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From Windows7 to Windows10

Q: From Windows7 to Windows10

i have been posting about this before but now i have the error code so better to create an new discussion
Tried again to upgrade from 7 to 10 but i get an error code
for this reason the installation failed
I did read on internet about the error code but looks like if there is no solution...............why Microsoft keeps bothering nee about thi bloody upgrade instead of getting a fix about this problem because looks like if many are having this problem

If you can help fine or this time i will really forget about this upgrade


Preferred Solution: From Windows7 to Windows10

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: From Windows7 to Windows10

Hi Sony,
try a clean install, tutorial from our sister W10 site.
Clean Install Windows 10 Directly without having to Upgrade First - Windows 10 Forums

note that error code relates to a Bios problem, update yours


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how do i update from windows7 to windows10 please help me out.

A:how do i update from windows7 to windows10

https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10 simply follow instructions

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Just wondering if you get a free update from windows 7 to windows10,do you receive a product activation key or anything else?I have windows 7 home at the moment,so will windows 10 give me the same(home version).I have a dell inspiron 620 2012,64 bit with 8gb of ram.Is it better just to buy a windows 10 brand new pro version instead through amazon?Thanks.

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how do i update from windows7 to windows10 please help me out.

A:how do i update from windows7 to windows10

https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10 simply follow instructions

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I bought a new tower computer preinstalled with Windows10 to replace one with Windows 7 that is unfixable. I have two other laptops, one vista, one windows xp. I don't want to incur any problems with incompatibility issues. What do I have to do with old computer re windows 7 to then install that windows 7 on the new computer? Can this even be done? If it can, how do I set up a new partition? These are a few of the questions I have.

A:Downgrading from Windows10 to Windows7

Having a little trouble understanding exactly what you want to do. Do you want to install Windows 7 on the new computer and use the Product Key that is/was on the defunct computer? If so ...

You can do that if the Windows 7 is Retail. Most times it turns out to be OEM--either preinstalled on a PC from somebody like Acer, Dell, HP, etc., or else OEM System Builder's preinstalled on a custom build. OEM versions cannot be transferred to another computer.

Of course, before proceeding you want to check to make sure that Windows 7 drivers are provided for your new PC.

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Okay let me explain my issue hopefully clearer. My desktop computer used Windows 7. I had Microsoft Office 2007 on it and used Excel for my personal finances. I backed up my entire computer on an external hard drive(WD My Passport). My finances also backed up on a flash drive.My computer crashed. My new desktop uses Windows 10. I have tried to open the flash drive and it comes up stating it cannot read Word 2007. Any suggestions?

A:Data transfer from Windows7 to Windows10

Hi MELG8, and welcome to TSG.

Are your finance files saved to the flash drive as individual MS-Word and MS-Excel documents?

Are you having problems opening the flash drive to view the list of files saved on it or opening the files that are saved on it?

Did you install MS-Office 2007 or newer on your new computer?

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I'm getting a new desktop computer with Windows10 installed. My question is can I make the desktop on Windows 10 look exactly like my Windows 7 desktop?

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I have a zbook 16 g3, with windows7 as OS, so when I try to update to windows10 a message appears that says to remove HP Drive Encryption, can I uninstall that software? Or is this an indispensable?Sorry for my bad englis and thank you

A:problem with windows7 to windows10 update

@Matte_c? Not at all sure about a ZBook 16 -- the following update to the Client Security Manager software indicates that this new version of the program can withstand the migration process to Windows 10. Driver Business Notebooks as listed: sp74933.cvaSupersedes: sp74101.cva   (Information and Notebook list)Enhancements: This version of HP Client Security Manager is no longer blocked by the Windows 10 upgrade (migration) process. After this package is installed, the system can be upgraded / migrated to Windows 10 without uninstalling HP Client Security Manager before running the Windows 10 upgrade.sp74933 Client Security Mgr V8.3.18.2044A W7-10 32/64bit When you see a Post that helps you,Inspires you, provides fresh insight,Or teaches you something new,Click the "Thumbs Up" on that Post. Click my Answer Accept as Solution to help others find Answers.

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I'd like to know if I can transfer a windows 7 product key (from an old computer that I don't need anymore) to windows 10 (new computer).
What I mean is by downloading this;
(This is the ISO file but its because I'm on the internet with an android device)
And filling out the downloaded file (downloaded from a USB and filling out the form in the new computer) with that product key.
I thank you in advance

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Hello everyone,

I just bought the Wireless N PCI Adapter (TL-WN851ND) from TP-LINK for my Windows 10 PC. It says that it's compatible for Windows 7/Vista/XP but it doesn't say Windows 10 on there. I thought that since it works on Windows 7, it will probably work on Windows 10 aswell, but since I inserted the card and have it running my computer freezes randomly and gives me a blue screen sometime later. The blue screen also says MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION. Sometimes when I turn the PC on it will freeze and go to the blue screen while loading Windows 10.

Is there any possible way to make this adapter compatible for Windows 10 without it freezing all the time which leads to me having to reboot the computer over and over again?

A:Making a hardware for Windows7 compatible with Windows10 (Wifi card)

When I tried to install the driver that came with the hardware it said that it doesn't work on this operating system (Windows 10).
I installed a different random driver that I found in the internet, but it still freezes every now and then.

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I upgraded my Dell desktop without issue, but i get the Windows error message 0X0 when attempting the upgrade on my HP laptop.  I spoke with HP support and they acknowledge that this is a known HP issue but unfortunately my warranty expired 24 days ago.  They suggested I try the chat room

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Is there any possiblity to lose the recovery if wiping the current Windows64 bit and replacing it with windows32 bit?How to dual both OS'es ?Where to get the windows32bit drivers from ?

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Since manufacturers already installed Windows10 64 bit, some user needs require to work on Windows10 32 bit platform..Trying to install dual boot without risk the system and the recovery has unknown result till nowSo I thought it might be easier to translate the same OS to the other choice. I mean from 64 bit to 32 bit without losing the built in OS or install a new dual one.Even though. Still will require Windows10 32 bit drivers !!

A:Is there any way to translate Windows10 64 bit to Windows10 ...

Sorry for smart device typoMeant to transfare !!

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My pc came with preinstalled Windows 7 x32, later I came to know it is an OEM version.. now i want to switch to x64 architecture(same Windows edition), ..can I do a clean install Windows 7 x64 (retail) over my Windows 7 x32bit(OEM)....and use my OEM product key to activate it?

A:Windows7 32bit OEM Productkey to activate Windows7 retail x64bit

Simple answer is yes.
You will probably need to use telephone activation to get it activated.

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I have an HP Compaq dx2000mt desktop that has windows7 32bit enterprise installed on it. I tried to install windows7 home 32bit to replace the enterprise OS. As I was installing it stated the old OS would be marked, XXX.old and it went forward, then came to a point where there were booting errors. and it stopped installing. Now I am left with a half install, and a full OS the boot section now in its own drive named disk 0 system reserved.
I partioned the C drive and allocated 20gb and tried to install there. I received the same errors seems that my boot.ini is stuck in the system reserved and I cant figure out how to incorporate disk 0 over to disk C, so that my boot is in the same disk drive.
I have really messed this one up. I have installed an operating system before and never had so much trouble.
Any advice would be helpful.
And please if you have an answer, something for me to do, it needs to be A.B.C.'d out step by step as Im not an expert. But I guess I already proved that...
Thank you in advance.

A:Failed install windows7 home to windows7 enterprise

Clean Install Windows 7

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My new computer arrived today with Windows7 64 installed. (happydance)
My old computer has Windows7 32 installed.

Before I start attacking both computers, thought I better ask beforehand or the b/f will 'kill' me

Can I remove the hard drive from the old computer, install it as a 2nd drive in the new computer and be able to access all the data (documents, photos, messages saved in outlook and my favourites etc) on it from the new Windows7 64bit primary drive?

(I wasn't sure which sub-forum to ask this question in, hope in here is OK.)


A:Windows7 64 reading windows7 32 drive?

Hi Jaibird,

A hard disk is not 32-bit or 64-bit and does not depend upon the installed OS.

Yes, in some parts and no in others.
You can access files/folders from the partition Hard Disk (Documents, Photos, Favourites).. But you cannot get the messages saved in outlook.

Be advised that the (Documents, Photos, Favourites) will NOT merge into your current Windows 7 64-Bit.


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I purchased windows7 for when it comes out in Oct. My question is this
I have vista 32-bit and can do an inplace upgrade to windows7 32-bit.
Can I also do a dual boot and run windows7 64-bit on a second hdd? On the same machine!
Will I have to purchase a second key or would the same key work for both
32-bit and 64-bit?
If I install the 32-bit win7 can I upgrade to 64-bit using the same key or
do I have to purchase a second key to do This?

A:windows7-32bit & windows7 64-bit

To the best of current thinking says the same key will work both 32 & 64 bit. you can dual boot both and should be able to use the same key.
Good luck and welcome to 7 Forum.


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I have had this pc for over a year now but i only now want to upgrade to a 64 bit of windows 7 i know that i will have to do a clean install but i lost my disk and wanted to know if i could download the windows 7 64 bit of the store and would i have to
buy a new windows or could i still use my product key from my current windows if i want to upgrade to 64 bit from 32 bit... thank you

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can any one help i have a dell optiplex 740 it has a amd 64 dual core at the moment it has been installed as a 32 bit i have the dell 64 bit reinstallation disk can i upgrade to 64 bit with out having to do a total reinstalation of windows

A:windows7 32bit to windows7 64 bit

no you have to do a clean install to go from 32x to 64x

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I received a free upgrade to windows 10 in July, just recently I restored my computer to factory settings as a streamer would not work, and I had to upgrade differently than microsoft doing it for me, omg I have never had such a time, I loved windows 10 before, now that I upgraded from the network my tab searches go around and around and get bot checks all the time even with ad guard, and adblock plus I have advertisments all over the place, can you please help me, I downed tweaking simple system technicians, and heimedal and now herd protect hoping to take off whatever is causing this but it did not do this when I bought it and before I restored it and now everything moves and won't stabilize on the tab I search for,  just like my tabs ughhh help me. 
Mod Edit:  Removed email addy, protection from spambots - Hamluis.


I'd suggest posting over in the Am I Infected forum:  http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/f/103/am-i-infected-what-do-i-do/
Please read the pinned topics at the top of the forum for instructions on how to post there.

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day before yesterday i tried to for multiple remote desktop connection, afterv that i cant use remote desktop while am starting rdp from services its showing some files missing

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I can't play Star Wars on Windows 10. And I can't figure out how to revert the operating system back to Windows 8, there's no backup on it. But it came with widows 8.


If your computer(no description given) originally came with Windows 8, it would've had to be upgraded to Windows 8.1 first before if could be upgraded to Windows 10.

If it's been more than 30 days since you upgraded it to Windows 10, you no longer have the option to revert it back to Windows 8.1.


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When ever I am using an app in windows 10 a portion of my screen flashes what seems to be the outline of another window. In one instance the flash stayed on long enough to reveal a black background with white font, similar to a command based screen. I would like to disable this annoying feature.

Possibly related to the flashing screen is the disappearance of the free games app; 'microsoft solitaire' that was included during my recent upgrade to 10. I could use some help in re loading this app to see if that solves the flashing issue.

Thank you


the solitaire app has been reloaded and no change on the irritating flashing. ty

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Ijust downloaded Windows 10. Now I cannot save my edited Word 2010 docs and cannot save word perfect docs.

A:Bad windows10

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Merhaba ben dizüstü bilgisayar?m? yeni ald?m.?çerisinde windows 8.1 yüklü.Ben bilgisayar?m? windows10 nas?l yapabilirim ve yükselttikten sonra etkinle?tirmeyi nas?l yapaca??m? çünkü ürün anahtar?m mevcut de?il.Lütfen yard?m edin te?ekkür ederim.

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I just bought anew computer-hp laptop-windows 10-when asked to set it up with a name and password I didn't understand how to do this-wasn't sure to use my-gmail pw or a new one for windows10--I used a different name and a new password to get online in windows10-it is a gmail pw and name-now I cant get into windows10 -everytime I try to use a windows10 pw it wont let me-so I'm having to wait until somebody can help me get into my windows10-i had a outlook account at one time but they wont let me in using it-I don't know what to do-it has a touch screen if that helps-I am on windows10 when I try to get online with an outlook account-

A:windows10 login

I used a different name and a new password to get online in windows10-it is a gmail pw and name-nowClick to expand...

When you first setup windows 10 , it asks you to use an email address and the email password to setup an account on the PC
you need to use a valid microsoft outlook email address (hotmail, outlook live ) and the password you use for that account - OR have your non outlook email registered with outlook, and use the password you setup for outlook.com.

This should have been part of the process you went through

So did you register a valid gmail email with outlook.com , and setup a password - if so , you should be able to goto outlook.com, use the gmail email and also the password to log into the webserver.

If so then you use that email and the password you used to register gmail with outlook.com to log into the HP PC

Also part of the setup process may have asked you to create a recovery USB drive (HP PCs usually have a nag to create a recovery set)
did you do this
You can use that drive to re-install windows 10 - you dont have use an email account, you can set a local account on the PC

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Recently all of our POS machines have started to ask when we would like to schudule an upgrade to windows 10, Is this even supported? if so has anyone successfully upgraded their AP5000 to windows10? There are no supported drivers out in the support section and I thought I would ask before attempting this upgrade. Thanks for the help!    

A:AP5000 & Windows10

1. Upgrade to Windows 10 is possible [You don't require license key] 2. We do not have required drivers as of now for Windows 10 in the HP Support Site 3. You might face compatibility issues when it comes peripherals used with the Unit 4. You may have to download required drivers from the manufacturer's website for each hardware component If you dont like Windows 10 after the upgrade and if you want to switch back to Windows 7, you have to do a clean install using Recovery Media Disks or USB Recovery Media Hope this helps, for any further queries reply to the post and feel free to join us again  **Click the White Thumbs Up Button on the right to say Thanks**Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem. Thank You,K N R K

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 Is  Window  10  compatible with   Pavilion Sleekbok 15 -b 109so, bought in may 2013.?
I read somewhere that you could get  different problems upgrading to 10  with ex -blue screen, touchpad and other problems on laptops bought before august 2013.. I don't need any pc problems just now....
Serialnumber : (removed content)
Product nr       : D3D67EA#UUW
I hope somebody can answer..
Kind regards

A:Upgrading to Windows10

missxx I checked the HP Win10 compatibility page and your model PC has NOT been tested by HP for compatibility with Win10 -- that's one strike. I also check the HP product page for your PC, and it doesn't list Win10 drivers, only Win8.1. That's two strikes. The GOOD news is that, in general, Win8.1 PCs have less problems with the Win10 Upgrade than older machines. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the problem you're up against is that Microsoft only supplies drivers with the most basic functionality, and what you really need for FULL functionality in laptops is the specialized drivers written for the specific hardware found in laptops -- and unfortunately, there are no HP Win10 drivers for your laptop.However, for MS-supplied drivers that aren't working well, you could consider using HP Win8 drivers -- although there's no guarantee that those drivers will work.  Here's the link to the HP Product drivers and software page for Win8 for your PC:  http://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers/selfservice/HP-Pavilion-15-b100-Ultrabook/5338107/model/5381629If that page does not show Win8x when you open it, then click CHANGE and select Windows 8x using the pulldown.You might have to install the drivers using compatibility mode: http://www.windows10forums.com/articles/compatibility-mode.7/ However, since the Win10 Rollback Utility is unreliable, if the Upgrade goes badly, you're most likely NOT going to be able to restore a working system.  So... Read more

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Is there a good flight sim for windows 10,  thank you,  Keith P

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Yesterday windows10 was installed in my win8.1 laptop thru the MS updates. All went fine and is working well but I dislike very much the start menu and so I installed the Classic Shell alternative.

However I can't find the executable for the new MS updates which I like to make a shortcut in my new menu

Any idea where the new updates program is located?

A:Where is Windows10 Update Exe

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hello out there- new here and have a confounding issue. its a dell latitude 6410, windows 10..(originally win-7 prof.) It really seems that the worst problem that just arrived , coincided exactly, or pretty much , at the same time that my free avg software expired..didn't renew, i remember selecting some settings, when they set me up, avg, and maybe when they shut down it had, kept disabled something else, i'm not a very advanced to say the least computer person, get by, try to learn.. .anyway, now i'm using the "user" account, which seems to work fine, but i cant get to my pictures and documents, in mine the admin acct. when i try to sign in, it sometimes goes to a picture(lighthouse) and thats t, or goes to dark screen with several "logos" normal links on bottom of screen flashing on and off. and the weirdest thing is that i see the hourglass sign by pointer,, which i havent seen in a while with win-10. any help to at least get to my files..but may need to bring it in somewhere.hope not. thanks for any advice- from the catskill mts peace in 2018

A:cant sign in on windows10

This could be many different things.

My first suggestion is to see if you can backup your stuff.  More help for this is available in the Backup forums:  http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/f/238/backup-imaging-and-disk-management-software/ 
You may also get some help with this from the Windows 10 forums also (see link below).
Then, I'd suggest posting over in the Windows 10 forums or the Internal Hardware forums for some more expert advice/suggestions:

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Hi All: HELP! I am resetting my computer from the start menu.  It has been doing so for over 16 hours and I see the "HP" logo in ablue-green symbol in the middle of my screen and and several dots circling at the bottom og my screen and nothing else. I can't seem to get it to finish re-setting/ recovering any further.

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The c drive on the windows 10 pc is shared. this is a windows 7 pc. my applications can access data files on the windows 10 pc, but when I click on explorer and network the connection does not appear.

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Hi, I lost Power2go from my lenovo G40-80 Laptop. My laptop was preloaded windows 8.1 and later I upgraded in windows 10. Unfortunately I lost Power2go. How can I get it back?

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i wanted to find out if someone can advise me on what driver i need to run the "verified.exe" program to see if there is anythingwrong or damaged. This morning microsoft said that my windows 10 didn't have the compatibility to run that program and suggested that i get the proper one from hp. now problem being i don't know which is which or what have not. so does anybody know which driver from hp i need to install to get what i need to handle what i need to. and little by little i am getting eve4rything back in order. i recieved alot of guidence and support in here and i really do appreciate i , thank all of you there were no error messages only me wanting to find answers. i was looking to see what had caused my system to go down on the 13th of june, monday. i found some reading material and followed the path which led me here. . i don't know the LAN or any specifics on that , all i want is to see if there is a drive i can add that will let me run the :verified.exe" program

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How fix "the installation failed in the SAFE_OS phase with an error during APPLY_IMAGE operation ( error code 0x900101-0x2000C )

A:update to windows10

Was bit locker enable on the old OS? Also see this https://www.itechtics.com/fix-error-0xc1900101-0x2000c-on-windows-88-110-update/

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i wanted to find out if someone can advise me on what driver i need to run the "verified.exe" program to see if there is anythingwrong or damaged. This morning microsoft said that my windows 10 didn't have the compatibility to run that program and suggested that i get the proper one from hp. now problem being i don't know which is which or what have not. so does anybody know which driver from hp i need to install to get what i need to handle what i need to. and little by little i am getting eve4rything back in order. i recieved alot of guidence and support in here and i really do appreciate i , thank all of you

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit
Processor: AMD A8-6500 APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics, AMD64 Family 21 Model 19 Stepping 1
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 7349 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 8570D, 768 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 1890101 MB, Free - 1825627 MB; D: Total - 15659 MB, Free - 1935 MB;
Motherboard: MSI, 2AE0
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Disabled

Do not have windows10 administrative authority.

A:windows10 cannot do a restore

1. Welcome to Tech Support Guy
2. Your post is too brief to help you
3. Do you mean
A. Restore to an earlier point in time - eg a system restore point
B. Restore - go back to the previous system if 10 was a free upgrade from 8.1
C. OR restore - recover to original condition if the computer came with 10 installed
See this please for restore point

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My step mom has a HP15. When she tries to log in it says  invalid password. It won't let her change password. Can I reboot this back to factory defaults. OR is there another solution?

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I cannot enter any date into Windows Calendar that is more than 167 days ahead of todays date.   This is clearly a ludicrous situation as some events may well be more than that in the future.

A:windows10 calendar

EricSp wrote:I cannot enter any date into Windows Calendar that is more than 167 days ahead of todays date.   This is clearly a ludicrous situation as some events may well be more than that in the future.This appears to be a known issue, but there is not a documented fix from Microsoft as far as I can see.  Please read the following thread and follow their instructions to see if you can resolve this issue:  http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/apps_windows_10-outlook_cal/calendar-events-created...

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So I made a bootable usb. Tried reinstalling, it gave me the cannot install on this disk drive it is not GPT partition. Tried converting it to GPT now all my drives are gone. I rebooted and now the install Windows won?t come up. Please help.

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How do I get veriface on windows10. It disapeared when I installed windows10.


Go to Solution.

A:veriface for windows10

Welcome to the Lenovo Community !
Unfortunately Veriface is not compatible with Windows 10 and that is why the Windows upgrade removed it.  Please see this Lenovo Knowledge Base article regarding Veriface and Windows 10.....
There is a third party software application that some folks are using in place of Veriface.  That application is called KeyLemon and more information on it can be found here.....

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When I try to run Combo Fix in windows10 it fails.I get an error saying un-supported O/S.Combofix only works in 7,8,8.1No longer has support for win2000Any one out there with a clue as to why Combofix is seeing windows 10 as [email protected]??jimIs there a way to get it working in Win 10

A:ComboFix in windows10

The short and simple answer is: No. ComboFix does not support Win10 at the moment and we don't know when it will be added. The message you're seeing is a generic one that appears whenever the Windows version is unsupported.regardsmyrti

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yes hello i have just a simple question and it is will i get a new/different key whenever I choose/if I choose to upgrade to windows 10. i have the option as of now but idk if i should upgrade just yet because what if i have to do a clean install of windows where would i get the key.

A:will i get a new and different key when upgrading to windows10

This might give some info How to Activate and resolve common Product key issues in Windows 10 - Microsoft Community

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my windows 10 view has changed from default to another one.I mean its home page has changed.Earlier pinned tab used to come downward .In this new homepage it is in the form of icon placed in middle of screen

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