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Unlocking BIOS advanced settings

Q: Unlocking BIOS advanced settings

Dear community, I've updated my BIOS recently(current version I have is >> Insyde F.26, 2014-06-03 << ), but I still dont have the advanced settings there available. What I am looking for is to unlock them, just like it's done on the image below: Currently my BIOS just don't have this advanced settings tab. Before experimenting on my own I prefer to ask here on forum, is there any safe way to unlock these settings?

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Preferred Solution: Unlocking BIOS advanced settings

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I have a VN7-572G. The presented BIOS settings are sort of lackluster for a gaming laptop and I know what I'm doing enough to tinker with more advanced settings. I've examined the BIOS for this laptop and there are a ton of locked-away settings. Unfortunately, there is some sort of BIOS security implemented that prevents me from just flashing a modified BIOS onto this laptop. Is there perhaps some sort of way to officially access more advanced settings or any way of requesting one from Acer?

A:Advanced BIOS Settings and/or Unlocked BIOS? (VN7-...

Hi, Short answer, NO. 

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I have a HP 635 and I want to replace the HDD. But the bios needs to recognise the new drive, so I need to access the advanced BIOS settings. The Bios is an insydeh20 r3.5. How do I get access to the advanced options? Thanks

A:HP 635 advanced bios settings

supertramp1 Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums!I read your post about wanting to get into the advanced BIOS options -- but do not have good news. Here's a link showing the Advanced Options tab that is available in SOME BIOS versions: Substance: Insyde BIOS Advanced Settings IF yours does not have that tab (as is the case with my HP laptop, as well), there is simply no way to get into the advanced options.Sorry ...========================================================================I am a volunteer and I do not work for, nor do I represent, HP.---------------------------------------------------------------If my posts helped you, please click the Thumbs-Up symbol on the left of the Reply button to say thanks.If my posts solved your problem please click "Accept As Solution" -- to help others find the solution.========================================================================

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Hi guys, yesterday i was in the bios menu of my LENOVO Y50-70  and iam so wondering that there are so much settings like advanced menu, dedicated memory size for graphic, unlock overclocking menu, cpu configuration menu with CPU Speed and so on ?!?! It is a little bit strange because i 100% havent got a modded bios, fully official Lenovo. I have the latest Version: 9ECN43WW V3.03 SO THERE MUST BE  1000%!!! A HOTKEY TO ENTER THE HIDDEN ADVANCED MENU. I TRY SEVEREAL TIMES BUT IT WORKS YESTERDAY 1 TIME, I DONT REMEMBER WHAT COMBINATION I PRESSED  Anyone have the same experience ????   

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Hi, as mentioned on my other problem (system not shutting down correctly) I can't enable ACPI in the BIOS settings. Right now there are only very limited options so I think there must be some kind of advanced settings. Is there any way to activate further options in the BIOS (version 1.11)?

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Does any one know how the **bleep** do I access the Advanced settins in this Laptop model? The BIOS is InsydeH20 3.7 ver and the model is Aspire E1-522. Thank you.

A:Advanced BIOS settings for Aspire E1-522

To which advanced settings are you referring?I believe all settings are available from the BIOS menu headings. 

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Hi, I really need to access advanced BIOS settings (if I can?) because of the CPU's fan RPM setting (I had to replace the old fan, he stopped working), could you please help me, how could I get there, by which combination? My BIOS version is 80.52 Rev.A 

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Does any one know how the **bleep** do I access the Advanced settins in this Laptop model? The BIOS is InsydeH20 3.7 ver and the model is Aspire E1-522. Thank you.

A:Advanced BIOS settings for Aspire E1-522

To which advanced settings are you referring?I believe all settings are available from the BIOS menu headings. 

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Hi all, is there any way I can get to the advanced BIOS settings on my Elitebook 8560w? I remember on the Envy you culd press the F10 key and A key and it would get you to the advanced features...

A:Elitebook 8560w advanced BIOS settings?

ccvortex wrote:Hi all, is there any way I can get to the advanced BIOS settings on my Elitebook 8560w? I remember on the Envy you culd press the F10 key and A key and it would get you to the advanced features...Are you pressing the F10 key when the HP logo appears (when you first hit the power button)?  According to this, it should be F10. 

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Hell friends, any ifea how to get the advanced settings?

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Hey guys, I recently dumped my BIOS with the "Universal BIOS Backup Toolkit" in search for changing a DVMT value and I noticed something very curious. If you use a program called "UEFITool" to open the BIOS you dump on this laptop, and CTRL+F "DVMT" under text, it will bring you to a section named "PlatformHiiAdvancedDxe". Upon extracting the body of the PE32 image, I noticed that there appears to be a hidden tab in the BIOS named "Advanced" with several useful settings. Here are a couple snippets: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Offset: Title:
0x17EB4 Advanced (0xB from string package 0x0)
Internal Forms Representation
Offset: Instruction:
0x17EB8 Form Set: Advanced {0E A7 87 BC D3 78 A3 78 96 49 B8 13 18 44 05 08 89 F7 0B 00 99 04 01 71 99 03 93 45 85 04 4B B4 5E 32 EB 83 26 04 0E}
0x17EDF Guid: 0F0B1735-87A0-4193-B266-538C38AF48CE {5F 15 35 17 0B 0F A0 87 93 41 B2 66 53 8C 38 AF 48 CE 03 01 00}
0x17EF4 Guid: 0F0B1735-87A0-4193-B266-538C38AF48CE {5F 15 35 17 0B 0F A0 87 93 41 B2 66 53 8C 38 AF 48 CE 04 00 00}
0x17F09 Default Store: Standard Default - Advanced 0x0 {5C 06 9B 04 00 00}
0x17F0F Default Store: Manufacture Default - Ad... Read more

A:Lenovo X250 Advanced Bios settings

Hello, did you solve the problem?I have a Lenovo b590 i need to unlock the bios advanced settings too 

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I need to disable caching and shadowing on my computer to reinstall my OS. My bios does not give me this option. I normally find the option in advanced. There is no Advanced. How can I disable these options ? Is it possible to disable them using motherboard jumpers ?

A:My BIOS doesn't give me advanced settings

Welcome to the Forums.

What is your > Make/Model of Computer
If Custom Build > Motherboard Make/Model

Why do you need to disable these options in BIOS.

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Hello. Everything is working properly. This is not a complaint. Just need the help of professionals. The Notebook is equipped with APU A10 - 4600m. We have two GPU. AMD Radeon HD 7660G (integration), and AMD Radeon HD 7670M (discrete). We need access to the advanced BIOS settings. There is a need to turn off integrations GPU. It is necessary to operate only a discrete GPU. I'm not an overclocker. Guarantee is long over. Just want to use the GPU 7670M. When choosing a laptop, it 7670M GPU helped purchase. Configuring drivers in high-performance mode does not help. Many applications continue to run on the integration of the GPU. Please help disable HD 7660G.

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Hi all, I am trying to enable Intel vt-X (hardware virtualisation) on my satellite click 10 and for me to be able to do that I need to access the advanced bios settings of the laptop.

I did a restart and held f2 which brought me to the Toshiba Setup Utility, however there is no option there to acces advanced settings (pic: http://imgur.com/HDlb5rs )

Please help!

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????????????. ???? ????????? ??????? ???, ???? ???????? ?????? ?????????? ????? ?????. ?? ? BIOS ??? ????????? ??????? :-( advanced settings ?? ?????. ???? ????? A10-4600m, ? ??? ?? ? ???? ????????? ???????. ???????!

A:bios/unlock/advanced settings/disable apu graphics

Thank you for visiting our English HP Support Forum. We are only able to reply to posts written in English. To insure a quick response it would be advisable to post your question in English. The following links are here to assist you if you prefer to post in the following Language Forum.

German: HP Kundenforum
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French: Forum des utilisateurs
Portuguese: Fórum dos usuários HP
Chinese: ??????????
Korean: HP ??????
Thank you for your understanding

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My W540 has Nvidia KM2100 graphics card. I have a dock, so, to enable Nvidia KM2100 for external monitors connected to the dock, I changed Video Settings in BIOS from "Standard" to "Advanced".  Then, strange thing start to happen. When close the lid, laptop goes to sleep. When I open the lid, laptop wakes up and I can use it for roughly 2 seconds before screen suddenly goes blank and it automatically reboots. There is no BSOD or crash dump. It just reboots. This happens every time I close and open the lid. Basically, I can't use "sleep" feature. This is very annoying. The OS is Windows 10 Creator Update with the latest graphics drivers for both Intel HD4600 and Nividia KM2100. As soon as I revert Video Settings in BIOS from "Advanced" to "Starndard", which sadly disables Nvidia graphics card for external monitors, this strange behavior goes away. Any solutions?  Thanks in advance.

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I've been trying to configure my network so i can use hamachi, and one of the steps is to move hamachi top the top of the list in Advanced Settings -> Adapters and Bindings, but the thing is, there's just one item there, called (remote access connections).

I'm puzzled on what that means and how/if i can fix it

Any help/insight would be greatly appreciated.

A:Solved: Can't see anything under Network Connections -> Advanced -> Advanced Settings

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I recently aquired a used laptop but everything is password locked. besides installing a new hard drive are there any other options or programs that I could use to wipe it out and install windows 7?
I can get into the bios but I cant change it to boot from the cd rom on boot up. Thank you for any suggestions.

A:Unlocking the bios?

You'll need to remove the CMOS battery for around five minutes or so (I typically let it sit for around 10 minutes while I go do other things). If you're unsure of where the CMOS battery is located, look up the documentation for your specific model of laptop and it should tell you where the CMOS battery is located and how to access it.

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One of my PC's have a Athlon 64 X2 4400+ Brishane CPU with a 690G motherboard made by Acer? The BIOS is made by Phoenix Technologies, version 6.00PG, 10/10/2007 (That's what it said on CPU-Z).

I was wondering if there's a way to unlock the BIOS (the FSB, voltage, etc is greyed-out) so I can increase the clocks by a bit. I have a decent Antec PSU so power isn't an issue (able to handle an OC'ed 4850 before I took it out for my other PC).

If "unlocking" the BIOS is not possible, is there a way to adjust the settings WITHOUT going into the BIOS...like a software? or an other "things" out there.

I've done some overclocking before, but this mobo with an 'locked' BIOS has me stuck.

Would be great if anybody is able help

A:Unlocking BIOS?

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Dear all,
I am in a trouble with Advanced Power Setting on Windows 10.
There are limited options only when I go to Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Power Options\Edit Plan Settings\Change advanced power settings in particular Intel (R) Dynamic Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework Settings.
For some of the missing options I followed this page and fixed: www.eightforums.com/.../50890-options-missing-power-options-advanced-settings.html
However I could not add Intel (R) Dynamic Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework Settings in advanced power settings even though followed these links:


P.S: All drives are updated.

A:Missing Advanced Power Settings: TDP Settings (XPS13 9360)

I don't see them on my XPS 13 9360 either.  I just figured that this CPU/chipset might not support those settings anymore.

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Hello everyone, I have the following laptopNotebook Model: HP Pavilion 15 Notebook PCProduct Number: J2T42EA#AKS which I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate with Service Pack 1 (x64) on.When I install DAEMON Tools Ultra 5.0.1 combined with SPTD driver 1.89 the program doesn't detect my CD-ROM and shows "No devices were found" thus I cannot use its most essential function "Mount to physical drive" which is required to mount images of protected discs. I contacted DAEMON Tools support team via email and they sent me boot logs with instructions how to use them. I sent them back the file which they required they investigated the problem and advised me that the fix for this issue is to change the SATA mode of the controller to Legacy IDE. Unfortunately I cannot do this because my Insyde BIOS is locked and I cannot get access to its advanced menu. My request towards you is to unlock it.Could you please help me with that ? I can provide you with a download link to my BIOS. Here it is: http://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp77001-77500/sp77046.exe Thanks in advance for your attention !

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I was told that my AMD Phenom II x4 965 can unlock x6? I remember finding the site to download the BIOS upgrade but can't remember for the life of me what that site was and how to do it. My dad did it using a flash drive on his formula 4, is this also possible on my motherboard?

A:Flashing BIOS, unlocking x4 -> x6

What is your motherboard model? If it is a MSI then there is this option to unlock cores.

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.....on a Fujitsu Siemens Esprimo P desktop.

Anyone know how to do it?
I can get into the bios but old tried and test method of pressing ctrl+F1 on the first bios screen does nothing, so i cannot do any overclocking.

Any ideas anyone, please?

A:Unlocking bios for ovcerlclocking....

I would go to the internet. I have good luck there on these touchy questions. 'Touchy' meaning it's an obscure computer. (Although Fujitsu is a great brand). Put all the information and your question to the Google web search system. G' Luck

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I just want to know that is it possible to unlock the bios of Inspiron 3542 or reset the password?

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Hello there,

I am trying to access the BIOS to enable an on-board USB. However, the BIOS is password-protected, the work of the outgoing IT staff who has since left the company.

I know I can reset the BIOS by taking out the CMOS battery and letting the CMOS bleed for a few minutes, right? NOW, when I opened the PC and looked at the motherboard, it looked like no PC I've ever seen before! I think its a workstation or something. And there's NO CMOS battery! How then do I bleed the CMOS so that I can reset the BIOS? Or is there any other way I can get around the password prompt? The IT staff who left is not answering any of our calls.
I'm sure some of you sheer Guru's know of a way. Please advise.

A:Unlocking password-protected BIOS


Normally this can be solved by removing the BIOS battery for 30 minutes or so.

If you have no obvious BIOS battery, then it can often be a battery soldered onto the motherboard. It may be hidden under power supply or something else.

Also look for a maintenance jumper on the motherboard (usually near the BIOS battery). This normally has a single jumper across two of the three pins and is moved to the other two pins to clear the BIOS.

Go to the computer or motherboard manufacturers web site and look for details of layout of the motherboard.

Alternatively look at a Flash BIOS upgrade

Please provide details of the computer make & model and the motherboard & O/S

It is highly unlikely that there is no battery.



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hey iam having dell inspiron 3542 and i want to unlock its bios setuup 
but unfortunately ihave forgotten its password
please help

A:dell bios setup unlocking problem

You will need to place a call to Dell phone support - be prepared to verify your ownership of the system.

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Hi. I have to totally turn off switchable graphics and use only dedicated card on my device, but I cannot find any option to do that.  Is there any solution? I think that the only way to do that is switching the options in BIOS, but I don't know how to get to "the advanced options" tab. Can anybody help me? Lenovo g505s,Radeon HD 8550G (integrated) & Radeon R5 M230 (dedicated),BIOS version: Lenovo 83CN53WW(V.3.00)

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Hi. I have to totally turn off switchable graphics and use only dedicated card on my device, but I cannot find any option to do that.  Is there any solution? I think that the only way to do that is switching the options in BIOS, but I don't know how to get to "the advanced options" tab. Can anybody help me? Lenovo g505s,Radeon HD 8550G (integrated) & Radeon R5 M230 (dedicated),BIOS version: Lenovo 83CN53WW(V.3.00)

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Hi everyone, I tried getting to the advanced Bios setup under Bios menu but couldnt find it. The Bios version of my Pc is insyde F.1B. please what can i do ?

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I have a hp probook 4330s ,Windows 7 ultimate 64-bit , i3 2310m , 4gb ddr3 ram , 250gb sata 2 hdd and intel hd 3000 with 64mb dedicated video memory. So i wanted to increase that memory to 256 or 512mb and i went to BIOS and in BIOS  i couldnt find the advanced tab , so if i may ask how do i increase my video memory or enter the advanced bios tab where i can do it .Advanced bios tab is not priority my priority is to increase my Intel HD 3000 vram to 256 or 510mb if possible, but i thing it is by loocking to some YouTube videos bun non of them could help me so please let me know if anyone knows how to increase my vram , thanks. Sory for bad english i am from Serbia Have a nice day !

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I have already clicked "Change settings that are currently available" but it still does not show it, restarted the PC and still same result.
MSE disabled
Windows 7 Starter 32-bit
Power Plan: High Performance
System Model: HP Mini 110-3500

A:Cannot see Multimedia Settings under "Change advanced power settings"

Please help.

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sorry i realised i posted in a wrong section

sorry again

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Hey guys , I need someone to explain to me...or even recommend me how to set advanced settings in the " performance & quality " tab in my video card's settings

these are : 1-force mipmaps ? none bilinear and trilinear
2-conformant texture clamp on or off ?
3-extension limit? on or off
4-hardware acceleration
5-trilinear optimization? on or off
6-Anisotropic mip filter optimization? on or off
7-Anisotropic sample optimization? on or off
8-negative LOD bias? clamp or allow

my card's a MSI FX5700 LE card with 256 MBs of ram

Thanks in advance

A:Advanced Settings

set it to trilinear and everythign else to on or enabled. if you experience crashes or problems, disable the options one by one until the problem is corrected, thus exposing the offending setting.

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I need some help on creating a Short Cut On desk top for " Advanced System Settings "



A:Advanced System Settings

just use the search feature it's the fastest way to get to stuff

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i have a strange problem on Vista x64. Previously, with Vista SP1 x32 I used the advanced settings to switch on the "Make external and internal output devices playback two different audio streams simultaneously" option. That way I could keep two different settings for speakers and headphones. I had the Speakers on mute and the headphones on. That way the internal speakers would be mute but when I plug-in the headphones the audio would automatically switch on "unmute".

However since I installed x64 I find that it shows two separate tabs for speakers and headphones as normal but if the speakers are set to mute audio would be muted for everything including the headphones. I checked everything and eventhough the headphones are set to "unmute" the headphones would only work if I went to the speakers tab and "unmuted" the speakers. Doing this means that when I unplug in the headphones the internal speakers are on.

I tried updating to version to no avail. Can anybody help. Sorry for the long explanation but i wanted to give you as much info as possible.


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After updating the definitions on Apr.27th and running Spybot it said I had Backweb lite.
I believe Backweb came with the computer but I don't think it's installed. It isn't listed in add/remove programs in control panel. So, I'm assuming I should have Spybot ignore that??
Also, while looking for info about it I came across some info that says with the Spybot1.3 version it ignores a few malware products by mistake so it won't find them. It tells you to go into advanced mode and under the ignore products see if there are any checkmarks in any of the listed products and if there are to uncheck them.
I have 3 that are checked...should I uncheck them?? They are:
product category
sidestep pups
my search spybots
new. net pups
Also....while looking around in Advanced mode under ignore system internals:
it shows:
Entry Category
%JavaDir%QTJava.zip missing shared dll
install.exe wrong app path
MsoHtmEd.exe wrong app path
winnt32.exe wrong app path
Is this ok?

A:Spybot1.3 Advanced Settings

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Does anyone know of a Freeware program that changes the "Advance Privacy Settings" on IE? Right now you have to do the following to allow just "session cookies":
1- Tools
2- Internet Options
3- Privacy
4- Advanced
5- Check- "Override automatic cookie handling
6- Check Block for "First Party Cookies"
7- Check Block for "Third Party Cookies"
8- Check "always allow session cookies"

I find I need only session cookies on most of the sites I frequent (like this one). Wish there was a program that would remember your preferred settings and with a push of a button change them to pre-set alternate settings.

A:IE6 Advanced Privacy Settings

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Hey all, I was just noticing that my monitor doesn't go off after 20 minutes like it's set to in my advanced power settings(Right click on desktop, click on properties / screensaver tab and click on "Power..." to access "Power Options Properties".The other settings in Power Options Properties also do not work, such as...Hard disk off, standby, and hibernate do not work. The computer just acts like all the settings are set to "never".What is the issue? I don't know how long this has been going on. As far as I know, these settings worked up until recently.Thank you community

A:Advanced Power Settings

You might try http://www.kellys-korner-xp.com/xp_tweaks.htm, #204, right column, Restore Power Schemes Configuration.Double-click, this will download a file to your chosen location. Double-click on that file and let us know if this solves your situation.Louis

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When I right click (for instance) the sound icon in system tray it should say "Open volume mixer" and 3 other options below that. I was messing with the advanced windows appearance settings and now mine says "Open volume M" and there is no other space for the rest of the word. Same with "safely remove har" (for hardware) I have tried for days and can't get it to show the whole word. Do you know what setting this is? I know it's in advanced window appearance settings. Can't find it

A:Advanced appearance settings

It sounds like you've messed with the settings in the Windows settings and appearance Advanced properties (get to it by right clicking on the Desktop and selecting "Personalize"

Which setting it is, I have no idea. But some experimentation should reveal it to you.

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I would like my VPN Advanced Settings to remain Off after restart. They turn back on each time. Seems like Windows should save that setting?
Checked Services.msc & msconfig but don't see anything to disable that looks like VPN.

HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Microsoft > Windows > CurrentVersion >Internet Settings > Connections
has no registry entries with VPN names, probably because I've never added any VPN connections.

I am signed in with a Microsoft account & do have Sync turned on for this PC. The only other PC running Windows 10 has a local account.

Can anyone tell me how to permanently disable VPN Advanced Settings?

thank you,

A:How to keep VPN Advanced Settings off after restart?

Seems you need to keep Remote Access Connection Manager (RasMan) and Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol Service (SstpSvc) services enabled as either Automatic or Manual as only changing the below values in the registry doesn't keep it off

Change Value entry to 0

Change Value entry to 0

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\RasMan\Parameters\Config\VpnCostedNetworkSettin gs
NoRoamingNetwork set to 0
Change Value entry to 0

Change Value entry to 0

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On my main windows 7 machine when I visit some secure sites I get the following ( I am trying to download K2 in this case):

IE - This page cannot be displayed. Turn on TLS 1.0, TLS 1.1, and TLS 1.2 in Advanced settings and try connecting to https://getk2.org

Firefox - Secure connection failed. The connection to getk2.org was interrupted while the page was loading. The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because the authenticity of the received data could not be verified.

Chrome - This site can?t be reached. getk2.org unexpectedly closed the connection

I can however open these sites on other devise on my network. In IE I found TLS 1.0, TLS 1.1, and TLS 1.2 already turned on. I have searched through various posts but am not finding anything that is helping. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I am also unsure what hanged when this started happening as it has been ongoing for some time.


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Hello community:

What is the meaning and solution to the following message?
"Turn on TLS 1.0, TLS 1.1, and TLS 1.2 in Advanced settings and try connecting to
https://go.skype.com again. If this error persists, contact your site administrator."

These options are already turned on, by the indication of a check mark in the square box provided. I substituted xxxxxx.com for the actual address.

How do I correct this?  What is causing it?

As usual, thanks for all assistance.

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I am using a notebook that came with Windows 7 and upgraded to Windows 10. I noticed this problem 6 months ago (before upgrading to Windows 10), but it was not causing a problem, so I ignored it until now.
I am trying to switch to other DNS name servers. I set up the new DNS server addresses in the TCP/IPv4 properties, but they were not working. Checking the advances setting, under the DNS tab, I noticed that there is a long set of addresses (from IPconfig it seems to be 8) on the first line in DNS server addresses box. (See image. Note - the bottom two addresses had come over from what I had set up in the TCP/IPv4 properties).
I can not remove this series of addresses. The remove button is not greyed out, but nothing happens when I click it.
Same with editing it (nothing happens when I click Edit).
I can add addresses, edit added addresses and remove added addresses.
I can also move the top line down, but when I click "OK" nothing happens. To close the dialog box I must click Cancel.
If I open the advanced dialog box and do not click the DNS tab, I can close the dialog box by clicking OK, but once I open the DNS tab, clicking OK will not longer work. Even if I go back to the IP Settings tab, clicking OK will switch it to the DNS tab, but will not close it.
Anyone have an idea how I can reset this? Or remove this top line of addresses?

A:Advanced TCP/IP Settings, DNS tab, Can't click OK

OK, I figured this out myself. But in case someone else has the problem, here is the solution I figured out.
The problem was the GUI interface was locking up or not responding correctly, so I figured I had to find a manual way to change (or erase) the DNS servers that were blocking things up. I figured there was probably a way via the command prompt, and in fact, that is how we solved things.
I started an admin session of the command prompt (Win+X - Command prompt (admin))
Then I ran the netsh utility (typed netsh).
From the netsh command prompt I typed:
"interface ip set dnsservers "Wireless Network Connection" source=dhcp"
That did the trick. I immediately checked the settings and sure enough the long string of DNS servers was gone.
BTW, "Wireless Network Connection" was the connection I was having trouble with. This told netsh to switch the DNS server names for that connection back to selecting the DNSservers automatically.
I could also replaced "source=dhcp" with "static" (Note this is not a valid DNS server) to have it set to that DNS Server. Or I can now go in and change it manually.
Problem solved!

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CCleaner is considered a generally safe cleaner. Thus, all Advanced selections under the Windows tab are unticked by default, presumably for a reason, which may have to do with system stability.

However, in its 8-step Malware Removal Instructions http://www.techspot.com/vb/topic58138.html, TechSpot advises:

?make sure all the boxes are ticked under the Windows and Applications tabs, including "Advanced" tabs (except for the Old prefetch Data option, this should be unticked).Click to expand...

My fist question is: What does one gain by including these Advanced selections apart from a little extra space, and even that until it is soon filled up again?

But my main question is: Why does CCleaner leave out these Advanced selections by default? More specifically, what could be the adverse consequences of ticking (selecting) them?

A full item-by-item reply would be most helpful for dispersing (or justifying) fear of selecting them. The tool itself does give some info on each, but this is not always clear. E.g. for Tray Notifications Cache it says ?You need to restart the explorer.exe process.? So, how does one restart the explorer.exe process? Don?t we start it anyway every time we click on its icon?

A:CCleaner Advanced Settings


CCleaner (Last updated on 27th January 2009)

The Advanced settings are basically defined on this page: CCleaner Beginner's Guide

Restarting Explorer.exe, is basically done by restarting your computer

You can find more information here:

Quick Tour

Documentation site

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Discussion Forum

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An acquaintance gave me the link to your answer to a specific question I had asked him, namely 'how do I make an advanced setting for COM1 serial port when I get a message saying that I need write privilege in the registry for 'this device'. I am the administrator on my machine and I have a label printer hooked up to COM1 on a WIN2k system and need to change a setting I believe it has regarding a FIFO buffer. I also have an XP system on another machine and always get the same impediments as I do on WIN2k. I can't get into that advanced setting when I click the 'Advanced' button in the COM1 port settings window.

But when I tried your suggested solution, adding values into the registry path "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\
system\current......pnp0501\1\Device Parameters" (trying to add a binary value into the right pane for the above branch) I just get a message saying "Cannot create value: Error writing to the registry". Foiled again!
Same thing happens, by the way, if I try this on my XP machine. Do administrators get no respect?

A:COM1 advanced settings

Partially solved: Right-clicking registry key gives 'permissions' option on XP but not on Win2k. Giving permissions to 'everyone' on the XP allowed me to put new values into right pane of Device Parameters key. I put the values in suggested by The Oracle and they worked. I was able to get into Advanced settings for COM1 port. But how do I set those registry permissions in Win2k where my device is?

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