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XPS 13 external monitor stopped working

Q: XPS 13 external monitor stopped working

I have the USBc to HDMI connector from Dell, to connect my XPS13 to a second LG monitor.
I have been using it without problems for 2 years. I use it every day. Same setup.
Since friday 29/12 it stopped working.
I tried to connect my laptop to different monitors. I did driver updates and even tried to roll back my Intel driver. I disabled the WIFI. (and tried putting it on airplane mode). But nothing helps.
I guess some of those latest BIOS updates, HD driver update, ... caused the problem.
Can somebody please help. It's urgent. I need my laptop+second screen for my work.

Preferred Solution: XPS 13 external monitor stopped working

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: XPS 13 external monitor stopped working

I am guessing Windows 10 update.
Rollback to find out.

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I have a Windows 10 laptop and an external monitor. The monitor was working perfectly for a few weeks, until one day I switched on the laptop to find that the monitor was no longer working. Going to 'Display Settings' only showed one monitor, and pressing 'Detect' said 'Didn't detect another display'.

After updating all drivers, then purchasing new leads and adapters for the monitor, I still couldn't get it to work. Then I stumbled upon the 'Hardware and devices' troubleshooter which, after restarting my computer, made it work.

Less than a week later, I just restarted my machine and suddenly it's not working again. This time, the troubleshooter isn't fixing it. Every time, it just says to restart my computer to finish applying updates/drivers but restarting doesn't help.

Anyone have ideas how I can fix this?


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My laptop Lenovo Flex 2-14 has been working fine with multiple displays for 2 years. A few days ago, it stopped recognizing the HDMI output. Notes:The Intel Graphics driver is the latestWindows drivers are the latestIssue:1) When the external monitor is plugged in, I cannot open any folders or the windows explorer. As soon as I unplug the external monitor, the folders can open.2) The Intel HD Graphics control panel's interface is not usable as can be seen in the screenshot below. I have tried restarting, but that does not help. Unplugging the external monitor does not help either. It seems to be permanent. When I click on other menu items of the Graphics control panel such as "Audio settings", the whole screen is blank.  Has anyone else had this issue and found a solution to it?Intel HD Graphics Control Panel - Lenovo Flex 2-14

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I've been running this Z580 for a year or so, and updated to Windows 10 a couple of months ago. Both the laptop display and an external monitor (HPw1907 vga) have been working fine. The other day, the external monitor just stopped working.   I check the device manager and the Intel HD Graphics 4000 display adapter is disabled, due to a Code 43. I have tried rolling back to an earlier restore point, I've uninstalled and reinstalled several versions of the Intel graphics adapter, up through the current compatible one. The most recent display adapter driver from Intel is apparently not hardware compatible with this adapter. The funny thing, is that the driver wants to work! On booting, while the black and white Lenovo splash screen is displayed, with the little circular Windows logo circling around, I can move the cursor back and forth between monitors. As soon as the screen turns blue (I assume with Windows drivers loading) the external monitor blanks out and I'm back to one screen.  Based on that behavior, I'm wondering if it's not a display driver that is specfically the problem, since I've loaded up the latest drivers several times, but if maybe a recent Windows update has sneaked in a driver or component for something else that is causing the Intel driver to crash. Any thoughts?  Back in earlier versions of Windows, you could have the system load one component at a time during boot, so you could check for incompatibilities. So, if the... Read more

A:Ideapad Z580 - External monitor stopped working

Right click on it and uninstall.Reboot .Worth a try

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I unplugged the cable to move my ultrabook, plugged it back in and now the connection with the external monitor is completely dead and won't come back, any chance its something other than the USB C port being broken? It worked fine for 48 hours.

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I  have my HP Envy (with a touch screen) laptop connected to an Acer monitor.  It has worked well for over a year.  It was working fine today (as an external monitor) when suddenly the external screen went blank and the laptop went back to being the display.  I have tried everything I can think of to get the external monitor to work again:  I tried rebooting the computer and the monitor, checking the HDMI connections, replacing the HDMI cable, etc.  I believe it is a computer problem because when I hit f4 and select  second screen only, and hit enter, the laptop continues to be a display but nothing shows on the external screen.

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Updated X1 Carbon to the windows 10. Stopped showing an external monitor. Help. Where to get nauzhny driver?

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After an automatic windows update my computer (running Windows 8.1 64-bit) suddenly lost connection to my external monitor. I tried connecting to the tv with another cable and it didn't work either.I uninstalled the latest update and it didn't work. I tried doing a system restore to a few days earlier and it didn't work. Then I updated the BIOS and it suddenly started connecting again.The problem is the next day it stopped connecting to the monitor again. This time I couldn't update the BIOS because I already had the latest version. And even if I could I shouldn't be having to do that.What can I do?

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I have been in touch with the manufacturer of the portable HDD's but so far have not had any luck. Here's a quick summary of the problem.

I own 3 WD Passport devices, two of the older format (using USB 2.0) and one newer one (USB 3). All three have suddenly stopped working. I used the newest device plugged in to my xbox to listen to music on the day that the problem began and used the two older devices the night before.

I first noticed the problem when I plugged the newer device in to my laptop and nothing happened. The light appeared on the drive but it did not appear in windows explorer. When the other two older devices are inserted the "Safely Remove Hardware" box appear in the bottom right of the screen with the option "remove External HDD" but neither shows up in the windows explorer. The two older devices are partially recognised in device manager but only as External HDD.

After discussions with the manufacturer they advised me to uninstall the devices through device manager and also supplied me with a new cable to try. None of these solutions have helped.

I initally thought this was just a drive getting old but I have two laptops and the same problem appears on both. The devices no longer work on my Xbox either.

I can't explain why all three would suddenly stop working on a number of computers/my xbox. I hold over 800gb of data between the 3 devices and I cannot afford to lose it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'v... Read more

A:3 External HDD's have all stopped working at once

The second picture shows an external hard drive mapped to K:. You're saying you can't browse that drive?

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i have a notebook lenovo y570 that has a intel 3000 and a nvidia gt 555m card. My external asus vg248 monitor used to work through hdmi, but now it doesnt. I test with another laptop and the monitor works through hdmi... i must have changed some setting in my lenovo. The monitor says no hdmi signal.

I think something is wrong here:

help please!!

A:Asus monitor not working as external monitor for notebook

See if this helps:

Extending the desktop to the attached monitor with Microsoft Windows Right-click the desktop, and then click Properties.
In the Display Properties dialog box, select the Settings tab.
Click the Display list and select your external monitor.
Note: For help identifying the monitors, click Identify.
Select Extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor, then click Apply or OK.

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burnt a few movies .then it failed error reads as - invalid address for write .
then -failed to write sectors 768-799-l-ec uncorrectable error.
does anyone know what this means. it is playing movies and copeing them fine.just wont burn.

A:external burner stopped working

Do you think we are all mind-readers?
Fill in your 'User Profile' (top left on any page) and tell us about Windows version, program(s) used, burner-details (make/model/how old etc.)
Anyway, you get my drift...

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I have a Thinkpad P50 on which I am dual booting Ubuntu 16.04 and Windows 10.  Forer over a year I had no problems with USB devices or anything else.  A couple of weeks ago, my Apple generic USB keyboard began to intermittently fail on boot.  It didn't work at thed GRUB bootloader menu, and also did not work in either OS after completing the boot and login process.  I'm so lucky that the laptop's internal keyboard continues to work, if this happened on a desktop I'd be sunk.  Anyway, it stopped working completely the last couple of days; it's not intermittently working any more.  There were BIOS upgrades and OS updates in both OSes around the time it started happening, so, unfortunately, I can't tell which of them might have caused it.  Here are my observations: 1.  External USB keyboard does not function at the GRUB menu and also does not function in either OS.2.  The keyboard (an Apple wired extended keyboard) works perfectly with my wife's Dell laptop running Windows 10, and also with my Macbook Pro.  I wish I had a different USB keyboard to test, but I don't.3.  Other USB devices, including an external USB wireless mouse, work perfectly, even at the GRUB menu.4.  I have not changed BIOS settings (well I tried some, but I set them back).  I certainly did not change any when it originally stopped working.5.. I believe I am running the latest BIOS:  BIOS Version/Date LENOVO N1EET77W (1.50 ), 3/28... Read more

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1 month ago I bought an MSI laptop with Windows 10 Home installed on it and I already had a 1TB Twinmos external hard drive that worked perfectly fine on it and suddenly one day the HDD stopped appearing in "Computer" but it shows in the Devices and Printers section as an unspecified device.When I try troubleshooting it, the troubleshooter says that a driver "the DTMB BDA TV USB driver" needs to be reinstalled I continue with this reinstallation but still doesn't work
P.S.:Windows has updated several times since I bought the laptop

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I have a Lenovo ThinkPad T540p, to which I have had 2 Seagate 3Tb external USB 3.0 drives connected and working fine for over 1 year. Usually these are connected via the docking station, but when I travel, I often take one of the two 3Tb drives with me and connect to a USB 3.0 port on the laptop itself. I've been using this setup with my previous T500, and with this T540p since I purchased it in July 2015. Suddenly a few days ago, I found that neither of the drives were being recognized at all. They don't show in in Windows Explorer, and they don't show up in Device Manager. The drives are fine. I can connect them to a cheap Dell Inspiron desktop, I can connect them to the USB ports on my router, and they work fine. But they no longer are recognized when plugged into any of the USB ports on the ThinkPad. Other USB devices are working fine (mouse, speakers, headphone, UPS, hub, printers, barcode scanner, etc.). I am guessing that there was either a Lenovo or Windows software update which caused this problem, but I cannot determine what this might be. The USB drivers have not changed. T540p16Gb RAM500 Gb SSD primary driveWindows 8.1 Professional 64-bit Anybody have any ideas on this?

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I was listening to the radio on the computer and then lost the sound.
I restarted the computer to see if that would help, but it did not.

I checked all the connections and everything seems fine.My off on dial is lit up so it seems to be getting power.

This stereo system is about ten years old. The bass went out last year but the speakers have been doing fine. Maybe it is just gotten to old to work anymore ???

Any ideas ?

Thanks for any help/advice you can give,
XP-Home, IE-8, SP-3

A:External Speakers Stopped Working

Tip: click inside this box to load the editor

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Its a Fantom 2TB greendrive. Out of the blue after a year of no problems, when I go to turn the power on, the LED blinks and make a beeping noise and does nothing. I tried different outlets with no change. I havent damaged it, tipped or even moved it for that matter.

A:My External HD stopped working, just beeps at me...

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I have an HP Pavilion DV6000 laptop which I often use with an external monitor on extended desktop mode. I will often switch the monitor between this and another laptop. One time when I was switching between them, the monitor connected back to this computer, but the screen stayed black. Looking in the settings I can tell that the monitor is being recognized by the system, and I can drag my mouse into the area that would be being shown by the monitor, but it is just not showing anything.

I have tried this PC on another monitor and it also does not work. Conversely I have tried this monitor on another PC and it does work, so I know that something went wrong with the machine.

I have tried to uninstall and re-install both the graphics card driver and the monitor driver to no avail.

I am on Windows 7.

Any ideas?

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I couldn't find the answer to this. Apologies if it is already posted somewhere

I have a Dell Precision 5510.
I have it hooked up to an external monitor using dual screen
The sound from a video on youtube (etc) works fine when the external monitor is unplugged, BUT NOT WHEN THE MONITOR IS PLUGGED IN. This confuses me.  Is there a solution?
Thank you.

A:5510: Audio from websites not working when external monitor is also hooked up. (But Skype sound still working)

Hello. What might be happening is after you connect to the external display, the audio switches to HDMI audio. To get the audio to emit from the laptop's speakers again, go to the Windows Sounds dialog and make Speakers the default playback device (right click). You might have to do this every time you connect an HDMI cable.

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I tried to re hook up my Western Digital External HD back up to this computer as I had it on my computer downstairs, when I plugged in the power cord blue sparks shot out so I moved it into a diffierent socket and now the light just keeps blinking and my computer won't recognize it at all. Please help I can't afford to lose my personal things on here!

A:Western Digital External HD stopped working

You can take it out of the enclosure and hook it direct to a Desktop PC internally......or you can buy a Enclosure for it...sounds like the powersupply went south.

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I have an external hard drive that has stopped working......

The hard drive is a laptop hard drive that has a small attachment on it so I can plug a usb in to it, this small attachment has a light on, green usually means it's working normally.....

When I plug the hard drive in to the USB, the stays constant amber and i can hear the drive spinning, the drive spins for around 10 seconds then stops then does the same again, after a few attempts at this the drive then doesn't spin at all and the light stays constant green but the drive isn't showing on the laptop.

Any suggestions?

Many Thanks


A:External Hard Drive Stopped Working.....

Test on another PC. If it's not recognized on both PC's, I'd suspect a faulty HDD or the cable/adapter.

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I am in quite a situation. I have a Toshiba external hard drive that I bought a couple years ago, but had hardly used until the last couple months. Well today it suddenly stopped working and I have tons of important stuff on it. Is there any way possible I can retrieve all of the stuff on it? I usually use it with my Gateway Laptop that runs Windows XP Home and have never had trouble with it before. I hope someone can help me at least get the stuff off of it.

A:External Hard drive stopped working

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I have a Maxtor 250GB Smart Drive external hard drive that just seemed to stop working from day to the next. Windows is no longer recognizing it and my pc seems to be freezing up when I turn it on. The weird thing is when I turn it on, I hear the noise as if it was recognized. The lights on the external come on and are steady and there's no odd noises coming from the external itself.

I've even brought the drive to my job and plugged it in to my work computer and it's the same issue. At work, the computer showed that it had found new hardware and gave me the notification that the new hardware was installed and ready for use but the drive did not show up under my computer. It also does not show up under device manager.

Please help!

A:Solved: External Hardrive stopped working...

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My external DVDRW Drive no longer functions after lastest Windows 10 update.  System dosen't recognize the DVD and the Windows Driver installed doesn't recognize the digital signature.  Hard to make dvd's and cd's without the drive.

A:external DVD stopped working with Windows 10 update

Although WIN 10 forces mandatory updates and patches, it is now possible to be selective. Suggest you read this article on selective updates.  After reading about,  and downloading the program,  your problem might be fixed.  Please reply back, as this is an issue.

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I have an Eagle INEO external enclosure with a Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB drive in it. It was working perfectly fine last night; however, I wake up this morning and try to turn it on, and all I get is random beeps from the enclosure; the drive won't start up. I've tried opening up the enclosure and removing/reinserting the hard drive to no avail. It appears that the enclosure I'm using has been deactivated according to Newegg, but I'm not entirely sure that's the reason why it's refusing to turn on. I'm going to buy another hard drive and external enclosure soon; should I get two external enclosures instead and put my current drive in one, or is there any way I can make my current one work? Thanks in advance.

A:Solved: External enclosure stopped working?

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Another issue with the external mouse and keyboard.   I am using 8 and my mouse/keyboard have been working up until Friday when there was an update and then both units no longer worked.  The USB key storage works but the other items not. 
I tried them in another computer and it works perfectly.  I am not as versed in Bios etc but have attempted to correct with driver udpates (all good), and add new hardware etc...nothing is working and I too need some help with getting this set up. 
MS please respond re this and options...I have been working on this for some time and need an answer and some tech help. 

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Ok, ive read all the previous threads in many places.

This is a description of my problem.

I just got setup my external hard drive. I put much stuff on my drive and then disconnected it. Later today I did connect it. it made the usb connected sound, i checked my device manager and it says my USB device under Disk Drives. It does NOT show up under my computer. I have already uninstalled the driver and reinstalled it by A) manually hitting reinstall and B) restarting my computer with the driver uninstalled.

STILL nothing. It does NOT show up under disk management under computer management under admin tools.

It has had the same problem in every other computer i have connected it to. I cannot reformat because it does not detect correctly.

In Device manager it says the device is working properly.

help. i just got this drive today and would really like all the stuff i backed up.

A:External Hard drive stopped working.

Take the hard drive out of the encloosure and connect it directly to the (S)ATA interface in your computer.

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Hi, I have had my Portege for about a month and today the external wired keyboard and wireless mouse have just decided to stop working (see attached Device Manager screenshot). What I have tried

- Uninstalling all device drivers and restarting machine
- Trying different devices and all USB slots
- Ensured the USB drivers are working by inserting blank usbs (they work)

Before I do a factory reset of my laptop I'm hoping there is a solution that is less drastic. Please help!

Many Thanks


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I have two 1-TB external drives which were working perfectly until 10 min ago. I have already tried uninstalling them from the Device Manager, and restarted the PC but it didn't help. My motherboard is Gigabyte Ultradurable 3. I am out of opinions, so thanks a lot for any helps in advance.

A:External Hard Drives Stopped Working

Does the drive turn on at all? Try using another USB cable and see if that works. If that doesn't work: If you are willing, open the hard drive and try to connect it to the motherboard. Then try to boot into Windows and see if it shows up. If not, try UBCD to boot into hard drive diagnose of the brand of the HDD and do short and long test on the drive.
You can download UBCD from Ultimate Boot CD - Overview if you don't already have a copy.
Best of luck!

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Hi, can someone please tell me why a simple dust cleaning to my HP cpu would cause my monitor to stop working other then after  booting up monitor always goes straight into sleep mode? Thanks   Vince

A:Monitor stopped working HP

I saw your post and forwarded it to the right people for review. You should hear back from someone shortly on the HP Support Forum.Regards,[email protected]

I worked for HP.

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I have recently cleared my pc of dust and what not. There was no possible way it could have been effected by a static charge however my monitor will no longer work, it justs stays on the orange standby light. It did work previous to this. I have tried other monitors with my PC and they dont work either so it is a problem with the system itself, can anybody tell me what has happened and how i may sort it? Thanks

A:My PC monitor has stopped working

Is it plugged into a graphics card or the motherboard chip? Maybe your graphics card just died, or that your motherboard chip got damaged.

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After an update just few minutes ago(including BIOS update) the computer/windows does not recognize my second Lg monitor. The monitor is working because I tested on another notebook. Tried several things and the laptop does not reconize. i dont know if the HDMI stopped working or else. 

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My system consists of a dell dimension w/Intel Pentium 4, 2.8 Hz. It has 512 MB of ram and a 140 GB hd. I'm running XP home 2002, sp3. I'm connected through ATT DSL elite. My monitor suddenly stopped working. I tried another monitor and it did not work either. I tried the dead monitor on another pc and it worked???

A:Monitor stopped working

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I'm running Windows 7 64bit and have 2x Radeon 4870's crossfired, been running dual monitors fine on it since the day I've had it.

Shut my computer down before I went to bed last night and wake up this morning turn it on and my second display will no longer detect.

I've unplugged them both and turned off my computer for 20mins, checked and verified the plugs were fine numerous times over, installed the CCC tried the force detect and still nothing picks it up and I'm at my wits end someone help me before I break it pls!

A:Second monitor stopped working

Hi, have you tried switching the monitors around so they are both plugged into the VGA/DVI/HDMI they are not usually in?

This will identify if it is a GPU problem or a Monitor Problem.

If it is a GPU problem you may consider doing a system restore to yesterday or the day before and see if that fixes anything.


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My monitor is black, however, the power light is on. I've recently installed Linux in a dual boot and was working fine until yesterday when I tried to use it and nothing came on the screen. I tried booting from both the Windows and Linux CD's to see if one was the problem or the other and nothing changes the monitor.

How do I tell if it's the monitor or something else with a monitor to see what's going on?

A:Monitor Stopped working

Try that monitor on another computer known to be working.

Check the video cord connections, maybe no video signal.

Swap another working monitor on to that particular computer.

Should quickly tell you if it is that particular monitor or something else.

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There are a few other posts about second monitors not working when upgrading to Windows 10, however in my case it was working back in December 2015 but has since failed. I didn't try it again until March 2016 as I didn't need a second monitor at the time but now I do.
I connect over a HDMI to DVI cable. When I plug the cable in the monitor goes from "Check Signal Cable" to just a black screen. In both windows display and the Intel HD520 Graphics properties there is no monitor detected and no way to select anything other than single monitor from the multiple display options.
I've tried rolling back drivers, updating drivers (even the latest beta), manually installing drivers - nothing works.
As I said, when I first tried it, there was no problem - connected the cable and there it was. So what's happened?
Ok, I've tried this with my work monitor and it's fine, so maybe something has happened to my hardware...

A:Second monitor stopped working

Hi @Andy2K16,Thanks for becoming a member of the HP Support Forums. I understand you are having an issue with the second monitor. I will be glad to help you. Did you uses the same cable at home and at work?if yes, then it is the monitor. Please keep me informed of how things went. If you require further assistance, let me know and I will gladly do all I can to help you.Please let me know if this resolves the issue by marking this post as "Accept as Solution".To simply say thanks, click the Thumbs up below!  Thanks.

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Last night everything was working fine but this morning I woke up and turned my computer on and the second monitor is no longer displaying anything.

On the screen resolution settings its detected as just Display device on:VGA but when i go into the Device Manager it isn't detected at all. This has happened once before but that time it was still detected on the Device Manager. I've been looking for a fix for a couple of hours now I have already tried re installing graphics drivers. I'm using a Nvidia GeForce GTX 670 and running windows 7. Any help is greatly appreciated and thank you for your time.

A:Second Monitor stopped working

I cant explain why but randomly out of nowhere trying this fix four times earlier i unplugged and re pluged the monitor and detected and it worked all of the sudden

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Hi there. My monitor was working fine, and I left the room and when I
came back in a half hour later the screen was blank and it was making a squeaking sound.
The green light was not on as it should have been. When i turned it off, the noise stopped and
when i turned it back on, same thing: blank screen and squeaking noise. I read a previous post
about the speakers being a potential problem, so I unplugged my speakers, but it did not
do anything to help. I have a Sony monitor and haven't had any problems in the 4 years
I've had it until now. Thanks in advance!!

A:Monitor stopped working

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For no apparant reason. My computer rebooted to update some virus software and the monitor just did not come back on. THere is no response from it whatsoever- The light is off.

It's not that old, and I thought LG was a reliable name. I just got it maybe a yr ago and paid good money for it.

Any thoughts on what the problem might be and how to fix it?

A:LG monitor stopped working

What's the warranty on it?

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Hey all, looking for some guidance again.
My brothers monitor is acting up. Actually, I think it is his computer, but let me break it down.

About a week ago his monitor stopped working. It has power and everything, but nothing is appearing on the screen other than a "no signal" message. I took the computer home with me and hooked it up to my monitor to find out that the video card doesn't seem to be sending anything to the monitor. I hooked the monitor up to the onboard monitor jack and it worked, so I figured it was the video card.

After a day or so the monitor stopped working again, so I had him try with a different monitor and it worked, so I figured that the monitor gave out. Well, that monitor stopped working as well, on both the video card jacks and onboard monitor jacks.

I took his monitor home and plugged it into my computer and it works fine, so this leads me to believe that there is something going on with his PC, but I have no clue what it could be.

Any ideas? I figured that even if the video card wasn't working, the onboard should work, which it did for awhile, but gave out.

I can usually do minor repairs on hardware type issues, but this one has me stumped.

Thanks everyone

A:Monitor stopped working.....

Look in device manager>what showing in display adapters? any ! yellow mark

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Okay, last night me and my hubby decided to rearrange the room and I just now hooked up the PC and the monitor light stays orange for about 5 minutes and then my desktop background will show up with 3 icons. There's no task bar and the icons that show up I never had installed before. I have no idea why its doing this when it was working perfectly fine yesterday before we moved the room. I don't know if its the plugs (we've had power outages all day because this is a really old apartment and we don't know what we can have on all together and what we can't) or not. So can anyone help me with this?

EDIT: Well I got the mouse to work so I right clicked and went to properties and nothing loaded. I also tried putting in the XP disc and nothing loaded. I created a new folder and went to "open with..." and clicked on the XP disc but still got nothing. I saw all of my files when I went to open with so I know they're all still there. Also, when I turn on the monitor I don't see the XP logo and can't access safety mode or anything, the light just stays orange and then turns green and loads my desktop background along with three icons.

EDIT 2: Well its not the monitor, I switched monitors and it still won't work so it must be the hard drive. Anyone have any suggestions on what it could be? The graphics card looked fine to me when I looked at it so I have no idea what it is.

A:Monitor stopped working

Your correct it`s not the monitor Or the Video card.

It sounds like either the move or the power cuts have put errors on the Hard Drive.

First thing to try is run Checkdisk -

In normal mode,if you can,or from the Recovery console.See HERE for normal mode and HERE for the Console.

You have to go into the BIOS first and set the CD as first in the boot order.Press Del or F1 at start up.See HERE

That may not help,but it`s what I`d do first.

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I get this error message when I try to update some program like JAVA but others, too.
"ASI EVE CL Monitor has stopped working." Then it says Windows has closed the program to save my computer. Is there something I should be doing to get this to stop shutting down? Is this an important thing? I close the little window and everything else seems to work ok. Thanks for any help. Oh...I have Windows Vista 64-bit (whatever that is) .

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Hello everyone,

I've been using my TV (The brand is Olevia, I can get the model number if it's needed) as a second monitor while playing video games on my laptop (A Lenovo ThinkPad SL400 running Windows Vista) via HDMI cable.

It worked out for a while, but then my computer crashed while I was playing, and it hasn't worked since.

Whenever I plug it in, the screen goes black as if it were working, but the TV displays "Invalid Format".

The biggest change I can see is that under Display Settings, it always says that there is a second monitor plugged in, when there is not.

Screenshot attached.

Any help? Please and thankyou.

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Hello, I have a KDSUSA K717s 700p 14" monitior and the other day it mysteriously stopped working. I was reading the update from bungie.net (Halo's website) and suddenly it went kapoot. The monitor was not moved at all when it happened. I had previously had some trouble with the VGA cord, which plugs directly into the back of the monitor's motherboard, so to speak, where there was a severe lack of green color. I narrowed down the section of the cord where the faulty green color was, but I was unable to find a break (there was a big red, blue, and grey wire. hopefully the grey had green.) in the cord. I then wrapped it up in electrical tape somehow it corrected the lack of green. So everything was fine and then suddenly, just like that, I heard a little noise and then the monitor went black. I opened it up to try and see what was the problem and I could not find any. I even went as far as the actual liquid crystals to see if there was a problem. Does anyone have any ideas as to what could be wrong? BTW, there are no faulty capacitors as far as I could see. Thank you.

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Hey everyone, I've officially got THE worst luck with technology EVER.

Today, my Western Digital 500GB External HDD has stopped working. One minute it's working fine - the next its completely unresponsive. I deleted a music folder off the hard drive that wouldnt play and I dont know if that's been the cause of it to become unstable.

When I plug it in via USB I can feel the disk spinning inside and loading, but the windows sound does not play. About 2-3 minutes later I get the sound but it does not appear under Hard Disk Drives on My Computer. When I try to go into device manager it crashes windows explorer.

After a couple of attempts the name is now "Local Disk I:' and not even 'Elements'

After about 10-15 minutes of being plugged in the drive clicks and won't do anything else.

I REALLY need some of the work off the hard drive - It's so important to my second year at university.

Any help you can give me I will be eternally grateful. Call me a *******, but I usually back up my work via dropbox anyway but theres some bits I didnt back up yet and it's so important I get them.

I've looked at getting a universal drive adaptor but i've heard about data recovery software but there seem to be so many out there - If my hard drive isnt completely screwed could someone reccomend me one or give me some advice?

Thanks in advance.

A:External hard drive suddenly stopped working

have you tried unplugging the drive power adapter for a minute and plugging it back in?

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I have been searching in several forums but have not been able to fully fix this problem. It was fixed temporarily and failed again.
This the system I have:

HP TouchSmart tx2 tablet pc with Windows Vista Service Pack 2 (Home Premium) x 64 bit
AMD Turion (tm) X2 Ultra Dual-Core Mobile ZM-82, 2.2 GHz
ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics

I have been working for over a year with an external display Dell ST2310 flat screen monitor and working fine with the "use external display only" setting . From one minute to the other both screen went black so I forced a restart and again the same problem. I decided to manually disconnect the external display by unplugging the VGA cable from the laptop which automatically switched back to the main display as it would if I disconnected the display. When I plugged the VGA cable back in again the same issue both screens were fully black. I disconnected once again the VGA cable so I could change the settings in Windows Mobility. I plugged back in the VGA cable after changing the settings from "external display only" to "mirror monitors" and after playing for a bit with the Windows Mobility Center I got the external display to work back again to my regular settings: "external display only". This solution lasted for a day and now the main display works and the external display screen is fully black.

Solutions I have tried unsuccessfully:
- Changed VGA cables, still experiencing the same issue.
- Tested monitor ... Read more

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It was working fine the other day, then out of nowhere it just stopped working on my mac, i plugged it into my windows laptop to get a better idea of what is going on, and it says (not initialized, unallocated)

On minitool it says bad disk, and logical type, can anyone explain how to fix this ? I know you have probably gotten this before and gotten bored, but please help me, i mainly just want the files and am prepared to throw this stupid hardrive away

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