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Wifi vs ethernet-->wifi Bridge using router - MUCH FASTER with Bridge

Q: Wifi vs ethernet-->wifi Bridge using router - MUCH FASTER with Bridge

Hi there

If you've a spare / old router which you can set up as a wifi bridge and connect a bit of LAN cable from Laptop into the Bridge router you'll generally get FAR better performance from even a cheap router.

Logic behind this is that most Wifi adapters are half duplex whereas a router is full duplex and throughput will be significantly better.

Another advantage is that you can still use 5 GHZ band even if your PC or whatever only can handle 2.4 GHZ wifi.

If your router doesn't have bridging facilities you can often do it by a firmware upgrade --for most routers try this :

www.dd-wrt.com | Unleash Your Router

Note --this is the Bridging router --not your main one that you use to connect to your ISP with --don't want to cause people to have inoperable boxes !!!!!.

I've found using a Router as a bridge far better than having to have loads of LAN cable all round the house --and also antennae in wifi routers are hugely better than most built in Wifi cards so you can in a lot of cases avoid extra slowdown caused by wifi extenders.

In my "man shed" -- a good 100 metres from the main house - could just about get 8 Mib/s on a very poor 2.4 GHZ wifi signal from the wifi card

Laptop now acceptable - still with 2,4 GHZ wifi but using "Bridged" method with an old EDIMAX wifi 4 port router. Around 70 Mib/s (still a lot slower by about 10X - I'm getting nearly 1Gb/s download in main house on 5 GHZ wifi --ISL has excellent Internet !!!) than in the main house but perfectly OK for streaming Football etc when friends are around and we're all drinking Beer etc -- no complaints from "the Other" about noise, cheers of "Goooooal !!!!", clearing up etc etc !!!!.

Good even for a SLOW Ping -- remember I'm over 100 metres away from my House and on 2.4 GHZ. Wifi --5GHZ not receivable at that distance.

added -- even if your PC / laptop doesn't have a LAN connector it's still worthwhile doing this with a USB-->Lan adapter -- even a USB 2 -->LAN works really well -- USB2 speed will easily handle 75 Mib/s !!! and adapter can cost as little as 6 EUR - those cheap Chinese unbranded ones work fine too.

I've had 4 simultaneous connections through that Bridge router this way -- 2 guys had laptops with no LAN cards - they used the adapters --all very happy !!!. USB"-->LAN adapter-->Lan cable-->Port on Bridge router.


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Preferred Solution: Wifi vs ethernet-->wifi Bridge using router - MUCH FASTER with Bridge

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


My desktop is connected to a wifi network and I need to bridge to another via ethernet. I have started by selecting each network and I bridge the 2 connections, creating a bridge, but the other computer still doesn't have internet connection.

Is this possible (I would think so) and if so, what have I done wrong?

A:Bridge internet connection over ethernet from wifi

Never mind the other computer's owner was being dumb :P

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Hi there

I don't like a load of LAN cables everywhere and "She who must be obeyed" was complaining about number of boxes / gadgets / flashing lights etc under the TV !!!!!! so I've moved the two servers out of the way and just have the cable box/ main router.

so this I found was a really woman friendly solution for masses of LAN cable etc etc. !!!!!!!!

If you have fast Wifi and you have some Ethernet only gear connected away from your Router / Cablebox you can use a "Wireless Bridge" -- It's possible to "Hobble" some old routers via DD-WRT but not all routers do that and you might want to use fast wifi connectors. Some modern cheap routers now allow "Wireless Bridging" too.

You need to set the second router up as your wireless bridge and then plug the LAN cables from your devices into that router which will connect wirelessly to your network.

I found this Router actually very good -- also works on new 802.11ac protocol (up to 433 Mbs in the 5GHZ band so plenty for your server / streaming devices).

IPlugged the NAS'es Ethernet connectors into the lan connects on the "Bridge Router" -- works fine

This one was 32 EUR inc Tax.

Edimax BR-6208AC Wi-Fi Ethernet LAN Dual-band Router - Grey It does work as WIFI Bridge -- you have to ensure your router can do that function if you buy a new router.

If you have fast wifi and want to get rid of LAN cables and move boxes like NAS boxes into spare closets ... Read more

A:LAN Cable free - even for ETHERNET devices (via Wifi Bridge)

We hooked a powerline 1200 with gigabit ports up to our tv and it does the job nicely. It lives behind the tv and therefore is out of site. My NAS is also powerlined 1200 connected.

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Is it possible to use my wifi to download at the same time use my ethernet adapter to play local lan games ?
I have tried to bridge both adapters but it didn't got the result I expected.

Please help me out !

A:Network bridge : Lanplay using Ethernet + Download using WIFI

Welcome to the Seven Forums.

Normally, the network adapter drivers work with the Operating System (OS) to pick one connection to use. This is especially true in a laptop where the network drivers for the wireless adapter might automatically disable the wireless connection once the OS has a wired connection.

I make use of multiple network adapters by using Virtual Machines (VM), but that probably would not be practical for your situation since a VM takes up resources that you should probably reserve for gaming. Maybe some of the other forum members have some suggestions for you.

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Hi All,

I have read through a lot of other posts but can't find a solution related to my issue.

I have a Dell XPS laptop with Windows 7 Ultimate I want to use for bridging the Ethernet connection to it's WiFi connection. WiFi connects perfectly to the net. I enabled ICS on the WiFi and then bridged the WiFi and Ethernet connections.

WiFi still connects to the net fine on the XPS, but when I connected another PC to the laptop via Ethernet, it only shows a IP address on the PC and throws a Network Error "Windows has detected an IP address conflict." It looks like for some reason DHCP on the XPS is not assigning an IP to the PC to bridge the Ethernet connection to the WiFi on the XPS.

When I do "ipconfig /renew" on the PC it says "An error occurred while renewing interface local area connection... The DHCP client has obtained an IP Address that is already in use on the network... "

I am a fairly technical person having built computers and network for the last 20 years, I've been trying multiple solutions for hours and reading everything I can, but this one has me stumped.

Thanks in advance for any assistance

A:Network Bridge WiFi to Ethernet Win7 IP conflict no DHCP - advanced user needs help

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I am currently stationed in Germany, and live in a village that has horrible internet. I cannot stream netflix, hulu, and downloads take several hours.

Is there a way to combine the internet that my cell phone receives and the wifi router I have at home to increase speed?

I have the ability to create a wifi hotspot from my cell phone if this helps.

Just something I thought up in my head, and wanted to find out if it is possible. Thanks in advance.

A:Combining Wifi Hotspot and Router Wifi for faster internet

You can, try this http://www.octopusplus.com/download.jsp or http://www.connectify.me/

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Hi, everyone--

My family and I have a SMART TV and use it to watch Netflix. It's WiFi capable and we even have a wireless extender, but the connection keeps dropping constantly.

I have read a few things about turning an old router into a "switch," like this article from Lifehacker. I'm not sure if this is what I'm looking for as there are several meanings for switch, and the purpose is normally for another port, not a bridge-type thing. Would it be possible to use second router to serve as a bridge between my two ethernet cables so we can hardwire the SMART TV? If so, any ideas on how I would do that?

Thanks in advance,

A:Using a router as a bridge for two ethernet cables

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I live in a dorm and there is no wifi. Is it possible to bridge a lan connection, connected to the internet, with wifi to create a router

A:Bridge lan and wifi

You might be referring to using your laptop as a ad-hoc wireless connection host (or atleast i think you are). After setting up the LAN to access the internet, create this ad-hoc connection and then bridge the two connections.

Note: This ad-hoc wireless connect is very temporary, if you restart any machine you will need to manually connect to get a connection. Any device with wifi capability will be able to connect to this ad-hoc connection, rendering the laptop a router-like device.

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Is there a way to bridge a lan connection connected to the internet with wifi to create a router out of my laptop

A:Bridge lan and wifi

In Windows Vista, you can use ICS (internet connection sharing) to do this, any computer connected to the wireless can access the internet through your computer.

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hi, I want to use a wifi camera in my lambing shed which is a maximum of 200 metres from my house, I don't really want cable between the 2 so want to set up a wifi bridge as cheaply as possible? Have found TP-Link TL-ANT2409A 2.4 GHz 9dBi Directional Antenna, am I right in thinking I need 2 of these to setup a bridge? If so could anyone give me setup instructions and I not can anyone tell me what I do need

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Alright, I recently got a D-Link DIR 655 Router and a Vigor 120 Modem. From what I know, I need to set my router to do PPPoE (Seems simple enough, put in my username and password and the Primary and Secondary DNS servers are automatically found so nothing needed to be added there) However I couldn't connect to the internet after that, as far as I know I need to set up a bridge with my modem. I have the router and modem connected but I do not know what to set up in the modem itself so it forwards whatever the router sends to it. Sorry if I seem like I'm talking no sense. I'm stuck here.

A:Setting up a Ethernet bridge with new router/modem

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Hi Everyone,
I'm trying to help a friend implement some technology for a working apple farm. They are using a linksys WRT54G router with a cable modem, the wifi in the main building works great. We want to extend the wireless signal to a warehouse about 1/4 mile away, we have line of sight. We've been referring to a book; "Wi-Fi Toys" by Mike Outmesguine. The book refers to both bridging and repeating, but the configuration of each is not clear to me. They've purchased long range directional antenna's and two linksys WAP54G's to be used as the downlink and access point. I've tried to configure them (referring to the book and the linksys website) as wireless repeaters and wireless bridges but I've had no luck. Has anyone set this up before (?), I'd really appreciate any coaching you can provide.
Thank you,

A:wifi repeater or bridge

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Ok, so I'm completely stumped on this one and hoping someone can point me in the right direction!

The story so far..... I have to try and connect 2 DVR(security cameras) to the internet so the shop owner can spy on his employees and make sure they don't slack off! All the camera work is done, and i've set these up before, so no dramas there. For this shop however, where the DVR's had to be placed is no where near the networking stuff and running a ethernet cable would have been impossible/freaking expensive, so I've gone with a wireless bridge to save about billion hours of cabling work.

The VPN/Firewall system is a Sonicwall TZ150, the first Wifi Bridge is a TP-Link WA850RE and the second one is an Edimax something or other...

The problem is that I can't get any internet access from the DVR side of the bridge. I can ping everything (firewall, computers, printers) if i set static ip's but no internet, no DHCP. When i connect a laptop to the TZ150, BAM! DHCP, internet no issues at ALL!
At first i though maybe the bridge was just refusing the Broadcast packets but I can ping everything, and the arp table shows it can connect through the bridge to computers/router but not through the router to the internet!!!
The Static IP settings(network address, gateway, DNS) are the same as what's configured on the POS terminals.
All other DHCP settings are turned off, so only the TZ150 should be broadcasting anything.

Also just to make it fun... Read more

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A simple question really, if i were to buy a wifi bridge, could i plug it into the internet port on a router to provide that router with internet access?

I have a media centre, connected to a router that does not have internet access, a nas server is also connected to this router. Howevere, connecting a usb wifi dongle to the media pc to acces another router in the house with internet access does not work because there are two connections and it only like 1.

If i connect an ethernet cable from router to router, it works, but i cant have a wire all around the house, so could i plug a bridge into it instead?

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Greetings all,

I am new to techguy and this is my first post. I searched the forum for 3600HGV and did not find an answer, so I decided to post this two part question.

I have a 2WIRE 3600HGV from AT&T U-Verse I want to use it as a DSL modem only. I am aware that it does not have a pure "bridge" mode, but it does have the option to add another network (i.e. a gateway device within your LAN). My goal is to use my Cisco-Linksys WRT54G2V1 running DD-WRT as a wireless access point, and for routing options not supported by my 2WIRE, such as dynamic DNS, and lots of port forwarding. I connected the Linksys to a LAN port on the 2WIRE, and through the 2WIRE web GUI, set the Linksys as a router on a additional network, and disabled the 2WIRE firewall for the Linksys.

I have internet access on my desktop that is connected via Ethernet to the 2WIRE, but cannot access the internet via the Linksys via Ethernet or WiFi. I can, however, access the Linksys web GUI, and the web GUI indicates that not only is it communicating with the 2WIRE, but the 2WIRE has successfully passed my external IP on to the Linksys, which is conducive to the behavior I'm looking for (i.e. 2WIRE as DSL modem, Linksys as Wireless access point, wired access point, routing/NAT, security, etc.)

I'm very confused as to why I cannot access the internet through the Linksys, since the 2WIRE is allowing it to access the internet with its own external IP, and is letting it handle all of i... Read more

A:2WIRE 3600HGV Cannot bridge and no WiFi

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I got a old device that only takes ethernet, so how do I give out WiFi over ethernet on Windows 10?

Thank you.

A:How to bridge WiFi connections on Windows 10

If it only takes ethernet, then plug in an ethernet cable. Or am I misunderstanding your question?

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Hi there

seems difficult to find a decent answer to this - but say you have 4 laptop users on your local LAN - is it better for throughput to just let them use wifi cards in their computers or connect the 4 computers to a fast router used as an ethernet-->wifi bridge.

The Bridge method seems to give more throughput - obviously people transferring several GB sized files over this type of arrangement will kill it but this happens very rarely.

The advantage of the Bridge also allows the computers that can't handle 5GHZ wifi to be connected to the router using 5GHZ and a router is generally full duplex while wifi cards --certainly the cheaper end of the market are generally half duplex.

Full blown LAN is obviously the best but I can't run loads of 1Gib/s Lan cable all over the place.

very difficult to get any serious info on this without going up into the hideously expensive world of Enterprise gear used by large server farms etc.


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I am using Win 7. I have an xbox 360 connected to the pc via powerline adapters, am sharing my video library and internet connection using internet connection sharing by bridging my lan and wifi connections.

When I am connected to my apartment's free wifi(SSID Tenant Wifi), the xbox 360 can share the internet connection and access the videos and music on my pc just fine. I am now trying to connect to a different wifi signal (xfinitywifi). When I connect the pc can use the internet through the xfinitywifi just fine, but my 360 loses connection to both the wifi, and the pc in general. No music, no videos, no netflix. When I switch back to Tenant Wifi everything works normally again.

I have tried rebooting everything (pc, 360 and powerline adapters). I have tried going into the network settings and disabling the lan port, wifi adapter and network bridge, then re-enabling them again. None of this works.

Any ideas?

Thank you in advance for taking the time to help me.

A:Solved: Network bridge stops working when I make a different wifi connection?

using internet connection sharing by bridging my lan and wifi connections. Click to expand...

I thought that it was impossible to use ICS and bridge the connections at the same time. You must have found some special case that works.

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Ok here is the situation:
I live in an apartment complex with a few other roommates. We each have an ethernet-cable jack in our rooms, and we also have a wireless router located in one of my roommates' rooms that we all use for WIFI. My question to you guys is why, when connected to only WIFI, my interenet connection is faster than using an ethernet cable? Our WIFI network displays a speed of 65Mbps, while the ethernet network shows a 10Mbps. How does this make sense?

Speed test for Ethernet network:
Speed test for WIFI network:


A:Why is my WIFI faster than Ethernet?

For the speed tests... 0.03 difference is not really 'faster'... at least you would not see the difference.

as to the Our WIFI network displays a speed of 65Mbps, while the ethernet network shows a 10Mbps statement, if your ethernet port is showing 10Mbps, then either you have a setting that is incorrect (set to half duplex, not full duplex), you are using the wrong cable, or the ethernet port is bad.

Usually on a .g wireless network, it should say 54.0Mbps... not too sure why you are getting 65MBps... unless it's on a .n wireless?

So, for the ethernet, is it happening to only your computer? or other people's using the ethernet connection?

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I have a 256Kbps ADSL connection, my router is SMC.
whenever i do a connection speed test at ( http://us.mcafee.com/root/speedometer/default.asp ) i get 150KB downloaded in 9-10 secs in my PC ( connected via ethernet ), and 2.9MB downloaded in 18-19 secs in my Nokia n95 ( via WiFi ), so the question is how is that possible ? i repeated the test many times and always the same result....

Thanx in advance......

A:Why my cell WiFi is faster than my PC Ethernet?

u must be using a browser like opera mini on your mobile phone wihch connects through a proxy server, so the speedtest displays the download speed of THAT server and not your internet connection

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I'm puzzled by this situation. I have tested internet speed on Ethernet (~20 Mbps), but when I'm connected via wifi network, it drops down to ~11 Mbps Can someone please explain this to me? The speed is same on all wireless devices even when I sitting next to the wifi router.

Cable Modem: DPC 100r2
WiFi Router: NetGear WGR614 v7 (on DD-WRT)


A:Solved: Internet faster on Ethernet than on WiFi

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Hi all,

Just wanted to post this for anyone experiencing boot issues with the ASROCK H61-VG4.

Celeron G1620(P0) Ivy Bridge 2.7GHz (1155 IVYBRIDGE / CHIPSET)
RAM 4GB 1333MHz
1TB Samsung spinpoint F3

On completion of build
- computer would boot and then shut down after around 5 secs.
- could not get into the bios as computer would shut down prior.

solution / fix
installed 1600MHz RAM and computer booted with no issues.

(I usually use gigabyte mobos so never experienced this before.)

Manual states, "Memory - supports DDR3 1600/1333/1066 non-ECC memory (DDR3 1600 with Intel Ivy Bridge CPU, DDR3 1333 with intel Sandy Bridge CPU)

Anyone else had this type of issue with specific CPU to RAM MHz match to get a board to boot?

A:Asrock h61-vg4 (ivy bridge & ddr3 1600 / sandy bridge & ddr 1333)

By "boot", do you mean POST? Did you get any beeps? Perhaps the 1333 module(s) is bad or the wrong voltage.

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So I was wondering if I have a i5-2500k (sandy bridge) and pair it with a z75 or z77 mobo(made for ivy bridge cpu's but backwards compatible with sb) would I gain the added features? Like usb 3.0, sata 3, PCIe 3.0 that would not be available on a sandy bridge mobo?

A:Sandy Bridge CPU w/ Ivy Bridge chipset mobo

Well yes you would gain any features that the new motherboard has that the old one doesn't. Although SATA 3 was available on some Intel 6 series chipsets in small numbers. Some manufacturer's also added their own SATA 3 and USB 3 controllers to those motherboards. Your CPU only has PCI-Express 2.0 slot so PCI-Express 3.0 slots on the motherboard won't really do anything for you anyways, not that the gains from 2.0 to 3.0 are much anyways.

Unless your motherboard is faulty or lacking something you really need and can't add-in via an add-in card there's little benefit of upgrading, as in upgrading for the sake of having something newer.

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Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge use the same socket. All the tech sites say we can do it. What are the implications? With HD-4000 graphics would I now be able to drive 4 monitors? What other possible benefits are there? Power consumption is slightly reduced, speed is slightly increased. What are the chipset limitations and BIOS implications? It's probably not worth the money, but will it work?


Go to Solution.

A:Sandy Bridge to Ivy Bridge CPU upgrade in the W520

Good questions! The answers will probably remain unknown until someone has actually tried.

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1st question:

Well ive heard that Ivy bridge boost 20% performance and huge in GPU.

I dont need Built in GPU.

Ivy has integrated USB3.0, PCI 3.0 and thunderbird.

Is it really worth to wait for the new Ivy Bridge i5 3570k? versus i5 2500k?
I have a lesson for the previous CPU. Bought 3 computer Socket 1156 after 2 months of release!

The result? i always got a BSOD.

The Sandy bridge 1st release has a problem also with the chipset.

If i remember they fix after 2 weeks with the new B3 design.

Now guys because im really excited on Ivy bridge.

The release date is April 08, 2012

What can you say? is it really safe buying for only a 1 month old after the release?

Lets say i wait to buy on May 01, 2012?.

2nd question:

Amd is creating a PCI 3.0 Hd 7 Series.

What do you think guy is their a PCI 3.0 videocard not expensive? max of 100$?
I need you opinion and knowledge.


A:Ivy Bridge 3570k Vs Sandy Bridge 2500k

Depends on how you look at it.
If your not interested in the On-Die GPU, IB seems to really only offer PCI-e 3.0 and a slight clock for clock bump over SB.

In regards to PCI 3.0, you must consider no current GPU can saturate a x16 slot, and most cant even stuarate a 2.0 slot at x8. Some of the Single card dual GPUs can exceed x8, but still cant use the full x16.

So, even the first few generations of 3.0 cards will not be bottlenecked by a 2.0 slot at all. By the time they do, you'll likely be be in need of a complete upgrade anyway.

Bottom line, I wouldn't put to much worry into 3.0 at this point. It will be nice to have .. sure. But in reality, it may not actually be usefull for a long time yet.

However, April is not that far away.
If you are building new, and do not need it right now .. I'd just wait. Why not?
Newer tech is a good idea, especially when so close, as long as you arent having major issues currently.

However, if your current machine is struggling to play your games and you are in bad need to upgrade soon ... a SB build would not be a bad investment, and will server you well for a good while.

Also, if you do decide to go ahead and go with a SB P67/z68 build now ... just avoid the boards that use a NF200 Chip. The reason is, a bios upgrade will allow them to use IB CPUs later.
IB CPU means PCI 3.0 support.

So long as your PCIX lanes are not being split and run through a NF200, PCI 3.0 support on the z68/P67 should work. At least for a Single... Read more

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I have an ECS H61H2-M2 mobo, and am looking to upgrade the cpu. I was looking at some ivy bridge and sandy bridge processors, and was wondering if I could drop an ivy bridge into this board. It says "for second generation chips" but its still the lga 1155 socket, right?

A:Can My Sandy Bridge Board Run An Ivy Bridge Processor?

Yup, they make Ivy Bridge processors in socket 1155 as well and your motherboard does support them with a BIOS update. You can check which processors are supported bu checking the manufacturer's CPU Support list whioch you can find here for your motherboard: http://www.ecs.com.tw/ECSWebSite/Pr...ilID=1228&DetailName=Feature&MenuID=1&LanID=0

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i have posted this but no one has even viewed it as the title wasn't very good.

Anyway, i have 2 wifi routers, one in the lounge that is on internet, one in my room that is not.

i want them both to be able to supply internet.

the one in my room will just be used to ethernet internet into my PS3.

alternative is that i use the wifi on my laptop then ethernet my laptop to PS3, is this possible?

A:Wifi router to wifi router? so i can use PS3 via ethernet

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Has anyone used an Ethernet Bridge or a Powerline Internet Network (similar to Ultra U12) which uses the household AC outlets for transferring Internet from a modem to another location? I am using one and it works well most of the time but occasionally it drops off and I am not sure what causes the failure. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

A:Ethernet Bridge

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I just moved into a new place that already had working (free) Internet. I hooked up an Ethernet cable from my computer to the Ethernet port on the wall and loaded a website, then it crashed. I tried to fix it but it's some jerry-rigged setup that's beyond my networking comprehension. I talked to the previous resident and he said that he used the wifi for years with no issue.

Here's the setup the best I can explain it: Outside there's an old satellite with a wire that leads into the basement. This wire leads to a Linksys wireless-b Ethernet bridge (wet11 v2). An Ethernet cable is plugged in to that device and is then plugged into an Ethernet port in the wall (LAN?). On the second story there's a panel in the wall that houses a Linksys router that I believe the bridge is connected to. That router is then connected to a Wireless Netgear router that the wifi on my phone would connect to.

I've tried unplugging everything to reset it, but that hasn't fixed the issue. I've been down in the basement trying to connect the Ethernet bridge via on a laptop with an Ethernet cable plugged directly from the laptop to the bridge. The internal browser-based configuration utility won't pop up though, so I can't even try to configure it.

Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this? I've got some pictures of the setup I can send someone via my phone if that would help. Thanks for the help!

A:Ethernet Bridge Help!

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my old asus machine had 2 ethernet ports on it. one was a 3com incoming and the other was a nforce bridge out. So heres the question

can i take my new core 2 duo machine, drop my netgear wireless pci card in it, and make a bridge or whatever so then i could run out of its ethernet port into my a64 machines ethernet in port? is this possible?

i dont mind if the internet is slightly slower to the a64 box, i just want it to stay on my network as a media server/ storage.


A:using pc as ethernet bridge

Yes, you can bridge network interfaces no problem.
It would make more sense to get a $10 switch (or an old used hub for free).

I hope you know the differences between routers/switches/hubs and the difference between routing and bridging.

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hello, my motherboard has 2 ethernet ports, one goes to my main router, the other is empty

i want to hook up another wifi router to my pc to create another wifi access point.

i was able to bridge both ethernet ports and get my host computer to obtain the static ip settings i need, but how do i setup the other part (the router)

my computer currently has
ip -
sub -
gate - (dd-wrt)

i would like the router hooked to my pc to be and dhcp from there
any help is greatly appropriated
thank you

A:ethernet sharing bridge


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Hey - I know its possible but I'm not sure if you can do it with an everyday router.

Basically my main Internet hub is in my room I would like my D-Link router to pick up the 'Wireless' connection and redistribute it as an ethernet hub If that makes sense.

So you get this:

INTERNET HUB ---> connected to PCs/wireless etc via Wifi --> Also connected to a D-link router --> redistribution of internet by router via ethernet

The reason I ask is if its possible its going to avoid me putting stupid ethernet cable through the house in order to get internet on my TV....

Thanks in advance.

A:Is it possible to bridge lans without ethernet?

If the D-Link router supports "Wireless Bridge" or "AP Client" mode then you can do it.

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i have had a bad relationship with at&t i'm getting really tired of it so i had the idea of getting verison, unforunetly they don't offer any service where i live, i saw an ad for verison broadband network, that comes with a netbook. i had the idea of getting that deal, and pay $30 a month rather than $100 for this crappy At&t connection. i though that i could could uplink/bridge the broadband and ethernet internet into our houses Ethernet/wireless router. i have been working on it with my computer, this is my set up. i have my wireless pc connected to the router. i have an ethernet port on the back, witch i have connected to another wireless wrouter, were a laptop then connects to that router, i know that sometimes the router won't uplink the signal, i have a fios router that has a WLAN connection aside from the Coaxe connection. both should allow incomming connections. so give me some guidence, i'll take anything. thanks for all your help, thank you.


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Using this Rosewill RNX-N180UBE IEEE 802.11b/g/n USB 2.0 Wireless Adapter I get 10-11mb down @speedtest.com on my netbook and 20-23mb down on my desktop. Why such a huge difference using the same adapter?

I'm using this Netbook from tigerdirect, upgraded to 2gb ram, Running Windows 7 Ultimate x86

My Desktop is running

Windows 7 Ultimate x64
2.4ghz dual core
4gb ddr2 ram

Using the built in Atheros wifi in my netbook I get around 13mb down so its no different from plugging in the rosewill adapter. Only when the adapter is plugged into my desktop does it blow everything out of the water. I just don't understand why, does CPU,RAM effect your wifi Speed?

A:Desktop Wifi Faster then Netbook Wifi

there is a possibility that since your laptop has a built wireless adapter it is conflicting not with your desktop there is no wireless adapter installed or anything that may conflict another possible reason is the chip set of you adapter is compatible with the chip set on your desktop computer that is why they work well together.

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In hyper-v I cannot connect to internet. the message is "there is no driver for this adapter". It looks like the VS and the NIC are in reverse mode, ie the NIC says it has no connnection but I have Internet there. The VS says it's connected but there is no internet. My internet connections include a Blackberry VPN which I could form a bridge with the VS. But no internet connection from hyper-v.

thanks, from Tom

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First at all Hello everybody, and sorry for my poor english.
I have 2 LAN networks (192.168.34.-- and 192.168.0.--) on I have server platform Windows Server 2003, with Call of Duty 2 dedicated game server. Also there is an internet . Second LAN have users which want to play game on server over LAN. Problem is in fact that, except CoD2 server, users must no see anything else. Server use default CoD2 port 28960, and I need most simple solution for this.
Thank U in advance.

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Is it possible to connect my Xbox to my laptop via ethernet, connect my laptop to a wireless access point, and somehow bridge the connections so that I can indirectly connect my Xbox to the internet? I know that I can buy a wireless to ethernet bridge from DLink or Linksys, but at the moment that isn't possible. My laptop is currently connected to the internet wirelessly (no hardwire where i am) and I tried to connect the ethernet cable from the laptop to my Xbox, enable the connection, and bridge it with the wireless connection, but my Xbox is receiving no signal through the cable. Please help Thanks

A:Using laptop as a bridge between ethernet and wireless

You could try using ICS on the laptop, but it's an ugly kludge.

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I asked earlier this week about web servers and home servers... and In the process of working that concept together, I have really questioned my network setup. Ill try to make this as painless as possible.

Ethernet Bridges:

Simply put, I cant run hardwire up to my room. And with me moving to Pittsburgh in a year, Its not worth the effort.

So, for the past couple years I have used a Linksys Gaming adaptor as a cheap alternative to an ethernet bridge. For one PC, it does the job. Once hooked to a switch, its fine. Now turn on 2 or more XP computers on that switch, IP conflicts left and right.

I got what I paid for... so now I am looking into true ethernet bridges, and would like some help picking one out. From there, I'll need some tips on buying a switch... (im thinking gigabit)

Ill be happy as long as it can be protected (wep, whatever security they have now a days) and will run up to 5 or 10 machines at the same time with no problem. As for the switch, I just want the best one out there without hurting the wallet. And both should have settings like the router, where I can make specific configurations.

Which brings me to my IP questions:

I have too many towers laying around that I paid way too much for, so I'm determined to give them a second life.

If you have seen my earlier post, you know I am trying to make my old athlon 64 box a home server. Most of my IP questions are pretty much solved on that as long as i can configure samba right. But... Read more

A:Real Ethernet Bridge, IP questions.

Well, first let's clear up some terminology. You mean a wireless ethernet bridge or a wireless network bridge. Just "ethernet bridge" is an ambiguous term.

A bridge works on a lower level than TCP/IP, so any questions about IP addresses are totally irrelevant. Once you have bridged two networks, the bridge is totally transparent and any IP stuff works exactly as if everything was wired together in a single newtwork.

Same goes for making your web server available. The bridge is 100% transparent to everything at IP level and above. So you set up the router just as if the web server was wired to it.

No, you do not need a public static IP address to host a web server unless you want to use your own domain name instead of a subdomain. There are plenty of free dynamic DNS providers out there and your router most likely supports one or more of them already.

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I am trying to bridge my ethernet connection so that I can connect a computer to my laptops ethernet port and have internet on that computer. When I try to bridge the connection the computer shows its connected but it says that it doesn't have internet. I did it once and it worked, so I think that I am doing it wrong.  How do I bridge the ethernet connection properly?

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I had a breaker switch off power in my room when I accidently had a few too many things on at once. In that room is my Buffalo wireless bridge that connects to my xbox 360.

Well, after that happened, my xbox had trouble geting online..it would get on there..have an IP, but then disconnect.

The bridge has the normal green lights as always.

Currently, the PC that is hard wired to the router is a Vista machine. Even with the Vista patch downloaded from buffalo, I could not get the software that configures the bridge to execute properly.

In my room, the XP machine is connected via wireless to the network. So I hard wired the bridge to the router and loaded up the software on my XP PC. It found the bridge and listed it's IP as Great...but when I hit connect, the software froze. I reloaded it and it could not find the bridge.

Next step, reset the bridge..I did this and now the bridge can not be found on the network when I run the buffalo software.

Should I try and hardwire the XP PC to the router (major PITA right now)? Even though it found the bridge before, now it can not...is this the issue? Or is the bridge simply hosed from the power flicker?

I hard wired the 360 and connected to Xbox live just fine, so the 360 is good to go.

A:Is my Buffalo Ethernet Bridge hosed?

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Alright, I'm having a problem here. I've just got a D-Link Ethernet-to-Wierless Bridge DWL-810+. Apparently I'm not setting this up right. I want it to use my Linksys switch (EZXS55W) so I can get multiple computers online without needing a wireless network adapter for each of them (this includes my Xbox). Oh, btw, I'm using a D-link Wireless Router (DI-614+) which is where my cable modem is hooked up to.

The Bridge works when I plug the bridge into a computer directly, I get internet access. I can ping the bridge and the router. However, when I plug it into the uplink (or any other port) on the switch and then plug my computer into the switch, my computer cannot get internet access. I can ping the bridge but not the router. The bridge's IP address is withing the scope of the DHCP server. My comps are set to dynamic IP address (I even tried static ones too). Are there specific network settings that I'm missing here? Help!

A:Problem with my Ethernet-to-Wireless Bridge.

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Hello my name is Joe, my issue is that I live in the country. AT&T Wireless is my only solution for any kind of internet resembling Broadband. I am using a LTE MF923 which serves as both my modem and router as I can connect up to 10 devices. I am happy with its performance. However, I have a farm raising chickens, I recently purchased a Samsung HD Surveillance System from Sams to remotely view the activities on the farm from my Samsung Galaxy S8 Smartphone. The DVR has Ethernet cable hookup as its only pathway to the internet. In an attempt to resolve this issue. I purchased a Linksys AC 1200 Range Extender to overcome my need to convert my WiFi Internet connection to an Ethernet/LAN Connection. I successfully connected LTE to Linksys Range Extender and was/am able to connect to Extended Network via WiFi on my Laptop/Tablet. I then plugged in my Samsung DVR to the Range Extender with Samsung Support on the phone. I was unable to port forward or get the DVR to Connect to the internet. I am unsure what to do. What I am missing. I am somewhat technical and realize that port forwarding is necessary for this to work...but I am not versed on how to make this happen. I also purchased a D Link WBR-1310 Wireless Router in an attempt to get this working. I am certain that one of you has a solution for me PLEASE HELP.. By the way the only thing connected to THIS LTE will be this camera system. I bought and pay for unlimited 4G WiFi just to do this on the farm. Thanks Again

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Hi I am about to purchase new motherboard and Processor and I require some opinion whether I should buy Sandy bridge or Ivy Bridge. As far as I know Ivy is having some overheating issue and that for me is worrying fact since I want to overclock my processor.

Furthermore if I do buy Sand Bridge what chipset/ motherboard combination should I go with Z68 or Z77.

A:Sandy bridge or Ivy Bridge you decide :)

Go for Sandy Bridge..

A tried and tested i5 2500k or i7 2600k is still very respectable and the performance gulf between Sandy and Ivy is not that large... Ivy is great if you want a very respectable integrated graphics solution; the Intel HD 4000 is quite a performer for an integrated card.

2500k's hit 4.5 GHz or even 5 GHz very easily with the right cooling apparatus...

Also, go for Z68 if you intend on sticking with Sandy Bridge until your next motherboard upgrade, Z77 if you intend on upgrading to Ivy Bridge in the near future...

HARDOCP - Introduction - ASUS P8Z68-V Pro Z68 Chipset Motherboard Review

(Great Z68 Chipset review)

HARDOCP - Introduction - ASUS Sabertooth Z77 LGA 1155 Motherboard Review

(Great Z77 Chipset review)

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So here is my case:


Verizon's Westell 6100:
Modem/Router, provides 1 incoming address (provided by VZ) and provides 1 internal address (

Netgear Wireless Router WGT624 v4:
Wireless Router, accepts and provides 10.0.0.X wired and wirelessly.

Although Verizon's Router indicates that it is on Bridge mode, the damn thing isnt. I thought the main concept of bridging was to become practically invisible and automatically reroute all traffic to the next device, which is what I want.
I want to ultimately use the Netgear device to set all my rules and settings, instead, I have to do it on both.
For instance, Xbox Live is not working 100% properly. I can only play video games without being able to join specific games, or perform any in-game video/voice chat.

I have tried NATing the device. No luck.
I have also tried setting the Netgear device as a Wireless Base Station. Either way, I just would like to have my network ignore 1 device, and have the second one invisibly reroute all the access.

Is that possible? Could you please help?

Thanks to all!

A:Netgear Wireless Router and Westell Modem + Router = Routed Bridge failure

Well, since the "modem" is supplying a private IP address, it's obvious that it's not in bridge mode, that can only happen with a NAT layer, aka a router.

Try this solution to configure it for bridge mode, direct from Verizon: http://www22.verizon.com/residentialhelp/highspeed/networking/setup/questionsthree/123756.htm

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I'll try and give as much info as possible to reduce the amount of unnecessary questions and wasted time. I am extremely frustrated and at the point of pulling out my hair.

I used to have my windows XP Home Service Pack 3 desktop connected to my Toshiba Satellite laptop running Windows 7 via a crossover ethernet cable. This is how I accessed the internet on my desktop. Setting this up was no problem.

Recently, I formatted and reinstalled Windows XP on the desktop (hadn't been done in a few years, clogged, slow, needed to be done). Since then, I've tried to do the same connection I had before with a crossover ethernet cable from my laptop to my desktop. No luck.

No settings on my laptop have changed since the format & reinstall of windows XP on my desktop.

I have checked all the settings on both my laptop and desktop, including file sharing, windows firewall (on, off, exceptions allowed), file folder sharing, network discovery, etc. All except for firewall are set to on. Firewall is set to allow exceptions, although I tried playing around with it off as well. I tried deleting and recreating the network bridge between the LAN and Wireless network multiple times to no avail.
I've tried multiple different IP addresses and default gateways, nothing works.
Before you jump to any conclusions, I used this as my guide: How to Bridge an Internet Connection: 10 Steps (with Pictures)

My laptop has internet and works perfectly fine.

My desktop, in network co... Read more

A:Internet Network Bridge Crossover Ethernet Trouble


When you reinstalled XP Home on the desktop, did you follow by reinstalling the manufacturer's drivers? If not, you may need to visit your manufacturer's website and download the drivers using another PC to a detachable USB drive attached to that PC. Then you can attach that drive to your ethernetless PC to install the drivers. Chipset driver is supposed to be the first one to install, but there should be a network driver there too...

Maybe this would get your connection going...

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I just downloaded Vista, and i pluged the Ethernet cable in and nothing happened. On XP, when I plugged it in, I didn't need any software, it just recgonized it an connected to the internet. So, I decided to install the software it came with, but still it didn't work. Is there a Vista driver for it, or is it just not going to ever work?


A:Is the Gigafast Homeplug Ethernet Bridge compatable with Vista?

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