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installed wireless card in desktop and wifi networks have no strength

Q: installed wireless card in desktop and wifi networks have no strength

I recently installed a Dell wireless PCI 1520 card into a Dell XPS. I can see my home network but it shows no signal strength. I can connect to my wifi network with my smart phone and my wife's laptop can connect without a problem. The desktop will connect when hardwired. I've done the usual rebooting of the router modem and computer but still the same problem.

Preferred Solution: installed wireless card in desktop and wifi networks have no strength

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: installed wireless card in desktop and wifi networks have no strength

Did you have an antenna supplied with the card?

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I have Toshiba laptop and Win 7. It is brand new laptop and original windows. I tried to install AWUS036H and it was successful but unfortunately adapter doesn't detect any networks. It happened with my old laptop with Win 7(Acer) and I had to reinstall windows fresh and it worked. But I wouldn't like to do it again here. As you may see on picture internal adapter has X in corner and it is working but RTL8187 doesn't, it just says Enabled and nothing happens. No networks detecting. In device manager everything is fine, no yellow icons. Also it is not detected by my ipconfig/all command. The same thing happens in safe mode

Adapter is not broken, it is working on linux. This is image from win 8.1 but it happens on my Win 7

A:WiFi adapter finds no wireless networks. ends up with “No networks

What driver is currently installed?

Try this

Download the latest ar956x driver from here:

Release: 2014-07-22 [July '14]
OS: Windows 7 32/64bit
Status: WHQL
File: win7- (2585 KB)

Unzip the package and note the location
Uninstall the driver from the device in Dev mgr, remove software if presented (checkbox or prompt)
then update the driver from within Dev mgr using the unzipped inf file

Some reports on the Qualcom board indicate that you might have success with an earlier version, but I only see then on the site I linked.

Try the newest first , then the 255 (270 was the one the poster on Qualcom complained about)

Maybe the Toshiba site has a version that works. My method is to install the base or original driver from the PC OEM support page and work up if the peripheral board driver doesn't help solve the issue.

Please fill in your SevenForums specs so members can be more help - All I know is that you have a Toshiba laptop with Win7 on it.

Please don't waste your time typing the information in a post - place it in your system specs - then any time you create a thread, people can look at your machine specs in the lower left hand corner of any post.

Specific model information is important, there are usually many Satelltite models.

See the Easy specs link in my signature for a tool that makes it really e... Read more

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Okay, I have tried looking through threads, all the problems look the same almost so I am just posting this one. I am sorry, brand new here!

I have a computer running on XP. I hooked up Lynksys wireless router up to my cable modem to set up a wireless network.
I have another computer (both desktops) with xp. I installed a Belkin wireless card in it so it could use that wireless connection.
The card installed fine but the connection is bouncing. One second is says no network available, next second good signal, next weak, then back to no. My first computer also keeps losing connection now. I think I might have checked internet sharing? How do I disable that if it is the problem.

Also the second computer with the wireless card says it has no internet connection even when it says it has a strong signal on the wireless network. It goes to can't find server, no connection page.

I know this is a simple problem but I can't seem to fix it. I now can't really get online at all without getting booting off. I even cut off the other computer thinking it might be bouncing back and forth but nothing.
I would really appreciate some input! My live in niece starts an online class and needs access.

A:Wireless Desktop Card Installed no connection

Some things you can try here.
For wireless connections, change the channel on the router, I like channels 1, 6, and 11 in the US.
For wireless connections, try moving either the wireless router/AP or the wireless computer. Even a couple of feet will sometimes make a big difference.
Update the firmware to the latest version available on the manufacturer's site.
Reset the router to factory defaults and reconfigure.
Update the network drivers (wired and wireless) on your computer to the latest available.

Many times these measures will resolve a lot of intermittent issues.

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I just recently got cable and set up my desktop wired to a Linksys G wireless router. I have one other laptop with the Linksys Wireless G card. The Router is in the basement, if I go up just one floor, it keeps the signal for awhile but then loses it. The laptop is XP and ive read there are issues with xp and wireless but I dont know if it could be a signal problem. Should the signal be able to make it up one floor at least???? Hell, my 10$ baby monitor has a signal through all 4 floors of my townhouse. Any help would be appreciated.

A:Signal strength for a Wireless card

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I have had a problem that just recently started. Whenever I turn on my dell laptop or my desktop and try to connect to my wireless router it shows my network with full strength then I click on it to connect it and it say Failed to connect to network. This never happened before especially with the laptop. I'm not sure where to go from here. I have reset both the router from the cable and the linksys wireless router countless times and still am unable to connect. If any one can help that would be greatly apprciated or send a link to a step by step process I can use to fix. I'm not at all a pro at fixing these things and frutration is beginning to set in!

A:Wireless Network shows full strength but laptop and desktop won't connect

Welcome to TSG:
Try this and post results of IPCONFIG /ALL.
Tips on setting up broadband connection, courtesy of Johnwill

You don't need any setup disk to configure a broadband router.
Reset the router to factory defaults by holding the reset button down for 15 seconds with power on. The following procedure should get you a connection with any broadband modem that is configured to use DHCP for the router connection, such as cable modems, and many DSL modems. If you require PPPoE configuration for the DSL modem, that will have to be configured to match the ISP requirements.
• Turn off everything, the modem, router, computer.
• Connect the modem to the router's WAN/Internet port.
• Connect the computer to one of the router's LAN/Network ports.
• Turn on the modem, wait for a steady connect light.
• Turn on the router, wait for two minutes.
• Boot the computer.

When the computer is completely booted, let's see this.

Hold the Windows key and press R, then type CMD (COMMAND for W98/WME) to open a command prompt:

NOTE: For the items below in red surrounded with < >, see comments below for the actual information content, they are value substitutions from the previous command output!

In the command prompt window that opens, type type the following commands one at a time, followed by the Enter key:


PING <computer_IP_address>

PING <default_gateway_address>

PING ... Read more

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I got a Dell E6220 with Windows 7 32bits. Our System Admin pushed the new A/V upgrade from Symantec 11 to Symantec 12 and that broke all the network connectivities including Ethernet and Wifi.

I was able to run CleanWipe couple time and get rid of all the Symantec crap and checked the registry to make sure there aren't any Symantec stuff in there.

I was able to re-install the Ethernet adaptor and that got the internet working. But when I un-install the WiFi adaptor and re-installed it. It never really re-established the connection between the hardware and Windows. I un-installed the adaptor and re-installed it couple times but no prevail.

The adaptor's driver is installed properly and it's enabled in the control panel. But there is X mark on the wifi symbol and it says troubleshoot. When I try to troubleshoot it say the driver might not be installed properly.

I also plugged in the Netgear USB Wifi Adaptor and it was able to install it but it's doing the same thing as the built in adaptor.

I restart the WLAN service couple times but still no prevail. The Ethernet is working fine without any issue.

So it seems like the WiFi connectivity/services are messed up in the registry. I would hate to re-install windows. ANY SUGGESTIONS??. THANKS IN ADVANCE.

A:Wifi Adaptor is installed/enabled but Windows can't detect networks

Didn't you ask the System Administrator to solve the issue for you?

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My Winbook U100 will not connect to my wireless network even though I just returned from a trip where it connected to other networks with no extra effort on my part. When I left two weeks ago, it connect fine. The card is an 802.11bgn 1T2R Mini Card. I am running Windows XP Home and have 2GB ram and 160 GB hard drive. The card keeps trying to connect my network stating 54Mps and Excellent signal strength; however, the View Available Wireless Networks does not show any networks in range. The netbook is sitting within three feet of the modem and router. Anyone have any ideas how to fix this madding situation?

A:Wireless Card Shows 54Mbs and Excellent Signal Strength and still will not connect

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Hi All, i cant see any available wireless networks even they are available and always i see red x mark on wirelss icon beside the clock. laptop : HP ProBook 4540sOS : windows 7 UltimateWiFi Adapter : Ralink RT3290 802.11bgn Wi-Fi Adapter i installed the latest update by connecting laptop to eithernet cable and searching throw devise manager, alwas it says :"the best driver software for your device is up to date" please any idea to help. thanks in advance.

View Solution.

A:No wireless networks found even they are available and wifi ...

Many thanks for your fast answer, actually this problem solved by changing the country/region of wifi adapter from device manager i tried more than region till i got access to available networks.thanks again

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Hi All, i cant see any available wireless networks even they are available and always i see red x mark on wirelss icon beside the clock. laptop : HP ProBook 4540sOS : windows 7 UltimateWiFi Adapter : Ralink RT3290 802.11bgn Wi-Fi Adapter i installed the latest update by connecting laptop to eithernet cable and searching throw devise manager, alwas it says :"the best driver software for your device is up to date" please any idea to help. thanks in advance.

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A:No wireless networks found even they are available and wifi ...

Many thanks for your fast answer, actually this problem solved by changing the country/region of wifi adapter from device manager i tried more than region till i got access to available networks.thanks again

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I recently reloaded afresh Window XP PRO on my Gateway notebook (it originally had XP Home loaded) using drivers listed on the Gateway site. Everything, ie, all drivers appear to have loaded correctly including my Broadcom 802.11g Wireless Network Adapter. It shows that it is working and enabled, but no wireless networks appear as available for connection. I have tried this in various locations with various broadcasters, but no network ever shows up.

Any clues as to how to enable this feature? Did I miss something?

Thanks for any help,

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I tried upgrading my wifi card to an intel wireless 3165 and the device manager shows that its detected and working. Also, when I first turn on the laptop I can see all the available networks. However, when I try to connect to my network, it fails and then all the available networks disappear with a red mark on the wifi mark. After that I no longer see any networks, thus having no wifi. How do I resolve this issue? What is the problem here?

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Hey. Sorry if this is asked here frequently, but Google hasn't been any help to me.

My girlfriend has Toshiba Satellite notebook with an Intel BG2200 integrated wifi card in it. She configures it through Intel's ProWireless software. The WiFi card works flawlessly sometimes. She lives in an apartment building, so there are numerous networks available (10+). It connects to her own router (which is one room over). Has a strong signal. Everything is good.

Other times (which are becoming much more frequent), the card can't find any networks at all. Not hers or any of the other 10 usually up in her building. Turning on and off the card either through software or the hardware switch does nothing. Rebooting the computer does nothing. Both her roomate's computer and their Wii have no problems connecting, so I think the router is fine. Its just her WiFi card that doesn't seem to work. Eventually things will start working again, but it can be a day or so before it fixes itself.

Her birthday is coming up, and I'm thinking about just getting her a new card, but before I do, I'd like to know if there's some easier solution for this. If more info would help, just ask. I might have to sneak in and look it up though.

A:WiFi card intermitantly not able to find networks

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I was having Wi-fi issues where it was constantly dropping at multiple locations and with a speed test was getting minimal readings. I bought a new Intel 8260 IEEE 802.11ac - Wi-Fi Adapter from Amazon (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0197W86IE/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1). I Installed and right away speed went up about 20x. Now it will NOT recognize a wi-fi network unless I stand directly next to the router. Then I can move around the house without an issue. My router is broadcasting both 2.4 and 5. All other devices work with no issues. I tried disabling, enabling, updating the driver, rolling back the driver, deleting the old qualcom driver, resetting network settings etc. I can not seem to get anything to get it back to where it was the 1st day I installed. From what I can tell I have tried everything short of a SYSTEM RESTORE. Could this be a disfunctional card? Could I have damaged the card or wire during installation? Could something have become loose?  Anyone with any experience is greatly appreciated. My next step was going to be to open it back up and see of there was a hardware issue. Then my next step was going to be to purchase another. Thanks in advance.  

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I own a Gateway C-140 Tablet PC. It originally came with a Integrated Intel® 3945 802.11a/b/g wireless Mini PCI-E card. I did not have great luck dual booting into Linux with it so I purchased a replacement, the Gigabyte GN-WI01GT. The GN-WI01GT has a AR5005 GS Atheros 5th generation chipset.

This new wireless card works great in Linux now however I can not get it to work in Vista Home Premium (i know i know, but its the best OS for a tablet). Seems like I swapped my problems

I have talked with a Gigabyte tech and a Gateway tech.

The gigabyte rep suspected that the device needed to be enabled via a button on the side of the computer. On my tablet the button is using the function key and F2. I tried this and my wireless card was still unable to detect any wireless networks. He checked the driver version ( which was the latest. The device is showing up in the device manager as enabled. Vista says the device is working properly. He also informed me I should not need any separate programs to connect to a wireless network like some manufactures do.

The gateway tech was of no use and basically asked me to check the FN + F2 to enable the device told me it was a 3rd party product and gave me a gateway pay by minute tech line.

Since the new card is functioning in Linux perfectly fine I find it hard to believe that it is something as simple as enabling the wireless using FN + F2 since you would think I would be require to do it in Linux as well before it worked.

I am... Read more

A:New Wireless Card, Unable to view Wireless Networks

I came up with a semi solution and a semi diagnosis for this problem. I put BOTH cards in at once putting an antenna on each. I noticed that when I booted into windows that the wireless light showed it was still disabled and in fact it was disabled. I used the FN+F2 key to enable wireless and *POOF* both cards work in vista now.

So my guess is there was sort of hardware check that was disabling power to my wireless or something.

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I currently have a Qualcom Wireless AC Card in my Yoga 920. When I change wifi networks, I don't always get the internet going right away (we have 2 networks at home and several different networks in the office). I would need to right click on the wifi icon in the task bar and click on troubleshoot, then wait for it to fix itself. This happens probably 90% of the time when I change networks (ie Home network, then when at the office, I connect to the Work network and have to perform the troubleshoot to get the internet going then vice versa when back home. Or even changing between our 2 different Home networks - as in from different ISPs and not just changing between 2.4 and 5ghz connection). Also, is there something wrong with Chrome for the 920? When I change networks, and get the internet going (as in the wifi icon property says that there is internet and the yellow triangle exclamation is not present anymore), google chrome does not automatically connect to the internet and load pages. Edge, on the other hand, does not have issues upon gaining internet connection after the troubleshoot. For reference, I have a custom built desktop. I have an Intel AC 8265 in it, and it does not have this issue when switching between our home networks and chrome does not any issue as well. So yeah, I have two issues. Any ideas? 

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I cannot find any wireless networks on my medion desktop PC

A:Cant see any wireless networks on my desktop.

A couple of things to check. One, are you in range of your router. Two is your router set to broadcast itself. Without broadcast on no devices will see the router. Have you tried with other devices such as a laptop? You also need to check if wireless is turned on.

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Hello there. a week ago i bought a msi laptop with windows 7 premuim OS. everything about it is very good except that the adapter card is driving me nuts.
The problem is that i wont detect networks at all. i went around to places where there were wireless and still nothing. so its nothing wrong with my home network. i spent countless hours looking it up and still couldn't get an answer. i tried connecting a linksys wireless-G USB network adapter to it. it always for some reason fail to install device. but when i go to device manager and uninstall the device and plug it back in, it works fine and i can find and connect to networks. problem is, i don't really want to have to carry the adapter around with me all the time when there is a built in inside the laptop. please help me.

the adapter card is a 802.11bgn 1T1R mini card wireless adapter.

A:wireless card won't detect wireless networks

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Hello TSG, it's been a while.

I have a Dell m2626u that used to run vista and I switched to Windows 7 professional. Everything has been fine for the year and a half I've had the laptop until yesterday. I shut the computer down to take with me to got outside the house and go work at Starbucks, when i got there it could not find any wireless connections. I tried the WiFi on my phone and it easily picked up a network.

I tried these things while there:
Switching the wireless adapter on/off through the switch
Turning wireless on/off through Function+F2
Disabling/enabling the wireless adapter in Network Connections

I couldn't waste time with it just then so I just tethered off my phone while I was there and decided to check with my home network. When I got home same issue, no wireless networks detected. Windows troubleshooting gets me nothing.

Here are my system specs from TGS SysInfo:

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional , 64 bit
Processor: AMD Turion(tm) X2 Dual-Core Mobile RM-72, AMD64 Family 17 Model 3 Stepping 1
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3838 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics , 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 71191 MB, Free - 13182 MB; D: Total - 71192 MB, Free - 32357 MB;
Motherboard: Gateway , , 97.05 , QTFAQH84201034
Antivirus: Norton Security Suite, Updated and Enabled

I did have some hardware issues initially when I switched from Vista to 7 but I thought that was all sorted. May... Read more

A:Solved: Wireless Card not seeing ANY networks.

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OK; I purchased a refurbished PC Card (Netgear WG511T) for a second laptop. However, when I swapped the card in a laptop that already had an identical card working fine, It failed to find my or any other network in the area. My original card works in both laptops one running WIN98se the other Win 2000. I uninstalled and reinstalled the software (which came with the original PC Card with no change.) Any Ideas? Thank you for any leads you may offer.

A:Wireless PC Card Not finding Networks

so the new card is not working? might be a bad card

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I am a newcommer to this site so please bear with me if I get things wrong!
I have read numerous postings on this and ather sites about the Atheros AR9285 not being able to see wireless networks - and guess what I have the same problem!
My laptop is an HP CQ61-312SA upgraded to 4GB of ram, and running Windows 7 Home Premium, I have tried everything I can find on this and other forum sites with no luck at all, including updating drivers, making sure Wlan is started etc and I have downloaded programs like Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector and Insider = both of which show absolutely nothing.
I have one other problem that might indicate a software problem - on the odd occasion when my computer does try to connect to a wireless network it resets to a blue scree which states that it is doing a 'physical memorey dump' and then restarts.
My Atheros card has worked perfectly for 2 years, but I managed to purchase another it case it was faulty - with the same results. I also upgraded the memory in case of a memory fault.
Rolling back drivers and using system restore does not work and ipconfig/all gives identical readouts to others with this problem.
Finally 'Network Connections' shows that the adapter is enabled, but 'Network Diagnostics' reports 'There might be a problem with the driver' - I have downloaded several drivers from HP with no success.

A:Solved: No Wireless networks AR9285 Wi-Fi Card -- Again

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I have an old Sony Vaio laptop, it does not have internal wireless card so I use a PCMCIA wireless card in it. I just installed windows XP Pro with SP2. The laptop came with XP Home before sp1.

Anyway? I can?t see any wireless networks and I have 3 of them in my room.

I have put in another hard drive into the unit and restored the computer to factory settings and the PCMCIA wireless card works fine. (This laptop is too old to have built in wireless so no on/off switch here)
I have installed all the drivers for the laptop and there are no issues in device manager.
I know my network adapter is Enabled so no issues there.
I have tried restarting zero wireless config service. No luck there.
I?ve reinstalled the wireless driver. No luck

I?m wondering I have the wireless working on one hard drive and not working on another. I?ve upgraded them both to SP2, the only difference is one is home and one is pro, and the home is factory settings. However I?ve uninstalled all programs on the factory drive hoping there was extra software that would cause it to stop working and I could just reinstall that.

The wireless appears to be working but I cannot view any. It says there are no wireless networks available.

Is there anything I can copy from the factory drive?
Any other ideas of what could be wrong here?

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Hello, all.

What seems to have happened over night, my integrated wireless is no longer working, stating that it doesn't detect any wireless networks within range. I know this isn't true due to the fact my PS3 and Android phone both detect all the networks just fine.

I tried going into device manager to see if anything wasn't up and working properly. I went into my wireless card and it says that it is working properly (obviously a lying jerk.)

Before anyone says it, yes, I've tried repairing my network. Yes, the switch is on. Yes, I've restarted. Yes, I've turned the switch on and off. I ran ipconfig in the command prompt and didn't seem to see the wireless come up, but the ethernet is detected (which is something that is not plugged in or in use. I use wireless that my neighbor and I share.)

Like I said, it seems to have happened over night. I didn't make any changes to my operating system or anything like that. As of lately, I haven't even been putting it to extensive use, other than the standard paper writing and (sometimes frowned upon) web activity. Could this be a spyware related issue? I have symantec Endpoint Protection running always and always updated.

Any help would be appreciated. The sooner, the better. I have a research paper due tomorrow.

A:Wireless card no longer detecting networks

I use wireless that my neighbor and I share.)Click to expand...

Sorry you cant do that - its against the ISP rules to piggyback wireless and use in more then one premises - so I will have to close the post

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Hello, all.

What seems to have happened over night, my integrated wireless is no longer working, stating that it doesn't detect any wireless networks within range. I know this isn't true due to the fact my PS3 and Android phone both detect all the networks just fine.

I tried going into device manager to see if anything wasn't up and working properly. I went into my wireless card and it says that it is working properly (obviously a lying jerk.)

Before anyone says it, yes, I've tried repairing my network. Yes, the switch is on. Yes, I've restarted. Yes, I've turned the switch on and off. I ran ipconfig in the command prompt and didn't seem to see the wireless come up, but the ethernet is detected (which is something that is not plugged in or in use. I use wireless that my neighbor and I share.) And etaf, that IS legal, being that we live in a duplex house and share the bill. So don't close my thread. I'm not a moron. I know what's legal and what's not. I've looked into it and the provider said it was fine.

Like I said, it seems to have happened over night. I didn't make any changes to my operating system or anything like that. As of lately, I haven't even been putting it to extensive use, other than the standard paper writing and (sometimes frowned upon) web activity. Could this be a spyware related issue? I have symantec Endpoint Protection running always and always updated.

Any help would be appreciate... Read more

A:Wireless card no longer detecting networks

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I have review yours and others threads concerning the loss of ability to view wireless networks. I have yet to stumble on the correction to my situation.
A week ago I was awakend at 4AM to people talking in my living room. It turned out to be my PC Internet Explorer connection - there were about 20 pop-up windows going. I am not one to leave my internt connections on but I would not say that I somehow forgot.
I shut down IE and turned off the PC. Next morning I ran SPYBOT and MCAFEE - spybot found nothing; mcafee found 45 things to delete (and no, I did not look at what they were - the first display showed cookies so I just said to go ahead and clean them. Next thing I know, I have no wireless connection and cannot view any wireless connections.
My laptop machine has total connection - and when i ran SPYBOT AND MCAFEE they found nothing to delete.
My office mate at work had to rebuild a machine just 2 days earlier due to an IE hackware that was constantly redirecting her to a site she never went to previously. The PC TECH worked 6 hours to no avail.
I have tried virtually every one of the basic and first step approaches provided by a number of forums. I am pretty sure this is not a REGISTRY setting as I originally thought, but an incorrectly deleted file by the MCAFEE scan and clean - TROUBLE IS I CANT FIND A LOG LIST OF ANY KIND TO AT LEAST HAVE A FILE NAME.

So here I am, looking for some guidance - I can hard wire to my PC but the dangling cord in the living room is a disa... Read more


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I am having trouble getting my Airgo Networks MIMO Wireless card working in vista home premium x64... I worked fine in XP Premium 32-bit, but not in XP Premium 64-bit. I was hoping that it would function in Vista, and so i upgraded. Please help me if you can.

Also, i am currently having trouble with my SoundMax for Vista HP 64 (cannot get the card to show up, and so it does not function) and getting my SLI functioning. (I have a laptopvideo2go.com driver for vista x64 compatability, but SLI turns itself off after i click it on... very odd).

Help me please!
Email me if you have the solutions / files / links...

[email protected]


A:Airgo Networks MIMO wireless card trouble x64

XP Premium = XP Professional. Sorry for the typo.

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Hi guys.

I have a problem with my desktop PC where the wireless card is detected but will not show any networks in range when there are several including my home network. I already replaced my wireless card as the last one wasn't showing at all on device manager and was a bit dated anyway. The new card shows on device manager but when I clock the icon in toolbar it just says no connections are available.

Does anyone have any suggestions before I go ahead and reinstall windows, which I'd prefer to avoid.



A:Solved: Wireless card detected but cant see or connect to any networks

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I'm hoping you guys can help...

I upgraded my mobo, cpu, ram and video card today. I kept my HDD, optical drives, and my wireless adapter (Edimax EW-7128g)

In my zeal to install my new components I had forgotten to uninstall the drivers of the edimax, which I was going to keep, and my old ATI radeon, which I was replacing.

After installing the new components, every thing started up fine, except the edimax wireless adapter would refuse to connect, or even detect any wireless networks. I uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers countless times, swapped the wireless card around in the different pci slots, but still came up with the same problem.

I noticed that when I checked the network adapters in control panel, it would keep calling the Edimax "wireless adapter (2)" or "wireless adapter (3)" depending on which pci slot I put it in. I would try renaming it to simply "wireless adapter" but it would state that an adapter by that name already exists. I'm guessing this is some holdover from being connected to the old motherboard.

In short, new mobo recognizes the card, latest drivers for windows 7 are installed, but windows keeps telling me there's an error with the drivers, and every time I try and search for wireless connections, it won't even search...it will just say "no connections available." Was this whole issue precipitated by forgetting to uninstall the drivers and the card itself before upgrading my mobo?

... Read more

A:Upgraded motherboard & cpu, now wireless card won't detect networks

have you re-installed the software and chipset drivers etc - or are you hoping the Harddrive with the software on works ?

Normally you would re-install the windows software onto the new hardware - as you may get a few issues

can you do this

{Device Manager}
Post back the results in device manager
Start > control Panel {Vista set to classic view}> system > {Vista, device manager on left hand side} {XP hardware Tab, device manager button} >
windows 7
start > control panel> System and Security> Device Manager

network adaptors, click on the + > post back the devices listed there
are there any ! ? or X
post a screen shot of the device manager - network adapters

To post a screen shot of the active window, hold the Alt key and press the PrtScn key. Open the Windows PAINT application and Paste the screen shot. You can then use PAINT to trim to suit, and save it as a JPG format file.
To upload it to the forum, open the full reply window and use the Manage Attachments button to upload it here

i suspect the best way is to remove the wireless adapter from device manager and re-install - lets see the above

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Hey, I've been looking around for an answer for this, but everyone's problem seems to be a bit different.
I have a new Toshiba Satellite that dual boots Vista x64 and Linux. Everything was fine and dandy (excluding, of course, the usual Vista wireless errors that were repaired with restarts, etc.) until a couple of days ago. My Windows will no longer detect ANY wireless networks, including my automated one, even though I know there are several in range. I think the connection software literally says it can't "see" any. This isn't a hardware or router issue as my Linux side connects just fine. Any ideas?

A:Vista cannot find ANY wireless networks, functional network card

Recently one of the folks in the office I do tech support for couldn't connect to the ethernet/wired cable. Both wireless and ethernet were enabled. We disabled the wireless, and the ethernet connection was suddenly there.

Evidently the 2 will fight over making a connection. With neither winning.

My suggestion is to check your ethernet connection under network places and make sure it is disabled.

If it is already disabled, I don't know what else to check.

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I have recently had a problem with my computer showing no wireless networks. There are other computers that can log on without a problem (obviously, one which I am using).

It is well noteworthy to mention that a few days ago there was an accidental download that initiated. Trendmicro caught it and says the last virus/malware found is: TROJ_DROPPER from C:\WINDOWS\system32\eventlog.dll.

(I thought trendmicro caught it, and Prevx cleaned my system, but it may be contributing to the problem or has done damage)

Since then, at school, I have noticed my computer was connected to the internet (I could still surf the web) but would say that it was NOT connected. When I went home, my computer would say it detected a wireless network, however, when I clicked on it it would say "no wireless network detected"

I tried a few things including:

1.Uninstalling the Network adaptor
Broadcom 802.11b/g WLAN and letting it reinstall on start-up (No luck)

2.running HostXpert

3.and a few other things like, checking to make sure some necessary functions are started such as the wireless zero config. (et al).Click to expand...

Here is my ipconfig report:

Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
(C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.

C:\Documents and Settings\*************>ipconfig\all
The system cannot find the path specified.

C:\Documents and Settings\***********>ipconfig/all

Windows IP Configuration

Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : Patrick
Primary Dns Suffix . . .... Read more

A:Solved: Wireless networks detected - no wireless networks found

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but yet laptops are able to connect to the wireless g router.

has anyone any idea why this may be and how i can get the main computer to connect to the internet?

thanks for any help

A:internet not connecting on desktop pc where desktop network pci card was installed...

If you provide some information about the "desktop", like the version/patch level of Windows, the indications in Device Manager for the NIC, etc. we might be able to help.

In addition, open a DOS window and type:


Open C:\RESULT.TXT with Notepad and copy/paste the entire results here.

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I have a HP A1100y that will freeze at start up with Netgear pci wi-fi card installed. I can take it out and it boots up fine and for 1st time after I put it in. But then when I shut down, it will freeze again at start up. Have been able to get it to go by repeatedly pushing "enter", but was told that is not good to do. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

A:PC will not boot with wifi card installed

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Hey guys,

I recently got a used PC off of a client I had been working with. I had Ubuntu Linux running on it, and now I've wiped that off and installed XP Pro. Problem is, the computer has a wifi card installed but I cannot get XP to recognize it. All it recognizes is the ethernet adapter. Any suggestions?


A:Wifi card is installed, but XP won't recognize it...

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My friend gave me his laptop to diagnose. It's an Acer 5315 with an Atheros AR5BXB63 wireless card inside. He is running Vista Basic. It will connect to my network if I make it unsecure, but as soon as I enable WEP or WPA it won't connect. It sees the SSID and attempts to connect, but Windows just gives a message saying it can't connect. I bought a Sony Atheros AR5BXB63 on eBay to see if it would work, but I get the same results.

I installed Windows 7 on the laptop to test it and it wouldn't connect at all, whether it was unsecured or not. I went to another friend's house and removed the internal wireless card from his HP laptop and stuck it in this Acer 5315 and it worked. It was an Intel Wireless-N card.

The friend who owns this Acer laptop said it just stopped working one day. It's weird that neither of the Atheros cards work, but the Intel did. I'm thinking it's some kind of driver issue with the hardware and maybe my friend's driver got updated during an Automatic Update.

I plan to order the Intel 512AN_MMWW2 and stick it in the Acer and hope it works. Any ideas on why the Atheros cards didn't work other than a driver issue?

A:Solved: Internal Wireless Card in laptop won't connect to secured networks, only unse

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Hi. I recenly purchased a Dell Dimension 3000 running XP. I connect to the internet using a Linksys Wireless-G (model WMP54GS). That works just fine. However, I got a new video card, a GeForce FX 5500 and when it's installed the wirless card doesn't really work. It struggles to find the network. If it does find it it generally won't connect. Once in a while I can get it to connect but that's not very common. Once I remove the video card the network works fine. I've tried installing a variety of drivers for both PCI cards. I've tried moving the cards to different slots and the results are always the same. Any ideas as to why this would happen?


A:Wireless card stops working when video card is installed.

how is the power supply? Maybe adding the video card reduces the power enough to cause the nic to drop.

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Hi and Greetings from Lima, Peru !!!!

I am trying to help my daughter who has a VAIO SVE1511PGXS laptop running Windows 7 64 Bits Home Premium with a weird problem in that the available nearby WIFI networks are not "SEEN" or shown when hovering the mouse over the WIFI icon on the task bar.

If you add a WIFI network by hand the laptop will connect and work normally but if you move to another location and need to change to a different access point the available networks will not show and you need to enter the network again manually. INSSIDER or similar programs will show available networks without a problem.

The laptop has a QUALCOMM ATHEROS AR9485WB-EG wireless/bluetooth combination card and have already tried updating the drivers (to bothe the SONY website version and the Qualcomm version) with no results.

Have uninstalled Sony's EASY CONNECT and Smart Network and also unistalled/reinstalled the Client for Microsoft Networks as suggested in several places but problem persists. The WIFI service (WLAN AUTO CONFIG) starts automatically and does not report errors.

Have also tried resetting WINSOCK and TCPIP but no dice....

My daughter is not sure when this problem started (several months ago) but she believes it happened after installing a group of Windows updates several weeks ago....

At this point it would appear to be that the only remedy would be a full Windows 7 reinstall but my daughter has TONS of email, pictures, documents. etc and reinstallin... Read more

A:Weird WIFI Problem: Unable to "SEE" available wireless networks

You could see this thread regarding the zero-config service. Or maybe qualcomm or sony have firmware separate from the actual drivers.

If it comes to a reinstall, MigWiz will transfer all the settings and documents with a few clicks. Always have a separate backup though.

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What is the difference in security between a computer that you need to plug the wireless card into and one you don't or does internet security have more to do with the firewall and router security?

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how increase my wifi signal strength when i m using tp link w8968 router its signal strength is low when just i go to my room door while i m using bina tone w 850 it doest not happen .so plase tell me how to fi my tp link configuration. i m using win 8.1 .

A:wifi signal strength

natik said:

how increase my wifi signal strength when i m using tp link w8968 routerClick to expand...

If you have the router set to less than 100% Wi-Fi power (I think my new router doesn't even have that setting) than increase it.

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Hello Friends

I bought a connection from my ISP and they gave me a Wifi modem. My main issue is that the range of the device is only 10 Mtrs. I want to increase the range as I want my dad to use it. I know you will say that he can come in that 10 Mtr range and use it . But, the device is kept on first floor of my house and he is on ground floor and I don't want him to use stairs as he is a heart patient.

I have read about signal boosters. Are they of any use? if yes, which one should I go for? My range would be 40-50 $.

Thanks in advance.

A:Need to increase the Wifi strength


there are plenty of wifi extenders

have you thought of a Powerline Extender

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Hello everyone,

A couple weeks ago i got a wifi max so i could connect my wii to the internet and all this time i have been tryign to solve the limited or no connectivity probelm and i finally did but now my signal strength is 0 and i dont have any ideas how to get it higher so help would be appreciated

A:Cant get signal strength on wifi max


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I have problem with my wifi signal. I use internet by connecting the laptop through mobile hotspot, but a low  signal strength is shown even if i keep my phone near the laptop, like only 2 bars.  see the picture, my phone is on my lap but still it shows this low signal. if i keep it just 1 meter apart there's no signal at all. i think the problem is with the card!

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hiii i have a problem to my wifi signal strenght from this afternoon.
before i have getting 5 of 5 bars in my wifi signal i used another wifi router for one day .
now i trying to connect to my old wifi it was not connecting ,if connect also signal strenght is 2 of 5
my friends getting 5 of 5.wifi router distance is 20ft only.
my lap is dell inspiron15 3537..pls help me to get my wifi .

A:wifi signal strength

It depends on what router the old one is. It helps to post the manufacturer & model of the old router you are having problems with.

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 I have installed a Intel WiFi part 2230BNHMW chip with FRU P/N 04W3765 card on my Twist i5 s230U so that I can project my screen onto a tv. It works! The issue I am now having is that the bluetooth is not working. I have installed the latest Intel software for the bluetooth driver and still no joy. Is there a way to update the enumerator and le enumerator from 2006 drivers? Is it necessary? 
Please help, this forum has been great so far, I appreciate your looking at this and any assistance is appreciated. 

Go to Solution.

A:S230U Twist - Installed new wifi card, now blueto...

[Adding ThinkPad type to subject for visibility.  AG]

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So I Google Searched every possible solution and nothing really helped, I even went to the point going to the configure in Network Adapter Settings > Configure > Ticked off Allowed The Computer To Turn Off This Device To Save Power

It worked For 15 minutes or so, then the Wifi kept on dropping out, I've Restarted and Done All The Router Stuff, That Other Blogs Suggested, Still Nothing, Wifi continuously Drives me insane, now it drops to 2 bars of signal all the time.

I also did ipconfig/ flushdns and that didn't work either, though i was hoping it would, but anyway, I have port forwarded my IP so I can play Mine Craft with my cousin, but other than That, I have No idea why it just drops constantly in wifi signal all the time.

If Anybody else knows what I can do to get it staying 5/4 bars signal Strength and not drop when I'm watching Netflix or playing Mine Craft or Battlefield 4 Multi Player. Please let me know what else I can do, if they need my Wire Less info/name of it, it is

Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless-AC 3160

and yes it is up to date in patches and etc... it worked fine even in Windows 7 Home and Windows 8.1 Home, but as soon as I grabbed Windows 10 Home Update, it just keeps on doing this annoying bug. So Please may Some One Help me.

A:Wifi keeps on losing signal strength

What type of router are you using? Which band are you using? How far are you from the router? This may be interference from neighboring WiFi WAPs on the same channel. Download one of the free WiFi monitoring apps from the Windows Store such as WiFi Analyzer to see what your WiFi environment looks like. The pick a channel that has less interference and set your router to use that channel (rather than picking one automatically).
Post your responses to these questions, including what your WiFi environment looks like.

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Hi Everyone,

I was hoping to get some advice on some WiFi issues I have been having in my flat. I have recently switched from a BT fibre connection to a standard Sky broadband connection, and since doing so have seen the WiFi signal strength drop throughout the flat.

It is a modern building so the walls are not thick and the distance over which the WiFi signal is degrading is only about 8 metres. Prior to switching providers the signal strength was fine and since switching there have been no modifications to the flat which may interfere with the signal.

I am using the router provided by Sky (model number is SR102). Having read some reviews online, this router doesn?t appear to be all that good in comparison to other ISP provided routers in terms of its wireless capabilities.

Things I have tried so far are:

Being in a flat there are lots of other WiFi networks nearby so I used a WiFi analyser (Android app called WiFi Analyzer) to determine which channel I should switch the router to; this didn?t seem to have much effect.Tried moving the router from the master socket to another telephone socket in the flat. I was unable to get an internet connection doing this.Recognising that the BT router (Homehub 3.0) provided a better signal, I have connected this to my Sky router via ethernet cable to act as a wireless access point (I think that?s what you?d call it). Unfortunately this has not had the desired effect; I can connect wirelessly to the internet through the BT... Read more

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very very low signal range and wifi signL Strength is very weak even i sit close to router i try every thing but issue not resolve plz help i use window 8 pro

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My home network is fairly basic. A D-Link DI-624 (rev C, latest firmware) "Extreme G" 802.11g wireless router with a D-Link 7.5db gain external antenna.

My previous laptops (both with built-in 802.11g adaptes) have always shown the signal strength at the full 5 Bars from any location in my home. However last week a purchased a new Toshiba Satellite A135-S4477 (Vista 32) and have noticed the signal strength never exceeds 3 Bars and often drops as low as 2 Bars. This is the case even if I set the laptop within a few feet of the antenna. I have also tried removing the router's external antenna and using the orignal but it doesn't make any difference. It's almost seems like the built-in wifi adapter is attenuating the signal. I'm not having problems with disconnects and the range is "OK" but I'm still curious to know why the signal appears so weak.


A:WiFi signal strength lower than it should be

different laptops react differently to signals - I have an ACER laptop which will work where no other laptop (HP, Toshiba) will

download this program it show a graph of S/N ratio - have a walk about see what it detects

Free software to check signal strength of wireless is netstumbler 0.4.0 available for download from http://www.stumbler.net/

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