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Excel 2013 - how to keep a formula consisten

Q: Excel 2013 - how to keep a formula consisten


I am trying to tie one cell into a formula that is being pasted into multiple rows.
I know you can use $ to keep the cell consistent but it doesn't seem to be working.

So if the value is in c9 and then first row gets c9 then the new row gets c10 etc... I need it to be c9 throughout the column.

Preferred Solution: Excel 2013 - how to keep a formula consisten

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A: Excel 2013 - how to keep a formula consisten

You use $C9 to keep the column consistent, C$9 to keep the row consistent and $C$9 to keep the cell consistent. Are you doing that and it's not working?

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For some reason I cannot get Excel 2000 to display the results of a formula. Only the formula text displays. I've gone to Tools-Options-View-Windows Options and checked and unchecked the Formulas checkbox. It doesn't make any difference.




A:Excel 2000 Formula Text Displays instead of Formula Results

Format the cell as a number, it prolly is fmt'd as text

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Hi ~

I'm working on a financial formula, trying to calculate a growth rate for a row of cells. The problem is that not all rows have complete data sets, so the formula picks up blank cells and returns a #DIV/0! error.

The existing formula works fine for those rows that have non-zero entries in all cells, and I *can* manually adjust the formula for the starting / ending cells in each row--but what a pain(!). As this spreadsheet grows larger, or the data sets change over time, it means I have to constantly keep adjusting it for every row of data involved, which is extremely time-consuming.

Here's an short example of what I might have in any given row:

A1 (blank), B1(blank), C1(blank), D1(.10), E1(.25), F1(.72), G1(1.0), H1(.80), I1(.60), J1(.75)--then in K1 is the growth formula, e.g. =((J1/A1)^(1/10)-1).

Is there ANY way to create a formula that will dynamically adjust for the blank cells that might exist across a row of data and let the formula do the calculation?

I'm new to advanced Excel topics, but any ideas would be MOST appreciated(!).

Thanks -


A:Excel Formula / How Can I Ignore Blank Cells In Row Formula?

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If it's possible to do this, what is the formula syntax for an if/then formula in one sheet that refers to the cell value in another sheet in the same workbook?
For example in Sheet 2, the formula would be something like, if Cell A10 in Sheet 1 is greater than 0, then the value of Cell B20 in Sheet 2 would by "Yes" but it would be "No" if the valuein Cell A10 in Sheet 1 was less than 0.

A:Excel formula using formula between sheets in workbook

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Hi, I need to do the following:

Search array
1 a 12 asdas
2 b 121 agrsfsa
3 c 3 qwgds
4 b 131 erwer
5 e 4123 q3eqt

need to return something like this
lookup value b

answer should look like this

2 b 121 agrsfsa
4 b 131 erwer

index, match can give me one row, however what could return multiple values

Thanks in advance for your help.

A:Excel: Is there any formula that would do Autofilter's functionality as a formula

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I have created a formula in Excel that works fine, but when I put it into a MS Word table, it doesn't seem to work. The formula adds up a column of prices when the resulting column has a specific word in.

The formula is:
=SUMIF(E:E, "Yes", D:D)


Is this possible to do? If so can anyone help converting this so it will work in MS Word.

Thanks, Adam.

A:Excel Formula to Word Formula

You'll have to do this:


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I cannot search for data in excel 2013. This is new issue. I do notice that in the find window there is an entry for Preview* in the box next to format in the options window that I have never seen before. I get the message cannot find what you are looking for but I know it is there because I am looking at it.

This is new issue. Worked until last night when I was doing a sort and had to make all merged cells uniform in size. Now I can sort but cannot find.

Have closed and reopened excel, but it did not correct problem.

A:Solved: Excel search does not work Excel 2013

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I am trying to pull a dashboard view from a "Tracker". Given below is the formula that I used:

=COUNTIFS('KT Tracker'!$T$2:$T$138,$C$2,'Tracker'!$U$2:$U$138,"<="&TODAY()+7,'Tracker'!$L$2:$L$138,'Monthly Dashboard'!$B17,'Tracker'!$AF$2:$AF$138,'Monthly Dashboard'!$A$13,'Tracker'!$AD$2:$AD$138,"<>Cancelled")

This perfectly works fine in my laptop that has excel 2013 but when I email this to my team who have Excel 2010, they only see zeros. We have checked all options like enabling Automatic Calulcation of Formula, removing all named ranges in the sheet etc., but it is just not working.

Can you please help ? This is a bit urgent and I need to present this for a meeting tomorrow.
Appreciate your help and thanks in advance !!!

A:COUNTIFS working in Excel 2013 but not in Excel 2010

It might be something to do with "<>cancelled"

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If I am trying to add 3 cells and not all 3 cells always contain values. I have formulas in them and if the cell is empty then the #N/A comes up in the cell. So when I have the @sum in another cell to add them it doesn't compute.

A1 - 5
B1 - #N/A
C1 - 5

I want a formula to add these 3 cells up even when one of them is N/A ??????

A:Excel Formula

You should use the IF statement to set the cells to do the function, or set it as a blank value if no numbers are present.

Post the formula you have in the cells that make them show NA.

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Cells A1:A10 contains a list of leap years
Cell B1 is an input cell
Cell C1 contains the formula.

Formula = when a value is entered in cell B1, check if that value is in the range A1:A10. If it is, return a number value of 366. If not, return a number value of 365.


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Looking for help with 2 excel formulas with a sheet of text vaules... one formula to compare two columns and give results in a 3rd column less all rows that contain a certain value such as the word "house"? The other formula help would compare two columns for exact duplicate rows and remove them from results in a newly created 3rd row. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Excel Formula help

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I'm new here so I hope this site will be helpful!

I have a sample Excel spreadsheet report attached.

In it, I have 2 tables. What I need is to copy data from Table 2 and fill in the missing blanks in Table 1. The Company Name and Email must be grouped to the name so the 'Name' in table one must have the same email and company name as in the 'Name' in Table 2.

Some of the 'Names' are the same in the tables, some names aren't there, and some names are extra. The names that aren't there must have their email and company name empty, but still need to be there at the final product. Would really appreciate some help.

I then proceeded to use the SUMIF function but that only works for numbers,


I had grouped the emails and company names to the Names in column two.

I tried to use the SUMIF function, in the case of the attached file, =SUMIF(H:H,A:A,G:G) but it did not work.

I then tried converting the words into numbers but was unsuccessful,

I would appreciate any help.

Thank you!

A:EXCEL Formula Help

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I have an excel sheet that has the words BLANK in one column and Y in another, i need to total the amount of BLANK's as well as the amount of Y's in a formula

~And i am stuck!

Any help would be gratefully received


A:Excel Formula

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i am trying to create a formula to multiply one cell with annother at the moment I have in cell H13 ='P+L'!H8
now I need to times this by cell d3 but everytime I enter a value in D3 it shows a nil value in H13
so H13 has an original value of 1285.9 ( a a result of the formula ='P+L'!H8)

Then is there is a value in D3 I want to times H13 by this value

so in D3 I have a value of 0.65 so the value in H13 should read 835.8

if no value in D3 then the value in H13 should stay at 1285.9

Cannot get it to work

A:excel formula

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I am currently using the following Excel formula in cell K2 to calculate and display the average of the lowest two values in the range G2 to J2.


The formula works fine, but I now want it to ignore blank cells, so that if only one value is present in the range (it will be the value already in G2 from a previous season) it will display that value in K2 in the absence of data in H2,I2 and J2. However, I still want the averaging function of the current formula to happen once cells H2 to J2 start having data added.

I would be grateful for any help or hints as to how to proceed.


A:Help with Excel Formula

Welcome to the forum Macca.

Does this do what you need?...


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Can someone tell me how to copy a formula into cells below without changing the formula to refer to the cells it is being copied to. For example. If I have a fromula in cell B2 that says B2*D2 and I want it to stay that way how can I prevent it from changing when it is copied into cells below. I want it to say B2*D2 all the way down. Thank you

A:Excel Formula

For instance, if you want to multiply all of the cells by a number in cell H1, you do this:


Put the dollar sign in front of only the portion(s) you want to have *stuck*.

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Hey all,

I'm new here, so this may be a simple fix...

anyways, I was wondering how to adjust an excel document to expand a formula when you add a row?

Currently, I have used the COUNTA formula to count the number of occurrences in some cells. In the future I know that there are going to be new rows added. Now these won't be counted but they need to be...

Is there anyway to extend the COUNTA formula automatically?

A little background on the list.

So there are 14 names. And then six column headings with various topics. One of which is "Pay Period Missed" I need to be able to count the number of pay periods missed, per name (not all of the names have the same amount of pay periods missed). Currently I use the COUNTA formula, but this will become tricky once more Pay Periods are added next to the name...

A:Excel Formula Help

Hi, welcome to the forum.
I think posting a sample file without sensitive data will help to explain what you want and it's good practice to also mention the version of Excel you're using.
I guess that what you want can be solved by means of a formula, but it's also possible that a macro will make it even simpler since it overcomes the problem of formula's being deleted by accident.

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i need a bit more help with my time sheet

i have posted it here: http://www.ijnw27094.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/wagesmast.xls

the problem that i am now having is that if some one is at work on an overtime shift i need to show the full time on shift as over time, i have inserted another col that if i put ot in ther what is the if statement that i will use to get it to just show in the overtime col and not in total hours, or can i use an or statement as in if(c4="agy",if(c4="ot", and then what else would i need to do


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i have the following formula


and i keep getting an error some where in the last part of it, as everything that i want it to do in the first if statements are working ok, but the last one gives me an error box saying the formula you typed contains an error, can any one see where the error is


A:Help with excel formula

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Hey there, I have a question if this is possible to do on an excel formula. I have attached a copy of the spreadsheet that I am working with.

It is for sales tracking and trying to make a certain amount of sales per day. Basically what I would like it to do is to change the Daily Target amount for the days after and be based on a monthly total that updates as the month progresses and not to change the days prior. I dont know if this makes sense. I'll try an example..

Day 1 - Sales $500 Daily Target of $450
Day 2 - Sales $600 Daily Target of $550
Day 3 - Sales $50 Daily Target of $700

Total: $1150 Goal: $5000

Now as day 4 comes, you put in your sales amount for the days to come...the way I have done the spreadsheet the daily target lowers for the entire month....So day 1's target lowers and day 2's and so on and so forth, I wish it to not change the prior days numbers only the ones that are to come...Is there a way to lock the previous days when you move on to the next day with a if/then statement perhaps? or because of the way I have done the spreadsheet referring to a changing number it will change the prior days no matter what.

Hope this makes sense, any help is appreciated. Thanks!

A:Excel Formula.

I think this is what you want, I added a column for a running target total to use in the formula. You can hide it if you don't want it visible.

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Hi I need to know a formula that will combine the data in two cells into one cell.


A2 has "Missing" in it and B2 has "Lamp" in it. I want C2 to combine A2 & B2 and say Missing Lamp.
Thank you.

A:Excel formula help

=CONCATENATE(A2," ",B2) or =A2&" "&B2


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Hi Guys,
Pls check out the excel sheet attached and let me know if what I want is possible.
Thanks in advance

A:Excel formula

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Would be grateful for advice on what formula to use for the below.

I am trying to find out the average number of days for each job type completed (i.e. the average number of days for job types emergency, urgent & routine that have been completed). How do I write the conditional statement to do this (assuming that this can be done).
What formula do I use to get a combined average number of days to complete jobs for all completed job types (Emergency, urgent & routine).
Each job type has a target for completion, Emergency has a target date of 3 days for completion, urgent has a target date of 7 days for completion and routine has a target date of 28 days for completion. I would like to count the number of job types that were completed within target. In the example below, two of the routines were completed within target of 28 days, the data for this is the number of days to complete job is caluclated from the date received/date completed. Again, how do I do this.
I have attached the file that relates to the above.
Many thanks in advance

A:Excel Formula

Hi Kets23,

I've updated your workbook with two techniques.

1 & 2. To get the averages, easiest is to use Pivot Table - needs to be refreshed whenever you change data in the source.
This shows you the averages per Job Type and the overall average.

3. I've used an array formula (needs to be entered with Ctrl + Shift + Enter) to count how many jobs hit target.

I also named the ranges so make the formulas more understandable.
Removed two blank columns to aid the Pivot Table.

Suggest you use HELP to get info on the above techniques.


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Please look at the sample below:

the following is in Cell O16

"108100 - Metal Mining Services"

I need an Excel formual that will strip all of numeric and strings to the first text character. The numbers have variable amount of digits and the Text will also be variable length. The only thing that is constant id the "-" In this case I am looking just to return "Metal Mining Services", I will need to save the file as a csv afterwards.

Thanks in advance for any help that can be provided.


A:Need help with Excel 2k7 formula

If the string were located in Cell A1, you could use the code

=RIGHT(A1,LEN(A1)-SEARCH("-",A1,1) - 1)
A1 is the string, the rest is the length of the text.
To get the length it searches for the hyphen and subtracts that from the length of A1.
The final -1 gets rid of the space between the hyphen and the text.

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If cell A2=US or if cell A2=CA then return NALO, if not then return INTL. I have the following formulas and just need to merge using the OR statement I think?

=If(A2="US", "NALO", "INTL")
=If(A2="CA", "NALO","INTL")


A:Excel Formula Help

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I need some help coming up with a formula. Here is what my excel sheet looks like.

Column A Column B Total
45 15 70
10 6
15 8
45 35
6 18
45 20

I need a formula that will search for all instances of the number 45 in column A and when finding that value I need to sum their corresponding amounts in column B. I want to be able to plug numbers into column A and B and have it sum the amounts automatically. Can anybody help me out?

A:Need help with an excel formula

Like this?



Column A Column B Total
45 15 60
10 6
10 8
45 35 80
6 18
45 20 65

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I need help setting up a new formula to auto populate a field with a specific drop down list based upon an initial selection from a drop down list.....if that makes any sense.


Column A has a drop down list of 10 items (lets call them 1-10 for this), I have it set so that when any of these options is selected a 'Cost Price' (column B) box auto populates from a master template sheet, and this formula working fine now.

I now want to add a colour section 'column C' which is also a drop down list based on the selection made in column A but depending on the item depends on the colour available.

E.g Column A, drop down options 1-5 have 5 different colour options from a drop down list, Options 6+7 have 3 colour options, 8+9 have one colour option and option 10 has 2 colour options.

I have saved lists for individual items and presume it will be the VLOOKUP command but it's about there I grind to a halt.
Think thats about as well as I can explain at the moment, if required I can post an example document to display exactly how it looks.

Cheers guys

A:Further Excel Formula Help

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I have a spreadsheet that has 3 columns, the third column is called category and some of the rows have multiple categories separated by a semi-colon. I would like to find the ; and then copy an additional row for each additional item in that cell and make them a new row with individual categories
for example:
name phone category
ABC 555-5555 building; foundations; building; electrical
so what I would like to end up with is:
ABC 555-5555 building
ABC 555-5555 foundations
ABC 555-5555 Roofing
ABC 555-5555 electrical
I am attaching a spreadsheet.
Please help!

A:excel formula help

The only way (I can think of) to do this is with a macro. The attached has the macro called "Split_Activities" that will create a new worksheet, deposit the results there and sort on Company.
See if this is what you want and let me know if there are any changes you need

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I am looking to do a time card thing on excel where workers fill out their time on their smartphones. I have attached an example of what it will look like for clarification. I need the employee to be able to put a pin number in so we can verify that each employee filled out their own hours. My question is what kind of formula can I use to check that the pin goes with the employees name and then it gives me a "true, false" or something that tells me if the pin is correct?

Hopefully this made sense.


A:Excel formula help

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I have two excel sheets, 1) breaks 2) jobs for the day.

In the breaks sheet i have time listed down a5:a50 each cell represents 5 mins. within this sheet on b20:b:24 i have a 20min merged cells break.

On the second excel sheet i have the same time list from the
=now() in a1, showing the time down the page. Again i have sectioned each job in to time periods of merge cells. ie 10min = 2 merged cells, cleaning.

What i want to be able to do is create a formula that will look at the time from the sheet two, (jobs) copy that days jobs to the first sheet, Breaks, find the time and fill down, missing the breaks out and copy below the breaks for the period in time.

I know its a lot.

But if you can Help!!!!

A:Help with a excel formula

Would defining rangenames help point to the areas on your second sheet (jobs), then developing a macro to do the math, copy, paste, etc?

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This may seem a silly question but can anyone tell me where the equals sign has gone on the Formula Bar that you used to see with Office 97???

A:Formula Bar MS Excel (XP)

Looks like MS deemed it unnecessary. The = sign button was "Edit Formula".

It's been replaced by the Insert Function (formerly known as Paste Function) button. If you want to 'edit a formula', you would just use the Insert Function button.
Additionally, when clicking the Insert Function button, a prefixing = sign automatically appears, defining it as a formula.

If you really wanted, you could add an = symbol to one of your toolbars - right-click toolbar area, Customize, on the Commands tab select Insert in the Categories pane and "=" Sign in the right pane...


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I have created a spread sheet to compare 2004 figures with 2005 figures -- with the results showing increase/decrease percentage.

The variance (column N & O) is set up to give me percentage amounts.
Sometimes the percentages are under 999% & some are well over 1000% --
which is fine -- that formula is working fine, but I want it to do more.

Here is what I want ........ if the % amount is over 1000% -- I just want
the cell to read "+1000%"... if it's under 1000%, I want it to read the
true value, whatever that might be between 1% up to 999%, because
sometimes the values are so large -- they just look stupid (ie 1670000%)--
just want to simplify it a little.

Here is the formula I tried: of course it doesn't work!! If it is over 1000% it reads +1000%, but if it is under - it reads FALSE instead of the true value.

=IF(L27/J27>=1000,"+ 1000%"),(IF((L27/J27<999,sum((L27/J27))

Can ya help????

A:Excel Formula for IF

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How can I get this formula to leave blank if there is no value in H9?


When there is no value in E9, F9 and G9, it still pulls the value of E$8


A:Excel IF formula help

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I need some help with an If statement that has multiple conditions and uses VLOOKUP. Here is the current statement that works, but is only for 1 condition:

=IF(D6="Grand Total","",VLOOKUP(D6,Data!$1:$350,2,FALSE))

I need it to not only test D6 for "Grand Total", but also for "". So, it needs to go something like the below, which doesn't work:

=IF(D6="Grand Total" OR "","",VLOOKUP(D6,Data!$1:$350,2,FALSE))

Thanks in advance for taking the time to help.

A:Help with Excel Formula

=IF(OR(D6="Grand Total",D6=""),"",VLOOKUP(D6,Data!$1:$350,2,FALSE))

Try this

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Ok so I have my products in column B. In column H I have the price of each product. In column P, I want to be able to assign a value to each thing in column B and then add the total per month.

Product Month Price Total Product Sales by Month
Router JAN 899
Monitor JAN 219
Monitor JAN 219
Switch FEB 699

Etc.....Is there a formula for this?

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I have a table of text values, case sensitive and I tried using COUNTIF() to count the number of occurrences of a particular pair of letters, like so:



I did COUNTIF(Range,"*BB*"), but I found it's not case sensitive, and it's counting BB and bb as well. Is there any way to make it case sensitive?


A:Excel Formula Help

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Need help in creating a formula to do the following: I need a column to show all deposits made and also a way to show a running balance whenever a entry is made in column (F) to subtract from total balance available no matter which entry is made in column (F) i.e amt paid in row 5 subtracts from column H then entry in row 21 is made that subtracts from balance then entry in row 9 subtracts etc,etc, .... would appreciate any help you can offer.
I running XP with excel 2000. .Thanks Dennis

A:Help with Excel formula

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i've read all the help files and even some websupport pages and can't figure this out!! i need to take the numbers i enter into certain cells and add 40% + 100 eg. cell C1 is $520 then I need it to do this 520+40%+100 each and every cell has a different number in it to start with. i'm an idiot so please dont get to tech on me

A:a formula in excel

I'll try to explain this as best I can

(using your own example)
C1 = 520
and you want say D1 to provide the total of C1+40% + 100
in cell D1 you would type:
just like that. and the total now in D1 should be 828.

then let's say the rest of your numbers are in the C column from C2 through C24 for example.
highlight D1 through D24 and in the Edit menu, select Fill > Fill down and voila you have all the numbers done!

I am assuming a few things here. so if you're doing it in row (across) then you'll have to Fill left or right (depending on where you typed in your original formula.
either way you should only have to type the formula once. I tried it out myself and it worked just fine.

if this doesn't help you out just post back here, and I'm sure someone else can provide you with more help. they're pretty great here

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I am looking to check and entire row of data up to (200 entries)
For number that is less than one cell and greater then another cell
then enter the value of the cell if yes and skip if no creating a list

I am using excel 2000
Any ideas?

A:Excel formula help

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I'm working on a long formula that starts with "if" - I can't get it to work -

A:Help with an Excel formula

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit
Processor: AMD E-300 APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics, AMD64 Family 20 Model 2 Stepping 0
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3682 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 6310 Graphics, 384 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 273 GB (183 GB Free); D: 23 GB (2 GB Free);
Motherboard: Hewlett-Packard, 188B
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Disabled

Hey Folks, it has been about 20 years since I wrote formulas in excel and I just do not remember.
Wanting to set up a formula so that the sum of column G cells are always equal to 1000. I need to subtract the value of the corresponding cell in column E. For example if E45 equals 500 cell G45 needs to equal 1000. Greatly appreciate helping an OLD user.

A:Excel Formula Help

not sure i understand
column g always = 1000
why sum
can you
Please upload a small clean sample of your data / workbook (not a picture) to the forum, Make sure you have removed any private information, remember this is a public forum and so available to anyone
We would like to see an example of your data and also a manual mock up of the expected results you want to achieve.

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I am working on a project with pulling total sum of values from one worksheet (named AR) to the other worksheet (named Joblog). I want to get the running total for the specific job number listed in the "Joblog" worksheet to reflect in the column with heading "Invoiced to date". The information will be pulled from the worksheet called "AR". I started to use this formula but it is not giving me the running total.


I've attached the file I have. Any help on this is truly appreciated...

A:Excel: Help with sum formula

"=SUMIF(AR!d:d,'JOB LOG'!C2,AR!F:F)" Without the quotes should work.

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Hi all,

I am trying to make a Time Card that lists the amount of hours worked each day in the 15 min interval format but my total on the end is not adding up. Can somebody give me a code that might work for me in the below worksheet?
This is what one row of my time sheet looks like:

Regular Day - Hours Worked 7.45 7.45 7.45 7.45 7.45 #VALUE!

But I want the end value to read 38.45 but instead it is adding them as 100 not 60 (shows as 37.25). I am using Excel 2003.

I hope this makes sense

Thanks so much

A:Need help with a formula in Excel

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OK - I need a formula to calculate the following

In Cell A1 I will enter a number anywhere from 0-1000. In column B (I have a list from 1-1000) and in column C (I have what each numbe from column B will return with a LOOKUP formula - lets say they are people's names)

If cell A1 is equal to 6, 12, 18, 24, 30, 36, 42, 48, (you see that the pattern here is increments of 6) then I want it to ADD 1 to cell A2 if not then I want it to look up the number listed in column B and give me the corresponding name in column C.

Is there anyone who can help me - it's driving me crazy!

Thank you sooo much!


t long said:

OK - I need a formula to calculate the following

In Cell A1 I will enter a number anywhere from 0-1000. In column B (I have a list from 1-1000) and in column C (I have what each numbe from column B will return with a LOOKUP formula - lets say they are people's names)

If cell A1 is equal to 6, 12, 18, 24, 30, 36, 42, 48, (you see that the pattern here is increments of 6) then I want it to ADD 1 to cell A2 if not then I want it to look up the number listed in column B and give me the corresponding name in column C.

Is there anyone who can help me - it's driving me crazy!

Thank you sooo much!Click to expand...



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Can anyone help me with the following problem,

I have an Excel 2000 spreadsheet with 7000 rows showing when a user connects or disconnects. The first column shows date in the following format “dd/mm/yyyy” and the second column shows when the user connected in the format “hh:mm” and then the third column shows when they disconnect in the same format. Finally the fourth column shows the length they were connected I need to create a time line for a complete month in intervals of every minute to show how many users are connected at any point in time over that month. . I am going to create the time line across the top of the page but I am getting stuck on the formula to compare the information and report back a valid number. If any one could help me with this It would be greatly appreciated.

Date Start time End time Length

22/04/2003 13:59 14:18 00:19
22/04/2003 14:01 14:18 00:16
28/04/2003 12:07 13:07 01:00
28/04/2003 12:56 13:45 00:49
28/04/2003 12:59 13:45 00:46
28/04/2003 12:59 13:45 00:46

A:Please help with my formula in Excel

Have I got this right - you want to count how many users are connected for every minute of every day of each month? That's 1440 minutes per day - 44640 in a 31 day month?

Deej, UK

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Does anyone know how to formulate the following:

X figure multiplied by .105, then that sum issubtracted from origianl X figure

Is this possible?


A:What is the formula for Excel

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paste this function in cell B1 when the number you will input is in cell A1

You can then copy cell B1 and paste the function in B2-B??) and the values will change correspondingly to

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