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Dell Motherboard- P/N 0WN7Y6 Dual Xeon Motherboard Front Panel Pin Layout

Q: Dell Motherboard- P/N 0WN7Y6 Dual Xeon Motherboard Front Panel Pin Layout

I've been looking for the front panel pin layout on the Dell Dual Xeon Motherboard with Dell P/N: 0WN7Y6 (it is a # zero, W, N, #7, Y, #6).
The front panel connector is 27-pin...28 spots with one pin left blank. The pin layout isn't included in the manual and I'm trying to boot two of these motherboards without the 27-pin connector. I just need to know which pins need to be jumpered in order to test for boot to BIOS.
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Preferred Solution: Dell Motherboard- P/N 0WN7Y6 Dual Xeon Motherboard Front Panel Pin Layout

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A: Dell Motherboard- P/N 0WN7Y6 Dual Xeon Motherboard Front Panel Pin Layout

Dell doesn't make the front panel connector pin-outs public. So unless you map them yourself or somebody else has done it...

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I am attempting to transfer the motherboard of my h50-50 to a different case.  I am doing this in order to make room for a much larger video card and psu that simply will not fit in the Lenovo case.  I have run into a bit of difficulty with the 'Front panel connector'.  If you look in the 'Lenovo H50 SeriesHardware Maintenance Manual' it is on page 28 (Lenovo H50-50).  I have been trying to find the specs on what each pin is for but have been unable to find such information.  Could someone please direct me to where I can find such information or could you please provide me with the details?  Specifically I am looking for the power switch pin(s), hdd activity pin(s) etc. thanks

A:H50-50 motherboard Front panel connector pin layout

Welcome to the Lenovo Community !
There is no documentation that I am aware of that show the pinouts of the various connectors on your motherboard.  I would just use an Ohm meter on your old H50-50 case and trace wires on the old front panel plug.  Once you know how the old plug was configured you will know the pin assignments on the motherboard. 

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I need to know about the layout of the io pins.

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What is the layout on the motherboard for the front panel LED connectors?  The XPS 9000 manual does not specify that at all.  The motherboard itself is model number 0X501H, as given by CPU-Z.

Is the layout the same as the one listed in this thread below regarding the XPS 8500?


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Hi (a post after a long time)
I've a F90M motherboard (with intel 915G chipset - i gues chipset doesn't have to do anything with front panel connections, but ... ). It came out of Acer 3700GX PC (i think its a bit old ).
Ok, now i'm trying to put it in a standard larger ATX casing. I've fitted it in and everything works fine except the front panel connections. I cannot identify the front panel connections and could only manage to identify the power switch pins on the motherboard.

I've searched over internet and couldn't find a manual of the motherboard (found manual for the PC on www.nodevice.com but it doesn't tell how to connect front panel)

so can you guys please suggest me the connections for front panel LEDs, Audio and USB.

and i really believe that you TSG guys are up to it

Thanks in advance

A:Identify motherboard's front panel connections | PC Acer 3700GX | Motherboard F90M

no replies????

is it such a hard/stupid question??

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I upgraded from my Dell 8300 at work.  It has an I% processor so the idea was to give it to my son.  He wanted to keep his case, so I thought no big deal.  Now I am ready to toss it all out.
I cannot find a schematic for the front panel cables anywhere (motherboard DH67M01).  I need to hook up Power LED, Power Switch, and HDD LED (there is no reset button).
I only hope I have done it wrong, because now the computer will not boot (black screen with blinking cursor).

A:Dell 8300 with DH67M01 Motherboard front panel power connectors

Here are a couple of threads that might help you.
You might also check that all the power connectors to the MoBo are properly seated.
Don't give up...

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I am currently in need of the exact front panel pin layout on a pttt9 motherboard. I have searched, but can't seem to find a diagram labeling which pins are for power, power led light, etc. Could someone send me a link? I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks!

A:Dell T3600 Pttt9 Front Panel Pin Layout

Dell doesn't make front panel pin-outs public for any PC model.
So unless somebody else has mapped them and posts here, you're on your own to figure them out.

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I have a Foxconn C51GU01 uBTX motherbaord. I am trying to switch the case out from the gateway to my Antec. The problem I am having is this motherboard is not labeled like any I have ever seen.

The front panel looks like this: http://support.gateway.com/s/MOTHERBD/FIC/105552/105552mvr18.shtml

If someone could help me connect the front panel correctly it would be appreciated. My desktop is just taking up space because I cant figure it out.

Thanks in Advance.

A:Motherboard Front Panel

This appears to use a standard Intel front panel pinout.

Looking at the picture pin #1 is the upper right pin in the graphic. On that side you will only use 4 pins. They are pin 1, 3, 5 and 7

Only the bottom row of pins you will also only use 4 pins. These are pins 2, 4, 6, & 8.

Pin 1 & 3 are HDD actively LED

Pins 5 & 7 are the Reset switch

Pin 9 is a No Connect

Pins 2 & 4 are Power LED

Pins 6 & 8 are On/Off Power Switch

Pin #9 should be Blank


(Reset Switch) Pin 5 is Negative, pin 7 is Positive

(On/OFF Power Switch) Pin 6 is Positive, pin 8 is Negative

If the Power LED and the HDD LED don't work properly, just turn the KK connector plug 180°

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I have installed a new motherboard into my computer and have everything connected with the exception of the HDD LED, Power SW and Reset SW. For the life of me I cannot figure out where they go. The instructions are useful to the point. It shows that the 9 pins (4 on top, 5 on the bottom) but doesn't provide any instruction on which cord attaches to where. All the above connections (HDD LED, Power SW, Reset SW) consist of 2 pins. There are different colors on the pins (2 red, 2 orange, 2 green, 2 blue, 1 yellow) and only the orange/red have the positive/negative marked on them. So how do I know what connections go where?

If it matters the Power SW is Black/White, the Reset SW is Green/White and the HDD LED is Red/White.

The motherboard is a: Foxconn M61PMV AM2+ Ready

I am fairly novice with this type of stuff so would greatly appreciate any help I can get.

Thanks In Advance,

A:Front Panel Connections to Motherboard

Have you checked the top of page 14 of the motherboard manual? It has a clear illustration of the front panel header pins and which is which. The white wires would be the negative side.

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I want to connect a front panel HD audio to my computers but not sure what goes where on the motherboard headers. Just to clarify two completely different systems no connection apart from network.
The front panel lines are Bass, Centre, Gnd, Rear-R, Rear-L, Front-R, Front-L, Mic ?L & Mic-R. No problems with Gnd, but that leaves the other lines.
The motherboard headers are:
On the Gigabyte motherboard the 2 mic and gnd are obvious but what lines do the ACZ_Det , FAudio_JD & Line2 L & R go to.
On the ASUS motherboard Port1 L & R, Port2 L & R, Sense_Send, Presence#, Sense1_Retur and Sense2_Retur.
Oh where is the naming convention for these things

A:Front panel to motherboard connection

Hi Bursal, welcome to 7F!

Since you failed to fill out your System Specs, except that you are working with Gigabyte, and Asus MB's it took me a while to at least get you to where you need to go to find the information you are looking for.

For Gigabyte go to: GIGABYTE - Support & Downloads - Downloads - Motherboard
You will see that there are already a list of MB's, and you can download their manuals there, but if you don't want to go through at least 6pages I suggest you do the search.

To give you a look at what I found, and make no mistake. I have no idea if this is your board.
These pixs are from a GA-P41T-D3P User's Manual:
Descriptions to all the connections are below each diagram.

For the Asus it is a little different.
Go to: ASUSTeK Computer Inc. -Support- Drivers and Download
From there you can either automatically detect your MB or manually drill down for the manual of your board.

You already have the information you seek if you have the manuals to these boards

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Hi all,
I had my power supply fry and replaced it with a new box. I have an Intel fw82371eb SL37M motherboard. I am trying to hook up the 5 front panel cords to it. I've been searching for a manual and I can't find it on any sites. I appologize for the incorrect wording. I'm not good with computer terminology. The manuals that I have seen have a single row of pins. The pins on my board are in two rows. Back row with 8 pins and 7 in the front row with the second to the left missing a pin. I need to hook up the HDD LED, POWER SW, RESET SW, SPEAKER, AND POWER LED. Does anyone know of a link to a manual or can you tell me how to hook these cords up? Thank you in advance!! If you need more info let me know....

A:Motherboard front panel setup

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The front panel switches of my (old) case when attached to the slots on the motherboard fail.
When all is plugged in and switched on, PC fails to turn on. The F/P switches are: | M/B SW | HD LED | Power LED +/- | RESET SW.

And I have tried the M/B SW (green and black cable) is all the available slots on the motherboard and still it doesn't switch on the computer. At first I thought it was because my PSU was only 400W and read in the manual somewhere about it needing at least 500W so I bought a 620W one and still it doesn't work.

The mobo is: GIGABYTE GA-H61M-S2PV GEN3 Intel H61 (REV B3)

Any ideas/solutions appreciated?


A:Front Panel Switches / Motherboard

You can get the motherboard manual from the manufacturers website. See here> http://www.gigabyte.us/products/product-page.aspx?pid=4065#manual

The pinout and where the cables connect will be covered in the manual. You can test the motherboard by simply connecting the two pins (the power switch pins) with a metal object (ie: screwdriver, paperclip, scrap of wire, etc.).

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i just received my new motherboard, asus a8n, and i;m trying to connect my case's front usb panel with the motherboard.
The motherboard's pins are labelled:
- - - - - - - - - - - - -
| +5v P6- P6+ GND NC |
| +5v P5- P5+ GND |
- - - - - - - - - - - - -

As you can see, the first row has 5 pins, while the bottom one only 4.

My case's front panel has 8 pins, labelled

As you can understand, the pins of the panel are not grouped together.
Where must each usb panel pin go on the motherboard?

A:motherboard to usb front panel pins

My guess is that the matches are:

+5v ----> power
+5v ----> power
p5- ----> d2-
p5+ ----> d2+
p6- ----> d3-
p6+ ----> d3+
gnd ----> ground
gnd ----> ground
NC ----> unmatched

note that the p5+-,p6+- pins on the two other usb ports on the motherboard, have other names.ie one has p7-,p7+,p8-,p8+ and the other has p9-,p9+,p10-,p10+

Is my assumption correct? if yes, why is NC alone?

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hi, i bought a graphics card and new psu which i installed great, but i also bought a new case and tried to install everything from the pc into the new case but i couldnt find were the power sw, reset sw and usb 3.0 front pannel connctor cables  go as their is no manuel (or so i think) for the hp willow motherboard and it doesn't specifiy where they slots are.

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Hi Guys:

It's been a while since I've posted a question, however, this one is really bugging me. Recently, I've been putting together a lot of systems that have the 9-pin front-panel connection on the motherboard. The problem for me is that the ACPI/LED has only a
2-pin and most cases come with 3-pin cables. No mater which way I input the 3-pin cable, the front-panel LED light will not come on. Does anybody know what I'm referring? If you can Be of assistance, please give me some input.


A:Motherboard 9-Pin Front-Panel Connector

If the motherboard requires a 2 pin connector and the case manufacturer supplies a 3 pin connector just take the pins out of the connector and place them next to one another in the connector. There is a little tab on the connector you can lift up and slide the pin out. It's hard to explain here, but once you look at it closely you will see what I mean.

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Hi all.
Im in need of some help with a motherboard connectors.
I just got a old motherboard and cpu to build a second system for my son to use, but the front panel connectors don't have any kind of code and I don't have the manuals.
The only thing I can read on the MB is bib75aha . I did a lot of search on Google and I found one selling on eBay, but nothing else.
Don't even know who made it.
The connectors are identified as jpanel1 and have numbers from 1 to 10. Anyone have any idea about this?
The board is similar to this one, I don't have a pic of it now

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Im looking to find the manual for a motherboard that I am installing into a computer that I've been building. I am looking for the correct placement of the front panel pins into the motherboard.

The motherboard:
Acer mb.gay09.001

A:Need help with motherboard front panel connectivity

Didn't this motherboard come out of an Acer PC? If so, you would have to look for the overall manual that came with the PC which might show the front panel pin layout. Whether there is a separate motherboard manual, I don't know. If you know the model of the Acer PC you could possibly go to the Acer website and download a manual from there.

If this is a motherboard you bought on Ebay or something, you could go back to the seller and ask them what model it came from.

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so i have ak9a2 cf msi motherboard and a nzxt "tempest" case. the front panel audio stuff is confusing to connect to the motherboard.

am i missing something?

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Hi Everyone,
This is my first post here, so Hello!

O.K I just got a computer sent to me the was built by one of my relatives. I switched the motherboard in it for my own use. I need To put some Front Panel stuff back on the motherboard (HDD LED, Power Switch, Power LED, Reset) But I have no idea HOW! I looked at the manual online, NO HELP AT ALL . Please, I'm online right now I will answer any questions!


A:Please Help! New Motherboard Front Panel stuff

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Hi Everyone:

Hope all is going well for all of you.

Recently, a friend gave me a case with a motherboard in it from a Compaq EVO W4000 computer, (not the original case.)

I am trying to get it to work but I don't have a manual or any information about how to hook up the front panel power connectors or set up the CMOS.

I would greatly appreciate it if someone knows how to set up the front panel pins and could send that to me along with the CMOS set up.

Thanks for your assistance with this problem and I look forward to your quick replies.



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I have an FIC SD11 motherboard with an Athlon 550MHz processor. I want to hook the front panel USB ports to the motherboard. I was able to find the USB pins on the motherboard for connecting the front panel cables but the motherboard does not give any indication as to what each pin is. The power panel connections the motherboard on the other hand are clearly labeled.

Does anybody have a link or a drawing of an SD11 motherboard that shows what each individual pin for the USB connections are so I can connect the cables from the front panel? I've found many pictures of the board by searching for "sd11" but none show a simple drawing which breaks down each USB pin.

A:FIC SD11 Motherboard front panel USB connection

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I installed a motherboard in my HP Pavillion XT933 and the power switch and h/d light,etc. does not quite match. Do I just buy some connecters for it somewhere to make the appropriate connections?

A:[SOLVED] front panel connections to motherboard

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hi evryone,
i have an out of date hp pavilion t3540.be here that i'm trying to get back up.
i'm busy changing the ram, cpu and motherboard.
(4gb ddr3, amd phenom II x4, Asus M4A88T-M/USB3)
I'm almost done but there are a few problems that i've run into.
the pront panel pins are combined in one big plugin for the ac410-m motherboard. so i need to get them out of there and plug them in into smaller pins. but i can't find a pinout diagram for the old ac410-m motherboard so the wires are unknown to me.
another problem is that i can't find a aux_in plugin on th motherboard so i guess it's if i just leave it as it is in the case.
last but not least. the motherboard says it has integrated video and audio. So do i still have to put in my graphics card or can i just leave it out of there?


A:motherboard front panel pins problem

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Someone gave me an old computer. The connections have been taken off from the front panel. The board looks like a pc chips M748LMRT. I can't find anyplace on line to find out how to put the connections back on...can anyone help?

A:Solved: front panel connections off motherboard

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I was replacing the SATA plug for my second hard drive and unknowingly unplugged all four plugs to the front panel controls. I have no idea what the make of the computer case is. My system is WinXP sp2. I have the duel core Pentium 4 chip and have loaded 2 gigs of ram. I have the ATI X800 video card and sound is on board Realtek. I have 300 gig hard drive as C: and 180 gig hard drive as D: I also have Pioneer DVD/CD read/write and NEC DVD/CD read/write.
When this occurred I first tried to plug the wires back in. Using the two LED plugs but no matter what position I plugged them into, white wire to pin 2 and green to pin 4 or reverse, and HLED plug white to pin 1 and red to pin 3 or reverse, I get no power to the front panel.
The digital readout shows F9. Also as a side note I remember there are two lights at the lower right side of the motherboard one green and to the right of it is a red light. I noted the red light does not come on at startup. Any help will be greatly appreciated. bb

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I just cant seem to figure out how these pins will connect onto my motherboard hd audio pins.

wires from case front panel are:


(single orange wire)



Pic Of Wires from case:

here is a pic of the manual that came with the case:

mobo is FoxConn 975X7AB-8EKRS2H

image of motherboard manual (how to connect the hd audio)

Pic of the actual mobos pins:

I have no idea on how to connect these pins, the case manual is confusing to me.
if anyone could help it will be much appreciated. thanks.

A:Connecting Front Panel Audio To Motherboard

This has been a tough task for many of us... Just keep trying connections. You might get lucky

One thing,
with the wires you have coming from the front panel you have to use the AC97 configuration only

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OK well after years of installing just about every bit of hardware possible in various flavours of computers I finally decided to build a new one from the ground up. So here I am with my nice new case wich has front panel mic and audio out sockets, and some usb ports, and a motherboard which has pins to fit them. Only trouble is the labelling on the leads from the front panel, and the labelling on the pins on the mobo don't quite match up.
Here's what I've got on the mobo for the audio connections:
(forgive the 'code' tags, I wanted this monospaced and courier was parsing multiple spaces as one space)

aud_mic aud_gnd
aud_mic_bias aud_vcc
aud_fpout_r aud_ret_r
nc key
aud_frout_l aud_ret_l

And from the front panel I have two leads, one with mic connections, one with audio connections, labelled as follows:
Mic Cable

audio cable
Now some of these match up fairly obviously, the l and r in and out for instance... and I think vcc is the mic- power.. but there's two grounds... and what about the NC and KEY pins on the nmobo, does anything go there?
Here's how I;ve connected some at the moment:

Mic Cable | Mobo pins
.mic-power | .aud_vcc
.mic-in | .aud_mic
.ground | .aud_gnd
audio cable |
.l-ret | .aud_ret_l
.r-ret | .aud_ret_r
.l-out | .aud_out_l
.r-out | .aud_out_r ... Read more

A:motherboard & case front panel connections

What you have so far looks right. The NC is no connection. The Key may be for some kind of switch on a mike(not sure). I do not see a ground on the audio cable hooked up. You may want to check that.

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I bought Zebronics cabinet and the mother boad is DZ75ML-45k. How to configure the front panel. the cabniet has the following pins
1. GND
2,MIC in
3 Mic power
4 R-out R-ret
5 L-out L-ret.

Thanks in advance,

A:Configure front panel in zebronics motherboard


According to Intel, these are your front panel connectors for your motherboard:

Intel? Desktop Boards use a 9-pin chassis front panel header.
And according to Zebronics: Hardware Installation - Zebronics - Always Ahead - Largest Range of Peripherals

So I am unsure as to your pins on the cabinet, are these not for rear?
Can you provide a Screenshot or layout?

1. GND
2,MIC in
3 Mic power
4 R-out R-ret
5 L-out L-ret.



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HiI need to know the layout for the front panel connection on CIB85M. Searched all around and the closest i got was this, but i dont understand the language: Link to image Moderator note: large image(s) converted to link(s):  About Posting Pictures In The Forums

A:K450 motherboard front panel connection

Please, I too am looking for this information:  pinout diagrams and or wire coloring/descriptions for the Front Panel, Front USB3.0 and Front Audio headers which all appear to be non-standard.  Also, there was a Sensor Header that it would be nice to know the layout for just in case I can find a place on the new mobo for it.  Our CIB85M is fried so trying to connect everything to a new MSI mobo.  Any assistance would be appreciated.  Thanks!

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Hi i bought an ebay "Front Panel USB 3.0 Port Hub"
Here ---> http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/DC-4-Pin-USB-2-0-9-Pin-3-5-F...


after installing it via "PCI-E, USB2.0 9PIN, DC Big 4PIN (3PIN)"
it worked half the time with the provided drivers, a few days later i got the error "Power Surge on Hub Port".

so i disconnected the device but my pc randomly gets stuck on the bios screen and the mouse freezes randomly for 5 secs or so, in other cases mouse is freezes until i have to restart the PC.

Is my motherboard damaged? any solutions?

Here is my pc specs:
-Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit SP1
-Intel Core i7 950 @ 3.07GHz
-RAM 12.0GB Triple-Channel DDR3 @ 539MHz (7-7-7-20)
-Motherboard Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. X58-USB3 (Socket 1366)
-Graphics 1024MB NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450 (Gigabyte)


A:after installing Front Panel USB 3.0 Port Hub Motherboard failing?

It is possible that your PSU (Power Supply Unit) could not handle the Hub, hence, "Power Surge".

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I have move my H30-50 system to a new case, to allow space for a new gpu. While building I noticed that the motherboard has no manual and nowhere to tell you where to put front panel connectors, such as reset and hdd led. I have pics down below to show you what I mean. Please could someone tell me what they are ty        

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HI, I have a Sony Vaio RS720g that I need a Front Panel Pinout of the Motherboard to be able to connect the Power Switch and Led's. Someone attempted to install a different board in the case and changed the front panel wiring to another board. I then inherited the problem and can get no help from Sony. Says it's a secrect. Any help would be appreciated. This MB has PTGD-VX stamped on it.
Oh yea NEVER BUY A SONY. Thanks

A:vaio RS720g motherboard front panel pinout

the pin out should be standard as follows: 2 rows of 10 pins with gaps. Providing you do not leave things connected permanently you cannot damage anything - it might stop but thats all. Pin 1 is commonly the furthest away from any corner.
1 = pwr led +
3 = pwr led -
5 = pwr led -
7 = null
9 = null
11 = null
11 = null
13 = spkr
15 = null
17 = null
19 = spkr
next row
2 = HDD +
4 = HDD -
6 = null
8 = null
10 = null
12 = pwr
14 = pwr -
16 = null
18 = reset
20 = reset -

hope this helps.

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Hello! I was wondering if I could have an expert help me out with a project. I ordered a board, and need the pinout of the front power connection for manual power-on without a header. The Designator is J98 on board HP 603887-001 on a HP Proliant DL165 G7 system board. Item #25 on the service manual. All I would like to do is power test the board with no FP button. Thanks, glad to be here and using HP equipment. Jacob M.   

A:Need pinout for DL165 G7 Motherboard Front Panel Header

Hi: You may also want to post your question on the HPE Community Support Forum -- DL Servers section... https://community.hpe.com/t5/ProLiant-Servers-ML-DL-SL/bd-p/itrc-264#.WQx46-Q2y9I  

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I have an older Shuttle AI61 Slot A motherboard that I am putting together for my grandaughter and cannot locate the manual. I need to know what the connections for the power switch, power LED, HD LED, etc are...Can anyone help me out. I can't find anything on the Shuttle site.

A:Shuttle AI61 motherboard Front Panel connections

Not sure about shuttle Mobo's but on most mobo's the switch and led functions are printed next to the pins on the switch header. such as PWR for power and HDD the hard drive led, RST or something like that for the reset button. Mind you if this was a custom board out of a brand name computer this labeling may not exist.

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I hope the community can help me out on this one.
I have moved the insides of my Lenovo H330 in to a larger case so that I can upgrade the motherboard, the new case that I have comes with a different front panel connection with the components having separate cables instead of one long one to connect to the front panel connection on the CIH61C motherboard.
I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction for obtaining a diagram of which pins on the motherboard equate to the right cables so I can connect it up and get it working please.
Thanks in advance
Mod's Edit: System model added to front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.


Go to Solution.

A:H330 - CIH61C motherboard front panel connections.

I have actually managed to find the answer to this question, it took some deep searching and translating of chinese into english but I have found the answer to this question the front panel connections for the CIH61C Motherboard used in the Lenovo H330 is as follows. +-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+|  1    |  2   |       |       |        |  3  |  4    |+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+|        |       |  5   |  6   |   7  |   8  |   X  |+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+-----+ 1 HDD LED -2 HDD LED +3 Reset SW +4 Reset SW -5 Power LED -6 Power LED +7 Power SW +8 Power SW - I hope this is of help to others seeking this answer.

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Hello, I am trying to change the computer case of my hp pavilion 500-589c to get more airflow but the front panel of the new case has single pin connectors to connect to the motherboard while the hp case had one big connector. So I'd like to know the layout of the front panel pins of my motherboard so I can know which ones are for the power led or hard drive led etc. I could not find the layout of those pins anywhere but I know there are some awesome people on the forums that could help. Thank you in advance for any help given

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I hope someone can help. I have a (cheap) case with front audio. The shop assistant said I would not be able to connect it, as motherboards do not have the right connections, so I am hoping to prove him wrong.

The a7n8x deluxe mobo has a 9 pin section near the AGP slot with 2 jumpers attached labelled:



And I have a clutch of little plugs attached to the front audio of the case labelled:



Can anyone help me match them up? I am more concerned about headphones/speaker than Mic, but I guess it would be great for it all to work.


A:a7n8x motherboard - connecting front panel audio


For anyone interested in my dilemma, a friend solved the problem.

AGND connected GND (either one)

MIC2 connected MIC (the one next to the GND you used)

LINE_OUT_R connected R OUT

LINE_OUT_L connected L OUT

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No one has ever posted this ever. But where do the Power SW, and Reset SW go on a Lenovo K450's stock motherboard. I am so frustrated that they never put this in the manual, and it has to very specific. I can't plug it in a just "go". Anyone have an image showing exactly where each of these things go on the front panel connector?

A:Lenovo K450 Motherboard Front Panel Locations?

Welcome to the Lenovo Community !
Although the Hardware Maintenance Manual lacks the documentation there have been past discussions on the topic.  Please check out this thread.......

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Motherboard Front Panel connectors Zeus 60 R1 07G Samsung.
Pls send a picture of the panel or tell me which color wires to which one

Power button , HDD , LED Display


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Building a new rig, but for some reason there is no sound when I boot the machine up, the sound always come's from the front panel audio connections to motherboard and case Hd audio or AC97 wires which are both compatible on my motherboard.

The gaming case is a Antec 900, it all seems wired up correctly, just puzzled in why I can't here the beep sound when it boots up, any one got any suggestions please.

A:Front panel audio connections to motherboard Not Working!

The "Beep" sound that I think you're referring to is the post beep.

That does not come from the front panel audio connections.

That comes from the Motherboard speaker and is a separate connection.

If you want to hear the post beep, get a hold of a motherboard speaker. It's a little tiny thing that plugs into 2 of the pins on the bottom right hand corner of your Motherboard.

The function of this speaker is only for those little beeps and does nothing else of value. But it can be handy if you have a hardware failure or something like that. Each motherboard has it's own little morse code of beeps depending on what is going on. A single beep means everything is cool and it kicks off into the boot sequence.

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Hi, I just purchased a Gigabyte UD3R motherboard. My computer case is at least 6 years old (don't know make) and many of the connectors don't match description to motherboard.

Cables for Audio:


RETURN R (White)

SPKOUT L (White)

SPKOUT R (Green)

GROUND (Black)

MIC BIAS (Yellow)

MIC-IN (Pink)
My case doesn't provide an HD audio module so I need to set it up for AC'97 functionality. The pin set up is as follows
Pin 1 - MIC

Pin 2 - GND

Pin 3 - MIC Power

Pin 4 - NC

Pin 5 - Line Out (R)

Pin 6 - NC

Pin 7 - NC

Pin 8 - No Pin

Pin 9 - Line Out (L)

Pin 10 - NC
Really appreciate the help. Thanks!

A:Solved: New Motherboard + Front Panel Connector Confusion

Most probably should work by:
MIC-IN to pin 1,
MIC BIAS to pin 3,
GROUND to pin 2,
SPKOUT R to pin 5,
RETURN R to pin 6,
SPKOUT L to pin 9,
RETURN L to pin 10.

Please don't mark threads solved if they aren't, less people will wander to the thread if it looks like no further help is needed.

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Hi all. I have this MB in a HP Pavilion a1720n system I bought a few years ago, and have switched out the Small HP Case to a Antec 300 for more room and to add fans that the HP case did not have, and for my son to game with.

Now, I just checked here and found a similiar situation where a person switched out to a Antec 300 also, and needed the manual or picture of the FRONT PANEL PINOUTS because the letters on the board are too small to read to be able to hook up the pins to the panel.

You provided a site to where you can get the information, but it's locked out and I can't get the downlod to the manual or pic that I need to connect the pins to the front panel.

Can someone please help me in locating or sending me info for the download for this manual so I can connect the pins to the front panel. My 8 year old is ragging me out to get this fixed so he can play his games....LOL. Thanks to any help or info you can provide.

A:Asus P5LP-LE Motherboard Front Panel Pinouts

The front panel header has 5 pins(top), and 4 pins(bottom). Starting with the top far left it is as follows: N/C Reset GND HDLED - HDLED +
Then the bottom 4 pins GND PWR PWRLED - PWRLED +
I hope this can be understood.

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Greetings all...I am curently in the process of transferring the "guts" (motherboard, i5 4460, etc) to a different case.  However, I am running into some difficulty getting the new separate front panel connectors of the new case matched up to the "proprietary" pin block where the black connector that was in the old Lenovo case used to go. I will include images of the motherboard connector along with the connectors from the new case I need to hook up. The only info on the motherboard is on a sticker which reads MB FRU W8s (I will include a photo for reference). Any help is MUCH appreciated!

20171231_160542.jpg ?2964 KB

A:Looking for Front Panel Pinout Information on Lenovo k450e Motherboard

Additional image of the new connectors 

20171231_160510.jpg ?3010 KB

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So i decided to build a new computer and i got everything connected, hit the power button and the computer wont power up. I have made sure all the power cables are connected well but nothing.

using a intel dp55wg mobo
intel i5 processor
coolermaster gx-750w power supply
xion axp 100 series case.

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Hey there,

I'm using the onboard sound of my ASUS P7P55D motherboard.
The back audio connectors work fine, but I somehow can't use the front panel that I connected to the mobo (yellow cable).

Is there a trick or any setting to activate it with win7 professional x64?

I also tried changing to AC97 in BIOS, didn't help...


A:Front audio Panel doesn't work (ASUS P7P55D motherboard)

Check which it is that the csae has as they are wired differently between HD Audio and AC97,

It is also possible that that fpaudio block is wired wrong and neither will work. If that is what it is it will take pulling and reseating the various wires in the block; not easy but can be done.

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Would like to move my Precision T3500 Motherboard to Another box.
The Front Panel connector might be useful, but I have not found
any documentation of this.

Is there a Motherboard manual somewhere, or at least the pin definition of the Front Panel connector?

A:Precision T3500 Motherboard documentation (Front Panel connector spec)

.As with most Dells there is a proprietary Front Panel Board and 20 pin or more ribbon cable.

Dell Precision WorkStation T3500 I/O Panel Assembly with USB Audio I/O Control Panel, 29" Internal Audio Cable D/PN X389H, Front Panel Cable D/PN JN454, and Mounting Bracket, Dell M884G, MC532.


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