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how to type a ":" with a azerty keyboard in the repair console

Q: how to type a ":" with a azerty keyboard in the repair console

how can you type a ":" with a azerty keyboard in the repair console where it looks like it is all querty but i think it is still different from querty because i tried everything.
i need it to copy a file

Preferred Solution: how to type a ":" with a azerty keyboard in the repair console

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: how to type a ":" with a azerty keyboard in the repair console

If your keyboard is similar to this:
Belgian keyboard layout
The colon seems to be below the L key to the right.

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Hey folks, newbie to the forum here...hope someone can help. My problem is two-fold:

1st, while in Mexico on a business trip my laptop running "XP-Home" crashed giving me the following error on startup:

"Windows could not start becase the following file is missing or corrupt:
you can attempt to repair this file by starting windows setup using the original setup CD-Rom select "r" at the first screen to start repair."

Our local techie (in Mexico) decided to fix this problem using a "XP-Professional" CD-Rom which is all that he had available.

it worked, except then during the windows boot routine, the following error flashes on the screen, and then the computer re-starts automatically:

"System error: Lsass.exe
When trying to update a password the return status indicates that the value provided as the current password is not correct."

According to Microsoft, the fix for this is here:


No problem so far. However, when I try to Login to the Recovery Console, now I get:

"The password is not valid. Please retype the password.
Type the administrator password: "


So now, MS says the fix for this problem is here:


I followed these instructions, but continue to get the invalid password message...I'm at a loss...any ideas???



A:Repair Console: "The password is not vaild..."

Hi there...

don't suppose you have tried a blank password.....Just tap enter instead of typing anything?

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After a catastrophic computer failure, I managed to recover almost everything. However upon booting up I got the message "BOOTMGR is missing". I used the original Windows installation disk to do Startup Repair, which recovered BOOTMGR. However now every time I boot up I get a message from Windows Boot Manager asking me to choose between "Windows 7...(recovered)" and "Microsoft WIndows Recovery Console". How can I get the computer to boot straight into Windows 7?

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the letter next to the letter n will not type nothing happens when u type that letter. i have tried 3 different keyboards and they all do the sae thing.

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Just in the past few weeks XP Pro forgets what kind of keyboard I use.

I have an "Office Keyboard" with buttons to bring up Word, C&P, scroll etc. I have the MS "drivers" that came with it. For several years all was well.

Now to get the special buttons and features to work. Start, MS lkeyboard (its on the short list) click the third tab "Key Settings" and then "update". Until I reboot all the special buttons, keys, etc. work normally.

Something has XP forgetting the "update" and making me repeat the process everytime.

Any and all help will be appreciated.



A:Windows "forgets" what type of keyboard I use

I'd uninstall the MS drivers for the keyboard. Then, open Device Manager, View, Hidden Devices. Uninstall ALL the devices under keyboards and reboot the system. Install the MS drivers for the keyboard again and see if that improves it's memory.

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Right now I set my pc into
& into this

still keyboard typing itself "``````````" & pc goes into sleep.

sometimes after startup, it suddenly goes to sleep.

Right now I am using "Don't Sleep" program, so till now PC did't want to sleep because of this program.
But I want reason what causing this problem.

A:My keyboard type itself "``````````" & pc goes into sleep.

Get a new keyboard.

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Hi all
Previously the  "Save Picture"  box would put a web generated title in the box and automatically selected JPEG.  Now the title box reads "untitled" and the only file options offered are "png" & "bmp" 

Please note that a similar post has appeared, but the solution did not match the fault.  I'm seeking to restore the automatic response to save picture, that might have been upset by antivirus clean-up programme.

Thank youin advance for considering my problem

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One feature I really liked in XP was the ability to look in a folder through My Computer and sort the files by extension. For example if I wanted to get all .jpg files to one side of the folder as I looked for a file, I could click View, Arrange Icons By, Type and make that happen. I don't see that feature in Windows 7. I'm using W7Pro and can't find that or a similar feature anywhere. Is it here and I just haven't found it? TIA


open a window ,click organise/layout /menubar.
then when you click view in the menu bar group by is in the list

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Hey everyone,
        I am trying to get the REST queries to work with the sharepoint end points instead of graph end points. I first created an app with relevant permissions and have given it the admin consent. Then I am hitting the https://login.microsoftonline.com/<tenant>.onmicrosoft.com/oauth2/token?Content-Type=application/x-www-form-urlencoded end
point with https://<tenant>.sharepoint.com as resource. I am then using the access token retrieved to give the rest call to https://<tenant>.sharepoint.com/_api/v2.0/drives/b!3indYSbqZ0-hVSPnCgIZy-2xDMh7jH9AuQnEzJMc6TEfQoSJvJT-R6tT0lFBQiPr/root/delta
but it is failing with "error":{"code":"generalException","message":"General exception while processing"}}. The REST response code is 401 Unauthorized. I have filed a Microsoft support ticket but they
have asked me to post on these forms. Can someone please help me with this? I am not able to move forward because the error is pretty generic and doesn't give any additional details.
Sai Kiran Katuri.

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OK guys, im kinda new to this forum, so... hello.
My computer has a not so serious problem-When I try to open Local Disk C by double clicking it says:
Windows cannot find install.exe.
This program is needed for opening filed of type 'File'.

Type in the executable file to be used instead:

This problem isnt very serious, I just dont want my computer to remain "corrupt" if you know what I mean.

Help my and I will be grateful!

A:Cant open C:/:"Install.exe is needed for opening type of "file""

Hello and Welcome to TSF

Have you scanned your system for viruses lately? What antivirus program is installed on your system?

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Hello All,

I started a few weeks ago on the PowerShell programing and I got my answer from here only. So am putting up the error that I am getting now to get some help again.

Scenario : I wrote a script that checks a Folder on a server and counts the number of files in it.Then when it finds the resulting number to be more then a specific value(threshold) it sends up a mail to the required alias. To break it all along the portion to send a mail is generated through DBmail using another .PS1 file.

In the PS1 file containing the main checking of number of files I am trying to pass 2 parameters :

1. Folder path on the server
2. the Threshold value of number of files

Now when I created a job to run this powershell script as :

& "C:\PowerShell\Power.PS1" \\XXXX\\c$\Documents and Settings\ABC\Local Settings\Temp 10

IT fails with the error :

A job step received an error at line 1 in a PowerShell script. The corresponding line is '& "C:\PowerShell\Power.ps1" \\XXXX\\c$\Documents and Settings\ABC\Local Settings\Temp 10'. Correct the script and reschedule the job. The error information returned by PowerShell is: 'Cannot convert value "and" to type "System.Int32". Error: "Input string was not in a correct format." '. Process Exit Code -1. The step failed.

I really can not move forward on this.

Please help.

A:PowerShell issue ('Cannot convert value "and" to type "System.Int32")

Just to add for reference Below is the code for the Power.Ps1 file that I have used :


[string] $directory_string,
[int] $benchmark


[int]$directory_file_count = 0

# check that the directory exists.
$does_directory_exist = (Test-Path $directory_string)

# if it does, then continue
if ($does_directory_exist)

# Check for the number of files on the directory
$directory_file_count = (get-childitem $directory_string -name -recurse).count

# If number of files exceeds the limit, send mail to notify

if($directory_file_count -gt $benchmark)
& "C:\Powershell\DB_mail.ps1"
$subject= "XXXX"
$body= "XXXX"



& "C:\Powershell\DB_mail.ps1"
$subject= "XXXX"
$body= "XXXX "

& "C:\Powershell\DB_mail.ps1"
$subject = "XXXX"
$body = " XXXX"

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Hi all,

Sorry to repeat a question I see a lot of instances of, but none of those seem to be addressing my problem correctly.

I have not done anything new to my computer in recent days, so this problem has caught me off guard (I see most instances of this problem come after upgrading to Windows 7, I have had Win 7 installed for a while now).

Here is a summary of my problem:
1) My computer recently got stuck on the "Starting Windows Screen." So I manually held the power button to reboot.
2) On reboot, it said there was a need to run a startup repair, which I did. Everything checked fine, except for the last one which said "System Volume on Disk is Corrupted," which it claimed to have successfully fixed.
3) After rebooting from repair, the system gets stuck on "Starting Windows Screen" for a good 10-15 minutes, after which it runs a registry check. After it completes that I get hopeful -- but the screen then gets stuck on an all black screen with just the mouse cursor and nothing more.
4) Additional note: Attempting to start the computer on "safe mode" leads safe mode startup to become stalled on "DRIVERS\CLASSPNP.SYS"
5) The lastest attempt to repair yielded this message: "Startup repair cannot repair this computer automatically.
Problem event Name: Startup Repair Offline
Problem signature 01: 6.1.7600.16385
02: 6.1.7600.16385
03: uknown
04: 21201099
05" AutoFailover
06: 2
07: Corrupt Volume
OS Version: 6.1.7600.... Read more

A:Stuck on "Starting Windows", Repair Shows "System Volume on Disk is Corrupted"

Hi Stan, Hopefully I can help you out....or at least lead you in the right direction. From my experience, the symptoms you are suggesting sound like perhaps a dying Hard drive.

1. Do you have the windows 7 boot disks that came with your computer or when you bought the Operating System? If so, you could try and insert one of those and boot from it, and attempt to repair the installation. (this won't affect your data, only the windows system files).

2. If that doesn't fix it, you could try a fresh reinstall of windows 7, and see if that works.

3. If neither of those work, its likely that because of the fact that when windows is repairing itself, it is generally putting copies of its system files in the same physical location on your disk. Because your disk is obviously not completely dead, ie....its still loading to the windows 7 startup screen, its just copying files to the bad sectors on your hard drive and gets stuck when loading. This is especially my guess because you said Safe mode is having same problems, even after attempting to repair. In the past, I've tried and salvage a disk by reformatting it and only leaving on partitions which do not contain the bad clusters. This takes some time, and some guess work.....and really this is only a "bandaid" fix because once the disk has bad clusters, its only a matter of time before these things give out. You wouldn't want to trust your important data on it anyways....

I hope this leads you in ... Read more

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I've scanned my laptop with SFC four times in this past week, and each scan ended with the same failure to repair specific files. I'm uncertain how to proceed with these corrupted files.

I followed the instructions in the SFC /SCANNOW tutorial; I installed the System Update Readiness Tool (CheckSUR in attachments) after running SFC three times and it managed to find and fix some sort of error. However, the results seem to be the same in the new SFC scan logs.

I also tried obtaining a .iso of Windows 7 home premium from Microsoft's website (Access Denied) to run a repair install, but it will not accept my product key due to it being a pre-installation provided by Samsung.

I do not have a Windows 7 installation disc so I cannot manually replace them like the tutorial suggests.
Also, I don't know if this is relevant or not, but I ran the WindowsUpdateDiagnostic.diagcab troubleshooter several times as well (dism.txt is in attachments). Every single time it says that two problems were found:
1. Problems installing recent updates (Not fixed)
2. Service registration is missing or corrupt (Fixed)

Additionally, I've recently noticed that my free hard drive space has been decreasing rapidly. In the past two days, it has decreased by 2 or 3 GB, despite not downloading or installing anything. Is this related to my current problem with the corrupted files or something else? I don't know how to find what's eating up my storage space.

Any advice is appreciated,


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my boss only know how to use google chrome, and he usually save websites in his own document library, and he always use "right click mouse > save as" to open his own document library directory, and sometimes he will save some pdf, but when he tries to open an pdf file through google chrome with right click > save as, he can only see file with html extension. any one can help to add "all files" in the drop-down menu next to "Save as type" in google chrome, so he can see all files types when he right click > save as through the google chrome browser.

Thks in advance

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I have looked around for help on this issue and havn't been able to find a resolution that works. I think because I havn't been able to find any imformation on my specific issue.

I am one of the most computer literate people I know, so when a co-worker mentioned to me that he was having problems with his computer, I agreed to look at it. His problem was simple, he had a lot of viruses. I have cleared most (however I assume not all) viruses and instinces of spyware. The computer worked fine for a little while while I did some final checks on his computer, then the problems started.
He has a Dell Inspiron 710m Laptop, running Windows XP Pro. (Service tag 8sk8091)
As far as I can tell, he has not added or upgraded it in any way. He only has some basic programs.

I know that the issues might have something to do with his wireless.
He is running the Intel® PRO/Wireless 2200BG.
The computer is getting stop errors (BSOD)

The first one was called DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL Stop: 0x000000D1 amd listed the file w29n51.sys (which upon further study, turned out to be a file related to his wireless.)

I have already updated the drivers and reinstalled the program with the latest versions on the Intel website.

I also noticed (though with not frequent) the stop error with the same name and stop code, but which listed the NDIS.sys file (which upon further study turned out to be a system utility).
and now, I have gotten a stop error of 0x0000000A, (IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQU... Read more

A:Solved: Windows "logs off" after "open with" repair (userinit.exe)

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I am stuck on "Start Windows normally" and "Launch startup repair"
When I choose "Start Windows Normally",it gives me blue screen with the following error:Unmountable_Boot_Volume.On "Launch startup repair" I am stuck on the Windows 7 wallpaper with cursor and can't even open Cmd trough Shift+F10.I've tried re-installing windows from USB stick and I am also stuck on "Setup is Starting".Any help please,and how much I am screwed?
P.S-On Advanced boot options I can't use Safe Mode,Safe Mode with Networking,Safe Mode with Command prompt and Last Known Good Configuration,it gets me back to "Start Windows Normally" and "Launch startup repair".

A:Stuck on "Start Windows normally" and "Launch startup repair"

Time to boot to an external testing/repair environment, such as a Win7 Repair disk or a hard drive test disk.

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I just ran "sfc /scannow", got the message "Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files but was unable to fix some of them. Details are included in the CBS.Log ...". I opened that with texteditor, and found 4
Cannot repair member file [l:36{18}]"Amd64\CNBJ2530.DPB of prncacla.inf ...

lines in the textfile. I read somewhere that one way to resolve this is to get the Windows 8 installation disk. However, I don't have that with me. What else can I do to fix this? Thanks

A:"Cannot repair member file " after running "sfc /scannow"


Dism.exe /online /Cleanup-Image /StartComponentCleanup
sfc /scannow
Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth
sfc /scannow


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I have had a strange problem.
Occasionally after switching to the lock screen(Win + L), I am not able to type the letter "O" or "L".
If my password contains either one of these letters, I am not able to log in unless I use the onscreen keyboard.

Anyone has encountered similar problem or found a solution?

Thanks in advance.

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Help! Each time hit " " key Redirect.ocx pops up. Launches aol.com and itunes. Using " "indo" "s Vista. HP Pavillion Media Center M8100N

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I broke one of the "feet" on my old E-Machines PS/2 keyboard I have used for years and like. I also use one at work that's pretty close to the same layout. I am looking everywhere for a keyboard with a large "enter" and "backspace" I can't find one. I don't care if it's USB or PS/2 but hate the "flat" type that ship with computers these days you look at the key to hard and it presses. I have HUGE hands and like the "old style" keyboard that you have to press pretty hard on the keys (like an actual spring under them) Do any of you know of a specialty keyboard shop or somewhere else with a big selection? I have looked all over the internet on the "major" places. (i.e. Newegg, TigerDirect, BestBuy, Wal-Mart, etc...)

If anyone knows of a place that has "old style" keyboards please let me know. I may have to settle but for such a small purchase that I use so much, I'd like to get what I want and I can't be the only one with massive hands having these same issues. The world isn't made for us big guys.

A:Keyboard large "Enter and Backspace" and "stiff" keys

Actually, PS2 is still in vogue on on most motherboards, and most local computer repair shops sell older KBs - maybe for more than they are worth, but they do.

I have an older KB that is PS/2 - I'll make a pic and post it if you want it.

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There is a Lanier LD117 Printer recently installed in the office, which is connected to the network, to be used by the two computers in the office (both are Windows 7 equipped). However, the printer shows "offline" on the computers when the printer
is on.
Secondly, the printer says there is a paper type/size mismatch. After changing the printer (and the computer) settings to the correct ones, the printer still says its mismatched. And the confusing thing is if you select FormFeed manually on the printer,
the documents that are waiting will print anyways, even though it says it cant and even though the computers say its offline.

How can I reset the system so the documents will print automatically upon command via the two computers?



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Installed Win 7 SP1 with media refresh from heidoc.net (X17-58997). Made it a bootable dvd with MS USB/DVD Download Tool. Booted from dvd and used "custom" install option. I did not reformat nor set partitions (this is where I maybe goofed?).

My disk mgmt ended up looking like this:

BUT, I also have a windows.old file which I understand only appears after a repair. Also, I thought System Reserved was supposed to be 100 MB and mine is 350??

So do I have a clean install or a repair install? There have been a couple of glitches (display adapter acting up and WMP initially not playing any files until I reinstalled mf.dll file).

Any comments? Help? Suggestions? Thank you in advance.

A:Confirm "clean" vs "repair" install from .iso?

With Windows.old, doesn't look like a clean install to me.

You didn't have to "format" or "set partitions", but you should have deleted ALL existing partitions on disc 0----if you wanted a clean install. Deleting all partitions turns the entire disc 0 into "unallocated space" and you then install directly to the unallocated space---without directly partitioning it.

Was your E drive disconnected when you did the install to C? E should not be "active".

I know next to nothing about Windows.old--maybe you can just delete it instead of a re-do, but a clean install is not going to have it.

I've seen System Reserved vary in size, but not sure I ever saw 350. But you should have deleted it as well.

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Hi, my Lenovo laptop has had a virus in it for quite a while and I recently did a factory reset, (I wasn't trying to get rid of the virus, I was just trying to clean out my old files) and it shut off. I turned it back on after I thought the reset had finished and all that came up was a black screen with the words Lenovo and it said "preparing automatic repair", and would go to another screen and say "diagnosing your pc". It would stay in a constant loop. I haven't been able to fix it on my own, any ideas?

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Despite Win8's report indicating all my programs and hardware would be compatible with the new OS, Outlook stopped sending mail, and Acrobat Distiller would not spool to the printer after my "upgrade" (Microsoft's term, not mine). I tried reinstalling Office and all my Adobe programs, downloading new drivers for my printers, and of course crying ... to no avail. Win8 also wiped out all my previous restore points, so I used its suggested "refresh" function, which "refreshed" nothing and instead UNINSTALLED EVERYTHING EXCEPT WIN8! Thousands of dollars in programs and project files gone. Twenty-five years of e-mail messages deleted. My small business records destroyed. I am ashamed for believing, "Your files and personalization settings will not change," but hopeful they're still on my computer somewhere. Anyone know where? Bueller? Anyone? Help?

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 8 Pro, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 550 @ 2.00GHz, x64 Family 6 Model 22 Stepping 1
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 2038 Mb
Graphics Card: Mobile Intel(R) 965 Express Chipset Family (Microsoft Corporation - WDDM 1.1), 5 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 114399 MB, Free - 52466 MB; S: Total - 69 MB, Free - 53 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0U990C
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Disabled

A:"Refresh" sounded innocuous (like "repair") but ...

Actually I think that Refresh reinstalls Windows 8, preserving many settings and user data and some (all?) Windows Store Apps. Legacy applications (you know, our useful desktop programs) are preserved only if you have made your own image file. And I'm not sure I would trust that. See this article for more info.

You may be able to recover some data using a data recovery program, such as Recuva. Remember that any usage of the system will potentially overwrite more data.

You had lots of data not backed up? Business data? If so, I think that I had better not make any comments.

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This afternoon, all of a sudden, I couldn't log into Outlook, Gmail, enter an address in IE or use Google. Whenever I entered a "r" the "Run" box would appear and whenever I entered an "e" the search box would appear. Most of the letters worked OK but a lot of them brought up something else. This has never happened before. I tried using "System Restore" all the way back to 12/31 but that did not help. I have been running ESET NOD32 (it's 97% finished and although it hasn't found any virus infections, it has located numerous errors opening files.)

Then, all of sudden, the situation corrected itself and I was able to log into Outlook and Gmail and use Google.

Has anyone heard of this? l thought I would post this problem to see if there is anything I can do to correct the situation rather that hope that it corrects itself.

Thanks in advance for all suggestions/comments.

A:Solved: Keyboard bringing up "Run" and "Search." Can't log into e-mail or use IE

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In Windows XP, fully updated, I have several folders full of mp3's and want to see the bit rate and duration. I right click on a column heading and select "Bit rate". I then click on "More..." so I can get to "Duration", and I select that one too.

But all the figures in the "Duration" column appear to be in "hours" and "minutes", so I see "00:04" or "00:03", but what I want is "minutes" and "seconds".

Any thoughts as to how to change this?

A:Solved: Windows Explorer "Duration" Column - no "Seconds", just "Hours" and "Minutes"

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Hi..after a crash of the server (win2000,exch2000) we've copy the Mdbdata in another PC.
Reinstalled Windows 2000 Server and Exchange 2000 Server.
Now we're trying to mount the mailbox store (Priv1.edb 5 GB) but we receive this error:
The database files in this storage is inconsistent.
So, following the MS article n. 327156:
Eseutil.exe says that we have a "Dirty shutdown" database
"Eseutil /p" remains in "stand by" on "repair damaged database" step at 90% (the day after was still at 90%).
Any suggestion will be very appreciated....
Thanks in advan?e to everybody.

A:Help.... Exchange 2000 priv1.edb recovery: Dirty shutdown,eseutil /p remain in "stand by" on "repair

Have just spent most of this week getting our e2k server up and running again. What about backups? We spent 2 days running eseutil /p and isinteg - finally got the information stores mounted but found approx 50% of users had absolutely nothing in their accounts.
Then resorted to restoring from backup (we used MS backup)- was surprisingly straightforward and hassle free.
If you haven't backups and eseutil /p will not run you will need to try a eseutil /r to get the databases into a 'consistent' or clean shutdown state before it will let you run the /p option. Our database was 12Gb and the /p took 8 hours to run. After that you'll need to do an isinteg - but be aware there can be significant data loss.
Good luck. Lots of help here: http://www.fixya.com/support/t25426221-restore_emails_from_edb_file

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I am running Windows XP SP3, fully updated, on an Acer lap top PC.

I have several folders full of .mp3's and want to see the bit rate and duration. To do this I right click on a column heading and select "Bit rate". I then click on "More..." so I can get to "Duration", and I select that one too.

The two new columns appear, but the format of the "Duration" column appears to be "hours:minutes", so I see "00:04" or "00:03" for most .mp3's, when what I want to see is 'hours:minutes:seconds", e.g. "00:03:45".

This also happens for video files (.avi files), e.g. all my episodes of "Heroes" (sad, I know) have a duration of "00:42" instead of "00:42:xx".

Here are two pictures showing the problem with the .mp3's. The first is of Explorer showing the Duration as "Hours:Minutes":

The second picture is of the properties window of the first .mp3 in the list above:

I copied some .mp3 files to another (old) PC on my home network, and it displayed the duration field correctly:

Also, the properties window correctly shows the duration also:

I'm not the only person to have this problem. I received a private message from a member of another forum where I posted about this problem several weeks ago. That person also has the same problem with the duration field.

The tech guys on that forum were unable to find the source... Read more

A:Windows Explorer "Duration" Column - no "Seconds", just "Hours" and "Minutes"

* bump *

Tricky, this one!

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I was just playing Fortnite yesterday and all of a sudden, my character was stuck running and I can't Alt+Tab or see the light glow when I press the Capslock button. Therefore, I restarted my laptop assuming that it will fix the issue. But it did not. Some keys are not outputting anything, some are inputting the letters "z", "/" and "\". Like when I press the letters asd, it will output of "z\". I tried uninstalling my keyboard laptop in the Device Manager but it didn't help at all. Leading to a conclusion that it may be a software/hardware problem. Or a virus, but I scanned throughout my laptop and didn't find anything. I am using the on screen keyboard at the moment. Need help please

A:Keyboard only outputs letter "z" , "/" and "\"

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I was just playing Fortnite yesterday and all of a sudden, my character was stuck running and I can't Alt+Tab or see the light glow when I press the Capslock button. Therefore, I restarted my laptop assuming that it will fix the issue. But it did not. Some keys are not outputting anything, some are inputting the letters "z", "/" and "\". Like when I press the letters asd, it will output of "z\". I tried uninstalling my keyboard laptop in the Device Manager but it didn't help at all. Leading to a conclusion that it may be a software/hardware problem. Or a virus, but I scanned throughout my laptop and didn't find anything. I am using the on screen keyboard at the moment. Need help please

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After two month's use the "e" and "c" keys stopped working on my wireless keyboard. I ran Dell diagnostics and got a FAILURE report. Dell promptly sent me a replacement keyboard. After two minutes of use the same keys failed to respond. Also, the power light blinks off and on slowly. Not sure if that's pertinent. Anyone have any suggestions while I wait a response from tech support?  I'm using a wired keyboard now. Thanks.

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I have read every article and forum thread I could find, and no one has ever gotten to the bottom of this.  I'm giving it a try here, and am providing lots of test results.
When the remote computer tries to connect to the host, it gives an error message that says the following "Your computer could not connect to another console session on the remote computer because you already have a console session in progress."
Here are the troubleshooting steps I have done:
1) Rebooted remote computer.  Failed.
2) Rebooted host computer.  Failed.
3) Connected with different remote computer to same host computer.  OK.
4) Connected with remote computer under Administrator account.  Failed.
5) Connected with remote computer to different host computer on same network.  OK.
6) Ran ipconfig /flushdns on remote computer.  Failed.
7) Deleted default.rdp file on remote computer.  Failed.
8) Ran Disk Cleanup on remote computer.  Failed.
9) Reviewed hosts file on remote computer.  Empty.
10) Test using both computer name and IP address.  Both failed.
11) Manually cleaned out every temp file I could find.  Failed.
12) Cleared registry entry for MRU for Remote Desktop.  Failed.
12) Changed IP address on host computer.  Succeeded.
Here is what I get out of this testing.  The remote computer is storing information about the connection to the host computer via IP address, and the error is only w... Read more

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I have Windows7 on an Acer laptop and I get my email through IE9. Everytime I open an email, I get a popup that reads "console.log: mikenote:prod." This popup has to be closed each time before I can move on.

This first occurred a few weeks ago and was an intermittent thing. Now it is constant. Everytime I open an email, it appears.

How can I remove this most irritating popup?


A:[SOLVED] bothersome &amp;quot;console.log: mikenote:prod&amp;quot; popup

All Programs>Accessories>System Tools>Internet Explorer (no add-ons). If the popup doesn't come back, by trial and error figure out which add-on is causing the problem.

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Yesterday, I had to perform a new installation of Windows XP because I somehow corrupted some system files beyond repair. Now I have everything up and running anew and have made all the Windows updates and it's all honky dory. However, I just went to the Disk Managent Console with the intention of re-assigning drive letter for my storage partitions (not the one that contains Windows) and ran into a problem.

I have a partition set up on my main hard disk to use exclusively for Window's pagefile. I have not yet set up Windows to put the pagefile there. This is the next partition after the primary partition that contains the OS. I wanted to set the drive letter of this partition to Z: to get it out of the way in Windows Explorer. However, the partitions shows as:
Healthy (System)
whereas the main Windows partition shows as:
Healtyh (Boot)

This is really weird because in the past, only the Windows partition would show up as (System). I'm afraid I might have somehow screwed up during the Windows installation.
Does anybody know why this is ocurring and any possible solutions that do not include re-installing Windows?

If it's any help, when I set Windows Explorer to show all files here are the files that are on that partition:
RECYCLER (folder)
System Volume Information (folder)

Thank you.

A:Partition shows as "system" in Disk Management Console

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Hi, I have a Creative X-Fi Gamer, I'm using it to try & record myself playing guitar using GuitarFX. If I just use the Creative Console Launcher's "Microphone" setting combined with GuitarFX everything is fine (the effects in GuitarFX sound how they should) but if I select "What U Hear" In the Creative Console Launcher I get far to much sound coming through my speakers most of the time (some preset effects settings in GuitarFX are usable but most are wrecked), the sound bars in guitarFX go off the scale, it's like mega feedback. Just a constant screech or drone & doing anything on the guitar makes no difference. I've even tried it without my guitar plugged into the PC & the same thing happens.
I'm using the Creative Console Launcher's record function to record some guitar, all I'm interested in is some way for me to record the effects GuitarFX creates for my guitar as I hear them through my speakers when I have the Creative Console Launcher's setting in the "Microphone" position? ie GuitarFX sounding as it should. I'd rather find some way to record the guitar onto my PC rather than go through the hassle of plugging something into speakers jack to record it there.
Thanks in advance for any replies.

A:Creative Console launcher "What U Hear" setting & GuitarFX 3 mega-feedback problem

You may have to use a preamp between the guitar and the PC

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Hello, and thank you in advance for any help you may be able to offer,

I've just put my new computer together, and after having quite a few headaches getting my OS / Drivers working (Finally got the system bootable and stable and drivers working, etc.) I discovered a new problem:

My event viewer had a ton of disk error 7's:
"The device, \0\Device\HardDisk0\[?] has a bad block"
(This is probably due to all the brute-force resets and shut-downs I had to do during all the headaches of getting everything working.)

I'm using Windows XP x64, and even though my system was stable I wanted to try to fix that "bad block" before the disk got too populated, and/or it started causing more problems, or god forbid, failing altogether.

I booted into the "Recovery Console" and ran "chkdsk c: /r" hoping to repair the bad sector. (I have never run chkdsk through the recovery console before.)

Here is my question:

After hitting [enter] on the command, I got only this:
"Volume created on 7/[?]/2010
The volume Serial number is: xxxxx-xxxx"
And nothing else. So, should I be seeing any progress report? Should I be seeing "60% checked, scanning..." or anything like that? Or does chkdsk just run without giving you any info whatsoever?
Now I'm worried. I know killing power during a chkdsk can potentially destroy a drive, so I've left the comp alone for a while (probably over an hour by now) and there is still ... Read more

A:"Chkdsk c: /r" in Recovery Console (XP 64) -- No progress report?

Welcome to TSG!

It should say at the least:
CHKDSK is checking the volume...
XX% completed.

THere may be one or more lines above the Percentage counter that say:
CHKDSK is performing additional checking or recovery...

Unless the x64 version is drastically different

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Hi! I want to run the sfc \scannow and am able to do it on my other Toshiba with 7 but I am not sure why I cannot on my Toshiba with Vista. I am labeled as Administrator and I looked in the tutorials about assigning administrative rights but am still not sure what to do to get access to command prompts. I'm not a techie. I using Home Basic on a 32 bit . Sorry if I've posted wrong or without right information. Can someone just explain which is the least dangerous method of getting rights to my command prompts?

A:I'm Administrator, Want to scf \scannow:"must be adminstrator with console session"?

Hello Fofinha, and welcome to Vista Forums.

It just means that you will need to right click on the command prompt shortcut and click on "Run as administrator" to open a "elevated commmand prompt" first like in the tutorial below.

System Files - SFC Command

Hope this helps,

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I'm having an issue where when attempting to create a local port, on a remote PC via the Print Management Console in Windows 7, I get an "Access Denied" error message.

All machines are domain joined.Tried with W10 and Server 2008 R2, too - same issue.Firewall (all three states) off.AV solution completely removed.Tried with highest domain admin account.Tried with UAC turned off and on.Ran as admin when launching console.GP - Point and Print Restrictions - Disabled.GP - Allow Print Spooler to accept client connections - Enabled.Print and File Sharing - On.Network Sharing - On.
To clarify, it is simply creating the port element that fails.

Can create TCP/IP ports OK.Can create Local Ports on the local machine OK - just not on remote machines.Can install printer if an existing local port is used, so drivers install OK.Using PowerShell, can use the Add Printer Port command to add the local port, no problems there.
It just seems to be an issue where the console attempts to verify if the said port exists, that the issue occurs.  If a put in an invalid port name in, it will bring up the correct response of "the network name cannot be found".

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So I prompted to install an "important" windows update (I'm running Windows Vista, 32-bit). In the middle of the update, I attempted to minimize the window, and then all hell broke loose...

The screen froze completely, I was unable to shut it down from the start window because the mouse pointer was unresponsive. After waiting almost 30 minutes (each minute hoping it would fix itself, but hey, it's Vista, what was I thinking?), I broke the rule that should never be broken: I held down the power button on my laptop and shut it down manually.

Upon starting up, the screen was black for at least 15 min, in my impatience (because I am an idiot) I manually shut it down again (...stupid, stupid, stupid). I started it up again and I was given an option to Repair my System because the startup wasn't working properly. I chose that option and Startup Repair began...

It began over an hour ago. This time, I decided I would wait and not shut it down... Yet I'm still waiting. Any thoughts of what to do? The warranty is expired and it's a fairly old laptop anyway. I have a better one now, but I'd still like to save the other one. (The one in the infinite loop of Startup Repair is a HP Pavilion dv6000).

I was thinking to manually shutdown again, starting in safe mode, and system restore it myself to yesterday... But will this damage the system more than I already have?

A:Startup Repair - "The current repair operation cannot be canceled"?

Try System Restore, if it doesn't help post back for further instructions.

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I used to be able to access the "Repair your Computer" option when I booted up the install and repair disc (that I originally downloaded from digitalriver since I have an OEM installed version of Windows), but now I get the following error message:

"System Recovery options
This version of system recovery options is not compatible with the version of windows you are trying to repair. Try using a recovery disc that is compatible with this version of windows".

I've read another post that says the issue may be the Service Pack 1 download:

"I have heard some people mention that you cannot use the original DVD to recover once "Service Pack 1" is installed but I never tried it for myself. So it is plausible that this is your issue; you may have upgraded to W7 SP1 (part of Windows automatic updates) and the disks were created when you were just W7."

This is the only explanation I can find for my situation.

Has anyone experienced this problem and what is the solution?

I am trying to access the "repair your computer" option to restore a System Image from a backup on an external hard drive because I want to test that it works before I have to use it for real. How ironic that I can't even get access to the option to restore a system image....

Any/all help appreciated.

A:Error message when trying to use "Repair your Computer" on repair disc

My understanding is, if your system has SP-1 installed your Repair Disc must also have SP-1.

If your Image doesn't have SP-1 I suggest making a new Image that includes SP-1.

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Hey everyone,

I am having a problem with a Windows XP machine I have. One time I tried starting it up, and I randomly get this error message:

Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:
<Windows root>\system32\hal.dll.
Please re-install a copy of the above file.

Well, I looked it up on Google and found a solution at http://pcsupport.about.com/od/fixtheproblem/ht/restorehaldll.htm. So I go ahead and follow that process.

So all the drivers load up and I am asked if I want to Continue (press Enter), Windows Recovery (press R), or Quit (press F3).

I want to get into the Windows Recovery Console, so I press "R". Nothing happens. Then I try pressing Enter. Nothing happens. Then, just for kicks, I try pressing F3. Still nothing.

I have tried multiple keyboards! It's not like the keyboard is off either. The "Num Lock" greenlight is still lit, and if I press a key it still makes "beep" sound.

Any ideas? This is really bugging me!

A:hal.dll Missing, Pressing "R" in Recovery Console Does Nothing?!

Is it a USB keyboard or a PS/2 keyboard (a round plug)?

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I'm trying to follow the steps here , but I keep getting "Access is denied" as soon as I try the first copy step. Any help? Thanks in advance.

A:"access is denied" in MS recovery console

You might have to remove the hard drive from this computer and install it in another computer as a slave drive and after it is able to be accessed by Windows on that computer you will have to manually backup all of your important data that you have to another media like CD-R's, DVD or Thumb drive. Then when this is done return it to the original computer as a master drive on the primary IDE cable and do the following:

REGISTRY WARNING: The details that follow require an above-average understanding of the technical topics involved. If you do not understand the Registry material presented here, either find a technically-knowledgeable friend or do not attempt to repair your system Registry yourself. Improper changes in the System Registry can render all data on your hard disk inaccessible.

I hope you have the Windows software for this machine. Please give this a try and print it out for reference

How to Perform a Windows XP Repair Install = http://www.michaelstevenstech.com/XPrepairinstall.htm

Here is a link to a registry backup program that is absolutely fantastic it is called ERUNT


Remember to always keep a backup of two things:

Your registry and your data. You will never be sorry.

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Hi all,

Last week my Windows (XP Pro SP2, legit. install etc.) stoped working. When I try to boot it says that Windows canno't start because of a file found in SYSTEM32/CONFIG/SYSTEM or something like that.

After reading plenty at Microsoft FAQ, and because I don't have my install disc anymore, I decided I should give a try for the Recovery Console.

So I got an original WinXP Home disc from a friend of mine (don't worry, i'm just using it to get access to the Recovery Console, I have my own licence), and started Recovery Console.

The problem is that every command I write I get "Access Denied".
What's the problem damnit and how I fix it?

Best regards,

A:"Access Denied" in Recovery Console

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Greetings all. I accidentally saved data to the "D" partition on my hard drive, the designated recovery console, and now it's 100% full. Now each time I boot up the computer there is an indicator in the toolbar that says "disk space low on disk :D:". I have a recovery CD so I don't really need the recovery console on my hard drive, if Windows crashes I'll just boot it up off the CD. Right now I want to eliminate this toolbar warning on start up. Someone correct me if I'm wrong but I believe deleting the overcapacity area is the best option. If anyone could give me some assistance on how to eliminate the "D" partition I'd appreciate it. Thank you in advance.

- Joyce

PS: It gives me options for "disk clean up" but it wants me to delete programs and files that are saved on the "C" partition so Vista's tool is little help.

A:How can I delete the recovery console and/or the "D" partition?

Hi Joyce. . .

Welcome to the Tech Support Forum - Vista Support!

If you are the one that saved the data then you should be able to go into drive d: and delete those items. If the free space suddenly disappeared, it may be due to an incorrect setting in Windows System Restore.

Have you tried to access drive d: in Windows Explorer?

Also, please make sure that drive d: is not being backed up by System Restore (drive d: should not be checked). Here are instructions and a screen shot:

START | type rstrui.exe in the Start Search box | right-click on rstrui.exe when it appears up top | select Run as Administrator | proceed through the screens - "Create a Restore Point".


If you have any questions, please let me know.

Regards. . .


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sfc /scannow worked well until I reinstalled Windows 10 version 1607 (build 14393.105) with a version 1607 (build 14393.10) .iso file, which buiid, I immediately updated back to build 14303.105. After reinstalling but a few of my previously installed apps and programs, I found several malfunctions--regrettably, I cannot recall the nature of these malfunctions. After piddling around with them (the malfunctions) for several days without success, I tried to solve the problem by running sfc /scannow from an elevated command prompt, After two days of constant failure which consistently ended with the error message: ?You must be an administrator running a console session in order to use the sfc utility?. I am the administrator, I am running a console session, and I have set sfc's permissions to "full control" for the administrator. I am going to try to rerun sfc as the built-in administrator next, but I feel this will also be fruitless. I would prefer to learn the solution to this sfc problem rather than go to a system "refresh" leaving my personal data intact--my next step prior to a complete restore/reinstall. I have encountered this sfc problem on occasion before, but have solved it by simply restarting the laptop. i would very much appreciate any help with this sfc problem. I have come upon this same question several times searching internet, and it always receives the same inadequate response--run sfc /scannow with administrative priviliges from ... Read more

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Seen some things on the net and some progies that say they can remove it but don't want to download a removal program that's a virus.

This is one I was going to try removing through Regedit?

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