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Solved: HELP: Spanned volume unformatted??

Q: Solved: HELP: Spanned volume unformatted??

I have a system with a spanned volume of five 2TB disks. Actually, the "disks" are all iSCSI targets (since Windows XP won't see targets >2047GB on my QNAP array)... but in any case, Windows shows all the disks as being present and the spanned volume as being "Healthy"... it just doesn't appear to be formatted any longer. The array itself (RAID5 with a hot spare) shows as healthy, and the SMART on all the physical drives shows fine as well. So all the components look to be good, I've just lost the NTFS structure.

Any suggestions on how to recover??

Preferred Solution: Solved: HELP: Spanned volume unformatted??

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Solved: HELP: Spanned volume unformatted??

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So here's the situation: I have two 320GB disks that were setup as a spanned volume under XP Pro, hanging off a third-party PCI SATA controller. That controller has died. I know in theory, I should be able to replace it in the machine and the volume will still be there. However, this system MAY be totally dead... and putting it all back together will be a pain either way.

Is it possible to recover the volume by plugging both drives into a new machine using USB-SATA docks or external cases?? And if so, HOW?

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Hi all,

First I'd like to say that I'm an idiot, I just deleted my spanned volume . I'm about to run the MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition v8.1.1 (free version), and just wanted to run this by you guys so I don't mess it up even more. Here's the setup I had that I am trying to recover.

Disk 0 - 1T Spanned volume (F:)
Disk 1 - 64G NTFS System, Boot drive (C:)
Disk 2 - 1T Spanned volume (F:)
Disk 3 - 1T Spanned volume (F:)
Disk 4 - 1T Spanned volume (F:)
... a few others that don't matter
Disk 9 - 2.5 T iSCSI Spanned volume (F:)
So, I was trying to pull the iSCSI Disk 9 off the other spanned volumes on F:. I did a Delete Volume, and they all disappeared. Was I supposed to use Shrink Volume? Anyway, there were a lot of threads about recovering partitions, but none of them I saw had spanned volumes. Is recovering a spanned volume the same as recovering a single partition, multiple times? Or is there something I'm missing?

I am in the MiniTool Partition Wizard, and I see all of the disks that I want to recover. However, it doesn't allow me to select multiple disks. So the only option that I have with this tool is to go through the recovery process on each disk individually. Is this the right method? If so, how do I get the full spanned volume back after each disk is recovered?

Thanks in advance!

A:Spanned Volume Recovery

Just a quick update. I've been scanning the disks for partition data using the MiniTool, and it's come back with some strange results. Disk 0 shows an abnormally large partition. And after a long while of scanning, I haven't found any partitions on the other disks yet.

Even though the first disk is 931.51GB, after finding the partition, the MiniTool is displaying it as a capacity of 6167.3GB (the sum of the entire spanned volume). Does this mean disk 0 holds the partition data for all 5 disks, and recovery of this will undelete the partition on all disks?

Thanks again!

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I have a spanned volume setup with 4 drives. One of the drives is starting to throw read errors which is preventing WHS from backing it up (Yikes!).

Is it possible to clone the drive with the errors and to reinsert a new drive into the array?

Can the new drive be bigger?


A:Can I clone a drive from a spanned volume?

You may end up cloning the errors as well. An imaging program capable of handling all four drives at once like the Acronis True Image server edition would be able to handle Dynamic volumes if that's what you are working with there.

The best time for any imaging however is while everything is working 100% to make your backup of the entire setup just in case something like this comes up. The imaging program used would back up each block to be restored on the new identical replacement drive in order to work.

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Hey all,

I had a question regarding a spanned volume versus RAID 0.

I understand that RAID 0 uses stripping, and for that reason, if one HDD dies you lose the data of the entire array. However, what I don't understand is why people suggest the same fate if you lose a single drive in a spanned volume setup. Even the Wikipedia page for spanned volumes states that "if any disk fails, the data on the whole volume could be lost." The entire volume? That doesn't sound right to me...

My understanding of a spanned volume is that most files would only be on one drive or the other, and very rarely split. So, if one drive fails, the data loss would be very limited. I always assumed that with a spanned volume, data would just be written to where ever there's free space, so splitting files between multiple drives would only happen when free space is low. Are my assumptions wrong? Do files frequently get split between multiple drives? Or is that just some over exaggerated caution?

A:Spanned volume versus RAID 0 ?

That's due directly to the type of RAID setup you have...so for basic RAID setup (2 HDD's) that copies data on to both HDDs, you should use RAID 1. This method will allow you to remove any failed drives and replace with new drive and data will be transferred automatically with no data loss.

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A friend of mine, not me, accidently deleted a spanned volume, One of the disks is an IBM Deskstar 80GB and the other is a Maxtor 200GB with 8M Buffer. The Spanned volume was a total of 190 GB (using unallocated space from both). The volume was deleted using the MMC utility from windows. I was wondering if there is any software out there that would me, not me, my friend, recover the data that was in it.

A:Recover Deleted Spanned Volume

I would think that this is the app your looking for, but its not free. Most app's that are worth there salt aren’t.

File Scavenger

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I had three 2TB drive spanned together into a single volume for all my media files. I had the hose on my liquid cooler break and dump all the coolant on one of the drives. It, obviously, is toast.

Now, I would like to get the data of the remaining two.

I have run two different recovery software suites (Easeus and File Scavenger) on them and only find about 1TB of data.

Is there any other way or did I really lose 4 TB of data?



A:Recovering data from a spanned volume

Wow, This was posted a long time ago. I think you may have already solved your problem, but Spanned volumes take the first disk, fill it and moves on to the next disk. For example:
If the 2TB drive that got trashed was the first, well you're ****ed.
If it was second, and no more than the drives capacity was full, you're ok.
If it was 3rd and untouched, you are good to go.
Word of advice: DO NOT FORMAT

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I have Windows XP installed on a 500 gig drive. I also have a collection of drives that are setup as Spanned Dynamic Volumes through Windows XP.

I want to re-install XP and wonder if the Spanned Volume will survive the reinstall?


A:Windows Spanned Volume Survive a re-install?

I am thinking it would be very wise to disconnect those spanned drives during XP installation, updating, driver installation, then reconnect them, and follow these instructions.

Scroll down to "Moving Disks to a Different Computer"

But as always, I recommend backing up Irreplaceable data first.

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I just bought myself an HDD docking station, and following instructions on lifehacker, tried to create a spanned volume, so that I can use two spare Western Digital 500Gb HDDs as a single 1Tb HDD.

All seemed to go OK until the last point, when I got an error "The operation is not supported by the object"

The two drives are fine, and the dock seems to work fine. I can format the two drives individually, and they show up in File Explorer correctly, but I can't crate a spanned volume.

Anyone any ideas? Thanks

A:Create new spanned volume - Operation not supported by object

I would not bother. Spanned drives are PITA to backup, and if one fails life gets complicated.

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Hello all.

I have been researching this to no avail.

Here is the TL DR;

Old computer died which had two 400GB sata drives that houses a lot of family pictures and MP3s. The drives were dynamic and a 745 GB volume spanned across the drives. I now know these drives are also RAID-0, but I wanted to see if I could see any data on them and I had a USB sata dock. Learned the hard lesson that a dynamic disk wont be visible via USB no matter what (at the time I didnt know it was also a RAID-0) . I put the drive (which just happened to be the first drive) in my dock and somehow the drive got corrupted and became a basic disk. Pop up came asking if I wanted to format which of course I didn't. Odd thing is that the partition is intact (745GB) which causes the issue of not allowing me to convert it back to dynamic. It would seem if somehow I could just get it back to dynamic everything would work again or would be a heck of a lot easier to repair.

The issue is I cannot convert directly back to dynamic because it appears I don't have enough "free space" due to the partition reporting a 745GB volume which is correct.

I have tried multiple pieces of software mostly from Acronis, EASEUS, and Runtime (Disk Director, GetDataBack NTFS, Raid Recovery for Windows, and Data Recovery Wizard). Problem is these products don't fully solve the problem and I cannot reliably get the data off. The one product Runtime does have is raid reconstructor - but I am not ready to spend ... Read more

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I have Windows Server 2012 R2 and it is my file server and it auto syncs user's file every minute. I have 3 disks. The primary partition (Disk 0) and two others (Disk 1 & Disk 2). My question does not include the primary

I shrunk Disk 2 so that I had unallocated space. I then extended Disk 1 using the unallocated space from Disk 2 creating spanned volume on Disk 1 (extended volume on Disk 2). It did not do what I wanted so I want to 'undo' it. Can
I just delete the spanned volume on Disk 2 (space that added to Disk 1)? Or more accurately if I'm going to delete the spanned volume on Disk 2, will it affect my users' files?

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I have a Windows Server 2003 Enterprise x64 Edition server. On this machine, I had an approx 8 TB RAID50 volume that was approaching capacity. I decided to expand the volume by spanning this volume onto another 12TB RAID50 volume. I realize that this isn't the best idea for data reliability, but it makes management easier. This server also has off-site mirroring, so I figured it would be fine.

I have created spanned volumes many times before, but never on something this large. Unfortunately, the volume creation failed with error code C000000D. Now, the device manager shows the spanned volume, but it only has the capacity of the original volume. Is there any way to fix this without losing all of my data?

I would like to remove the spanned volume and start over, but I am concerned that I might not be able to do so without wiping both disks and reloading all the data.

Here is a screenshot of the LDM:
This is essentially the same problem that someone else posted here:

But, no solution was posted. I googled the error code and didn't come up with anything else.

Any ideas?


A:Solved: Spanned disk extension failed

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I have 2 IDE hard drives in my system: 80GB, 250GB.

The 80GB is for my C: drive, the 250GB is partitioned into two sections.

I reinstalled XP Pro today (SP2) and noticed the 250GB drive shows up as D:. When I click on it, Windows tells me the drive isn't formatted and asks if I want it to format. Seeing as how it holds tons of precious files, I obviously don't want it formatted.

Anyway, in the computer Management window, I can see both partitions. D: shows up as Healthy and Active, where was the other partition is "Unallocated". However, neither parition can be accessed through Windows.

I'm currently running OnTrack EasyRecovery, which sees all my files, but it will take forever to recover them, since I don't have enough room on C: and will thus have to burn them to DVD and delete them, about 60GB at a time.

Does anybody have a suggestion as to how I can get XP to recognize these partitions without going about it the long way, as I'm doing now?

A:Solved: Installed XP, now says D; drive unformatted

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I have first physical drive with 2 FAT32 (C:, E and 1 NTFS partition (M . I have second physical drive with 2 NTFS partitions (D: and F. I have Windows ME on drive C: and Windows XP on drive D:. The system boots fine with Windows ME and reads the C: and E: drive fine. I also tried booting from puppy linux CD and it sees C: and E: fine. I used Windows XP recovery console and it shows the correct partitions on all my drives. I also did FIXMBR and ran chkdsk and there were no errors. When I boot into Windows XP (it must be able to see the C: drive at first as boot info is on it) it sees drive C: and E: as unformatted. Disk Manager shows both those drives as Healthy but no file system on it. When I plug a USB drive with FAT32 system to it, the same thing it shows up as unformatted whereas when I plug it into my another Windows XP machine it sees that USB drive fine. If I plug a USB drive with NTFS system it sees that fine. I have run out of what to try next as earlier I though it to be a virus even though I have CA antivirus running all the time. Any ideas?

A:Solved: Windows XP sees all FAT32 as unformatted

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I have tried recording a macro to paste text as unformatted. However, I have never been able to get the macro to work. During the recording I copy text, start the recorder in Word, then use the mouse to select edit, paste special, unformatted. However, when I go to play the macro back, the formatting of the copied text remains. Can someone give me the proper VB syntax for this macro? Thank you in advance.

A:Solved: Need Word Macro To Paste Unformatted

Found my thrill and my answer.

Sub PasteSpecial()
' PasteSpecial Macro
Selection.PasteSpecial Link:=False, DataType:=wdPasteText
End Sub

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I have a 750Gb hhd with thousands of hours of tv shows on it. well i can't get vista to recognize it in explorer. Disk mngt will recognize it and I don't want to format it without pulling that data off first. How do i get the data off in order to format the drive???

A:Solved: getting data from an unformatted sata drive

Is the disk one that was originally installed with your current OS or onethat was pulled from another system? Is it an internal drive being used as in ainternal, iternal as external, external as internal, or whichever?
Does it have an OS on it, ot just data? If you can give a bit more info will help

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Ok, this is the same problem as another thread, just stated differently.

Installed new mobo (Asus M2NSLI-Deluxe), cpu, etc. Did a fresh install of Windows 2000 Pro, SP3. Have 4 SATA hard drives.

Two recognized normally: 36GB boot drive w/3 partitions, and 200GB Seagate with 1 partition.

Two are being seen as unformatted 128GB drives. One is a 200GB Seagate with, I think, 3 partitions, and one is a new 250GB WD drive, two partitions.

When I originally ran Windows 2000 Setup, it did see the original partitions. The original install was SP3, but SP4 is now installed and I'm working on the tons of updates.

How can I get the two unrecognized drives working?

Thanks for any help!


A:Solved: Partitioned 200GB SATA seen as unformatted 128GB

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Before I upgraded to Vista, there use to be a green bar at the bottom of the screen, so whenever you increased/decreased the volume, you would know.

This has disappeared.

Anyone know where a copy of this "OnScreen Display' Tool can be found?

A:Solved: Green Volume Bar on Screen Displaying Volume

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Deleted -- New storage spaces actually work Fine. !!!


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I created a dynamic disk on Windows 7 64 bit Professional ((6.1.7601) with all applicable updates verified 10 minutes ago) by connecting directly to a SATA connection on the motherboard.

I then tried moving the disk to my Startech drive dock (SATDOCK4U3E).  It is connected to my motherboard via USB3.0 connection.  The station has a e-sata connection by my motherboard does not.  Further looking at the newer motherboards, e-sata
seems to be rare now as there are no Z170 motherboards listed on TigerDirect or NewEgg.

If I buy an e-SATA card should I be able to use the dynamic disk on my drive dock?

I am wanting dynamic disks because I am moving all my DVD's and BluRay disks to hard disk.  I am setting up multiple shortcuts to the movies with the book marks being stored in folders for actors, actresses, and directors.  For instance, the African
Queen will have shortcuts stored under Humphrey Bogart, Catherine Hepburn, Robert Morley, and John Huston.  As my collection is quite large (over 8 large 500 slot folders of DVDs though some are not full like the only DVD folder), I am wanting to set
the drives as dynamic spanning.  The first DVD folder alone almost filled a 4TB drive.

If Windows 7 will not support this, will Windows Server 2012?  I am expecting before I finish to be using at least 16 disk drives and I would like to clone the drives to a backup set.  Also if Windows Server 2012 and I must move to it, does Wi... Read more

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Hello All:

I have 4 4tb WD My Book drives I would like to create a SPANNED drive. I am trying to convert them into DYNAMIC drives but get the error message:

"This operation is not supported by the object"

Does anyone know a work around for this or a way to create the SPANNED drive?


A:Spanned External Drives

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I don't know if anyone is doing anything like this, so this is kind of a shot in the dark...

On a client's site, I'm running a QNAP NAS array with eight 2TB drives, one as a hot spare, the rest in a RAID5 array, for a total of ~13TB available, all connected to a WinXP/SP3 DVR via iSCSI (using the latest Microsoft iSCSI initiator).

Now, the QNAPs have a little issue, where iSCSI targets under Windows XP are limited to 2TB (other arrays I've used manage to work around this). This means that I end up with seven 2TB volumes on the DVR (well, six @ 2TB, another at ~1TB). This makes setup a PITA, plus the DVR requires additional licenses for additional media drives rolleyes: don't get me started).

To get around this, I decided set the volumes as Dynamic and create a single spanned volume across them all. I figure, if one target goes offline (which would normally destroy a spanned volume), they'll all go offline, so it's all all-eggs-in-one-basket deal no matter which way I rig it.

Anyway, problem is, when the machine boots up, it takes the iSCSI initiator a minute or two to connect and the volumes to all come online and be available to the machine. And in this time, it appears Windows is looking for the pieces of the spanned volume, seeing it's not there, and just setting the volume as "Deactivated" and leaving it at that. I have to go into Disk Management, right-click one of the volume segments, and select "Reactivate"... Read more

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Hi Everyone
I'm hoping someone can help me with this. I'm trying to recover data from hard drives that were in another PC. The motherboard is dead and the the hard drives that were in the old PC were connected in a RAID configuration and set to span the drives. Here is the origional information, what whas done and what information I an looking for:

I got a PC and the MoBo is dead. I'm trying to recover the data from the drive but it looks like the person who built it enabled spanning on the drives. There were 2 drives connected to a Gigabyte GA 7N400 Pro2 Mobo. This Mobo has GigaRaid support. Both drives are 120 GB each and were connected as masters to the RAID controller. When I took the first one out and connected it to my portable drive, I could see the drive but could not access it. Error message is: Drive not accessible. This file or Directory is corrupted and unreadable.
In the management console it shows me 34GB used and 195GB free, on a 120GB drive. My assumption is that this system has been setup with spanning enabled. This system had Win XP home edition installed.
Im trying to recover the data. I tried ghosting the drive and still could not access the files.

It was suggested that I take both drives, and add them both into the new machine, and then 'import foreign disks'. You can't just add part of a spanned volume - you have to have it all.

I connected the 2 drives onto a standard IDE connection on another PC.I have set the jumpers ... Read more

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Hi there I currently have 2 spanned drives in my pc one is 3x1.5TB and the other is 3x2TB. Just wondering I want change my computer case and would like to know do I have to plug each sata cable in the exact same spot there are now or is it okay to plug them in different spots and windows will recognize them properly. Thanks

A:Spanned Drives Question

Logic tells me that you have to keep the port arrangement. But I have never tried that myself.

I am curious: Why did you span those in the first place. Sounds like a lot of real estate.

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I have an 80GB IDE Seagate which was running as a slave drive on an XP-Pro (SP2) computer. It only contains data. I had to replace my motherboard with SATA connections and no more room to add yet another IDE drive to the configuration.

So, I bought an older Pentium 4 box with XP-Pro (SP2) installed on its existing hard drive, set as Master. I added the Seagate and set it to Slave. When that computer boots up, it tells me that the Seagate drive is "unformatted". (All drives were always formatted as NTFS.)

I am sure I've missed something here somewhere, but don't know what it is. The BIOS in the second-hand computer lists the drive. Of course, I don't want to re-format it and lose the data.

Hence my plea for help.

A:Solved: Hard drive "unformatted"

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Ok, it's been 2 years now and I finally bit the upgrade bullet. I will be installing a new mobo, cpu, ram, and of course my current version of win 7 x64.

My only question is, will my spanned volumes survive and be recognized by the new system?

I have 4, 2TB drives. 2 are in the pc, spanned (by win7 device manager) to 4TB drive.
The other 4TB span is in a eSATA raidbox.

I have reinstalled windows before and the span was recognized, all data intact. But now I am wondering since I am upgrading to a new mobo, should I be worried?

Thanks guys.

A:Spanned disks & new mobo install

In principle it should work - as radio Yerevan would say Questions for Radio Yerevan | afoe | A Fistful of Euros | European Opinion

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I have created a customized WinPe boot CD with an application that will allow a user to click a button 'Install Image'.  Before executing the imagex command I will prepare my disks using Diskpart and assign the Windows partition with the letter T:\.
 After all pre imaging work is done I will execute the following command:
imagex /ref G:\HPImagex\HPFinalSpan*.swm /apply G:\HPImagex\HPFinalSpan.swm 1 T:
My question is how will the install process know when the second, third, forth CD should be inserted to continue with the imaging?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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I have a system with 2 spanned volumes and a boot drive,
3 disks 2Tb making a 6 TB drive, pure data.
2 disks 1 Tbmaking a 2 TB drive, pure data
a boot disk simple volume with 500Gbyte and 4 Partitions.

This boot didk has now a problem and won't boot anymore.
If I replace this bootdrive with a new 2 TB disk and install Windows 7.
Will the new install W7 auto recognize the 2 spanned volumes or not ?

thx for all the help I can get..

A:moving / restoring spanned volumes.

Why are you using Spanned volume or Dynamic disk? Like RAID we see only problems with this. The only reason I've ever seen to justify this is using huge files like video editing files which require the extra space.

Can you browse in now using a rescue disk like Paragon Rescue Kit Free Edition 11.0 Free o
or use the Win7 DVD or Repair CD to browse as shown in Copy & Paste - in Windows Recovery Console. If your data is intact and readable I would copy it out to backup first before anything else just to be extra cautious.

There is no guarantee with RAID or Dynamic spanned disks. We never see anything but trouble with them.

Then after you replace your boot disk, make sure it's in DISK0 slot during install so install cannot interfere with any other Disk. After install if necessary try spanning the HD's again to see if the spanned volumes can be replicated.

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I am about to re-install XP Pro with sp2 on my main file serving PC

I have 2 x 400gb drives that are spanned. I use these drives to file share a range of data across my home network.

I am concerned that if I re-install I may lose access to this data or it may become corrupt by installing a new version of XP Pro.

I currently have XP Pro sp2 on a separate drive on the system but it is steadily becoming unstable.

Stored data across these drives is about 500GB.

I would like to know if backing this data up would be the best option of if all will be fine and the new S will find and recognise this spanned volume.


A:data on spanned drives when reinstalling XPpro

What do you mean by "spanned"? You have them set up as Dynamic Disks? It should Just Work if you have Windows XP or newer. If you are installing to a drive outside the spanned set, then no data will be corrupt.

Unless you use file encryption, any access problems should be resolvable with a simple permissions reset.

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Hi there
I'd accidentally deleted an entire Video library from a set of TWO disk drives defined as Spanned as a single 4TB GPT formatted drive.

I thought I'd had that -- but eSupport Undelete Plus worked an absolute miracle and was able to restore the entire library even though at delete time I got message "File to big to send to recycle bin -- delete permanently".

I was just in the process of going to arrange backups -- and was re-organising my Disks -- just shows you that an accidental delete can happen to ANYONE no matter how careful you usually are -- and it would have been a HUMUNGOUS pain to re-create this all over again. -- I'm running W8 x-64 enterprise (TechNet edition) BTW.

For example (it can show in Folders as well as files stuff available for restore) screenshot enc -- here's just one part of my video library --the entire 5 seasons of Stargate Atlantis.

Fortunately I hadn't touched anything an the drive after deleting the library so the ENTIRE library was re-coverable -- nearly 400 GB of Video !!!!!. and this was on 2 disks spanned and set as GPT.

Well worth EVERY EUROCENT / CENT / PENNY etc. -- Everone is going to delete some major library by accident at least ONCE at some time.

On restore it restored all the files to the original directories and sub directories so I just had to click the boxes for the files and the program did the rest -- brilliant piece of software.

If you accidentally delete stuff then STOP all activity as far as possible o... Read more

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I have two partitions formed over two discs. After unplugging another hard drive I noticed that Windows would no longer recognized the drives.

I tried looking in the BIOS and discovered the motherboard didn't seem to be picking them up either. Thinking it may be a loose connection I unplugged and plugged them back in, seemingly fixing the problem.

However, after a few days, once again the drives disappeared from Windows, mid-boot. Unsure of what to do I tried a reboot, which seemed to fix the problem. This happened again after a couple of days and subsequently with increasing frequency until Windows would no longer pick up the drives at all.

After looking at disk manager I got the error messages attached. I tried 'reactivating' and then running chkdsk. As the drive I ran it on is large and contains my music (600gb, 10,000s of files), it took quite some time so I left it overnight. After checking on the PC chkdsk was gone and the drive was no longer detectable. I've repeated the process twice now. It's unclear if for some reason chkdsk is crashing and not finishing or actually completing its work in the time I leave it (around 12 hours).

Still, each time after I boot the PC the drives are viewable for a minute or two but files completely inaccessible.

There is a possibility that when I unplugged the drives that I mixed up the SATA cables and ports - is there a possibility that is what has caused this?

Either way, what would be the best way to get the data fro... Read more

A:Dynamic disc spanned partitions failing

It looks like one of the drives failed and your spanned set would loose all data, there is no redundancy in Spanned Volumes, unlike a RAID 1 or 5.
Hope you have a back up.
If not you can try to recover the files using the free TestDisk program. I have had the best luck with GetDataBack. You will need another drive of the same size or larger to restore your files to.

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Using Ghost 2003 on WinXP Home SP2. Images saved to DVD.
I've done a "successful" integrity check from a spanned DVD image and it will Restore, but when trying to "Explore", it says it's "corrupt or files are missing" and will only show first folder ("load incomplete") !? Yet, when using an image that's entirely on a single DVD, there is no problem. I've never had any problems restoring an image, but I've just never bothered to use the "Explore" utility before. Am I doing something wrong? I tried copying the spanned image to an empy folder on the HDD but still got the same results when trying to "Explore". Iniitially, I assumed it was a bad image (although I've never had a bad image before) and tried to use the "Explore" utility on a different image set, but had same results.
Would this have anything to do with the NTFS format or am I screwing something up? Any insights would be appreciated.

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Is it possible to create spanned dynamic disks when one is the boot disk? I am getting conflicting info.
I have two 120GB SSDs and one is the boot drive and it is at 92% capacity, while the other is empty.
Problem is the empty is a dynamic and the boot is a basic. I have read that a boot disk cannot be spanned and to compound the problem I have to convert it first to a dynamic disk. I am running Win 7 Pro 64 bit. Is it better to just by a bigger drive?

A:Can a basic boot disk be converted to dynamic and then spanned?

A spanned volume cannot be used for either the boot or system volumes. They can only be used for a data volume. The problem is that a spanned volume cannot be accessed until the drivers are loaded and the drivers cannot be loaded until the volume is accessible. For that reason Windows won't allow it.

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Hello to all. New to forum. Vexed by volume problems. No audio device listed in control panel. Bad device driver message in winamp. Worked fine until just recently. I lost internet audio from videos [Google, YouTube and embedded]. Uninstalled Adobe Flash and Re-installed. Then Wimamp crashed. No mp3s. Just enrolled in an online course. Wouldn't you know....I have a Dell 8100 with XP. Thanks for any help.

A:Solved: No volume online, now no volume at all.

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I'm not sure if this happened with 5.55, but with 5.56, when I hit the volume up or down on my keyboard to turn the sound down for everything, it turns down winamp's volume bar too. Sometimes I can move winamp's volume bar up and down and it won't even be working. What causes this? It's pretty annoying for the music to turn down twice as fast or winamp's volume bar to not even work at all.EDIT: Moved to a more appropriate forum

A:Volume keys turning down computer volume and winamp volume at the same time?


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Hey guys,

My Western Digital 1TB HDD is suddenly unformatted! It shows up in the BIOS and My Computer, and I know that my files are still on the drive. What file recovery application is recommended? 400GB of my games and music are on here, so I'd really like to get it right.

Thanks in advance, great website!

A:1TB HDD Unformatted!

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Encrypted Volume Check: Volume Info on \\?\Volume{X}Can Not Read

Found this in my Event Viewer on each start/restart. I don't have any Volumes that I have encrypted. Is this malware? I've run everything prior to noticing including Windows Offline Defender.
Not sure if this is even the correct area to post this!

A:Encrypted Volume Check: Volume Info on \\?\Volume{X}Can't read

I'm going to take a guess, please upload a screenshot of the disk manager (Windows Key+R to open the Run dialog, type diskmgmt.msc, and press Enter).
Posting the actual entry from the Event Viewer can help.

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I come here for the first time to ask the following question:
My secondary (non-system) hard disk is quite old. Lately one of it?s partitions (primary) is seen as ?unformatted?, both in explorer and in Partition Magic. I am able to salvage most of the data with TestDisk (but not the right filenames or filesystem, which is important), or can see the all of the filesystem with Active Partition Recovery, but can not recover it (error message is something like ?can not recovery because it overlaps??).
I am kinda scared of deleting this partition now, with only slight hope that I will be able to repair it with Active Partition Recovery later. What I want to do is to copy all the filesystem from that disk to some place on the primary disk, so I can get a new disk instead of the faulty one. Any ideas/tools that can help in it?

A:Partition unformatted

Try windows backup. Start>All Programs>Acessories>System Tools> Backup. Might help, but if the drive is going out, might be a little difficult to recover your files.

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I have recently upgraded from windows 98 and office 2000 to windows 2000 and office XP.
When i try to insert autotext that worked fine previously it is coming up unformatted in a series of squares.
This is only happening on a few machines although i upgraded roughly 60 of them.
Can anybody help please?
Thank You in advance

A:Unformatted Autotext

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My computer crashed yesterday night. I was forced to reset the computer. After the restart, I can see the Hard Drive, but when i click on it, the windows asks me to format the drive. Is there any way that i can get the data back? thank you very much.

A:HD become unformatted after crash

Very strange but can you access the drive at all? You could try


It's free

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Hi. I was supposed to format my computer today using the WinXP disc. To cut a long story short, my external HDD was connected and I mistakenly deleted the partition. Then I partitioned it again.

Now, I want to access the external HDD from Windows, but it asks me if I want to format it. I don't. I need the copious amounts of information within. Does anyone know how to access the HDD without formatting it and without having to use a recovery program (it takes forever for my 200GB HDD)?

I would really appreciate an solution!

A:Need to Access Unformatted HDD

To cut a long story short, my external HDD was connected and I mistakenly deleted the partition. Then I partitioned it again.Click to expand...

Then I partitioned it again As fair as I know when you blow a partition off and then recreate it, the data that existed prior is no more. You still may be able to recover data from the drive with third party software like Active UNERASER

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I was given an old PIII machine to work on that held all the (not backed-up) data for a business. The system was doing random reboots and occasional 'boot sectors not found'. I bought a WD 250 gig external and downloaded LaCie 1-click backup software because it was recommended in another forum.
I set the backup software to export a backup of C: to the external and walked away.

When I came back it was to find -
> the system had rebooted but now couldn't find the boot sector
> a handful of documents not in a backup format but rather just straight copied to the external.

Assuming it was just a problem booting up we bought a new system and I attached the old Maxtor as a slave. The new OS couldn't detect it.

I put it back in the old machine and used an XP disc to boot to dos which didn't show anything for C:\ dir c:
I then booted through to XP setup where it shows most of the 40 gigs as unpartioned space and wants to format it.

Is there any explanation for how a HD could suddenly become 'unformatted' and, more imporantly, is there any way to recover the data?

This will set the business back months so any help would be appreciated.

A:HD Suddenly Unformatted

Yes, hd can show as unformatted when they are failing.
Yes, you can generally recover data; it depends on how much money you want to spend. I use O&O disk recovery. It does a fine job, however it is not a free app. The next step [if recovery software does not work] would be to take the disk to a data recovery shop. They can disassemble the drive and recover the info. Note this will run quite a bit of money. It depends on how important the data is as to whether or not you go this route.

What I would do.

1 Make an image with acronis true image [if it can find the disk]
2 Run chkdsk from either the recovery console or a cmd prompt. See if chkdks can repair the file system on the disk.
3 Run data recovery software
4 If the above does not work and you really really need the data, then take it to a shop.

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First time post - hope this is in the right place. I've noticed that on occasion, when I insert a floppy disc that I know is formatted (and has files on it), I get an error message stating that the disc is unformatted. It's happened to me using different discs over a long stretch of time. Any ideas if I've just got cheap discs or is it a different problem? I've got WinXP and it's been flawless otherwise.

Thanks in advance!

A:Unformatted disc error

It is either the discs or the drive . . buy a box on new ones and see if the problem goes away . . if not, replace the floppy . . both drives and discs are dirt cheap these days.


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hi guys.
in my alcohol 120 i've got to the stage to burn my stored movie onto the dvd-rw, but it says my disk is unformatted.

i went to the Alcohol Erase Wizard, which claims to do a 'Erase/Format', it goes through the process, dvd tray opens, then when i try to burn it just says the same thing again.

can someone help me please?

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I'm not sure why it's happened, but for some reason, my system is suddenly telling me that my secondary HDD is unformatted - I have two HDDs installed on this system - a 80GB main disk and a 40GB secondary disk - I generally keep programs installed on the main disk (which is partitioned) and keep my work stuff on the secondary disk. I was just using it this afternoon without problem, but after restarting my system after coming back in the evening, the problem started. Essentially, I clicked on My Computer, and noticed it was taking a long time to open. When it finally did, it showed the three drives (the partitioned C: and D: and the secondary G: drive), except that no stats were shown (max size and used size) for G:. Double-clicking on the G: drive, the system took a while to process whatever it was doing, then it spat out a message saying that G: drive is not formatted and asking me if I wanted to format it. I've restarted it a couple of times, including in Safe Mode, with no results.

I'm not sure if it's anything I did. I've spent the past couple of days fixing a problem with the nview.dll driver for my nVidia card (successfully), as well as doing a comprehensive cleanup of the system with AdAware and Spybot (I used to run Spybot regularly prior to that, anyway, and I have regularly updated antivirus and internet security programs installed as well). I also removed a couple of non-essential items from the startup using msconfig recently.

Aft... Read more

A:System says G: drive is unformatted...

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i just messed myself up pretty bad.

i was tryign to add a new 60gb hd to my computer which has a 80gb hard drive, but it too me a while to get the master slave jumpers set properly cause i couldnt find the labels. anyways, when i finally got the computer to boot with 2 drives, the startup screen was a mess of colours. despereate to see windows again i got my disc and installed it onto my 60gb hard drive and got it to start up. however, it shows my 80 gb hard drive as RAW type right now and wants me to format it. did turning my computer on and off while trying to get this to work mess up my drive or soemthing?

anyways, is there any way to open up that drive which now is registered as a unformatted drive?a lot of my stuff is on that computer which isnt THAT important but i would still like to keep.

ask me for any clarification. i know this is messed up which also explains why i could turn a simple task bad.

any help would be greatly appeciated

A:opening unformatted disc

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