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Shared computers and setting up default printers question

Q: Shared computers and setting up default printers question

Could not find anything in search, so point me in right direction if it exists. Basically, have a network running through several buildings, 7 to be exact. They all have network printers in, at least one per building, and 2-3 workstations that are shared. People might be required to log into any computer in any building to perform their duties. What i am wanting to do is have the shared computer automatically connect/install the printer in that building by default. Running Win 7 64bit inside a Novell/AD setup. Anyone have any thoughts? Or is this just not possible?

Preferred Solution: Shared computers and setting up default printers question

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Shared computers and setting up default printers question

Are they on thinclients, connecting through citrix?

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Peer to Peer network

Six computers ( 2 win98 4 xp pro )

The problem is that the 98s can't see the xp printers.

All that shows up when you try to browse for network printers form 98s to xps is

Printers are shared and can be seen and used by the other xp computers

Any suggestions?

A:Win 98 computers can't see shared xp printers

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My office network had 3 workstations and two laptops, all running XP. Also, an HP large format plotter on Jet direct, a Xerox high speed page printer on the Ethernet port, another HP small format plotter connected directly to one of the workstations and a small HP inkjet page printer connected to another of the workstations. All was well in the kingdom for 10 years with all the printers/plotters shared and all the data files (folders) shared with everyone, even with replacement devices over the years. Then, a laptop recently died and the new one has WIN7 pro. It will share folders but won?t print to anything. Then we added a new workstation last week and it too has WIN7 pro. It will share files but won?t print to anything. Both the Win7 machines ?see? the network printers and both reported successful connections and drivers and show in the device manager. They both show all the printers/plotters as ?ready? or ?offline? correctly in the spooler or control panel. If you send a print job to them, it appears to go but never prints/plots. The ?test print? function does the same, no print. The onboard printer diagnostics say ?no errors detected?. There are no print jobs hanging in the spooler. If I connect the printers directly (USB) to the win7 machines they print OK. I have no way to directly connect and test the Ethernet printers/plotters
Any clues? If this is progress, I want my XP back!!!!

A:New Win7 computers won't connect to shared printers

Well, even if windows 7 sees the printers; you still have to install drivers for printers; even if they are on a network. I would check with each of the printers manufacturer's sites to see what drivers they have. I know this because i had to do this for my dad's desktop at his current office. They have a high speed printer on their network; for which i had to install the driver for it.

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I have a Samsung CLP310 printer attached to my wife's computer (USB) and a samsung ML2010 printer attached to my computer (USB).
She can print to her printer, and I can print to mine. Both printers are set to "share". I can add her printer to my list of printers, and she can add mine to her list. BUT...I can't print to hers and she can't print to mine.
She's on Ultimate 7, and I'm on Premium 7. We can share documents so I know that the network is working. I can see her printer and check its properties etc, but I can't print to it. I get an error message ("your file could not be printed due to an error on \\blackmatt\samsung clp-310 series on e03") and an offer to troubleshoot, but nothing helps.
I've tried deleting and adding the printers back on, and also tried re-installing the drivers.
Any ideas?
Thanks Steve

A:Can't print to shared printers between 2 Windows 7 computers

Are you using a workgroup or homegroup?

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Is there anyway possible to set an individual default printer for each word document?

E.g. I press print on document A and it prints out on my epson CX6600 in my office.

I next print document B and it prints on my HP laserjet in my Lab.

Both printers are successfully connected to my network. But is there a way that i can auto define each document to printout to the speficied printers. Without manually having to go into each document and selecting the correct printer each time.

At the moment i have a practice management program, that releys heavily on mailmerge for printing reports, orders etc.
Is there anyway possible that I could set each of the template word documents to print to these speficed printers whenever i use the application to print these documents.

A:Setting default printers for word documents.

The way I deal with this problem of alternate printers in Word and Publisher is to *save* the document AFTER doing your printer setup selection, whether you intend to print then or not. The next time you bring up the document, it should be set for the printer you *saved* with it.

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Let me set up the scenario:
We have multiple printers, lets call them Printer1, Printer2, Printer3 and Printer4.  All of these have to be deployed to our devices and Printer1 needs to be set as default.
GPP seems like it should do the trick, so I configure the above four printers, ensuring that Printer1 is set as default in the settings.
Upon logging in by a test user, i see that all four printers have correctly mapped, but a random one is set as default seemingly ignoring the tick box directing otherwise.
I know that if I run a gpupdate, the printers will sort themselves out and Printer1 will be the default.  I also know that logging off and back on will have the same effect.  But as these users will not necessarily be logging into the same device
each time, I would prefer a scenario whereby the right printer is mapped at first logon.
So my questions are as follows:

Is there a configuration of GPP Printers that would allow this to happen at first logon?Can i get gpupdate to run silently via a scheduled task?Can No.2 be done simply without need for additional script files/software installs?

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Here is my situation: I am a teacher with wireless internet access in my classroom. I want to set up a system where we have maybe 8-12 laptops in the room and one printer, and the kids all have their own flash drives. When they need to print something, they go plug the flash drive into the printer and print the job.

I know that some printers are made to accomodate images in this way; just direct printing bypassing the computer. What about text docs? Can this work? Do some printers provide some kind of display so one knows that they are printing "Joe_state_report" or whatever?

Other than working w/wireless internet, any other factors/considerations?

Any feedback welcome. thanks!

A:question about setting up computers/printer

Look into wireless print server

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i have a new network switch and i'm using it on my own little LAN.
this has no internet connectivity.
i have a few pc's and i set static ip addresses to them all... for pc-1 for pc-2
and so on,
each pc the subnet mask is

on my new network switch, i set it's ip address to
but it wants some number for gateway, i cannot leave it blank.
what is the proper ip address to put in there?
is it based on the subnet mask?

A:setting default gateway question

Your router should be or open an admin command prompt, type ipconfig/all enter that should show you the address of the router as default gateway...

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Hello again,

I know when I install gmail notifier or say yahoo messenger, it gives me the prompt asking if I would like to set their service as the default mail service on my machine. This makes it nice so that when I hit a mailto: on a site, it goes to gmail or yahoo instead of bringing up outlook.

My question is, I want to set it to where my default mail application is a different mail service besides though. We use WebMail here, and I was wondering where at on the computer can I find the option to change the default mail service? I tried on properties, but it just shows Outlook Express in the drop down menu.


A:Question on setting other programs as default mail client

Not sure what you mean by "I tried on properties"...do you mean you opened Internet Explorer, clicked Tools-->Internet Options..., selected the Programs tab, and tried to change the Email setting?

I'd be willing to wager that's a registry entry, though that's a guess. Check this MS Knowledge Base article for more info.

Sounds like this might be more what you're after though; it changes the default mailto: client (in any version of Windows, it looks like).



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My desktop computer (Win 7 Pro 32 bit) has two local printers, both with the share attribute, and is the server on a wireless LAN containing my wife's ASUS tablet (Win 8.1RT). Until recently she could print using the shared printers, but now cannot. The printer sare detected, but on trying to print, an error message says that theserver print spooler service is not running. But it definitely is - I have checked with Admin Tools, checked that it starts automatically, tried stopping and restarting it. The ASUS can still see and open shared files and folders. The printer drivers are up to date on both machines and work perfectly on the server. I am beginning to think that a Win 8 update has changed something? Advice would be much appreciated.

A:Shared printers not usable.

Originally Posted by Hamfist

My desktop computer (Win 7 Pro 32 bit) has two local printers, both with the share attribute, and is the server on a wireless LAN containing my wife's ASUS tablet (Win 8.1RT). Until recently she could print using the shared printers, but now cannot. The printer sare detected, but on trying to print, an error message says that theserver print spooler service is not running. But it definitely is - I have checked with Admin Tools, checked that it starts automatically, tried stopping and restarting it. The ASUS can still see and open shared files and folders. The printer drivers are up to date on both machines and work perfectly on the server. I am beginning to think that a Win 8 update has changed something? Advice would be much appreciated.

Perhaps it was the same KB update causing networking problems as in the following thread.
KB2919355 destroyed network acces to nas

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How do you get access to shared folders and printers on a wireless network?

I've shared the folders on the desktop pc and set all the folders to be co-owned by everyone, the printer is shared yet Vista won't let my laptops can't open the folders or connect to my printer attached to the desktop.
The laptops shows up on the network but I get \\xxxx\xxxx is not accessible. You might not have permission to use the network resource. ........ The specific network name is no longer available.

They are all set to be Private networks and the workgroup name is the same on all computers.

What more do you have to do!


A:Shared folders and printers

Hi Paul,

What antivirus/security software are you using?

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Hi, I am excited to maybe get some help from this forum. Here is my deal. I have my primary PC connected via Ethernet to an Actiontec DSL modem (GT701). All is working great. I have turned on the wireless capability of the DSL modem, as well. I have a second PC, 5 feet away ,with a Linksys USB wireless network adapter (with Speedbooster) connected and working great. I have excellent strength and internet activity with both PCs. The Network is successfully established. What I don't get is now how to set up a successful sharing of files/folders and printers between the two PCs using Windows XP (one has Home edition SP2, and the other has Media Center edition SP2). I have dabbled around with the Network Wizard, and had each computer indicated as connecting to a residential gateway, had the computer names verified, and established a new and unique workgroup name used for both computers. The piece of the puzzle I haven't figured out yet, is the mechanism now to just start seeing files between the two computers. Do I need to map a network drive? I go to My Network Places, and I don't see anything. I can do a view of the workgroup(s), and it says that my new Network workgroup can't be seen due to lack of permission, etc. Any help here would be greatly appreciated as to the proper approach to this file/printer sharing thing. Thanks in advance.

A:How Do I Get Files and Printers Shared Between 2 PCs?

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This is an on-going annoyance. I have a Home Group running on WiFi with two computers. All too often, when I run the Home Group troubleshooter I get a message that there is a new unshared printer, and installing it will let everyone use it.

This happened again this morning. My computer woke up to run its daily SuperAntiSpyware task, went back to sleep, and woke up when I got up. Later, instead of going to sleep after two hours, as set in Power Options, it was still awake after four hours--that is what caused me to run the troubleshooter. When I get this message, it says to click on the install button.

All this time, the other computer was in hibernation. (That's another story: I use hibernation as I've been unable to restore sleep on that machine.)

There's no pattern to this: I'll get the unshared printer message on one or the other computer, or, as today, on both. Clicking on the install button often hangs the Control Panel Home group on my computer for a while; sometimes, this fixes it after a while. A few days ago, I did not even try that, just rebooted, and that fixed it. That did not work today, but I did get rid of it, only to find it on the other computer--and clicking the install button made the message go away immediately.

Suggestions to cure this malady, if available and shareable, would be appreciated.

A:HomeGroup Loses Shared Printers

Quote: Originally Posted by Not Myself

This is an on-going annoyance. I have a Home Group running on WiFi with two computers. All too often, when I run the Home Group troubleshooter I get a message that there is a new unshared printer, and installing it will let everyone use it.

This happened again this morning. My computer woke up to run its daily SuperAntiSpyware task, went back to sleep, and woke up when I got up. Later, instead of going to sleep after two hours, as set in Power Options, it was still awake after four hours--that is what caused me to run the troubleshooter. When I get this message, it says to click on the install button.

All this time, the other computer was in hibernation. (That's another story: I use hibernation as I've been unable to restore sleep on that machine.)

There's no pattern to this: I'll get the unshared printer message on one or the other computer, or, as today, on both. Clicking on the install button often hangs the Control Panel Home group on my computer for a while; sometimes, this fixes it after a while. A few days ago, I did not even try that, just rebooted, and that fixed it. That did not work today, but I did get rid of it, only to find it on the other computer--and clicking the install button made the message go away immediately.

Suggestions to cure this malady, if available and shareable, would be appreciated.

Have you actually installed the printer drivers onto each networked machi... Read more

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I have a windows 7 pro system (64 bit) that is directly connected to my 2 printers. I also have a windows 7 premium system (32 bit) and I'm trying to use the printers on the other system. I have the the printers set to share but and have loaded the 32 bit drivers on the premium box. On the 32 bit box it shows the printers offline and on the 64 bit it shows the printers for both systems.

The 32 bit system does not see the printers or the share file I setup on the 64 bit system.
any ideas?

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Hi, I have two computers on a network using DHCP and I shared a printer on the two computers. One is connected to the LPT port and the other is connecting to the printer through the computer as a share, the OS is windows 2000 Pro. Once I did this the computer that has the printer connected to the LPT port cannot get out to the internet, internet explorer gets error and when i try to update anti virus it says cant find internet connection. I have released and renewed the IP, reinstalled IE, checked the gateway and it is the same as the other computers connecting to the internet, ran spybot but could not update it as I cant get to the internet. I dont know what else to do.

A:shared printers now ie doesnt work

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I have two computers that I want to connect: my laptop and my desktop. Both run windows XP. We have DSL and a wireless hub. The desktop connnects directly to the wireless hub with ethernet and the laptop connects through a wireless network connection. How can I set these computers up to share a printer, using the desktop as the print server?

A:Solved: How to set up a network with shared printers?

This TCP/IP Home Networking and File Sharing Tutorial should get you started.

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Good day, I am having a problem with shared printers.
I have six workstations (Dell T-7500s with Windows 7 Pro) set up on a HomeGroup and all running as if an Administrator is logged on. I have two sets of Printers attached to two of the workstations, one each DNP DS-40 & DS-80 printers on each of those machines.
I have shared the printers out to the other workstations and the printers function properly with one exception.
On the machines that are using a shared printer two of the advanced document settings are grayed out, "Overcoat Finish" and "Print Retry". I am not too concerned about "Print Retry" but I need my folks to be able to access the "Overcoat Finish" selection.
I have tried setting the printer properties to full control for everyone but it made no difference.
The settings in question work normally on the host machines and also on the machine that I set up the HomeGroup on, which is not one of the host machines.
As I am not extremely familiar with Win 7 I am out of ideas, hoping someone here could point me in a new direction.
David Cushman

A:Issue with shared printers, not all perference settings available

Hi David,

I am experiencing the same problem that you described with a DS40 and two machines running Windows XP SP3.

I have just written to DNP's support and I am waiting for their response.

Have you found any solution or work around?


Joan Ramon L?pez Gillu?

PS: I'll let you know when I get the answer from DNP.

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hi guys,

i have a brother mfc-7320 printer shared over the network by another xp machine
so its not a network printer its usb shared over the network

i cant see any scanner/scanning options via the printer settings in control panel
and windows fax and scan sees no scanner

the client im connecting into is a windows 7 machine

is this possible to do?

A:Sharing a shared printers scanner over the network

Printing yes, scanning most likely no.

It's a local printer (ie: local to the XP machine), so scanning controls may not be shared outside of the XP machine. I've seen where other machines can access the scan function, but the scans will only save to the local machine (ie: the computer to which it is attached).

Sharing a local printer/scanner is not always the same as having a network printer/scanner.

I've not used a Brother printer in many years, so I'm not familiar with how it should actually be working in your configuration.

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I have Win 8 pro on my laptop. It was previously Win 7 and could happily share a printer connected to the other PC in the household which is also Win 7. The sharing was/is done via the magic that is HOMEGROUP.

I upgradedified my laptop to Win 8, and after a little nonsense, all was working well, appart from the fact that I cannot for love nor money see the shared printer mentioned above any more.

I have remoed both laptop and desktop PC from the homegroup. Rebooted. Re-created a homegroup on the desktop, joined my laptop to it. I can see all the libraries and files, but there is no sign of the printer. I even took my laptop out to the room where the printer is to show it that it really did exist!

Now, I can walk out to room with the printer in, access my documents from the desktop PC and print from it, but that defeats the object, and besides, I have a point to prove to my laptop! Also, my partners kids are always using the desktop and I don't like hassling them.

So, if anyone has any bright ideas that will prevent me from buying a very long usb cable, I would greatly appreciate it.

Love and kisses

A:Windows 8, homegroup & shared printers - ARGH!!

Did you share the printer on the PC that it is attached to? I haven't used Homegroup, but on a regular network you have to share the printer and then you have to run the add printer wizard on each PC that uses that printer.

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Just like the title says, when I'm at work I can't see any of our file server's shared folders, or any of our networked or shared printers when I'm on my laptop. I could a few weeks ago, before I reformatted after getting a nasty virus. Bt after reformatting, it just didn't see the printers or shared files.

What's more, nobody can see my computer connected either.

After I messed around with the settings (workgroup and computer name) I can't even see the workgroup that the printers and server are on! Heck, I can't even see the workgroup that I'M on, which means that if I go to "View Entire Network" and go to Microsoft Windows Network, it shows a total of zero workgroups there. Obviously, I'm connected, since I can connect to the internet. And I know that I'm connected to the correct router. And I can login to the router's admin panel, and I can see my computer in the DHCP area. So it sees me.

So.... help! If you need more informatoin, feel free to ask.

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Hi, I have a small network with XP SP3 computers with a Win 2003 domain controller. the problem is that all the shared printers install automatically on user logon.
I tried to disable the option from "Folder options" but with no result.
I want to set up a GPO for all the domain users to disable this fiture. The problem is that i can't find the right option in the GPO Editor

A:Disable automatic install of shared printers

No one knows ???

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I need to know how to stop shared printers on my network from being automatically discovered. I have already unchecked "Automatically Search for Network Folders and Printers" in "Folder Options" and it still discovers printers every time I login after having deleted the printers previously. I am stumped on this one.

A:Automatic Discovery of Shared Network Printers

in services; set SSDP to startup DISABLED

Q1: What OS are you using?

Q2: Are these printers attached to other systems OR do they attach to the network
using an IP address of their own? if the latter, then also set Bonjour Service to DISABLE

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I am looking for a way to manage printers and network drives in a company.
On windows 2003 server, Windows XP client, roaming users should be able to log to a computer in finance, and from there be able to select the finance printers and the finance Share folder (S:\finance).
If the same user logs in HR dep, he can get HR printers and share folder (S:\HR).
In the past they had a little in house soft which they launch after they logon and then select their location and printers they want.
I am looking to do the same type of thing but I can't use the same old application. I am not a pure programer, I tried to find some tools (soft, script, GPO) that I can modify with the setup of my company.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

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I have a server ?Windows 2k? with one printer attached and shared on network. A client pc, Win2k with 2 more printers attached to it and also shared. I have just swapped 2 client pcs (Win2k) for XP Pro Clients PC?s. When I go to add pinters, it says something like "The server for the 'Epson Stylus C65 Series' printer does not have the correct printer driver installed.If you want to search for the proper driver, click OK. Otherwise.... "
When I click OK it wants me to point it to the location where a **.inf file is located.??

Just for the server attached printer, I have downloaded xp drivers, extracted to a folder, and then tried pointing at the folder. It goes all the way to the very end and then says something like, ?an error has occurred, process in use?. I am not at the office, so cant word exactly. Will get screen shots 2moro if not solved.
I get the same error messages for the other two printers about correct driver not installed on server, but haven?t looked too much into them yet. I have their instal cds, but not sure which process to take?

Can you please suggest what I need to do? Thanks heaps for your time with this, it?s much appreciated.

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Hi all
Anybody managed to solve the shared printer problem when a USB printer is attached to W8.

I can't find any place to enable sharing the printer and set its shared name. The printer installs and works just fine on the W8 system but W7 / XP machines can't access it.

I got round the problem by attaching the printer to a Virtual W2K3 server running on vmware on W8 -- then sharing works fine to other W7 / XP machines.

Still no way to share with W8 .

I'm sure I'm not the only person who wants to share a printer on W8 with other computers --- anybody got this working.


A:Shared printers - Printer connected to W8 machine

Hi Jimbo, I haven't actually tried this but if you open up Control Panel, go to Hardware and Sound, Devices and Printers, Right click on your Printer and select create shortcut.

This should make a shortcut on your Desktop, when you right click on the shortcut you get the share options

I hope this helps

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Hi. I'm having a problem with my WinXP configuration after applying VundoFix. Now, even as my IE and AIM work fine, I cannot access a shared drive or shared printer from my other WinXP computer.My computer is now scanning clean with VundoFix, Ad-AwareSE, Spybot S&D, McAfee VirusScan, and Stinger260. I had also run the WinSockXPfix (http://www.snapfiles.com/get/winsockxpfix.html) to reset my LAN connection configuration. I can use IE to browse various sites, and AIM works, but I cannot seem to browse my workgroup or shared files/printers in that workgroup.Thanks for any help you can provide -- hijackThis log follows:Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1Scan saved at 4:11:26 PM, on 3/18/2007Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16414)Running processes:C:\WINDOWS\System32\smss.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\winlogon.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\services.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\lsass.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\spoolsv.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\netdde.exeC:\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop Elements 4.0\PhotoshopElementsFileAgent.exeC:\PROGRA~1\COMMON~1\AOL\ACS\AOLacsd.exeC:\Program Files\Network Associates\Common Framework\FrameworkService.exeC:\Program Files\Network Associates\VirusScan\mcshield.ex... Read more

A:Workgroup Shared Files & Printers Not Accessible After Vundo Fix

Download this program:submit files packerHighlight the files listed below in bold and right-click and selecting copy.C:\WINDOWS\system32\msdpsv.exeC:\WINDOWS\smss.exe <--- Make sure the file resides in the C:\Windows folder as there is a legitimate file of the same name in C:\Windows\System32\C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\p432.dllC:\WINDOWS\system32\rpcc.dllThen start the file packer program and right click in the white box and select paste to paste the copied file names in the field.Then press the Continue button.I will create an archive with these files and a small log on your Desktop that starts with a name like requested-file[date].cab.Rename this file to yourmembername.cab (for example grinler.cab).Then go to:http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/submit-malware.phpand fill in the required fields and browse to this file on your desktop. Finally click on the Send File button.Next,Run HijackThis.Click on Open the Misc Tools Section.Click on "Delete an NT Service"Copy and paste this in the box: MSDPSVClick "Ok", then reboot your computer.Finally,Print out these instructions and then close all windows including Internet Explorer.Then I want you to fix some of those entries. Please do the following:Please make sure that you can view all hidden files. Instructions on how to do this can be found here:How to see hidden files in WindowsReboot your computer into Safe ModeRun Hijackthis again, click... Read more

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P/s can anyone assist on this. Suddenly, I can not access my shared printers and folders again. Instead when I type network path \\192.168.1.x so that it can list shared resources on the computer for me to connect. I get the message "you might not have permission to use this network resource. contact administrator of this server to have access permissions"
The network is not present or not started.

Again I have run the windows network tools over and over again, joining computers to workgroups etc. shared resources incluiding printers allows for some hours then stops.

Thank you all.

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I have just been given a hp photosmart c4795 printer and am looking into another desktop since the old one I have doesn't support the printer. I have been trying to find out if a hp elite c2d 3.0 with windows 10 will support my printer before I purchase it. I haven't been able to find answers anywhere.

A:printers and computers

Hi CrystalDPoe33, and welcome to TSG.

What operating system is running on your current desktop computer and does it have any USB ports? According to the HP support site, there are C4795 drivers available for Windows XP through Windows 10.


The HP Elite C2D 3.0 with windows 10 has USB ports and so should be able to connect to the C4795 with a suitable length USB 2.0 cable.

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I support a network consisting of a Windows domain running off a Windows 2003 domain controller/file server/print server where most of the clients are running Windows XP (balance are Mac OS X machines). I've been experimenting lately with Windows 7 Professional, but am finding that any time I add a printer in Windows 7 and connect to one of the shared printers hosted on the Server 2003 machine, all other clients are unable to use the printer. The blocking happens gradulally; when the printer is first installed, the XP users will occasionally get an error when printing (complains that drivers aren't installed for the printer), but will usually be able to print. If after setting up that printer I actually print a page from the Win7 machine, that will ultimately block them completely. They'll get the missing drivers error any time they try to print or try to open the Properties window for that printer.

The printers in question are Kyocera Mita 3035 multi-purpose machines; all drivers are installed on the server, and this has worked well with all other client machines. The network is new within the last four years, with Cat.6 cabling and gigabit ethernet (copper) switches in between. The server is a Dell PowerEdge server running Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2, with all updates applied.

I'm hoping this is something that someone has seen before. For now I've built a workaround by setting up another shared printer on the server specifically for the Windows 7 mach... Read more

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Hello all,

I have a 16bit programme that is very important to us and is in use in multiple locations. Normally we use Windows XP but recently many clients want to upgrade to Windows 10. We have found that the programme works well on Windows 10 32Bit using NTVDM, but it is unable to "see" any shared printers. That is to say, the printers can be seen in the Command Prompt using NETVIEW and the printers are listed as we would expect, but they cannot be seen by the 16Bit programme.

I'm hoping that this might be a problem that somebody else has already resolved somehow. All thoughts and suggestions welcomed

Cheers, James

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I currently have 8 computers running different OS's (Win98, WinXP, Vista, Solaris, Ubuntu, and Redhat) conneted through a KVM switch to share mouse, keyboard, and monitor. I do not want to leave any computer running all the time to share the printers and I do not want to add a server to my configuration. Currently, I have a Linksys broadband with wireless router serving internet to all computers. I also have a usb hub that has all 4 printers and external hard drives connected to it and it is connected to one computer at a time. Every time I need it for a different computer, I have to unconnected it from that computer and connect it to the one that now needs it. What equipment would I need to be able to have a wireless printer switch for all four printers to connect wirelessly to my Linksys router and how can I go about setting up a hub for all my external hard drives to be shared to each computer?

A:Connect 8 computers to 4 printers?

You need a print server and network adapters for your USB devices.

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A:Two computers 3 printers to be connected to both!

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We have domain and time to time we need to share a local printer to other computers. For years we could just type in the computer name //blehbleh and there we can see the shared printer. After June 15th ish this no longer works. This does however work for
administrators but not for normal users. We just get the access denied error. If I go to networks I can even see the computer but if you try to connect to the computer you are not prompted for administrator user/pw to access it either.


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I recently networked my computers (wireless adsl) and I can share my internet access but not the printer etc. I go into my network places which is empty so can someone tell me how I can network the printers and all that?

btw i tried doing the set up small network wizard and the wizard gets to a screen where it says disconnected hardware which is:

Local Area Connection VIA compatible fast ethernet adaptor

btw the network hardware I use is a minitare PCI 11g for both computers.

A:I can share my computers interenet with others but not printers

Without knowing more details like what operating systems you have or what error messages you are getting, see:

for some ideas.

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HP buyers beware.

I thought the HP repair center was blowing smoke; but, it appears many new HP USB printers are actually incompatible with new HP computers.

A customer, for whom I had purchased and set up a new HP Pavilion a820n last February, called about two weeks ago and wanted me to bring and set up a new HP printer. Setup gave an "ERROR_INSTALL_FAILED" message about half way through. The latest downloaded driver gave the same error.

After two weeks of wrangling with the HP authorized repair center, they finally told me that there was supposed to be a patch for this problem; but, they could not find it.

I can't find it either.

Being the inquisitive sort, I installed the driver, without incident, on two laptops and three desktops, all of different makes (but none HP). I went back to Staples, where I had purchased the computer and printer. Asking the manager's assistance, we attempted installing the same driver on three HP computers, each one a different model and each one failing with the identical error as above.

According to the local HP service center, this is a new but already well-known problem with HP products and they haven't found this (vaporware) patch yet.

A:ALERT: New HP Computers Incompatible with New HP Printers

By the way, if anyone knows where I can find this elusive patch, I sure would like to know.

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Hi all,

I have a problem: in the classical P2P windows network the computers cannot see each other as well as no shared printers are visible. Last week everything was working just fine, but after that some changes were made (reinstalling 2 PCs, adding 2 more) it doesn't work. Weird point is, that all the computers with the previously installed printers can still use that, evethough it is not possible to add any new.

In the network, there are about 15 computers, majority of them on Win XP SP3. All the computers are within the same workgroup, all the IP and DNS settings are on automatic.
The network is built on 1 router and 4 switches.
It is used basically only for printers sharing, not for file sharing (separate Linux server is designated for that).

Anyone has any ideas what might be wrong? Thanks a lot!!!

A:computers and printers not visible within the workgroup

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I want to set printers based on machine, not by user account, so I configure a printer under one account, but in the other account on the same machine, the printer is not created.

Is there a way to create the printer for all user accounts on a machine at the same time?

Details: I am trying to use psexec to call a wscript vbs for all machine. I have a domain policy for printers but I don't want to have to ask everyone to log off and back on just for this, so I'm trying to push it out.

I can use psexec to remotely run the script, but it's running as administrator and the user's printers don't change.

So back to my original question, is there a way to create/delete printers for all users on a machine at the same time?

A:Setting Printers for all users?

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I know its strange question...but I just ordered 2 brand new ink cartidges from Dell for my Dell Photo AIO 922 printer and after printing just 6 photos, half of my color cartridge is gone! I ordered a photo cartridge to replace the black one and also a regular color cartridge. I am showing a pic of my ink levels....why did my photos use the color cartridge instead of the photo cartridge? Also..notice that it says that I can print another 54 photos? How can that be possible when just 6 used up half of my color ink? Any ideas? I'm afraid to print any more photos now!

A:Is there a way to change ink setting on printers?


I just printed off 4 4x6 photos and now I get a "low ink" warning. But my photo cartridge is still full. Thats a total of 10 photos and now I need more ink.

Something is not right..I should be able to print more than that!

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I'm wondering if it is possible to set different default printers depending on the application being used?

For example, if I'm using Word or Publisher I would want my default printer to be my laser printer, but if I'm using Photoshop I would want my default printer to be my colour inkjet.

I know I can change these manually and there may be times when I would have to change the options stated above, but it would be nice to automate the procedure.


A:Different default printers

As far as I know, its not yet possible.

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Good afternoon everyone,

Have 60 Win2k pc's in our department - these include 2 Student PC Labs and then faculty PC's. Everyone will be printing to different printers. I am going to set up a print server and want to be able to configure all PC's remotely with the correct network printers.

This way I can set up the 2 labs to print to the network printers located in the respective labs and faculty will print to a printer in our main office. I also do not want to include anything in the logon scripts, as we do not use them here. Ideally I want each PC set up with the correct network printer, no matter who logs on, as the lab PC's have numerous different students logging on to them daily.

I came across the following command line utility:

rundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry

With the proper switches, I have been able to set up a network printer while logged onto that PC, but can not figure out a way to run this command and have it map the network printer on a remote PC.

Any help is GREATLY appreciated.


A:Setting up network printers on PC's remotely

If you have a print server, go into "add printers" then click on the print server, then click on the printer you want to install for that particular machine.

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How do I do that? I have one set up. Is there a peice of hardware I need to get so I have multiple printer ports?

A:Setting Up multiple printers on same Computer...

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After a bit of advice on a couple of things:
Talked my mother into getting a new PC, running Vista home prem 32 bit.

Setting it up and have encountered a few problems...

AOL - Dont have AOL vista ready software, but I was under the impression as long as I could get the router (speedtouch 585) connected through I would be ok. However, plugged it in, Router is showing ok on Ethernet & DSL but no connection to internet. Can browse to router via IE ok, confirms DSL but no internet connection. Spent days on phone to useless AOL support, reset to factory settings about 15 times, 3 new user names & passwords but everytime try and connect get a disconnected by user message. AOL last said problem their end on server but they said this before! I would like to know if:
a. anyone else has encountered this and
b. Is there anything else I need to check and
c. Am I correct in my assumption I do not actually need any AOL software etc to make a basic connection to internet?

Problem 2:
They have an old deskjet 980cxi printer, but PC has no parallel port so I have bought a USB to parallel cable. Plugged it in and vista didn't pick up the printer. Installed manually (trying both port options suggested) and still no joy.

Any help or pointers would be much appreciated. I am an IT professional but my vista skills are zero, so tech talk ok.

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I have a situation where setting printers on a reserverd IP range only works for specific printers that are configurable. I have a few that are DHCP only by Print server. I wondered if there is another easier way to set up printers in a network, so there are no other conflicts with DHCP on a LAN. I am having too many problems with conflicts and printers losing configuration. Any suggestions?

A:Setting Reserved Addresses for Printers on a LAN

poohbutt said:

I have a situation where setting printers on a reserverd IP range only works for specific printers that are configurable. I have a few that are DHCP only by Print server. I wondered if there is another easier way to set up printers in a network, so there are no other conflicts with DHCP on a LAN. I am having too many problems with conflicts and printers losing configuration. Any suggestions?Click to expand...

Not quite sure I understand. Are you saying that you have printers that cannot be configured with a static IP address? I have never seen that. What print servers are we talking about?

Do you have an IP address range setup on your DHCP server?

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HI am i have two computers, computer A running windows 7 pro and computer B running windows 7 ultimate,both computers are hooked to a switch.The network printers are also connected to the switch..internet cable plugged on the switch.
i have assigned the computers and printers with static IP addresses but now that i got internet i don't know what step to take to maintain my Homegroup and be able to share files and connect the two computers to the internet,the last time i tried using the public file sharing i got access denied while opening shared folders and unidetified network

D-Link 8 port switch
Konica minolta Bizhub c220 printer
Hp 2025 dn printers
Two windows 7 machines

Help me My dear friends

A:Connect two computers,two printers to share files and internet

Slickgeek, why don't you let your router assign IP addresses via DHCP then create your Homegroup, setup your shares and be done. Seems your doing to much work when it could be easier. Just checking!

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Hi everyone,

This is always my favorite place to ask the really obscure (at least I think so) questions and get excellent answers so here's another one for you:

My father recently got a new modem and router for his home network. All the computers on the network can access the internet just fine (yay!) but they can't see each other or the printers being shared (boo!). Can anyone help? Here's the relevant information:

Modem: Comcast Business IP Gateway (Model: SMC8014)
Router: Linksys (Model: wrt400n)

We've tried the usual unplugging, resetting of each to no avail. His computer is sparkling clean from malware so that's an unlikely cause.

Another oddity is that he can access the router administration area through all computers that are connected wirelessly but not through the one computer hardwired to it. Trying to go to results in a standard "Page cannot be found" error.

This problem just started happening after he got the new modem installed. The router was bought a few months ago and the modem just a few weeks ago. It seems strange that the modem would cause such a problem but I'm not the expert here.

That's why I have you folks! Any help is greatly appreciated.

A:Solved: Can't see computers or printers on network after new modem and router

I can't imagine how the modem enters into this, but that particular "modem" is a router as well, perhaps that's part of the issue?

On that machine that can't access the router's control panel, I suspect it's a firewall issue. Try booting in Safe Mode with Networking and see if you have better success.

Let's go with the basics first for the file/print sharing issues.
Turn off any firewalls for debugging. If the firewall is the problem, you'll have to configure it to allow access to "trusted zone" addresses. Note that some firewalls must be completely uninstalled to stop them from affecting your networking.

Hold the Windows key and press R, then type CMD to open a command prompt.

In the command prompt window that opens, type type the following commands:

PING each remote computer by IP address, and if successful, PING by name. Open a command prompt as described above and type.

PING <ip address>
PING <computer name>

<ip address> - is the x.x.x.x IP address
<computer name> - is the computer name

A failure to PING is almost always a firewall configuration issue. Any failure to PING needs to be corrected before you go any farther.

Note: You can obtain the IP address and computer name of a computer by opening a command prompt (DOS window) and typing IPCONFIG /ALL. This should work for any Windows version. The IPCONFIG /ALL display will provide a wealth of useful information for debug... Read more

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I have 2 computers, a Dell Inspiron laptop and a Dell 745 desktop, both running Windows XP, Service Pak 3. I also have 2 printers; an Epson Stylus Photo R200 and an HP: Officejet 6500 wireless. I have a Speedstream 5100 modem and a D-Link 802.11g/2.4 GHz wireless router.

Is it possible to connect the 2 printers and 2 computers to the modem and router? Are there splitter cords available that would allow me to make the proper connections?

I don't have my wireless connected at the moment because there were problems in the past with security. Could someone tell me what I would need in order to connect everything wirelessly?

I would also like to get a larger hard drive for my Dell 745 desktop. Right now I only have 1 GB memory and 80 GB hard drive, with 3.4 GHz processor (Pentium D). What brand of hard drive should I look for, and how many GB? Can I leave the 80GB in the tower along with the new, larger one? I have no idea what would be compatible with my system.

Thanks for any help you can give me.

A:Solved: Connecting 2 computers and 2 printers to a wireless network

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