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Upgrade versions - what version do I need to be on to upgrade?

Q: Upgrade versions - what version do I need to be on to upgrade?

I have an installation of v1.8. Do I need to upgrade to 1.8.1 before I go to 1.9, or can I go directly to 1.9? Thanks.

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Preferred Solution: Upgrade versions - what version do I need to be on to upgrade?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


AIM 6.5 Upgrade causes media to no longer play on versions of Vista DO NOT UPGRADE...the cause of media no longer playing on Windows Media Player and iTunes and all other media players was linked on my PC to the download and installation of AIM 6.5. It also caused my network icon in my system tray show i was no longer connected to a network, and it was an unknown network.

To fix these problems use the system restore program that Vista comes with and restore your PC to a saved version before your installation of AIM 6.5.

Hopefully this helps everyone having these problems.

Note: Aim will no longer work after doing system restore, so you have to re-install in, and if you dont have the install package for 6.0 saved somewhere on your computer do not re-install 6.5, go to the aim site and look for the classic version 5.9.

A:AIM 6.5 Upgrade causes media to no longer play on versions of Vista DO NOT UPGRADE

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AIM 6.5 Upgrade causes media to no longer play on versions of Vista DO NOT UPGRADE...the cause of media no longer playing on Windows Media Player and iTunes and all other media players was linked on my PC to the download and installation of AIM 6.5. It also caused my network icon in my system tray show i was no longer connected to a network, and it was an unknown network.

To fix these problems use the system restore program that Vista comes with and restore your PC to a saved version before your installation of AIM 6.5.

Hopefully this helps everyone having these problems.

Note: Aim will no longer work after doing system restore, so you have to re-install in, and if you dont have the install package for 6.0 saved somewhere on your computer do not re-install 6.5, go to the aim site and look for the classic version 5.9.

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I have a copy of MS Office Professional 2003 that has been installed and working fine for 2 years. Now (perhaps as a result of a Microsoft update ?) I am told that it is not genuine and will fail to work in 10 days. The invalidity is confirmed at http://www.microsoft.com/Genuine/ It seems this is part of a bunch of product keys that purport to be one in a series of a volume licence but were really stolen.

Do I need to buy a full retail edtion of Office Professional 2007 or will an upgrade version be acceptable to the activation code ?

A:Will an upgrade version of MS Office see a hookey one as a qualification for upgrade

If you purchased this as a legal, retail version, then contact Microsoft about the false notification.

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Hi all
I'm itching to see if an "Upgrade" version of W7 requires an Activated version of a previous OS before it will install or will it carry on even if the previous OS hasn't been activated.

The only OS'es I can get from Technet are the Full versions.

Anybody got an "Upgrade" version or will these only be released after Oct 22.

Also will an "Upgrade" allow an X-64 install from a previous X-86 OS (Of course a Clean install will be required but in the case of VISTA you could upgrade to VISTA X-64 from Windows XP - not directly - you still had to do a Clean install but it worked).

Upgrades to previous OS's and some apps like Office only required you to load the previous versions install disk to validate the upgrade.

What also happens with an "Upgrade" version if you have to re-install the OS again and you've wiped the HD. Note Upgrade in this context means an Upgrade version of the software - not an "Upgrade" install from a previous OS.


A:Any Upgrade versions out there yet

You can ask all the same questions s everyone else, but the bottom line is no one knows for sure right now. Nothing official has been released, so at this point, I wouldn't bother buying an Upgrade license until the processes have been confirmed. If it was me, and I was buying a license right now, I'd skip it all and get a full version.

Quote: Originally Posted by jimbo45

Anybody got an "Upgrade" version or will these only be released after Oct 22.

None have been released as of now. Those won't be available until the 22nd.

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now that windows 8 pro is officially available in various versions eg. upgrade,upgrade (?14.99 version for computers 1 year old or less) and i have also seen in the shops they are selling windows 8 pro upgrade and windows 8 pro upgrade pack, when i asked i was told that windows 8 pro upgrade pack comes with media center included for the same price. i dont know if this is correct or the sales assistant didnt understand the difference.

my questions are :-

whats the difference between the upgrade offered for ?14.99 UK pounds offered with computers less than 1yr old or less and the normal ?25 upgrade version.

based on versions bought via the upgrade assistant online, are they all the same download size ?.

A:are upgrade versions all the same ?

It is my understanding that the Windows 8 pro upgrade is for eligible purchases of Win 7 machines to upgrade to Win 8 pro. the Win 8 pro pack is to upgrade machines that came with Win 8 to pro version.

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Hey guys Great site and its helped me loads before, I'm sorry my first post is a question but this seamed the best place to ask for reassurance.

Im upgrading my rig before going to university and finally wanted to take the leap from 32 bit windows to 64 bit. I have decided for various reasons to stick with windows vista over moving to 7 or waiting for 8. I have i identified several options available to me, the main limiting factor being availability however i have a few questions regarding them. Either i purchase an 64bit OEM copy of home premium or I purchase a Vista Ultimate upgrade edition (with both 32 and 64 bit disks).

I know how the OEM version will work (it is effectively the 64 bit version of what i am using now and have experience with) But i am a bit rusty as to how the Upgrade Disks work.

Is it possible, using an upgrade disk, to upgrade from windows vista 32 bit Home Premium to 64 bit Ultimate?

I have heard rumors that the "OEM system builders" cd keys can be used to install 64 bit or 32 bit versions of the software without issue assuming the corresponding 64 or 32 bit disk is used. I this true?
(This is more for reference as i intend to put the old board and cpu to good use in the near future. The system upgrade of my main machine is going to be so substantial that im practically building a new pc which would breach the terms of use.)

Can you tell me any other pros or cons i will face by using the OEM version or and upgrade version?

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A:OEM vs Upgrade versions of Vista

Whatever you do, moving from 32-bit to 64-bit will require a reformat - so back up to external media first!!!

You do NOT need to purchase anything - your current Key is valid for both 32-bit and 64-bit Vista.

What you will need is the 64-bit installation media - you can download a set of files for it from the links on these pages...
The links are for downloads from the Digital River server run for MS.

You will then need to create the bootable DVD from those files -

To create the disk, see this set of instructions from Andre daCosta Repair man removed Windows Vista and installed Windows 7. How to I get - Microsoft Answers

Then you're all set - so long as you have the proper Product Keys for all your software (including Vista, of course) recorded offline somewhere.
Make sure that you have the essential system drivers downloaded and backed up so you can install them before connecting back to the internet, etc.

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Many times you will see software for sale that is listed as OEM , Academic, Upgrades, or Full Versions, all at different prices. This may lead to some confusion making you think that they are all different products. In reality they are all the same products, but are priced differently.

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. Oem software is generally only sold by hardware manufacturers who include the OEM software as part of the total product. For example, when you purchase a new computer and it comes with Windows, it is the OEM version of Windows. Software wise there is no difference between the OEM copy and one you would buy from a store, but the manufacturers buy it in such bulk that they get huge discounts.

Academic and Not For Profit versions of software are software that is priced for a specific type of institution. Manufacturers generally sell their products at a steep discount if the buyer can be considered a educational institution or a non for profit institution.

Upgrade Versions is a way software companies have you continue to use their software or to switch to their software. These upgrade versions are usually the same as their Full Version counterparts, yet are at a significant discount. When they the Upgrades are installed on your computer, if they do not detect a piece of software that they feel is from a previous version or similar application, the upgrade will not work and it will direct you to buy the Full version. The upgrade is always ch... Read more

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Is the in-place upgrade to Windows 7 possible with

a) retail versions
b) OEM / OSB / SB version?

Or do I have to buy this special "upgrade version"?

I only get contradictorily information (very frustrating!) and need advice from your side.

Thanks a lot!


P.S. Yes, I know about the pros and cons in general regarding in-place upgrade vs. clean installation

A:In-place upgrade with retail / OEM / OSB / SB versions?

Yes, in-place upgrade is possible using full retail, or from manufacturer's OEM. Builders OEM is installed to new hardware and then locked in place, but qualify as an upgradable OS to a higher version.

Most economical of course is the Upgrade version, even installed to new HDD as long as you have the qualifying XP/Vista to back it up in case of future elevation to MS phone activation person (rare) during reinstall. But making a Win7 Backup Image makes reinstalls never again necessary.

Hope this answers your question. If not, everything is parsed here: What Microsoft won't tell you about Windows 7 licensing | Ed Bott’s Microsoft Report | ZDNet.com

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My question relates to the difference between the upgrade and full versions of Win 7 Home Premium. I have Vista Home Premium which I loaded onto my computer from the upgrade version. However I did a custom install at that time (so I could format the drive) and then not entering the product # nor activating it. Then going back and doing another install as an upgrade and putting in the product # and activating it.
I am using the 32 bit version now and want to try the 64 bit version of Win 7. So I need to do a custom install again to format the drive (I would like to delete partitions and recover unallocated space prior to Win 7 install). I think from what I've read that this is possible using the upgrade version of Win 7 (however, can you upgrade from an upgraded Vista). Does the above procedure still work in Win 7?
I don't want to buy the cheaper Win 7 upgrade if I need the full version. What is the real difference between the upgrade and full versions of Win 7?


A:Windows 7 Full vs Upgrade versions

I am banking on this working for 7 too, because I'm in the same situation. Its probably going to be about 5 hours before I have time to attempt this. If we don't have a reply by then I'll post back with what happened on my attempt.

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I am running an "Anytime Upgrade" version of Windows 7 Professional. I have since discovered that sysprep does not function (or is disabled) on "Anytime Upgrade" versions of Windows 7. In other words, if I had purchased a physical
copy of Windows 7 professional then sysprep would be available. Since I did not, sysprep is not available.

Question: If I purchased a full retail version of Windows 7 Ultimate and upgraded my current version of Windows 7 Professional using that DVD could I then regain a working sysprep feature on my laptop?

Thank you in advance. I would upgrade to Windows 10, but my graphics card is not supported by Windows 10. I receive an error from Windows 10 Upgrade .... "Windows 10 is not compatible with your graphics card". 

Any workarounds or advice would be appreciated.

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Microsoft opened the proverbial flood gates earlier today with the launch of Windows 10, welcoming both new and existing Windows users to try out its brand new operating system.

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A:Pirates are able to upgrade to genuine versions of Windows 10

So I get no upgrade at all and pirates get my code, nice

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I've ordered seven copies of Windows 7, five full versions on pre-order from a retailer, plus Home Premium Upgrade and one Professional Upgrade download version from the Microsoft Student deal: Microsoft UK Education - Home - Ultimate Steal

Now I hear that the pre-ordered copies will not arrive for FIVE DAYS after the release date. Will I be able to use my "full" keys if I use the downloaded upgrade versions to install?

A:Using full keys on downloaded upgrade versions

Hello Nigel,

In Vista you could, but it's not known yet if you can with Windows 7.

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I just came to the realization that a computer of mine is 64bit even though it has been running the 32bit version of Windows 7.  This came about when some curiosity lead me to the manufacturer's website seeking to learn some specific details about the
computer.  Interestingly there is a statement which says something to the effect that this particular computer was not intended for use with the 32bit version of Windows.  This causes me to assume that it was sold with the 64bit version installed
which was changed after market.  I have no idea how this might have happened insofar as I obtained the computer from a friend who was discarding it.  This friend isn't someone who would know about such things.  I did reinstall the 32bit version
of Windows when I added an SSD drive but did this thinking it was a 32bit computer because it was running the 32bit version of Windows.
While the 32bit version is working fine, I am dependent on some software where support for 32bit has been abandoned.  I'd also like to add more memory and learned that while the computer can support up to 16GB it. apparently, won't use more than 4GB
when running the 32bit version of Windows.
I have quite a bit of work invested in building out the computer with the software I'm using and it would be nice if I didn't have to redo that to upgrade it to 64bit, which is what leads to my question.

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I went to staples today and I was asking one of the employees there about the Windows 7 Upgrade version and he said that he tried both the upgrade version and the full version and said that the full version was faster does anyone else have reports of this? I'd like to save the $60 if possible but i'd like my computer to be as fast as it can be, even if that means spending a little extra.

EDIT: title should be Windows 7, not Microsoft 7.

A:Microsoft 7 upgrade version is slower than full version?

Buy the upgrade version, but do a "clean" installation. See this tutorial http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/1818-...-7-a.html?ltr=UI think someone was trying to get more money out of you.

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Right now I'm using windows 10 version 1511 , then I have to install windows update KB3199986 , the bad thing is that I have to upgrade my windows version to 1607 enable to have to install KB3199986? How can I upgrade my windows 10 version 1511 to 1607?? or can I install KB3199986 using my current windows 10 version 1511? Thank you...

A:How to upgrade windows version 1511 to version 1607

Go here:
Windows 10

Click the "Upgrade Now" button.

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I need to know if I can use a clean install disk for Windows 7 Ultimate to upgrade from Vista or if I have to use an Upgrade version?

I'm leaning towards buying the clean install disk so that if I should loose the hard drive at some future point I could just clean install Win 7 Ultimate from the disk without having to first install Vista and then upgrade.

Regardless of which type I purchase, am I better off to buy the OEM disk from the machine manufacturer (Toshiba) or just purchase any OEM disk?

Of course, if I want Microsoft support then I need to purchase retail disks.

Thank you.

A:Upgrade version vs clean install version

I suggest the much cheaper upgrade DVD. It will do a clean install, if there is an underlying supporting version of Windows

MS has changed the rules for OEM, they are not for personal use, even if builidng your own computer.

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Downloaded the iso for ATA v1.7.2 so I could upgrade our current ATA center which is at 1.6.4103.  According to the "ATA update to 1.7 migration guide", it seems to say that I can be at 1.6 to upgrade to 1.7.  However, upon running the
Microsoft ATA Center Setup, I get the following pop up message:
  "Updating to version 1.7.5757.57477 from version 1.6.4103.64991 is not supported"
Is this accurate and, if so, what process should I follow to get to version 1.7.*??  Do I need to uninstall version 1.6 and can I preserve the existing Mongo DB?


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I am using windows 2003 o.s with my SAP software got installed.As i am not having the sound drivers for my 2003 o.s .so that can i install xp on my p.c with out un-installing my SAP software and i don't want to format my system.........so that i can get sound drivers with Xp..


A:Is It Possible To Upgrade On Higher Version To Lower Version O.s

No, you can't do what you are asking here. The only way you can change the o/s is to format and install.

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I have Win 7 64 bit Home, OEM. If I do any anytime upgrade to Win 7 64 bit Pro, does that change the OEM to a full version?

Reason I ask, I may want to change motherboards, to a different brand, and with an OEM I wouldn't be able to reactivate it.

A:Anytime Upgrade from OEM version to full version??

I don't even think you can get a Windows 7 Retail any more.

My understanding you can up grade from Home Premium but you will have to pay for the Up grade to Pro OEM builders.

Their might be other members with a better idea.

I personally don't like upgrades and just buy OEM builders and do a clean install.

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Hi, I want to 'Start Over' on my computer and wipe the whole thing clean. Problem is I have no Operating system disks, and no driver disks. Therefore, I have to purchase a new operating system. Right now I have microsoft windows XP Professional. I am going to buy XP Home edition b/c I dont want to spend that much money. Can I buy the upgrade version or do I need to buy the full version. Remember that I need to format the drive. Thanks.

A:Full version or Upgrade Version??

If you don't have any XP discs and you format your drive, you will need the full version. What you could do is get the upgrade and install that first, then remove your XP.

EDIT: Sorry, it's late here and I really should be in bed. For some reason I was thinking of Vista Home Basic. What I said still applies, however. If you have an earlier version of Windows, eg, '98, you can reformat your drive then install the upgrade. It will simply ask you to insert your '98 disc to check that the upgrade is valid. It's a long time since I installed my upgrade version of XP, but it was quite happy when I inserted an upgrade version of '98.

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Which is the better option?

A:Upgrade version vs regular version

Hello Mitchball, and welcome to Seven Forums.

The full (regular) version will allow you to do a clean install easier and will not require you to have a qualifying current version of Vista like the upgrade version will. Otherwise they are the same version of Windows 7.

I like the full version better for ease of use and installation.

Hope this helps,

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I have a question: I currently have windows 7 32-bit, I don't know whether It's a good idea to upgrade to win7 64-bit, I use PC for gaming, work (autocad), microsoft office, etc, video editing etc, (I don't want to use the highest video settings)...
I can currently use 3.5 GB of my 4GB installed RAM if I change i can use all 4GB will that be a bigger difference or not? (in games for example)
Thanks in advance...

A:Upgrade to 64-bit version?

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I am currently running Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics v1.8.6765.36693. I am running Windows Server 2012 R2 [Version 6.3 (Build 9600)}.  The ATA database on is stored on the D: volume.  Any attempt to upgrade or install a fresh instance of
version 1.9 fails with the following error:  "Update failed.  Error code:0x80070643".  I have not been able to identify any reason for this behavior.  Has anyone else experienced the same issue?

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Can you upgrade a OEM Version? I have two laptops with XP and Vista and I want to buy a 3 users upgrade for Windows 7. I also have an extra XP from a crash computer that I want to put on another computer that I am going to build and then I know I can put the upgrade on this one but how about the two laptops?

A:Can you upgrade a OEM Version?

Yes an OEM can be upgraded
but do it as a clean install, for best results
Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version[2]=General Tips

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As student I purchased the digital-river W7 Pro 64-bit and I'm happy with it.
My university store also lets me buy a W7 DVD for $ 43. I'm considering doing this for a possible second computer or to upgrade a laptop we have.

I want to buy the 64-bit version (since the future is 64-bit). It seems the university store either sells 64-bit or 32-bit DVDs, not one of the packages with both DVDs. Could I buy the 64-bit DVD and install one of the 32-bit bit versions with that 64-bit key (the digital river links had leaked) on the laptop for the time being? the laptop only has 32 bit processor. But it might only live for 1-2 years. then I'd get some 64-bit computer.

I'd buy the Pro-version. I don't think there is anything illegal, since I legally buy two different student discounts from different vendors. I also will use that one key only for one license at a time (and also assume once I register online MS makes sure it only works on one PC).

A:use 64-bit key on a 32 bit upgrade version

A CD key is independent of 32bit to 64bit, it will activate one of the other. Since you already have a DVD with the 64bit data on it might as well get the 32bit DVD too. The DVDs themselves are not tired to a single CD key.

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My OS is Windows XP Media Center Edition, version 2002, SP2. The computer is about 4 years old with 3 gigs ram, and plenty of H/D space. No problems, it is working fine.

My Web browser is I.E. version 7.0. I would like to upgrade to I.E. 8.0 and I guess I should also upgrade to SP3 as well as SP2 isn't supported anymore, I understand.

I will do a System Restore Point before starting and start with a fresh reboot and also a complete backup of my personal files.

Will I.E. 8.0 be compatible with my PC do you think? Any suggestions before I go ahead with this that you can think of? I running Norton Internet Security, think I should disable it during these installations?

I'm pretty sure some would recommend FireFox or one of the others, but I wish to stay with Internet Explorer.

Any suggestions, warning, advice wold be appreciated.

A:Upgrade from I.E. 7.0 to I.E. version 8 ?

I've updated to IE8 not so long ago and wish I hadn't. I don't see any significant improvement. It's slower than IE7 and uses more system resources. A few bugs and changes I don't like.

It's up to you but IE7 works quite well and is secure if you keep it up to date.

As for SP3, definitely do upgrade.

Steps to take before installing Windows XP Service Pack 3

Disabling Norton is not a bad idea, considering the numerous conflicts it can create sometimes. However, I rarely disable my security software to download and install programs.

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I have Windows XP on my machine currently. If I bought a new HDD and installed the Win 7 upgrade onto the new drive, would this work?

If it did work, would I then lose my product key for the Windows XP copy I currently have thus making my old HDD "dead" if I ever needed to put it back into use?


A:Win 7 Upgrade vs Retail Version

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I am building a new system and have already purchased the upgrade version of W7 Home Premium. I am not planning on installing XP on it. I figured the upgrade version of W7 upon installation would ask me to place a qualifying product (XP) into the CD drive and verify that I already owned a qualifying product to upgrade from.

Does it do this or do I need to return the upgrade version and purchase the full version?

Thank you!

A:Windows XP to W7 upgrade version

You install the W7 upgrade while in windows XP, they have changed the upgrade routine.

But there is a workaround to use upgrade media to do a clean install. No need to buy full version.



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I have 5 copies of windows XP Pro Full edition, but I need to do an "In Place Upgrade". Why, if the Full version costs more than the upgrade version, won't it let me do an upgrade? Is there anyway to bypass this goofiness and use my full version to do an upgrade from win98?

If I use an upgrade cd, it won't accept my full version product key. Even after upgrading with upgrade cd. I can't insert the full version product key with Magical Jellybean Key finder.

Can someone explain the rational of why the more expensive product does less than the cheaper version?

Does anybody know how to either:
1) force the full version product key after an upgrade install
2) do an upgrade with a full version disc?

I've got 5 full versions of XP pro that are worthless to me at the moment.


A:Need to Upgrade with XP Pro Full Version

If you are upgrading to WinXP from Win98, then you are likely to suffer many problems and have an unstable system. If I were you, I'd reformat and do a clean install of WinXP, otherwise you may regret it at some point down the line. I'm not saying it isn't possible, but I've yet to see an upgrade from win98 to winxp that was without problems. Even if you later update all the drivers you will still find that some things won't work as expected and you may get various errors when installing some software further down the line. Do a clean install and follow this by updating to sp2 as soon as you can.

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Effective with the release of FF 56 [expected on September 26], 32-Bit Firefox Users on 64-Bit PCs Will Be [silently and forcibly] Auto-Upgraded to 64-Bit Firefox;  the only condition is that users have more than 2GB of RAM.
Additionally, with the release of Firefox 55, Mozilla plans to modify the Windows stub installer to set up the 64-bit Firefox version by default for eligible users.
[With acknowledgement to Corrine Chorney for posting elsewhere...]

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Hi ,

I have licenced Windows 7 Ultimate which I got with my new laptop.
When I try to upgrade/change it to a customised version of Win7 Ultimate from an ISO it FAILS. At start It updates the installer (tried without updating also) and after that I select UPGRADE. The installtion progress starts and goes good over the first 4 steps but in the middle of the fifth and last step (something about gathering info about services) it just suddenly sends me a popup windows with a laconic message like:

Windows cannot upgrade to this version. use windows upgarde to determine compatibility issues. the installation program will now reboot and restore windows to it's previous state

I ran this installation as system. In the background it seems like the installation is still going or in an endless loop / deadlock situation so I pressed OK.

Then the system restarts and I get 2 options:Windows
Windows setup rollback
At first I tried the windows option which leeds again to the installation screen but still It wants to exit with the same error popup. I tried several other boot options with F8 but with no avail so aventually I had to press the rollback and return to my original Win7. The message I get after it is attached. Obviously my system have the requirements needed for Win7.Whrere/What is the problem ?
How/where can I see the log of the setup/installation process ?

A:Cannot upgrade to another version of Win7

Have you tried formatting your drive first?

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I have recently discovered that the version of XP-pro that I have is not "completely Legit". It appears that the person which I inherited the PC( amd 1.3gig 256ram 40gig hd ) from, installed a purchased beta version of XP pro sp-2............ The problem is that one of the recent auto up dates, self installes and restarts my machine overnight, unfortunately when I attempt to log on I get "" logon message: The system cannot log you on due to the following error:the program issued a command but the command length is incorrect . please try again or consult your system administrator. " the only way that I can can log on is to try to log on ,is in safe mode and use the last working configuration. moreover it appears this version has about 30-45 more working days of life left. Given all of the above I want to upgrade to a version of xp-home and not lose any of my programs, settings emails etc.. Any one have any suggestions on how to do this " simple " task???????


A:XP- SP2 pro upgrade to home version?

I don't know if you can upgrade (downgrade) to Home Edition from XP Pro. I think calling Microsoft to let them of the situation would be the best bet/

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k I have the 7100 build and I would like to know if I can upgrade it to win7 Home Premium and if so how?

And would I need to buy the upgrade disc or the full one.

A:How do I upgrade from the trail version?

Most all of us would recommend a clean install, and yes you can use the Upgrade version. When you boot the DVD, it will scan the HD to see a prior OS and allow use of Upgrade version key.

However, many have reported fine performance using a workaround to do an in-place Upgrade from the RC to another retail version of Win7. Let us know if trying this would interest you and we will link you to it.

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Based on this topic here per Post#1:http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/79852/how-to-perform-a-clean-vista-install-using-a-vista-upgrade-product-key/Can I do the same thing with Windows 7?Would this permit me to perform a clean install of 7 using Upgrade Media on a Hard Drive with no operating system installed?Note, that I own a genuine licensed copy of Vista, but want to wipe the drive clean and install 7 OUTSIDE of Windows (ie: booting from the DVD).I welcome your thoughts...

A:Windows 7 Upgrade Version

Not normally would you be able to clean install with an upgrade version but according to the article here: http://community.winsupersite.com/blogs/pa...rk-exactly.aspx it says if you have a qualifying version of windows, you can use the upgrade version to clean install by selecting the custom install option.

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I'm quite keen on purchasing an Upgrade version of Windows 7. I understand that the installation process first verifies whether I have a legit version of Vista/XP before it commits to installing W7. Therefore, I have 2 questions relating to this:

1) Will my copy of Vista be deactivated after the upgrade to W7?

2) Is it possible to perform a reinstallation of W7 in the future?

I'm particularly concerned about Question 2 because the reinstallation means I won't have a copy of Vista/XP installed -- and my Vista serial key may be deactivated so I won't be able to install Vista as a prerequisite to W7.

I've searched online for answers already but most of the results were written during the W7 beta phase and may now be outdated. Some of the answers were also contradictory or very vague so I thought it best to ask the questions afresh.

Sorry for my ignorance and thanks for your time,

A:Reinstalling an Upgrade version of W7.

Since you can do a clean or custom install with the upgrade media, you don't even need the prior OS installed. So the answer to number 2 is Yes.

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The cost of the full version of Ultimate makes me want to throw up but I may not have a choice. I'm running Win 7 Ultimate RC. I do have Windows Vista Home Premium but haven't installed it since the first Win 7 beta came out. I do a lot of experimenting and frequently have to reinstall the OS. It's fun..............I like to do it. My question is if I bought the upgrade would I have to install Vista first everytime and then use the upgrade? Since I do frequent fresh installs I'm betting that the full version is the way for me to go. Thanks

A:Upgrade or Full Version

No one will know for sure until we can test the upgrade media on the 22nd.

But it looks like re installations are going to be more of a hassle than in the days of XP and vista.

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I am Currently running Windows XP Pro. I know I qualify to buy the Windows7 upgrade editions. I plan to install it on a new hard drive but the old hard drive will be there for upgrade verification. What happens if I later decide to wipe out my Windows 7 installation and do a fresh install? Or if my hard drive craps out and I need to do a fresh install? At that time I will not have an activated Windows XP os. Would I be better off with a full version of Windows 7?

A:Full or upgrade version?

Hmm, good question.

As long as there is a copy of Windows on the hard drive, you'll be able to reinstall to your hearts content. If you try to install on a blank hard drive, or your hard drive kills itself in a way you can't restore it, then you'll be out of luck unless you have a backup of your hard drive somewhere.

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can i upgrade to a newer build of win7 from my version 7000 without downloading a complete 3 GB iso image?

A:upgrade to newer version

Quote: Originally Posted by Kaustubh

can i upgrade to a newer build of win7 from my version 7000 without downloading a complete 3 GB iso image?

no...in order to get a newer build you obviously need to download it or wait until October 22 and go buy it

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HI, i'm planning on buying a laptop with windows vista 32 bit on it but I would like the 64bit version. Is there any way to upgrade to the 64 bit version without paying full price.

Also it's windows vista premium just in case that matters.

A:Solved: 64 bit upgrade from 32 bit version

You can't install a 64 bit operating system on a computer that has a motherboard that is only meant for a 32 bit operating system. I'm pretty sure a manufacturer is not going to put a 64 bit motherboard into a laptop and then install a 32 bit operating system.

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My apologies if these question have been asked. My search skill is as poor as my bank account.

Suppose I have a Windows XP pro x86 on my box, and I'm buying Windows 7 retail to upgrade my system. My search tells me that I can buy the Upgrade version to upgrade. I know it's not a direct upgrade.

My XP was upgraded from Windows 2000, which was upgraded from Windows NT 4.

What if the unthinkable happens and I need to reformat my hard drive?

Q1: Will I be able to reinstall Windows 7 using the upgrade disc? Or do I have to reinstall XP, then perform the "upgrade" again?

Q2: Will I be better off buying the full version? Can the full version be used to perform this "upgrade"?

Any comments and suggestions are highly appreciated.


A:Should I buy full or upgrade version?

Get the full version if I were you.

With the full version, if anything goes wrong, just format you HDD and reinstall windows. Much easier than the first question you raised.

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Just want to ask if it's possible to install the Windows 7 Upgrade Version on a computer with Vista Starter OS? Will it install if i just Upgrade it? Or do i need to install it in clean installation? Thanks

A:Windows 7 Upgrade Version

I'm pretty certain that it'll force you to perform a clean install, but even if it doesn't you should do it that way anyway. A clean install w/ backed up data is much better than a messy upgrade installation.

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i just use windows anytime upgrade and upgrade my PC from windows 7 home basic to windows 7 ultimate.It is written in the properties that 'ask for genuine windows software'.can you guys tell me that my windows is genuine or not.i am waiting for your answers.
thank you.

A:upgrade version is genuine or not

Quote: Originally Posted by raza110

i just use windows anytime upgrade and upgrade my PC from windows 7 home basic to windows 7 ultimate.It is written in the properties that 'ask for genuine windows software'.can you guys tell me that my windows is genuine or not.i am waiting for your answers.
thank you.

Raza Welcome to SevenForums,

This will answer your questions:
Genuine Windows: frequently asked questions - Microsoft Windows

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When you slipstream SP2 you can make the install process more automated by adding your product key and name to the winnt.sif file, but can you make a change to bypass the 'insert another copy of windows into the cd rom' step? It's really a pain in the @$$. - I get this message b/c my Windows XP Pro disk is an upgrade version.

A:Slipstream SP2 into an Upgrade Version of XP

i would think not

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I checked my browser's version after a pop-up blocker I downloaded was'nt stopping the ads, and the product said it has to have 5.0 or later to work. My laptop came with Windows xp-pro and Internet Explorer 4.0 , that's what it shows- that's kind of old for a new laptop, is'nt it? How do I update/upgrade this browser?? Thanks..

A:How To Upgrade Browser Version?

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