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Dell 7280 touchpad not working in Windows 7. Driver on website not compatible.

Q: Dell 7280 touchpad not working in Windows 7. Driver on website not compatible.

We started using a new model Dell 7280 from our global agreement. The touchpad doesn't work in Windows 7, only Windows 10 environment.
The Windows 7 driver from the Dell website just gives an error saying its not compatible when you run it.
I also did the KB that there is about it but installing this other driver as instructed doesn' twork.
Do you know if there is any fix for this?! We have loads of machines we need to get out!!

Preferred Solution: Dell 7280 touchpad not working in Windows 7. Driver on website not compatible.

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Dell 7280 touchpad not working in Windows 7. Driver on website not compatible.

Hi,Welcome to our community.We request you to let us know if you are using dual boot on the system. If yes, unfortunately we do not support systems with dual boot configuration. If not, let us know if Windows 7 or Windows 10 is installed in the system. We’ll surely try to assist you accordingly.

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Recently recovered from a hard drive crash.  I've got the new OS working but didn't have the Dell Touchpad driver installed.
I downloaded the driver Dell.com suggests for the computer.  The first time I ran it from Control Panel it worked fine.  I dislike using the touchpad and disabled it.
Every subsequent time I click "Dell Touchpad" from Control Panel, the computer pauses for a few seconds and gives me this message:
"Dell Touchpad has stopped working correctly.  Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available."
I have reinstalled the driver several times.  I can enable/disable the touchpad using Fn + F3 and the notification icon is present in the system tray but whenever I run from Control Panel the program stops working correctly.
Any ideas what this is about?

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WOW, i never experienced something like this, i cant find a proper driver for my DELL XPS 9343.
Why so many people complain about this problem and DELL cant take responsibility and help their customers that pay a lot of money for something that is not even working properly.

Does anyone know of a driver (Synaptic or Dell) that will make scrolling working properly???

Thanks guys.

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A new major update for Windows 10 has been released a few days ago, and the update included a new gesture which allow user to switch the desktops with 4 fingers placed on the touchpad and swipe between left or right to switch the desktops.
This new gesture is not working on my touchpad and I am assuming this may relate to the current version of the touchpad driver is not yet supported to this feature because the other gestures like three fingers swipe for moving any opened windows and three fingers tap for calling Cortana are still working fine for me.
I was wondering if there will be any update for the touchpad driver coming soon, or all of these were just my own issue...

Thank you!

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I am using win 7 in my Vostro 3446 . I am unable to install the touchpad drivers available at dell.com for my system. The touchpad however seems to be working fine with the default windows drivers but additional functionality provided by Dell touchpad drivers is missing. 
I have provided the screenshot for the issue. 
Kindly help. Thanks in advance.

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I was recently playing a game, the touchpad has been having no issues before this, but during the game, the touchpad randomly stopped working, I restarted my computer and it hasn't worked since. I've attempted to install the Alps multi-touchpad drivers (it isn't meant for M6500, but it is meant for windows 10), but none of my attempts at installing have been successful it seems. Pretty much every time I install it, it says the installation has failed and doesn't give me a reason. I've also attempted to install the synaptics drivers (Is meant for the M6500, isn't meant for windows 10) that initially came on the computer, this successfully installed but didn't succeed in making my touchpad work. I would attempt to auto install the drivers, but when I go to the device manager, my touchpad no longer shows up in any of the options. The computer does, however, work with a mouse, but I'd prefer to have the trackpad working.
Dell precision M6500
Windows 10, originally Windows 7.
Nvidia Quadro FX 2800M, up to date
Intel Core i5 CPU M 540 @ 2.53 GHz
8Gb Ram

A:Dell Precision M6500 Touchpad No longer working - Windows 10

Hi DART737,
If the system was working fine earlier, then perform a system restore to restore the machine to an earlier point where it was working fine - http://dell.to/1Sg6khF 
Update the BIOS if possible - http://dell.to/2eGY1Q5- restart the system and check in device manager under mouse and pointing devices or check for any unknown devices.
Reset the BIOS defaults and check again - press f2 on startup.
Restart the system and press f12 key on startup - choose diagnostics. Let it run the diags and if you encounter any errors - make a note of the complete error and report the same to us.These are onboard diagnostics and they might possible pick some error if the hardware is not functional.
Restart and check in Safe mode - press f8 on startup.
If nothing works, try reseating the touchpad / palmrest cable and check - download the service manual here - http://dell.to/2e8Ofpa
Lastly, your system model is not compatible to work with Win 10 - see this link - http://dell.to/2f3nCj3. Although the system might work with Win10, you might not find drivers available for win 10. The system might not be completely functional or stable, such as it might the issue you have encountered now.
Also, please click my DELL-username and write me a private conversation with the service tag and your contact details(Name and Email) for case records.
Let us know if you have any other queries.

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Just bought an Inspiron 5759 from Dell Canada.
 Touchpad is very squirrelly - move around and it randomly perceives a click hence starts moving or invoking stuff.  Try to click left or right button (bottom left or right of touchpad) and the cursor moves so I can click on wrong thing easily.  Looked for Touchpad settings under Control Panel Mouse.  Nothing there specific to touchpad - just generic mouse settings.  Looked in Device Manager - Mouse and Pointing Devices - see HIID compliant mouse and PS2 compatible mouse.   Driver for either is from Microsoft dated 2006.  
Ok - load newest driver from dell.com.  Claims it installs ok - wrong.  The Dev Mgr shows same Microsoft drivers.  Manually force driver to Synaptics - Dell TouchPad.  Looks like it succeeds.  Now, Dev Mgr shows two mouse devices: Dell Touchpad and PS2 Compatible mouse.  Try control panel - Mouse.  Now I see a Dell Touchpad tab but the only field - Change Dell Touchpad settings - does nothing.
Spent 6 hours trying to get help from Dell Support - worst experience with any support organisation (other than HP who managed to toast a notebook via remote control while trying to install a printer driver - never did work.)  Absolutely no improvement in situation.  Four times put on hold and line drops.  Considering strongly returning the notebook.
Went to BestBuy and looked at 8 Inspiron  and XPS computers on demo.  Not a sin... Read more

A:Inspiron and XPS laptops running Windows 10 cannot install Dell/Synaptics Touchpad driver

With Win 10, touchpad drivers are found in the Win 10 Settings, selected in the Start Menu. In addition, many newer laptops are using a Precision touchpad, a Microsoft inspired pad. The driver is incorporated in Windows itself, and a regular driver will not work. This is why you don't see anything in the "old" Windows Control Panel app or in the Device Manager.

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For the past few months, the right touchpad button does not work with the Windows 10 drivers. Windows 8.1 drivers worked fine. If I switch mouse settings to left handed, then the buttons work fine, but obviously this is awkward to get used to. I have rollbacked the driver to a very old edition and it worked fine, however then I had no synaptics touchpad settings so the touchpad settings could not be altered. is the synaptics version

touchpad works fine on other user accounts

A:Acer Aspire V3 - Windows 10 - Touchpad not working with new driver

Aspire E15 - Touchpad not working at all

The touchpad on my e15 does not work at all, but after searching for forums, they said its the BIOS problem, so i updated my bios via acer support page, it works fine now, hope this help..

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Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon (5th Gen) My Fingerprint scanner stopped working so I updated bunch of drivers, two of them being: (Synaptics HID-Compliant Touch pad Device) and (Synaptics Pointing Device). After the update, the trackpad stopped working properly. The clicking function still works, but movement, scrolling, windows precision gestures ceased proper function. When (Synaptics HID-Compliant Touch pad Device) is disabled via Device Manager, touchpad movement works properly, however, two-finger scrolling still does not work. [I think two-finger scrolling is not a part of the windows precision gestures, but I could be wrong about that.) I tried updating and uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers for the two affected drivers. I am uncertain which of the two drivers are causing the problem.

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Until recently the touchpad used to work with the HP / Synaptic driver. 2 or 3 finger function worked and turn on / off with the orange light worked.  For whatever reason these functions don't work anymore and I don't find a driver on the HP Support site to download and install.

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I'm running a Dell XPS 15 Laptop with Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit.  My Synaptic Touchpad stopped working after I updated an academic research program called Papers.  I don't know if that program caused these problems or not, but I'm afraid of uninstalling it because I may lose a lot of data.  (Long story, it's an expired trial version, and to export the data I would have to pay a fair bit of money, which I'm trying to avoid.  Right now all I want is to be able to scroll again.)
Anyway, the pointer would just remain in the default place on the screen, and when I use the keyboard to navigate to the Mouse section of Control Panel it says it "Cannot Connect with Synaptics Pointing Device", etc.  
So I uninstalled the Synaptics software, and restarted.  Now the touchpad works fine, but without any of the vertical or horizontal scrolling capabilities that the Synaptics software had.  
So, here's the current situation: if I install the latest Synaptics touchpad driver from the Dell site, the touchpad doesn't work at all.  If I uninstall it, and reboot with just the PS/2 Mouse generic Windows driver, the touchpad works but without any scrolling options.
I updated the BIOS to A12 from A06, but it didn't fix the problem.
Thank you so much for any help and suggestions!  Let me know if you need any more info.

A:Synaptic Touchpad stopped working, but will run with the generic windows driver. No scrolling.

Anybody here want to take a stab at it?  Or direct me elsewhere?  Much appreciated.  

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We have recently received these new model type laptops from Dell in our company, but we seem to have issues trying to image them. We currently only can support UEFI boot imaging, but this particular model of laptop does not let us choose the boot order or pick the NIC manually.When I go to Legacy mode, I can boot network without issues, but on UEFI it does not let me select anything. Even trying to select the boot manager results into no choice and continues loading Windows factory installation.

Any solution to this? How can I boot to PXE while in UEFI?

A:Unable to boot NIC - Dell Lattitude 7280 / 7480

What operating system are you attempting to install on these?  Note that 10 is the only OS supported by seventh-generation CPUs - - you must use a 10 image to boot from.

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Alps driver does not show up in the device manager even though the hardware is installed.
Two error messages appear during OS bootup:
"Alps setmouse monitor error" X 2 error message boxes.
External mouse is the only way to access mouse control.

Use of Dell update system does find drivers, I install the drivers and still no touch pad after installation and reboot. Same error after installation and reboot.
Anyone know the problem or how to repair?

A:Dell Precision M4700 Mobile Workstation Alps Touchpad Not Working After Windows 10 Update

Hi Magisterludiv,
Please check and confirm if the system BIOS is updated to latest, if not please update from support.dell.com under drivers and downloads BIOS section. As you have already updated the drivers and it didn't make any different, try booting to safe mode with networking and check if the touchpad works.
For me to better assist in troubleshooting, please click my DELL-username and send me a Private Message with the Dell Service Tag number and your email address.

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Just got a brand new laptop, Dell Inspiron 11 3137, and updated to windows 8.1. The touchpad does not work properly now; gestures/scrolling/pointer not working. I've spent over 16 hours getting windows 8.1 installed and then troubleshooting this issue. I've contacted Dell; updated the driver from Dell, even tried installing the latest driver from Synaptic. I even tried setting the Synaptic app to run under the windows 8 version. 
Touchpads have been around a long time. It's the last thing I expect not to work properly.
At this point I am ready to send the laptop back and call it quits on windows.
Can anybody help with this?

A:Touchpad gestures/scrolling/pointer not working after windows 8.1 update on Dell Inspiron 11 3137

     SO, You're having problems with 8.1 and the Synaptics Dell Touchpad!? I wish I could say I've never seen this before. I won't open up with "Have you tried this?" Instead, I'm confident this will "fix what ails ya"  There have been a wealth of problems with touchpads (Alps included) and not just on Dell systems, during the transition from windows 8 to 8.1 (I still can't figure out why they didn't just call it SP1) IN ANY EVENT> give this a go and please get back to me after you've done it so I can share with others who are experiencing the same problem. I'll explain WHY these steps at the end...Go ahead peek ...I won't tell anyone! 
Locate the current driver for your touchpad from  Dell Support by entering your service tag number here:
SAVE the download to somewhere convenient like your desktop (you can put it somewhere else later)
1) From the control panel under Programs / Uninstall a Program locate the Synaptics Pointing Device Driver and completely uninstall the software.  but DO NOT RESTART if prompted. Instead select the restart later option.
2) From the control panel under Hardware and Sound locate the Device Manager in the Devices and Printers category and click on it (device manager may require admin permission.) 
3) Locate Mice and other Pointing Devices and click to exp... Read more

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Hello, I have a brand new Dell Inspiron 5558 with Windows 8.1 64b installed. I can't use touchpad gestures, no scroll, no pinch to zoom, etc. I have installed the latest drivers from here but after install (which says it is succesfull) nothing is showing up in my taskbar or control panel or program files. 

A:Dell Touchpad gestures not working on Dell Inspiron 5558

I found the fix here. Install Synaptics 19.15.2 Windows 10 64 Bit  even tough you have Windows 8.1.
Install like this:
1) Extract the files to another folder
2) Open the folder with extracted files copy the path of the x64 drivers
3) Go to Control Panel>Device Manager>Mice and other pointing devices
4) Right click mice and other pointing devices, select Update Driver>From Hard-Disk
5) Add the x64 drivers path
6) Select Dell Touchpad
7)  Install drivers
8) Restart

Video can be found here: www.youtube.com/watch

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So now that I have gotten the Windows 10 3-finger grestures to work on my Dell XPS 13 9333 (2014), it looks like one of the most useful features finally introduced in Windows 10 --the ability to scroll windows out of focus without having to click them first-- is not working with my touchpad, even though the option is clearly enabled in the Settings app.
Hower, it does work just right with a wireless Logitech mouse, in the exact same situation where the trackpad fails to work. Even more weird is that I have gotten it to work with the touchpad if the window in focus is one of the Modern/Metro apps, but it is just impossible to get it working with "normal" software.
I am running the latest version of the Synaptics Dell Touchpad driver (v., just installed from the Dell's website after uninstalling the previous version.
Anyone experiencing the same issue? Suggestions?
Thanks in advance,
-- Pol

A:Windows 10 "Scroll inactive windows when I hover over them" not working on Dell XPS 13 9333 touchpad

I have the same problem. Didn't find the solution anywhere on the Internet, nothing seems to work...
my laptop is Dell Inspiron 3542

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My touch-pad does not work anymore, so i have tried several drivers from synaptics and so on. It gave me some results, but after some time, the touch-pad just went on and off completely random. After this, the touch-pad died, and has not worked since. I have tried drivers, drivers and more drivers. Nothing seems to be working. I'm able to go into "Dell touchpad" then when i try to push the "touchpad settings button" nothing happens - does not react at all. Hopefully someone can help me

Computer is Dell Xps 16
OS vista 32bit

A:Dell touchpad driver

The only thing I'd tell you is look in the BIOS for touchpad options. Run Dell diagnostics by pressing F12 and booting with diagnostic partition. It may be able to test the touchpad so you can rule out windows problem or PC problem.

If not, it's dead and they'll need to replace your palmrest. If you have still under warranty you may have next day onsite or return to depot warranty. The former is better.

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I have installed Windows 8.1 x32 on my computer. I have:
DELL Inspiron 15 3542
Service tag: G42K312
DELL doesn't support x32 Windows 8.1, so please guide me on how can I use my touchpad. I need only touchpad.
P.S. I don't want to change to x64.

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Installed 32-bit Win 8.1 onto a Dell D610 (Pentium M 1.86GHz 2GB RAM) and it really works very well. Except for one nagging problem - the 4 left/right click buttons do not work! I have tried several drivers and all give full touch pad functionality (scroll and tap/click) and the keyboard stick works - but both sets of left and right buttons refuse to do anything. All worked with Win 7, so I assume it is a driver problem. I currently have a Logitech USB wireless mouse attached which works fine, but I would like to get the buttons on the laptop functioning.
Any ideas which driver may work?

A:Win 8.1 touchpad driver for Dell D610

Hello Procrastinus,

I'm surprised you were able to get Win 8.1 installed and working with that older hardware. Anyway, can you tell us the touchpad driver version you are currently using so we have a baseline for investigation?

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Hey All,
I have had this problem since installing windows 7 beta, and have not been able to find a fix, so here i go...

I have a Dell XPS m1330 and exactly 50% of the time my dell synaptics touchpad mouse driver does not work. What I mean by that is every other time i boot my computer device manager says "code 10: device cannot start". I have tried installing the lastest Dell Vista drivers for the touchpad, and I have even gone straight to synaptics website and downloaded their latest drivers as well. Neither fixed the problem.

If anyone has any idea's that could help me with this problem it would be appreciated.

A:Dell touchpad driver cannot start

hello madchills and welcome....

have you tried these drivers?
Drivers | Synaptics
while they might be generic we can at least check if the base drivers work...

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Hi all,
I'm new to this forum. I recently purchased a new Dell Laptop (Vostro 15 3559). It is a Brand New one. But I am facing one problem since the beginning. It is with dell touch pad driver. With the touch pad driver installed, whenever I using touchpad system process show high cpu usage(20%-30%). This is so annoying, and it eats battery. When touch pad driver is uninstaller, the problem disappears and system process become normal. But without driver touchpad is not smooth and no gestures. I tried with different drivers and uninstall and installing newest drivers, clean install of windows, but no luck.
My system is,
i5 6200U
8Gb ram
Windows 10 pro 64 Bit
Please give me a solution guys.

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For the Dell moderators monitoring this forum...please discuss providing non-Microsoft touchpad drivers.  My primary complaint for my machine is the touchpad.  After reading several other forums with similar complaints, there seems to be a lot of people that insist that the Dell XPS touchpad issues stem from using Microsofts circa 2006 generic "precision touchpad" driver.  There isn't much ability to adjust settings with it, and the 2-finger scroll function is terrible.  I have tried some other suggested solutions, like installing generic Synaptics drivers, and they fix some things, but introduce other issues as well.  Can Dell please consider releasing some better drivers to improve the performance of the touchpad?  

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Any help getting the right driver for Inspiron 1520 with win 7 Ultimate 64 bit, i can't
get the scroll to work.
Thanks Shawn

A:Touchpad Driver for Dell Inspiron 1520

Hi sfstrong, welcome to the forums, here is a direct link to the synaptics 64bit driver ftp://ftp1.dell.com/input/R244796.EXE

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On my Dell Inspiron 1525, when you try to scroll using the touchpad (sliding your finger along the right or bottom side), all it does is move the mouse. I think this might be a driver problem, so I tried going on the Dell website to find a driver for the touchpad, but all I can find are drivers for Windows XP and Vista 32-bit. Does anyone know of any Dell Inspiron 1525 drivers for Windows 7 64-bit?

A:Touchpad Driver for Dell Inspiron 1525

First Run windows Update and look though both recommended and Optional updates.
Can you see driver updates?

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I am using Dell Inspiron 3543 with windows 10 Home. My Synaptics Driver is malfunctioning.

Symptoms and Problem
The touchpad is working fine. Sometimes, after using laptop for a while, I am unable to perform 2-finger scrolling as well as touchpad get somewhat sticky and not as smooth as it was. This problem troubles me much as using 2-finger scrolling feature is very useful.

The one main symptom is as soon as when the 2-finger scrolling stops, at the same time the Dell touchpad (synaptics driver) icon in the system tray also get freezes, means it doesn't respond to any 'touch' pressure.

I tired contacting Dell, they updated my Synaptics Driver but after sometime the problem again started. I also tired uninstalling Synaptics Driver. But none of the solution works permanently. Only one temp solution is a reboot (restart).

Also I upgraded to windows 8.1 to 10 but the problem is as same as it was.

Please help

A:Dell Touchpad (Synaptics Driver) Malfunctioning

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Hi Everybody.

I have a problem with touchpad driver on my Laptop - Dell Vostro A860
Dell supports only Vista32 drivers - so i was thinking that i can use Compatibility Mode in Windows7. Negative !

Compatibility mode don't work and my touchpad is not installed.
Dell put on board (ALPS touchpads).
Is there anyone who have similar problem and fixe it ?

Sorry for my english !

A:Dell Vostro A860 - touchpad driver

Unless Dell decides to OFFICIALY support 64 bit on the A860 you will have to try alternatives.

Dell likes to re-use things/designs/spec between models to save costs.

I would try this one first (reported to work on Latutude D830)

Drivers and Downloads

I have not tried it yet on a Latitude I will be upgrading.

I strongly suggest you do an image backup or at least a restore point before the install.

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Just finished to the upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 8. The upgrade went surprisingly seamless and except for the long download and installation was a breeze. I am still learning to get around on my laptop. I upgraded on a Dell XPS m1530. The only thing I was required to uninstall was my Alps touchpad. I have looked everywhere and can't seem to find a Dell (or Alps) Windows 8 driver. I am running a 64 bit processor.

If I can't find a Winows 8 touchpad driver, is it possible to locate a Windows 7 driver and use it. Has anyone been successful doing this. If so, what is the process to install the driver (8 or 7) in Windows 8.

I am fascinated with the process to setup Windows 8 and just as amazed at how it works. It does work much better with my laptop then I thought it would!!!

Thanks for any and all suggestions.

A:Dell Touchpad Alps! Can't find driver. Help[

Just finished to the upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 8. The upgrade went surprisingly seamless and except for the long download and installation was a breeze. I am still learning to get around on my laptop. I upgraded on a Dell XPS m1530. The only thing I was required to uninstall was my Alps touchpad. I have looked everywhere and can't seem to find a Dell (or Alps) Windows 8 driver. I am running a 64 bit processor.If I can't find a Winows 8 touchpad driver, is it possible to locate a Windows 7 driver and use it. Has anyone been successful doing this. If so, what is the process to install the driver (8 or 7) in Windows 8.I am fascinated with the process to setup Windows 8 and just as amazed at how it works. It does work much better with my laptop then I thought it would!!!Thanks for any and all suggestions.I was finally successful with my Asus laptop using Windows 7 64 bit drivers off the Asus website. There are no Windows 8 drivers for my laptop.

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I have been using Widows 10 for some time now on  my M6600. I can put up with some of the incompatibility but have just discovered that my USB 3.0 ports are not working. I have tried the Intel site scan and nothing I do seems to rectify the problem. It is the USN xHCI drivers that is the problem. Anyone got a fix for this?

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I've recently installed Vista Ultimate (update) over XP (on Dell 9200 Inspiron) and got the expected driver problems , one being the touchpad (Alps Electric) scrolling stops working. Dell don't seem to have a specific driver update for my pc so after a bit of searching found a site with a comment to try using http://support.us.dell.com/support/downloads/download.aspx?c=us&l=en&s=gen&releaseid=R140031&formatcnt=1&libid=0&fileid=187207
and it seems to be working fine. Dell says it's meant for some Latitude's but no probs so far.

A:Touchpad driver for Dell Inspiron 9200 Vista

Hi Adaminevit,

Welcome to the Vista Forum.

The driver you can download here Alps Touchpad Driver 7.0.301.4 Driver for Windows Vista Free Download - Softpedia

Hope I could help.


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Hello, I am installing Windows 7 on Vostro 3459 and I could find all drivers for the laptop, except this one :

Field Value
Device Properties
Driver Description Unknown
Hardware ID ACPI\DLLA6C2
PnP Device Dell Touchpad

Device Resources
IRQ 51
The Touchpad driver listed here does not install for this device :
Product Support | Dell US

But I can use the touchpad normally, but it shows on Device Manager that this device with the Hardware ID does not have driver installed.

Any solutions ?

A:Unknown Dell Touchpad Driver for Vostro 3459

Hi welcome to the forum

did you install all the chipset drivers? do you get any errors when trying to install the touchpad driver?

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Help I need Driver Touchpad Laptop Dell precision 3510
I using Windows 10 pro system and Laptop Dell precision 3510, I need Driver Touchpad Laptop Dell precision 3510

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I recently upgraded my dell vostro 3558 to windows 10 but after installing it touchpad gestures was not working properly. i re installed the drivers many times but was not able to find out the solution of it also searched on the web but got no solution.then i found fastboot is one of the reason also disable it but gestures workerd for first time only.then finally updated the BIOSand installed the driver again and finally the problem was solved

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Drivers & Downloads on the dell support page for my pc, there is only a 32 bit version available and won't install... is there a 64 bit version somewhere?

A:64 bit version touchpad driver for Dell Inspiron 1525

Welcome. Go to device manager right click on the touchpad >properties>details tab>drop down menu> select hardware id>Copy and Paste the id string.Hopefully with this we can find a 64 bit driver, since it doesn't appear that a 64 bit driver is avalible for your modle on Dells page. We might be able to find a driver from a different model # that will work. Fabe

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The right Click of touch Pad of my dell vostro is not working.I am currently using linux Ubantu OS. I have brough this laptop online a week back from flipKart.Please help in this case.

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I had a registry error so I did this:

and it fixed it. However, now my touchpad won't work. All it did was beep like crazy if I tried to use it then I restarted my laptop hoping it would fix it but now it just wont work and I dont hear any beeps...

any ideas?

A:Touchpad not working on dell laptop )-:

Have you checked Device Manager to see if the driver is missing?

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit
Processor: AMD A8-7410 APU with AMD Radeon R5 Graphics, AMD64 Family 22 Model 48 Stepping 1
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 7104 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon R5, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 918 GB (857 GB Free);
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0VY15F
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Disabled Have reinstalled drivers , and my touchpad still wont work, I can use the touchscreen still and my mouse..

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Hey all, I recently installed an SSD in my old y580 laptop and reinstalled windows 10 but windows is registering the touchpad as a mouse plugged into the PS/2 port. As such, the touchpad inputs are far from optimized and no multi-finger gestures are being recognized (including scrolling  ). The previous HDD recently died but definitely used elan/synaptics drivers. I've had this problem occur on other Lenovo laptops and I've seen others posting about it on here, but never for the y580 and I've never been able to solve it. I've downloaded all of the touchpad drivers on the support page for my serial number but none of them go up to windows 10 and all of them result in an error message that reads that the Realtek Bluetooth Suite isn't compatible with this version of windows. I've also downloaded 15-20 different drivers for windows 10 elan/synaptics touchpads from varying newer lenovo laptops but none of them recognize my touchpad either. Any help would be super appreciated.

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First of all Unhappilly I had to format my original windows that came from DELL. Then I installed the windows 10 but it installed the microsoft mouse driver ps/2. I Already tried to install the Dell driver synaptic for my inspiron 5547 that I downloaded on Dell's website. I had tried to unzip the executable and put it manually (updating the driver) but it is not working at all.
Could Someone help me with this ???
Windows 10 Home, OS 32 bits, processor based on x64.
Sorry About my English mistakes, I am Brazilian and trying  to solve my touchpad issue.
Best regards.

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I just bought a Samsung np300e5z-s04 and i installed the ELAN touch pad driver on the CD included. The problem is that every time i start the notebook i have to go to Control Panel-> Mouse-> ELAN-> Options->OK to activate Scrolling, Zooming and all that. I'd be forever grateful if someone would give me some advice- some settings, or should i reinstall the driver and how to do all that.
I apologize if this thread is not in the right category :D
Thank you in advance!!

A:touchpad driver not working

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Pressing Fn + F5 will make sure your touchpad is enabled. Besure that it is enabled then restart. Does the problem still happen?

If yes then you can redownload the correct driver at samsung.com.

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i have a dell latitude laptop and the touchpad started behaving crazy from last week. i didnt notice when it started to happen and don't know what might be the cause.

in the synaptics tray icon when you right click there is a set of options that you can choose, and one of the options is called a pressure graph (there is also a mood pad next to it), and when i click on this pressure graph it gives me the following message: "Sorry, this program requires a Synaptics TouchPad and the Synaptics TouchPad Device Driver." and i'm pretty certain i've got the driver for it, and i've got the correct driver for it; but i can't be sure whether the installation is damaged or not. how can i check this? could there be something in the registry that prevents this from working or perhaps a conflict with another device? i tried reinstalling - it didnt work.

So it could be either hardware or software and I need to find out as soon as possible because I'm getting little annoyed by this mouse business.

Anyone with a solution?

A:Solved: dell latitude touchpad malfunctioning - possible driver issues

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This thing keeps coming back, it refuses to stay deleted.
I want to remove/delte the Alps Electric driver for Dell Touchpad, and I go to Apps settings and Uninstall it. Things work better until some time later it has reinstalled itself again somehow.
How do I get this thing to STAY deleted forever? Not until next reboot, bot for a few hours, but forever and ever?
I watn it removed, as my experience is better with default Microsoft drivers. Thsi Dell/Alps driver causes a long delay between clicking ont he "upper" "mouse buttons" next to he spacebar on my Precision 7520 and the touchpad detecting a swipe. This delay is horrible, ends up completely missing most of my swipe motions, and mangles the ones it gets part of. Selecting text is impossible, selectign graphics is horrible, it just completely ***.
When I remove Dell Touchmad in Windows 10 settings for Apps, then it's OK for a while, until this Dell Touchpad app/driver comes back from the grave.
Please help! Dell Support icket gets me useless answers like turning off Multitouch, which IS off. I don't want that off, I want it absent, as so far, absent is the only thing that works. But absent is unfortunately temporary...
I do not want ot disable the touchpad so that it no longer works, I want to keep Dell's own Alps Electric app/driver from being here at all, and use Microsoft default drivers instead, and continue to use the touchpad in a functional, usable way.

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The tap function of my 2year old Dell 600m stop working last week. Every time I went to mouse settings and change anything, it start working. But after a standby, it stop working again. It also works on the login screen, but after loading all the settings it stops working.
It seems to my like a software driver problem. Any input is appreciated.

A:Tap function of Dell touchpad stop working

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OK so I have tried deleting the touchpad in device manager and removing the driver, and reinstalling the device from scratch. When this didn't work I thought there must be a problem with the touchpad itself and so bought a new one and installed it. Problem is it still doesn't work.
If I go into device manager and look for it I have to show hidden devices and then it comes up with the yellow triangle next to it.
I show properties on it and it says its the Dell Touchpad, Manufacturer is Alps Electronics, and its plugged into the PS/2 mouse port.
In the Device Status box it says:
This device is not present, is not working properly, or does not have all its drivers installed. (Code 24)
The Driver date is 02/05/2010 and the version is 7.1107.115.102
I have also noticed that on the details tab under power data the current power state is D3, which I believe is off.
Something else I have noticed which may or may not be related is that the laptop doesn't enter sleep mode when the lid is closed, altho it is set to and will enter sleep if I select it in the shutdown options.
I am at a complete loss as to why the touchpad isn't working so any help would be appreciated.
If you need any more info please let me know.

A:Dell Inspiron 1545 Touchpad not working

Hi Dre9872, Try the vista driver for it ,there is a possibility that the mobo may be failing

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So basically everything was working great running Windows 10, then all of a sudden my touchpad stopped responding while I was using the laptop. I tried re-installing many drivers but to no avail was the problem solved. I then downgraded back to Windows 8 although this didn't seem to do anything. I can't restore the laptop with the recovery partitions or software as this somehow became corrupted during the downgrade to Windows 8. The touchpad still works in the BIOS diagnostics so I'm a bit stumped as to why I can't get it working, maybe I need a certain driver? 
I also tried installing Windows 7 and noticed that the touchpad started working again!! but as soon as I'm on Windows 8 or 10, I cant get it to work. I cannot use the laptop on Windows 7 as there is no suitable driver for the touchscreen, hence rendering it as just a normal screen without touch functionality. 
If anyone could link me to drivers or any recovery media files which could help resolve this issue it would be much appreciated. I'll take any help at the moment, I just hope I can get the laptop working properly again. 

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i have a dell 700m notebook and the touch pad just stopped working? after reformat it worked for 10minutes and stopped?
but the usb mouse works?
any chance it could be from a driver? (if so where can i download a new driver for the touchpad?)
any help grealy appreciated.

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Since I found out the Right click on Dell Touchpad was not working.
I uninstalled its driver, then downloaded the file on Dell website, then reinstall it.
But, the right click on Touchpad is still not working!
I am using Windows 10.
Please advise me how to make it work?
I got a big issue during a discussion with my colleagues. I saw wifi connection, connected but no internet. I need "right click" to do troubleshooter, but I was not able to do so! So shame for that as my colleagues thought I did not prepare everything well!  

A:Dell Touchpad on M3800: Right click is not working

Thank you for writing to us!
Since you gave tried to update the drivers on the system and that has not worked .We would request to private message the service tag.
We would also suggest to run diagnostics on the system to check if hardware failure , in the interim you can use an external mouse .

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