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permissions recover

Q: permissions recover


I use windows XP on a small server. Lately I downloaded a software (hydrological computation) which asked me to install as well the software ‘cygwin’ (kind of linux in windows environment) and then to perform in cygwin window the command: ‘chmod –R 777 *’ in order to give writings permission and allow the software to perform.
I admit, I did not check, this instruction came from serious people….But I started to frick out when I realized that this command did not only change the permission of files related to the software or cygwin, but of all the files on my computer, it even started to process on the content of a dvd that was in my computer and I stopped the process since I was fearing that it would continue to the server’s disks…..

I immediately perform a system restore at 1week before, but I am not sure I am OK with the permissions of sensitives windows files. Indeed, the dll files in the windows/system folder show a read/execute and write permission to everyone for example. It might have been like this before the problem with the ‘chmod’, but I can not tell and I worry I did something wrong.

Is there any way to check the proper permission configuration on windows XP or to restore it?

Any suggestion or help will be very very appreciated.



Preferred Solution: permissions recover

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: permissions recover

start run type control userpasswords2 properties of the accounts you are querying

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Windows 7 64-Bit , 64-Bit Computer SyStems(Graphic Card Or Everything 64-Bit) BEFORE 32-Bit format available............vs How to recover HDD Security Permissions? Wont boot Computer 
NT Authority\cryptsvc
NT Authority\browser
NT Authority\homeusers
NT Authority\homegroup
NT Authority\Network
NT Authority\Network Service.......... HDD&Regedit possible try

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I recently put a new hard drive in my HP dv7 laptop to increase the onboard storage. Before changing out the existing hard drive, I backed up all my personal files on an external hard drive.

One of the folders though for some reason appears to have "randomly" restricted the permissions of an entire folder along with its subfolders and individual files to the admin user of the previous Win7 installation.

This is a folder with multiple subfolders and files (photo backup folder). Windows will allow me to take control of the folder with the current admin user, but it's only one folder at a time. When I attempt to force new permissions for access down the folder structure, I get an error message telling me my access to the subfolders and files is denied.

Is there some other way to force these permissions down the tree or should I put the old hard drive back in and attempt to fix the problem from the old instance of Windows?

Any assistance is appreciated.

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I recently looked at my D drive, to find out that every file and folder in the D drive has a S-1-5-21.... account under the security tab. However the D drive itself does not. When I do to delete it, it tells me I cannot because it is inheriting permissions from its parent. But The D drive itself (The parent) doesn't have that user. So first, can you explain this.
So, I go and stop it from inheriting permission, and then delete it.. The issue is that this is quite time consuming. I basically want to remove this user on every file and folder on the drive at once. Now how do I do that?
I would be perfectly happy removing all the file permissions for all the files (Yes, I know that leaves them unaccessable) and then just adding them, as adding them to the D drive itself will cause all the child objects to inherit them, yes?

A:File permissions, an S-1-5-21 account, and inherited permissions

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Does anyone have any idea why, when I select the Read/Write option for users and groups for various shares on my NAS, the Vista permissions don't have Delete selected, thus only making it possible to delete at administrator level?

When viewing permissions, even administrators can't view the contents of the Auditing tab, although currently any user (both Windows and UNIX) can take ownership of a file/folder, which, of course, I want to change, but I don't want to affect the settings on my NAS.

Where NAS files show a combination of Windows and UNIX users and groups, I'm also seeking advice on how best to configure.

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When the browser remembers your password, the password field will automatically appear (when you try to log in to Google, you can log in) and you can obtain the browser password manager.You need to see some instructions for the browserOperaGoogle ChromeMozilla FirefoxMicrosoft Internet ExplorerTake some essential steps when you have forgotten your Google Private Account passwordFirst, you must visit the Google / Gmail account recovery page https g.co/recoverThen, choose the option "I do not know my username / I forgot my username".Follow all the instructions carefully.I do not remember the username and email address of the Google private accountYou must visit the Google / Gmail account recovery page on your system.Now you must choose the "I do not know my username" button.Again, follow all the instructions given carefully.To retrieve your Google username using this form, you should already have a recovery email address or a recovery phone number.If you did not specify any recreational information, you may still be able to obtain your username when you recently accessed the email account through a browser. Gmail will display the email address in the browser's title bar, and then you should look in the browser history for the inbox and Gmail can display the email address that is yours.Hopefully, this publication could be useful for you. If you have forgotten your username and email address and password, the username of the administrator of your Gmail account, then you need to e... Read more

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I am the only person using this computer. For some reason If I try to view a image or use a editing software, it just wont let me, and says something along the lines of "You do not have permissions" . For example, I cant open Kingsoft writer (Basically microsoft word) and in the permissions, the adminstator (ME) has all the allow boxes ticked, buts its all grayed out! How do i make it so its not grayed out, meaning I can open it. The picture is attached in this page!

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Hi all, a while ago I had the idea to start from scratch to clean up the system and gain more performance. But I have not done yet because I have some doubts.

On the PC I have Acronis True Image Home 2011
--> In the part where it says My backups I see the image that I have saved.
--> When I click on "Explore and recover" :To the right I see 2 items to recover: "Reserved for System and Local Disk (C)"
Therefore, the partition (D)will remain intact. Right ? But if I want to restore everything, both partitions, i have to use the option "Files and folders" ?

Extra info : I did not create the image, other person is who created it :P

A:Difference between recover partitions or recover files and folders.

How long ago was that Acronis image made?

I guess I don't understand your intent. You talk about starting over to clean up and gain more performance, but then express interest in restoring "everything".

Was that image made at a time when your system was running perfectly? How has your system changed since that date? If you restore, you will have to reinstall any applications you've acquired since the image was made. And that image won't contain any personal data acquired since it was made. Maybe it contains no personal data at all?
If you are going to "start from scratch", I assume you mean you want to do a clean install of Windows.

If you were to do that, the only thing in that image file that might possibly be important to you would be personal files---pictures, videos, mp3s, Word documents, browser bookmarks, possibly email, etc. And that would be personal files as of the date of that image, not your current personal files. And not Windows itself.

If I wanted to "start over", I would:

1: back up all current personal files to some other drive, probably external. I would NOT use an image for this. I'd just copy them with the mouse.

2: reinstall Windows.

If I did those 2 things, the contents of the Acronis image would be irrelevant.

You should forget about Acronis if you don't understand it or know whats in any images you have. Particularly if you didn't make the image yourself. Images can fail you anyway. I'd never rely on them exclusi... Read more

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I was installing a fresh copy of Windows, when I wasnt paying attention and accidentally deleted the wrong partition(which was my full 80g hard drive that has everything on it!!). Luckily, I noticed what I had done BEFORE I formatted it. So now the partition is an unpartitioned 80g, and I installed a fresh copy of xp on the RIGHT hard drive i meant to install it on in the first place! Can anyone help me? That hard drive is very important to me, and I know there has to be a way to get it back. For right now I am leaving the unpartitioned drive alone until I get some feedback. So if anyone can help, suggest a EASY to use program, or give any support, IT WOULD BE VERY MUCH APPRECIATED! Thankyou very much!

A:Help me recover....?, Partition Deleted, Help Me Recover It

Partition undelete

Have a look at TestDisk

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I was installing a fresh copy of Windows, when I wasnt paying attention and accidentally deleted the wrong partition(which was my full 80g hard drive that has everything on it!!). Luckily, I noticed what I had done BEFORE I formatted it. So now the partition is an unpartitioned 80g, and I installed a fresh copy of xp on the RIGHT hard drive i meant to install it on in the first place! Can anyone help me? That hard drive is very important to me, and I know there has to be a way to get it back. For right now I am leaving the unpartitioned drive alone until I get some feedback. So if anyone can help, suggest a EASY to use program, or give any support, IT WOULD BE VERY MUCH APPRECIATED! Thankyou very much!

A:Help me recover....?, Partition Deleted, Help Me Recover It


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My hard drive is failing on my HP envy m6 and I need to install my windows 8.1 OS over to a new drive. The computer will not boot completely and I have bad sectors affecting the c: drive. Windows tries to fix them but it ran for over 24 hours and never finished. I have been able to copy over the recovery partition to a new drive, but an OS transfer using partition software does not work. Is there any way I can recover the OS to the new drive using just the recovery partition? Any way to start this from a USB drive or other methods? Thanks, RGecy

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Got on my NT Admin hat this morning....
Had a fellow I needed to give 'full permission' to within a directory under our FTP root. He needed to create & delete files and folders within this directory. Fine, says I. I give him full rights to his own folder, sub-folders and files. He's golden, right.
I get a call this morning. Directories are fine but if he sends a file up under one of the sub-folders that he created, he can't delete it! It only wipes out the file's attributes and then the fun begins. Then NO ONE can delete the file. I can sign in as GOD ALLMIGHTY and not be able to delete the file.
Files that are placed in his root (that I created) are fine. They can be deleted without incident.
Anyone know a what this is about? Did I miss something along the way?
Thanks for your help.

A:NT Permissions



If you want to delete the file, log on as a domain administrator, then right click on the file. Under the security tab that is a button marked "Ownership". Click on the button and "Take OWnership" of the file. Once this is completed, you can delete the file.

As for him being able to delete his own file... what FTP software is he using? I have just connected to an NT FTP server that I have full rights to, added and deleted a file succesfully using CuteFTP. It may be the FTP client that he is using that is incorrect. Also, who is he logging into the FTP as? And does the IUSER_{SERVERNAME} have rights to this directory? If you are using IIS, this "user" needs to have rights to the directory.

Reuel Miller
Windows NT Moderator (yes, that does make me biased )

[email protected]

Every morning is the dawn of a new error...

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Hi guys,

I just installed Windows 7 on a new partition on my friend's Windows XP laptop last night. The installation went well, but we are having trouble accessing his files over on the C: drive because it is saying that he doesn't have the privileges to them. I managed to unlock his Documents folder by right clicking on it and doing something to the Security tab of the Properties, but even then, I still had to do that for each individual file in each subfolder to open them. I then tried right clicking on the entire C: drive and giving full access to everybody and applying that to all subfolders and files, but that gave a lot of errors and didn't do the trick either. Does anyone know how I can easily get rid of these permission problems? My only other solution would be to copy all of his old files to a disk while on XP then load up in W7 and pop the disk in and copy the files, but that would require about 8 DVDs to burn all his main files so I'm looking for a way to avoid having to do that. Any help is appreciated!

Thank you

A:Permissions Help

You can do it allot easier using this Context menu Shortcut.

Take Ownership Shortcut

You should be able to take ownership of entire folders and it will also give you full control.

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XP Pro.

Since I had to blatt my HD and reinstall everything, something wierd has manifested itself.

If I have to sort some of the minor hassles on Jane's machine, I can, usually, do it from mine, via the network (Notwork?).

I have permissions set on the root of her drives, but I couldn't set permissions on her "C:\Program files" directory. All I got was this:

With all the useful bits greyed-out. Deep joy.

Before I had to go down the "Blatt" road, I had access to all of her little places (OO-ER!), so what on Earth has changed?

I've disabled Simple File Sharing, to see if that helps, and, even though permissions are, now, set for "Everybody" to have full access, I'm getting this:

Odd. I can get into "Documents and settings" and everywhere else, but not "Prog files", nor "Windoze".

Both machines have full admin rights.


I've had a search, but I've found nothing to explain this. Will someone, please, put me out of my misery?

A:Permissions - XP Pro.

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I need assistance in configuring the FTP server that came with IIS 5. I am using Windows 2000 Professional, not the server. My plan was to disable anonymous log-ins, and give specific rights to users. I have already disabled anonymous logins, but the permissions are the ones I have problems with.

Suppose we have seven folders in total, one is an upload folder (7th) with the user folders as subdirectory. Then let us say that we have 10 users.

[+] Folders 1-5
[+] Folder 6 (Admins only)
[-] Folder 7 (Uploads)
.............. etc.
All users should see folders 1-5 and the upload folder. When they open the upload folder, ONLY their folder (with their username) should appear. Administrators should see the same contents with the addition of the sixth folder, and all the subfolders within the upload folder.

So far, I have only been able to setup right where the regular user can't access the 6th folder, but the folder is still listed. I do not want regular users to even know of the existance of the 6th folder. I never even bothered to play around with the upload folders. Basically, I want them to have their own folder within the upload folder and each user will have full control of that particular folder, but I do not want others seeing or accessing the folders if I do not give them rights to it.

"There are no stupid questions, just stupid people." ... Read more

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Hi there,

I have a small problem that I can't seem to work out.

I have set a partition and have set the security to allow access to administrators and a group i've called developers, both with full control.

My user account is a member of both groups, but yet when I try to open the drive I get permission denied.

What seem's to be the problem?



Hello Toby,

Add your specific user account, and allow it full control as well to see if you may be allowed access afterwards.

Permissions - Allow or Deny Users and Groups

Hope this helps,

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At the moment Im having a few problems with permissions (I think this is what they are called!) on my PC. I know very little about these and certain programs that connect to the internet give me an error message that these permissions may have changed (I can remember editing something not-so-long ago but I have since forgotten what this was!!!).

The on-line game Runescape (for example) now gives me such an error if I connect in the usual way and certain programs which I use to download apps (amongst other things) forget where they are up to when I have turned my PC off.

I'm sorry if I sound slightly vague but I will try and get more information if you require it.

BTW - Is there a way to re-set my permissions again??? This is a normal home PC and does not require any log-on details when booted up.

Cheers in advance,

C h r e d g e.


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When I try and run msconfig from START, RUN; I get a message that says " Windows cannot access the specified device, path or file, you may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item." I have full Admin Rights.
I can access Admin tools ok and everything in Admin tools. I just can't Run msconfig. Can some one please help.

I have an Hp Pavillion running XP Pro service pack 2 Can anyone help?I do not know if they are related, but since I have not been able to access msconfig, in the event viewer there are always several MSDTC errors.

Help please


Well, have you run a chkdsk on the system?

The detail of any error message is always much better than the summarized versions which users provide.


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Hello! I hope I'm not posting at the wrong thread! I have one hard drive, but I've divided them into two virtuals. I had xp and I installed win7 into one of my hard drives. How do I get permission over files to the other hard drive? I managed to get permission over folders, but not over files like doc. and so on. Any suggestions?

First post guys, so go easy on me :P

Thanx in advance!

A:permissions wtf?

Right Click on the drive - security - advanced - take ownership

Then use the advanced dialogue to add full control to the drive to your actual user name - make sure the option to cascade permissions to lower level is selected.

on systems that have been in use for some time under a number of operating systems some sub branches may not cascade correctly, and will have to be edited individually

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Hello again I had recently posted a question concerning user accounts on XP. I got help looking for them, and found everything looked normal. However, I had downloaded Process Explorer from Sysinternals.com ( for those who haven't heard of them, and need info on what tool I'm using). It has different options when you highlight entries in the lower pane. One of these is simply properties, and it shows two tabs, Details and Security.When I click the Security tab, it shows users and their permissions. On way too many of these I've been finding "Everyone" as a user and then permissions such as Delete, Synchronize, Query State, Modify State and Special Permissions. This wouldn't worry me, except that Mcafee Firewall has intercepted three "SYN Port Scan Attacks this morning, and stopped numerous UDP and TCP packets both incoming and outgoing. And when I ran a neotrace on the IP adress (, it came from up in Canada. Info on it:Registrant-no:  15771                                            
Domaine-no:     414718                                            
Subdomain:      sympatico.ca                           &nbs... Read more

A:XP Permissions

I use the process explorer, mrne72. Very nice tool, I might add. User group accounts in winXP is also a feature I've had problems with, so naturally I've had to gain some experience in trial & error/otherwise. It's late, I'm tired now... but I'll do some checkin' on the question you ask tomorrow. Thank you for the interest in problems that may pose answers to questions for other users.

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Does anyone have a fix or (at least) a reason for this problem?
Every time I try to save a file to my C:, it tells me that I am unable to because I don't have permission. My profile is set up to full Admin... I can't figure this out. HELP!!

A:C: No Permissions???

Your default account that the install creates does not have FULL admin access...
See Brinks tutorial on enabling built in admin account -=> Here

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I have 3 hdds in my computer. One for Windows 7, one for Windows XP and one for storage. I am able to save things to my storage drive from XP with no problem, 7 however, insists that I don't have permission to save to any of the folders on that drive.


Rightclick on external>Properties>Sharing. Share with Full Control to Everyone.

You may need to do the same with the folders you wish to copy over. Start with User then the folders (Docs, Pics, etc).

Last resort: Take Ownership Shortcut

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Hi can someone help me please. Last night I downloaded some window updates because it said it was recommended. Today I have had trouble trying to open things. For instance windows messenger, most things on my control panel, yahoo messenger,spider solitaire are just a few. Every time I get a message saying "Windows cannot access the specified device,path or file. You do not have the appropriate permissions" I also cant delete my browsing history. I havent a clue what to do. Im not a beginner in these matters but Im not very technical so please keep it simple in any explanation or instructions Thank you

A:Appropriate permissions

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Hi. I was trying to block network users from using one of my drives, so under permissions and sharing, I selected deny all for the group "authenticated users" under that drive. Anyway, now I can't get any access to that drive. I can't access its permissions either, even as what I believe is an elevated administrator. I have windows 7 home premium, and I have found a number of fixes online, but none of them works.

Could use some instructions.



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I am randomly unable to open pictures emailed to me from my wife and daughters Iphone. I get an error message that asks me to right click on the file I want open and fo to permissions. I am not sure what they mean by this. I am just double clicking on the photo.jpg and my OC will not let me open it or save it. This is purely random. 80% of the time there is no problem. This just started occuring a few days ago and has become extremely annoying. Can you tell me how to fix this problem?
Thank you


Are you sure the files are JPG's? They're not PNG's or GIF's or some other format?

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A few days ago, I restored an image of my Vista partition from within the 6801 partition. ( vista is 1st partition, System, Boot, Active ).

IT restored fine, booted up fine, but I couldn't get into Vista. My Vista admin account didn't have permission.

Tried changing permissions in 6801 for the Vista partition, without success.

I never need to set up users , so have little experience of setting permissions and the Help file is incomprehensible - to me , at least.

Sorted it out by deleting 6801 partition, restoring Vista again - using same image and the Macrium bootable cd.

Then tried the opposite - restoring 6801 image from within Vista.

That worked fine and had no trouble getting either o/s.

Seems Seven (6801 anyway ) is much tighter with permissions. If that's the case, it may turn out to be a real nuisance.

Anyone else had a similar experience?


A:Permissions and Seven

Hi SIW2,

Whenever restoring a image, it is usually best to do it from boot and let it format the drive or partiton it is being restore to first to avoid this type of problem and others. At least that has always worked out best for me.

Glad you got it sorted.

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I have an outlook archive file which i transferred from another computer, but i am unable to open it from outlook in my new pc. It says i do not have the permissions to access it. However i have checked the security permissions and it checked out fine, it is not set to 'read-only'.

Anyone know anything about what is going on here?


If you transferred from another computer, the SID on the user account will not be the same even though the display could be the same. Take ownership of the file.

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I can't seem to get a handle on permissions in any version of Windows. It has always kind of popped up as a sore spot for me and I've never really come to grips with it. I don't understand why -- as the administrator account on a given machine -- I should ever be restricted from access to certain files on my machine.

Currently, I'm having trouble loading in a backup (.pst) into Outlook from a cloud backup system. I understand that this may have something to do with "ownership" of the file, but how do I change ownership. The menus I always end up in are about as cryptic and unreadable as a room full of ex-wives.

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Windows cannot access the specified device, path or file, You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item

Every time I try to update anything (other than windows of course) -i get

Please can any one help ...where do I get permissions?:


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Hey guys. I could use some help. I reformatted my computer earlier today and I got everything up and running. Everything went well, except one thing. A text file that I use to keep some personal things in became encrypted (it went green). I tried to access it, but apparently I don't have access to it. I tried using take ownership, but it was failing. Eventually I got it to work doing it via command prompt (was doing it via the right click menu). This was after I somehow managed to get a padlock on the file (not sure what it means, but it didn't affect anything at all) It is just annoying due to the fact that I am admin and it still wont work. Even tried the true administrator. Still doesn't work. 
Through various security changes and such, I have no idea what to do. I was wondering if anyone else has any suggestions
Oh I should mention, I have the ability to delete it, but I can't move it or open it anywhere. Also, I have Windows 7 Ultimate, 64x
Thanks guys,

A:Permissions Help.

Here is info that might help you:

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I recently downloaded some music. I played it on Windows media player to add it to its library but only one song was added. I checked the properties of all the songs and noticed that the one that was added had an extra group on its Security tab that said WMPNetworkSvc, and had a permission to Read. The problem is that I can't add that group to the other songs.

Is there a way to add it?

A:Permissions help

you can try and "take ownership" of the files in question, see if that helps..
Take Ownership of file - Vista Forums

good luck

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I have a fresh system with Windows 7. I have an admin account. I cannot set ownership or permissions on a file contained in a USB drive that I brought over from another XP system. I saw some suggestions to start a control panel with run as rights but could not find the run as option.

A:Cant set permissions

runas /user:administrator "control"

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Windows 7 Permissions are out of control!

I cannot delete a folder that I created on MY desktop, because I need PERMISSIONS... Silly thing. I gave this account administrator privileges... Also, to be sure, I got properties on the folder and made this account the owner.

Still can't delete it. Also made everything INSIDE the folder belong to this account. So I go over to the Admin account. Still can't! NEED PERMISSIONS!


Sorry, but I've been dealing with this cr** since I started using Windows 7, and it really makes me miss XP. Too bad XP doesn't have DX10, or I wouldn't be using anything else...

A:Permissions, permissions, permissions!

The more you mess with permissions, the more the chance is that you'll encounter issues like you're describing - especially if you try to do this across different user accounts. FYI - this is one thing that viruses do in order to make removing them more difficult.

I'd suggest scanning for viruses first. If infected, use this link to get some help removing them (and that'll also help to reset the permissions): NEW INSTRUCTIONS - Read This Before Posting For Malware Removal Help - Tech Support Forum

If you're clean, try resetting everything appropriately using this procedure (it usually doesn't work if you're infected): Solving setup errors by using the SubInACL tool to repair file and registry permissions - Aaron Stebner's WebLog - Site Home - MSDN Blogs

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I have admin privs on all machines' users.

Why can't i get into one of them?

Running Win 2k, SP1 Plenty of power...

A:Permissions? Why cant i get in?

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Hey I need help with permissions cause when i move folders it appears with the folder icon and a lock? Help?

Thanks Jack.


I can tell you what I do, but be careful with it. This Take Ownership tutorial will tell you how to do it. It works most of the time.

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I use Passwords Plus (DataViz) and store web addresses with saved entries. I can usually click on the URL in Passwords and the web page is opened. Now it stopped working, maybe something I did or the result of an update. At the same time, the message in Yahoo Messenger and MSN Messenger that I have unread emails will not take me to the email site when clicked. Now that doesn't work. This seems to happen once before and I fixed it somewhere in Permissions but can't recall how I did it. Suggestions?


No suggestions from anyone ???? DataViz now charges for advice at $45 a shot!

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hey i was not sure if i should have put this in the xp section or not but here is my issue ... i just install xp pro and durring the install i put down " jlittle" as the name ..and now thats what it logs in under ...not administrator... so there for when i down load something it will not work cause i dont have permissons...i am in the administrators group but i need to be administrator... how can i change this ..i have xp pro. pleeasee help

A:no permissions?

As near as I can make out, you have designated yourself as a Guest. Logon as Administrator and set the permissions for your Guest account. This will require the administrator password and if you did not set one on installation, you should be able to breeze into the system with full permissions.

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When I use PaintShop Pro to edit an image, I get the following caution when I try to save it.

I have taken ownership of all the files for my images but I don't understand how to get permission for files and directories.

At any rate it will not save when I edit an image.

How do I go about getting permission in this case?


Hi huffman, Generally that error means that the file you are trying to edit is not in a folder you have permission to write to. Does this happen on all images?

Few things to try:
1.Right Click the image you want to edit>Properties>permissions>everyone>full access>allow
2.download this:Take Ownership Shortcut take ownership of the file, then do the above steps.
3.Run PSP as Administrator (NOT recommended)

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I am unable to access files on a drive on my computer due to a permission error.

It reads "You do not have the correct permission to access this file location"

It's hit quite some random files on my computer but none were important enough, and this folder full of important files.

I've tried claiming ownership of the files and editing the permissions but to no avail.
I've made sure the ownership and permissions are identical to those of a "healthy" file and folder but the problem persists.

I am using windows 7, please help


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System breached by malware-Faulty Backup-Reformat HD, CD reinstall(XP Pro SP1 IE6)-Ran gauntlet to upgrade to SP3 IE8-Reinstalled some apps-
Major issue with permissions-Used (right-click,sharing/security,'share this folder' in attempt to resolve);Taking ownership of drive C:;Uncheck 'simple file sharing';'replace permission entries on all child objects;Replace ownership subcontainers/objects- All to naught. Primary obstacle is denial of permission to use pictures in 'My Pictures' in other apps or even to copy to a CD(?) Also a failed install of Java (no permission).And only managed to upgrade .Net Framework to 2.0 SP1. Am perplexed. Help, Cavalry.

A:Win Xp Pro - No Permissions


Faulty Backup-Reformat HD, CD reinstall(XP Pro SP1 IE6)-

Your first part of your thread is a little cryptic, so not sure exactly what you have done. But If I understand you, then you have formatted your Windows Partition and reinstalled. If that is true, then there are no longer any files on the HDD from the previous installation, and if you are logged in as an Admin user instead of limited user, you will have no problems accessing any Pictures or any other files under your user name.
It sounds like you did not Reformat, but just reinstalled over the top of previous Windows install. You can Slipstream SP3 and IE8 into your XP CD with nLite, and then Boot off of the CD, Delete the previous Windows partition, and Create a new Partition, Format it NTFS and Install a new install of Windows XP with the slipstreamed CD.

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I am randomly unable to open pictures emailed to me from my wife and daughters Iphone. I get an error message that asks me to right click on the file I want open and go to permissions. I am not sure what they mean by this. I am just double clicking on the photo.jpg and my PC will not let me open it or save it. This is purely random. 80% of the time there is no problem. This just started occuring a few days ago and has become extremely annoying. Can you tell me how to fix this problem?
Thank you


Please do not create more than one thread for the same issue.

Closing duplicate.

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I have three kids using one Win XP computer which has the NTFS file system. They have limited user accounts. When I right click a user folder I only see the three tabs (General, Sharing, Custom) but no security tab.

I am attempting to limit the kids/users to only certain programs or prevent them fomr logging onto the net. How can I do this?


Disable simple file sharing.

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I thought I had solved my previous problem (see link below) but I keep running into more problems.


Now, I can't use my printer on some files. I can't print out documents that were created on my old computer, but I can create new ones and print those out.

I need admin permissions on all that I do and I AM the admin! When I transferred my files from my old computer, 7 automatically created another user account for those files. I need to have access to all of my files and programs.
I took out the logon option to sign on without the logon screen so I don't know if that has anything to do with it or not.

I was able to access the Security Options for the printer but everything is grayed out so I can't make any changes.
I have a feeling I'm going to be posting a lot until I can get 7 figured out! Help!

A:Getting permissions-- I need more help!

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Very strange! My brother-in-law was the administrator for this Dell XPM 410 desktop. The computer was not on a network but was his home computer. He gave me the administrator log in data and I log in as him.
Recently, I had started an Amazon business and was using a program called Fotofuze to remove the white space on photos. The program worked great and sent a zip file of the fused picture to the download file resident on the computer. When I went to the jpeg and tried to open it, I got an error message that I don't have the permissions to open it. I had a fit? Whose permission I need if I am the de facto administrator using the administrator log in? I was able to open the picture somehow with Paint and send it to Amazon but I should have permissin to access files as the administrator.  What am I missing?
I also can't find a way to save pictures if they open as a simple jpeg as I see no save option.


I agree that an Administrator should be able to do anything...but Windows permissions can be wierd.  For example, if you have a file (say test.txt) and you alter the permissions on the file (right click, properties, security) and remove yourself and the group you belong to (e.g. Administrators) from having rights.... now when you try to open the file you will be blocked because you don't have rights...even though you are an Administrator.  However, since you ARE an Administrator, you can go back into the security configuration and grant yourself (or whoever/whatever groups) permissions to the file and then...voila you are able to open the file again.
If I had to guess, I would bet that the folder you downloaded your photos to is configured so that permissions are being inherited in a non-standard way (e.g. a configuration that does not grant Administator permission)  Another explanation could be if the photo software application was installed by a different user (to be available only to that user vs. to all users on the system).  Without seeing the exact error message and context it is difficult to say for certain.
Good luck,

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I accidentally denied permissions to my s camera app and want to change this.
I have looked everywhere for my permissions and even looked online.
Everywhere online says to go to the setting tab and click permissions but there is no tab for permissions.
I have looked all over to see if anyone else has had this problem and cannot find anything, it all just gives me the steps: Charms bar>settings>permissions.
The only options i get when i click settings are: Control panel, personalization, PC info, and Help.

A:How do I get to app permissions?

hello and welcome to eightforums , I don't have a camera so im not positive if this will work App Permissions - Change in Windows 8

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Is there a way to set owner to every folder on a drive at once?


joniuk said:

Is there a way to set owner to every folder on a drive at once?Click to expand...

Hi joniuk,

Here is a weblink to Microsoft on how to take ownership of a file/folder in WinXP:

I assume you have to be located at C:\ to take ownership of any folder under it, and I do not know of a way to do what you want to do, but I assume that if you take ownership of all of the folders under C:\ that you would come close to doing what you want. I also assume that any subfolder would be owned by anyone taking ownership of the parent folder.

-- Tom

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