on the left hand side but with no mesh but a little bit of shadow with a white background sort of like a side on view but still see the whole graphic. I have to make a brochure for a friend and i'm not very good with 3d graphics.

If you could help me out I would REALLY appreciate it. I will happily slip someone 10 bucks for the best one just so you dont do it empty handed.

Thanks in advance. Please email me the graphic at [email protected] in the highest resoloution possible thanks.

A:Can Somone Please Help Me Re-Design A Graphic Into a 3D Picture?

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I am a freelance graphic designer, but my present computer is not able to run the extensive programs that I require for my business (which includes not only the entire CS3 Adobe Creative Suite but the complete Macromedia bundle as well...)

I am looking to purchase a new computer that is optimized for graphic design software exclusively. I understand that the specs will naturally vary from person to person, but, generally speaking, what components would you recommend for this?

Thanks for your time!


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I need to know what the best software is for graphic design and website design?

What software is best for which different type of computer? So what is the best software for Apple or best software for Dell for example.

How much does the software you recommend cost?

Thanks for your time!!

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My son started a Graphic Design course and needs a new computer system.
The instructor suggested he get a 2 gig memory.
I want to know what other stats should I be looking for in a fast processor with lots of memory, and should I get Vista or XP?
He will be downloading a few graphic software programs and I heard Vista does not accept all software downloads, and I don't want him to have this problem. Could this be a problem with Vista?
Any suggestions would be helpful as I am not into the technical information end of computers.

A:need info on buying new pc for graphic design course

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I'm gonna purchase a new laptop soon for my study..
I wanted to know, which type/brand of computer should i get for graphic design..

A:What's the best choice of brand for Graphic design!?


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I am looking to design my own board for snow boarding and I want to add pictures and do my own color design. I want to make in to a PDF file to send in to a company to make it for me. Does any one know a program for that or a program with template for snow boards? I want to fade or blend a few colors together and then on top put a few pictures. Any one know how to make digital camo? i am in the army and wanted to make a custom digi color or a stripe or flame type design and put the Army logo in the center of the board.

thanks nick army strong

A:Graphic Design Program for snowboards

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I know I already post a thread much like this 6 months back or so, and I thought about necro'ing it but decided it might be better to just start off from scratch.

I think I finally have my boss's talked around to upgrading my computer I use for design signs at work. Right now it just not cutting it. (AM Athlon 64 x2 4200+ and 2gigs of DDR 400 ram -_-).

Right now I have Illustrator CS2 open (with no files loaded), VersaWorks (what I print from) Thunderbrid, Chome, and an FPT site in FIleZilla and I'm at 1.3 GB of RAM outa the 2 gigs I have -_-.

So my plan is to talk them into probably Win 7 Pro. 64 bit, and 6 gigs of ram. That way I can edit 4 x 8 raster files in Photoshop .

And I'm thinking of taking the PC I'm currently running, reformatting it and just installing the basics like our Carbinite backup and versaworks on it and use it for all the sign printing since VersaWorks RIP's everything on the PC on on the Roland printer -_-. Then use the new PC to do the actual sign editing.

Here's my issue tho, I have never built anything for graphic design, and I'm kinda out the loop as far as PC building goes in general. I studied up and built my 2 gamin pc's I have about a 1 to 1 1/2 years ago, but after that stopped paying quite as much attention to it.

So I was hoping I could get some suggestions from ppl more knowable then me . I'm going to say I have a rough budget of about $700 for the tower + Win 7 Pro... Read more

A:New graphic design computer for work

You could get this from Dell for $699:

Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium, 64Bit, English
AMD Phenom? II X6 1035T + ATI Radeon HD 5450 1GB
6GB Dual Channel DDR3 SDRAM at 1333MHz - 4 DIMMS
640GB 7200 RPM SATA Hard Drive
16X DVD+/-RW Drive

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I have been asked to do some basic 2d and maybe 3d graphic design and have not been involved in that expertise for over ten years and am wondering if someone can save me hours of research and clue me in to a good package that is easy to use and hopefully freeware...

A:good graphic design cad/cam freeware ?


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the current gen Touch has been out for more than 18 months, I'd like to hear some thoughts on getting one at this time.

I'm wondering if the asking price of $199 for one is worth it, and i'm concerned its an End of Life product with the 5th gen. model coming around soon.

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hi im running vista and some one that was helping me through a bsod for pixart and by the looks of his reaserch the las meeting of them was 2006 and he sees pixart as a bsod candidate so i need an update for it but i can because it looks as if it has colosed down or something how do i uninstall it and when can replace it

many thanks in advance grant

A:pixart [moved to Graphic Design Forum]

Hi to all here in Graphic Design. . .

OP looking for replacement for pixart which is culprit in multiple Vista BSODs.


One quote from the Vista thread I find to be most important:


Originally Posted by grantb685

sorry jcgriff2 but i dont fully understand what u want me to do, im good on pc`s but not as technical as you are. if you would run over what you would want me to do and in your next post, reply in steps i can take and in simple words i dont understand half of the big words im still in high school ( 15 ) lol and what is needed to sort this problem happening

(ps) after i have sorted all this out can/will it happen again ???

many thanks grant

Please help where possible.

Thank you for your time.

Regards. . .



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Simple question here for anyone with experience in both gaming and graphic design. I have both cards listed in the subject line. Most of you probably know the specs for the 7600GT - it is a standard 256mb ddr3 card. the FX1400 is 128mb of regular ddr. I wonder which would be better for graphic design and animation? I know the 7600GT would beat out the fx1400 in gaming hands down, but the fx1400 is a 400$ card, i would think it has a hefty price tag for a reason. Also, would it be a good idea to have both these cards in my system at once with dual monitors and just run the games on one and the adobe programs on the other?

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I recently got a Dell Studio SMT-116B with the 22' S2209W monitor. I'm have issues with the monitor. The picture quality is better when you're distant from the monitor and sometimes the screen has a display error and blacks out.

Anyway, I want to know what would you suggest would be the best monitor for this desktop and could I change the graphics card? I still have about 10 days to decide if I want to take it back.

Here are the specs.....
Dell Studio MT Desktop with Intel® Core™ 2 Quad Processor Q8200
Dell USB multimedia keyboard, USB optical mouse
Software: Microsoft Works 9.0, Adobe Reader 8.1, Roxio Creator 10 and more
Power cord
Owner's manual
Product Features
Intel® Core™2 Quad desktop processor Q8200
Features 4 processing cores, 1333MHz system bus, 6MB L2 cache and 2.33GHz processor speed per core.
4 complete execution cores in 1 processor
For better multitasking and multithreaded performance. Intel® Smart Memory Access optimizes data bandwidth to accelerate and improve instruction throughput.
Intel® Advanced Digital Media Boost
Accelerates the execution of Streaming SIMD Extension (SSE) instructions to significantly improve the Media Boost performance on a broad range of applications.
For multitasking power, expandable to 8GB.
Multiformat DVD±RW/CD-RW drive
Create custom DVDs and CDs.
750GB SATA hard drive (7200 rpm)
Offers spacious storage options and fast read/write times.
ATI RADEON 3450 graphi... Read more

A:Solved: Dell Studio for graphic design?

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I am thinking about getting a better graphics card. I currently have a GeForce 8600GT. I've been running the Win 8 release preview and it is much snappier, more responsive and all round faster than Win 7. There aren't yet Win 8 drivers for my 8600GT (not that there are drivers yet for others that I know of). Whilst I have been running Win 8 Preview my 8600GT has stopped working a few times and the screen gone black or the windows being rendered with the background showing through. So I'm thinking about getting a new card.

I do graphic design and photo editing. It's not that difficult to create large photoshop documents of 1GB+

I have been reading the specs of cards and the GTX670 is one that seems to have a very good spec for the price.

http://www.evga.com/products/moreInf...ies Family&sw=

The reason I am attracted to this card is because of

2GB memory
6008 MHz memory clock
915 MHz GPU clock

it also has 1344 cuda cores. However I believe this is only relevant to gaming and not image editing. Am I correct here?

Should I buy this card based on the first three specs and just ignore the cuda cores? Or should I buy a card with different cores?

Or is there a different type of card which is better suited to image editing?

Thanks for your help,

A:GTX670 for graphic design & image editing ??


Doesn't list the 600 series, though. Too new, I suppose. One of the advantages of the 600 series is that they use less power (run cooler) than the previous couple of generations (4xx, 5xx).

Maybe the best cards for professional use would be the higher end of the Quadro series, but they're expensive.

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Posted here about specs for graphic design computer pre-built and think I might take the advice and put it together myself, can anyone help me with the specs of what to buy, I am in the uk and have a dell 22" moniter already. many thanks if you can help

A:self build Graphic design system spec please £400?

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