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Solved: get songs into 'Music' from windows media player

Q: Solved: get songs into 'Music' from windows media player

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Premium, Service Pack 2, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T9300 @ 2.50GHz, x64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 6
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3069 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GS, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 294331 MB, Free - 105768 MB; D: Total - 10911 MB, Free - 1729 MB;
Motherboard: Quanta, 30CB
Antivirus: Norton 360 Premier Edition, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

Hi I just want to know how to get my songs into the music folder from window media player, it won't even let me send the songs from Media Player to a flash drive either???

Preferred Solution: Solved: get songs into 'Music' from windows media player

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Solved: get songs into 'Music' from windows media player

you could copy all your songs to itunes-then from itunes to your music folder

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I want to copy CD/music which contains fantastic songs.

Is there any way for me to copy those songs by using Windows Media Player or Roxio?

Thanks for your help in advance.

A:How to Copy Songs/Music to CD by using Media Player or Roxio?

Are you wanting to burn them to a music CD? Do you just want to copy and move them to another storage device?

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I burned a disk of various songs with Windows Media Player, and then removed the songs from the computer. I would now like to put those songs BACK on my computer (using Windows Media Player) so I could put some on my mp3 player. However, when I open Windows Media Player and put the disk in the drive, I am not given the option to rip the songs. That option just doesn't appear. Oddly enough, a list of the songs on the disk appears on the right in the "list" area so the disk is being read. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

A:Solved: Can't rip songs off of a cd with Windows Media Player

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I just bought a song for a movie for a project I'm making and its on windows media player, and when I try to put it in the movie, on windows movie maker, its not under "My music"
How can I get it there? Thanks in advance!

A:Solved: How do I save songs I have on windows media player to my computer?

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I just downloaded windows media player 11 today. My computer uses Windows XP professional.
When I try to play songs that I got through musicmatch (now yahoo! music jukebox) it says:
license acquisition failed! unspecified error!

i can play the songs fine in the Yahoo! music jukebox player.

I could play them o.k. in the old WMP because musicmatch was one of the online stores. musicmatch is no longer one of the online stores in the new WMP 11.

Any suggestions on how to play the musicmatch songs in WMP 11? I like to use WMP 11 to listen to songs and sync them to my iRiver.


A:Solved: Playing musicmatch licensed songs in windows media player 11?

Hi and welcome. I would go back and edit my post if I were you....posting your email will only increase your spam.

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How do I edit a section of music (ex. I need 1:41 through 2:55 of a music selection) in windows media player? I cannot figure out how to do so. Or do I need to save the file somewhere else to accomplish this? I did try AVS Audio Editor but it added a voice logo to my file. I cannot at this time, purchase anything b/c I need it just for this project. I have a Dell Inspiron 1525 with Windows XP.


A:Solved: editing music in Windows Media Player

troyward said:

How do I edit a section of music in windows media player?Click to expand...

You can't edit music with WMP, but you can with Audacity, a good freeware audio editor/recorder. Get version 1.2.6.

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I have recently upgraded from V7 to V9. I now find, (& it may be nothing to do with the upgrade), that on trying to download music from a link in a site I get the following error message... "Windows Media Player cannot play the file because the server is not responding" It then goes on to say that the link may be at fault, but it happens with many links so I think the problem is with my settings. I have tried to sort it out through the help screen but... well you know what I am going to say! Can anyone lead me through it please?

A:(Solved) Windows Media Player won't download music

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Hi 'MY Music' had about 50 albums and mixed tracks.I had a problem with the computer, I cleaned it, and I found that my music folders had moved to WMP I thought I had lost them. I did a search and not one track is named on my two hard discs, but I found them on WMP There seems no way to get them back. OK I can play them but all the ones put together by me are now split up all over the place. Is there a way ?
Thanks for any advice

A:Solved: Windows Media Player has grabbed all my music

eehhh windows media player is like a parasite... but where not here to talk about the program... first off..what do you mean by "cleaned it" because there's no reason that "cleaning it" will move or delete your music files... unless they were supposed to be quarantined... but that's not the case.. ok having a little trouble understanding you.. you can't find the files... but (this is the part I'm confused) if you open media player they are in your library... and most importantly they play?... ok well if i got that right..than fear not cause the files have to be somewhere as windows media player can play them... so they MUST be somewhere... the first thing that i can think of is perhaps the reason that you "cleaned" the computer (idk what the issue was) has made your files hidden... these files are normally not visible to you... i would set the computer to show hidden files and look where they used to be... if still not there do a search again but in search options click search hidden files IF YOU KNOW HOW TO SHOW HIDDEN FILES DO SO, EVERYTHING PAST THIS IS HOW TO

To show hidden files open my computer (or any other folder) and click "tools" than "folder options" if using Win 7 or Vista(you shouldn't be posting in the xp section...but i forgive you ) you need to press the alt key with the window open to show "tools"
after clicking "folder options" a new window will open, click the &q... Read more

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I recently updated to Windows Media Player 11 and I am finding it to be very confusing. The thing I want to do right now is to make it shuffle my music as it plays it. How do I do that?

A:Solved: How do I get Windows Media Player 11 to shuffle my music?

hi...open wmp11, on the top where the classic menu is select play>shuffle.

if you can't see the "classic menu"...rt. click on the top bar of the player...view>classic menu

or just rt. click on the top bar of player(by where the back and forward arrows are).....play>shuffle
you can also do it from the individual playlists if you have some...now playing>show list pane...next to the name of the playlist on the right there's a drop down menu that has the "shuffle list now" option

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Well folks, not sure what I did, but I managed to duplicate all the songs in my Windows 7 Media Player. I have a three week old laptop with Windows 7; really struggling with file management and layout in "libraries", that is, easily accessing my music, some guitar software files, etc.; somehow I installed my music folder onto the WMP again . Anyone know how I can reverse this situation, so I don't have to go through every album and delete? Also, I have "test deleted" a couple of songs from the WMP library, and they are also deleted from the original file. I have selected "delete from library only" from the manage menu, but they appear to have disappeared completely. Baby steps please, as Windows 7 has me really spooked... I miss XP! Thanks to all in advance.

A:duplicate songs in Windows 7 Media Player

Thanks for your suggestion! I did find the problem, I had a duplicate music folder (all my songs) within the original music folder containing all my songs. Once I deleted the original file, the duplicate songs in the library disappeared. I suspect I may have inadvertently dragged it in there, as I have a very sensitive touch pad, and I am still getting used to it (always been a mouse guy). Have been using the tutorials on the Microsoft site, and that has also been helpful. Thanks again for trying to help!

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My windows media player, version 12 for windows 7, does not find my songs for my library.

i have set it up so that they look in a certain folder, i have checked that the songs are actually in that folder, but still no ball. for some strange reason, it finds them maybe one in ten times i open it, if i'm lucky.

i can open them to play them, but they still don't stop in the library. all that is there is the horrandous few songs that came with the computer, howver, they don't actually play either. probably just as well though. any help much appreciated. i have checked and the player is running on the latest update.



A:windows media player songs missing

Please let me know if there is any other information I can be providing on the issue


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Hello everyone my name is Robert. I'm new here. Just thought I'd introduce myself.

Anyways here's my first question
I want to be able to play my Ipod songs on Windows Media Player. Even though I was able to when I opened the Ipod Control/Music Folder, the songs are out of order and labeled with these weird letters and numbers.
So how can my ipod songs be labeled and organized(like they are itunes) in order play them on the Windows Media Player?
I'd deeply appreciate the feedback.

A:Ipod Songs On Windows Media Player

Welcome to TSG, Robert.

I see that this thread is marked as Solved. Assuming you found the solution to the problem, can you post what it was?

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Does anybody know a way to get Media Player to display a count of the number of songs in the library?  That was one of the few features of iTunes that I liked.  I'm running WMP 12.0 under Win 7.  Thanks.


A:Windows Media Player 12 - Count Songs

First, make sure that the list of songs is focused by selecting a single song. Then press Ctrl+A to select all songs in the list. WMP should then briefly show the total song count and duration in the lower right corner.Tim De Baets

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I purchased a new Cowon S9 Portable Media Player, and the software provided for me to update it with new music (which was JetAudio) will not correctly play MP3 files that have been burnt onto the system from a CD. The CD's are obviously legit and will play perfectly in iTunes and work on an iPod no problem. But the case is for JetAudio and Windows Media Player the files do not even show up in the player library and if dragged and dropped straight into the file path of the Cowon MP3 player's memory, this has the same result and no mp3 files will show. Does anyone know why this may be?

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This subject was discussed starting in October of 2010 between danfordan and longhair but it didn't seem to come to a conclusion. The original writer said he was having trouble using CD-RW's. I am having trouble using regular cd-r's. My system numbers are listed below. The first time I used the Windows Media Player to make a CD everything went great. I loaded the CD, dragged the four files containg 25 songs in each and made a great data cd with 100 oldies. When I tried to do it again a few days later to make a copy for a friend, the files were burned in the following order.....1,2,3,4,1,2,4,3 and I had 200 songs on the CD, 100 songs TWICE! Thinking this was a fluke, I tried it again using a different file. I used 279 different oldies totalling 660 mb's. When I burned it, all songs came up twice again. First of all, why is it burning twice and secondly, how does 660 mb's burn twice on a 700 mb cd-r???
Thanks, Bobbyob

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium , Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) II Dual-Core M300, AMD64 Family 16 Model 6 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3838 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD M880G with ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4200 , 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 293143 MB, Free - 247587 MB; F: Total - 610331 MB, Free - 546503 MB;
Motherboard: Gateway , SJV50TR , Rev , LXWGC02046004B018C2200
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated and Enabled

A:Windows Media Player burns songs twice

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so, i think the problem is bc i installed the service pack 2 update for vista. ever since then, none of my songs show up in the library of wmp. i've tried to manually add the folders that my songs are in to the library, but that doesn't work. wmp will play my songs if i drag them into the player, but they don't go into my actual library. they just temporarily stay in the 'now playing' list until i close out of the program. does anyone know what's wrong with my player?

A:no songs showing up in windows media player

so, i think the problem is bc i installed the service pack 2 update for vista. ever since then, none of my songs show up in the library of wmp. i've tried to manually add the folders that my songs are in to the library, but that doesn't work. wmp will play my songs if i drag them into the player, but they don't go into my actual library. they just temporarily stay in the 'now playing' list until i close out of the program. does anyone know what's wrong with my player?((I have had the same problem in xp pronewly installed os with new hd updated mp cant keep track of librarycopied files from my music on f drive(old hd) still confusionhow do we get control

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Hi everyone. My Windows Media Player (not sure which version it is but I have Windows Vista and the most recent version of Windows Media Player) skips towards the end of songs. They are .wma files. I tried Windows Update like the help file recommended but Windows is already up to date. Also, I don't believe the files are corrupted because they played fine on my old computer and WMP is doing this to all of my music files. I tried searching the knowledge base at Microsoft but to no avail. Please help.

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The windows media player on my computer stopped working after i fixed my previous problem. (See it Here)
It will not let me open any type of media. I made a video to show exactly what is wrong.

Video is Here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c0sfzwF26I8
or Here (when available): http://www.megavideo.com/?d=G9QWUV4Y
or Download: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=G9QWUV4Y

A:Solved: Windows Media Player 12- Will not play music or video.

try reinstalling the windows.. the best way..

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I have recently installed a new webcam, and to use this on Skype I had to update my 'drivers'. So I think I did this and now my webcam is working...BUT here is the problem:
I have burnt CD's onto my Media Player and it has always played them back fine...NOW when I go to play my music it says that I have to be connected to the internet..??? I've never had to be connected before to listen to my music so i'm very confused as to why it's saying that now!!!??
Can you help please?
Below is my 'systeminfo' I believe.
Hope to hear from you soon!
Regards, Sarah

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) M processor 1.73GHz, x86 Family 6 Model 13 Stepping 8
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 1007 Mb
Graphics Card: Mobile Intel(R) 915GM/GMS,910GML Express Chipset Family, 224 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 50971 MB, Free - 37613 MB;
Motherboard: To be filled by O.E.M., To be filled by O.E.M., To be filled by O.E.M., To be filled by O.E.M.
Antivirus: AVG Anti-Virus Free, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

A:Solved: Windows Media Player won't play my music offline!!

Open the Windows Media Player. Click Tools > Options... > Privacy.

You might need to uncheck boxes in there:

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I am a week or two away from a new HP tower purchase with Windows 10.  What do I need to do to save my Windows Media Player songs and playlists so they can be added to my new computer?  I do not want to lose my 2500+ songs.   Any help on this will be greatly appreciated.  Please advise if I have posted on the wrong board.  Thanks.

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I d/l some songs that were playing just fine on WMP for a while until I tried to install Yahoo Music Engine. YME didn't completely install because it encountered some sort of problem. Now when I try to play them on WMP, it says it needs a security update, but then encounters error code 800C2F78. The Microsoft Web site only says it's investigating the problem, it's not on it's list of common error codes. We're talking about a lot of songs that I paid a buck apiece for. The songs that I ripped from CDs play just fine, it's only the ones I d/l.
HP Pavilion a430n
Windows XP w/SP2
2.2 gig AMD Athlon XP processor
164 gig HD
512 Meg installed memory

A:Windows Media Player won't play d/l songs anymore

If it's from Yahoo! then it may be a licensing issue. Have you tried another media player?

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I have windows xp 2000 media edition, how do I download my song files from my library to sansa mp3 player. Computer acknowledges that device is connected, but that's all
Please help, Recently had my computer tuned-up and this option is no longer in my media library, would appreciate your help.
Thank you

A:download songs from windows media to sansa mp3 player

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I have numerous duplicate songs, how can i delete them?

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Hi all - Windows Media Player 12 - Windows 7 x64

So I have decided to delete several un-listened-to songs from my library on WMP 12, and ended up doing so in the Music folder, because when I right-click on the song in WMP 12 and select Delete, nothing happens. Literally NOTHING - no lag, freeze or crash -
it just ignores the fact that I even clicked delete. The songs that I deleted from the Music folder have not been updated, that is, they aren't gone from WMP 12, and I have tried to delete songs that ARE in my Music folder from WMP 12, but to no avail. I can
still play songs that are in my Music folder directly from WMP 12. Any suggestions!?

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So the title says much of it, but I have music that I downloaded through the Itunes store that is not showing up for some reason in my WMP library. In fact, the vast majority of my songs do not show up in the library. I did not rip any of the songs, seeing
as I don't even know what ripping is or how to do it. I use Windows Media Player more extensively than Itunes, so it is really frustrating to not have most of my music useable. 

A:Songs are not showing up in my Windows Media Player Library


Based on my research, .m4p files are also not supported by Windows Media Player.

However, if you would like to play these music in Windows Media Player, you may use certain applications to convert the files to .mp3 and check if it works.

Hope this helps.

Jeremy Wu
TechNet Community Support

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Hey i just tried to listen to a song in windows media and it got the red x and said windows media has encountered a problem while trying to play the following file, it was working fine a couple of days ago. Now it doesnt play any files. I dont know whats wrong.

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i have windows media player 10 and i t worked fine until suddenly i launched it and tried to play them music i had bought from msn. it takes ages to open and then says secure storage protection error restore licenses form a backup. i haven't backed any licenses up so wot can i do now

A:Solved: Windows media Player Dosent play my purchased music

the answer is to delete the folder contiaing the liscences

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As the title says, it burns like 19 songs, and thats it, of a total of 71 song.

Please help.

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I have a new laptop with Windows Vista. In Windows Media Player, it says that when I listen to a song on the internet it will automaticallly be added to my Library. This is not happening. The option to add songs automatically under the Player tab is checked. What can I do to fix this issue so that songs are added? Or how can I manually add songs that I find on the internet? Thanks!

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My windows media player 9 series wont play yahoo music videos it says I need windows media player 9 series final witch I have. I am running windows 98 SE with all the updates.

A:Solved: Windows media player 9 wont play yahoo music videos

lol, I had to turn off my debugger.

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I have Windows Vista Home Premium on a six month old Dell Notebook fairly well upgraded. All works well, but Windows Media Player does the strangest thing. When a song plays it skips or breaks up for a second or two in exactly the same spot with about 10 to 15 seconds to go in the song. And it does it song after song in exactly the same place....about 10 or 15 seconds from the end of the song.

I have tried emptying the music folder and restoring the songs. I turned off my spyware and virus programs. These same songs will play fine in Limewire library and playlists.

When the breakup starts I notice the CPU meter jumps from about 7% to 40 or 45% quickly. Is something interferring and if so what or is it the Media Player. Seems strange it is always in the exact same spot.

A:Windows Media Player all songs breakup exact same spot 10-15 secs from end

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I have Windows Vista. I synced cds onto my flash drive from a different computer so I could put them in my windows media player on this computer. When I try to play these certain songs, it says I can't play them. Error code C00D1197. It says that I can download a license migration to play the protected files, but then it says I have to download Microsoft® Windows Media Services" plug-ins for my Netscape toolbar, whatever that means! How do I do it, is it necessary, is it free? I think it would probably just be easier to rip the CD again, I guess. Please help me out!

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I've got all my music in an external drive.
When i configured bakups i selected that same external drive as destination to back up to.

Now, i added the music from that drive to windows media player and now, when the computer backs up, i've got this error telling me some files were omitted (namely all the music) because they're on the same drive as the backup's destination.

I'm going to use WMP because it's already there (regardless of there being a million better choices of media players/managers) so don't bother suggesting otherwise.

My question is: is there any special folder i should avoid backing up so this error doesn't happen? (like the one that contains WMP database)

More info:
Event type: Warning
Source: Windows backup
Event ID: 4106

Thanks for your help =)

Edit: The backup's error window gave me a link to more information; it's actually the log file but it's in Spanish and while i'm not sure it would help, i'm sure it wouldn't hurt.

Copias de seguridad omiti? la copia de seguridad de Z:\Musiquita\ porque no se encuentra en el destino de copia de seguridad.

A:Error when backing up with windows media player songs in backup drive.

Windows won't let you backup files on the destination disk to the destination disk. It ain't gonna happen. Change the location of your music files or the disk you're using for backup. It's not good to use a backup disk for anything else anyway. The disk itself becomes less reliable because a write fault could destroy your backup. What's the point of having a backup if you're not using it as a backup?

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Windows Media Player always takes so long to play a song or video or whatever i need to look at. How do i fix it? I heard a rumor that it was going to be fixed in Service Pack 2 to but it wasn't for me. Anyone have any solutions?

A:Windows Media Player taking long time to play songs

Mine has slowed down, but I thought it was just because i have so many different formats going through it. Any comments anyone?

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i tried to drag it but it wouldt let me

A:How do i put windows media player music to >> My Music Folder

What version of Windows do you have and which version of WMP?

What exactly are you trying to do? Are you trying to put music files that are in My Music into the WMP library?

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Im mad that my My Music folder is empty, how do i put my windows media player music in it? whenever i download music i just go to "Add to windows media player", how do i bring that to "My music", thx

A:How do i put windows media player music to >> My Music Folder

i do it manually. if you right click the name of the song in your windows media player, and find the file location, go to that location, and manually dragndrop that file into your my music folder

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Hi: I was trying to record from a radio station a recording of someone I know who has written a music piece and by mistake I saw urge and downloaded the program. When I realized I did not want this program, I deleted it. There was a message not to do it--that it would block other users from logging onto the computer (Which is a violation of the anti-trust laws) however, I did not listen and deleted the entire program from the program files. Now I cannot get any music from the radio site and it has blocked real player. MSN should be sued again.HELP!!!

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I have just bought on-line, will only transfer music files with Windows Media Player 10.   The instructions for the music player, Samsung YP-Z5, says that you can only transfer files to the player when Windows Media Player 10 is installed on the pc, which you have to instal with the installation CD.  I have Windows Media Player 11 and Media Monkey on my pc, that I use for my other music player and Windows Media Player 12 and Media Monkey on my laptop.  Does that mean that the version 11, I have on my pc will be rolled back to 10 then? isn't that going to mess up my music.  I don't understand why it is an older version of Windows Media Player as I can't use it on my laptop. Can anyone help please.

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hi i am running windows 7 media player.Everytime i burn a music cd the player burns all the songs twice. you dont notice its done it untill i reinsert the cd then you see in the list that there are two copies of every song.Is there a setting im missing or is it an error. If someone could help that would be great.

A:media player burns the same songs twice

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Please help!! First time on a forum to fix my pc, a bit of a novice!
I was cleaning up pc removing programs rarely used, deleted tracks i never listen to from media player and also ran a defragment. My media player disappeared but could be accessed through “my music” in my documents clicking on a track opened the media player. During my clean-up I removed restore points but one from the day before remained, I restored and the media player has reappeared but still will not play all the tracks in my library. I can however play tracks that wont play in media player by going to “my music” (the track then opens and plays in media player even though it has just refused to play in media player) If I then select another track in media player the message “ A number of queued files cannot be played. To find information about the problem, click the Now Playing tab, and then click the icon next to each file in the List pane.” When I click on the blue icon it asks me if I want to delete missing track. I know the all tracks are still on my computer (in my music file) please help me to get my media player going. I am on xp. Thanks in advance

A:media player will only play some songs

You may need to reinstall your version of windows media player.Here is a link to all versions of wmp

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I have windows 8.1 and I use window media player #12. I can't export music from the amazon app to the window media player.

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I cannot play any music using windows media player, it displays an error; "windows media player cannot play the file because there is a problem with your sound device, there may not be a sound device installed in your computer, or it may be in use by some other program or it may not be functioning properly"but using windows media player i can play mpegv videos but without the soundI can play music using other player, i have just tried playing it with quick time player, it plays fine, i can ear the sound from my speakerif i run the dxdaig test it shows an error, "windows cannot find dxdaig.exe make sure you have typed the path correctly"and if i try to manually open dxdaig.exe then the dxdaig window opens but along with the window i get an error pop up: could not get basic sound info result code=xxxxxxxxx (invalid arguments)then again one more error gets poped-up :problem getting extra sound info, result code=xxxxxx (invalid arguments)i started getting this problem from when i was infected by a virus becoz of which i was told to delete many files using my av's but now there are no more viruses/malwares as all the problems have got solved except this oneearlier i never had any problems with my windows media player I have the realtek HD audio manager installed, i have tried testing sound using it, and yes the sounds can be heard from my speakers

A:Cannot play music using Windows Media Player

You might want to re-install DirectX, as it appears that the virus has messed with DirextX on your system.After installation is complete run dxdiag.http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...;displaylang=en

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How to transfer 1 GB of Music from Windows Media Player Version 8.0 To another PC with Windows XP and Windows Media Player 8.0.

My 1st Dell Inspiron 8200 with Windows XP laptop was unrepairable after 7 months and now they sent me a new one.
Inspiron 8500.

Thanks for any help

A:Xfer Music from windows media player to another PC

Welcome to TSG.

If you have a CD burner find the files and break them into two CDs – Maybe 680Mb on the first and the rest on the second. Record them as Data and not audio. Put them the same place in the new computer they were in the old one.

They sent you a new one and let you keep the old one? Are you trying to move the music from the 8200 to the 8500? Does the 8200 work?

If you don’t have a burner you could connect the two computers with a null modem cable and transfer the data. Null modem cables are cheap and come in parallel and serial. DB25 is parallel and DB9 serial. If you have both ports available the parallel is faster. Do a search for “Briefcase” in the XP help files as it is probably the easiest way to transfer the data. http://www.cablesnmor.com/nullmodem.html

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i none of my music will play in windows media player. my audio files are mp3 and wma.

anyone else have any problems like this???

the music will show up in my library but it wont play. it plays with winamp but not wmp

A:windows media player and my music library

Hi TwoTabs, welcome to the forums, install this codecs and will play almost anything.
Shark007.net - Windows 8 Codecs - WMP12 Codecs

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Right I recently installed nero on my computer and it has taken over all my music files as default..

Is there any way to set it back to windows media player as I prefere the software better than nero show time..

A:Setting all music to windows media player

WMP > Tools > Options > File Types

either select them separately or 'select all'.

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I hope I'm putting this in the right spot.
This is the first time I tried to rip a music cd. The ripping part seem to go alright. I put them in a mp3 format. My question is, why are the files bigger after they are ripped?
When I look at properties on the music cd it says the whole music cd is only 18kb.
But the ripped files are 39.9 mb. What's up with this? The MP3 are supposed to be smaller. I even tried to copy the music cd to a folder to check the size, but it was the same thing. Plus, they wouldn't play after I took out the music cd out of the cd rom.
The music file types are cda.
What's going on here?

A:Windows media player 10 and ripping music

Well, I figured it out if anybody cares.

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