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Lenovo C460 and processors? Which one is better?

Q: Lenovo C460 and processors? Which one is better?

I am thinking of buying a Lenovo C460 desktop touch screen computer from Amazon.
They have one http://www.amazon.com/Lenovo-Touch-57330367-21-5-Inch-Desktop/dp/B00MCJR39I/ref=dp_ob_title_ce which is the newer model and the older one http://www.amazon.com/Lenovo-21-5-Inch-Touchscreen-Desktop-57327734/dp/B00K920DVK/ref=cm_cd_al_qh_dp.

I see they have different processors. The older one uses the Intel Pentium Dual-Core G3240T 2.7 GHz Processor and the newer one uses the Intel Pentium G3250T 2.8 GHz. Which processor is better?

The newer model is about $42 less so it would be nice to go with that one unless the experts here say otherwise. Other than the processors, both computers are the same. An aside .... what do you guys and gals think of the all in one computers?

Thanks for your help.

Preferred Solution: Lenovo C460 and processors? Which one is better?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Lenovo C460 and processors? Which one is better?

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I have plugged myn headphones in and they work, but my computer does not acknowledge them so will not add as a new device. Spoke to Lenovo told me to chipset driver, but it still does not work . I have tried uninstalling drivers etc. Does anyone have any ideas

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Hello, I have a Lenovo All in One C460 that was working very well, but after using the bios update program from Lenovo the computer does not turn on... The light at the button turns on, the fan turns on but no image and nothing happen. I suspect Lenovo program damaged my computer.  somebody help please. Regards 

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can you a url address for get file into usb flash drive and i can get this machine working again so i cant afford get new motherboard they are too expeveive  i want to recover this machine from bricked  can you help me out thank!

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A:lenovo c460 all in one touchscreen bios bricked

http://download.lenovo.com/consumer/desktop/IMJY17USA.EXEhope you get it sorted

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notebookcheck.net website in their reviews claims that Lenovo make use of Configurable TDP feature of U-series CPU's to extend TDP envelope to 25W in T470 and T570.Which, in my opinion, is a good thing. Can you confirm or deny this?

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Intel recently acknowledged the existence of serious problems in the Skylake processors and promised a new microcode for processors of this series.Can we be sure that in your BIOS 1.40 from may 31, 2017 for Lenovo notebook P50 was added it is this firmware that resolves this serious problem:https://siliconangle.com/blog/2017/06/25/critical-flaw-intels-skylake-kaby-lake-cpus-can-result-appl...At least in the changelog for version 1.40 BIOS says that was updated microcode. But was this microcode exactly designed to eliminate those same problems?

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So my Lenovo Yoga 910-13IKB (Out of warrenty) was working fine this past Friday in the morning. I plugged it in to my charger, closed the screen and went to lunch and when I came back the computer was really really slow. So I opened the task manager and looked at the processor and it was running at 13% utilization and clocked at .38GHz (Normal clock speed is 2.70GHz) I restarted the computer a few times. Did a full shut down, then restarted in saftey mode and ran a root kit scan (Found nothing). I then powered it off so I could get all my files off before it died, but when I restarted it later that evening it was dead (Powered off at 50% battery) So now I am stuck with a dead computer that will not charge. My thinking is that something on the Type-C charging board shorted out somehow and caused an errant voltage that messeed with the processors, drained the battery, and prevented charging. It could only be like 3 things right?-The charging port board (Type-C)-The motherboard (Which basically everything is soldered to, so I would not replace)-The Battery Any thoughts? If this is likely the correct diagnosis I might replace the board, but I do not want to spend $100 for nothing. 

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Ever since I purchased this C460, it has been nothing but a challenge! I have a brand new motherboard, awesome.. but the PC wakes up on its own.  I have Wake On Lan disabled on the BIOS, Network cards (including WiFi) and keyboard/mouse.  But it still wakes up and gives me a boot error 1962 No Operating System found.  But if I restart, it boots to Windows fine. I am extremely disappointed that not one Lenovo tech in Malaysia nor Philippines can resolve this issue.  Furthermore, I have to repeat myself many many times regarding the issue. Mr. Yang Yuanqing (CEO) will be very displeased when he reads my formal letter.  This PC is an evaluation before making a huge purchase order.  So far, this is having a negative effect.

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A:C460 issues

hi medeiom,
Sorry to hear about your trouble on the C460 system.
I don't have a C460 available here for testing but can you look into the BIOS > Power Tab and ensure that ErP is set to Enabled.
  - Link to picture
From this thread:
"Enabling ErP will disable waking from full power off state with anything other than the power switch. With ErP disabled, it's possible to set your computer up to turn on with a click of the mouse or with a keyboard, or with a packet sent to the NIC. It has no effect on waking from sleep.
The purpose of it is environmental. When powered off, your motherboard makes sure it has just enough power to receive a power on signal from it's connected devices. if ErP is enabled the motherboard allows itself to full power down."

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Hi, I am a getting a message "Your system is low in memory".  My PC configuration is Intel i5(2.9ghz) 4GB DDR3 RAM, NVIDIA GF 705M 2gb graphics. I always do disk cleanup before I shut down the PC. Main use of the pc is graphic design work. But even if I don't use image editing softwares I get the above mentioned message. Appreciate your views/ feedback. Regards - Hemant

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A:C460 -- Low memory issue

Welcome hemantphanse! Your C460 may have a lot of background processes running that could be due to the software you installed, you could try to reduce any unnecessary background processes by disabling startup programs that may not be necessary.
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How do I add an external monitor?

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We are using Supermicro Server which is installed with 4 processor of AMD (AMD Opetron 6000 Series) the server is having four processor sockets, please do clarify that windows 7 64 bit version will support 4 physical processor installed on the server or
not, or is there any patch which we can apply to the OS so that it can take all the 4 physical  processors.
What are the hardware limitations of Windows 7 64 bit ?


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I just purchased a used c460 and discovered it has an administration passowrd in the bios. How do I go about restoring the bios so I can restore the computer to be able to use it. As of now, all I cand dobos boot from the hd into a windows she'll program.
Mod's Edit: System model added to front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.

A:C460 - Bios password reset

Welcome to the Lenovo Community !
The simplest solution would be to contact the previous owner, if known, and ask them.
Otherwise you could try removing the motherboard battery to clear the CMOS, but that will require a little disassembly.  With the battery removed from the motherboard, press the Power On button for 15 seconds to discharge any residual electrical charge on the motherboard to clear the CMOS which in turn should remove any BIOS passwords..  The link below is for your model's Hardware Maintenance Manual for your reference.....

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Can I sync my 2 Lenovos (ideapad 110 and C460 all-in-one PC) so that no matter which one I use I will see the same thing.  I want the two desktops to be identical.  Both are running Win10.  Is this possible?[note: I also posted this to the C460 PC board, not knowing which is the mmore appropriate place for this question to go]

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Can I sync my 2 Lenovos (ideapad 110 and C460 all-in-one PC) so that no matter which one I use I will see the same thing.  I want the two desktops to be identical.  Both are running Win10.  Is this possible?[note: I posted the same question on ideapad board, not knowing which was more appropriate]

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Good day. I have the C460 All-in-One (Lenovo)with dvbt tuner Avermedia H334 MiniCard. After upgrading to Win10, I do not have AVermedia. After manual installation, it signals that I can not find the AVermedia tuner card.On  net we can see win 10 does not support this card.is there any resolution?Justify my mistakes by writing through the translator.
Thanks for help.
Mod's Edit: System model added to the front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.

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I was aghast for reinstallations of Windows 8 because of reasons unknown which ran operating system into trouble.
Now I know why this happened, because I selected maximum number of processors shown in 'Msconfig', which really doesn't exists ('Msconfig' showed 4 processors for Intel Core i3210).
From next start Windows 8 ran into trouble and within a day or two of using this desktop stopped responding, happened for all operating systems where I selected maximum number of processors shown in 'Msconfig'.
Therefore do not select maximum number of processors from 'Msconfig'.

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Why the strangeqe question?

you see I have a Dell XPS 15z laptop with a core i7 processor, 8 Giga RAM running Windows 7 Premium and I also have an HP desktop with a core two duo processor, 3 Gigs of ram running Windows 7 Professional but surprizingly the desktop runs faster than the laptop when I give them both tthe same task on Photoshop CS6 ( a processor heavy application). I feel that I have been cheated into buying the Dell laptop which at the time of purchase was expensive in the is country.

A:Are there any new processors that are faster than Core I7 processors

Does it use 100% cpu for a long time? (so cpu is the bottleneck)
Is it a multithreaded application, so are tasks split in many subtasks and use different cores?

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Im working on building a server and I need an AMD processor in it. Right now, im looking at AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ 1GHz FSB Socket 939 Dual Core Processor Model ADA3800BVBOX for $322. The purpose of this server is just a place that 4 computers can access. Its not going to be set up as a server, but just Windows XP without a monitor. Im running an intel pentium 4 on the computer holding the network right now, and it is doing fine. Sometimes its just a little slow. So, I would like a little better than a Pentium 4, but AMD. Also, less then $322. What can I get?


A:Good AMD processors AMD processors

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Since you have to hunt around different Lenovo sites (and other sites) to find out about these softwares, I decided to make a post to get feedback from actual Yoga owners on how these programs interact, what they do, which ones are prerequisite, and which ones are unnecessary. Please don't take this as a blanket answer. This is just what I have found. It might be right - it might be wrong. I'm looking for others to post their experiences as well. Lenovo System Interface Foundation Driver - Necessary prerequisite (missing driver in device manager without it). It allows the Lenovo Utility and Lenovo Companion to work. Lenovo Yoga Mode Control - Necessary if you want to use your yoga to seemlessly change between all the different modes (laptop, tablet, tent, stand). This software is responsible for autorotating and putting Windows into tablet mode. Lenovo Utility - Recommended(?) This one I'm not too sure on. I remember that I was missing some function that I wanted but I can't remember what it was now. Maybe battery cycle count and health? Lenovo Companion - I don't have this one installed and don't think it's necessary but would like someone else to shed some light here.

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hey all

im looking into buy a laptop

and a mate of mine has told me to stay away from AMD processors.. now i admitt i dont know **** about computer hardware.
the laptop i had in minds processor states
AMD turion 64 X2 mobile technology (TL-50) 1.6Ghz

now hes telling me i should be going for an intell..

can someone shed some light on what i must be looking for..
i just need it to be quick.. doesnt need to be able to handle full to the brim with files and programs.
i will get at least 1gb of ram
i just need to be able to do a fair few things at once... i usually have abuot 5-6 windows open doing things...

any help would be much appreciated

A:help-- processors

There is nothing wrong with AMD processers in fact they were the industry leaders for quite few years
Intel has introduced the core 2 duo and has taken the lead as the fastest cpu's from Amd.
That said the AMD dual core processers are still pretty quick and could still be fast enough for your needs
Also because Intel core 2 duo are the "must have" at the moment it tends to reflect in the price you pay for machines with them installed

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Hi guys. My current computer is 4-years old now and I would like to buy a new one. I'm looking to spend around $3000.00 to get a really nice one w/ good warranty, etc. to be safe. But, is there really a HUGE difference between a 3ghz and 3.6ghz processor? Btw, these are both Intel p4 with HTT


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I'm thinking of putting a 64-bit processor into my computer. Can I run 32-bit applications/OS's on a 64-bit processor without run an emulation program or taking a hit in performance (I heard somewhere that you needed an emulator that hogs resources)? Thanks.

A:64-bit processors

As far as I`m aware, there should be no problem running 32bit apps with a 64bit processor. And as for an emulator I`ve never heard of one being needed.

Regards Howard

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Whats better to use a mobo with dual processors or just one?


G'day bonesaw2009, what were you intending doing with it and what kind of operating system were you intending to use and how well off financially are you?
If it is not a server application and you are talking common operational kind of stuff like desktop or common gaming kind of use using common windows kinds of programs you would probably be better off with a simple single processor setup.
Cheers. qldit.

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Hello All, I have just recently aquired two processors, one is an AMD Sempron 2500+ 1.75 Ghz and the other is as AMD Athlon 2400+ 2.0 Ghz. Can someone tell me which of the two is the better processor? I really need to know... thanks ...

A:Need to know which of these processors are better

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Please can anyone tell me in layman's terms the differences between if any and if one is better than the other

Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor E6400 2.13Ghz
Intel® Core™ i3-330M Processor 2.13Ghz

Also what is the equivalent AMD Processor

many thanks


A:Help with Processors

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i have a single core intel pentium 4 3.00 ghz processor. under device properties, it is listed twice, does this mean i have two or is this just a mistake?

(this sounds like a stupid question, but i know not the first thing about computers)

A:2 processors??

It has what is called Hyperthreading, it will show as two processors.


The only stupid question is the one that never gets asked.


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I would just like to know which processor get hotter. The AMD 1.33ghz, or the Pentium 4 1.5 ghz, thanx.


Gonna take a wild guess and say the amd runs hotter, the p4's need very good cooling.
But it's just a guess. They don't spec the same so to do a one on one comparision is hard.
Amd says 90 to 95 c for theirs, intel specs theirs at 72C.

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I have $1000au to spend on a new processor my 2 options are as follows.

Amd athlon 64 4400+ dual core (939)
Amd athlon 64 4000+ (939)

This is strictly for gamming only i already have a $300au motherboard lined up i just need help deciding on a processor.

Thanks :angel:

A:Processors Which one is better!

For gaming the 4000+ would be better as it has a clockspeed of 2.4Ghz (the 4400+ runs at 2.2Ghz). Games are still single-threaded & will not be able to make use of the 2nd core on the 4400+.

That said, if you like to game while having MP3s compressed in the background or DVDShrink running, the 4400+ is the better choice.

Don't you like it when there isn't one clear answer ?

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Hi, all. I have a noob question about my processor. I just bought a AMD Barton 2500+. It says that it's supposed to run at 1.833 GHz. I looked in my system properties, and it says its running at 1.10 GHz. I kow my motherboard can handle the chip. Is there a setting in my bios that will goose the processor to the speed it needs to be?

My specs are:
Win XP Pro Service Pack 1
AMD Barton 2500+
768 mb SDRam.
Ge Force 4
soundblaster Value
Biostar M7VIG PRO motherboard, 200 / 266MHz front side bus
Is it because the processor has a 333 MHz bus?
I don't know. Anyone that can help, I would appreciate it.
Thanks in advance.

A:Some help with processors

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DxDiag says that I have a "Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU 6300 @ 1.86GHz (2 CPUs)"

I want to know what this means, do I have two processors? Each at 1.86?

What's going on in there?

A:How many processors do I have?

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Hi! I need to change my processor in my G7-1334so, but im having some trouble knowing wish one i can use.I have a list of some that i can get kind of easy, but i can go further if i cant use any of these below. i7-3770 3.40 GHz / 8M / 5GTi7-2600 3.40 GHz / 8M / 5GTi5-3570 3.40 GHz / 6M / 5GTi5-3470 3.20 GHz / 6M / 5GTi5-2500 3.30 GHz / 6M / 5GTi5-2400 3.10 GHz / 6M / 5GTi5-750 2.66 GHz / 8M / 2.5GTi5-650 SLBLK 3.20 GHz / 4M / 2.5GTi3-550 3.20 GHz / 4M / 2.5GTi3-2120 3.30 GHz / 3M / 5GTi3-540 SLBMQ 3.06 GHz / 4M / 2.5GTi3-530 2.93 GHz / 4M / 2.5G Thanks

A:What processors can i use?

Dallegondalle Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums! Here is the Service and Maintenance Guide for your laptop:  http://h10032.www1.hp.com/ctg/Manual/c03538328 The list of processors and the replacement instructions begin on page 72.Good Luck

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Does the intel sandy bridge(1x-2xxx)..or the intel Ivy bridge(1x-3xxx) processors support  HDCP ?? If not, please give me some info on ones that do...with a LGA 1155 socket config.  Many thanks

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I need a cheap laptop.Looked at two-both HP.One has a N2920 Processor and the other N3530.What is the difference?


Looked at two-both HP.One has a N2920 Processor and the other N3530.What is the difference?Click to expand...

Intel Celeron N2920 1.86 GHz (2.00 GHz burst speed)

Intel Pentium N3530 2.16 GHz (2.58 GHz burst speed)

The bottom one is faster.


If you submit their model names and model numbers and part/product(P/N) numbers, we can answer your questions better.

Do both come with the same amount of DDR3 RAM?


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I'm picking out a new computer and needed some input. I'm leaning toward this one- AMD Athlon? 64 X2 Dual-Core 3600+

but this one is $20 cheaper- Pentium® D Processor 935 with Dual Core Technology (3.2GHz, 800FSB)
Is there really a big difference?

A:Which of these processors is best?

im not quite sure but i think the X2s are better then the Pentium Ds. The X2s are really cheap right now, i recommend at least going for an X2 4000+ or perhaps slightly higher. Get them while there cheap and still available.

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Does anyone know the reason for the price difference between the
following two AMD 9950's?


HD995ZFAJ4BGH OEM $289.00

I have been told that the OEM should be the cheaper of the two.

What am I missing?

Thanks Much

A:AMD Processors

Have no idea. How about a link to the site?

Perhaps the OEM includes a motherboard... AMD has recently dropped their prices (again) as their top in Quad parts don't sell as well. AMD's best market area is under $100 CPUs.

Recommendtion: Get the cheaper one

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How does everone feel about them. Just asking because there is a notebook that I want and it runs AMD, so yeah.
(Please dont get mad at me, Im new at this)

A:AMD Processors


they are fine, no better no worse.

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I have just been looking on the following web site to see if my PC can run certain games. http://www.systemrequirementslab.com/referrer/srtest

In the info I am given after it tests my PC, it says I have the following;

You Have: 2 processors running - Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.00GHz
You Have: 2.99 GHz Performance Rated at 4.49 GHz

How do I tell if I have 2 processors running, and can I make full use of them if I have two?

A:How many processors do I have?

Look inside your case. If you don't see two CPU cooling systems, you have one physical processor. You propably have one dual-core processor, and you're propably taking full advantage of the both cores.

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I have a Presario V6000 with AMD Turion 64 Processor. I am using XP w/sp2. When sp3 came out I installed it and lost everything on my computer. I had warranty on it so HP was able to talk me through a rebooting and reinstall of xp. I have been using xp since 2009 without sp3 but keeping up with other MS updates. I now need to install TurboTax but cannot as it requires SP3. I have installed HP's fix then MS fix which will not install. It says that "your system does not meet the requirements for this update. (9998). What am I missing?

A:sp3 and amd processors

and welcome to the Forum

Try this handy tool that disablers the intell driver in HO systems with AMD processors


and . . always backup any data you cherish before applying Service Packs . . If you have been running without SP3 for this long, you may have other issues than the intell driver problem

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how do I know if my intel pentium D processor is a 32bit or a 64bit?

or are all dual core processors now are 64bit?


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I have a Duron 1.3 at moment. I intend to upgrade and will be going down the AMD route.

Could someone please just list the order of speed / spec after the 1.3. I see there are a number of ones 333, 2200 etc. I'm just a bit confused which is which.


A:AMD Processors


The green chart is what i believe you are looking for..

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Could someone explain what processors are for and what is a good one to buy with my new computer?


A processor is the "brains" of your computer.
what is a good one to buy with my new computer?
Click to expand...

Your question does not really have a definitive answer; it is too vague. We would need to know what the intended use of the system is to be ie are you intending on gaming, doing video editing, just email/web surfing, what?

It is somewhat like asking "What is the best car" Well there are a lot of cars and they have different attributes such as a sports car might not be the best choice for an area that gets a LOT of snow. If that were the case, a 4x4 truck would be "Better" than the sports car.

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Okay, now my question is: Can you run a 64-bit OS on 2-32 bit processors? Note: i don't want to try this, but in theory it should work if the OS can address both processors as 1 64 bit processor, correct?

A:64-bit os on (2) 32-bit processors?

No it won't. That theory falls flat on its face as you don't get 64 bit computing from two 32 bit processors. The processor either supports 64 bit or it doesn't. Same applies to quad core processors; it is 4 cores running at a set speed (2.4 GHz for example), not as a processor running at 9.6 GHZ (don't know if they are still there, but there used to be a few that tried to pull this scam on ebay).

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I am looking to buying a new PC but I am struggling to decide between to processors. Either the i7-930 or the i7-870.

Here's the thing, they are pretty equal so its a toss up of what is more important. Please give me your input. Everything will be appreciated.


Btw: overclocking isn't an issue, if that's any help.

A:Some help with processors please...

I'm running the i7-870 on an Asus board. Assembled it in early August with no problems since.

I also considered the i7-930. The price difference of the chip and the x58 motherboard and RAM was more than my budget could handle.
You can't go wrong either way. There are other similar set ups to mine by users on the forum and others with the 930.

Price seems to be the major difference not performance.

I saved the money and I am well satisfied with the ASUS motherboard combo I have.
The 870 will OC to 3.8GHz with no problem.
I had to try it once.
Not sure of the limit but have heard about them up to 4.0.
So they aren't a dog.

Hope that helps

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I am looking into upgrading my motherboard/cpu, and currently I have a 1 gig amd athlon. What I am wondering is what is the "rating" for AMDs processors..

Like I know with intel, its like centrino is best, then theres pentium, then like the worst is the celerons.. just wondering how the AMD compares, for like athlon, duran, sempron..


A:AMD processors

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Hello all

I need help on this one i only have (4) processors.

What do i do with (8) this is not right.

Thanks for your help

A:Processors i7

Not to worry. With hyper-threading enabled, one would expect to see 8 on a quad processor.


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Hi all I'm thinking of getting a new CPU and also I want to understand how CPU work so I have some basic quations .I have made a list of some of the processors and the speeds I do not have all the information on the processors speed I can't find it at any book store or any of my books so here it is .
From the first CPU to now .
1971 4004 first CPU made speed ???
1972 8008
1974 8080 2 MHz
1978 8086 4.77 MHz
1979 8088
1982 80286
1985 80386 16 to 33MHz
1989 80486 33 to 100 MHz
??? K6 166 to 500 MHz
1993 pentim 1 60 to 233 MHz
??? MMX 133 to 233 MHz
1995 pentim pro 150 to 200 MHz
1997 pentim2 233 to 450 MHz
1999 pentim 3 450 to 1.4 GHz
???Intel celeron 1 GHz to 2.2 GHz
2000 pentim 4 1 GHz and can go up to 5 GHz

Top of the line CPU is 3.5 GHz
Top of the line AMD 64 bit processor

Companies that make CPU's

Celenon is made by Intel
Athlon and Duron is made by AMD

New pentium 5 when it comes out 5 GHz and up

I do not have any information on the list blow where it goes in the list above
K7 and D2 and D4 or p6 ..Also is it true that the first CPU used in PCs hand a clook speed of approximately 4.77 MHz
If I was to get a CPU should I get CPU at 3.5 GHz . I think at this time the top of the line CPU is 3.5 GHz. Also is true that pentium 4 when they came out it was 1 GHz and the pentium 4 can go up to 5 GHz and than the pentium 5 will come out?

Anyone have any information ..

A:New processors

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