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School boy Error - Accidental Format

Q: School boy Error - Accidental Format


I have a windows XP pro machine on which I accidentally did a "quick format" on the D drive instead of the A drive (I know' I know, go straight to bottom of class) The drive is just a second partition with data on it, thankfully nothing critical, but I'd like to get it back anyway, there doesn't appear to be an unformat command in XP which is extremely annoying as I _know_ all my data is still on the drive, does anyone know a way to do this ? It's not worth spending money on but would save a lot of downloading and hunting about on CDs.

Many Thanks,


Preferred Solution: School boy Error - Accidental Format

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: School boy Error - Accidental Format


http://www.binarybiz.com/vlab/ms2-windows.php?KBID=1002&kw=undelete winxp


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Hi all,
My sister had a virus on her computer and asked me to help, i wanted to boot the pc in safemode to get rid of the virus when i noticed "HP system recovery", I thought this was the option in windows to fully recover your pc to a backup made earlier in time, but apparently this option formats the hd and reinstalls windows :/
Is there an easy way i can recover the pc entirely?
The computer is a HP pavilion computer with windows xp

A:Accidental format, help !

If you used the destructive recovery option then I do not think you will have any luck recovering any files, give it a go if you wish

The HP Recovery procedure gives you two options
A Destructive and Non-Destructive recovery.
The Non-destructive option will leave your personal documents intact

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Long story short, I was going to format my usb but I must have accidentally clicked on my C drive instead. Anyways, during the format of my only drive, a Samsung SSD, my computer crashed and I restarted it. I want originally worried because I thought I was formatting a 2gb usb flash drive. Afterward, my computer no longer detects my SSD in my bios. It's my SSD fried, or can I still save it?

A:accidental format of C drive

Hello and welcome iced dragoon I doubt if the drive is fried mate probably a bit confused I should say and I do hope you have data backed up.

So can you slip it into another machine and see if it is "seen" there?? If so then you can reformat and align it before doing a reinstall.
with this http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/113967-ssd-alignment.html

Once you have done that and the drive is ready then you can use this if you have no media
Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7

one advantage of this is you lose all the bloatware

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So I accidentely fast formated a drive in my disk managment (I actually formated the wrong one)

But when it formated it had checked that it makes a backup in case of recovery of data... but I have no idea where the backup is and how to restore it?

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hello back again this tine I accidentally formated my external drive and I want to know if ther is a recover program that will recover my drive back to same way it was before formatt thr ones i tried did not do that files are scattered and raw so is there one that will recover back to how it was before format thank you for answer

A:accidental external drive format

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So, big screw up. Couple weeks ago, I try rebooting my computer, and when it boots, it gives me an error message that one of the boot files is screwed up. And in the process of trying to fix things, I use a tool that doesn't, in fact, recover the drive to a previous state, but formats and reimages the hard drive (it's an HP laptop, so it had a separate partition to allow you to reinstall windows without benefit of an actual Windows CD)

So, mea culpa, I didn't understand what the utility was going to do. The laptop, of course, is working fine again, except that I wiped out all my files. Obviously, there's no way I'm going to be able to recover things like programs and stuff, but I did want to recover at least things like certain text files and images. I downloaded a program called EASEUS Data Recovery, which said it could restore files after format...and after running it, it did, in fact, find files that had file names that I recognized.

However, when trying to recover these files, what I find instead is that most of the file names were in there more than once...and I realized that what it was actually finding was not whole files, but file fragments (which would obviously not open by themselves). I looked on the program website, but it didn't seem to acknowledge this as being a potential issue, or how to remerge the fragments into a working file.

Does anyone have any reccomendations re programs and/or techniques for recovering these old files? Thanks in advance.

A:Recovering files after accidental format.

Sounds as though you have tried to recover the files & only got fragments of them?

Do all the parts add up to the full file or not? If not, I would suggest you are "Stuffed". Sorry

Do you have a copy on a memory stick, back up CD or HDD etc?

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hello everyone, I accidentally formatted my HP omen for recycling instead of a normal format. The computer gives the option to press ESC and bring up the start up menus with system recovery but when I press f11 for the recovery it doesn't do anything. It just recycles between the escape key option and the hp logo. Should I purchase a new Windows 10, put iton a usb and boot my HP from that in order to make it work again?

A:Accidental recycle format HP Omen

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My 6 year old laptop running Windows 7 is out of warranty, so here i am seeking help as i am not very computer literate. All i need to know is how many partitioned drives came with my HP laptop. My niece was playing on my laptop without my knowledge and had accidentally formatted Drive-G... i know this much, that Drive-C is my main drive, and Drive-D is the recovery drive to restore my laptop... But what is Drive-G which is only about 101 MB in size? ... does it contain any crucial operating files or data that i need to restore back on to the G-drive, or can i ignore the lost data on Drive-G? I have never added any partitions to my laptop as that is beyond my ability. I tried using a free Data Recover software, and it identified about a couple of hundred files with 6 different types of file extension such as: f0020856.regf0021056_bootvhd.dkkf0021248_mediag.exe.muif0081920_bootresf0051186.dbff0081546.ttf Is this a virtual drive, a casche drive, or....? Can i ignore what was lost, or do i need to be concerned to pay for the Data Recovery software to restore those lost files? Thank you guys in advance for your help. 

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The photo was taken in 1946. A friend stiil had an original and her grandson has sent it to me in .psd format. I need to get the photo printed by a company who can use .psd files and create a photo about 54 inches by 24
Inches. The type of whole school photo which used to be common! And i would frame it too! I do not know if there are any companies i could visit in London and they cuold transfer the photo from my iPad and do what i have described. You can guess my age as the photo was my Grammar School in Liverpool!

I would wrlcome any advice!

A:School Photo in .psd format

If it will upload here .. I'd like to see the psd

Get a Login Here .. and upload the psd ... They can handle large psd files.
And if needed, edit the psd for a bigger print.
But ... You can't enlarge a photo and increase the resolution accordingly.

Basically the rule is ..
A picture 10x bigger will look the same when viewed 10x father away.

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I am trying to install Windows 7 on my laptop because it was nearly crashed so I decided to reinstall it. When I press "Install now" and finish editing my HDD settings so Windows is going to install it finish the "Copying Windows files" step and it just stucks at 0% at "Expanding Windows files"

I have tried with Windows XP aswell and it does not work. I have taken out the HDD and deleted everything on it from my other computer but it seems to still not work so I guess it is the BIOS settings.

I have full access to the BIOS but I have no idea what to do...

Any ideas?


Computer model is HP Compaq 6730b

A:[SOLVED] Trying to format School laptop

Problem has been solved.

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I'm trying to help my sister fix a problem with her PC, and am stuck in a problem.

The PC was her earlier school-laptop, but after finishing school, she bought it legally from the school. It still has the school setup, and it's not possible to boot from the XP-CD. Even though the install-cd is inserted in the drive, the PC boots to the ordinary partition. Entering "Boot Device Options" only lets me choose between "Notebook Hard Drive" and "Notebook Ethernet". Clicking "BIOS Setup", this message appears:

"User ID: BIOS Administrator
Enter password:"

Neither I nor my sister knows the admin password. The tech-desk at her school is closed, so we can't get help from there. This is really frustrating, it's her computer and she have legally bought it from the school, so this shouldn't been a problem! I've also tried to enter the admin account without password, but of course it's password protected... Is there any way for me to format and reinstall the OS without the need for the admin password (legally, without hacking)?

A:Hard format earlier school laptop

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Other than TestDisk, what are some other free software downloads that
a person might try to recover data from a formatted drive? The drive was
formatted by accident.

This addresses an issue form one of my previous post but I have not
had any luck with TestDisk.

Thank you,

A:Free Drive Recovery programs for accidental drive format.

Please don't post duplicate threads. If your thread is in an inappropriate forum, please report it and a moderator will move it.

Continue the problem resolution here: http://forums.techguy.org/business-applications/871411-possable-recover-formatted-drive.html

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I'm running RC 7100 as a Media Centre, freshly updated from Windows Update. I'm using a Hauppauge HVR2200 DVB-T tuner card to receive digital broadcasts, together with a SKY settop box. I'm testing the WTV Converter (righ-click from Windows Explorer) and I'm getting the error above on 1 of the test files, and would like to understand whether this is an error in the conversion program, or because I'm trying to put content into the dvr-ms format that simply won't fit because of the format of the digital recording.

This works:
From the SKY settop box UHF cable I have recorded a 30 minute program giving 1,707,264KB (average 948.5KB/sec), WTV Converter works fine.

This fails within 5 seconds of starting:
From the DVB-T tuner I have recorded a 75 minute program giving 7,257,068KB (average 1612.7KB/sec), WTV Converter fails with the error "WTV Converter cannot convert the file from .wtv to .dvr-ms format because the content is not compatible with the .dvr-ms format".

In the properties of each file, the only difference I could see was that the DVB-T recording said 'DTV Content=Yes' whilst from the SKY setop box it said 'DVT
Content=No'. The properties dialog allowed me to change the flag from Yes to No, but the WTV Converter still fails with the same error.

I don't believe the file is corrupt, since it plays successfully in the Windows Media Centre.

Note that the error message does not state that the failure is due to copy-protection. I was able to google ... Read more

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ok uys, this ones a doozy, i've googled it, no luck. SOS (switch on schoolhouse) is an app from Alpha Omega Academy. yeah, i'm trying to use it, but i can't get it to install on this computer. It says i have all the necessary software, but this is the message i get:

"Fatal error during installation.
Error code: 0x00000643"

I've tried up and down the ying-yang, and i haven't a clue left as what to do, any help, would REALLY be APPRECIATED...untill then i'll just keep trying, thanks people.

A:School apps: fatal installation error 643

Disconnect the PC from the net, close down all unneeded programs (antivirus, firewall, any anti-whatever, databases etc., then try again.

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Hi.. Im at school and need help with somthing
most of the computers are running an application (fruityloops) and sometimes the computers are recieving and application error message ( 0X01376044 )
and several others but it would be useful if somone could tell me what relates to this problem, thanks :)


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A friend of mine is enrolled in an online class at American Military University. In this class, they have to make forum posts and replies. Well, whenever my friend tries to make the post, he gets this message: "Alert! Unable to complete your request because it appears you are using multiple tabs. Please close all your browser windows and try again. If you are not using multiple tabs, please contact your system administrator." He is using browsers with only a single tab open when he tries to make the post. He has encountered this error on 2 different computers and on an iPad when trying to make the posts. My first thought was a cookie issue but that wouldn't be right if he's getting the issue on three different devices. Their suggestion is to clear the cache and delete all the cookies and restart the browsing session.

Any other ideas?

A:Error Posting in a school forum for class

Have you tried running in incognito (Chrome) or private (Safari) mode? Other than that try using different browsers and see if it works. The only other thing I can think of is to clear the cache.

Hope it works

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Hello, I recently got a new SSD, installed win7 on it and all is good, decided to use the old drive for storage and formatted it, then filled it with data. I have since realised I didnt backup a few excel files which I could do with getting back. I have tried using Power Data Recovery, I have had sucess with this in the past when deleting/formatting but not when over writing.

Can anyone recomend any programs which may help? I have only written new data once, havent added and deleted multiple times.

Thanks in advance.

A:File recovery help needed, Have made a school boy error.

Hi DxxS

i used this here to recover my files
Data Recovery Software to Undelete Files; Disk recovery; Recover Deleted Files

Good Luck

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Ive had this problem for about a year, on two of my computers (both running IE 7, both XP) I cannot access my school webfolder (Its one of those webfolders where you have to download a certificate). When I try to click on the webfolder in "My Network Places" I get an error saying "The current operation cannot be completed because an unexpected error has occurred. For details see C:/DOCUME~/LOCALS~1/Temp/wecerr.txt", however I've done numerous searches and looked all over my computer and I can't even find this "wecerr.txt" file.

I know that the problem is not with the schools system because the webfolder works on my 3rd computer (which is also 1E 7, XP and a laptop), I can access it perfectly.

Ive searched Google and tech forums but I can't find anyone with the same problem as me. I've tried reinstalling the WMI which did solve some issues with playing online games, but the webfolder problem still exists. The school server works fine (I can log in to my school account through IE), but when I click on "Home Directory" it just takes me to "My Computer" on my own computer, rather than my school folder (like it should).

Other info: All my 3 computers have the same internet connection and are linked together wirelessly, this problem happened with both IE 6 & 7, I've tried asking my school but noone else has the same problem and they are pretty useless at tech support.

Any help would be much appreci... Read more

A:Cannot access school "RM EasyLink" webfolder through my computer ( wecerr.txt error )

I would talk to the school system admin....

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Hi everyone,

I recently accidentally formatted a hard drive. So, I quickly install a file recovery software (EaseUS Data Recovery). Then the result shows that most of SWF files are big in size. I think that lots of my files have been converted or combine with other files. So, how do I recover my files?

A:File format changed into other format after format a hard drive

This may not be the best answer, but I would recover the files first. That is you biggest concern right now. Then try to see what you need to do to fix them.

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I accidentally refreshed my computer. I lost my Microsoft Office Software. I had my office downloaded by someone else. How can I undo the refresh or get Microsoft Word on my computer

A:Accidental PC Refresh

If you kept a record of your Microsoft Office Product key you can download the same version again and install. If you didn't bother to keep a record of the Product Key you'll need to purchase Office again.

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what key am i mistakenly hitting that's changing the zoom on my HP Pavilion laptop?

View Solution.

A:accidental zoom in/out

Hi, Please try Hold down the Ctrl key and hit + or - plus or minus sign) Regards.

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I just got a new computer, specs:
Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200 2.33GHz CPU
Operating System: Windows Vista
Memory: 8GB of DDR2 800 MHz SDRAM
Storage: 640GB 7,200RPM
Video: NVIDIA GeForce GT120 1GB Video Card

I stupidly may have configured the hdd to RAID in the BIOS settings and now I cannot boot. When it tries to boot from the hdd it says "Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key"

If what I did formatted the hard drive its not that big of a deal since its a new computer with no important data on it. I figure I'm going to need to reinstall the operating system but I was wondering if there was anyway I could disable RAID and be able to boot from that drive again since it didn't seem like it actually deleted the data since it happened so fast. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


A:Accidental RAID

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So I wasn't paying attention and accidentally bought a 64-bit copy of Win Vista Home Premium, instead of the usual 32-bit. Does my hardware need to be 64-bit compatible to use it, or just 64-bit compatible to take advantage of the technology?

Its either use it or it sits on my shelf until someone wants a 64-bit system. Which is probably going to take a long time.

A:Accidental 64-bit windows =/


You hardware needs to have the driver support for windows vista 64 otherwise it wont work.

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I've accidentaly deleted from the "Windows Components Wizard" the following:
"Accessories and Utilities", "Internet Explorer" and "Windows Media Player".
I've got the IE to work out, but I can't get the "Accessories and Utilities" and the "Windows Media Player" to get back to work.

Is there any way I can get these 2 back without having to reinstall my entire Windows XP?

Please help! :-(

"Cuz you can't beat the best..."

A:Accidental delete

if you have the xp disk you could stick it in and choose install optional programs (or somethin like that) then find the programs that you need to reinstall.

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Hi, so i have a slight problem. A pop-up came up on my laptop on Google Chrome and when i tried to ignore it and carry on with what i was doing, it would send me to this webste saying 'Add extension to exit this page'. So i tried to get out of the page, but i ended up turning my computer off as i didn't want to add this extension. When it turned back on, I carried on with what I was doing in the first place and it came up again. This process happened again and again. I was getting realy fed up, and in frustraton, I added the extension. Immediately, I knew i had done something terrible. Ever since i have added that extension, random adverts will not go away, my google chrome is a lot more different and various other change have been put into place. Does anyone know how to get rid of these extensions? (or should i be asking google chrome) Thank you.

A:Accidental issues

Try resetting google chrome to its defaults: https://www.howtogeek.com/171924/how-to-reset-your-web-browser-to-its-default-settings/  This removes added plugins and such.  Also download install and run ADWCleaner: https://toolslib.net/downloads/viewdownload/1-adwcleaner/ It is a very effective malware scrubber. There is even a "portable" version you can run without installing anything.  If this is "the Answer" please click "Accept as Solution" to help others find it. 

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Hello! I did something stupid today: I accidentally denied myself the right to access my backup drive! YAY! Now how do you undo that without formatting the drive? I did this in Windows 7 by right-clicking the drive and clicking security.

A:Accidental Securty

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Hi,Today after I installed a new windows 7 on my z50 laptop I downloaded the drivers and started to install them one by one.but I think I accidentally flashed my laptop somehow when I ran a file which rebooted the laptop into a page with the title "phoenix flash" or something and there was some coding wich I didn't understand anyway. after the process ended the laptop got stuck into a booting phase and it does not start the windows. I put the windows disk in order to install it again but the access was denied as the resualt of security boot. Then I disabled the securiy boot and again nothing happens.I really don't know what happend and what to do now.I would appreciate your help guys.thanks,arash

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For anyone who has a passing interest in graphics cards...
This thread regarding someone who thought they bought the new release Galaxy GTX 470 GC...but seems to have been sent the unreleased GTX 465 GPU attached to the GTX 470 PCB via some error at Galaxy.

A:Accidental GTX 465 release?

Ha, that's awesome DBZ. Thanks for sharing, time to read through everything .

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I accidently uninstalled the drive that allows me to see start up menu
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU B960 @ 2.20GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 2980 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics Family, 1298 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 285143 MB, Free - 229819 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 01HXXJ
Antivirus: PC Cleaner Pro, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Disabled

A:accidental uninstall

Did you try System Restore to and earlier date. Click - Start - In the Search area type - System Restore =
It will be on the list. Open it. Next - At the left corner put a check mark in the box - to show more restore points
if needed.

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Hi,Today after I installed a new windows 7 on my z50 laptop I downloaded the drivers and started to install them one by one.but I think I accidentally flashed my laptop somehow when I ran a file which rebooted the laptop into a page with the title "phoenix flash" or something and there was some coding wich I didn't understand anyway. after the process ended the laptop got stuck into a booting phase and it does not start the windows. I put the windows disk in order to install it again but the access was denied as the resualt of security boot. Then I disabled the securiy boot and again nothing happens.I really don't know what happend and what to do now.I would appreciate your help guys.thanks,arash

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While trying to uninstall some Windows components I rarely use, I did just the opposite and ended up uninstalling IE, the Calculator, etc.

Used my XP CD to get back IE but no luck with the others. My Calculator has vanished and when I try to get the Volume icon back in the system tray, Im told the same has been disabled and that I need SP2 to bring it back.

Now, I was of the opinion that SP2 already is on my comp. What do I do?

Many thankks for your time.

A:Accidental Removal

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I believe I accidentally deleted the program files folder in windows vista. How can I restore the folder and programs. It is no longer in the recycle bin.

A:accidental deletion

you can try recuva

Recuva - Undelete, Unerase, File and Disk Recovery - Free Download

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Hey i accidentally dis-installed my Belkin router thing from my comp. How do i re-download the Belkin thing to it cause i get no internet on my comp now and i need it for work. P.S. i am not using my comp ATM for any1 who was gonna make a smart comment on this.

A:Accidental Uninstall

If you lost the original CD supplied with the router you can download from here:
Belkin : Support : Routers

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Hi...I have a yahoo email account and I accidentally sent my emails to the trash can and emptied it...I am gutted as they were special...anyone help??? please?? thanks xx

A:accidental deletion

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Hello my name is Tanisha Bass and I was cleaning my keyboard and screen with my paper towel and cleanser and now my keyboard does not work and I just don't know what to do can you please help me

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i had one license for 7 and one for xp
i installed 7 on the wrong machine
then i installed 7 on the right one...but it wont activate
how can i deactivate a win7 license to use on the right machine?

thanks ahead

A:accidental install...

If it's a retail version you call Microsoft.

If it's an OEM version you're out of luck, but you can try pleading your case with Microsoft.

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Hello TechGuys,
Happy New Year. I have accidently 'permanently' deleted my complete video library from a portable hard drive. I haven't used the drive since. Is there any way that I can restore these files? Your advice will be much appreciated.

A:Accidental Deletion

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While trying to delete some spyware off my computer I accidently deleted something and now the interenet doesn't work. There is a connection but somehow none of the internet applications work. I was using adaware and the add on LSP explorer. I deleted the Name space providers specifically the TCPIP and UDPIP.

A:Accidental Deletion

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I know that I shouldn't, but I do, accidentally log out of (or log off from) Firefox by clicking on the top right cross, usually intending to click on minimise.
Is there any way of setting up a warning question for myself saying e.g. 'Are you sure you want to log out'? Or 'Slow down and think what you are doing, for Gawd's sake'

A:Accidental logging out

No there isn't.

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Hello TSF.

Whilst fixing my computer using the tools of Hiren's boot CD, (Which have infact worked) I ran a program I was unaware of called Ghost Walker which changed my SID. At that time, I had no idea what an SID was. It seemed to abort mid 'change'.

Anyway, I logged on as normal, only to find my documents were 'gone'. Documents folder 'Liam' has just and empty folder of My Pictures and My Music. Futhermore, A new folder called Liam.LIAM was in 'Documents and Settings'. It is inaccessible.

I really need these files, I have yet to explore what else is missing from my computer. I have Coursework from hundreds of hours work ect on there. Not backed up.


A:Accidental SID Change


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i had a lot of bugs playing games and other stuff, so i decided to reinstall windows, i have 2 partitions on my hard drive, so i acccidentaly reinstalled it on the D: partition, so i now have 2 WINDOWS XP ON MY DRIVE, how can i uninstall the second system and reinstall a fresh new one on the C: drive?? thanks in advance

A:accidental xp SP2 installation

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Have a Packard Bell Platinum 1560 ..upgraded to win98 & put in memory card i THOUGHT would upgrade but when restarted it said i had downgraded and asked me to "boot" which i did and was able to shutdown properly. Reinserted the "original" chip and now i have nothing...doesn't seem to recognize the mouse, keyboard and the monitor is total black. tried win98 boot disk, pb recovery disk.. still nothing. everything was working fine after the 98 upgrade until i did that... if you can PLEASE help me asap. thanks SO much!

A:Accidental memory downgrade

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I am on the Rogers Heavy Flex Mobile Internet plan, and it has worked great. Until I we went 15 GB over the limit, we cut down our usage, but then I was playing Xbox and a friend told me I could download a game without wifi. I foolishly believed him, and turned the Xbox on offline mode but the download wouldn't begin, so I put the Xbox back on online mode and forgot to pause the 68 GB game download... Two days later I found out and discovered the overage charge would be close to 400$ + the 145$ cost of the plan. It's going to be very hard to afford, so I was wondering if there was a way I could cut the overage price down... Maybe they'll realize it was an accident if I call them?

A:Accidental Data Over Usage

Calling them to explain the situation and see if you can work out some sort of agreement is the only thing that we can suggest.

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okay so basically i deleted some stuff on my computer and uninstalled some stuff and then wished i hadnt. and i delted it all from my recycling bin. i just want to go back from before tonight when i deleted the stuff. so i did system restore and it did nothing that i noticed or that i needed it to do. is there anyway to go back and get the stuff back that i deleted and stuff? please help! thank youuu

A:Help asap- accidental deletion

Hello jessica_lyn,

Please download the following program: Recuva

Once downloaded and installed, you should be presented with a wizard.

Select next. It will then ask you to select the file types you wish to recover. Once selected, click next.

It will then ask you "Where were the files?" If the files were deleted from the recycle bin like you stated, select: "In The Recycle Bin." If you're not sure where the files were, select: "I'm not sure".

Click next. You will then be given the choice to "Enable Deep Scan."
As stated in Recuva:"Check this box if previous scans have failed to find your files. Note that this may take over an hour on a large drive."

Select start. Recuva will then begin scanning your computer for the deleted files, please be patient while it does.

Once it's finished you will be provided with the results.

Under "file name" put a check next to the files you wish to recover, and select "recover."

Note the circles below the files:

Red: Unrecoverable
Yellow: Very Poor State
Green: Excellent State

Note: If the files you wanted are not provided within the results even after you have done a deep scan. It is possible that they have been overwritten and are no longer recoverable.

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Hello all,
This isn't exactly as much of a problem as it is just a question. I have a small server that I store my important documents on so that I don't take up room on my computer. I work pretty fast on computers and sometimes, accidentally do things I didn't mean to do, like delete something.
My question: is there a way that I can mark these files so that if I would happen to accidentally click to delete one of them, that the computer won't let me or something that stops me from deleting them. Whether it's that I restrict deletion of these files or I get a pop up saying "hey, this file has been marked for prevention of accidental deletion, do you really want to delete this?" I know you get a message before you delete saying "do you really want to delete 'this file'?" But I just want something that will either completely block me from deleting them (which is most preferred) or somehow prevents me from deleting them.
Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

A:Block Accidental Deletion

If you accidentally delete files they go to the Recylce Bin so you can always recover them from there.You can also set permissions for any or all users (or Groups) to protect deletion of files. Set "Everyone" as "Deny" for "delete".File and Folder PermissionsDescription of File System Folder and File PermissionsHow to Change File Permissions on Windows 7And there are third party utilities.How to prevent deletion of files with Folder ProtectFree System Protect Stop Accidental File DeletionsOf course the best practice for safeguarding your data is backup, backup, backup.

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