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help with turning extracted audio/jpgs back to movie file???

Q: help with turning extracted audio/jpgs back to movie file???

I had an .avi file which was made with the camera tilted 90 deg to the left.

I realise now that Windows Movie Maker can fix this by offering to tilt any movie by 90 degs, but hindsight is a wonderful thing.

I extracted the jpgs (902 of them), corrected the angle, extracted the audio and tried to create a movie in WMM but couldn't sync the jpgs/audio properly.

Is there a program that can import the jpgs/audio and magically syncronize the two back into the original movie format???

Unfortunately I no longer have the original .avi file either....

Preferred Solution: help with turning extracted audio/jpgs back to movie file???

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: help with turning extracted audio/jpgs back to movie file???

Give a try for Adobe Premiere Pro. All the tricks and any situation for editing is possible and can be done by this powerful software.

This is not free, but the price is worth for the project.

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Hi, I seem to have lost the audio from a home movie. It was burned to CDR and is a .dat file. This was done by my husband just after we bought our Sony Handicam in 2004 and being a novice at the time, i'm not sure if he copied it correctly. As a result, I have video of my daughter's first 6 weeks of life but no audio I have tried extracting the audio using WavePad Sound Editor and various other freeware. Can anyone suggest whether this is lost for good or whether there is some way of retrieving the audio.
Thanks, Leanne

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im trying to figure out why the audio stream with a MPG file wont show up when i go to edit a video clip on Vegas 8. my computer runs on Windows 7. please, i need help!


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Well i extracted this one file to my desktop and it had a lot of files. I extracted to desktop on accident then i deleted all the files which field up my desktop and deleted them. After i had turned off and restarted my computer they were back. Now everyday i have to delete 60+files on my desktop because they keep coming back. Anyone know how to fix this?

A:Extracted a file to desktop

I have a similar problem. There is a folder on my desktop named "Movies". I delete this folder and it just comes back. I have tried cutting and pasting it to a new directory but it just comes back to the desktop and then I have 2 folders names "Movies". I just want the folder to be permanently deleted. Any idea what I should do? Thanks

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Hi All, thanks for reading.
I have this bug type issue, when i extract files from either a .zip or .rar, every now and then when i go to delete the extracted files they appear to stay where they where, be it on the desktop usually or a specific folder, the files however have actually been sent to the bin but they still appear to remain where they were extracted too.
The only way i can make them go away is by stopping explorer in DM and restarting, then the 'ghost' files have gone from the desktop or folder.
I am totally up to date with updates, i ran all sorts of scans but nothing seems to stop this occurring from time to time which is also annoying because it doesn't happen every time !!!

Any ideas peeps

OS - Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit

A:Extracted ghost file removal !!

What happens if you press F5 (Refresh) when this happens?

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I downloaded a .RAR with a 4 gig .mdf and a small .mds in it, and when I extract either one with WinRAR the files are nowhere to be found, but when I check my disk space I have 4 gigs less free. I tried searching for all files with the .mdf extension, and I tried turning on "show hidden files and folders" in Folder Options, but no luck. I tried three times in a different location each time, but the files are still nowhere to be found and each time 4 more gigs disappeared.

I've tried other .RAR's and they work fine. I have XP SP2. The name of the .mdf and .mds are in Japanese, if that makes a difference, but I have the Eastern Language Pack installed. Does anyone know how I can get my disk space back?

A:Extracted file can't be found, takes up space

i assume you log in as the machine's administrator, so what u need to do is go to control panel, folder options, select the view tab, then uncheck the hide extensions for known file types also uncheck the hide protected operating systems files.

Then do a *.RAR search of files in folders in ur local drives which hopefully will pick it up

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My other half and son were using the computer yesterday, and then left it on to do some other things, upon returning to the laptop noticed that the power button was solid blue (should be flashing orange when in standby mode), with nothing on the screen, moved the mouse with nothing happening as well as CTRL+ALT+DELETE.

Powered computer down by holding the on/off button for 5 seconds, restarted but noticed that I could hear the DVD drive power up but that is where it stops/hangs, nothing comes on the screen. Have done this numerous times, as well as removing the battery and starting with just mains power on?

Can anyone help with what might be going on ??


A:Re: Satellite A100 - Won't reboot after turning off and turning back on ?


Can you enter Bios (f2 on startup) to check if the HDD recognized. Also, try to reinstall Windows with a recovery disk or Windows copy disk.

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Here is the issue, when my computer goes to sleep after it's on for a while when I move the mouse to get the screen back up it shows the backround no icons or anything to click.
Same if I turn it off and turn it back on. I have to turn it off and on many times then go to safe mode and shut down then turn it on again for it to work. Just now I had to turn it on/off 4 times for it to show the icons and task bar. Usually it is left blank with nothing to click having no choice but to turn it off.
Norton says no viruses.
My computer is HP with windows 7. I bought it in 2011.
This problem has been happening for a long time. Please help.

A:When turning off computer & turning it back on again screen is blank

Hello squirrels and welcome to Seven Forums.

I think I'd start out by trying to do a startup repair. It's been suggested that the startup repair be done 3 times (regardless of what the notifications say) and the computer rebooted after each repair.

Startup Repair

If this doesn't fix the problem one of the Forum experts has prepared these troubleshooting guides with some additional suggestions.

Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Boot

Troubleshooting Steps for Windows 7

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I had an Flip video (avi) file and somehow it is now a bunch of folders with jpgs. Is there anyway that I can recover the video?

A:Recover avi file from jpgs

Yes, Windows Movie Maker should be able to do it.

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I'm just starting to use my Canoscan FS4000US and Photoshop LE. I'm having a problem with the jpg files that LE creates. They are stored on my wife's HD as a jpg but when I e-mail them to my computer they are adc files. What the **** is going on here! Any help highly appreciated.

A:(Resolved) JPGs won't stay JPGs!!

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I just upgraded to XP pro. (I also run Win 98 2nd) I have used WP for 14 years & just recently upgraded to Word Perfect 11. When I try to open an image file in WP 11 in XP pro (in JPG format) either 1/2 of the image is blacked out or I get a message "CdsConverter has encountered a problem & needs to close". On the other computer which is running 98 2nd Edition I do not have this problem. If I open a GIF I do not have the problem but since my digital camera's format is JPG I really don't want to go to SmartSaver & change formats on all of my pictures. Thanks for any help. DixVal

A:Resolved: File Associations WordPerfect and JPGs

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Hello BleepCom!
Current Specs
PC:  HP Pavilion p6230y
OS:  Windows 7 (64 bit)
I've noticed a peculiarity lately, and I'm not 100% sure how long it's been going on nor whether it's normal or not. Part of me thinks it's a normal feature of Windows 7 that I've always experienced... another part of me doubts this since I've never looked into it before and am usually fairly vigilant to similar anomalies.
When I save JPG files, it gives me the standard pop-up box to navigate to the folder I want, as well as the standard text boxes at the bottom of the pop-up that allow me to fill in my "Filename" and choose a "Save as type". What struck me as peculiar was that under "Save as type" it automatically chooses "HPTSMSMVP.JPG" with "All files" being the only other option. I decided to search Google for the "HPTSMSMVP" term, and received almost no explanation except for a couple random forums citing problems with ransomware and troublesome file encryption/errors linked to the "HPTSMSMVP" image/filetype tag.
I've had no real problems with images otherwise, AFAIK, but I prefer to be on the safe side.
So, is this normal or do I have a problem on my hands?
Thanks, in advance, for any help!!!

A:All JPGs saving as "HPTSMSMVP.JPG" file type...

By the way, this only occurs when I save files using Chrome.
Has anyone else noticed this?

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I created a 32 min movie including audio tracks in Movie Maker 2.6 and when I saved it and played it back, there is no audio. Only the video. How can I get it back to play along with my video? My operating system is Win 7, but I prefer to use the older version of Movie Maker.

A:No audio in movie created by Movie Maker 2.6

Sounds like the audio wasn't saved.

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how i add a file that i made from windows movie maker in the movie factory wheni try to pen it says file mismatch

And another question can anybody tell me how to speed up the burnin process with moviefactory ,, i know it goes to 1X to 16X speed ....it says mine was wriong at like 6.4 speed

A:Solved: burning a windows movie maker file to ulead movie factor 4.0

??????anybody know

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Is there any program that does this for pc?

A:Turning a movie into several stills?

As in, you just want one (or few) frame from a movie? What format/player are we talking about?

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I am creating some slideshow scenes to import to DVD Maker from Live Movie Maker.

Each scene starts with a 'title' frame so it would be easy to identify on a dvd menu. I have done all the 'scenes' and all but two saved correctly as .wmv files with the title frame showing as the thumbnail for the file. The fifth scene did not use the title frame but the first photo and the last scene actually skipped to the ninth frame instead (neither will work to identify the photos in that scene for my dvd menu).

The scenes are different sizes - that doesn't seem to matter since smaller and larger ones are saving the way I want. I keep looking for a 'glitch' but can't find anything different between the ones that saved correctly and the ones that didn't.

I used the same camera so all the photos are the same - I am using the default settings in Live Movie Maker so all the settings are the same.

Any ideas?

Why would Live Movie Maker use the first photo rather than the first frame? Did I press a key that set that up?

I tried starting the save with the cursor at the beginning or at the end - it jumps to the beginning each time. I tried those photos by using just one photo with one title frame - that didn't work, I added two title frames - that did work, but when I added more photos it jumped the the ninth frame which had a title frame in front of it.???

By the way, I did upload the file into dvd maker to see if it showed the titl... Read more

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So my windows movie maker 2007 wont save my edited video that took me a long time to edit to my computer. I Need to save it on my computer in order to upload it on youtube. All My files were converted into wm

It will start saving and after 10% it says your movie was not successfully saved...
Please verify the original source files in your movie are still availablethe saving location is available and there is enough free disk space

Please help me thanks A lot

A:Windows Movie Maker wont let me save The Movie File

Hi and welcome to TSF see if the suggestions here can help How do I use custom settings to save videos? - Custom settings

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I use a flip ultra to make videos to publish to YouTube, so I first download my flip videos to realplayer once I plug in my flip. Then, I send my specific videos I want to my realplayer library. After, I convert it to wmv generic in winFF converter. Finally, I take the wmv videos from my folder I sent it to into my windows movie maker, When I'm done making the video, I "save movie file" to be able to publish to YouTube. However, it says it cannot save to the specific location. Idk what I did wrong at all! All help would be so helpful! Thanks!
(p.s it is not too large of a video)

A:Windows Movie Maker save movie file not working?

Try saving to a different location, possibly one with a shorter file path.

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I have a valid .wmv file that I need to put into a movie maker project. It plays fine in media player.

When I attempt to import it into a project, I receive a message, saying that
<blockquote>The file C:\Documents and Settings\...\My Videos\russian.wmv is not indexed and cannot be imported.</blockquote>

I have verified that the indexing service is turned on, and even left my computer idle for extended periods, because my settings for the indexing service say that indexing occurs during idle periods.

I have the file set to allow itself to be indexed.

I am not sure whatelse to do. The only other strange behavior which I cannot explain is that fact that when I view my videos folder in thumbnail view, only this .wmv does not get a thumbnail. I am not sure exactly what to do. Any help is appreciated!

I am running windows xp home sp1, with all current patches installed...1.9 ghz pentium 4, 512 mb of ram, also logged in under and administrator account.

A:(Resolved) windows movie maker 2 - movie file not indexed?

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I have a lot of movies on my pc, and I keep a folder for my favs. Lately I've gone in and noticed that many of them, particularly MKV and AVI files, are corrupt, and do not open, with a file size of 0 bytes. This has happened to at least 40 video files. Why is this happening to my movie files?? I do not move or copy them. They stay in one folder. I have Diskeeper automatic defrag on. Does anyone know why this is happening?

Am running win 7 64 bit.

A:Movie files turning to 0 bytes??

They are being corrupted. Could be a failing HDD, faulty motherboard controller, RAM, power supply, etc. or the result of some other software running.

You can test the HDD using the drive manufacturers disk tools.

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here is her post in another forum. the other forum wasnt really a computer tech-based forum, so i am not surprised that she didnt find the answer.

my friend :) said:

I've made a yr 12 formal video and edited it in movie maker and stuff. I keep trying to save it as a finished movie file so that i can burn it off and give it to m class mates, but my laptop isnt capable of saving it because the virtual memory on my laptop is too low. Is there any way to increase it so im able to save the video as a finished movie file?Click to expand...

here is the original one, with the solutions presented to her. http://community.boredofstudies.org/showthread.php?t=95315

one of the solutions involved increasing the virtual access memory... could someone read it and elaborate if it is a viable solution?

A:friend cant turn movie maker file into movie

They told you to adjust the page-file size, which should solve the problem really!
An 11MB file is really nothing, and should fit in a normal pagefile without any problems.
Some PCs have a small pagefile of 10MB on the C-drive and a larger one on another partition/drive. That would then coincide with her problem.
In a managed pagefile, the size is as big as needed.
You can try and set it to MIN 512MB and MAX 768MB, see how that goes.

Ask her also to try 'Save as [different file-name].....' instead of 'Save'

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I just received my X1 Extreme Gen 2, I have to say after paying over $3000 for this machine I'm very disappointed. On top of the creaking hinge, there's this audio issue where it would jump to max volume when turning off then on. I've tried updating, reinstalling all the drivers, windows 10, pretty much anything I can think of. I can reproduce this issue when playing audio on any software on my laptopHere is a link to a video demonstration: https://drive.google.com/file/d/10q2qRCbM-R_94vSAvMeGefma58Dw5QUc/view?usp=drivesdk  I also tried the following this thread, with no avail https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkPad-X-Series-Laptops/X1-Extreme-Gen2-built-in-speaker-transiently-...

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I'm also having this problem -- tried everything.

Cleared history, did the 'settings, view objects' thing, did the AOL bitmap compression thing, did the other thing of checking for the extention of "jpe" instead of "jpg" (it was still jpg, by the way), tried typing in the extenstion myself.... you name it, if it's been in a tech forum, I've tried it.

Mine is a little different, though --- at least I haven't seen this mentioned.

When I right-click to save, my only options are BMP or ART. I save it as one of those & it appears as an icon, as opposed to a thumbnail image, just like you'd expect from a BMP or ART file --- BUT, click on 'properties' and it says it's as a JPG.

When I try to open the file... no go -- in ANY program.

With Photoshop, I get:
Could not complete your request because an unknown or invalid JPEG type is found.

With Paint, I get:
This is not a valid bitmap file, or its format is not currently supported.

With all other programs, I simply get:
The file is invalid or not supported.

My computer is only about 6 mos old, virus/spyware software up to date & running. Running Vista & IE 7.

Anyone know of something I haven't tried yet? Please help.


A:Also can't save JPGs as JPgs - tried it all

did you delete all the files in your temporary internet folder?

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After a few weeks of problems with my pc,I decided to reboot it back to factory settings with the disc supplied with the pc.Everything went well and up to last night I thought they were ok.
Now when I turn the computer off,it starts itself back up about 2-3 hours later.
Can anyone advise me what to do?
It is windows xp home.

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I have an Athlon 1900+ with 512Mb Ram & 80G Hdd with a GF2 MX 400 running XP SP2. I have recently reinstalled & I cant get any motion pictures to show on my TV out. I can see windows desk top & all my applications except for any thing with motion pictures in Windows Media Player & Power DVD so I cant watch movies like U used to before the reformat. I have all the latest updates of every thing I can think of but it hasnt helped. I have perveiouly used this set up to watch all DVDs for teh last 2 years with out any problems. Can any one help me out.

A:No Movie Play Back on TV Out

What kind of TV are we using?

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So I made a montage with Windows Movie Maker, however it simply won't save the movie file, although it will save the project. I've never encountered with problem with my other montages.
Seeing some other questions on these forums I checked my amount of ram, and ended some processes to increase it, currently I'm at 572M/5210 M (Commit Charge), Fluctuating between 6-15% computer usage, and 2.79 GHz, 3.25 GB of Ram. This is with google chrome, task manager, and WMM open.
To check if it wasn't the montage itself I made 2 others, one of the same length, and one about 8 seconds long, both of them caused an error that caused WMM to close immediatly, although it appeared the 8 second long one was going to save. The error message says something went wrong, but the message after it doesn't save is the usual, check if the files are still there ( they are ) and check if you have enough memory (I do).

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so this thread worked to get the touch pad turned off, but..........

Every time I close my laptop, it just turns back on when I open it back up. Any suggestions so I don't have to go into the control panel every day?

Note: I created another thread, because the other was marked solved.

A:Touchpad keeps turning back on

Whatever reason, double threads are not allowed. I posted the solution to your original thread.


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I've been on Window's 7 Ultimate 7 64bit for the past three months. Everything have been working smoothly. I've been having the sound perfectly until I recently wanted to listen to a youtube clip and there is no sound. It says "No Audio Output Device Installed".

I have tried various options; such as, looking on the internet and haven't had any luck. I've tried scanning my pc, and this, it won't find the available option to help me re install it back and the pc keeps throwing error messages regarding that it's unable to find the solution to install it and I haven't made any recent changes.


Please Help.

A:How to get the Audio Output Device back and re install back onto Windo

What machine do you have?

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Hello friends,

Been trying to figure out how to back up my files/database which contain the full collection of my movies. It has taken a few weeks to enter all info and I would not like to loose it in case of a HD crash, so any tips most welcome.
If I am right the data base is saved as HSQL, by the way can we open it by double clicking it or do we need to convert it to MS Access Database file so that we can read it ????

Thanks a lot for your help.

A:Solved: BACK UP MeD's Movie manager v2.5.4.1.?

swarint said:

Hello friends,

Been trying to figure out how to back up my files/database which contain the full collection of my movies. It has taken a few weeks to enter all info and I would not like to loose it in case of a HD crash, so any tips most welcome.
If I am right the data base is saved as HSQL, by the way can we open it by double clicking it or do we need to convert it to MS Access Database file so that we can read it ????

Thanks a lot for your help.Click to expand...

Heres an answer I got from the SourceForge Forum, the Owners of this fantastic freeware. This info can be useful for folks who may have a similar query and I quote
By: Bro (bro3Project Admin) - 2007-10-15 11:08

All you have to do to backup the database is to copy the three files you've got.
You can also copy the covers directory.

The files are simple text files so you can open them with any text editor.

If you by MS mean MS Access database, you can do this in the movie manager by choosing "Database->Convert Database".


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I made a dvd movie can I get my Jpeg photos back off the disc? I don't think so but maybe.Thanks

A:Can you get your photos back off aDVD movie

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I would like to back up a couple old DVD movies. A couple programs that I tried _almost_ do it.
I am running XP pro, other resources are good.
The ones I've used are: DVD Shrink and DVD X-copy (and a couple others that don't look too good).
DVD Shrink looks from all indications that it 'should' be what I want--does a compress to make it fit a single layer blank or makes in ISO file. It needs Nero 7 to burn, that's ok.
When it goes through a few hours of decrypting, encoding and finally burning it doesn't come up with a complete DVD (Maybe 55% or so).
X-Copy only works with a single layer (has its own burning engine).
Anyone ever tried any of these (or others)?
Thanks in advance, KJ

A:Solved: I need to back up a DVD movie, some don't work

Don't think anyone here is going to help you copy Protected content.

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Hey everyone,

This is more of a software problem than a hardware one, but i thought i'd post it here. Any suggestions for another location are welcome.

I prefer having all of my windows system sounds turned off, which i know how to do, but for some reason they keep turning themselves back on whenever windows has to play an error sound, like when i have to close a window first. There may be more situations where this happens, but that's what i've found so far. It's really quite bizarre, and it has me constantly going back into system settings to turn them back off again. Any idea what's causing this?

A:System sounds keep turning back on

I've never had that happen. I use my PC for my Recording Studio (with Sonar) and have all system sounds off (disabled).

Do you have the "Sound Scheme" set to No Sounds, as mine is

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I wasn't really sure where to put this, so I'll put it here. I've been having this problem for a while now, and I believe I sought help from this forum before. My problem is that when I'm on my computer, at random times it will just shut off and then turn back on. No BSOD, no clear determining factor as to why. It can shut off while I'm playing a game, while I'm watching a video on YouTube, or anything really. The first time I had this issue, someone told me to get a new PSU, so I did. That didn't work. Last time, someone recommended that I take out the extra RAM I had added in due to the fact that apparently with RAM, especially with the cheap brands, sticks that aren't packaged together tend to have compatibility issues which can cause crashing. That solution worked, for a while. Then, recently - about maybe a month ago or so - this started happening again. Same problem; computer shuts down and then starts back up. After remembering that in the Event Viewer it lists the critical error that causes the shutdown as Kernel-Power with Event ID 41, I thought that maybe this crashing was caused by the computer not receiving power for a brief moment, causing it to shut down and then restart. This could have easily been caused by my surge protector because I know that a surge protector's job is to cut off the power flow if there's a power surge, so as to not damage any electronics connected to it. So, what I did was I went out and bought a battery backup with a built-in... Read more

A:Computer Randomly Turning Off and then Back On

Nobody? I'd like any sort of insight into this problem if at all possible.

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Whenever I try and put my computer on Stand By, it always reactivates itself within a couple seconds. I do have a laser mouse (Dynex), though I've made sure it wasn't moving while in standby. My computer is a HP Pavilion a1600e.

Is there any way I can set the reactivate controls to one button, like the space bar? So it would not come back on when there is mouse activity, only when I press a certain button.


A:Stand By Mode turning back on

if its a laptop, unplug the computer before putting it in standby, then plug it in after it is in standby. see if that will work. what operating system?
also go here --> http://forums.techguy.org/windows-nt-2000-xp/574498-windows-standby-mode-powering-back.html

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Hello, I've had this problem with my Canon Rebel XS for a while now. The only way to turn my camera on is to take out the battery and re-insert it right before i turn the camera back on. I don't know why it does this but it is a huge hassle, especially when my camera turns itself off to save power and i try and take pictures but have to remove the battery once again to turn the camera on.

If it helps, I previously encountered the canon Error 99. I looked it up and solved the error with rubbing the sensor with a pencil eraser and no longer receive the Error 99.

A:Trouble turning camera back on.

"rubbing the sensor with a pencil eraser"

Are you sure it was the sensor you rubbed? Don't you mean the battery contacts?
You're not supposed to rub a camera sensor with a pencil eraser!!

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I was just fiddling in my user CP and I've inadvertently closed the recent visitors box. For the life of me, I can't turn it back on....

I just know I'm missing something easy. I think it's time for bed

How do you, ahem, switch it back on?


A:Turning Recent Vistors back on....

If the "recent visitors" dialogue is still there all you need to do is click the arrow in the right corner to open the window back up.

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how do i turn administrator back on in windows xp??

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I did the bios upgrade to version 2.23, now I cannot sleep, hibernate or shutdown my laptop. All these actions just result in it rebooting. I tried to rollback, disabled the rollback protection and flashed the old bios firmware but it doesn't seem to be sticking. It still shows 2.23 as the version despite the bios firmware flash completing successfully. Suffice to say this is very very inconvenient.

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Hi, there!

I'm new to this forum (as of today), and I have studied quite a few of the topics to try finding a solution. No luck so far.

Here's the case (problem):
I have been using a D-Link DWL-G122 wireless USB adapter on my computer, and I recently replaced this with a different brand, that is supposed to work better. The D-Link software utility package and driver have been correctly uninstalled. So far, so good.
When studying the startup entries, however, I see that the following services connected with the D-Link adapter are still present:

AirGcfg.exe (utlilty)
WZCSLDR2.exe (ANI service)

For information - I do not have a D-Link router.

Now, I have checked and double checked that the software is completely removed and I have tried to remove the startup entries in several ways:

- CCleaner
- Registry Mechanics
- XP Repair Pro
- removed entries from the \...\CurrentVersion\Run-folder (both in normal mode and safe mode)
- searched the registry and removed associated D-Link entries
- un-checked entries in MSConfig
- Autoruns v8.6
- Startup Control Panel v 2.8

No succsess - those entries keep re-appearing. This triggers my curiosity, and is just a tad irritating...

First of all - anyone else experiencing the same? Is there any better software (free) that may solve this? If not, is there a way to permanently solve this? Thoughts?

My computer runs OK, though, and it is not an extremely urgent matter, but it is still very annoying. Hence, this ... Read more

A:Startup Entries Keep Turning Back Up

Try using AutoRuns to delete the startup entries (it's a free Microsoft utility).

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to keep it as short as possible, i simply want to revert back to the original WINDOWS MOVIE MAKER that came with XP. i loved using it and was overjoyed when i became aware of WINDOWS MOVIE MAKER 2--that is until i downloaded it and it got quirky on me (unlike the original version). now i'm very sorry i "upgraded".

problem is, when i attempt to uninstall MM2, i can't find it in the ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS in the CONTROL PANEL. i did a SEARCH, but i'm afraid of removing it that way for fear i may screw up something else. even if i were able to successfully uninstall MM2, where would i find MM1 to reinstall?

i don't have the original WINDOWS XP cd, as it didn't come with my pc--only a recovery disk. i can't do a RESTORE, for reasons i won't burden you with.

i'd really love to have the original WINDOWS MOVIE MAKER back, but not at the cost of corrupting anything else, as i have enough (unrelated) problems with my pc right now. if there is a way to uninstall MM2 and reinstall MM1 would you please explain how it can be done?

of course i'd appreciate any help you may give me regarding this matter, but if you can't, i thank you just the same as you've been so generously helpful to me in the past.




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Having a strange issue with the Touchpad on my Dell Precision M4800. When I disable it using the Dell software or using the Fn+F5 hotkey, it has a tendency to come back on after a random interval of time. I want it to stay turned off permanently, as I prefer to use the Pointstick exclusively.
When using the Fn hotkey, I get a notification onscreen as well as a popup in the system tray saying "Touchpad notification: Your touchpad has been disabled." If I manually disable it through the Dell Pointing Devices software, I get the same effect, but without the notification. In either case, this works great... for awhile.
But then the Touchpad inevitably turns back on. I often don't notice until suddenly my mouse cursor is behaving erratically, at which point I try to swipe my finger on the touchpad and sure enough, it's become enabled again.
However after some further experimenting it turns out the "random" aspect of this is not totally random and I can reproduce the issue quite reliably by furiously scanning my finger back and forth across the Touchpad for a few seconds. Inevitably, the touchpad will turn back on, and I will get the notification "Your touchpad has been enabled." No buttons or hotkeys are pressed, all I have to do is move my finger on the touchpad surface rapidly and within seconds of starting to do that, it will re-enable itself. Again, there is also a notification that it has been re-enabled when this happens, so the software... Read more

A:Dell M4800 Touchpad keeps turning itself back on

I had the same problem.   I believe this is a "feature" in that it allows a person who, let's say forgot their travel mouse, to turn the touchpad on again.   The problem is that its too sensitive.   Here's the solution.
(I found the part of the solution here:  http://geekswithblogs.net/dbutscher/archive/2009/09/14/dell-touchpad--enablingdisabling.aspx)

Locate the Program Files\DellTpad directory
Double click on DellTPad.exe
On the bottom, adjust "Touch Check" so that it desensitizes the touchpad to you accidental touches
With this setting all the way Minimum, the touch pad never accidently turns back on, but I can still turn it on by swiping furiously

Hope this helps!

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I have a Compaq laptop running Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit. I has a pentium dual core processor with 3.0 GB RAM. I am not sure what other information is needed.

I somehow turned the click option off on my mouse touchpad and now have to actually click the keys on the mouse. I have gone through everything I can find in the control panel but cannot seem to figure out how to turn it back on. I would greatly appreciate any help with this.


A:Need help turning the click option back on my touchpad


For Vista touchpad

How to Adjust Vista Laptop Touchpad Settings | eHow.com

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Hey guys, I don't know if this is the right forum to ask this question, but somethings wrong with my computer. When I turn it off, it turns right back on again by itself after a few minutes. I think it has something to do with the modem. So I decided to unplug the modem and then turn it off. And lo behold, the computer didn't turn back on by itself. Is there anyone out there that can help me to find a way to stop the modem from restarting my computer?

BTW, I ran a virusscan recently and found nothing, so that couldn't be causing the modem to boot up the computer after its been turned off.

A:Modem is turning computer back on after its turned off

G'day Jsnacks, try entering BIOS and find the items called "modem ring-in" or various named items like that, usually under the power area, disable them.
You will likely find Lan mentioned as well.
They are a real nuisance.
Cheers, qldit.

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I've accidentally enlarged my desktop icons, so they became bigger than normal.
So how could I turn them back as normal?

(I know it's simple and silly; but I'm beginner. We learn from experiencing things )

A:Solved: Turning enlargement back to reduction

If you have a mouse with a middle scroll wheel, try holding the Ctrl key down on the keyboard and rotating the scroll wheel one way or the other when you have focus on the Desktop (no icons selected).

Also there should be options for 3 standard icon sizes in the context menu (right click on desktop)...View>>Small, Medium or Large.

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This doesn't happen all the time but it does happen more than I would like it to. Sometimes after I shutdown my PC via the start button. It will turn itself back on after about 2-3 seconds. This is very annoying and I was wondering it anyone else had this issue or if anyone has even heard of this issue. Any help would be appreciated.

A:Computer Turning Itself Back On Almost Immediately After Shutdown

Well I have never had this problem but it would help if you filled in your System Spec's. It will help others help you.

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I upgraded to Windows 8.1 and all has been great except one thing. When I leave the computer for about 10 minutes or so, the display turns off like it is supposed to. If I want to turn the display back on though, I find I'm unable to with the mouse, keyboard, or power button. It's like it is stuck in limbo and I have to restart the PC. What's wrong with it?

A:Display won't turn back on after automatically turning off

IS this a Dell? Some Dell computers will go into some damned low-power mode, and the power light will change to Orange. The only way I have been able to fix it, was to put in a new power supply. I've done this for 2 workstations already.

Check your Power Light, is it Green or Orange, or blinking? If the computer is in sleep mode, it will Blink on and off once a second. Other blinking patterns are error codes. Sometimes a system will just get stuck in Sleep mode and you have to force it back on.

When you are trying to wake the system, does the Monitor come back on? I've had computers stall like this.

Try changing your advanced power settings:

Usually you can get to it by Control Panel, Power, Power Scheme, and open your scheme and go into Advanced. Try changing the values for "hard Drive Power Down", change it to 45 minutes. Also, try setting it so that the Monitor does not turn off, just enable toe screensaver after 15 minutes or so, then test it, make sure it recovers from Screensaver.

I don't know if you are just telling your monitor to go off or if you are allowing the computer to go into Sleep mode, I would change the Monitor Off to "Never" and just tell it to sleep after an hour of non-use.

Just try different variations, with the monitor turning off or staying on. You can always choose a Blank Screensaver.

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