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Scanned Image Using Windows Paint. Asked For Admin. Permission, but I am on Admin.

Q: Scanned Image Using Windows Paint. Asked For Admin. Permission, but I am on Admin.

Hello, I just purchased a new lenovo v570 laptop runing windows 7 home premium.

I scanned an image using my Epson NX 400 usb all-in-one printer. Then I tried to save it to my external USB enclosed sata drive. I haven't had any problem like this before. They said, I didn't have permission. I am running the laptop as an administrator. What other permission do I need? Antivirus and firewall software is all up and funny functional.

Preferred Solution: Scanned Image Using Windows Paint. Asked For Admin. Permission, but I am on Admin.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Scanned Image Using Windows Paint. Asked For Admin. Permission, but I am on Admin.

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it is asking premission for turning on windows update, but iam the admin i got this laptop from government and windows store is also not working it says "network error or internet not connected try again 0x80070422 please help me to resole this problem 

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I'm new to Windows 7.

I'm still trying to master the file permissions.. I need some help and I'd appreciate it if someone could help me out.

I have a folder with mp3s (created with my old Windows XP system). I've included this mp3s folder in the "my music" library and then I inspected the folder and took ownership of it together with everything it contains (following instructions I found on the Net).

Nevertheless, when I'm trying to delete or move a file I get the message that I need to provide administrator permission! But I thought I am both administrator and owner...

Also, when listen to the songs with WinAmp, it seems I cannon save any song data. I get: Cannot save metadata: Error opening file.

I suppose, it's an aspect of the very same problem.

What am I missing?


A:I need admin permission to delete/move file (but I'm both admin/owner)

Take a look on the properties of the folder see if you have an unblock button . If you do click on it .

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3540M CPU @ 3.00GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 58 Stepping 9
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 8078 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000, -1984 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 297 GB (66 GB Free);
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 07Y85M
Antivirus: Avast Antivirus, Enabled and Updated

Hey guys. I am trying to delete a folder in my downloads, but my computer is telling me I need admin privleges.
Yet, the thing is, I am an administrator, and I am on the user account it is asking permisson from.... what is going on?

Hitting "Try Again" does nothing , can you guys help?

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I am having a lot of issues with my work computer, and the IT guy here doesnt know what is wrong. I am suppossed to have Admin Privileges. But I am not able to download programs or delete shortcuts from my desktop.

For example, when I try to go to "Local Secuirty Policy", it says "Access is denied" "You do not have permission to perform this operation."

Now, everyone in my company (6 people) is linked over a shared network. I beleive the user accounts are linked too. In other words, my coworkers can sign on to their account on my computer, even though they do not have any local information stored.

My username (that I see when I press the start button) is "PSI Staff". When I open the "Local Users and Groups" window, the only users I see are "Administrator", "Guest", and "Nadia15". I do not see "PSI Staff". So I am assuming that "Nadia15" is "PSI Staff".

However, when I right click on any document, click properties, and then click secuirty, I see the following image. (Attached).

All I want is to have admin rights. Any one have any ideas at all???

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been about week i kept trying to get firefox to download onto my pc. But when i get it to download after that done.i go to run the installer a pop says i need to have admin rights when im on a admin account. im running win 7 64bit . i have a image of the screen that requires me to have admin rights.

A:need admin permission on a admin account

Try to create new user with admin rights and see, if same issue happens there.

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I recently made a new Admin account for myself, deleted the old one due to some trouble with it, and everything seemed to be working fine. But when I tried to install programs, I got errors basically saying that I couldn't write to the Registry. I can't access MSCONFIG either, I get a permissions error.

Another admin account can do all of this, but for some reason I can't. I'm SURE that my account is set as an admin. Can anyone help me fix this?

Tech. Info:


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I use restricted user accounts on my system to protect it against damage (hopefully). To do the administrative job, like installing software etc, runas is used.

Unfortunately runas does not work for Windows Updates via Internet Explorer.

Is it possible to give a single user the permission to run updates without compromising the system security. The user should get this rights only temporarily. Similar to the runas behaviour.


A:Windows Update with Admin Permission

Use the built-in Administrator account. If you have never set a password for this account, you can logon by leaving the password field blank. I would suggest that you not leave it that way, but set a password, one that you can remember, and also write it down and keep it in a safe place.

I would also advise using a password reset disk and keep that in a safe place:

From Start > Help and Support:
"To create a password reset disk
The Forgotten Password Wizard lets you create a password reset disk that you can use to recover your user account and personalized computer settings if you forget your password.

The steps to perform this task differ depending on whether your computer is a member of a network domain or is part of a workgroup (or is a stand-alone computer).

My computer is on a domain:

Press CTRL+ALT+DELETE to open the Windows Security dialog box.
Click Change Password.
Click Backup to open the Forgotten Password Wizard.
Click Next and then follow the instructions as they appear on the screen.

My computer is not on a domain:

The steps to perform this task differ depending on the type of user account you have.

If you have a computer administrator account

Open User Accounts in Control Panel.
Click your account name.
Under Related Tasks located on the left side of the window, click Prevent a forgotten password.
In the Forgotten Password Wizard, follow the instructions as they appear on the screen.
If you have a limited account

Open User Accounts in ... Read more

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HI i rececently got a new system with windows 7,
i'm having a lot of problems with installing some programs and stuff with it saying i need admin rights,
i am admin its my system i'm the only one who uses it i'm the only one who has access to it,
will someone please explain in extremely simple terms how the hell i can stop windows constantly asking me for admin rights,
i've never had this propblem with any other version of windows.

A:Windows 7 Admin Permission problems

Right click the installer and select Run as administrator.

To put it simply, you are an administrator, not THE administrator.

Your Windows 7 system is THE administrator. You can get round the nag prompt or error by disabling UAC but this isn't advisable unless you are confident in what you do.


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I would like to run Advanced Systemcare, however Vista-64 is telling me I need administrative permission. How do I gain permission for this app? Also, anyone know if running this app will cause problems within Vista?

A:Admin permission for Windows SystemCare?

Hi flycaster,

Right click on the program and select Run as administrator. After providing administrative credentials, the program will run as though it had been launched in that account, even though you are still in a standard account.

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My account type is administrator.
I try to copy the minidump file to the desktop and windows says I am trying to change the file and I need administrators permission...so I hit continue...then it says I need permission again and leaves me with "try agian" and cancel options...
how do I get this file??

A:no permission for minidump files windows 7??even admin

Quote: Originally Posted by mesososo

My account type is administrator.
I try to copy the minidump file to the desktop and windows says I am trying to change the file and I need administrators permission...so I hit continue...then it says I need permission again and leaves me with "try agian" and cancel options...
how do I get this file??

Hello Mesososo, Welcome to SF,

This article should help Take Ownership Shortcut

Good Luck,

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One of the most annoying things I've run into while using Windows 7 RC is that a lot of file/folder actions will tell me I need to be an Administrator to perform them. I'm the only user on the computer, and I am the Computer Administrator, according to the User Accounts in the Control Panel.

For example, right now I am having a problem deleting an AVI file I created with CamStudio. When I right-click and choose Delete, first it asked me the normal "Are you sure you want to move this file to the Recycle Bin?". I choose "Yes". Then the next prompt says "You'll need to provide administrator permission to delete this file" and gives me the choices "Continue" (with the shield icon), "Skip", and "Cancel". I choose "Continue". Then it gives me one more box that says:

"File Access Denied"

"You need permission to perform this action"

"You require permission from the computer's administrator to make changes to this file"

There is nothing I can do after that.

I am already familiar with the Unlocker utility, and I love it, but that won't get rid of it either. It says it can't delete it and offers to remove it at next reboot, but the file remains.

One thing about this specific issue is why is it only that AVI file, out of the several screen-capture videos I created with CamStudio?

Aside from this single incident, I want Windows to stop complaining about admi... Read more

A:Tired of Windows 7 telling me I need Admin permission!

Hmmm...sounds like you are infected by Microsoft :)

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Just did a new clean install of W7 Home Premium 64-bit with SP1. Installed all MS updates.
Went to install a virus program and both that I tried (Avira and MS Security Essentials) fail to install. The MSE only provided an obscure error code. Avira comes up stating Local Admin Rights required.

My account is listed as having admin rights.
I tried the Run as Admin, same result.
I rebooted into safe mode, same result.
I enabled the Full Adminstrator account and logged in there. Same result.
Looking in Properties (for Avira)/Security/Advanced it shows full control, and I am THE owner of this file.

would love some help getting this fixed


A:Windows 7 Admin Permission problems, cannot install

Where did you get the install media from?

Please Run sfc /scan now using option 2 in this tutorial: SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

Please post back the results.
Please indicate what message was displayed at the end:

Windows found no integrity violations


Corrupt files were found, and windows was unable to fix them.


Corrupt files were found, and windows successfully repaired them

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I've just bought a new laptop with windows 7 and unfortunately used the easy file transfer, which did some bizarre things, not recommended. Anyway I am the only user and the administrator, but I can't even move a bl**dy file without the "you need to have administrator permissions", surely this can't be normal, I can't drag and drop my own files in my own folders! Read all the notes, do I understand correctly that this is caused by UAC, and if so how do I turn it off, the instructions were not detailed enough for me. Thanks

A:Tired of Windows 7 telling me I need Admin permission!

Hi -

For file movement, activate the Windows 7 hidden admin account.
START | type cmd.exe | right-click on cmd.exe above under programs - select run as admin. Then type


net user administrator /active:yes

Logoff your account and the user account named Administrator will be waiting for you at the logon screen.

DO NOT delete your currect "user-admin" account - you will need it to install certain security Windows Updates. Also, if you set a password for the hidden admin account and forget it/ lose it.... you will need to reinstall Windows 7.

Regards. . .



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Hi all,
Just got my new computer and like my old one it has been set up with Windows 7 on, yet with this one whenever I try to move a file or delete something it says admin permission needed and I have to click on continue and it lets me do it. But I have to do this every time.
How do I turn this off? As far as I knew I was an admin as I have the only account and I can seem to do things that need admin permission but I may have not.

Thanks for your time.

A:How do I disable Admin permission notice for a Windows 7 account

You have NO admin right by default, but you can get it temporay. That's why the prompt appears.

But in what folder do you delete a file and it gives the admin popup?
"my documents", "my pictures" .... all your personal folders work fine?

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I messed up! Big time. (at least in my mind)

I have a laptop with a drive that is partitioned. C = programs and D = files, pics, music, etc. I have to share my laptop with a family member for awhile and I don't like them looking at my stuff, so I thought I would be savvy and change the permissions so they, as a user, couldn't read or write that drive. Since I have a administrator account I figured this was the best way to protect my privacy. WRONG!!! Now when I log in, as me, the administrator, I can not access the drive. If I click on My Computer, I see drive C with 11gb free, but drive D just says NFTS.

How can I undo this mistake?

Thanks for the HELP !!!

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I don't get it. I installed Win 10 on this computer and every once and while I asked for Admin rights to delete or change thing.
Also, I'm trying to delete a renamed folder (.old) and the message says that the folder is no longer located and needs verification

Thanks for any help

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I am runnung Vista Home Basics, 32 bit, SP2, and installed a kid`s game. Unfortunately, on startup it always asks for the admin password. For security reasons I do not want to give out this password or change it to a simple text.

How can I change the settings so this game can be started from a normal user account without being asked for the admin password?

A:How to run a kid`s game on Home Basic without always being asked for admin password?

It would help if we knew exactly which game we're talking about.

Often this is the result of using old games, but not installing (or running) them in Compatibility mode.

First, try adjusting Compatibility settings to XP or Win98/ME and see if that cures it.
If that doesn't work, try reinstalling the program to a location outside the 'C:\Program Files' location - create a new folder C:\OldGames and install the game to that folder (assuming the option exists). Ensure that permissions for the folder give 'Everyone' full access.

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The firm in which I work has a Lenovo PC with Windows 10 installed. There are two user profiles on the computer, the admin and another normal account without administration rights. We have only the password of the account without administrator rights.

The network administrator had left the company surprisingly in without giving the administrator password of the PC and we cannot contact him anymore.

Now we want to install another programme and we cannot do this without an administrator account.

I disabled secure boot and have tried to boot the PC with an Linux USB Stick, but it do not boot from the stick.

Any suggestion how I either can reset the password of the administrator account or create an new account with administrator rights.

A:Windows 10 admin password reset or new account with admin rights

Although there may be techniques to recover a lost password it is forum policy that we do not discuss these here - your best bet would be to visit a local security specialist and get them to recover/reset it for you - and a change to the policy for the replacement admin may be a good idea, I always wrote a list of all passwords and stored it with the Managing Director and also in a fireproof safe

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I have been looking for this answer for 2 days and can not find anyone who has had similair problem.

THere are 2 accounts Administrator and Kenmystro/administrator. I have the password for both and can access both. win 7 Ultimate Hp8510.
I have already selected all user permissions and taken ownership in every box I could find for Kenmystro/admin. the UAC is at minimum and the security centre is off. Run as admin on right click does not help.
It does not matter which of the 2 accounts I log into when I try install certain HP software(Maintenance
& some drivers) it says I do not have admin privileges.

This is driving me nuts can anyone help??

A:admin account and user admin still no admin privilages

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I hope someone can help me.

Just this morning i booted up as normal and the always annoying UAC notifications kept popping up. I was sure i had disabled these! Then i went to use my music software and it said that this account didn't have admin privileges.

I checked my user account and the check box states that is is an admin account and that UAC is turnd off. (i only have one account anyways)

Ive looked on google extensively, Tried making new profiles and copy the old one over, but that only worked to a certain point - lots of programs didn't work, lost mail settings etc. Not really workable.

Tried system restore to no avail.

Tried using the vista admin account and changing my account - rebooting - etc. No change.

My guess is that something has got corrupt in my user profile and windows is not remembering that i should be an admin. I can't use my software and i have a deadline!!

Any one who can help will win a magical prize or something!


A:Admin account stopped being admin even when admin is checked!

Should be easy, create a New Administrator account and give it permissions to use the software.
User Account - Create
Procedure for Seven is the Same as For Vista.

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Everytime I try and move a file this pops up and has me click Continue. Is there anyway around this? or a way to shut it off?

A:Admin Permission help

Have you tried right clicking on your pictures folder > properties > security > advanced > your username > change permissions > edit > tick on enable full control.

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Whenever I start this computer everything will work normally until after I log in. Once I log in, all I get is this black screen and all I can see is the cursor. I get past this by opening up the task manager and ending the explorer.exe process, and running it again. That usually allows me to see the desktop, but now I have another problem I can't seem to fix. Every time I try to open a file that requires administrator permission to open, nothing happens. If I open from the desktop, the desktop freezes up and I have to restart. If I try to open from the start menu, the start menu will freeze up. Can anybody explain why I can't run anything that requires admin permission. Please tell me someone has a solution to this. I can't find anything anywhere.

A:Can't Run Anything That Uses Admin Permission

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I was trying to remove a program file AT&T security Installation Wizard.. The folder was corrupted... I was able to delete a few of the files... but two of them kept saying need permission... Now I am the Admin and I do have UAC unchecked..
In God's name whose permission do I need to get rid of these 2 remaining files...

Is this frustrating!!!

A:Need Permission.... BUT I AM THE ADMIN

You don't have control of the file you need to change the permissions in the properties of the files.

Take Ownership of file

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whenever I try to run a program as an administrator, a window pops up asking for permission. However, I can only select NO. I can't run anything that requires admin privileges.
The last thing I remember doing as the admin was accessing the Advanced User Accounts Control Panel to delete a saved username/password for the home network.

Please help.

A:Can't get Admin Permission

Hi imbond,

Give this a try:

1.Open Control Panel.
2.Under User Account and Family settings click on the "Add or remove user account".
3.Click on one of the user accounts, for example you can use the Guest account.
4.Under the user account click on the "Go to the main User Account page" link.
5.Under "Make changes to your user account" click on the "Change security settings" link.
6.In the "Turn on User Account Control (UAC) to make your computer more secure" click to unselect the "Use User Account Control (UAC) to help protect your computer". Click on the Ok button.
7.You will be prompted to reboot your computer. Do so when ready.

Source: http://forums.cnet.com/5208-12546_102-0.html?threadID=301230

Let me know if that helps!

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get admin permission??

A:how to get admin permission??

What exactly are you asking?

If you're wondering how to run a program in elevated or administrator mode...

Right Click Executable (.exe) or Shorcut > Run as Administrator

If you're wondering how to get an administrator's permission to run a program, etc.

Contact the owner of the administrator account on your computer/network.

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So, a week ago I noticed that my laptop was infested with Trojan virus thing, I'm not even sure if it was a real virus or not, but anyways, I decided to reset the pc to factory setting since I'm paranoid and I know little to nothing about how to deal with viruses and those stuff, and it won't hurt to refresh the laptop once, right? So all was good for a week, laptop was so much slower but I didn't really mind, but then two days ago it started to get all weird. I can't install, uninstall or access some stuff in control panel without the administrator's permission. The weird thing though, is that I'M the administrator, and there is no other user in this laptop. So how am I supposed to give permission to myself?

Another thing that might be noted, I installed uTorrent from a random website before this started, while installing, I kept clicking Next without reading the content (silly thing to do, I know). Then I noticed that it installed with it Avast Free Antivirus and Web Companion. I have no idea if they're the cause of this or not, since I read somewhere that the antivirus can sometimes take admin privileges or something? I don't know. But anyways, I tried to copy a guide somewhere to allow me admin privileges again, but I don't have access to open windows firewall. Then I tried to uninstall them, but again, I have no access. I tried to make myself admin through the cmd by writing "net user administrator /active:yes"... Read more

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I have Windows updates dating back to 2008 that I want to delete. They were put an external Seagate. When I go to delete I'm asked for permission. I'm the administrator

I don't get it?


A:If I'm am the Admin why is the system asking me for permission

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I try to run a admin program my account and I receive a message saying cannot access the specified file path you may dont have the appropriate permissions

A:I am having permission troubles even though I am admin

If you're trying to install something then try to run the setup as "Administrator". Right click the install file (Setup.exe, Install.exe etc.) and choose Run as Administrator.

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Win 7 Ultimate

There are 4 programs that ask for admin permission at every boot.
UpdateChecker MFC Application

They are all ASUS programs.

I've had enough. This problem must be taken care of.

All help appreciated.

A:admin permission at every boot

Why don't you uncheck them inside msconfig

Click on the button type msconfig inside the Search programs and files and press <Enter> on the keyboard . Once you're on the System Configuration window click on the Startup tab and uncheck those programs from starting up . Click Ok and then click on Exit without Restart and restart manually .

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I have two problems:

1. When I'm doing things on my computer it tells me I have to be an admin/need permission to delete, etc. Now this is my home computer, so it's vexing to say the least.

2. Sometimes search doesn't work on my stand alone HD (WD My Book 1140). I searched something I knew was there, and it showed no results. No idea why that's happening.

A:Admin Permission/Search

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how to do this?

it tells me i dont have permission to write to msvp80.dll

A:install msi with admin permission

Really it should've asked you for permission. but if it doesn't, try right-click on the msi file and go "Run as administrator"

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I'm stuck. I ran Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant prior to installing Win 8. According to the report I needed to delete Intel(R) Pro Network Connection 12.1.12, which I did.

I upgraded to Win 8 but now I have no permissions. I'll looked at all the threads about openning a cmd windows, which I can, but since I logon to the O/S with just user level permissions I can't issue any admin level apps. I can't even navigate to my C: drive. I get 'Access is denied'.

I'm tried right-clicking on the Command Prompt and 'Run as Administrator', nothing. Which makes sense since I'm logon on with only User rights.

I need full admin rights. I can't update my HOSTS file which really screws up my FTP and Telnet sessions.

I cannot logon as administrator, so I can't change anything. Should I reinstall??

A:Need Admin Permission after upgrade.

Sorry, I should have mentions that I upgraded to Windows 8 Pro

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Hi, Hope this is the right place to post this...
last night I logged on to the net via my nokia N85 and it asked me to set up a home group network, I chose the share everything 1 (with the bench chair) and all went well.
Till I noticed that now I get asked to "provide administrator permission" when doing such things as changing the name of a shortcut on the desktop or editing a system config file (for a game).
I also noticed now when I open up something like the games screenshot folder I can only see the pix if I press "compatibility files" never had to do it before last night...
It seems really dump cos I'm the only user/admin and it's not asking for a password, it just makes me provide permission every time...
can't find anything worthwhile on google, so any help would be nice THANX

PS. Im running win7 pro 64bit and UAC is turned to "never notify", it seems related to program files only or the shortcuts to them.

A:provide admin permission???

Am I seeing duplicates or those topics getting so popular nowadays?

Ok anyway, if turning off didn't helped you
User Account Control - UAC - Change Notification Settings

And you think you are still being to much limited you may try this method:
Built-in Administrator Account - Enable or Disable

The built-in Administrator account is an account that has full access and permission on the computer. This will show you how to enable or disable the built-in Administrator account in Windows 7.

So try using build-in Administrator

Warning: From security point of view using Build-in Administrator considered high security risk.
But as I already told on the hundreds of the same threads, it's your system and your choice.

I have showed you how to do and warned that it is insecure and unsafe.
I myself is under Limited User Account not even thinking about using build-in Administrator for my regular stuff.

If you need more information, just ask.

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I keep getting a message in Spanish (I'm trying to download a Spanish language course) that says I can't download because I need the system admin to allow it. I'm the administrator as it''s only me on the home system but can't get to the area where I might allow it. The Windows help topic (an oxymoron) suggests creating a standard acct but if you're the only user you can't, go figure. I've tried the trusted site thing, saving the page as web folder (sorry, maybe stupid but I'm desperate) to circumvent the admin issue. Oh, I get that exclamation point in the message if that means anything.
I just want to learn a little Spanish, is that too much to ask....!?!
Muchas Gracias for any help

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I posted a screenshot, anybody know why i can't access this.

A:Permission denied even with admin?

Because you probably don't have access.

But you can take ownership and assign the permissions you need.

Take Ownership of file

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Admin privileges are basically gone.
I have been using ADW the Browsers, lots disease.
The best thing i could say is music would or an audio commercial 
I would open Task Manager and kill something called  "nine" I would end and audio ad would stop
the details upon right click were "consultant.exe" which I would delete and do the cycle over again
I can provide what you wish I tried on my own but i am a failure
any help would be a blessing

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Quicktime stopped working. Logged in as admin. Uninstalled then tried reinstall of and 7.6 using 'run as admin'. No luck. Insufficient privileges to the directory--c:\program files (x86) Quicktime. When I look at the folder properties under security---'You must have read permission to view. You do not have permission EVEN AS ADMINISTRATOR'.

Thanks for your help.

A:Can't install Quicktime-no permission even as admin

Perhaps Take Ownership of it:

Take Ownership - Add to Context Menu in Windows 8

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Hi. I'm stuck trying to activate PowerDVD. I keep getting a 'you need administrative permission' result window. This window pops up after entering the activation code. I've tried all the limited tricks I know of. I enable the hidden admin account and logged in and tried it that way. I used the right click on activate.exe and 'run as admin' method. Same for 'Take Ownership'. I also changed the UAC to it's lowest settings (basically off). None of these methods has worked so far.
I think I'm missing something simple but I just don't know what it could be. Haven't had this particular problem before. If someone has a suggestion that I haven't tried or doing something different that I have tried, that would be sweet! Thanks!


A:Admin/permission help for software install plz

Right click on the program shortcut and select troubleshoot compatibility - then select the second choice - then check the 3rd option (The program requires additional permission) - Then Start The Program...

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My C drive was filling up a while back so I made a makeshift folder on D:\Computer and save all my new programs, drivers, manuals, skins here etc.

I have 4 admin accounts set up and I can install programs here but to make a new folder or copying files I'm prompted I don't have permission. The original account set as the owner/creator has full access. So I changed the owner/creator to MyComp/Administrators which I assumed should give the same permissions to all 4 accounts. Now no accounts have permission to alter this folder.

I could change the user accounts to full access since it appears my admin accounts only have user access, but I don't really want to do that.

So why can I only grant full access to a single owner/creator account? I'm not at all experienced in this, so it is probably something really simple that I am doing wrong.

A:Admin accounts permission problem

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My girlfriend set up an admin account to block certain websites from me. I idiotically deleted that admin account. Now I am unable to do literally anything without permission from a nonexistent account. Every time I try to run ANYTHING, it grays out the "yes" option and tells me I need to enter the administrator password. I can't even run the command prompt as an admin. When I try to do the "net user administrator /active:no" command, it gives me a system 5 error. I can't restore to a time before she ever made the admin account because it needs permission. I can't reinstall Windows because to run the tool to make a bootable USB, I need permission. And there is NO ACCOUNT to get permission from anymore. I have no idea what to do. Someone please, please help me.

Thank you.

A:Deleted admin account and now have no permission to do anything!!!!!

Hello petitejete,

You will find many threads where this problem has occurred. The only way you can resolve this is to activate the hidden Administrator account and use it to create a new admin account on your system. This will then give you back the ability you had before. The only way you can do this is to run Option 4 in the following tutorial. You will need to use the Microsoft Tech Bench rather than the Media Creation Tool to download a Windows ISO that matches your current W10 version.

Administrator account - Enable or Disable in Windows 10

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Hello everyone. Your help please,

I have gotten the same requests in the past, but somehow, I ignore them, click away and get through somehow. This time is different!... does not allow me.

All I want to do is move my MalwareBytes Icon from the Desktop to my Utilities Folder and it just does not let me, weird!

Checked my account in Control Panel / user accounts, and I my name is listed as the Administrator. By the way, I am the only user and the only account in my Laptop. Not even a guess account. Furthermore, when I log in, again with my name and Email address below the name (see PIC) is offered, I enter my password and I am in. As the Administrator I thought, and that is why anything to be done as an "Administrator" does not make sense to me. My Name is the Administrator by definition or not?

I understand when you have to "Run it as an Administrator," but even then it does not make sense to me for the same reason mentioned. But this is not about running anything... just moving and Icon into a Folder.

What is the mystery here?



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I am the admin of my PC and I cant save images to this location.


What do i need to do to let me save here?

A:Cant Save Request Admin Permission

Unless you are using the hidden administrator account, you are really a pseudo-administrator.

Why are you trying to save pictures to that location?

I try to avoid saving anything on my OS partition.
I would definitely try to avoid saving items to the location in your picture.

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Hi, I do not know where this should go but I need answers quite urgently because I think some vrius/wares had been 'playing around' with my machine ...
It started when I tried to install a program and was prompted that I don't have permission/access and I realised that admininstrator and user(my account) doesn't have the ticks under "Allow" for ALL (writes,reads, full control ... blah)
I did managed to change it back, giving myself rights but soon it got changed back again ... :/
I currently do not have anti-virus programs (since my AVG expired) and I wish to ask for reccomendation (best if its free but I don't mind paying if its worth it) ...
Thanks, your help would be greatly appreciated!

A:I think something is changing my admin rights/permission ...

Welcome aboard    Uninstall AVG using AVG Remover: http://www.avg.com/us-en/utilitiesInstall ONE of these:- Avast! free antivirus: http://www.avast.com/eng/download-avast-home.html- free Microsoft Security Essentials: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-GB/windows/products/security-essentialsNote for Windows 8 users: Microsoft Security Essentials comes preinstalled and renamed as Windows Defender.You can keep it or you have to disable it before installing another AV program.  How to...- free Comodo Antivirus: http://www.comodo.com/home/internet-security/antivirus.phpUpdate, run full scan, report on any findings. Then...  Download Security Check from here or here and save it to your Desktop. Double-click SecurityCheck.exe Follow the onscreen instructions inside of the black box. A Notepad document should open automatically called checkup.txt; please post the contents of that document.NOTE 1. If one of your security applications (e.g., third-party firewall) requests permission to allow DIG.EXE access the Internet, allow it to do so.NOTE 2. SecurityCheck may produce some false warning(s), so leave the results reading to me.NOTE 3. If you receive UNSUPPORTED OPERATING SYSTEM! ABORTED! message restart computer and Security Check should run Please download Farbar Service Scanner (FSS) and run it on the computer with the issue.Make sure the following options are checked:
Internet ServicesWindows FirewallSystem RestoreSecurity Center/Action CenterWindows UpdateWi... Read more

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My dad bought a canon camcorder 3 years ago but never installed the video editing software (ImageMixer 3 SE) because he has a reeeeally old mac and it would've exploded from the sheer size of the video files... He's been editing the video on the dvd player.

Now that I have my own computer, a windows, he wanted me to install the software on my computer. So I tried, went through the entire setup, and got this message just as it had started installing:

I called tech support and the guy said that it wasn't a problem with the software, it was a user permissions problem, even though I have only one account (mine) and it's the admin account. So I tried running the installer again, but this time I made sure to hit "run as administrator". Same error message.

Was the guy BSing me, or is it just some weird problem with my computer/ installation disc?

A:Apparently an admin permission problem...

try enabling the hidden admin account


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Hi all, i'm having problems running the the powercfg utility. I open a CMD as Admin and run the following line: powercfg -devicedisablewake "HID-Compliant mouse" the result was: You do not have permission to enable or disable device wake. What is the reason
of that?, maybe a group policy with a bad configuration? what can I do to execute that command?

A:powercfg, permission problems even for an admin

Did you enable USB wake in power management of BIOS configuration?
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