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Lenovo G530 laptop monitor randomly goes black

Q: Lenovo G530 laptop monitor randomly goes black

I have a lenovo g530 laptop since 2009.At the time of purchase, the specs were:1 gb ram160 gb hdd2..16 Ghz dual core cpuWindows XP service pack 3 In April 2014, after the hard disk crashed, the system was upgraded to windows 7 service pack 1 and hard disk to 500 gb.Last year, ram was upgraded to 2gb.Since last week, I have been facing a certain problem.At random times, the monitor suddenly goes black and everything else keeps working fine( I can hear audio in case I was playing videos etc). Playing with the function keys brings it back but the problem keeps on happening every day. Any idea why?

Preferred Solution: Lenovo G530 laptop monitor randomly goes black

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Lenovo G530 laptop monitor randomly goes black

Hi Oolee,

Welcome to Lenovo Forums.

Did you try booting from safe mood? There is also a chances, if your cables are intact and not loose (VGA Cable), or the monitor loses power.

Please go through this HMM for hardware assistance.

Method 1:
Any external hardware can cause this (like a keyboard or mouse can cause system to sleep to save the power) 1. To change this go to ?MANAGE? by right clicking on the ?MY COMPUTER ? icon on the desktop . 2. Go to DEVICE MANAGER. 3. Click on the keyboard or mouse or any other USB devices and right click on them and go to PROPERTIES and select POWER MANAGEMENT and untick the appropriate box.

Method 2:
Control panel > Power options >Choose when to turn off the display (look for this in the side bar) Set ?TURN OFF THE DISPLAY? to NEVER Set ?PUT THE COMPUTER TO SLEEP? to NEVER. And then continue to ?Change advanced power settings? Go to "SLEEP" Set "SLEEP AFTER" to NEVER. Set ?ALLOW HYBRID SLEEP? to OFF. Set ?HIBERNATE AFTER? to NEVER. Go to ?DISPLAY? Set ?TURN OFF DISPLAY AFTER ?to NEVER. Press APPLY and then OK.

Let us know how you get on.

Tap that kudos button if I helped If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"!

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I have a Lenovo G530 laptop that has an issue with screen flicker that is getting worse. The computer screen will start going thru a crazy screen flicker then will stop and start again. I have already checked cable connection to lcd on motherboard and reseated connection of lcd to motherboard located under the keyboard as someone suggested in another posting I found online that resolved issue for them. I am starting to think it might be a bad inverter or screen because I have hooked up laptop to external monitor and it is running fine with no flickering happening when the flickering is occurring on laptop. I am attaching a link to a small video I shot of the issue as it is occurring on laptop screen. Does anyone have any further suggestions? Bad inverter or screen? Screen flicker vid

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A:Lenovo G530 laptop screen flicker

"Bad inverter or screen?" Yes, most likely. But which one? Cutting in and out like that, I have not seen.My thinking is the inverter is cheaper, so I try that first. It is still possible that the cable is faulty, though. Not much help, I know.

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Dear Tenforums users,

I have recently encountered problems or rather peculiarities with my relatively new Lenovo laptop;
whenever I'm working on it and switch to another tab, there is a chance of random black stripes and dots occuring in the screen. Not (yet) to the extend that I cannot work on it and when I switch tabs again they are gone from the previous tab.

Screenshots of the problem:

I am just wondering what might be the cause and if I should be worrying myself about future defects. (especially since my warranty is till february 2017)

Thank you all for your time!



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Hi. My keyboard stopped working out of the blue, and whenever I open the laptop it goes into tablet mode. Switching to laptop mode does not fix the keyboard issue. Any help?

A:Lenovo Yoga C930: Laptop switches modes randomly, sometimes thinks it's shut and just goes black!

Problem seems to have fixed itself, but I'm still worried.It's like something is making the laptop confused. Sometimes it doesn't know if it's in tablet mode, laptop mode, or closed. There's been times where the screen just shuts off, and I need to close and open the laptop again to get it to work. In fact, it was this that caused the issue in the first place.Is there anything that might be causing this system confusion?

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 I bought this system just 3 days ago though not brand new but it was working very perfectly,   the system is running windows 8 pro n, I connected the system to the Internet and I was asked to update windows which I accepted and after the update,  (some failed while some were successful)  the system began misbehaving,  the screen goes black while the system is on,  I had to switch off the system and power it on again,  the screen comes up but after some time goes black again,  I tried some tricks I read online which seemed to work but later, the problem continued and the tricks stopped working, somehow,  I managed to get the system running normally again n I thought maybe the failed updates is the problem,  I selected the windows updates that failed n try to update again,  the screen went black again,   I turned the system off and tried to turn it on again but this time, it refuse to power on,  when I hit the power on button,  the power on light comes up and the fan tries to run and goes silent,  the power on light goes off immediately,  tried n tried n the same thing keep happening,  hitting the power on button, the power on light comes up and after some seconds,  goes off again,  I took the system to an engineer, he said the system has board problem,  I don't know how true is this Cus the system was running very  well,  all this problems started right after the wind... Read more

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Hi,  I recently "regenerate" my old computer and I need to turn it on with my keyboard instead of powers button (I don't want to reach it everytime). I can't find option to wake up with keyboard in BIOS or new BIOS either Is there any possibility to find newer BIOS version to add wake up with keyboard ?

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I bought this system just 3 days ago though not brand new but it was working very perfectly,   the system is running windows 8 pro n, I connected the system to the Internet and I was asked to update windows which I accepted and after the update,  (some failed while some were successful)  the system began misbehaving,  the screen goes black while the system is on,  I had to switch off the system and power it on again,  the screen comes up but after some time goes black again,  I tried some tricks I read online which seemed to work but later, the problem continued and the tricks stopped working, somehow,  I managed to get the system running normally again n I thought maybe the failed updates is the problem,  I selected the windows updates that failed n try to update again,  the screen went black again,   I turned the system off and tried to turn it on again but this time, it refuse to power on,  when I hit the power on button,  the power on light comes up and the fan tries to run and goes silent,  the power on light goes off immediately,  tried n tried n the same thing keep happening,  hitting the power on button, the power on light comes up and after some seconds,  goes off again,  I took the system to an engineer, he said the system has board problem,  I don't know how true is this Cus the system was running very  well,  all this problems started right after the windows up... Read more

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Hi guys, I would like to know where I can download for my notebook the last bios update. Lenovo TM 3000 G530 4151 Bios Version: 0CCN58WW V1.24 , Revision: 0.88 thanks lancs    

A:Lenovo 3000 G530 last bios update?

Hi lancs , 
Welcome to the Community Forums.
The support website officially publish any certified BIOS intended for your machine. 
Best to use your serial number to get ones specific for your machine. 
If you do not have any issue , it would be best to keep the current ones and simply load its default if needed. 
Similar discussion here and here that may help you. 
Similar article about updating lenovo bios and drivers here. 
Hope this help answer your current query.

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My laptop had screen flickering problem. I used to rectify same by slapping gently at top of it or by moving lid front and back. I was doing same and whole screen went off. When i went to repair shop he said motherboard issue is there 1500 rupees will be charged and asked to came in evening. He called me in afternoon and said your laptop has been rectified but display is too dim, when i installed FL (about 3-4 inches long strip which gives power to lcd) and it worked perfect and asked that 500 more will be charged for same. I said ok. When i went to shop it was working fine. I paid 2000 and took laptop home. When i opened it and started, i was shocked that there was no power in lcd, however laptop was working. I opened back cover of screen and tried touching FL connectors, nothing worked. I went back and told him, he installed new FL and again it did not work. He said lcd cable is faulty. He tried finding same and after few days said, it is not found. I took my laptop back along with 500 rupees for FL. Installed old FL again and ordered lcd cable online. Today, i installed cable on my own but lcd still not showing light, however laptop is working and shows too dim display. What is faulty???

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Hey guys, Just fished an old G530 out of a closet and it's become my pet project. I've cleaned it up, installed some additional memory and Windows 10 x64. Having some issues with system's power, though. Initially the battery would not charge and the unit would only run on AC. After installing Windows 10, it now charges and can be used with out the AC adapter, but occasionally will shut down and refuse to turn back on. When it does this, the battery indicator flashes at me, so I can only assume this means it's died. It will do this at seemingly random battery levels, after a varying amount of time. I do not believe this is an overheating issue. Additionally, the charging cycle is almost 7 hours, and the unit dies in under 2. I have tried multiple batteries. I would like ot update the BiOS to 1.10 from 1.09, but I cannot find the unit listed as it is no longer supported. Any help or advice is appreciated, thanks!

A:Lenovo 3000 G530 Battery issues

Hello and welcome,
Try the EOL portal.  Looks like it's there under 3000 G530 (4446).

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A:What programs are great for a Lenovo 3000 G530 to ...

The community forums are probally not the best place to be looking for this kind of advice, as it is a universal computer thing, not limited to your computer. There are plenty of articles that will tell you what to do if you use google.None the less, unless you're willing to shell out some good money, just use Audacity. Its free, its easy to use, and your computer should be able to handle it.

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Hi all
After format to vista i installed win7 to my laptop.
vista used Conexant audio Driver which i can not find for win7 that match G530, and meanwhile i use microsoft audio driver which does not fit 100%
I wrote in lenovo about it but no good-you can read my problem summarized here :
Re: laptop does play sounds on lid open/close - Page 7 - Lenovo Community
Does somebody can help me out maybe?

A:Conexant audio Driver for lenovo G530

Good news- I succeeded to install vista conexant audio by changing the .exe to
vista sp2 compatibility, it works fine I hope that's a temporary till lenovo will come out with matched driver . Wait and see...

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Hi, Here is the story of how my lenovo g530 turned out so messed up.  I did a factory reset and during the middle of the reset I accidentally forced shut down the computer.  So when I turned it back on, the start up seemed normal, but when it loads Windows Vista, it just loops back to the start up screen and continues to loop. So I was told by support that I would need a factory disk to run at start up or another disk to install another OS.  So had a Windows 7 disk and installed that.  So on start up, there is an option to select windows vista (which does not work) and Windows 7.  Then I downloaded all the updates that I need for Windows 7 from this site including a software called Winplash64 for bios.  I heard somewhere i needed to change bios to fix pc, but after running it, the computer loads up in a black screen for like 2 min, then goes to start up screen, then to select windows 7, then finally windows 7 log in. This laptop is stil solid and I can't afford a new laptop.  So is there a way to fix my pc and make it secure and error free? *edit- there has been other problems, such as start up turns into colorful solid colors and stuck that way.  Also the pc has frozen in the middle of work, so i have done quite a lot of force shutdowns.  

A:Lenovo g530 4446-23u taking almost 3-4 min to boot up, lol

g530 4446 23u... good laptop... but i installed windows 7 on there and didn't know why I ran winplash from the drivers on this site.  Also, my windows vista (factory os) is messed up because i was doing a factory reset and accidentally shutdown in the middle of it.

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Hey there guys and gals, I have a Lenovo Laptop 3000 series G530 (18 months old) and it causing me a few problems because it's extremely slow and almost always unresponsive to anything I do (webpages on most occasions are taking 30 - 40 minutes to load, Although here it only take 10 - 20 seconds :P).

Anyway I located a .VHD file and tried to use that restore it's previous state from last november (just before I returned it too the microsoft engineer who said he had fixed it when he hadn't (naughty engineer ), Anyway I managed to fix it myself that time round.

So I was posting in one of the threads here earlier about opening the .vhd file to access the windows file's before they became unresponsive (or whatever you want to call it ) and it turn's out that the .vhd file may be from just after the engineer tried to fix it or just before (not too sure it was the same day though ), Anywho I wanted to know how to do a factory restore on the computer without having the installation disc (and apparently no product key on the sticker below the battery on the bottom of the laptop, It's worn away so it's unreadable).

Message from kaktussoft who told me to create a new thread

Quote: Originally Posted by Kaktussoft

Make your own thread for this problem. And post link here so I know where it is!

Is the VHD the state of computer you want to go back to? I don't think so. It's a backup just after bringing... Read more

A:Need help with factory restore on Lenovo 3000 series G530

You have a COA sticker?
Is it win7 home premium? what language?
Do you have a win7 installation dvd?

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Hi guys,i will be gratefull if somebody can help me!wel i did format my lenovo laptop G530 and installed w7 ultimate on it,everything did fine with all drivers till now so far,but the big problem is the kboard {qwerty}when i go to control panel to change to belgium{us} or english united states doenst match a few caracters as backslash,forward slash,traces,points,commas and so one,and my question is:does somebody know how to set this right?because im tired to try everything in qwerty without no luck at all,i buied this laptop hier in belgium!
Thank you all.

A:Lenovo G530 keyboard qwerty belgium issue

Although there are two languages and several keyboard layouts in Belgium you would probably have a French Belgian keyboard.

Control panel > regional and language > keyboards and languages > general > installed services > add > and select either Belgian Comma or Belgium French as matches your keyboard.

Then remove the prior inappropriate entry(ies) and OK your way out.

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I just installed win7-64bit on my Lenovo to find that I need an audio driver among others. However, I can't find this model on the website at all! I've tried entering the model, s/n, product ID's in every combination I can think of...only finding mentions of it in the forums... From the label on the bottom of the unit... Type: 4446-25US/N: L3-AAF5R 09/03Product ID: 444625U  I've attached a picture of the current device manager and label from the bottom of the laptop for reference... Thanks!  

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Hello, I've recently bought a new computer, about three weeks ago or something like that.

Here's the specs:
Operating System: Windows Vista Home Premium Service Pack 1
System Manufacturer: Acer
System Model: Aspire M5640
Processor: Intel Core Duo 2.40 GHz
Memory (RAM): 3 GB
System-type: 32-bit operating system
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GS
Storage: 500 GB
Monitor: Acer x193w

The problem is, is that my monitor will randomly go black. The monitor will stay on, as the little blue light stays on, but the only way I can get the picture back is by shutting the monitor off and turning it back on. I've also noticed that it sometimes blinks. There is a possibility that it's the power cord, as my mouse cord is located near the power cord and I have a feeling that maybe my moving of the mouse could be moving the power cord, because I took my hand and placed it on the monitors power cord and it was pretty sensitive. It's either that or the drivers for the video card are really out of date (see below paragraph) or there's some more wrong than just those two possibilities.

When running DirectX Diagnostic Tool, I noticed that my drivers for my video card are from 6/11/07, and I just went on NVIDIA's website and found that there are drivers from last month!.. So I'm going to update them, in fact I've already have and just have to restart.. I will tell you if it happens again even with the driver updates.

I've also checked the Wind... Read more

A:Monitor goes black randomly..

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My laptop is around 4yrs old and hasn?t had any problems until a couple of weeks ago when my screen randomly went black while in use. The laptop remained working, I could still hear the video I was playing etc but nothing I pressed would turn the screen back on.The only solution seems to be closing the lid, removing the battery then putting it back in and switching on again. 10-20mins later screen goes black again. This problem is also intermittent - it went away for about a week and now has come back. Any light on this (pardon the pun) would be greatly appreciated. K

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I blew away the Vista that came with this laptop, and installed W7 Pro. Got everything to work except the touchpad. I tried several different drivers from Lenovo and elsewhere, compatibility mode, but no help. What Lenovo lists as W7 are actually the old Vista drivers.

I even tried Lenovo's suggestion of pullling the battery and holding down start for 20 seconds (?). Again, no help.

A:Lenovo G530-444624U ALPS touchpad no workie in Windows 7

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i have a lenovo 3000 G530 laptop running vista business and I cannot get the earphone jack to work. the onboard speakers do not disable and no sound comes out of the earphones. the laptop shows the earphones are plugged in and working but they are not working. I have even disabled the onboard speakers and that didn´t help. The laptop is refurbished and should have vista home basic but is running business. Heres the system info

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Business , Service Pack 1, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) Dual CPU T3400 @ 2.16GHz, x64 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 13
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 2007 Mb
Graphics Card: Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family, 780 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 221671 MB, Free - 192698 MB;
Motherboard: LENOVO, JIWA1, REFERENCE, RB00002376
Antivirus: AntiVir Desktop, Updated and Enabled Click to expand...

Any ideas?

A:lenovo 3000 G530 earphone jack don´t work

Vista clams they are plugged in and working but they are not. If I click test they will produce sound on there own without the onboard speakers doing so but that is the only way they will work. Apparently this is a bug with vista.

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Hi, Since the day i have bought the Lenovo Edge 2 Notebook, it has had this persistent problem of the screen randomly going black during usage. Nothing brings it back unless I reboot the system, although i know that the laptop is ON because the keyboard is lit. Is there any solution to this? Because it is really frustrating. Some times it even happens 8-10 times in a day.

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Hi guys,

Got an issue which I think is my monitor but not 100% sure. I have an Acer LCD monitor and since this morning every few minutes or sometimes a bit longer it flicks off to a black screen but then goes back to what I had up (the monitor isn't actually turning off). I went into my display settings and it isn't showing the name for my monitor. It's only showing "Digital Display", however I am 99% sure a few days ago it actually said my Acer model there.

I checked my monitor drivers and they seem to be up to date and I can't pin-point the problem and it's quite frustrating. I did a full system scan with avast and don't believe I've downloaded or been attacked by any malicious files.

When I did the virus scan it didn't do it at all, so it seems like it only does it when the computer is in-use?

If it helps also I'm running Windows 7 Professional 64-bit and my graphics card is a Nvidia Geforce GTX 480.

If anyone can shed any light on this issue it would be greatly appreciated. If me providing any more information will help please let me know


A:Monitor Issue (Randomly going black screen)

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My specs (relevant here): OS=Win7-SP1-64bit,
Mobo=Asus P8P67, CPU=i5-2400, RAM=8Gb (2x4),PSU=Corsair CX500,
SSD=Samsung 830-128, Graph.card=Sapphire HD7770-1Gb, Monitor=Dell 2209WA

I think it's always interesting to know the whole history of such things. Mainly because knowing it, you can make your own conclusions, which helps you to find solution for your case.

It all started when I plugged in my new headset microphone (also see My solution for microphone not loud enough ). Drivers installed, removed, installed another driver... finally it worked.
At the same day it happened my monitor went into standby mode all of sudden (screen became black) while PC was still running normally (I could hear music playing in WinAmp). I moved mouse, pressed buttons on keyboard, switched monitor on/off... nothing -the only solution was PC reset or turn off.
And don't even ask: yes, I checked my power savings
Btw. black screen happened quite random: sometimes after 30min's, sometimes after 2hrs -so it was difficult to checks things out.

Darn drivers (my thoughts at that time).. Ok, Win7 was installed almost two years ago and a lot of stuff was installed/removed during that time.. maybe it's time I make I clean Win7 install... and done.
Initially I only installed software that worked fine in past year. In short: that didn't solve my problem.

It's interesting how we make conclusions.. bough new headset, installed drivers, troubles appear.. it can only be headset or driver. It's like think... Read more

A:My solution for Monitor goes black/standby randomly

Sounds more like your inverter is just going and the screen is shot and it all happened at the same time so you think it was the gpu, what model monitor is it and does it have more than one kind of input? Also what input are you using with it in general and when its black is the power light still on or does it go to standby? That psu might be a little low for load with a 270x but not at the desktop or in a browser so its prob not that.

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Im not native english speaker, sry if u cant understand some parts. Ill try my best to make my message clear so eventual will come easier.

This problem occurs for quite some time, its rather calm since few weeks when I downloaded shitload of new drivers and some other lenovo stuff but might be just coincedence. Since this issue doesnt want to go away itself I have to do something about it. I can send it to Lenovo for free service anymore so Id like to ask some experts if theres something I can do to fix this issue.

Some info:
- occurs usually while typing or other stuff, but few times my laptop literally went nuts and flashed black screens few times a sec, no matter if i touched it or not

- its not overheating, i bought cooling pad and it didnt help much

- can happen just after turning laptop on and not happen during 10h+ session

Thank you in advance.

A:Screen randomly flashing black on Lenovo G580

Work through these Troubleshooting Steps for Windows 7 which will uncover most problems. Report back results as there may be other steps indicated.

Why did you install all of these other drivers? Did you already have performance problems or just create them?

Do you have a System Restore point still available before this problem began?

What else have you installed? Please post back as screenshot of Control Panel's Programs and Features after maximizing the page, using the Snipping Tool from Start Menu: Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums - Windows 7 Forums

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Greetings, I have a Lenovo Yoga 730 15 with 4K and NVIDIA GTX 1050, which has a screen that blacks out at random. Based on what I read in other threads, it could be an issue connected with the auto-brightness and auto-dimmining settings. So, I turned those features off. Though it has been happening less, it's still happenning. Could anyone tell me what other settings I should check to resolve this issue? Thank you for your help.

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Randomly, the monitor will suddenly go blank, and possibly say "adjusting" on it. Most of the time, a long ring will accompany it through the speakers (which are not part of the monitor), though occasionally it will just be silent instead. The on-off light will turn yellow.

The monitor is somewhat new, by Hannspree (HF207). I've had it only for a couple of months. It works just fine usually, but I never got the drivers installed to make it go widescreen (the drivers only work for win7 and vista, but I'm using XP Pro).

My speakers aren't new, but they work just fine except when this problem occurs.

The computer itself stops reacting (I only know this because it will not go on standby mode when I press the power button, which it usually does), and I'm not sure if the hard drive is going, but the fans continue, and everything remains lit up. I can manually reset and then everything will be back to normal.

The hard drive is maybe about 2 years old, or a little less. I have been hearing a couple clicks from my computer occassionally, but I'm not sure if that's a problem. Also, the computer has been freezing sometimes lately, which it never used to do.

My last problem is unrelated to the above, for the most part. explorer.exe will sometimes randomly dissapear, so my desktop, icons, and taskbar of course dissapear. It will not come back. I can access anything from the task manager, but explorer.exe will not open from there. It tells me so... Read more

A:Monitor randomly goes black, speakers ring, and computer doesn't respond, and more?

Someone please help..? I posted this almost two days ago now..

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I recently changed the Catalyst Control Center settings (can't remember exact changes) and now my screen goes black for 2-3 seconds at a time randomly. I removed the display driver and Catalyst Control Center and let Windows Update install a new version on a reboot. I've had the card for many years with no problem like this before.

How can I erase the entire video driver/software configuration and re-install it to get back to normal?

Thanks in advance,


A:Monitor flashes black screen randomly with Raedon HD4670 video card

Quote: Originally Posted by badbigdad

How can I erase the entire video driver/software configuration and re-install it to get back to normal?

Assuming you have the current Catalyst driver downloaded for your "legacy" HD4670 and ready for use in a reinstall, one clean way to remove all existing AMD software and drivers guaranteed is to use "Driver Fusion" from Treexy (this used to be called "Driver Sweeper").

It comes in a free version, and there also is a non-free premium version. The free version is sufficient to remove everything for the supported audio and video vendors, including of course AMD, nVidia and Intel on the video side.

You click on "Maintenance", and then "Driver Family", then "Display", then "AMD". Follow the "delete" process from there, and when it completes you reboot. You've now completely removed every trace of AMD, including from the Registry.

You can now reinstall your Catalyst driver from scratch.

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My computer is an Acer aspire V5-122p and running Windows 10. Powers is on, screens black, can't hear fans..any help! ?

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So I bought a new laptop but after 20 minutes or so the screen goes black (sometimes with a startup of an app or clicking something). The computer still runs so I can put it to sleep but when I wake it up it immediately goes black. I hooked it up to an external monitor and it worked on that. I thought it was a graphics problem, but now I'm not so sure. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling my Nvidia and my Intel HD Graphics Drivers but that didn't seem to work. I can still hear sound out of the speakers. The problem didn't happen at first, after about a week and a half the problem started occuring. I also tried to boot up from safe mode to no avail. The computer was not overheating according to the CPU temperature. The laptop is always on a charger. Any possible fixes?

Model - ASUS N550JX
CPU - Quad-Core Intel i7-4720HQ Processor(4th generation)- 2.6 GHz
Graphics - Nvidia GeForce GTX 950M(Dedicated Graphics 2GB DDR3 VRAM)
Storage - 500 GB Samsung EVO SSD (the problem still occurred before replacing the 1 TB HDD)
OS - Windows 10 64-bit

A:Laptop Screen Randomly Goes Black During Use

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I own a Gateway MD2614u and it has been true to me for the last 2 years, but now it has a little problem. The screen turns black and will not come back on unless I hold down the button and restart the computer. It is not the backlight on the screen and it is not the screen itself. I hooked an external monitor to it to confirm and it made that screen black as well. I was using Windows 7 Ultimate X64 on the machine however I reverted it back to Vista Home Premium X64. The problem reoccured even with its intended operating system. Does anyone have any ideas what the cause of the problem is? I don't believe it is the cable or the monitor.

A:Laptop screen goes black randomly

It may be that the GPU is overheating or failing. Try running something like FurMark to stress the GPU. If that causes it to go back quickly, there's a good chance that the GPU is the problem. For most laptops, this is not something you can fix short of replacing the entire motherboard.

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Every once in a while the laptop screen will go to a black screen. I am not doing anything that uses a lot of graphics but I am actively using Word 2013. The backlight is clearly still on when the screen goes black. I cannot get the laptop to respond in any way noticeably while this happens other than to hit the  button, wait until the w button starts to blink, then hit the power button again. When I do this the screen comes back on. Also when the screen comes back on it resumes to right where I left of. I have scanned for virus's and found none. I have also changed the sleep and power settings to try and fix it to no avail. What is wrong with my laptop?

A:HP Laptop randomly goes to a black screen.

Hi @TravisG,  Welcome to the HP Forums!  It is a terrific place to find answers and tips! For you to have the best experience in the HP forum I would like to direct your attention to the HP Forums Guide:Learn How to Post and More. I grasp that while you are using your notebook the display go blank or black and become unresponsive.  You are not using and graphic intensive progams, ut just using word.  To regain control you must press the power button and wait for the light to start blinking and then press the power button again.  When you do this the screen comes back on and you are exactly where you left off.   You have scanned for viruses and malware, but none were located. You have also tried changing the power setting to no avail.   Have you done all your Windows updates? Have you ran the  HP Support Assistant ? Here is a link to  HP PCs - Sleep and Hibernate Issues (Windows 10, 8) that could help.  I would also test for hardware failures just to rule that out.   HP Notebook PCs - Testing for Hardware Failures (Windows 10, 8) Please reply back with your results. Thank you  for participating in the HP Forums! We want to help you as well as others who may experience a similar issue as yourself. Please consider marking the post that resolves your issue as   "Accept as Solution"   to help other community  members!To sho... Read more

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while using my laptop, the screen will turn black, the back light will stay on, and i can press the keys and it will beep n beep at me, i can also click on things if im lucky ill his something and then it will make a loading sound from loading a new webpage, or if im playing a game i cna still shoot n crap, only thing is i cant see wtf is happeinging
anyone able to help

running vista
power setting, are basicaly so the screen never turns off unless its left for 10 mins, no hibernation or sleep, or HDD turn off.

A:laptop screen randomly turns black? wtf help

It's more than likely a loose video card. The card sits almost directly under the keypad on a laptop and after use can come loose just enough to be an on again off again problem. Jazz

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My Lenovo G570 began to randomly restart once or twice a day about a week ago. It stopped for a few days and then started doing it again. I don't get a BSoD, it just restarts and gives me the screen where you choose whether to start Windows in safe mode or not.
I have no idea what's causing this. I added an additional 2GB of RAM almost 2 months ago and ran Memtest then. There weren't any issues, and the restarts only started happening recently so I don't think it's RAM related. Other than that though I haven't got a clue so any help would be appreciated.

A:Lenovo laptop randomly restarts

Since the system boots...
Please download MiniToolBox  , save it to your desktop and run it.
Checkmark the following checkboxes:
  List last 10 Event Viewer log
  List Installed Programs
  List Users, Partitions and Memory size.
Click Go and paste the content into your next post.
Also...please Publish a Snapshot using Speccy - http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/topic323892.html/page__p__1797792#entry1797792 , taking care to post the link of the snapshot in your next post.

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Screen goes dark, not pitch black like it's all the way off, just dark with a backlight glow to it.  Pressing keys will not bring it back, but whatever I was working on will be affected by keystrokes, so the computer still functions.  The display simply does not show until I restart.  (meaning, I can do things on the computer, but I can't see what's going on) My power and display settings are set to "never turn off" (yes, on everything) As an experiment, I set the computer and display to "sleep with I close the lid".  The next time the display went dark, I closed the lid, then reopened.  The screen was still dark, but pressing the spacebar DID recover the screen.  My programs were still waiting for me exactly where I left off typing. I have contacted technical support twice.  We have double checked the sleep and power settings.  We have updated the  BIOS.  We have updated the GPU drivers. Now they are telling me to completely recover Win10 (lose all data), because they don't know what to do. I doubt this will fix the problem, so I am looking for ideas.  I thought it might be a heating issue, but the temps look normal and I run the laptop on a hard surface to keep the vents open. New laptop under warranty.  Purchased July 31, 2016.  Problem existed from the beginning. anyone willing to help me tackle this issue before I chuck it back to HP as a lemon?  This should not ... Read more

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I'm not sure if this is the right section to post this but, ever since I reformatted my laptop, it randomly freezes for about a second and a stuttering noise comes up. Then the screen turns black. It doesn't shut off because I could see the back light, it just turns completely black. What's causing this problem and how do I fix it? I checked the Event Logger and there are tons of errors and some critical kernal-power things.

A:Laptop randomly freezes and screen turns black after

Can you start in Safe Mode? If you can, do the following steps in safe mode.Click Start Menu
Right click My Computer/Computer
Click Manage
Click Device Manager from the list on the left
Expand Display adapters
Right click each display adapter in that list and click Uninstall (do not hit OK when the dialog pops up after clicking Uninstall)
Put a tick to delete driver software for the device and click OK
Restart Windows in normal mode

If you continue to have the same problem or other problems, let us know.

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Hello everyone,

The problem that I?ve been facing is my laptop just freezes, the screen freezes, the audio distorted, not able to move cursor, keyboard does not work. Had to force power off.

Here are the specs:
Laptop Lenovo Ideapad Y450, bought around October 2009
CPU Intel centrino 2 dual core 2.53 ghz, P8700
GPU nVidia geforce GT240M
Ram 4 GHz
Wireless Intel 5100 AGN 802.11

Operating System: Tried both Windows 7 32 bit and Windows XP
CPU temp monitoring software: Speedfan 4.xx
Anti virus: Avira free antivirus

Next reply I will post problem history and details
Please request information if needed more, I am willing to provide.

Thank you,

A:Laptop Freezes Randomly, Lenovo Y450

My questions and doubts:
How can it be solved?
Can we call this ?overheating? since it freezes when temperature is not over 60 C? but it freezes more when the weather is hotter.
Is the temperature during safe mode normal or too high?
Am I abusing my laptop?

Please request information or pictures if needed more, I am willing to provide.

Problem history:
It works fine with Windows 7 since 2009, when I?ve been recovering from spine surgery, I?ve been using it more than usual since December 2011 where the problem occurs first time, then it occurs more often since March 2012.

Computer usage behavior:
I usually use Autodesk Inventor and Autocad software for 3D and 2D designing, along with web browsing, playing music with iTunes, watching some concerts and South Park by windows media classic. I play occasionally play games like Left 4 Dead 2, Elder Scrolls Skyrim (once-twice a week).

The laptop is placed on a 30 degree inclined stand, due to my surgery I need to only lie down to use the computer. It is turned on about 4-10 hours a day.


It?s been working fine since bought, when I play games, the temperature of CPU and GPU goes up to 75 C for about 1-2 hours, no problem, usually I don?t play longer than 3 hours.

Since March, it freezes randomly about 1 hour after startup when I?m using designing software along with web browsing. Temperature is about 48-53 C, I have screenshots of the temperature so... Read more

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I have a Lenovo Desktop Edge 72 which not able to start up. When I press the power on button, it have 2 beeps sound and after several second, it was power down. The monitor screen is black. From the internet, it might be following issue:1. RAM not working correctly.2. CMOS setting issue. Need to flash BIOS. However, I had tried the following ways but it was not working.1. Exchange the RAM with another same model desktop. Another desktop is working fine with both of the RAM.2. Exchange the power supply. Another desktop is working fine with both of the power supply.3. Exchange the harddisk. Another desktop is working fine with both of the harddisk.4. Press F1 to get into the Setup Utility page but not able to do so as the screen is empty (Black)5. Press F12 to get into the BIOS setting page but not able to do so as the screen is empty (Black) Kindly please assist. Venus

A:Lenovo Desktop Edge 72 not able to start up with 2 beeps sound and black screen on the monitor

This just fixed it for me 10 minutes ago:https://support.lenovo.com/de/de/solutions/ht077504    1 Remove all media from the drives and turn off all attached devices and the system.  Then, disconnect all power cords from electrical outlets and disconnect all cables that are connected to the system.    2 Remove the system cover.    3 Locate the Clear CMOS/Recovery jumper on the system board.  See ?Locating parts on the system board?.    4 Remove any parts and disconnect any cables that might prevent access to the Clear CMOS/Recovery jumper.    5 Move the jumper from the standard position (pin 1 and pin 2) to the maintenance position (pin 2 and pin 3).    6 Reinstall any parts and reconnect any cables that have been removed or disconnected.    7 Reinstall the system cover and reconnect the power cords for the system and monitor.    8 Turn on the system and then insert the original POST and BIOS update (flash update) disc into the optical drive.  The recovery session will take two to three minutes to begin.  During this time, a warning message will be displayed and no action is needed from the user.    9After the recovery session is completed, there will be no video, and the system will automatically turn off.    10 Repeat Step 1 through Step 4.    11 Move the jumper back to the standard positi... Read more

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I have an Asus laptop and  Asus external monitor, connection through HDMI,  Windows 8. 
During installation of v/drivers, Windows recognize the second monitor. However later, it keeps randomly switching between first and second monitor, with different intervals (from 20 sec to 20 min). I don't have this problem when i use Linux, so it doesn't seem as a problem with a cable. Thank you!   

A:Laptop is randomly switching between Internal and external monitor

Uninstall all video drivers over Device manager and select delete software before clicking OK, after please restart PC. After booting let drivers install itself then restart after finished, if it fails to install over Windows Update itself then download latest driver from Asus site and manually install. 

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My Dell laptop has been acting weird since yesterday. I was working on it fine when It randomly went black, it's like when the screen "sleeps" to save battery after I hadn't moved it in a long time, except I didn't have a low battery and I was still actively working on it. I turned on the screen again and after about 10 seconds it went black again, I repeated this several times with the same result. I also tried holding the power button to turn the computer off and restarting it, but the laptop screen still went black after a short time. This is really frustrating, I have a lot of work I need to finish on it. I need to fix it quick.
I'm not sure if this is related, but before this happened I was working fine on the laptop on a word document, but the word documents kept not responding, or if I tried to close one word document then it would not respond and the other word documents could not respond either forcing me to close them. This happened a lot. It also has happened when I was reading pdf files on adobe reader before. 
I've also been ignoring dell updates ever since I got this laptop last summer so I don't know if that has anything to do with it.

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My daughter's Acer laptop keeps blacking out or the monitor shows stripes. Sometimes it will stay on for 1-2 hours, but normally when I boot it up, the screen stays black.
Thanks for the help

A:Laptop monitor keeps going black

would suggest download the latest drivers for the graphics adapter for the Acer model.a good place to start checking

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My Lenovo g50-70 i3 doesn't seem to start up. The screen is black and nothing is moving inside (fan not moving, hdd not making any sound) only way I can understand that it's on is with the power light. Tried hard boot, taking ram put and putting it back but nothing worked. I added ram recently but doubt that is the case. The laptop itself is pretty old as well. So what can I do?

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I have an HP G60-121WM Laptop computer and I was wondering if anyone had any help regarding a laptop that all of a sudden the monitor is black. The laptop seems to power on but the laptop is bad. I've tried taking the battery out and unplugging the charging cord, then holding the power button for about 30 seconds and then plugging it back up and powering it back on and that has not helped. I've also tried hooking it up to another monitor, but it has the black screen on the other monitor as well. Finally I've also taken the ram sticks out and switched them up to see if there was anything with those that could be causing the problem and it didn't seem to work either.

A:HP Laptop Monitor Has Black Screen

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Today when I turned on my laptop the screen didn't show any light, not even a blink although I can hear the normal starting tune, which shows that windows are starting but the screen is black, can anyone help? Tried to restart it but it's the same

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I have the new Acer Aspire laptop and a TV which I use as a monitor. They have worked together very happily some time now. But yesterday I had to do a forced shutdown when the start button would not work and the TV screen shrank in size and there were error messages. When I rebooted, the TV monitor stayed black and a computer screen came alive for about 10 seconds as it was rebooting, then went black. I disconnected the TV from the computer and started her up and the computer screen behaved itself.
Even if I set all of the display parameters to indicate only one screen (the computer screen), if the TV monitor is connected to the computer, I end up with two black screens.
I have tried many display duplicate and extension.
No new software installed.
There is one clue. I disconnect the TV monitor from the computer, boot up, choose duplicates to display. Then I connect the TV monitor to the computer. What happens, for about one second, is that both screens light up.
What is going on? Help please.

A:Both laptop screen and external monitor go black

If you are still getting the black screens when starting up there is a useful shortcut you can try. Press the windows key + P. This will give you some options to try different combinations of TV monitor and/or screen.

It sounds like you might need a graphics driver update or roll back to a previous one it is has recently changed.

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I have checked this on a couple boards, but haven't ran into a response as of yet. Thought I would give it a go here on techguy.org.

My current computer system (Dell XPS Laptop) has recently run into a bit of a monitor issue.
When I first turn on the system, the monitor is relatively ok. But within a few minutes the monitor will begin to fade (darken) more and more as time passes. The fading starts at the left side of the screen, leaving the right side primarily bright.

During the initial startup, I also notice a subtle flicker occurring. But that tends to subside slightly over time. Not completely but the darkness of the monitor increases more and more. It never goes completely black and I can still "See" everything but the left side becomes increasingly difficult to view, compared to the right.

Could this be in relation to the inverter, or is it possibly a full monitor issue? I would like to change out the inverter, if in fact this is the projected issue. But I would hate to purchase and spend the time reinstalling that piece of equipment if in fact a full monitor issue.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

A:Fading Laptop Monitor (Going Black from Left to Right)

Anyone have any ideas?

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The monitor on my Advent 7109 laptop has gone black down the right-hand side (about 4" in width) and a smaller horizontal multicoloured bar has appeared at the bottom of the screen just below the taskbar.
The screen has resized to occupy the remaining visible area and I cannot rectify this.

Of course I have tried adjusting the screen resolution settings both in normal and safe mode, completed a system restore and attempted to update/rollback driver (but there were no drivers available).
I cannot locate my current driver on the Microsoft website to reinstall. But perhaps this is not a driver issue. Please advise?

Much obliged.

The monitor is a Digital Flat Panel (1024 x 768) on Mobile Intel(R) 945GM Express Chipset Family
And the current driver is 5.1.2001.0

A:Laptop Monitor Screen Partially Black




lappy hospital probable i am afraid

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